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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 3
by MTL (

Trish Stratus was completely and utterly drunk. Her fellow diva and kind of
friend Ashley had taken her for a girl's night out drinking to celebrate her
victory. Trish hadn't felt like celebrating, and the alcohol had not done its
job in easing her mind on her current troubles.

It was a miracle that she'd managed to make it out of that match victorious.
It wasn't so much that her opponent was superior to her, or she was afraid
of her, it was more the fact that every single time she touched that evil
brunette seductress, Trish thought of the night of passion they had shared.

Almost 2 whole weeks ago now, Trish's number one fan Mickie James had seduced
her and made her cum harder than she'd ever cum in her life. This fact scared
the hell out of Trish. Every single time she touched her in that match she
was reminded how gently Mickie's fingers had felt caressing her skin, how
soft Mickie's tongue felt on her body, and how wonderfully hard Mickie's
strap on had felt inside her.

But now it was over. Trish had defeated Mickie. So it was over now. For good.
Now she could move on with her life. Move on with her loveless life. Move on
in her loveless life where the greatest thing to happen to her in years was
when she was fucked by a member of her own sex! God Trish hated herself right

Ashley was going on and on about something. But Trish wasn't really
listening. She hadn't been listening all night. At first it was just because
Ashley was very boring, but now it was because Trish was having a problem
staying conscious and wasn't going to waste her valuable concentration on
listening to what this waste of space had to say. But she was fighting a
losing battle.

Trish was no light weight when it came to drink. She could hold her own in
a contest, and certainly enjoyed the occasional drink, but she had never
consumed this much alcohol in such a short amount of time.

Finally, with enough alcohol in her to beach a whale, Trish slid deeper into
her chair, as her world faded to blackness...

* * *

When Trish awoke, the first thing she noticed was that she was in incredible
pain. Her head was killing her, and she felt like the room was spinning. She
fought the urge to throw up and took a look at her surroundings.

The second thing she noticed was that she seemed to be in a typical hotel
room bed. The room didn't really look cheap, but since Trish earned more
money than most of the divas, and she'd been around for a while, she could
afford the luxury suites. And this was not a luxury suite. This was not even
her room.

The third thing she noticed was that the source of all her emotional turmoil
was standing over her holding a glass.

"You're awake, finally." said Mickie cheerily, "I was beginning to think
you'd sleep the night away. Here drink this it will help you with your

"Great, so I'm supposed to just drink this, so you can fuck my unconscious
body?" Trish said with venom in her voice.

Mickie stared at her angrily for a moment before saying clearly, "Firstly,
if I wanted to fuck your unconscious body, I'd of done it after I dragged
you here, by myself, to protect you from getting gang raped or something!
Secondly, I don't need you to be unconscious to fuck you Trish! Now drink

There was a momentary battle of wills before Trish, hating herself, took the
glass from Mickie and sipped it cautiously. The drink tasted a little bitter
but it was ok. In a very short time Trish could feel her aches and pains
ebbing away. She slowly drank it in silence until there was none left.

Eventually she asked "What was that?"

"Old recipe my Grand-pappy gave me." Mickie said, "Its kind of a miracle
hangover cure."

"Ok, what's in it?"

"Sorry, family secret. If I told you I'd either have to kill you, or marry
you!" Mickie said with a smile.

Trish grumbled something under her breath.

"Oh come on Trish, lighten up? Come on, oh oh oh, do you know if you're happy
and you know it."

Trish watched in horror as Mickie sang the nursery rhyme if you're happy and
you know it. This was the woman who had seduced her. This was the woman who
had sexually dominated her with ease. This was the woman who had made her
feel pleasure like she'd never known. And here she was singing nursery
rhymes... slightly off key too.

Realising she was getting off topic, Mickie ended her rendition of the
nursery rhyme and started to speak at a mile a minute, "Anyway, I brought you
here Trish so I can apologise to you. You see I might have told you a teeny,
weenie, little white lie before. Do you remember when we were in your hotel
room and I said I wasn't trying to turn you gay or anything. Well... that was
kind of... a lie. But at the same time it kind of wasn't, because I'm not
technically trying to turn you gay... not 100%... more like... 50%. Of course
if I did accidentally turn you completely gay that would be ok. I've done it
before... although, now I think about it, those girls were probably gay
already and I just showed them their closet door. For instance that girl
Erica was a complete dyke, and so was Susan, and Rachel, that girl was just
born to eat pussy... but I'm getting off topic again. The point is I'm not
trying to turn you gay, just bisexual. I myself am bi, I was telling you the
truth about the fact I have a boyfriend. I love him and his hard cock, but
I've always felt the need to dominate women and I wouldn't give that up for
any man. Just like I wouldn't give up men, even if it's you asking me too.
Anyway, why was I, oh yes, I'm trying to turn you bisexual. Well, not so much
turn, more like showing you a part of yourself you didn't know existed. You
see Trish, some girls just like boys, some girls just like girls, and some
girls, like you and me, like boys and girls. I say you and me because I have
a very good gaydar and I've never ever been wrong when I spot a bisexual
closet case, and you Trish Stratus are a bisexual closet case. You already
know the pleasure I can give you, and I'm not asking you to give up men, or
even be monogamous to me, but I think we could be good together. I think
together we could dominate the WWE women's division and turn every single one
of our fellow divas into our little bitches. But I don't want an answer now.
I want you to go away and think about it. When you agree I don't want theirto be a single doubt in your mind that we belong together and if you think
about it, I mean if you really think about it, you'll realise we're perfect
for each other." Mickie stopped to give Trish time to let all that sink in,
before saying, "So, do you have any questions?"

There was a long silence as Trish tried to collect her thoughts. It was a lot
to take in. She wanted to ask Mickie questions, but she was terrified of the
answers. Of course, as always Trish's curiosity got the better of her and she
asked, "Ok... so... you think I'm bisexual?"

"No, I know you're bisexual!"

"Is that so?"

"There isn't a single doubt in my mind."

"Oh, and why is that?"

"Ok, where to begin. I guess for starters there is how easily you became
aroused when I was kissing and caressing you last time we made love. And then
there's the fact that you were begging me to eat your pussy, and then when I
did you came over and over in my mouth allowing me to drinks some of the
sweetest cum I've ever tasted! And then there is how you pushed yourself back
on my strap on and begged for it not only in your sweet little pussy, but in
your tight little ass-hole as well, which, in case you've forgotten, I broke
in for you. And we both know it wasn't pain you past out from on Monday
night, it was pleasure. Am I wrong about any of these facts?"

There was silence, before Trish quickly change the subject, "The other week,
you said you were going to make me your bitch."

"Yes, I did."

"Did you... did you mean it?"


"And why would I want to be your bitch?" Trish said defiantly.

Mickie smiled, sat next to Trish and said, "Because after five long years of
fighting to be taken seriously as a wrestler you secretly desire submission.
Whether you want to admit it or not, you loved being bent to my will, and
used. It made you feel free. You felt like you didn't have to worry, you
didn't have to struggle, you didn't have to fight any more. You could just be
whatever I wanted you to be, free of prejudice, free of judgment, free of
damnation. You could allow yourself to feel helpless and out of control for
the first time in years. And the fact you enjoyed that Trish makes you a
submissive woman and submissive women are bitches for dominant women like

Trish bit her lip as Mickie stared into her eyes. Desperately trying to break
the tension she said, "And... and you're giving me some time to think about


"..... how long? I mean is there a time limit?"



"Yes Trish, Wrestlemania. The biggest wrestling show of the year. The
granddaddy of them all. The place where dreams are fulfilled and legends
are made. And this year, its the place where I'm going to take your women's

"Yeah, because you had so much luck doing that today."

"Oh Trish, you actually think you beat me? In case you've forgotten I had the
chance to pin you and I didn't. You want to know why? Because I'm saving my
very first title win for Wrestlemania. I want to win the women's title at the
same event that 22 years ago got me into wrestling. I want to win the women's
title in the event that me and my grand-pappy used to save up our money so we
could watch on a crappy little TV at home. And I want to fulfil my dreams and
win the women's title from the greatest women's champion of all time, you.
Trish, when I beat you for the women's title, at wrestlemania, I will
solidify myself as the new face of women's wrestling. Of course by then
you're probably going to offer to lie down for me, but I'll refuse. Even when
you've accepted that we belong together and you're my bitch, I'm going to
insist that you try your best in match's to defeat me. You see Trish, I may
want to dominate the women's division, but total domination is very boring
and I love competition. All so when I beat you, it will be because I can, not
because you want to let me. I can see it now Trish, it's going to be the
greatest day of my life. The women's title under one arm and the greatest
women's champion of all time Trish Stratus under the other. It's going to be
so sweet."

"You sound pretty sure of yourself."

"I am."

"And if I reject you?"

Mickie looked thoughtful for a moment, "You know, I haven't even thought
about that."

Trish felt an overwhelming urge to hit Mickie, but thought better of it. She
was still a little tired from a long day and title defence, and she was not
seeking to make an enemy so quickly out of the brunette diva. Suppressing her
rage Trish asked, "Who's your boyfriend?"


"You said you have a boyfriend, is that true? I mean I don't remember you
telling me about any boyfriend.

"Well, you didn't ask." Mickie said softly. For a moment Trish realises just
how little she really knew about her number one fan before she is awoken from
her thoughts by Mickie. "Kenny."


"My boyfriend."

"Kenny... 'Spirit Squad' Kenny! The male cheerleader! Really!"


"But isn't he... isn't he gay?"

"Not all male cheerleaders are gay Trish... just most of them."

"Ok... but even if he's not gay, seriously what is he a to offer?"

"A 14 inch cock."

".......... you... you can't be serious?"

"Deadly, I mean why else would I date a male cheerleader?"

"I have no idea... but I mean... 14 inches... that's not possible... is it?"

Mickie smiled wickedly, "Well Trish, I'll tell you what, when your my bitch,
I'll let you ride him, and you can tell me just how big he is!"

"Your bitch... I thought you said that you want to take over the women's
division from me and make all the other divas our bitches?"

"I do, and you Trish, you're going to be my number one bitch, my second in
command, my girl."

"And I'm a natural submissive, as well as a closet bisexual?"


"And your gaydar told you that did it?"

"No, the way you came told me that."

"That... that could have been a fluke!"

"So let me proved to you that it wasn't!" Mickie said moving closer to Trish
on the bed.

Trish curst herself of falling into such an easy trap and said, "But... I'm
drunk. I'm not in a state of mind to decide whether or not..."

You're not drunk." said Mickie interrupting Trish, "You were drunk, but you
slept for three hours and it's mostly, if not completely, worn off. And
thanks to Grand-pappy you're not hung-over anymore either."

"But I'm... I'm tired." Trish said desperately trying to think the way out of

"You seem wide awake to me." Mickie said quickly.

"But I'm... I'm... I'm straight." Trish said weakly.

"If you're 100% straight then when I kiss you, touch you and make love to
you, you'll feel repulsed. Then you can push me away and tell me to stop. If
that's what you really want? But then again, I think we both know what you
really want." Mickie said closing the distance between them.

When Mickie's soft lips pressed against hers, Trish lifted up her arms to
push Mickie away. But her hands remained in the air for quite some time. A
voice inside her was screaming at her hands to push Mickie away, but they
didn't listen and soon that voice became a distant whisper and then vanished.

Trish's hands fell by her side, and once again she became putty in Mickie's

When Mickie ran her tongue gently over the entrance to her lips, Trish open
them to accept her tongue into her mouth without question. As she inspected
Trish's tonsils Mickie slowly ease the women's champion onto her back on the
bed, moved herself on top of her and continued to kiss her.

Trish could feel Mickie's skin pressing into hers, and she felt like she was
being consumed by the horny brunette.

After a while, Mickie began to slowly take off Trish's top, reluctantly
breaking their lip lock to pull the top over the blondes head before crashing
her lips back down to meet her idols. She then slowly, expertly removed her
bra. She then unbuckled Trish's pants and broke the kiss again to pull her
bottoms away, taking her panties with it.

Mickie smiled staring down at Trish's glorious naked body, as the blonde
looked at her with uncertainty in her eyes. Mickie slowly removed her top
and through it on the floor where she dumped Trish's garments. She then
removed her bra, miniskirt, and finally her panties and threw it on the
pile of clothes on the floor.

The two women studied each other for a moment, taking in each other's naked

Trish was blown away by the sight of Mickie's body. She had seen it before in
the locker room showers, and before when they had done it, but this was the
first time she was actually looking at her properly. She studied her body,
her curvy hourglass figure with her full breasts, not as big as Trish's but
still very big, and cute little butt. And those soft, kissable lips that
Trish knew for a fact could bring her so much pleasure. The one word that
kept going through her mind as she looked at Mickie was... she's so...

Mickie smiled down at Trish before mounting the blonde goddess once again,
this time their bare flesh rubbing against each other's. She used her knees
to spread Trish's legs, so Mickie could press her already dripping core
against the blonde's centre. She then pressed her lips to Trish's and the
women's champion moaned as Mickie's nipples pressed against hers.

All too soon Mickie broke the lip lock and began to kiss her way down Trish's
neck to her big beautiful boobs. She ran her tongue around and over the
nipple, before taking at into her mouth and gently sucking on it. Trish
brought her hand to cup Mickie's head to her chest as if she was breast
feeding a child. She stroked the brunette's hair lovingly as Mickie greedily
suckled on Trish's teat before moving to the other to repeat the process.

Many years ago, Trish had plastic surgery to enhance her breasts, but luckily
the surgeon knew what he was doing and her nipples had never lost their
sensitivity. She has always loved having her nipples sucked on, but right now
there was another part of her body which was aching to be sucked. She tried
to press down on Mickie's head to try and encourage the brunette girl to go
lower. But the horny seductress didn't budge.

Mickie was having far too much fun with Trish's boobs to move just yet. And
besides, if Trish was going to be her bitch then she was going to have to
learn that it was always her pleasure that came first and Trish's second.
And right now Mickie was taking her pleasure from Trish's bountiful bosom.

After a few minutes of torturing Trish's tits Mickie finally moved down
Trish's wash board stomach until she reached her own personal piece of
paradise that lay between Trish's spread legs.

Mickie was about to continue on her teasing Trish by kissing her way up
and down her legs, which was the normal way she liked to tease her victims,
before Trish said, "Mickie... please... no more... teasing... lick me."

"Oh I'm afraid you'll have to do a little better than that Trish."

Trish sat up slightly so she could look into Mickie eyes and begrudgingly
said, "Please Mickie, lick me. Eat my pussy and make me cum all over your
beautiful face."

Mickie giggled at Trish's outburst before lowering her mouth to her personal
little slice of heaven.

Trish's head snapped back and she let out a long, loud moan as the first
gentle lick of Mickie's tongue caressed her labia lips. It was quickly
followed by a second, and the third, and the fourth. Within a matter of
moments Mickie was hungrily lapping at Trish's juicy cunt as her nectar
poured out of her love hole and into the brunette's welcoming mouth.

Mickie had meant to go slowly at first, but Trish's pussy just tasted so good
and she found she couldn't control herself. She soon move from gently lapping
her pussy to roughly tongue fucking her cunt. Her ravenous tongue barely
remembered to lick the pussy's lips and clit in between frantic inward and
outward thrusts into Trish's dripping wet hole.

Writhing on the bed, Trish crossed her legs over Mickie's head, trapping it
in place. Just to make sure that Mickie didn't get any ideas about stopping,
Trish buried both her hands into Mickie's hair and used both her legs and
hands to push the brunette deeper into her cunt.

Stopping didn't cross Mickie's mind for a moment, she was too busy tongue
fucking Trish to ecstasy. However Mickie knew that Trish would soon cum and
she had one more trick she wanted to use befor she allow the blonde to go
over the edge. Taking her tongue out of Trish's pussy Mickie crossed her
fingers of her right hand easily into the women's champion's drooling slit.
She then moved her tongue down to bury it into Trish's ass-hole. Mickie
machine-gunned away inside Trish's back-door, the blondes cunt juice, which
had been sliding out of her and coating her rear hole, allowing for easy
entry. The liquid was also all over Mickie's tongue. The brunette coated as
much of the insides of Trish's bowels as she could reach, happily sucking on
Trish is delicious forbidden hole. At the same time she used her digits to
rapidly finger fuck the writhing blonde.

Mickie's tongue and fingers were thrusting together in perfect harmony, in
and out, in an out, in and out, at the exact same time and it was driving
Trish crazy. She was beyond caring that she'd been once again talked into
lesbian sex and began to push herself up to meet the inward thrusts. Trish
was impaling herself on Mickie's tongue and fingers, desperately trying to
get more of her lover inside her.

Sensing Trish's rapidly approaching orgasm, Mickie reluctantly removed her
tongue from the blonde's ass-hole and immediately re-inserted it back into
her pussy. Mickie love the taste of ass, but there was no way she was going
to miss the chance to eat Trish's delicious cum. As soon she thrust her
fingers into Trish's butt-hole to replace her tongue the women's champion
went over the edge and orgasmed hard into Mickie's mouth. Mickie closed her
mouth tightly around Trish's pussy, and greedily drank her girl cream.

When she was sure she'd swallowed every drop, Mickie began slowly kissing
her way up Trish's body until she was face-to-face with her idol once again.
Trish's eyes were closed and she is clearly enjoying the aftermath of her
powerful orgasm. When Mickie pressed her lips to Trish's the blonde eagerly
return the kiss, not caring that she could taste herself on the brunette's

Breaking the kiss, Mickie crawled up until her crotch was hovering over
Trish's face. It was the first time that Trish had seen another woman's
pussy this close and to their surprise it didn't repulse her. It actually
look quite... beautiful. If someone had told Trish a few weeks ago that she
would be laying on a bed looking up at another woman's cunt and thinking
how beautiful it was she would have either of laughed at them or slapped
them in the face. But that was exactly what was happening now.

Trish wasn't stupid, she knew what was about to happen, but she didn't stop
it. Later on, the thing that would really bother her about this, was that it
didn't even occur to her to stop it.

Mickie lowered herself on to Trish's lips and simply said in a husky voice,
"Eat me."

It wasn't a request, it was a demand.

Trish wondered what she had gotten herself into, but Mickie had just given
her a wonderful orgasm, and if it was really ghastly it might wake her from
this submissive lesbian haze her mind seemed to be trapped in.

Preparing herself for the worse, Trish closed her eyes, opened her mouth,
stuck out her tongue, and reluctantly gave one long lick of Mickie's pussy.

In that moment Trish Stratus's life changed forever.

It wasn't bad. In fact, it was exactly the opposite. It tasted sweet...
really, really sweet. It also tasted familiar, and Trish desperately tried
to think where she tasted it before. Deciding she needed another taste to
decide, Trish gave Mickie's cunt another lick... and then another... and
then another. It was like Trish just couldn't control herself. It tasted so
good... oh why did it have to taste so good?

Mickie smiled to herself as Trish's tongue became more and more eager to lap
at her cunt. She had been told by all of her bitches, who had had the honour
of going down on her, that her pussy was the sweetest they'd ever tasted.
They had also said that it was kind of addictive, because even after the
tiniest of tastes, they found themselves craving more. On more than one
occasion Mickie had eaten her own juices and had to agree with them. It
wouldn't be long now before the mighty Trish Stratus would be begging Mickie
to let her eat her sweet pussy.

Trish was becoming more adventurous. She didn't really know what she was
doing, but decided to do a combination of how Mickie had eaten her pussy and
how she liked having her pussy eaten. Well, actually it wasn't so much as a
combination as it was the exact same thing, but in any case Trish started to
experiment. At first she had only been giving the brunette's wet hole long
licks with her tongue. She then started to lick all the way around the lips,
before concentrating all her efforts on the little bundle of nerves that was
Mickie's clit. When she sucked the clit into her mouth she was rewarded with
a loud moan from her fellow diva. This may Trish feel powerful for the first
time with Mickie.

The excitable brunette had clearly been with many women and the fact that
Trish had managed to get such a positive reaction from such a seasoned
lesbian veteran on her first attempt at eating pussy may Trish feel very
proud of herself. Trish had always believed if you're going to do something,
you might as well do it right. Whether it was modelling, or wrestling, or
eating a girl out Trish Stratus always gave it 110%.

Mickie was surprised by just how good Trish was at eating pussy. All of her
other bitches had been enthusiastic when they first got there tongues inside
her cunt, but it had been a while before they became good little
rug-muncher's. But Trish was taking to muff-diving like a duck to water. It
was like she was born to eat pussy or something. Mickie promised herself
that, when Trish accepted her new role as her bitch, she would ensure that
the blonde bombshell spent as much time between her thighs as possible.

There was a voice in the back of Trish's mind saying that she shouldn't be
doing this. It was saying that she, a straight woman couldn't possibly be
enjoying eating another woman's pussy. It said that somehow the evil brunette
had tricked her again. The voice was saying that Mickie had tricked her into
thinking that she, multi-time women's champion Trish Stratus actually enjoyed
munching carpet. It said she should push Mickie off and run to the door. It
said she should kick Mickie's ass. It said that she should use all of her
influence back-stage to get Mickie fired from the WWE. And most of all it
said that she should stop.

But, at this moment in time, Trish was beyond listening to what that voice
had to say.

Mickie began rocking her hips back and forth, in an attempt to get more of
Trish's tongue into her snatch. Trish had just worked out that if she moved
her tongue in and out of Mickie's wet hole she would get more of the juices
she craved. Soon the buxom blonde has started to savagely tongue fuck
Mickie's love hole. Trish was doing sensationally well for her first time
muff-diving. In fact Mickie would already have to rate Trish as one of her
top five cunt licker's of all time.

Mickie James had been with the lot of people, both men and women, and there
had been a lot of tongues inside her pussy. She generally preferred a woman's
tongue because normally, after a little training, women were better at eating
her out. As a result Mickie had been with some of the biggest cunt craving
dykes that ever walked the earth. And she should know, she turned most of
them into those cunt craving dykes. But for Trish to break the top five, and
being in danger of actually replacing her number-one rated pussy licker was
just another sign to Mickie that she and Trish belong together.

Mickie's currently rated number one pussy licker was actually her boyfriend
Kenny. Despite earlier claims that all he had to offer was a 14 inch dick,
Kenny actually had a very skilled and very long tongue. Mickie has often told
him that she thought he was probably a lesbian in a former life. And Trish
was making him look like an amateur the only thing that Trish and that which
would make her a number one pussy eater was... oh god...

Trish had decided to take a page out of Mickie's playbook. While keeping her
mouth firmly on Mickie's wet entrance, and her tongue buried inside it, Trish
whetted a finger with some of the escaping juice and pressed it to Mickie's
ass-hole. When she heard Mickie moan loudly in reaction Trish decided to go
one further and push her finger into her rectum up to the knuckle and began
to butt-fuck the brunette with her finger. Mickie went crazy, and a fresh
round of juice cover Trish's face. Only this was different, there was so much
more of it and it completely drenched her face, and ran into her hair, and
there was so much of it that she couldn't swallow even half of it and... then
Trish realised what had happened. She had just made the seasoned bisexual
Mickie James cum in her mouth. She couldn't believe it... she felt so proud
of herself as she gobbled up as much of her creamy reward as she possibly

Stars flew passed Mickie's eyes as rockets went off in her head. She still
couldn't believe how good Trish was at this. The way her tongue touched
everything that needed to be touched, at the exact time that it needed to be
touched. The way her lips were wrapped so tightly around her sensitive hole,
making sure as much of her juice went into her mouth as possible. The way her
finger moved in and out of her tender asshole. Trish was playing Mickie's
pussy like a fine instrument and it was no wonder Mickie was coming like a
fool. That settled it, Trish Stratus was her number-one pussy licker. Mickie
was so happy not only was Trish a great fuck, but she munched rug like her
life depended on it. They were going to be so happy together.

Mickie forced herself off Trish's mouth, much to the annoyance of the now
pussy hungry Canadian, jumped off the bed and made her way to her travelling
bag. She pulled out and strapped on her trusty harnessed dildo and turned
back to Trish.

"Ok Trish, we've established that your an expert at eating pussy, now let's
see if you can suck cock." Mickie giggled, as Trish sat up to look at her.

Mickie's words, and a lack of pussy in her face, had awoken Trish from her
new cunt obsession and she was able to analyse what was happening to her
again. She couldn't believe she had just eaten another woman's pussy... and
loved it. And now the very same woman was about to fuck her with a strap
on... again. And whatever part of Trish wanted to leave was completely
overruled by her desire to stay and get fucked by the buxom brunette.

"Come on Trish, I want my dick nice and lubed before I shove it in that sweet
little pussy of yours." Mickie taunted, feeling in complete control of the

Cautiously Trish slipped off the bed and kneeled in front of her tormentor.
Staring into her fellow diva's eyes Trish began to run her lips over the
shaft. She tongue kissed it from the tip to the base and back again, before
she began to coat the balls in saliva.

"That's it Trish, and you're remembering to stroke the shaft as you're
sucking my balls. You seem to know a lot about pleasing men don't you Trish.
I bet you've sucked a lot of cock around here. Speaking of sucking cock, why
don't you get those beautiful lips of yours around my shaft. Good now suck
it. Oh come on Trish, you can do better than that. Don't tell me that's all
the cock the mighty Trish Stratus can take into her mouth. I could suck more
cock when I was 17!"

Bizarrely feeling like she needed to prove herself, Trish decides to show
Mickie exactly what she can do. Grabbing the shaft by the base Trish relaxes
her throat muscles and slowly lowers her mouth down until the balls of the
strap on are resting against her chin. Then, breathing through her nose, she
looks up into Mickie's eyes and sucks and slurps on the fake phallus for
almost the entire minute. Mickie watches in amazement as Trish then takes a
quick breath and then reinserts it into her mouth.

She continues to super deep throat the shaft until finally she takes it out
of her mouth and says, "So, is that lubed enough for you?"

In that moment Mickie would have dearly like to shoved her strap on back
inside Trish's mouth and face fuck her until she came again. But she had
already used Trish's mouth to get her off, and she was really in the mood
for fucking Trish's sweet little pussy.

"I think so, why don't you get up onto the bed and I'll fuck you again!"
Mickie said sweetly as Trish got off her knees. "Oh, and lay on your back.
I want to look into your eyes as I fill you with my big hard cock!"

Trish gritted her teeth, but did as Mickie said. She found she was far too
horny to object now. Trish used to be a very sensual creature, and after two
years of cold turkey the sex sessions with Mickie had awoken her inner slut.

Trish lay down on the centre of the bed, closed her eyes, spread her legs and
waiting for her female lover to come and fill her with that nice big, hard
dildo strapped between the brunette's legs.

Mickie stared for a moment at the glorious picture in front of her. Even in
the dull hotel room light Trish Stratus looked like a goddess, just waiting
to be taken by her conqueror. Mickie couldn't ever imagine getting tired of
such a beautiful sight. She promised herself that she would take care of this
beautiful goddess that, in a matter of time, would be all hers.

Mickie climbed onto the bed and crawled in between Trish's legs. She pressed
the tip of her strap on against Trish's moist entrants encircled it, teasing
the blonde Canadian before slowly pressing it forwards.

She brushed a stray hair from Trish's face and said, "Trish please, open your
eyes. I want to look into your eyes as I fill you!"

Trish's eyes blinked open and she looked into the eyes of the woman who had
seduced her. There was something in Mickie's eyes that made it so easy for
Trish to feel submissive and she felt herself open her legs wider as the
brunette pressed into her. They both let out a loud moan as the head of the
dildo sank into Trish's dripping wet cunt.

The dildo's journey from tip to balls was an easy one. The combination of
Trish's natural lubricating juice and her saliva on the dick meant that
within a matter of minutes every single inch was buried inside her, and it
felt wonderful. There had only been one time that she'd felt this full and
it was the last time Mickie was inside her. If this is what awaited her in
a life of being with Mickie maybe it wouldn't be so bad being her bitch.

Tricia's beautiful eyes were speaking volumes to Mickie. When she was little
her Grand-pappy had said that the eyes were the windows to your soul and she
had always believed him. And if she hadn't Trish's eyes would have convinced
her they did. She saw so much behind those eyes, fear, desire, uncertainty,
lust, doubt and maybe even, if she wasn't mistaken, love, or at least
something that was approaching it. Mickie promised herself that she was going
to fuck all those doubts out of Trish's mind and let her live in a world
where she didn't have to be ashamed of her bisexual desires.

Trish whimpered as she felt Mickie pullback slowly, and then reinsert herself
into her for the first time since the brunette seductress had bedded her two
weeks ago. Mickie's pace was horribly slow and it was all Trish could do to
stop from begging Mickie to fuck her. There could be no doubt in Trish's mind
anymore... she liked this... no... she loved this. She loved Mickie, someone
of her own sex, fucking her with a strap on dildo. She loved this and she
loved everything Mickie had done to her. But could she really allow herself
to be with another woman? Could she allow herself to have a girlfriend? And
what about the submission thing, could she really submit completely to
someone else? She had been a control freak for so long the submission Mickie
offered her was blissful, but could she accept it in her normal life? And
could she ever have a normal life after knowing the wonders of having Mickie
James inside her, fucking her, showing her pleasure that she never knew

Trish was awoken from her thoughts when Mickie broke eye contact and
whispered in her ear, "Oh my God Trish, you're so fucking wet! You're juices
are everywhere and your pussy lips are just clamping down on my big fat
girl-cock! I think your pussy likes my big fat girl-cock! Do you like my big
fat girl-cock Trish? I think you do, I bet you just love having my big fat
girl-cock moving inside you, fucking you, making you my bitch! I know you
want it! You don't have too fight it Trish, just accept it, except my big fat
girl-cock inside you, except me inside you. It's not just a dildo Trish, it's
me, Mickie James, inside you! You can feel it can't you Trish, and you
wanted. And I want you to show me right now because if you don't I'm going to
pull my strap on out of you right now."

To show she was serious Mickie began to pull out a little.

This caused Trish to desperately cry out, "No, no, no, please Mickie I'll do
whatever you say, just please, don't take it out!"

Mickie smiled, "Ok Trish, I won't take it out of you, just yet, if you wrap
your beautiful legs around me, pull me into you, show me how much you want me
inside you."

As far as Trish was concerned there was no choice... she wrapped her legs and
arms around Mickie as tightly as she could and pulled her into her until the
dildo was once again fully buried inside her. Mickie let out a giggle and
resumed fucking Trish, Loving the feeling of Trish trying to encourage her to
go faster. Getting the message the brunette diva began to speed up her pussy
pounding. She moved in and out of the blonde women's champion harder and
faster working up a steady rhythm. That steady rhythm increased until she was
savagely slam-fucking Trish's cunt into total submission.

"Can you feel it Trish, I'm inside you, we're one. And just think Trish, when
you've accepted your role as my bitch, we'll be able to do this every single
day. Can you imagine it Trish, can you imagine a life where we're together.
Can you imagine a life where you exist solely to take me inside you? Can you
imagine the what life will be like when you're my bitch? I'm going to cum
soon, do you know what will happen then? I am going to squeeze my dildo's
balls, and do you know what will happen then? My girl cum, which is stored
inside the strap on's balls, is going to be shot deep inside you, filling you
with my juice! I wonder if you'll get pregnant. I mean I know it's a
technical impossibility, but you're pussy is being so nice and submissive for
me I wonder if it will get confused. Can you imagine that Trish, you pregnant
with my baby? Would you like that Trish? Would you like to have my baby?
Don't worry though, I'll do the right thing and marry you. We wouldn't want
our child to be a bastard would we? Wouldn't that be nice Trish, you become
in my little slut wife and mothering my children? Well I promise you that if
I was going to marry a girl and let her have my babies, it would be you
Trish. Do you know why... because soon you... WWE women's champion Trish
Stratus... are going to be my number one and absolute favourite bitch!"

Mickie's words terrified Trish to her very soul. And the thing that was
scaring her wasn't because some whack job was talking crazy to her, no the
thing that terrified the blonde was that she couldn't help thinking how nice
it all sounded. She couldn't help imagining herself in a little suburban
house, looking after her children, as her wife brought 'home the bacon'. She
envisioned herself welcoming home the 'head of the household' in skimpy
lingerie which Mickie would tear off her body before fucking her. It all
seemed so... peaceful. Compared with a stressful life as the WWE women's
champion Trish's vision of life as Mickie's slut wife seemed like a
submissive heaven. But before Trish could overanalyse what life would be
like with imaginary Mickie James, the real Mickie James brought her to a toe
curling climax, which of course was followed by another and then another.

Mickie watch Trish's face as she slipped into euphoria. She always thought
that women look so beautiful when they cum, and Trish exemplified this. The
way their body's tensed up the moment for release, the way their mouth's
hung open and eyelids fluttered, and most of all the look in their eyes. In
Trish's vulnerable state Mickie was able to keep eye contact with the
beautiful blonde as she rode her through climax. Sometime after Trish's third
orgasm the pressure on her clit caught up with Mickie and she came pounding
into her idol's spasming pussy.

Fulfilling her promise Mickie squeezed the strap on's balls and sent her girl
cum through the blonde's love canal, filling Trish's cunt with her cream.
Mickie pushed herself as deep into Trish as possible to ensure that all of
her juice was able to find a good home inside of her idol. As both girls try
and recover from their mutual climaxes Mickie began to think about the tight
little hole just beneath the wet hole she had just happily plundered. She
really, really wanted to lick Trish's ass-hole again, but she had rimmed it
earlier, and Trish's pussy juices had ran down and well prepared her soon to
be penetrated pooper, and those in juices had provided her false phallus with
plenty of lubricant, and she was just so damn horny she didn't know how much
longer she could wait to get into Trish's tightest of holes.

Making up her mind, Mickie unhooked Trish's legs from round her waist and
put them over her shoulders before slowly pulling her strap on out of the
blonde's honey hole. Without having to move away Mickie reached over onto
the nightstand where she collected the replacement balls for her dildo that
she left their and quickly swap them before getting into position. Trish
groaned with disappointment when Mickie pulled out of her juice weeping
cunt, before becoming very pale as Mickie pressed the head of her strap on
against the entrance to her back-door. She looked up into Mickie's eyes and
saw the beautiful brunette sadistically grinning at her and she pressed
forward, forcing her sphincter muscles to stretch open to allow the head to
force its way into her rectum.

Trish's poor ass-hole had only previously been violated once and was still
very tight, but Mickie was patient. Since she had already butt-fucked Trish
once she knew for a fact that she could take every single inch and the
brunette wasn't going to be satisfied until she had every single inch buried
inside her idols pooper. Never breaking eye contact with the dildo skewered
blonde, Mickie slowly inserted her strap on inch by inch into Trish's
defenceless rectum.

At this point Trish was completely beyond fighting Mickie. Even if she wanted
to stop her from sodomising her, which she didn't, she knew after the mind
breaking orgasms she had already received that she was in no condition to
stop the horny brunette from buggering her. So the WWE women's champion Trish
Stratus lay back and concentrated on relaxing her ass muscles to allow the
large bitch-tamer inside her bowels.

Mickie's patience ultimately paid off and with a final hard thrust her large
strap on dildo was buried to the balls inside Trish's butt-hole. Mickie let
out a triumphant moan and she rested her hips against Trish, signifying her
full penetration of the blonde's pooper.

Finally breaking eye contact, Mickie leant forward until Trish was bent in
half, her ankles over her head. The brunette pressed her mouth against her
ear so she could whisper, "Oh my God, I love being into the balls in a girl's
tight butt. Some people tell you that for a girl with a strap on there's no
difference between fucking a pussy or an ass but those people are wrong. You
see Trish, not only do you get more vibrations on your clit with a tighter
hole, but the sheer psychology of buggering another woman, of making someone
of your own sex do something which society views as so disgusting and
degrading, it just really is the hottest thing ever. I mean, look at you
Trish, the record-breaking six times and current WWE women's champion laying
on your back with a 10 inch dildo up your butt, and not necessarily because
you want it their, but because I want it their, because it turns me on.
You're submitting to my desires in allowing me to bugger you and, if last
time is anything to go by, you get off being my little in the butt bitch!
And you want it don't you Trish you want to be my little anal bitch! But
don't worry Trish, because that's what you are! You're my little bitch who
takes it in the butt. And now you're going to beg for it like the little anal
bitch you are! Come on Trish begged me to fuck your ass! If you don't I'm
pulling this dick out of you and leaving, and we both know you don't want
that. Think about it, all you have to do is beg like the bitch we both know
you are and once again you're ass-hole will know the joy of being well and
truly fucked by its owner again! Say it Trish, beg for your owner to fuck
your ass!"

Trish's cheeks burned with shame. She wasn't ashamed because she wanted
Mickie to fuck her ass, she was ashamed because she physically needed Mickie
to fuck her ass. Gritting her teeth the WWE women's champion once again gave
up her dignity to quench a newly found lesbian anal lust.

"Please Mickie, fuck my ass! I need it! I need you to fuck my ass with that
big hard wonderful strap on cock! Please, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my
ass, fuck my asssssssss!"

Trish's begging ended in a joyful scream as Mickie began to saw her strap on
dick in and out of the blonde's widely stretched shit-hole. As Trish writhed
underneath the brunette, Mickie moved the false phallus within the blonde's
bowels, slowly at first, not wanting to hurt her soon to be girlfriend and
number one bitch. Trish couldn't stand the speed that Mickie was buggering
her... it was too slow. The pain had quickly and easily change to the
uncomfortable feeling of fullness that she had felt before, and Trish knew
the feeling of fullness would soon give way to pleasure, and that pleasure
would give way to ecstasy. But Trish wanted that ecstasy now. She wanted
Mickie to sodomise her to heaven and she was ready for it now. She was tired
of this slow, gentle crap, she wanted a proper ass-fucking. She wanted the
kind of long, hard, rough butt pounding that she knew Mickie could give her
and she wanted it now.

Gripping Mickie's ass cheeks with both hands Trish tried to pull the
brunette seductress deeper into her shitty depths, using all her strength
to pull her backwards and forwards inside her fart passage. But Mickie was
stronger than she looked and Trish was in no position to tell her what to

Mickie kept up her slow, gentle butt-fucking, purposely driving Trish crazy
until the blonde cried out, "Mickie, please don't tease me, butt-fuck me
properly! Please, I need it! I need you to ram my rectum with that big
girl-cock. I want to feel you rearranging my guts! I want to feel you moving
fast and deep inside my bowels! Come on Mickie, slam my shit-hole! Pound my
poo-shooter! Break my back-door! Bugger me you bitch!"

Mickie stared blankly for a moment, before her beautiful face crafted into a
wicked smile. By her estimation Trish was mere moments away from submitting
to her completely.

She stared deep into Trish's eyes and whispered softly, "Why Trish, all you
had to do was ask..."

With that Mickie, using one hand to grab a handful of Trish's buns while the
other supported her weight over the blonde, began to steadily increase her
thrusting until her hips were a blur slamming inside of the record-breaking
six times WWE women's champion's ass-hole. Trish's eyes fluttered as sparks
of pleasure ran through her body from where her pooper is now being properly
pounded. Nothing that Trish had ever felt before could even come close to
the joy she felt when Mickie was buggering her. The pain was a distant memory
and now there was only pleasure.

Mickie stares into Trish's glazed over eyes as she pounded relentlessly into
her idol's poo-passage. She had been so right about Trish, she was clearly a
submissive bitch just waiting for someone to conquer her and show the blonde
her true place in life. She really was doing Trish a favour. And Mickie was
going to treat her new bitch so right. The brunette promised herself that
she'd never let the beautiful blonde submissive go another day without a
proper pussy and ass fucking. She would show Trish submissive heaven and the
blonde would be her loyal bitch forever. She just needed a little push.

Trish was in heaven, her legs pressed up against her chest, her vulnerable
ass completely exposed to the wonderful pounding it was receiving from
Mickie's beautiful strap on cock. Every single nerve ending inside her anus
had become a live under Mickie's expert ass taming skills, and they were
sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body and frying her brain. The poor
blonde's mind was melting under the powerful butt-fucking and she didn't
care. At that moment she was willing to live out her entire life as a
vegetable if it meant that this ecstasy was her reward. At that moment she
had never wanted anything as much as she wanted to be Mickie James's bitch.
She wanted to marry her and become her slut wife and mother her children.
She wanted to explore the depths of depravity she could go with another
woman. She wanted to live her life with Mickie inside her, her tongue, her
fingers, her strap on, anything and everything the brunette wanted. She was
her bitch, now and forever and she wanted to scream it out loud. She wanted
everyone to know what she truly was, Mickie James's bitch.

But before she got the chance Mickie whispered in her ear, "My, my Trish, if
only the WWE could see you now. There little golden girl bent in half being
fucked in the ass by another woman with a 10 inched strap on dildo. I don't
think they'd ever look at you the same way again. And the fans, what with the
fans think if they ever found out that the mighty Trish Stratus was nothing
more than Mickie James's little bitch? How funny would that be, the entire
world knowing what you truly are. And we both know what you are, don't we
Trish? Why don't you tell me what we both already know? Tell me Trish, tell
me what you are. Tell me and you can live every day in submissive heaven with
me. We'll be together, the way it was always meant to be. Tell me Trish, tell
me those little words I want to hear. Tell me that your my bitch, Mickie
James's bitch!"

Mickie's words awoke Trish's mind from its slumber and all of her doubts and
worries were back. Trish couldn't help thinking about the WWE and her fans.
When she had come to the WWE from a modelling background no one had taken her
seriously. All she was to people back then was a bimbo with big boobs who had
a job because she was pretty. She had worked five long years to try and
change people's opinion of her and she'd finally succeeded. Both the female
and, even more impressively, the male locker room respected her as a
wrestler, and management all thought highly of her. And the fans... the fans
had supported her so much lately. Before she had known the joy of Mickie's
tongue, fingers, and strap on Trish's greatest joy had been when fans came
to signings and told her how much they respected her. Women had told her that
they saw her as a role model and that meant so much to her. What would they
all think if they found out she was nothing but a bitch for someone of her
own sex, one of her fellow divas no less. They would all look down on her,
and make fun of her. She would lose everything she'd work for, her legacy.

Her eyes filled with tears as she realised she'd rather live her life in
misery without Mickie in her life, than give up everything she had earned to
be with this wonderful brunette. At that moment she hated Mickie James,
because she had shown her an ecstasy she could never have. Trish was going
to live her entire life now without ever being truly complete because now she
had been with Mickie, she didn't see how anything else could possibly satisfy
her. How would she ever find a lover with the ability to give her everything
she wanted like Mickie could. After this Trish would have to go cold turkey.
She couldn't continue having this wonderful sex with Mickie if she couldn't
commit to the brunette, it was unfair on them both. Trish realised this would
be the last time in her life she would be complete. After this her life, and
her holes, would become empty and unfulfilled. She was going to have to spent
her whole life dreaming what could have been. And this was worse than before
because before she was just curious, but this was her knowing paradise and
having to give it up because in the world of professional wrestling people
would never accept a pussy licking, strap on sucking, taking it in the ass
bitch as a respectable women's champion, or a role model. At that moment
Trish Stratus openly wept because she would never be happy again because she
couldn't be this wonderful woman's bitch.

Mickie was so happy. She had ass-fucked Trish so well she was now crying with
joy. It must be so overwhelming for her to get everything she secretly wants.
There was no doubt in Mickie's mind that she was giving Trish the submission
she craved and Trish was having problems adjusting to it. Well Trish
shouldn't worry, soon Mickie would have her well trained to accept sexual
ecstasy on a daily basis. She was going to have so much fun breaking in Trish
Stratus it wasn't even funny. Mickie's mind went into a heaven imagining her
life with Trish Stratus, living out their entire lives from marriage, to
children, to old women snuggling by the fireplace together, all the while
never stopping having nasty lesbian sex.

Trish did everything in her power to postpone her orgasm. She wanted to live
in this moment for ever, with her owner Mickie James inside her. But the
brunette was now buggering her with that big, hard, wonderful strap on cock
with such lightning speed and extraordinary skill that now nothing could stop
the inevitable. The moment before she came Trish looked up into Mickie's
loving eyes and in that moment found it impossible to hate this woman. It was
true that she'd never be the same again, that she'd never know the joy and
happiness she'd known with Mickie, and it was true that never again would she
experience an orgasm like the orgasm she was about to experience, but this
wonderful, beautiful woman who so obviously adored her in every way was using
every ounce of her body to try and please her. Trish had been lucky in
knowing love. She came from a loving family, had many good friends and had
been on the rollercoaster of love many times with a lot of different guys.
But no one had ever looked at her like Mickie looked at her then. The pure
look of unadulterated love was heartbreaking. In that moment without even
having to ask Trish Stratus knew that Mickie James loved her and she knew in
her heart she loved Mickie too. And they could never be together. It was
heartbreaking, and yet somehow at the same time for that moment of true
happiness, all the misery which was going to follow it, seem worth it.

An orgasm with the power of a nuclear bomb went off inside Trish's bowels.
It was followed immediately by another and another and another. It spread
throughout her body and felt like her entire soul singing. Trish felt like
her entire body was coming over and over and over. Her mind became foggy
and she almost became unconscious, but using all her willpower she is able
to stay awake. She promised herself she wouldn't miss a moment of this. She
wanted to remember it all the sites, the smell, touch, the feeling of utter
completion. So when she lived out her life sad and alone she would be able
to look back at this moment, this moment in time which she could truly say
she was happy.

At the exact same time Mickie went over the edge, the stimulation on her clit
and the sensation of sodomising her idol was more than enough to trigger a
powerful orgasm inside the brunette. As her body exploded in climax Mickie
looked into the eyes of her conquest, and was amazed at what she saw looking
back at her. Trish's eyes spoke of true happiness, of utter and complete
contempt and acceptance but there was something else in her eyes, something
Mickie had only seen before when her boyfriend Kenny stared into her eyes.
It was love, Trish Stratus was in love with her. This thought caused Mickie's
orgasm to turn into a series of orgasms which rocked her very being.

As she went over the edge for the final time, Mickie gripped the balls of
her strap on and squeezed tightly. For the second time in her life she marked
Trish's ass as her property. Somehow it seemed even more primal filling
Trish's butt full of her cream as she stared into the blondes eyes. The
submission, the passion, the acceptance she saw in those eyes as Trish's
fudge factory was filled by a more powerful, dominant woman's cum. Mickie
pressed herself fully inside the blondes rectum, making sure that every drop
of her liquid filled the WWE women's champion's bowels.

Mickie thought about leaving her strap on inside Trish's ass again, allow
the blonde to get used to the idea of being her anal bitch. But it was also
important for a submissive bitch to learn to keep their owners cream inside
her holes, and pulling out would mean Trish would know the agony of having
Mickie's juices escape the girl cum depository that used to be her butt-hole.

Mickie pulls out as slowly, and as gently as possible until finally the head
came out with a loud plop. She watched as her cream oozed from the wide open
shitter she had just thoroughly abused, watching and waiting for Trish's

It took a few moments for Trish to realise what was happening. Realising that
her owners cum was leaking from its home inside her rectum, Trish uses all of
her concentration to clench her ass muscles together to close her stretched
shit locker. With a tremendous amount of effort her violated little butt-hole
closes around the remaining girl cream inside her bowels. Trish promises
herself she'd keep it up there as long as she could, as a short-term reminder
of what it was like to be Mickie James's bitch, if only for a night.

Pleased that Trish had trapped her juice inside her pooper like a good little
submissive bitch, Mickie gently rolls herself and Trish until she is lying on
her back holding her idol in her arms.

Trish feels so at peace with herself in Mickie's arms. It is so wonderful and
comforting but at the same time heart breaking to know that she'd never be
able to feel this again. She fight sleep wanting to live out every moment of
this and stay in this place for as long as possible but ultimately exhaustion
catches up to her and she falls into a deep sleep.

Mickie lay there for awhile thinking how good it was to feel Trish in her
arms. She runs her hand down to Trish's ass and scoops up some of her cum
that has leaked out, brings it up to her mouth and licks it off her fingers.
There was no doubt in her mind whatsoever that very soon she would get
everything she ever wanted, soon she was going to get what's hers.

To be continued...

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