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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 5
by MTL (

"Hey watch where you're going!"

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there!" said Mickie before staring at the
woman she just bumped into and said, "Oh my God, your Lita! I'm like totally
a big fan of yours! You used to be so great... what happened?"

"Oh ha, ha, ha, you're very funny." said Lita, looking the girl up and down,
"Mickie, isn't it?"

"That's right, Mickie James, nice to meet you!" Mickie said holding out her

Lita just looked at Mickie's outstretched hand and said, "And your Trish
Stratus's bitch aren't you?"

Mickie laughed and stopped herself from saying well actually the other way
around, "Well I'm Trish's number one fan if that's what you mean?"

"No it wasn't," said Lita looking at the scattered mess on the floor, "you
dropped your bag."

"Oh my God!" Mickie exclaimed as she rushed to pick up her stuff and put it
back in her bag.

Lita sighed to herself, when suddenly something caught her interest at the
corner of her eye. Picking it up she smirked and said, "Is this yours?"

Mickie looked up and saw that Lita was holding her strap on dildo in her

"... Yeah, that's mine." Mickie said reaching out for it.

Lita moved a few steps back, pulling the dildo out of Mickie's reach.

"It's a little small." said Lita, studying the false phallus.

"So you're a size Queen are you?" said Mickie stepping closer to her
redheaded prey.

"Only if the person knows how to use it." Lita said, as she handed Mickie
back her toy. "Do you know how to use it Mickie?"

"Probably better than your little boyfriend Edge!" Mickie stated confidently
as she put the rest of her clothes and her dildo back in her bag and zipped
it up.

"Prove it." Lita said with a sly smile.

"If you follow me right now, I will." Mickie said, before turning and walking
down the corridor.

Lita smirked, before eagerly following the buxom brunette.

* * *

The arena RAW was in tonight was larger than usual. There were many locker
rooms that were considered too small even for the lowest jobber on the

Mickie escorted Lita to the locker room furthest away from where everyone
else was changing to make sure they would not be disturbed.

The brunette had already had her match of the night, and was feeling like a
little HLA. She had thought about finding Trish but the blonde bombshell was
still at a delicate stage of her seduction and Mickie didn't want to put any
unnecessary pressure on her. She didn't want Trish to be hers for a night,
she wanted Trish to be hers forever.

She had thought about using Maria and/or Ashley to satisfy her lesbian
cravings, but ultimately decided against it.

She wasn't tiring of her bitches, it was just that if she kept pounding their
pussys and asses like she had been over the last few weeks their holes might
become so loose that fucking them just wouldn't be fun any more.

Mickie smiles to herself as she thought about her little bitches.

She had forgotten how much fun having two submissive women to bend to her
every whim could be. She remembered how she made them perform little lesbian
sex shows for her, making them lick each other's pussys for hours and how she
had made one of them eat her out while the other had her tongue buried inside
her ass hole and how she made one of them spread each other's buttocks so
Mickie could get a better view of her strap on penetrating one of her bitches

Oh yes, she had been having some serious fun with those sweet little bitches
of hers, but tonight she was feeling like some fresh meat.

She had ordered both of her bitches to act naturally in public so not to give
the other divas any warning about what was going to happen to them.

Mickie plan to eventually turn every single WWE diva into a submissive
lesbian bitch but which lucky diva should be put in her true place in life

As she had been wandering which diva she should seduce she saw Lita doing an
interview with everyone's favourite tool Todd Grisham.

Half a decade ago Lita was the best thing in women's wrestling. She had an
impressive move set and a unique look and attitude which had captured fans
imaginations. Mickie had been one of those fans.

However a series of unfortunate injuries had grounded the high flyer, and the
redhead had been reduced to a manager's role. If that wasn't bad enough the
fans had turned their backs on her when she had left her long time boyfriend
and fan favourite Matt Hardy for the far more successful ass hole Edge.

It was so sad.

Mickie still respected Lita for everything she had done for women's wrestling
and she was still a Lita fan but in her heart she would always be more of a
Trish fan.

The excitable diva didn't know why she preferred the blonde to the redhead
but there was just something about Trish which made her heart flutter and her
pussy wet. Well, a lot of girls had that effect on her, but Trish was
different, special.

Turning her thoughts away from Trish, the brunette focused her attention on
how she could seduce the extreme diva.

The rumour going around the locker room was that Edge and Lita were in an
open relationship and were free to date who they wanted, which meant of
course that Edge could sleep with as many sleazy hookers as he wanted and
Lita was free to sleep with the entire locker room.

What Mickie hadn't heard was whether or not Lita restricted herself to only
sleeping with the entire male locker room or was the former member of team
extreme a whore for anyone and everyone in the WWE?

Taking a chance Mickie had left the zip on her bag open and purposefully
bumped into the redhead and spilt the bags contents all over the floor. When
she went to pick up the items she deliberately didn't pick up her strap on,
allowing Lita to find it.

The plan had been to start up a conversation with Lita about the strap on in
which Mickie revealed that she was an expert in using it, and that would
hopefully entice the redhead to challenge her on that boast.

The plan had gone better than Mickie could have possibly hoped and all she
had to do now was give the redheaded diva a proper fucking and she would have
another bitch to add to her collection.

For her part Lita was looking forward to getting her hands on some pussy
again. She hadn't eaten a nice juicy wet pussy in far too long and her mouth
was watering at the thought. Sure she loved cock, but she had always heard
that it was good to have a balanced diet.

She didn't know much about this Mickie James person, except that she seemed
to follow her former friend Trish Stratus everywhere like a lovesick puppy.
She should probably warn Mickie that there was no pussy for her down that
road because there was no way that blonde bitch would ever part her thighs
for another girl. No way, not in a million years.

Lita sympathised with the brunette, because once upon a time she had been a
lovesick puppy for the Canadian beauty too, but after getting drunk one night
and almost kissing the blonde bombshell shortly before wrestlemania 20 her
relationship with Trish had never been the same. They had fought each other
constantly until yet another injury sidelined the redhead and then the
beautiful Canadian was also injured.

It had been over six months now since Lita had last spoken to Trish.

Turning her thoughts away from the blonde beauty Lita concentrated on the
curvy brunette she was following.

Her pussy was wet and ready for action so if this cute little bitch was
looking for some cunt she had come to the right place. Thoughts of having
this curvaceous diva going down on her and using her fast talking mouth on
her made Lita's horny honey hole drip with anticipation

In Lita's experience girls really did give the best head, and Mickie had a
set of lips which looked like they were made for eating pussy. The redhead
hoped that this little diva could back up her earlier claims, it had been
awhile since she had a good cunt lapping or strap on fucking, but if not she
would probably have time to go find her man Edge for a good pussy pounding.

Reaching her destination Mickie opened the locker room door for Lita,
followed her inside and closed the door behind them. The second the door to
the abandoned locker room was closed Mickie pushed the redhead up against the
wall and pressed her lips against hers, shoving her tongue into her mouth.
They kissed passionately, ripping and tearing at each other's clothes.
Breaking the lip lock Mickie pulled off Lita's top and bra before kissing her
way down her neck. She then made her way down the redhead's body until she
reached her breasts. Mickie swirled her tongue around the right nipple before
taking it into her mouth and gently sucking on it.

Lita cupped Mickie's head to her breast saying, "Oh fuck yeah, suck it!"

And that's just what Mickie did.

She moved from one nipple to the other, coating it in her saliva as she
massaged Lita's breasts with her hands. After sucking Lita's nipples to
hardness, Mickie kissed her way down the redhead's flat stomach until she
reached her pants. Lita quickly kicked off her shoes before Mickie pulled
down her pants and panties. Tossing the last of the redhead's clothing aside
Mickie studied Lita in all her naked glory. Licking her lips Mickie knelt
down on the floor in between Lita's legs and breathed in the heavy smell of
the former women's champion's sex.

"Don't just smell me, eat me you fucking dyke!" Lita grunted, grabbing Mickie
by the hair and pushing her face into her cunt.

More than willing to obey, the pussy hungry brunette grabbed a handful of
Lita's buttocks and shoved her tongue as deep as she could into the dripping
wet love hole in front of her.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Lita moaned, leaning back against the wall as she thrust her
hips forward into Mickie's face, "That's a good little cunt loving dyke, come
on, get that fucking queer girl tongue inside my beautiful pussy and eat me
like the little carpet cleaning lezzie you are!"

The brunette milked as much of Lita's love juice from her pussy as possible.
She twirled her tongue around inside the redhead's cunt as she sucked
hungrily at Lita's lips, before pulling her tongue out and swallowing a good
portion of pussy cream down her gullet.

The redhead's cunt juice tasted hot and spicy and very, very yummy.

Rather than dive face first back into Lita's pussy like her lesbian desires
told her to Mickie began to gently ran her tongue around the lips of the two-
time women's champion's cunt, deliberately teasing and tormenting her fellow
WWE diva.

The redhead was not impressed.

"Come on you fucking rug muncher! Get that dyke tongue of yours inside my
fucking cunt and fucking fuck me you lezzie bitch!" Lita yelled, grabbing a
tight grip of the back of Mickie's head with both her hands and began to pull
her head in time with her hips thrusting forward, using the brunette diva's
face like a fuck pad. "If you don't start pleasing my pussy with that
pathetic little lezzie tongue of yours I'm going to leave and find myself a
better cunt craving dyke to satisfy me! Or better yet I could go find my man
Edge. He may be not much of a muff diver but at least he can satisfy me by
pounding my pussy with that huge cock of his! So if you want my yummy cunt I
suggest you start licking me properly you fucking poor excuse for a lesbo!"

Mickie always preferred to be the one in control during sex, especially when
it came to women and she felt the need to regain control of the situation.
But she didn't want Lita to start getting ideas in her head like she was
going to be having sex with anyone but Mickie tonight. The brunette needed to
show her fellow diva what she could really do, and as much as she liked to
tease her bitches it was time for some serious cunt lapping.

Grabbing a hold of Lita's buttocks with both hands Mickie closed her mouth
around the redhead's yummy pussy, buried her tongue inside the dripping honey
hole and began to thrust it in and out of Lita's moist love box.

This was much more to the redhead's liking.

"That's more fucking like it you fucking little muff diver!" Lita groaned as
she desperately tried to get more of Mickie's tongue inside her cunt, "Come
on eat that pussy! Just, like, that, fuck yeah! Fuck me with your fucking
lesbo tongue you fucking cunt lapper! Munch on my fucking rug you fucking
lesbo ho! Oh God, you know how to fucking eat pussy! How would you like to be
my little pussy girl... would you like that... would you like to be my
personal little pussy licker who goes down on me and eats my pussy till I cum
all over your little lezzie face? I bet you'd fucking love that wouldn't
you... I bet you'd love to be my personal little pussy licker... I bet you
want me to cum all over your little lezzie face... well I'm going too... keep
licking me like that and I'm going to cum all over your little cunt craving
lezzie face you fucking dyke bitch!"

Soon Mickie was going to show Lita who the real personal little pussy licker
was going to be in their relationship, but before she put this bitch in her
place she was determined to enjoy this delicious spicy pussy for a little
longer first. The redhead had a pussy to die for and the brunette diva
promised herself that she would spend as much time going down on her soon-to-
be new bitch as she would have the former women's champion's face buried in
her cunt.

Mickie was now slamming her tongue through Lita's pussy as hard as she could,
all the while using her lips to suck as much of the yummy cunt cream into her
mouth as possible so she could swallow it down her pussy juice hungry throat.

It had been a long time since Lita had been with a girl and she had forgotten
how well a member of her own sex could get her off with only their tongues.
That wonderful softness, combined with a truly skilled knowledge of the act
made all women, at least in Lita's mind, expert rug muncher's. As she lay
there writhing under Mickie's mouth and tongue Lita wondered to herself why
she had ever stopped.

Mickie just love licking a new pussy for the first time. Every pussy Mickie
had eaten had its own unique smell and taste. There was all kinds of
difference types. Lita's pussy was definitely of the hot and spicy variety
and Mickie happily gobble down as much of the spicy treat as possible.

The redhead found herself racing towards orgasm very quickly thanks to
Mickie's talented little mouth and tongue. When she was at the point of
orgasm Mickie use some of her leaking pussy juice to lubricate a finger
before shoving it straight up Lita's ass hole.

"Oh fuck yeah, that's it! That's what I fucking like! Come on eat that pussy
you fucking cunt lapping lezzie! Oh your going to make me fucking cum you
fucking little dyke! I'm going to cum all over that fucking little lezzie
face of yours you fucking little muff diver! Eat it! Eat my pussy you fucking
rug muncher! Fuck me with your tongue! Fuck me with your pussy eating dyke
tongue you fucking lezzie whore! Oh fuck me I'm going to cum! I'm going to
cum all over your fucking little lezzie face you fucking pussy eating lesbo
bitch!" Lita screamed as she came hard in the brunettes mouth.

Stars flew past Lita's eyes as a powerful climax rocked her body. She was
violently thrusting her hips back and forth, fucking the brunette's cunt
cream hungry mouth as she experienced her first lesbian orgasm in what felt
like years. Her cum squirted all over Mickie's pretty face and down her

Mickie hungrily sucked up as much of the delicious girl cream as possible.
The redhead's cum was yummy, but there was just too much of it squirting out
of the other diva's pussy. Anything she didn't swallow landed on her face and
ran into her hair.

When Lita finally stopped climaxing Mickie took a few minutes to ensure the
former women's champion's cunt was thoroughly cleaned of any spicy cum before
standing up and quickly stripped off her clothes.

When she was naked she grabbed a foldout chair, set it up and sat down on it,
spreading her legs.

"Care to repay the favour?" Mickie said slyly, leaning back on the chair.

Lita just smiled. It was clear from her tone of voice that Mickie wasn't
asking, she was telling Lita to get down there and eat the brunette's pussy.
After that powerful climax that her fellow WWE diva just gave her Lita would
have no problem 'repaying the favour'. Besides, Lita loved being told what to

She walked over to where Mickie was sitting and knelt down in front of her.
Unlike Mickie, Lita didn't waste time deciding to dive face first into the
brunette's already wet cunt.

"Oh and you have the audacity to call me a cunt hungry dyke!" Mickie half
laughed, half moaned as the redhead's tongue piercing penetrated her pussy
and the small piece of metal started to rake across the soft flesh inside her
channel. Desperately trying to regain control of the situation the brunette
brought her right hand down to rest on top of Lita's head, guiding her where
she wanted her pussy licked, "Well it looks like I'm not the only carpet
cleaner around here! Shit I think you were born to eat pussy! Oh God that
stud feels so good inside me... fucking tongue fuck me with it you fucking
rug muncher! Fuck me with that made for muff diving tongue of yours you
fucking queer girl bitch!"

Lita loved both giving and receiving verbal abuse so Mickie's words set a
fire inside her to do the best cunt lapping job of her life. Although
Mickie's pussy juice could've done the job all by itself.

When she had first shoved her tongue into the brunette's wet love hole Lita
have been unprepared for her first taste of pussy in ages. She had forgotten
how good a nice wet pussy could taste and Mickie had the tastiest pussy the
redhead had ever had the pleasure of eating.

Now with a hungry thirst for pussy juice Lita closed her lips around the soft
flesh in front of her and began to suck at Mickie's cunt with the power of a
vacuum cleaner.

"Oh my god yes, that's it you pussy eating whore!" Mickie growled as she
thrust her hips upwards into Lita's face, "Fucking lick me you fucking bitch!
Lick me! Lick my fucking pussy! Who's the fucking cunt hungry carpet cleaning
dyke bitch now slut? That's right, it's you, you're the fucking cunt hungry
carpet cleaning dyke bitch! I bet you've fucking eaten pussy all over the
fucking world haven't you my fucking little lezzie muff diver! I bet you've
fucking got down on your knees and beg women to let you eat their pussys in
every town in WWE has been in over the last six years haven't you my little
rug muncher! Fuck, with a mouth like that I'm surprised you tear yourself
away from eating pussy long enough to fucking wrestle bitch!"

At this point Lita was using her mouth like a seal over Mickie's delicious
pussy to prevent any of her yummy juices escaping.

Mickie loved being licked out by a girl with a pierced tongue. The contrast
of both soft tongue and hard metal rubbing the inside of her cunt was
wonderful and it was clear the redhead really knew how to eat pussy. She
moved her hand down to Lita's head and pushed her face into her cunt, as the
expert rug muncher greedily continued her work.

It had been far too long since Lita went muff diving and she desperately
missed the taste of pussy. As if that wasn't enough the first pussy she had
eaten in a long time turned out to be the sweetest tasting one she could ever
remember having. Her tongue moved like a blur inside Mickie's box, forcing as
much of the cunt cream she was craving out of the pretty little hole and down
her hungry throat.

"Oh my fucking God, you're going to make me cum with that fucking cunt hungry
dyke mouth of yours you fucking pussy slut! Oh that pretty little mouth and
that talented tongue are going to get me off so fucking good! This is what
you were fucking born to do Lita! You were fucking born to eat pussy! You
were fucking born to eat my pussy! Eat my pussy you fucking no good dyke! Eat
it! Come on you fucking lezzie, eat it! Eat my pussy and make me cum! Make me
cum you fucking cunt lapper! Make me cum you fucking carpet muncher! Make me
cum you fucking muff diver! Make me cum you fucking cunt lapping, pussy
eating, girl cum craving lesbo dyke bitch!" Mickie screamed as her body
exploded in orgasm.

Lita's skilled mouth and tongue worked their magic on Mickie as the
brunette's hips slammed into her face. Mickie's body writhed under the
redhead's mouth, which never left it's place pressed against the drooling
hole. An experienced cum-guzzler like Lita was able to swallow almost every
drop of Mickie's juice. Despite her best efforts Lita's face became covered
in pussy cream. She continued licking and sucking long after Mickie's orgasm
subsided. She couldn't help it, the brunette diva's juices drove her crazy.
They tasted so deliciously creamy... and so wonderfully sweet... and so...

Mickie just love to cum in a girl's mouth. Feeling those soft, knowing lips
suck down her juices was such a turn on, but it was time to move on to other

Reluctantly pushing the pussy hungry redhead away from her hole Mickie said,
"So, are you ready for me to show you my strap on?"

Looking up at the brunette Lita smiled, "Oh fuck yeah!"

Mickie giggled before walking over to her bag and picking out her harness
with its detachable 10 inch dildo before turning back to her fellow WWE diva.

Studying the dildo Mickie was about to strap on Lita asked, "You don't have
anything a little bigger do you?"

Mickie turns to look at the redhead for a moment before reaching back into
her bag, pulled out two items, first one, than the other, "Well... I have
this... or... I have this!"

Lita had smiled in satisfaction when Mickie pulled the 12 inch dildo out of
her bag. Edge's cock was 12 inches long, which stretched out her holes so
wonderfully on a daily basis. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen...
until now.

The redhead's eyes went wide when Mickie pulled out another dildo out of her
bag and this time it was a 14 inch long monster the likes of which the slutty
diva had never seen before.

The site of that big cock left Lita in a lust filled daze, both of her lips

The redhead diva was awoken from her trance to the sound of the brunette
talking, "If this is too big that's ok, I'll just use the 10 or the 12 inch.
I normally don't even show it to a woman the first time, it's just that you
seem like a real size Queen, and hay if its size you're after my little bitch
stretcher here will stretch you out in ways you didn't think possible. But
hay... if you're not up for the challenge..."

"I'm up for the challenge!" said Lita quickly, before a sly smile crossed her
face, "I'm definitely up for the challenge!"

Mickie grinned like the cat that got the cream, before replacing the 10 inch
dildo with the 14 incher and strapped the monster sex toy on. She then walked
over to stand in front of Lita and smiled again, "We've already established
you are a good cunt lapper, now let's see whether you're a good cock sucker

Lita smiled, opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could, swallowed the
head of the unnatural large dildo and began to force as much of it down her
gullet as she possibly could. In addition to its length the bitch stretcher
was slightly wider than Mickie's other dildo's so it didn't surprise the
excitable diva when Lita began to gag on the dick after only a few inches
were inserted. But instead of giving up the redhead relaxed her throat
muscles and allowed the bitch stretcher to slide down her throat until, to
Mickie's amazement, the balls of the strap on connected with Lita's chin.

The redhead had taken every single bit of that 14 inch strap on down her
gullet in one mighty gulp.

Lita really was extreme.

Looking down Mickie could see that Lita's eyes were watering with a lack of
oxygen in her lungs. The seconds before the redhead came up for air felt like
hours but eventually Lita took the dick out of her mouth so she could cough,
splutter and breathed.

"I think I get why you call it a bitch stretcher." said Lita as she began to
breathe normally again.

"I don't... I call it my bitch stretcher!" Mickie said as she reached down
and used her fellow diva's head to guide her mouth back to her monster strap

Taking the hint the redhead stretched out her mouth wide and slowly took the
huge dildo down her throat again before coming up for air and repeating the

This continued until Lita could take the dick to it's balls inside her throat
without much choking. As she gained more confidence the redheaded diva showed
Mickie that she was indeed an expert cock sucker. She licked the shaft from
balls to tip, taking extra care with the head of the cock as she used her
hands to play with the balls. She spit on the dick to provide extra lubricant
for when she used the dildo to fuck her throat. And most of all she bobbed
her head on the strap on like her life depended on it.

After a few minutes of this Mickie got carried away and grabbed the back of
Lita's head and began to saw her monster strap on in and out of the redhead's
throat. Rather than complain Lita began to increase her bobbing on the dildo,
helping Mickie throat fuck her.

"I knew it, I fucking knew it! You love cock just as much as pussy if not
more! You're a fucking whore for anyone with a big juicy cock or a nice
creamy cunt aren't you! Aren't you! Oh yes, you're a fucking cock and cunt
craving bitch who'll spread her legs for absolutely fucking anybody! You
might as well have the words bisexual slut tattooed on your forehead you
fucking no good tramp! Suck that fucking cock! Suck that fucking cock you
fucking cock sucker! Suck that fucking cock while I fuck your fucking whore
mouth! Oh yeah let me hear you fucking choke on my fucking dick bitch! You
like my bitch stretcher do you? Do you like it stretching out your fucking
throat you fucking bitch? Answer me bitch!" Mickie screamed psychotically,
pulling her strap on out of Lita's mouth on the last word.

Lita looked up at Mickie, her makeup a mass, liquid pouring from her eyes,
nose, and mouth and said, "I fucking love your bitch stretcher stretching my
fucking throat out so I can take every single inch of this fucking dick! Come
on you fucking whore, fucking fuck my mouth with your big dick! Face fuck me
until I fucking choke you fucking bitch!"

Her eyes burning with rage Mickie grabbed the back of Lita's head and forced
her strap on back into the balls inside the redhead's throat. She then began
to use Lita's mouth like a cunt, the dildo's balls slapping relentlessly
against her fellow WWE diva's chin. If this bitch wanted a face fucking then
Mickie would give her a face fucking!

Lita had been face fucked by some of the biggest and baddest men in the WWE
and none of them were this rough with her. That big dick could kill her but
she didn't care. This was a first class face fucking and Lita was loving
every minute of it. Her throat muscles had expanded so that she could, just
about, take the brutal face fucking, Mickie giving her just long enough to
take in some air when she pulled out before she slammed back in again.

"Suck my fucking cock you fucking poor excuse for a cock sucker! Suck it!
Suck it you fucking whore! Suck it as I stretch out your fucking throat with
my fucking bitch stretcher! I'm going to stretch out that slutty throat of
yours so wide you won't have too chew food ever again! And then I'm going to
fucking stretch out all of your other fucking holes! You want that don't you
bitch! You want me to stretch out all of your fucking fuck holes out until
the only thing that will satisfy you is me and my fucking bitch stretcher!
Tell me you want me to stretch out all of your fucking fuck holes out until
the only thing that will satisfy you is me and my fucking bitch stretcher!"
Mickie screamed, once again pulling out of Lita's throat so she could talk.

"Oh fuck yeah I want you to stretch out all of my fucking fuck holes out
until the only thing that will satisfy me is you and your fucking bitch

The second those words were out of her mouth Mickie's strap on was stuffed
back inside it.

The face fucking continued for a while, only stopping when Mickie pulled out
of Lita's throat to spit in her mouth before reinserting the cock. Mickie
could have probably cum just from fucking the redhead's throat, but she
decided she wanted to move on to another hole.

Pushing Lita off her strap on, Mickie demanded, "Bend over bitch and get
ready for the greatest fuck of your life!"

"You're up against some pretty stiff competition!" Lita sniggered to herself
as she got into position on the floor.

Mickie knelt down behind Lita who was now on her hands and knees eagerly
waiting to be fucked. The easily excitable brunette rub the head of the dildo
over the lips of her fellow divas pussy, wetting the fake cock for entry and
cruelly teasing the desperate to be fucked woman. Lita pressed herself back
in an attempt to impale herself on the dick, but Mickie was too quick for
her, moving the toy away at the last possible second and going back to her
teasing. Mickie wanted the former women's champion to beg for her to fuck
her, to beg her for her girl cock inside her slutty little pussy. She soon
got her wish.

"Stop fucking teasing me you fucking bitch and fucking fuck me!" Lita cursed
like a sailor at the crafty brunette.

"Now that's no way to get something you want. Grand-pappy always said I
should never bother with people that don't have proper manners. So ask me
nicely you fucking slut or they'll be no girl cock for you!"

"I'm sorry Mickie, please fuck me! Please fuck me with your big beautiful
girl cock! Please stretch me open with that big beautiful girl cock of yours!
Please Mickie, I need it! I need your big beautiful girl cock inside me! I
need your big beautiful girl cock inside my pussy!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely." said Mickie with a sadistic smile as she
pressed forward, the head of her dildo stretching Lita's pussy lips wide
until the head popped through the entrance of the redhead's cunt.

Lita groaned as she slowly became filled with the largest cock she had ever
seen before in her life. She had always preferred real cock but she did enjoy
an occasional nice big, hard dildo, especially when it was strapped around
the waist of another beautiful woman.

After spending the best part of a decade 'travelling' all over the world
Lita's cunt was well stretched but nothing could have prepared her pussy for
the monster Mickie was forcing into it. Luckily for her the buxom brunette
was an expert when it came to fucking another woman with a strap on. Whenever
she needed time for her cunt muscles to relax Mickie would stop to allow her
pussy time to recover before continuing her journey through Lita's love
tunnel. Finally, after a lot of stretching, Lita's pussy excepted the huge 14
inch dildo inside it to the balls.

"Good girl," Mickie said happily, giving Lita's butt cheeks a light slap,
"That's a very good girl. I can't fucking believe you took the whole thing on
the first try! Most girls scream at me to stop before I even get it in

"I guess you haven't been fucking the right girls!" Lita said through gritted
teeth as she forced her cunt to relax around the large invader.

"I guess not." The buxom brunette said with a smile, before taking a firm
hold of Lita's hips and began to move her strap on slowly in and out of the
redheaded diva's wet hole.

Lita moaned loudly as the brunette began to fuck her. It was a slow steady
pace, but the size of the cock was stretching Lita like never before. That
cock... that wonderful pussy stretching cock... it felt magnificent inside
her... touching places she didn't even know existed... it still hurt a
little... like if either she or Mickie made one wrong move the thing would
tear her open... but for this feeling of fullness... for this feeling of
being filled to bursting... for this feeling of completion... the slutty
redhead would take any risk and pay any price.

The former women's champion's cunt was tight around Mickie's fake cock which
somewhat surprised the brunette. She had heard that Lita had been pounded all
over the world but apparently even after (if the rumours were true) many long
years of overuse she was still tight for Mickie's rarely used bitch
stretcher. The excitable brunette wondered if when Lita became her bitch how
long she would stay tight for. Hopefully a long time because at the moment
the redhead was able to squeeze her inner walls down on the fake dick inside
her which sent pleasurable vibrations through the dildo to the stimulator on
Mickie's clit. Mickie came up with a plan to encourage the redhead's
squeezings. It was simple, the harder Lita squeezed down on the cock the
harder Mickie would fuck her.

Lita soon realise this and began to clamp down on the strap on moving inside
her, eager for the hard fucking Mickie promised her. She wasn't disappointed.

Encouraged by her fellow diva's moans and the actions of her pussy Mickie
began to viciously slam fuck her, her hips bouncing off Lita's ass at
lightning speed. Mickie had been a big fan of Lita for a long time and had
wanted to fuck the fiery redhead since the first time she saw her. She was
second only to Trish on Mickie's WWE diva's to fuck list, and it was a close
second. However it was still second. Lita was hot and was clearly very
practice in the art of lesbian sex... but she was to... easy. Bedding Trish
had been a huge challenge and there was something about the blonde which
Mickie just found intoxicating. So while Mickie was happy to make Lita one of
her bitches, it was Trish who had her heart and it was Trish that would be
her favourite bitch, just as soon as the pretty little blonde realise that
they were meant to be together.

Lita was completely blown away by Mickie skills in using a strap on. Someone
could have the biggest dick in the world, real or fake, but if they didn't
know how to use it they were useless. She been with a lot of girls and most
of them were a little uneasy about using a harness dildo and when they did
they were generally quite sloppy. Of course she had been with a few pussy
loving dykes who had pile drivered her pussy so hard it could easily of given
any guy in the WWE a run for their money. But Mickie was making those dykes
and the majority of the WWE's male locker room's fucking skills look like
amateurs. There was only one man in the world had ever fuck Lita this good
and that was the man she loved, the rated R superstar Edge. Of all of the
many, many men she'd been with Edge was the best, which was of course the
reason why she kept going back to him. However if Mr money in the bank 2005
wasn't careful he might just be beaten by the clearly highly skilled Mickie

Sensing that both of them were racing towards climax Mickie grabbed hold of
Lita's hair, yanked it back and screamed, "You like that you fucking bitch?
You like how I fuck you? You like how I stretch out your fucking pussy with
my fucking bitch stretcher? You like how I fuck your slutty little pussy and
stretch it out with my big fat beautiful bitch stretching strap on cock? Tell
me Lita, tell me you like my fucking big fat beautiful bitch stretching strap
on cock fucking and stretching your slutty little pussy!"

"Yes, yes, yes, I fucking like it! I fucking love it! Fuck my slutty little
pussy and stretch it out with your big fat beautiful bitch stretching strap
on cock bitch! I fucking need you to fucking fuck my slutty little pussy and
stretch it out with your big fat beautiful bitch stretching strap on cock!"

"Oh you fucking need me to fucking fuck you and stretch you out do you slut?
You fucking need me to fucking fuck that slutty little pussy with my big fat
beautiful bitch stretching strap on cock and use it to stretch out that cock
depository you call a cunt? I bet you fucking need me to make it fucking cum
as well... you want me to fucking let you fucking cum all over my big fat
beautiful bitch stretching strap on cock don't you, you fucking redheaded

"Oh fuck yes, make me cum bitch, I need you to make me cum! Fuck my slutty
little pussy with your big fat beautiful bitch stretching strap on cock and
make me cum!"

"Ok bitch, just remember you asked for this!" Mickie growled letting go of
Lita's hair and taking a firm hold of the redhead's hips.

If Lita thought Mickie was pounding her pussy hard before the way the
brunette began to brutalise her cunt was now just vicious. Of course the
slutty redhead loved every single second of it but was still blown away by
the power of it. Once again the only person who could compete was her
boyfriend Edge who at this moment was just very lucky that he was a good lay.

The two girl's worked in unison banging against each other until ultimately
it all just became too much for the redhead and she came hard. Her brain felt
like it exploded and turned to mush inside her head as her toes curled and
her eyes crossed. Her cream coated the monster strap on and ran out of her
orgasming cunt, covering both girl's thighs and running down her legs. Lita's
powerful orgasm was immediately followed by another, and another, and

As Lita's body was rocked with powerful multiple climaxes Mickie achieved
orgasm by pounding into the former women's champion. Mickie had been holding
off her climax until she brought the redhead off so when she finally came
Mickie experienced an orgasm even harder than usual, which was pretty
powerful considering she was doing her favourite thing in the world... pound
fucking a fellow women's wrestler to screaming climax!

At the peak of her orgasm Mickie squeezed her strap on's balls and shot wave
after wave of her girl cream through the dildo and deep inside the redhead's
pussy. The brunette smiled, one of Lita's fuck holes was now marked as hers,
one more to go! When the balls were empty and both their orgasms had died
down Mickie slowly pulled out her dildo which by now was covered in girl

"That was fucking incredible!" Lita gasped as the last inch left her well
fucked pussy

"We're not done yet bitch!" Mickie growled, spreading Lita's ass cheeks and
pushing her tongue into the puckered star she found there.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Lita moaned as Mickie's tongue forced its way into her
rectum, hopefully lubricating it for that nice big strap on that was still
tightly around the brunette's waist.

Lita was in luck, that was exactly what Mickie was doing. Although it had to
be said that the brunette loved the taste of ass, and Lita's derriere was a
juicy one, her ultimate goal was, as always, to bugger the other woman and
add her to her collection of bitches.

As she slid her tongue through Lita's perhaps not surprisingly easy to open
back door, Mickie closed her lips around the other diva's ass hole and began
to greedily suck on the tasty treat. When she was sure she had her tongue
firmly up Lita's butt, Mickie expertly reached out, grabbed her bag, pulled
it to her, and reached in for a replacement to the now empty dildo's balls,
all without having her mouth leave the redhead's rear hole. She replaced the
balls with fresh ones and spent a few minutes making sure that Lita received
the most thorough rim job she was capable of, before pressing her dildo at
the former women's champion's puckered starfish.

"You know Lita," Mickie said as she slid her strap on up and down the
redhead's ass crack, teasing the slutty diva's butt hole with the giant dick,
"I've used my little bitch stretcher here on many women, but only a few have
been able to take it all in their pussys and even less have been able to take
it in their ass holes. Which is a real shame because there's really no better
way of showing a slut like yourself her proper place in life than to bend her
over and stretch out her fucking shit pipe! Quite frankly there's nothing I'd
rather do right now than to pack your bowels with my bitch stretcher and
stretch out your fucking fart factory until you can't even remember how to
shit right! But your pussy is probably still sore from the pounding and
stretching I just gave it so if you're not up to the challenge..."

"Mickie..." Lita said, turning her head sideways so she could look Mickie
directly in the eye, "If you don't get that fucking strap on in my fucking
slutty ass I'm going to fucking beat the fucking crap out of you!"

Mickie smile sadistically and said, "Well than... may I suggest you
concentrate on relaxing those slutty ass muscles of yours bitch!"

With that Mickie began to shift her weight forward, using the head of her
dildo slowly forcing Lita's shit hole to stretch open. Lita gritted her teeth
and desperately tried to relax her sphincter to allow the massive anal
invader entry through the portal to her bowels. After a lot of stretching
Lita's ass hole finally opened enough to allow the head of the dildo passed
Lita's back door and into her rectum.

Lita let out a long drawn out moan of pain as her poop pipe desperately tried
to adjust to its penetration. The fiery redhead had been butt fucked many
times and knew all the tricks when it came to relaxing her ass muscles but
she had never tried to take a cock this big in her shit factory before so it
was a struggle to relax. Eventually the pain subsided and that wonderful
fullness began to cause her pleasure. She wanted more of that pleasure, much

Letting out a sigh of relief at her poo passage's acceptance of the shaft,
Lita raised her ass inviting Mickie to slide more of that nice big cock
inside her slutty little pooper.

Mickie happily obliged and slowly began easing more of the dildo strapped to
her waist through Lita's bowels, stopping when she thought it was too much,
which was generally when the redhead started making choking sounds like the
dick was coming out of her throat. Mickie didn't want to hurt her fellow WWE
diva but she was determined to get every single inch of her strap on into
Lita's tail pipe. She did so love to stretch out a woman's shitter and
looking down at the redhead's ass hole being forced wide open for her girl
cock was warming Mickie's anal loving heart. She watched as her strap on
disappeared inch by inch into Lita's rectum and it took all her willpower not
to just slam every single last inch into those shitty depths in one go.

The dick in her ass felt so big that Lita was beginning to think the other
diva had strapped a baseball bat around her waist and was now trying to shove
it up her butt. Each time Mickie forced another inch or two into her pooper
the redhead would yell out in pain as she desperately tried to relax the
muscles inside her ass to accept the intrusion into her colon. The dick felt
endless. Lita began to imagine herself spending the rest of her life trying
to take this dildo in her butt, her bowels being endlessly stretched out like
this, her body forever caught between the pleasure and the pain of being
filled so completely like this. Just when Lita was beginning to like the
sound of this existence Mickie's thighs came to rest against Lita's ass
cheeks announcing the redhead had the full 14 inch monster buried inside her
shit locker.

"Oh my God, I can't believe it! You took every single inch of my bitch
stretcher in your butt on the first try! Do you know how many women have done
that? None! Oh my God, how many dicks have you fucking taking in this fucking
slutty ass? Hundreds Thousands? How many? Answer me bitch!" Mickie screamed,
pulling Lita's head up by the hair so she could yell in her ear.

"I... I don't know... I don't keep count..." Lita said, who was finding it
hard to talk and relax her ass around the 14 inch dildo at the same time.

"You don't keep count! Oh... I get it..." Mickie giggled sadistically, "You
probably can't count that high can you slut?"

"Probably... not..."

"Are you trying to be funny with me bitch?"


"Good! Now I suggest you relax that slutty ass of yours and that you keep
your mouth shut until I ask you something bitch!" said Mickie, before she
took a firm grip of Lita's hips and began to saw her false phallus in and out
of the former women's champion's poo passage.

Lita groaned, her fingers turning white from pressure as she dug them into
the floor. Mickie was only moving an inch or two through her back door but it
felt like more, a lot more. But soon Lita's slutty shit hole stretch to
accommodate the slow steady butt fucking and the redhead became hungry for
more. Her ass became hungry for more.

Mickie did everything she could to control herself but the redhead was
clearly an anal slut in need of a good ass pounding and it became really hard
for the brunette not to just give it to her. Shortly after she began
sodomising her fellow WWE diva Lita began to push her ass back against
Mickie's strap on, forcing it to move faster through her pooper. Mickie took
her time, gently increasing the pace of the buggery, but the anal hungry
redhead was determined not to be denied. But no matter how much Lita slammed
herself back against Mickie's bitch stretcher the brunette was able to remain
in control, fucking the other diva in the ass the way she wanted to fuck her
in the ass.

Mickie absolutely loved to sodomise other women, especially other women's
wrestlers. It just made her feel so dominant. There was absolutely nothing
better to her than to take an opponent (or a possible future opponent) bend
them over, and shove a nice big dildo up their butt to show them whose boss.
And right now she had a two-time women's champion on her hands and knees on a
dirty floor with 14 inches of strap on dick buried in her ass. And the slut
was fucking loving it. Mickie had butt fucked all kinds of girls but she
absolutely loved ass sluts like Lita. It was an incredible turn on to hear
her bitches beg for the buggery Mickie love to give them. Of course all of
the women she turned into her bitches quickly became ass sluts. They always
had too with her preference for hard butt sex. Mickie always had a lot of fun
when the girl was a ass slut before she became one of her bitches. It meant
not only would they be begging for it in the butt a lot sooner but it meant
there was a lot less training involved. Of course training was a lot of fun.
For example Mickie was looking forward to training her idol Trish Stratus to
be just as big of an ass slut as Lita was.

Lita absolutely loved anal sex. She had her ass deflowered before she had
given up her real cherry and thought of her back door as just as much of a
fuck hole as her pussy. Every single guy, and most of the girls, she'd ever
been with had been allowed through her back way and Lita had grown to crave a
feeling of a nice big cock, real or fake, slamming her shitter. But there was
only one way Lita liked her butt sex... hard and rough. She couldn't stand
this soft and caring crap Mickie was currently giving her. Her ass had now
stretched to the point where it was accepting the brunette's huge 14 incher
with no problem and now she just wanted to get butt fucked and butt fucked
hard. She craved the kind of proper pooper pounding an ass slut like her
needed. That was the problem with girls with strap on's in Lita's opinion,
they were too much into the soft and gentle lesbian love in which had never
ever appealed to Lita. Of course she had been with a few pretty ass hungry
dykes who could slam the shit out of her shitter with a strap on but the
majority of them could never give her the proper butt fucking she craved.
Then again maybe if she begged Mickie she might bugger her harder.

"Oh come on you fucking bitch, is that all you got?" Lita screamed in
frustration, "Stop half ass ass fucking me and fucking fuck me! Fucking fuck
my ass! Fucking fuck it harder you bitch! Come on, slam that shit! Slam fuck
my fucking shitter you fucking dyke whore! Slam fuck my fucking ass until I
can't fucking walk you fucking lezzie bitch! Fucking break my ass! You
promised me a proper fucking and you better fucking deliver it or I'm going
to fucking kick your ass, strap that dildo on and show you a proper ass
fucking bitch!"

"Oh you want a proper ass fucking slut! Fine, I'll give you a proper ass
fucking into you fucking beg me to stop you fucking ass slut! I'm going to
ass ram you so hard you won't be able to shit properly for a week! I'm going
to ass fuck you and make you my fucking little up the butt bitch!"

"Oh fuck yeah bitch, fucking fuck my ass and make me your fucking bitch!
Fucking give me the ass pounding I want! Fucking give me the ass pounding I
need! Fucking give me the ass pounding I deserve! Fucking fuck my ass so I
can't fucking shit properly and make me your little up the butt bitch if you
can you fucking whore!"

"Alright, but you fucking asked for this bitch!" Mickie screamed grabbing
tightly to Lita's hips and began moving herself back and forth in a blur,
showing the redhead what she could really do.

Even the brunette was surprised at the force of the sodomy. Sure she had slam
fucked alot of shitter's in her time but this was just vicious. The smacking
sound of her hips meeting Lita's ass cheeks were so loud it was almost
sickening. The redhead's moans and groans were pitiful as 14 inches of dildo
was moved rapidly through her bowels. And through it all Mickie was doing
nothing but screaming insults at her. She called her a slut, a whore, a bitch
and a lot of other nasty little things. It was like she was trying to get
Lita to beg her to stop and maybe on some level she was. But it never
happened. No matter how Mickie brutalized the redhead's butt the former
women's champion continued to beg for more.

Lita's eyes fluttered as her body was taken over by pure bliss. It had been
so long since someone had properly sodomised her she had almost forgotten
what it was like. Even her own personal stud Edge couldn't compare to this
glorious butt fucking. The feeling overcame her and she became a hungry ass
slut desperate for as much dick in her ass as possible. She began to
violently slam herself back against Mickie's shaft, impaling her butt hole on
the massive intruder. Concentrating she used her ass muscles to squeeze the
strap on inside her rectum, knowing the vibrations would drive Mickie crazy.
It worked and the brunette somehow found a way to anally abuse her even

Overwhelmed by the sensations Lita finally cried out, "Yes, yes, yes fuck my
fucking ass you fucking bitch! Just like that, bugger me like a whore, bugger
me like the fucking cheap street whore I am! Sodomise me, sodomise me like a
fucking ass slut! Sodomise me like the fucking ass slut I am! Rip my ass wide
open! Rip my ass wide open with that big fat beautiful bitch stretching strap
on cock! Tear that ass hole up! Tear that ass hole up with your big fat
beautiful bitch stretching strap on cock! Ruin me, ruin my fucking back door
you fucking bitch! I want you to fucking ass fuck me until I can't even
remember how to shit right! I want you to fucking ass fuck me until I can't
even remember what that hole is fucking meant for! Fucking ass fuck me and
make me your fucking bitch! Make me your fucking bitch! Fuck my ass and make
me your fucking bitch you fucking lezzie whore!"

"You wanna be my fucking bitch do you slut? Well guess what... you are... you
are my fucking bitch!" Mickie screamed, slapping Lita's ass cheeks with her
hand as she relentlessly sodomised her fellow diva, "From this moment on your
my fucking bitch and I fucking own you! Whenever I feel like a piece of your
slutty pussy you're going to spread those fucking legs and whenever I feel
like a piece of your whore ass you're going to bend the fuck over and spread
your fucking cheeks! It doesn't matter when or where you'll fucking do as I
say! Whether it's in the middle of a fucking night in your boyfriend's hotel
room or on the fucking street in the middle of the fucking day or even in the
fucking locker rooms, you're going to do as you're told and spread your
fucking fuck holes for me! You got that bitch!"

Lita looked behind her so she could look into the brunette's eyes, "If being
your bitch means I get more of this fucking then you got it! I'll do
absolutely fucking anything to get another fucking like this! You got that
bitch? I'll do absolutely fucking anything for you!"

Mickie grabbed Lita's hair and pulled it back so she could speak directly
into her ear, "My name's Mickie, and you better start showing me the proper
respect I deserve or... I'll never fuck you again!"

To prove her point the brunette stopped pounding Lita's pooper which caused
the redhead to suffer serious withdrawal symptoms. Since Mickie had started
savagely sodomising her this glorious butt fucking had become like an
addiction for her, an addiction she couldn't bear the thought of living
without, "I'm sorry Mickie, I'll learn my place I swear, just please, you got
to fuck me, I need to be fucked! I need to be fucked now! I need to be fucked

Mickie smiles, let go of Lita's hair and patted her on the head like a
faithful pet, "That's a good girl, that's how you should talk to your owner!
Now, Are you going to be a good little whore and bend over for me whenever
the fuck I want?"

"Yes Mickie, I'm going to be a good little whore and bend over for you
whenever the fuck you want!"

"Are you going to spread your legs and ass cheeks for me no matter where the
fuck we are?"

"Yes I'm going to spread my legs and ass cheeks for you no matter where the
fuck we are!"

"Are you going to do whatever the fuck I say?"

"Yes, yes, yes whatever you want just fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum!"

"If you want to cum repeat after me... I Lita..."

"I Lita..."

"Am Mickie James's bitch!"

"Am Mickie James's bitch!"

"Tell me again Lita, what are you?"

"Mickie James's bitch, I'm Mickie James's fucking bitch!"

Mickie smiled, grabbed hold of Lita's hips and began to ass fuck her harder
than she'd ever ass fucked anyone before.

The ass pounding that followed was beyond vicious. Without giving any thought
to the fact that the dildo she was using to bugger her fellow WWE diva was 14
inches long Mickie drove her bitch stretcher through Lita's bowels forcing
the redhead's shitty insides to stretch so unnaturally it threatened to tear
apart Lita's rectum walls. The urge to take a dump was almost unbearable but
the redhead was determined not to insult her new owner by shiting all over
this wonderful dildo which was bringing her to previously unknown heights of
pleasure, which was incredibly impressive considering her slutty nature.
Luckily for Lita something came along which made her completely forget about
the painful cramp coming from the very depths of her bowels.

That thing was an anal orgasm more powerful than any Lita had previously
known and it was immediately followed by another, and another, and another.
For the first time in a long time Lita experienced multiple anal orgasms
which rocked her body to the very core. One after another the sensations
travelled from the inside of her ass to her pussy and throughout her body. In
this moment Lita regretted not approaching Mickie sooner. To think they could
have been having this kind of wonderful sex a lot sooner. Well Lita promised
herself that from now on she was going to bend over whenever and wherever
possible for Mickie. She was going to enjoy her new life as Mickie James's

As for Mickie she soon came pounding into Lita's ass. The stimulator on her
clit had done its job well and combined with the sheer perverted sense of
buggering a member of her own sex sent Mickie over the edge. As orgasm
flooded her body Mickie squeezed the fake balls on her dildo shooting her
girl goo deep inside Lita's shitty depths. The brunette pressed her hips up
against the redhead's butt cheeks so that she was fully embedded in the
former women's champion's ass as her cream filled her crack. Mickie
absolutely loved this. This was marking her territory, this was marking Lita
as her territory, this was marking Lita's ass hole as her territory.

When she was sure that every drop of her girly liquid was buried inside the
redhead's bowels the brunette pulled out to admire her handiwork. Her heart
swelled with pride as she examined her latest conquest's swollen red gaping
ass hole.

Somewhere in between the air flying into her busted open poop shoot and the
powerful multiple orgasms that left her body weak Lita lost control and let
out a loud, fragrant, foul fart erupt from her ruined back door. Mickie
watched as some of her cum was spat out of the redhead's ass hole as the
smell of the inside of her new bitch's bowels filled the room. Anyone with a
molecule of self respect would have blushed and apologised but Lita simply
reached behind her, scooped up as much of her new owner's cum as possible and
began to eat it fresh from her ass.

Mickie was filled with a mixture of disgust and pride when her new bitch
turned to her, gave one look at her strap on and said, "Do you want me to
clean that for you?"

Instead of waiting for Mickie to answer Lita crawled on her hands and knees
over to take the soiled strap on into her mouth and slowly slide her lips
down to its base, taking the whole thing inside her throat as she began to
clean her ass juice off the dick. How disobedient, the redhead should have
waited to be told to clean her cock. Maybe Mickie was going to have to do a
lot more training than she thought as she lazily stroked Lita's bobbing head.

“You know..." said Lita when the cock had been thoroughly cleaned, "Edge is
expecting me at our hotel room later..."

"Is he now..."

"But he's always extra horny if I don't come home one night... especially if
I tell him that I was with someone else."

"Happens a lot does it?" Mickie said smirking.

"Oh please honey, this isn't the first little bit on the side that I've
had... but you're the first one to make me cum like that. Edge will go crazy
when I tell him you fuck me better than he does. He'll up his game tenfold
just to compete." They both giggled as Mickie takes off the now thoroughly
cleaned monster dildo and puts it back in her bag. As they began to pick up
their clothes Lita asked, "Did it bother you... you know... when I farted?"

"No, my bitch stretcher has that effect on women. You'll probably be farting
on every thrust before the end of the night!"

"Before the end of the night!"

"What, you thought we were done? We're not done, we just can't stay here.
They'll need to close this place eventually and I'm not getting locked in
here or having some creepy janitor walk in on me buggering one of my bitches.
So we're going back to my hotel room, where you're going to spend the rest of
the night bent over taking my fucking bitch stretcher up your fucking ass
until your back door is completely and totally ruined! Have you got a problem
with that bitch?"

Lita looked shocked for a minute before smiling wickedly, "Oh Mickie, I think
I'm going to have a lot of fun being your bitch."

"I bet you are slut, I bet you are." said Mickie as they gathered up the rest
of their stuff and left the arena for more kinky lesbian sex back in Mickie's
hotel room.

To be continued...

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