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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 6
by MTL (

The bar was loud and crowded, not that Mickie minded. She had just completed
a successful Trish teasing addition of Monday night RAW and she was out to
celebrate her inevitable victory over the blonde women's champion. She had
spent hours dancing and drinking, but now she is in the mood to go home...
but not alone.

Scanning the bar, Mickie weighed up the options for conquests. There are a
lot of good looking men and women and she couldn't decide which gender she
prefer to go home with tonight. Maybe she wouldn't have to choose.

There was a couple dancing together who were both giving her lustful looks
across the dance floor and Mickie was about to go over to them when someone
tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around a huge smile crossed her

"Oh my God, Punkie!" Mickie screamed with glee jumping up into her old
friend's arms and embracing him tightly, "Oh my God it's been so long, too
long. How are you, how's everything, how's Maria?"

CM Punk was not as happy to see Mickie as she was to see him. This was
evident in the fact that he didn't hug her back.

Breaking off the hug Mickie looked at him and asked, "What's the matter?"

“What's the matter! What's the matter! Mickie, you slept with my girlfriend,
again, that's what's the matter."

"Oh... well what's your problem with that?”

“What do you mean what's my problem with that?"

"I mean, you know me Punk, you know I have certain... urges.” Mickie said

"And I believe I asked you after the last time you try and keep your urges to

"Last time... your still upset about Janine?"

"Why would I still be upset about that... I mean you only stole her from me."

"Oh Punkie, I told you Janine was a total closet case and I did you a favour
by outing her before you got too involved."

Punk sighed, "Look Mickie, I don't care about Janine. That was a million
years ago. I just came into say that... you can't have her."

"I can't have who?" Mickie asked feeling a little confused

"Maria, you can't have Maria."

Mickie's face lit up and she practically screamed, "Oh my God, you love her!"


"You love her! You do! You big softy! You love Maria! Punkie's in Love, isn't
that sweet! I think that's just so cute!" Mickie giggles pinching his cheek
with affection.

Punk swatted her hand away and said, "I... I... ok I love her fine go ahead
and laugh."

"Oh I will." Mickie said chuckling before bursting out into song, "Punk and
Maria sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G."

"Ok that's enough of that." Punk said, eager not to have to hear another
verse of Mickie's terribly off key singing, "Look Mickie, I didn't expect to
fall for Maria, but I did, and now I'm happy. I'm happier with her than I've
been in a long time. So I'm asking you, as a friend to stay away from her.
You can have any other slut running around here, just not her ok?"

Mickie stared at her old friend for a few minutes before smiling at him and
saying, "You know Punk, I've slept with a lot of girls, and most of them,
when I asked them if they want to become one of my bitches can't answer yes
fast enough. I've had the most self-centred of cheerleaders get down on her
knees and beg me for the pleasure I can give her. I've had successful
businesswomen bent over their desks, whimpering for my affection. And I've
had some of the most dominating women's wrestlers I've been able to find
submissively kissing my feet in an attempt to show that they are worthy of
licking my pussy. Do you want to know the first thing that Maria said when I
asked her if she wanted to become mine?"


"She said I don't think I can leave Punk. Do you have any idea what that
means?" Mickie asked. Seeing Punk shrug his shoulders the brunette continued,
"It means that you're the most important thing in her life and she values you
above whatever pleasure I can give her. I'm telling you Punk you're a lucky
man. It's been a long time since I've bin with a woman who is willing to pick
a man over me, and make no mistake Punk, that's exactly what Maria did, and
personally I couldn't be happier for you."

Seeing Punk wasn't convinced Mickie continued, "You know, she talks about you
all the time. And when she does she gets this cute little sparkle in her eyes
and her face brightens up at the mere mention of your name. She doesn't talk
about me or look at me the same way she does with you. It's pretty obvious to
me and everyone else in the locker room that she is head over heels in love
with you. So even if I wanted to steal her from you, which I don't, I
couldn't. I'm telling you you've got nothing to worry about."

".... but you still plan on sleeping with her?" Punk grumbled.

"No, I plan on fucking her tiny little brains out whenever the mood strikes
me." seeing Punk's reaction Mickie quickly continued, "Look Punk, Maria is
one of my bitches, and bitches get fucked by more dominant women, like me.
It's only natural. Maria is a bisexual bitch who needs to be sexually
dominated by at least women, if not men as well. In fact I think we might be
missing a golden opportunity here..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well Punkie," Mickie said moving closer to her old friend, "I'm in the mood
for a little pussy... and a big cock, and seeing how Maria has got that sweet
little pussy and you've got a nice big juicy cock I think the three of us
could have some fun tonight!"

"I... I don't know Mickie." Punk said biting his lip.

"Oh come on Punkie, where's your sense of adventure?" Mickie whined, "I
promise I'll make it worth your while..."

Punk had heard this tone of voice from his friend before and he knew from
past experience it meant either he was in for a night of pleasure, or pain,
or more likely both. But Punk also knew from past experiences that a little
pain was worth it for a night with Mickie. This is exactly how he'd lost
previous girlfriends, but this would be a good test to see whether Maria felt
about him the same way he felt about her. If Maria didn't love him it would
be better for him to know now before he fell any more in love with the
beautiful RAW interviewer.


"Yea, I knew good old Punkie would come around! Now why don't you grab that
sweet piece of ass of yours and let's go!" Mickie said excitedly before
looking around the room, "speaking of that sweet piece of ass, where is she?"

"She's in the bathroom, she should be back any..."

"Oh my God, Mickie!" Maria yelled above the music happily as she flung her
arms around the smaller brunette, hugging her tightly.

"Hay Maria, it's good to see you again." said Mickie, happily returning the

"What are you doing here?" asked Maria as she broke the hug.

"Oh nothing much... just trying to convince Punkie here to let me come home
with you guys for a little fun." Mickie said, smiling in a way that even
Maria couldn't miss the sexual undertones.

"Really... oh Punk can we take her home with us? Please, please, please,
please, please can we, can we, can we?" said Maria sounding like a spoilt

Punk exchanged a look with Mickie before sighing and saying, "All right, she
can come."

"Oh my God, you're like the best boyfriend ever! I am so going to make this
worth your while... we're so going to make this worth your while." said Maria
smiling, looking over at Mickie who had a similar smile on her face.

"We certainly will..." Mickie said before turning to her bitch, "Come on
Maria, I'll race you. Last one into the rental car is a rotten egg!"

And with that the two divas raced out of the club in the direction of the
parking lot leaving a bewildered Punk behind.

The straight edge superstar sighed to himself. He might live to regret
this... then again maybe not...

* * *

Mickie (mostly) behaved herself on the uneventful car journey to the hotel.
She was also careful not to do anything that would attract attention from the
short walk from the car to the hotel room where Punk and Maria were staying.
But once the hotel room door closed it was a very different story.

Mickie's lips crashed down on to Maria's as her hands became buried in her
hair. Maria's hands came to rest on Mickie's sides as the shorter brunette
pressed her back against the wall and shoved her tongue into her mouth.
Maria's tongue started to eagerly massage Mickie's as the two RAW divas
swapped spit.

Punk stood back and watched as his friend and girlfriend played tonsil
hockey. They were only a few seconds into this and already he was being left
out... this was not a good sign.

But before he got a chance to feel too sorry for himself Mickie broke the
kiss, grabbed him by the neck and pulled him down to her lips. As Mickie's
tongue fiercely wrestled his Maria began to place butterfly kisses up and
down his neck until it was her turn. When Mickie broke the kiss Punk didn't
even have time to think because Maria's lips were already on his own and
Mickie was aggressively licking and sucking on the other side of his neck.

Maria breaks the kiss just long enough for her to pull her and Punk's T -
shirts off before their lips crashed together again. Punk expertly removes
Maria's bra as Mickie unbuckles their pants and underwear before she pulls
them down around their ankles. They kick off their shoes and the rest of
their clothes before Maria jumps up, wrapping her legs around Punk's waist as
he carries her towards the bed.

As Punk lays her gently down on the bed Maria could feel her boyfriend's rock
hard cock pressing against her thighs driving her wild with lustful desire.
She wanted, no she needed him inside her now!

"Fuck me!" the usually innocent interviewer moans with sexual lust.

"Are you sure?" asked Punk, Maria wasn't much one for foreplay but he'd never
seen her this horny.

"I'm sure," Maria said, her eyes sparkling with desire, "fuck me lover."

Hearing what he wanted to hear Punk pressed his manhood to Maria's wet
entrance and slowly push his way inside. Maria moaned as her boyfriend
entered her eager hole. She wrapped her legs tightly around him as he slowly
slid in all the way, every so often stopping to give her time to adjust to
his size.

When he was into his balls inside his girlfriend Punk heard the bed creak
slightly as the third member of their little party slowly crawl to wear Maria
was lying on her back.

Mickie was now completely naked and without a word positioned herself so she
was facing Punk with her cute little shaved cunt over Maria's face. The pussy
hungry RAW interviewer grabbed Mickie's butt and desperately tried to pull
the delicious honey hole to her cunt starved mouth. As far as the ditzy
brunette was concerned it had been far too long since her face had been
buried in Mickie's yummy pussy. Taking pity on her personal little rug
muncher Mickie slowly lowered herself until her pussy lips were pressed up
against Maria's lips. Maria wasted no time in burying her tongue as deep
inside Mickie's cunt as possible, before starting to tongue fuck her for all
she was worth.

The interviewer moaned into Mickie's pussy as her boyfriend began to slowly
saw himself in and out of her. The sensations of being fucked by a man as she
was eating another woman's pussy made Maria feel so wonderfully naughty and
she redoubled her carpet cleaning efforts as she humped herself backwards
against the invading shaft.

As Maria was having the time of her bisexual life Mickie and Punk had entered
into the world's most intense staring competition.

Punk was determined not to lose Maria to the easily excitable diva. He and
Mickie had been friends for a long time and he knew how possessive she got of
her bitches. If he was going to be able to keep Maria he was going to have to
convince her to want to be his girlfriend first and one of Mickie's bitches
second. He was also going to have to convince Mickie that he was worthy of
Maria. Luckily for him the way to do that was to fuck Maria's brains out,
which couldn't possibly be a hard task.

Mickie found herself very amused by the little play set out in front of her.
She watched as Punk slowly increased his pace until he was ruthlessly
pounding Maria's sweet little pussy with his huge cock, all the while staring
into her eyes as his girlfriend moaned and cried into her cunt. She found it
funny that Punk felt like he had to prove himself when the truth was she knew
that Maria loved him and vice versa and she was very happy for them both. The
only reason Punk was acting this way was because he thought he had something
to prove which simply wasn't true. Oh well, at least Maria could get a good
fuck out of it.

Speaking of Maria, the tall brunette was doing such a fantastic job of
licking Mickie's pussy that it was hard for her to believe that the
interviewer had been a lesbian virgin less than a month ago. Mickie was so
pleased that her bitch had so eagerly taken to pussy eating like a duck to
water and had become an expert muff diver in such a short amount of time. If
Maria hadn't been so obviously in love with Punk Mickie would have thought
that the girl should be eating pussy professionally or something.

Maria knew it was only a matter of time before she came and came hard. It
felt like her boyfriend had been relentlessly pounding her pussy for hours
and she was on the verge of climax, but she simply would not allow herself to
cum without first drinking the ambrosia that was Mickie's sweet cum. After
all Mickie had done for her lately it would be rude not to bring the smaller
brunette to a nice, hard orgasm. Besides, Maria had grown to crave the taste
of girl cum and her desire for Mickie's had become overwhelming.

Ultimately Punk's poundings became too much for the RAW interviewer and she
came screaming her joy into Mickie's juicy hole. Luckily for the cunt
craving brunette the vibrations the scream caused Mickie to go over the edge
and her fellow diva's cum flowed into her mouth as her pussy spasmed around
her boyfriends dick. Maria greedily gobbled every drop of Mickie's precious
cum down her throat as an exhausted Punk pulled out of her well fucked pussy.

It had been hard for Punk not to blow his load inside Maria, especially when
her pussy walls were squeezing him so tightly and spasms so wonderfully when
she came, but he knew he had a long night ahead of him and unlike the girls
he had a limit to how many times he could cum before collapsing in one night
and it was more than likely he was going to be pushed to his limits tonight.
Hell this experience may kill him, but what a way to go.

Maria moaned in disappointment as Mickie removed her delicious cunt from her
face, "Ok Maria, move your cute little butt to the centre of the bed, I'm in
the mood for some pussy."

Maria obeyed without question, spreading her legs to give Mickie and her
talented tongue the best access possible to her horny hole. Punk moved aside
to allow Mickie to crawl on all fours until her face was hovering over
Maria's juicy cunt. The excitable diva's butt was pointed directly at Punk
and the straight edge superstar's cock felt as if Mickie's exposed holes were
just calling out to be filled.

Before he got the chance to do something he'd regret Mickie looked over her
shoulder and said, "Hay Punkie, I'm about to treat your girlfriend's pussy to
some tender love and care and make it feel all better after the pounding it's
just received. I'm going to just love licking your girlfriend's tasty little
pussy, but to be honest with you I'm kind of feeling like a little cock
myself. Or more accurately I'm feeling like a nice, big, long, hard, cock. My
pussy is nice and wet from your girlfriend's tongue and it's totally ready
for a nice, big, long, hard, pounding. Do you have any idea where I can find
a nice, big, long, hard, cock to give my pussy a nice, long, hard pounding

"I think I may have an idea." said Punk smiling to himself as he crawled
forward on his knees and pressed his cock to the entrance of Mickie's
dripping wet love tunnel.

Mickie moaned with delight as Punk slipped the head of his manhood past her
pussy lips and deep into her horny honey hole. Maria's tongue had done a
first class job of preparing Mickie's pussy and Punk soon found his thighs
resting against the excitable diva's soft buttocks and his prick buried to
the balls inside Mickie's juicy cunt.

As Punk was filling her with nice, big, long, hard, cock Mickie began to
gently lap at Maria's sore pussy, running her tongue all around the lips
before giving one long swipe from top to bottom and repeating the process.
Even when Punk began to move himself in and out of her Mickie kept her cool,
torturing her bitch with her tongue.

Maria hated it when Mickie did this to her. Any soreness her cunt may have
still been feeling had gone very quickly at the hands of Mickie's gentle
tonguing and now all the interviewer wanted was a nice, hard tongue fucking.
But instead Mickie was still gently massaging her needy pussy, denying it of
the fucking it truly wanted, denying it of the fucking it truly needed,
denying Maria of the fucking she truly needed. She knew what that talented
tongue of Mickie's could do to her and she wanted to be tongue fucked and
tongue fucked now!

"Oh Mickie fuck me, fuck my pussy. Fuck my pussy with your beautiful tongue.
Tongue fuck me you fucking bitch, tongue fuck me now!" Maria half begged,
half demanded, as she thrust her crotch into Mickie's face in an attempt to
get that nice soft tongue inside her.

Later Mickie would have a serious talk with Maria about who exactly was the
bitch around here, but right now she was going to teach the interviewer that
she should be careful what she wishes for.

In truth Maria's cunt cream had been oozing over her tongue and down her
throat and it had driven Mickie's lesbian desires to the point where she
simply couldn't continue without burying her tongue inside her, but Maria had
insulted her and Mickie was going to make sure that her little bitch was
going to pay.

But right now, it was time to get down to some serious rug munching.

With one hard thrust Mickie buried her tongue as far as it would go inside
Maria's cunt, making sure to close her lips around the dripping love hole to
ensure not another drop of the delicious honey escaped. Maria's simple mind
wasn't given time to process this new wave of pleasure before the excitable
diva began driving her tongue inside her like a pile driver.

Maria let out a primal cry of satisfaction before she buried her fingers into
Mickie's hair, pushing her face further into her cunt. She then wrapped her
legs around her fellow diva's head, doing everything she possibly could to
prevent Mickie from escaping.

The last thing on Mickie's mind was escaping. She was far too busy enjoying
Maria's tasty juices, sucking them greedily down her throat as she tongue
fucked her friend towards climax.

This whole time Punk had been slowly increasing the power behind his thrusts
into Mickie's tight pussy and was now jack hammering his way through her

It had been nearly a year since he and Mickie had stopped being regular fuck
buddies and her pussy was just as tight as he remembered it. It expertly
squeezed his dick as he drove himself in and out of her, the juice in his
balls bubbling as his manhood cried out for release. But he was determined to
make Mickie cum first. If he could make Mickie cum first it would go a long
way into achieving his two main goals. How could Maria question his fucking
skills if he made her lesbian lover cum hard on his dick? How could Mickie
question if he was worthy of Maria if he was able to fuck both of them and
make them cum? Oh yes, he was going to show them that he could more than hold
his own against the skills of the diva taming Mickie James.

Mickie had been on a lesbian rampage lately but Punk's cock was doing a good
job of reminding her pussy just how much it loved dick. Perhaps to good a
job. If Punk made Mickie cum before she made Maria cum he would never let her
hear the end of it. She had to make her lesbian bitch cum first.

Using all her willpower not to cum on Punk's cock, Mickie wetted a finger
with pussy juice and drove it into the knuckle inside Maria's tight ass hole.
At the same time she machine gunned her tongue through the interviewer's love
hole, her lips wrapped around it, sucking Maria's centre with more power than
a vacuum cleaner.

The effect of doing all of this at once left Maria absolutely no choice. She
let out a piercing scream and came in her owners mouth, shooting her girl cum
down Mickie's hungry throat.

Maria had been Mickie's slut bitch for a few weeks now and she still found it
hard to comprehend just how hard a member of her own sex could make her cum.
When she thought of all the times she could have been spreading her legs for
women like Mickie the interviewer couldn't help think that she had been
wasting her life by only having sex with men. But now Mickie had saved her
from a life without lesbian sex, and Maria was going to do what ever it took
to prove to Mickie that she could make a good lesbian bitch. And if that
meant cumming in Mickie's heavenly mouth, then that was a price she was just
going to have to pay.

Mickie's eyes fluttered as she savoured every drop of the delicious girl cum,
the liquidly goodness slowly oozing down her throat and into her belly. This
was awesome for two reasons. Firstly it meant Mickie got a meal of sugar
sweet girly cum and secondly it meant she could allow herself to cum on
Punk's hard cock. Of course another few seconds and she would have had no
choice but to cover that cock with her cream and she hated to think what that
would have done to Punk's ego. As it was she got to experience a nice toe
curling orgasm while swallowing down the remnants of Maria's sweet cum. What
more could a bisexual girl ask for?

It was the second time Punk stopped himself from cumming inside a wonderfully
spasming pussy and it nearly killed him. He could have been very content with
unloading himself inside Mickie, but there were a few other holes that the
straight edge superstar would prefer to fill with his cum.

Over the years Punk had developed two major fetishes. One, a nice, long, blow
job and two hard, rough anal sex. The feeling of a girl's mouth wrapped
around his cock... her cheeks hollowing out to suck on him... a tongue
sliding over his member... the only thing better was to be into the balls in
a nice, soft, tight butt.

If he manage to stop himself from cumming inside Mickie's pussy Punk knew his
reward was either going to have to be a BJ or some anal. Either way he knew
it was going to be worth the torturous pleasure he just experienced.

Once he pulled himself completely out of Mickie's pussy he fell backwards
onto the bed, his dick covered in the girl's cunt cream.

Looking over her shoulder Mickie said, "Hay Maria, check this out, Punkie
hasn't cum yet."

Maria set up and looked over to where her boyfriend was sitting, "Really,

"Well I'm guessing he wants to cum in our mouths... or on our faces." Mickie
laughed, as she slowly crawled over to Punk like a feline predator, "Which is
it Punkie? Do you want to cum in our mouths... or on our faces?"

"Either... or..." Punk panted, quietly praying to himself that he didn't blow
his load the second one of those sweet mouths wrapped around his dick.

Mickie giggles before taking Punk's dick into her hand and giving it a few
short strokes causing him to sigh with satisfaction. She leant her head down
and opens her mouth ready to devour the juicy piece of man meat in front of
her before she remembers the other brunette.

Turning her head to look at the interviewer Mickie said, "Hay Maria, why
don't you come over here and give me a hand... and a mouth."

Maria eagerly crawled up until she was kneeling with Mickie side by side in
front of Punk.

Her eyes glued to her bitch's, Mickie, tightening her grip on Punk's cock,
bent her head down and ran her tongue from the base to the tip in one long
lick. The curvy brunette then presented Punk's prick to Maria who licked her
lips before performing the same actions that Mickie just did only on the
right side of her boyfriend's dick instead of the left.

They switched back and forth like this for a while before Mickie brought
Punk's poll into the centre so they could both lick it at the same time. As
their tongues reached the end the girls kissed each other, trapping the tip
in between their lips.

Breaking the kiss Mickie slid her lips down the shaft, not stopping until she
felt the head of Punk's cock hit the back of her throat. She then removed
her mouth and presented it to Maria who repeated this action taking just a
little more dick into her mouth than Mickie. The girls continue to outdo each
other until they were taking it in turns to deep throat Punk's dick to the

As time went on Mickie and Maria began to bob their heads more and more on
Punk's poll. The straight edge superstar's tasty pre-cum was making the
girl's cock hungry and they became very greedy about how much time each of
them got sucking the yummy piece of man meat.

Eventually Mickie got tired of waiting for Maria to come up for air and began
to lick Punk's balls, first taking one then the other in her mouth. When she
finally let Mickie have a turn sucking Punk's cock Maria did the same.

The teasing, the kissing, the fucking, the first class suck job, all from two
of the hottest divas in the WWE had driven Punk to his straight edge and
there was now no going back.

With what he extremely hoped was a masculine cry he erupted himself into
Mickie's vacuum cleaner like mouth. As much as Mickie wanted to swallow down
all of the gooie load that would be very selfish and grand-pappy always
taught her to share. So as the first spurt hit the back of her throat Mickie
pulled away, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Quickly getting the
picture Maria did the same as jet after jet of Punk's cum squirted onto their
tongues and all over their faces.

When it was over the girls quickly swallowed the fruits of their labour
before turning to each other to lick the tasty cream off each other's faces.
Punk lies back on the bed and watched the scene of eroticism before him.

When it was all gone the girls had a quick but passionate kiss before Mickie
said, "My toy is in my bag. You know where to find it. Go and get it for me,

Instantly Maria knew which toy Mickie was referring to and where to get it.
She also knew that Mickie had switched from being a friend to being her owner
and from here on in she would seriously regret questioning her. Not that she
had any intention of questioning her that is.

Mickie smiled as she watched her obedient little bitch scamper off to get her
strap on.

Since meeting her Mickie had always thought that Maria would make a good
bitch and so far the RAW interviewer had proven her 100% right.

As Maria returned with her toy Mickie stood up and ordered her, "You may have
the privilege of strapping it on me bitch."

"Yes Mickie, thank you Mickie." Maria said submissively, making sure to keep
her head down and her eyes on the floor just as Mickie had trained her.

The harness was soon strapped around Mickie's gorgeous waist with Maria
kneeling before her securing the straps. This opportunity was far too good to

"Since you've already shown how much you love cock why don't you go ahead and
suck my dick you fucking cock sucker." Mickie growled somewhat
hypocritically, as she pressed the tip of her fake cock firmly against
Maria's lips.

The submissive diva obediently opened her mouth to allow Mickie's bitch tamer
access past her lips, over her tongue and slowly down her throat. She
desperately concentrated on relaxing her throat muscles to allow every single
inch of the dildo into her gullet. Not taking the entire strap on into her
mouth might displease Mickie and Maria hated the idea of displeasing her
owner. So using all her cock sucking skills Maria was able to take the phoney
phallus to the balls on the first try, before beginning to slowly bob her
head on it.

Mickie smiled and grabbed a handful of her bitch's hair before beginning to
move her hips back and forth, sawing her dildo in and out of Maria's mouth.
She looked deep into Punk's eyes as she throat fucked the RAW interviewer and
said "Your girlfriend loves my cock Punkie."

"Obviously." Punk said, as he began stroking himself back to hardness.

Mickie allowed Maria to bob on her strap on for a little while longer,
watching as Punk readied himself for the next round. She always loved the
feeling of having one of her bitches suck on her strap on. The clit
stimulation was nice but, as with everything else with a strap on, Mickie
found the true pleasure came from the psychology of having a member of her
own sex submit to her desires. Like now for instance. As air headed as she
appeared even Maria knew that Mickie couldn't technically feel her cock
sucking efforts and the clit stimulation could just be as easily achieved if
Maria was to give the dildo a hand job or something. But there was the
interviewer, on her knees showing just as much, if not more, enthusiasm in
sucking on Mickie's strap on than when she had sucked on her boyfriend's real
cock. It gave Mickie a great sense of power, but it couldn't come close with
the feeling of fucking one of her bitches and right now Mickie was tired of
this strap on sucking bullshit. She wanted some pussy, and she wanted it now.

Mickie could tell by the look in Punk's eyes that she wasn't the only one who
was ready for a change of pace. The straight edge superstar was obviously
feeling very horny and/or incredibly turned on by the scene before him. There
was no question in Mickie's mind that she was about to fuck Maria, but she
had a good idea how to involve her old friend.

Mickie pulled Maria up by her hair, forcing the cock hungry diva off her
strap on. The interviewer was disappointed at first until she reached her
feet and was pulled into a passionate kiss by the shorter brunette. Mickie's
tongue forced it's way into her mouth and spent a few minutes bullying her
tongue around before she finally broke the kiss.

"Go suck Punkie's dick, cock sucker." Mickie growled, pushing Maria to her
knees in front of Punk, "Oh and arch your back, spread your legs and raise
your ass bitch, I want a piece of your pussy."

No stranger to the rough treatment from Mickie, Maria did as she was told,
taking Punk's cock into her mouth as she arches her back, spreads her legs
and raises her ass, presenting her fuck holes to the woman who owned her.

Mickie smiled at Maria's obedience as she kneels behind her bitch and pressed
the tip of her cock at the wet entrance to the interviewer's sex. She ran the
tip over and around Maria's pussy lips, savouring the moment, before she
slowly pushed the head of her dildo into her fellow diva's welcoming love

Maria let out a long moan around Punk's poll as her pussy was penetrated. She
moaned louder as Mickie slowly sunk her way into the balls. Fresh from its
previous fucking and wet from Mickie's tongue lapping, Maria's pussy had no
trouble taking every inch of the excitable brunette's dildo. When she was all
the way inside her Mickie gave a few lights slaps to Maria's buttocks in
celebration before slowly pulling out and then slamming herself back full
force inside her.

Mickie kept up this slow yet steady pace inside Maria, making sure to stretch
her bitch's wet hole out before the real pussy pounding began. She was just
considerate that way. Just because you owned someone, it doesn't mean you
should abuse them. The best way to keep a girl like Maria was to give her
time to relax so she can enjoy the fucking and then pound her until her dumb
little brains fell out of her head. This was exactly the technique Mickie had
used to make Maria her bitch and now the RAW interviewer was putty in her
hands. Before long Maria would be begging Mickie to fuck her.

At this point the only thing stopping Maria from begging Mickie to fuck her
was the big piece of man meat that was lodged deep in her gullet. Since
becoming Mickie's little bitch the interviewer's pussy had gotten very used
to taking big objects inside it so it wasn't surprising that it had soon
relaxed enough so there was no pain when her owner moved inside her, only
pleasure. This wasn't just any old cock, this was Mickie James's girl cock,
the same girl cock that had tamed Maria and turned her into a bisexual slut
and more importantly into this goddess of a woman's bitch. Maria felt the
large dildo stretching her out and she was loving every minute of it. But it
wasn't enough. She wanted to get fucked, and fucked hard. But Mickie told her
to suck her boyfriend's cock, and as much as she loved bobbing her head on
Punk's dick she wanted, no she needed to scream out her desire to her owner.

Maria was moaning something incoherent around the straight edge superstar's
cock but Punk wasn't stupid. He knew how his girl got when she was horny. It
was obvious she wanted to get fucked and fucked hard. Maria sweet mouth had
left him rock hard and ready for action once again but he knew Mickie wasn't
going to give up that pussy until she'd properly pounded it into submission.
If he wanted to complete he was going to have to think the way to one up
Mickie, and he was going to have to think of it fast.

He was awoken from his thoughts by Mickie who said, "Looks like your little
girlfriend wants me to fuck her harder Punkie, what do you think... should I
do it? Should I pound that pussy until your little girlfriend cums all over
my cock like the bitch she is? Why don't we ask her? Hay Maria, do you want
me to rip that pussy of yours up until you cum all over my cock like the
bitch you are?"

Maria made a muffled response which sounded like a yes underneath all that
slurping and sucking.

"Bad little bitch." Mickie yelled viciously slapping Maria's ass over and
over, turning her cheeks bright red, "Didn't your Momma ever teach you
manners? Don't fucking talk with your mouth full bitch! Especially when
you're addressing your fucking owner you stupid little slut!"

"I'm sorry Mickie." Maria whimpered as she spat out Punk's dick.

"Oh and now you're going to just spit out my friend's dick like its nothing
to you? Fuck Maria, I thought you loved this guy. I'm beginning to think that
Punkie deserves better than you. Maybe I should try and find him a real woman
to set him up with instead of an ungrateful little bitch like you."

"No, no, no, please Mickie don't do that, I'll be good I swear."

"Then apologised to me, apologised to me and Punkie for spitting out his

Maria's big brown eyes looked up into Punk's and said, "I'm so sorry Punk.
I'm so sorry for spitting out your dick. I'm a stupid little slut who doesn't
deserve you as a boyfriend. Can you ever forgive me?"

"... Er... sure... I mean yes... I guess..." said Punk. He had seen girls
submit to Mickie before but the level Maria was willing to sink was beginning
to worried him.

"Good, now beg me for the fucking we all know you want!" said Mickie,
revelling in her command of the situation.

"Oh god Mickie, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Maria
beg shamelessly, "Fuck me with your big, hard, juicy cock! Pound fuck my
slutty little pussy! Show it whose boss! Remind me who fucking owns me! Split
me fucking open while my boyfriend watches! Please Mickie, pound fuck your
property's pussy and remind me exacting whose little bitch I am! Come on
Mickie, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee!"

Maria let out an ear splitting scream as she got her wish. Her pussy was
obviously not as relaxed as she thought it was as pain ran through her body
at the force of the thrusts. That pain became quickly a distant memory as
mind bending pleasure transformed her into a being of pure lust and wanton
desire, slamming itself relentlessly against the source of its pleasure.

Her mind was clouded with pleasure but the interviewer was just about able to
hear something which sounded like a distant cry but in reality was more of a
hungry scream, "Get that fucking cock sucking mouth back on that cock you
cock sucking little bitch!"

The scream was accompanied by a hand which grabbed her by her hair and forced
her mouth down onto a large, thick poll which spouted droplets of yummy
liquid which Maria couldn't identify at that moment but found herself loving.
Aided by the hand, Maria's lips became a blur, sliding up and down the shaft,
relaxing her throat muscles to allow herself to take all of it in one hungry
gulp before slowly sliding it out of her mouth and repeating the process.

Her mouth almost moved as fast as Mickie's hips which were at this point
moving at lightning speed, driving the dildo strapped around her waist
through Maria's welcoming channel. It was lucky that Mickie's cock wasn't
actually attached because the contractions of those tight pussy walls around
the man made dick would have been enough to make any normal man pop in
seconds. It shouldn't have been possible for Mickie to even be able to move
inside Maria at this point, but years of experience had the excitable diva
using all of her strength in her powerful hips to slam fuck her bitch,
showing the RAW interviewer beyond a shadow of a doubt who was in charge.

Those powerful hips smacked into Maria's butt cheeks creating echoes
throughout the hotel room. This smacks were joined by the verbal abuse
pouring out of Mickie's mouth as she pulled Maria's hair back so she could
scream in her ear...

"Take it you fucking bitch! Take it in that slutty little pussy of yours as
you suck your boyfriend's fucking cock! You look so fucking good with a dick
in your mouth as you're getting fucked from behind! You look just like a pig
on the fucking spit! And that's what you are, a disgusting, cock sucking,
pussy eating, cheap ass slut pig whose only purpose in life is to take cock
in her fucking fuck holes! You're nothing but a slab of fuck meat! Fuck meat
to be enjoyed by me and Punkie! How are you enjoying that mouth Punkie? Is my
little bitch sucking you good?"

"Yes... oh god yes..." Punk said as he concentrated on not blowing his next
load in Maria's vacuum cleaner like mouth. Usually he would've loved to have
filled that mouth with his seed, but Punk had some where else in mind for his
next orgasm.

Not cumming was hard with Maria's soft lips wrapped around his shaft, so he
concentrated all his efforts on Mickie's behaviour. Sex truly brought out the
best and worst in Mickie. One moment she would be saying or doing something
as sexy as hell the next she would be saying or doing something that was
borderline psychotic. Punk valued his friendship with the excitable brunette
but at times he had to be very... cautious around her. He'd never say this
out loud, but sometimes, Mickie James scared him.

"She fucking better be the fucking expert cock sucker with all the practice
I've been giving her sucking on my strap on! I tell you Punkie, she's been
greedily bobbing her head on my dick ever since I turned her into my bitch!
She's such a natural bitch I only had to do the bare minimum of training with
her before she was completely housebroken! Every morning after a night of
pounding her fuck holes I wake up and she's sucking my strap on or eating my
pussy just like a good little bitch is supposed to do. And she's so
responsive... see the way I'm pounding into her pussy right now... can you
see how she's squirming, pushing herself back against me, desperate for as
much of my dick as she can get? It's so obvious she was meant to be a bitch!
And this is how she wants to be treated! This is how she needs to be treated!
Promise me Punkie you'll treat her like this... like the fucking bitch that
she is! Promise me Punkie, fucking promise me!"

"Ok, ok I promise."

Maria loved being treated like an object, a piece of property to be bargained
over and talked about by its owners. And that's what Punk and Mickie were,
they were her owners. Mickie owned her body, and Punk owned her heart. And
right now she was connected to them both in such a wonderful way she could
have probably cum even without the relentless pounding of Mickie's hard strap
on cock. As romantic as that sounds the interviewer was extremely grateful
that she did have Mickie's hard strap on cock inside her, pounding her to
mind breaking orgasm's which threatened to end her existence. One after the
other they rocked her body. Atomic bomb like explosions going off inside of
her pretty little mind. Her toes curled, her eyes crossed, and her body went
numb with the pleasure.

Mickie also came, pounding into Maria's pussy while she screamed obscenities
at what she considered to be her personal piece of property. The combination
of the clit stimulator on the inside of the strap on combined with the
feeling of power she got from fucking another woman never fail to make her
cum. Mickie love being able to cum just from fucking one of her bitches like
this. It made her feel so powerful, so dominant, so in control. At the height
of her orgasm Mickie squeezed her dildo's ball sack and flooded Maria's pussy
with the ultimate reminder of who was in charge. The excitable diva's love
juice filled Maria's orgasming cunt, the girls cream oozing together,
Mickie's cum bullying the other girl's cum into submission.

It took every ounce of Punk's will power not to blow his load inside Maria's
wonderfully wet mouth as his girlfriend sucking power seemed to go into
overdrive as she orgasmed. He had finally come up with the perfect plan to
one up Mickie and it was time to put that plan into motion.

As Mickie slowly pulled out Punk said, "Mickie, I want her ass first."

Mickie looked up at him for a minute with an expression that Punk couldn't
read. She seemed to be studying him for a second before finally saying,
"Yeah, sure, why not. Maria honey, go sit on Punkie's dick like the good
little anal slut we all know you are."

Maria happily obeyed, slowly crawling on her knees to wear her boyfriend was
still lying. Before lowering herself on to Punk's huge poll Maria collected
some of her own juices on her fingers before pushing them into her rectum,
quickly preparing herself for the butt fucking to come. Ever since becoming
Mickie's bitch Maria found herself constantly bent over with her fellow
diva's strap on balls deep in her shit pipe so her back passage had been well
stretched out, but still a little lubricant never hurt. Exactly the opposite.

After quickly lubricating her back passage Maria positioned herself so she is
facing her back to her boyfriend, her puckered entrance in perfect alignment
to Punk's fuck poll. Willing herself to relax as much as possible Maria
slowly lowered herself until her boyfriend's dick slowly stretched her shit
hole wide enough so it could pass through the portal to her bowels and the
first few inches invaded her rectum.

Maria let out a loud gasp at the initial pain, her abused ass hole
complaining at its penetration. But her poo passage knew the score, it could
complain all it wanted but one way or another it was going to be filled with
a nice, big, hard dick and the sooner her shit pipe accepts it the easier it
will be on everyone. Over the last few weeks Mickie spent a lot of time
showing Maria's fart factory who was boss and had been training it to take
cock just like a pussy, so inevitably the poor pooper excepted its fate and
relaxed around the pole inside it.

When her shitter had accepted the inevitable Maria slowly lowered herself
further onto Punk's cock, stopping when the pain of her ass hole stretching
became too much and allowing herself and her poop shoot time to adjust before
continuing to stuff her butt with her boyfriend's big dick. Finally Maria's
thighs and ass cheeks came to rest on Punk's lap announcing that every single
inch of his impressive 10 incher was buried in her back door.

Maria shut her eyes dreamily at the knowledge that her butt was completely
full of cock again. When she opened her eyes Mickie was leaning over her,
pressing her strap on against the entrance to her pussy.

Without saying a word Mickie pushed forward, her strap on sliding through
Maria's cunt like a knife through hot butter. The interviewer's well fucked
pussy was still swamped with both hers and the other brunette's cum so it had
no trouble taking Mickie's dildo to its fake balls.

When she was fully inside the ditzy woman Mickie gave the cock stuffed diva
time to relax before she began to slid her dildo in and out of her bitch's
hot fuck channel. She went slowly at first, but it wasn't because she wanted
to give Maria more time to relax. Mickie knew that the RAW interviewer was
more than ready for a good hard fucking but she was in a playful mood and
wanted to torture Maria until her little slut was begging for her dick. That
would show her whose the bitch around here.

Punk had been quite happy to lay back and let his girl take his dick in her
ass in her own sweet time. He didn't want to run the risk of hurting her by
rushing her. Although they'd been having a lot of anal sex ever since Maria
became Mickie's bitch, her ass was still really tight so it was best to go
slowly at first. Punk didn't want to have to say this out loud but he was
very grateful to Mickie for opening Maria's mind (and her ass) to the joys of
anal sex. Of course unlike Mickie who had to settle for the mental
stimulation of buggering another woman Punk got to enjoy the sensations of
Maria's tight ass hole stretching itself to accommodate him. And the feeling
of that little forbidden hole squeezing his manhood so tightly that it would
make a lesser man cum in seconds. Then again if anyone knew about willpower
it was CM Punk.

Maria was going crazy with lust. She just couldn't take any more of this slow
and gentle ball shit. She needed a proper pussy and pooper pounding and she
needed it now.

Mickie was torturing her with slow in gentle strokes, slowly pulling her
strap on out until only the tip was inside her and then reinserting its back
to the balls at the exact same snail like pace. Her boyfriend's cock hadn't
moved the muscle since her ass had swallowed it but each time Mickie pushed
inwards it pressed Maria down onto that magnificent poll. A few millimetres
of cock that was forced in and out of her shit hole by this small motion felt
heavenly to the anal loving diva but she wanted more. She wanted Mickie and
Punk to slam fuck her holes until she screamed in agonising pleasure. She
wanted it, she wanted it so badly.

In an attempt to speed up the fucking Maria began to bounce herself on Punk's
cock, but before she could establish a rhythm Mickie slapped her across the
face and snarled, "Did I give you fucking permission to do that bitch?"

"No Mickie I'm sorry, it's just that I'm so fucking horny. Please fuck me."
Maria begged pitifully.

"If you want to be fucked slut then you better fucking beg properly for it
like the fucking cock hungry whore you are!" Mickie chuckled wickedly.

Not needing to be told twice Maria opened her mouth and began to plead for
what she wanted, "Oh please Mickie fuck me! Fuck me hard with your big, hard,
wonderful cock! I want to be fucked with your big, hard, wonderful cock! I
need to be fucked with your big, hard, wonderful cock! I need you to tear my
slutty little pussy up with your big, hard, wonderful cock! It's been so well
fucked by you and Punk already but it still horny for more! I have the
greediest, most cock hungry pussy in the world and it needs to be properly
fucked by your big, hard, wonderful cock!"

Mickie smiled at Maria's submission and then said, "What about Punkie? Don't
you want your boyfriend to fuck that slutty little ass of yours? You're
always a total anal slut for me so you better start telling Punkie how much
you want his dick in your ass right the fuck now because if you don't
convince me how much you want it and how happy you're going to make his dick
with your ass I swear to God I'll make sure you never feel the joy of having
him inside your ass again!"

"Oh God please don't do that! I didn't mean to forget about him, it's just I
got so caught up in begging for your big, hard, wonderful dick Mickie that I
forgot to beg my boyfriend for his big, hard, wonderful dick. I'm so sorry
Punk, I didn't mean to forget about your big, hard, wonderful dick. I really
do need you to use your big, hard, wonderful dick to fuck me in my slutty
little ass like the little anal whore I am. Please Punk, I need it. I need
both you and Mickie to fuck my slutty little pussy and ass with your big,
hard, wonderful dicks!" Maria's begging ended in a long drawn out groan of
pleasure as Mickie began to slowly but steadily up her speed inside her

"Come on Punkie, let's give this bitch the proper pounding she's been begging
for!" Mickie chuckled as she gave Maria what she wanted.

Punk did his best in his current position using his hands and chest to
support the majority of Maria's weight as he began to thrust upwards, driving
his poll in and out of his girlfriend's wonderfully tight ass hole.

Over the past few weeks Maria's already quite good cock sucking skills have
improved dramatically and her pussy seemed to be always wet and willing for
him but there was just something about her little butt hole that drove him

And as an added bonus he could now feel Mickie's strap on moving inside
Maria's pussy through the layer of skin separating her cunt and ass hole
which he found to be an incredible turn on for some reason.

He had done a couple of DP's with Mickie before and when his excitable friend
donned a strap on she became a woman possessed. It was just another one of
those moments that he found Mickie James to be both arousing and terrifying.

While Punk was having trouble fucking Maria's ass without hurting her Mickie
was really beginning to pound the interviewer's pussy. She worked herself up
to a steady pace, not wanting to give Maria too much too soon. That was
always the problem with her bitches, once they realised the pleasure she
could give them they became greedy, impatient and willing to do just about
anything to get what they wanted. And Mickie so loved to hear a woman beg for
her, and Maria was begging for her right now.

Just because she had stopped verbally begging her for the moment it didn't
mean she wasn't begging her. Mickie could see it in her eyes, and the way she
was looking at her. Maria wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. Luckily for
the interviewer that's exactly what was about to happen to her. Mickie had
enjoyed tormenting Maria with this slow and gentle bull shit but now was time
to the real pussy pounding to begin.

Putting all of her weight behind her thrusts Mickie began to slam fuck her
friends cunt, making Maria scream out her name over and over hysterically.

As her boyfriend and her owner pounded her holes Maria brought her legs up
and wrapped them around Mickie's waist, her weight now completely supported
on Punk.

Maria had never done a DP before but now she was experiencing it she couldn't
understand why she hadn't tried it before. This was wonderful, the initial
pain of having a dick in her ass had faded away a lot quicker and the
pleasure she was receiving from both her fuck holes was exquisite. She should
have started doing this years ago. The interviewer guessed it was just
another thing she had Mickie to thank for. Her owner had opened her eyes to
so many pleasures. Eating pussy, licking ass, taking a huge cock in her butt
and now taking a huge cock in her butt as she took another huge cock in her
cunt at the same time. She was so lucky to have a friend like Mickie and she
was even luckier to be her bitch.

At this point Punk had established a steady rhythm but Mickie was pounding
away at Maria's poor pussy like a jack hammer.

"Tell me Maria! Tell me how good I'm fucking you!" a lust crazed Mickie
yelled, "Tell me how good we're fucking you! Tell me how much you love our
cocks! Tell me how much you love my big girl cock in your slutty little cunt
and how much you love Punkie's cock in your slutty little ass!"

"Oh Mickie, I fucking love it! I fucking love your cocks in my slutty little
cunt and in my slutty little ass!"

"So you love my big girl cock do you?"

"Yes Mickie, I love your big girl cock!"

"Oh you do don't you... perhaps a little too much... I'm beginning to think
you have a dyke cunt. I mean look at how wet it is for my girl cock. This is
clearly a cunt that loves girl cock... and if you've got a girl cock loving
dyke cunt that makes you a carpet munching lesbian who clearly prefers girl
cock to guy cock... and if your a carpet cleaning lesbo who prefers girl cock
to guy cock then how could you possibly be good enough for my good friend CM
Punkie? Personally I think my friend deserves a real woman not some rug
munching queer girl who's a total slut for girl cock! Maybe I should ban you
two from seeing each other. Since I own your slut body I can do that so

"No Mickie, please no!" Maria begged, "Please don't take Punk away from me.
I'm a bisexual slut I swear! I may be a rug munching queer girl who's a total
slut for girl cock but I'm also a cock sucking, cum guzzling whore who's a
total slut for guy cock! I love Punk's big guy cock in my butt just as much
as I love your girl cock in my cunt! I love both your cocks! I fucking love
them! Both of your cocks feel so fucking good. Oh Mickie fuck me! Fuck my
slutty cunt as my boyfriend fucks my slutty ass! I love both your cocks! I
need both your cocks! I need both guy cocks and girl cocks! Please Mickie,
let me keep Punk! I'll do anything and everything I can to keep him happy I

"You promise to attend to all of his needs?"

"Yes Mickie, I swear I'll give him everything he wants! Blow jobs, anal,
outfits, anything he wants, he gets I promise!"

"Well... I guess I could let you keep him... but you've got to do two things
for me to let you do that."

"Anything... I swear I'll do anything..."

"Good girl, now listen carefully... here's what I want you to do. I want you
to cum on our cocks like the little bi bitch you are and while you're
screaming out our names in ecstasy I want you to use that slut ass of yours
to squeeze the cum out of Punkie's dick and if your slut ass spills so much
as a drop of Punkie's salty load I swear to God you'll never know the joy of
a cock in your slutty little ass hole again!"

"No please don't Mickie!" Maria wept, after weeks of Mickie and Punk
sodomising her to multiple mind numbing orgasms life without anal sex was the
very worst fate the RAW interviewer could imagine, "I'll be good I swear! My
slutty ass won't spill a drop of Punk's precious load! I'll keep it up my ass
for as long as you want... days if I have too! I promise I am going to take
all of Punk's wonderful cum in my slutty ass as I cum on your beautiful cocks
like the stupid little bi bitch I am! Oh I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum,
I'm going to cum, I'm going to..."

Maria's pleading ended in an ear piercing scream, her body trapped between
her two lovers, the sensation of the thin wall of skin between her pussy and
ass hole being rubbed and banged together as those wonderful dicks moved in
unison inside her driving her crazy. Maria was unsure whether it was her
pussy or her ass hole that orgasmed first. She didn't even know if that was
possible, but it felt like it. Overwhelming, mind numbing, soul crushing
pleasure erupted from both her pussy and ass. Her orgasms were like nuclear
explosions which seemed to come from both her holes at the exact same time.
Her poor mind couldn't comprehend it, and she became lost in a world of
ecstasy she never wanted to leave. She was now in a vegetable state but she
didn't care. If this paradise was her reward she would happily live her life
as a shell of a human being, a mindless whore who's only purpose is to
provide holes for cocks.

The stimulator had been playing Mickie's clit like a fine instrument
throughout the session and now she was reaping the rewards. Of course she
could have probably cum just from the mental stimulation of looking at the
submission in her bitch's eyes as she fucked her, but the excitable brunette
certainly had no complaints. As her toes curled and body went numb with
pleasure Mickie reached for her strap on's balls to deliver another helping
of girl cum to Maria's juicy fuck hole. While her bitch had been lowering
herself onto Punk's prick Mickie had been re-placing her dildos balls with
fresh ones so when she squeezed them a fresh batch of her cum squirted out
the tip of the strap on and was pounded deep into Maria's welcoming cunt.

The intense erotic scene before him was enough to make many men cum on its
own but the tightness of Maria's contracting, orgasming ass hole left Punk
with no choice whatsoever but to blow his load right up the RAW interviewer's
shit pipe. Jet after jet of baby making juice coated the inside of Maria's
bowels, redecorating the inside of her colon in cum. Punk's dick felt like a
fire hose squirting his seed into the deepest shitty depths of his
girlfriend's rectum. His prick gave Maria's butt hole an impressive dose of
cum but ultimately he shrank inside her until his deflated manhood had
slipped out of his girlfriend's stretched out shitter with a loud pop.

As if she could sense the moment he was out of her Mickie pulled out of her
bitch's pussy, flipped her over, spread her ass cheeks with both hands and
examined Maria's well stretched little shit hole. The interviewer's ass hole
was still slightly open from being impaled on Punk's impressive poll and
Mickie could see deep inside her fellow diva's colon. Studying the poo pipe
carefully Mickie smiled. Somehow Maria had been able to keep every drop of
Punk's cum inside her shit locker just like Mickie had told her too. Maria
was certainly an obedient little bitch.

Lowering her head to the stretched out shit hole in front of her Mickie
licked her lips.

Mickie loved the taste of ass, especially when it was cum flavoured.

Closing her lips around Maria's abused ass hole Mickie thrust her tongue as
deeply as she could into her friend's hollowed out bowels, lapping and
slurping Punk's jizz out of her bitch's ass and swallowing it down her

Maria cooed at the soft attention her ass hole was receiving after the
powerful buggering she had just endured and enjoyed. She was so lucky to have
a owner like Mickie who liked licking ass both before and after anal sex.

When Mickie was satisfied she'd extracted every drop of delicious cum out of
Maria's shitter she got up, walked over to her travelling bag and replaced
the strap on dildo's balls with fresh ones before returning to wear Maria was
still kneeling, her mouth watering ass stuck high in the air just waiting for
some attention.

The Virginia native knelt behind her fellow brunette, lined up her strap on
with the interviewer's vulnerable shit hole and said, "Oh Maria, you were
able to keep every drop of Punkie's cum in your little poop pipe! You've made
me so proud that I think that my bitch deserves a reward... what kind of
reward do you think I should give you Maria?"

Maria licked her lips, she could practically taste that girl cock in her ass
already, "I think it doesn't matter what a bitch thinks but if you want to
reward an ass whore like me for doing my job then I welcome any reward you
wish to give me."

"Very good Maria, you're right it doesn't matter what you think. You're just
a ass whore who is here for mine and Punkie's pleasure but because I'm
feeling generous I'm going to reward your whore ass by fucking you up your
slutty little butt like the fucking anal slut you are!" Mickie said as she
pushed forward, forcing Maria's ass hole to stretch wide enough to let the
head of her strap on through her forbidden opening and into her rectum.

Maria's eyes fluttered and she let out a long groan of pleasure. Her owner
wasn't as gentle with her ass as she usually was, but then again she didn't
need to be. Mickie's shaft had been well lubricated in her cunt juice and her
pooper had been thoroughly impaled on Punk's poll so their was no pain, only
pleasure as her owner skewered her like a pig.

Mickie slowly fed her girl cock into Maria's rectum, her bitch's back door
submissively opening to receive inch after inch of dildo until with one final
merciless thrust Mickie forced the last inch of her strap on dick inside her
property's pooper.

The second she was balls deep Mickie leant forward to lay across Maria's
back, her breasts pressing into her back as she brushed her hair to one side
and licked up the side of the interviewer's neck.

"How do you want it Maria, my sweet little bitch?" Mickie asked as she
reached down to tweak her bitch's nipples, "Slow and gentle... or hard and

"I'm a bitch so I don't deserve the choice..." Maria moaned as her owner
played with her, "but I want... no I need it hard and rough!"

"I thought you'd say that," Mickie giggled at her property's slutty
behaviour, "Just remember to keep that ass hole relaxed. What good is a bitch
if it's ass hole is all torn open and stuff..."

With that Mickie positioned herself upright and began long dicking Maria's
poor little poop shoot. The excitable brunette slowly slid her strap on to
the tip of her bitch's butt hole before viciously slamming it back inside her
back passage to the balls.

Maria squirmed as her shit pipe stretched to accommodate the movement of the
large dildo inside it. Of course her poo passage had been well stretched by
Punk's poll but she had only lost her anal virginity a few weeks ago and her
ass hole tightened up very quickly even after the most expert of pooper
poundings. Mickie had said that she liked the fact that her ass hole
tightened up nice and fast after anal sex, and it was just another reason why
Maria made a good bitch. Maria was glad that she could please her owner with
her ass hole but she didn't see how her back alley could remain tight if
Mickie kept stretching her shit hole like this all the time. Maybe she could
see someone about some kind of yoga course or something that would keep her
butt hole nice and tight for her owners pleasure.

Mickie noticed that a by now thoroughly exhausted Punk was beginning to
become hard again and not wanting to give up Maria's sweet little ass hole
the excitable brunette quickly came up with a plan.

"Hay Maria, I thought you said you were going to do anything to keep Punkie
happy?" Mickie said in an accusing tone.

"I... I did..." Maria panted, not wanting to be distracted from the exquisite
feeling of Mickie's girl cock moving through her colon.

"Well Punkie's all hard again and stuff... plus you made his dick all dirty
with your filthy little ass... don't you think you should clean his cock and
show him how sorry you are with that cock sucking little mouth of yours?"

Not needing to be told twice Maria grabbed Punk's dick by the base and
swallowed it whole. The ditzy diva began to bob her head on her boyfriend's
cock, sliding her lips up and down the shaft, not giving a moment's
consideration about the fact that his dick was buried in her bowels just a
few minutes ago.

The pleasure Punk was now experiencing was almost painful. His cock was still
sore from all the fucking and it ached as Maria sucked on it. But those
wonderfully soft lips and tongue worked their magic and slowly that pain
faded away as he grew to full hardness. Watching Mickie fill Maria's butt
full of strap on cock had almost achieved the job on its own which was more
impressive when you take into account that only a few minutes ago Punk was
wondering if he'd ever be able to get hard again after the way Maria's ass
was squeezing on him. Knowing he hadn't the energy for any more fucking Punk
simply laid-back to enjoy Maria's enthusiastic cock sucking as he watched
Mickie sodomise his girlfriend.

Mickie had given up long dicking Maria's fart tube as soon as she was sure
she had stretched out her shit shoot enough for the hard bowel wrecking
buggering that was to come, to move on to a more steady pooper pounding pace.
She steadily increased the power behind her thrusts until her hips became a
blur, smacking loudly against Maria's buttocks as the interviewer's poor poop
passage was violently misused by the dildo wearing diva.

Her poop passage was being violently misused but Maria was loving every
second of it, pushing her greedy ass back against the huge invader in an
attempt to get that nice big woman cock deep inside her bowels. Words could
not describe how much Maria had grown to love getting fucked in the ass.
Since Mickie had taken her anal virginity she found herself getting
constantly fucked in the ass with fingers, tongues, dildos and ultimately her
boyfriend's cock.

Maria was unsure whether she preferred Punk's 'real' cock or Mickie's 'girl'
cock. Both had their advantages. Punk's real cock throbbed with every beat of
her boyfriend's heart inside her ass but it didn't last as long as Mickie's
girl cock. Of course Mickie's girl cock didn't throb.

It was too complicated a issue for the ditzy interviewer to debate and she
was having problems even comprehending it with a huge strap on cock fucking
her ass.

Mickie was having so much fun pounding her bitch's poo pipe. There was just
nothing in this world that could possibly make her feel more powerful than
stuffing another woman's shit hole full of strap on. Knowing she had a member
of her own sex submitting to her desires by willingly bending over before her
to except a dildo in the 'wrong' hole felt just so fucking good. It was even
better than winning a wrestling match. After all what was pinning a girl's
shoulders compared to skewering her ass with a nice big dildo.

However something was missing.

Maria's mouth was busy sucking Punk's cock, and Mickie did so love to hear
her bitches scream and moan her name in pleasure as they begged her to butt
fuck them harder.

Hearing Maria make some kind of gurgling noise as she wrapped her lips around
the base of her boyfriend's dick Mickie seized the chance.

Grabbing Maria by the hair Mickie roughly pulled her fellow brunette's mouth
off Punk's poll and said, "What did I tell you about talking with your mouth
full when addressing your betters bitch?"

Maria hadn't actually been trying to say anything but the RAW interviewer had
been Mickie's bitch for a while now and as ditzy as she was, she was smart
enough to realise this was no time to argue with her owner.

"I'm sorry Mickie, I'm a stupid, worthless ass whore who doesn't deserve you
or your wonderful cock."

"You're right, you don't." Mickie growled, "But luckily for you I'm feeling
generous tonight. Beg me to fuck your whore ass and I'll let your greedy,
cock hungry ass hole have my fucking dick!"

Not needing to be told twice Maria immediately started to beg, "Oh Mickie,
please allow me the privilege of having your big, hard, wonderful cock inside
my greedy, cock hungry ass hole. I have a disgusting, dirty little ass hole
which is so hungry for cock. My ass hole is starving for a nice, big, hard
cock. My ass hole needs your nice, big, hard wonderful cock inside it. I need
a nice, big, hard wonderful cock inside my ass hole to make me complete. I'm
not complete unless there's a nice, big, hard wonderful cock inside me.
Whether it's a nice, big, hard wonderful guy cock or a nice, big, hard
wonderful girl cock, whether it's Punk's nice, big, hard wonderful cock or
your nice, big, hard wonderful cock I need it, I physically need it inside my
ass hole. Please Mickie, I beg you for the love of God give my stupid,
worthless whore ass your nice, big, hard wonderful girl cock!"

"Good bitch," Mickie said, patting Maria on the head like a faithful pet
before pushing her head back down to Punk's poll, "now get those cock sucker
lips back on Punkie's dick and make him cum as I'm fucking your stupid,
worthless whore ass!"

Punk groaned as Maria swallowed his manhood down her gullet, obeying Mickie
like the eager little bitch she had become.

As his girlfriend began to bob her head on his dick Punk watched as Mickie's
hips went into overdrive. The sodomy was so vicious that the straight edge
superstar would have been worried about his girl's safety if she hadn't been
moaning in lustful pleasure on his cock. As wonderful as Maria's lips and
tongue felt sliding over his dick Punk couldn't turn his eyes away from his
friend butt fucking his girlfriend. He could see that Mickie's eyes were
glazed over. It was clear that she was so caught up in buggering her fellow
diva that she was barely aware of his existence at this point.

Punk couldn't have been more right, Mickie was completely lost in ass fucking
the ditzy interviewer, her world centred around that tight little shit hole
which was stretching to accommodate the massive dildo which was strapped
around her waist and digging into her clit. Maria's poo pipe was allowing the
excitable brunette's rectum wrecker through her bowels with ease and Mickie
was just going crazy on her friend's ass.

Maria had such a nice, tight fuck-able ass with firm yet soft cheeks and a
hole which seemed to be made to be stretched out by Mickie's dildo.

Mickie savagely sodomised the helpless interviewer to the point where she was
sure that Maria wouldn't be able to shit properly for days. But she didn't
care, all she cared about was tearing her bitch's ass open and showing her
exactly who's boss.

Maria didn't care about the fact that her ass was being ruined either. All
she cared about was the wonderful cock and the pleasure she was receiving
from it ramming her rectum. The ruthless non-stop buggery was turning her
mind to mush, so much so that she could barely concentrate on her cock
sucking duties and when there was a nice, big, juicy cock in front of her
face almost nothing distracted Maria from her cock sucking duties. She
drooled and slobbered all over Punk's dick as her mind became lost to the
sensations coming from her ass hole.

Soon it all became too much.

The relentless sodomy took its toll on Maria and the RAW interviewer exploded
in climax. Her eyes crossed, her toes curled, and her fingertips tingle as
world destroying explosions erupted from the inside of her bowels and shot
through her entire body. She humped her ass back against the source of her
pleasure as her girl cum drooled onto the bed spread, ruining the sheets. Her
orgasms seem to bleed into each other until she felt that she was on one big
massive roller coaster of a climax.

Rather than distract from her cock sucking duties her climax seemed to fuel
the cock hungry fire inside her and she closed her lips around the base of
Punk's poll and hollowed out her cheeks, sucking with every fibre of her

This proved to be too much for the straight edge superstar and he exploded
deep into Maria's throat. As the first few jets slid downwards into her belly
Maria pulled back a little so she could taste the delicious man cream as it
was deposited in her mouth. Most of the following shots of cum was still shot
directly down her throat but enough hit the insides of her cheeks and slid
over her tongue for her to taste the salty goodness. Taking the bottom of the
shaft in the hand that wasn't still massaging her boyfriend's balls Maria
began to try and get every drop of precious semen out onto her tongue.

Maria continued to suck on Punk's dick until she had swallowed every drop and
the cock shrank and finally slid out of her mouth leaving her to enjoy the
ecstasy that was created by Mickie butt fucking her.

Mickie held her orgasm off as long as possible wanting to get as much
enjoyment out of sodomising her fellow diva as possible but it just became
too much. The feeling of her thighs smacking against Maria's soft yet firm
ass cheeks, the pressure on her clit as she thrust through the interviewer's
bowels, the intensely erotic sight of her bitch's butt hole being spread wide
for that big dildo, the sheer mental stimulation of buggering a member of her
own sex, it all just caught up to her and she exploded in mind numbing
orgasm. Mickie's fingers and toes tingled and her eyes fluttered, but she
still didn't stop or even slow down from pounding Maria's pooper. As her
climax continued to rock its way through her body Mickie reached below where
her strap on was still stretching out her bitch's shitter to her cum filled
fake balls. Squeezing down hard the excitable brunette shot her girl cream
into the depths of the brunette's bowels, coating the inside of her shit pipe
in cum, reminding Maria who was in charge.

Maria didn't need reminding, but the sensation of her owner's cum filling her
poop shoot caused her to have one final orgasm which felt smaller on the
heels of the tidal waves that had rocked her body. The interviewer loved it
when Mickie filled her butt with cum because she knew the other brunette saw
it as a primeval mark of ownership, and that's what Mickie was doing right
now, marking her as her property, and Maria couldn't be happier about it.

As her orgasm finally died down Mickie pulled her strap on out of Maria's
butt and watched as her abused little ass hole struggle to tighten itself
back to its original state. Just before the hole closed a tiny trickle of
Mickie's girl cream slipped out of her bitch's back door and slid down her

Mickie frowned. She was going to have to punish Maria for not being able to
keep her cum inside her butt, especially after she'd managed to keep all of
her boyfriend's seed in that cum depository her fellow diva called an ass
hole. But, luckily for Maria, the excitable brunette was tired from the
fucking so Mickie decided to wait until tomorrow to punish her bitch for her

Mickie lay down on the bed next to a now snoring Punk, holding her strap on
pointed directly at Maria expectantly.

Without needing to be told the submissive brunette crawled over, lowered her
head and took the dildo into her mouth, cleaning every drop of her ass juice
off the man-made dick.

When Mickie was happy that her strap on was spotless she pulled Maria up to
her face by her hair and kissed her hard on the lips, tasting the
interviewer's tasty ass hole on her lips.

After a lengthy kiss Mickie cradled Maria to her, lifted Punk's limp arm and
draped it over them.

Having her boyfriend so close, his hand and the lower part of his arm draped
across her, while her body was pressed to the woman who had shown her the
pleasures of lesbian and anal sex warmed Maria's bisexual heart to its very
core. She was so lucky to have such an understanding boyfriend like CM Punk
and have such a loving owner like Mickie James.

All in all it had been a great night for Mickie. It had been good to catch up
with her old friend CM Punk and further Maria's training, but her heart still
yearned for Trish. In time she knew that the blonde bombshell would accept
her true purpose in life and become her bitch but it was taking longer than
she had anticipated. She would have thought that her idol would have been
kneeling before her by now. Maybe Trish needed a little more... incentive...

To be continued...

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