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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 7
by MTL (

Mickie James licked her lips as she approached the object of her desires the
WWE women's champion Trish Stratus who was warming up for match to be the
referee in her match with Ashley.

"Hey, Trish." Mickie said cheerily, her eyes wandering up and down the
blonde's body.

"Hay." Trish said, trying not to look at the woman who had brought her so
much pleasure. Trish had been unable to stop thinking about Mickie for weeks
and she was having problems being even in the same room with her without
thinking of the mind numbing orgasms the excitable brunette had given her
and now she had to step back in the ring with her, it just seemed too much.

"Hay," Mickie said again, reminding herself that she needed to remove her
eyes from Trish's boobs long enough to say what she came here to say,
"Everyone's kind of wondering who you're going to favour tonight in the
match with Ashley and I with you as the special guest..."

"Mickie, it's not going to be like that!" Trish said interrupting, "I'm
calling it right..."

"Ok, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, there's something I really want to tell
you actually..." Mickie said interrupting Trish as the blondes music began
to play.

"It's going to have to wait ok?" Trish said, trying to leave.

"There's just one thing, I'm sorry, it's just that this is really hard for
me Trish." Mickie said, gently grabbing onto Trish's arm.

"Mickie, it's going to have to wait, I've got to go." Trish said firmly,
turning to leave.

"Trish wait..." Mickie said pulling a reluctant Trish back to face her, "I've
waited way too long to tell you this... I just really want to say... Trish...
I love you!"

After everything that had happened those words cut through Trish's already
dangerously damaged psyche and the blonde bombshell did the only thing she
could think of at that moment... run. Sadly her professionalism kept her from
running out of the building were she would be safe from the evil temptress
and instead she left to go in call the match.

Mickie fought the urge to smile as she watched the WWE women's champion run
from her. She had no doubt that Trish would be hearing those words echo
throughout her mind for weeks, day and night until, hopefully, the blonde
would break and willingly come to accept her true place in life, by Mickie's
side. That would come soon enough, but first she had to wipe the floor with
a certain contest winner.

* * *

Mickie James was feeling a mixture of emotions. She felt happy, horny but
mostly angry. She had finally told Trish she loved her which would hopefully
make the beautiful Canadian think about her even more than she no doubt
already was and the blonde bombshell would realise that Mickie wanted more
from her than just sex, which would hopefully make Trish realised that that's
what she wanted too. Mickie was sure that this was a step in the right
direction for her seduction of Trish, but then Ashley had gone and spoiled
her mood by screwing up their match. Then again what else should she have

When she had heard she was been booked into a match with her bitch Ashley she
was a little worried. Ashley had no business being in the ring whatsoever but
the booking committee loved her look so they unfortunately continued to put
her in matches. Ashley had actually used to believe her own hype but since
Mickie had turned her into her bitch the excitable brunette had those foolish
ideas beaten out of the stupid contest winner. The problem was Mickie didn't
want Ashley to lay down for her or look like she wasn't trying to win because
she didn't want anyone to know exactly what she was doing to the divas,
especially not the divas she hadn't conquered yet.

So Mickie had come up with a careful plan to make it look like Ashley was
trying to win but that stupid fucking contest winning slut hadn't remembered
any of it. The match had been terrible and Ashley had even made Mickie look
weak. Tonight Mark Henry was wrestling in the main event so it was unlikely
that anyone would remember how bad her match was but Mickie took exception to
being forced into that situation in the first place. It wasn't all Ashley's
fault, it was partly the booking teams but Mickie couldn't touch the bookers
so tonight she was going to go back to her hotel room and take out all her
frustrations out on that poor excuse for a diva Ashley. Plus she could let
out her aggression and the pent-up sexual tension she always got from
wrestling by slamming her blonde bitch's fuck holes with the biggest dildos
in her collection.

Or at least that was the plan.

From out of nowhere a chair came swinging at Mickie's head. She was only
barely able to duck out of the way as the chair connected with the wall
behind her.

Mickie jumped backwards and turned around to take a look at her attacker.


Indeed their standing in all her glory was Smackdown diva and super bitch
Melina who was at this moment swinging her chair back in the direction of
Mickie's head.

Narrowly avoiding getting hit by the chair again Mickie asked, "So Melina,
any particular reason you're trying to decapitate me or is it just that time
of the month?"

Refusing to answer her Melina swung the chair at Mickie again. This time
Mickie was ready for her and managed to drop tow hold her forwards so she
smacked herself in the face with her own chair. Before she had the chance
to recover Mickie grabbed her in a full Nelson, wrapped her legs around
her waist and rolled them onto the floor so Melina was trapped.

The Smackdown diva kicked screamed and swore at Mickie, "Let me go you
fucking whore!"

"Not until you tell me why you're attacking me!" Mickie said firmly.

"I'm attacking you because you cost me the fucking women's title you bitch!
Now let me go or else!"

Mickie sighed. What was it with angry bitches claiming she cost them the
title. At least this time it was true.

"Melina, Survivor Series was months ago. Why are you attacking me now?"

"Because that ass hole Teddy Long forbid me and my boys from going back to
RAW after that little incident with Trish!"

"You mean when you kidnapped her and tied her up?"

"Yeah that." Melina said looking thoughtful for a moment, "You know she
looked really good in bondage, it's a pity me and my boys didn't have more
time with her... oh well, there will be plenty of time for that once I take
over RAW and make all of you little second rate divas my little bitches!"

"You want to make us your bitches?"

"That's right... starting with you! Tonight Mickie you're going to be
worshipping at my feet!"

"As long as I let you up that is!" Mickie laughed but soon stopped as Melina
began to struggle in her grasp.

She was losing her grip and Melina was slightly stronger than her so it was
only a matter of time before Melina broke free. A fight with the Smackdown
diva was inevitable and in truth Mickie had been planning to put Melina in
her place for a long time but if she was going to do it she was going to
have to do it on her terms. Unlike far too many of the WWE divas Melina was
actually a good wrestler and a skilled fighter. If Mickie was going to beat
her she would need every advantage she could get because the last thing she
wanted was to become Melina's bitch.

"Melina, how would you like me to give you the chance to make me your bitch?"

Melina stopped struggling for a moment, "... I'm listening!"

"In a second I'm going to let you up and when I do you're going to follow
me to the basement of this place. It's a dark dank place were no one will
disturb us. And, if you think about it, we can't fight here, someone might
come a long and break us up and we wouldn't want that now would we? No we
wouldn't. Anyway, when we get there we're going to fight under normal
wrestling rules which means you have the opportunity to beat me fairly and
decisively rather than use a weapon which, if you think about it, would be
a much more satisfying victory for you, you know, if you win."

Melina looked thoughtful for a moment, "... Alright... but when I win I get
you as my own personal little bitch for the next 24 hours!"

Mickie smiles, "... How about this... the winner gets the loser as their own
personal little bitch for the next 24 hours?"

"You actually think you're going to beat me?" Melina laughed.

"No, I know I'm going to beat you!" said Mickie confidently.

Melina scowled, "... Well let me up and we'll see who's going to be the

"Oh believe me... we will... bitch!" said Mickie letting go of Melina.

The two brunettes stood up slowly watching the other closely.

"Come on, follow me." said Mickie, grabbing her trusty travelling bag and
walking in the direction of the basement.

Melina watched Mickie's cute little butt wiggle as she walked and imagined
all the nasty little things she was finally going to get to do to that bitch
Mickie James and her cute little butt, before reaching down to grab her own
travelling bag and walk after her fellow WWE diva.

* * *

As Mickie descended into the basement followed closely by Melina she thought
about everything that had happened to them over the course of the last few

Mickie and Melina had met in OVW and a great dislike had immediately started
between them.

Mickie didn't like Melina because she thought she was better than everyone
and took great pleasure in putting other people down to make herself feel
good. Mickie had been one of the people Melina had picked on, constantly
making fun of her to the point where she actually had Mickie questioning
herself which only got worse when Melina was elevated to smackdown while
she still had to wrestle in OVW. Her self-doubt only ended when she had
been brought up to RAW. Being on the A show while Melina was stuck on the
B show had boosted Mickie's confidence like never before.

Now she was going to finally get the chance for payback against Melina for
everything that happened in OVW. She had been forced to act like Miss Goody
Two Shoes back there, not wanting her personal desires to jeopardise her
chance at the big time, but now she was on RAW she could finally put Melina
in her place.

Melina had waited a long time for this and she was determined not to waste
the opportunity. Tonight she was going to do and number on that bitch Mickie

Ever since she had met her in OVW she couldn't stand the woman. She always
had this attitude that she was a good wrestler. Almost all the bimbos in the
WWE thought this but the thing Melina couldn't stand about Mickie was that
she was actually right. Mickie was a good wrestler but she wasn't in Melina's
league. No one was but Mickie was one of the few divas around here who even
came close to Melina's skill and she couldn't have Mickie walk around with
ideas in her head like she was going to be the future of this business or
something. Melina was the future of this business and the sooner she got rid
of that over the hill bimbo Trish Stratus she was going to reign supreme over
the WWE's women's division.

She had already turned all of the smackdown diva's into her obedient little
bitches and tonight she was going to start on the RAW divas. Tonight was the
start of her next step towards glory. Tonight she was going to bring Mickie
to her knees and turn her into her bitch.

Reaching their destination the two divas put their bags down and stared at
each other.

"Any final words before I turn you into my bitch Mickie?" asked Melina with
an evil smile.

"Oh Melina," Mickie laughed, "You always were such a bitch... but tonight...
you're going to be my bitch!"

With that the two divas attacked simultaneously, punching, kicking, biting
and scratching at each other desperate to try and get the upper hand. Mickie
had been in some hard fights before but this was brutal. Both women were
determined to win eventually busting out every move they both had in their
arsenals. Eventually Mickie was able to get lucky and rolled up Melina for
a fair three count.

Kicking out a second after Mickie was able to slap her own free hand against
the floor a third time Melina screamed with rage at being beaten and slammed
her fists against the floor.

"Ok Melina... you lost... your mine now..." Mickie panted, exhausted from the
fight but satisfied with the results.

"... Again!" Melina screamed.

"No!" Mickie sighed.

"I wasn't asking!" growled Melina, advancing towards her fellow diva.

Mickie had to think fast. She had been prepared to fight Ashley but she was
in no way ready for a real challenge like Melina and had only beaten her due
to a combination of skill and luck. If she kept fighting the feisty Smackdown
diva she would ultimately lose and the first time she did regardless of
whether it be in their 2nd match or in their 22nd match she knew that Melina
would not give her the chance for a rematch. She had to beat Melina
decisively and she needed to do it now.

"I'll tell you what Melina," said Mickie firmly, "I'll give you a rematch...
on one condition!"

"What's that?" said Melina, as she brought herself face-to-face with the
easily excitable brunette.

"After this... no more rematches, no more second chances, the loser is the
winners bitch no arguments."

"Deal!" said Melina, who cheap shoted Mickie with a right-hand that knocked
her to the ground.

Within seconds Melina was on top of Mickie, viciously punching her with
un-lady like right hands. Mickie was able to roll them over so she was on top
but Melina carried the momentum over so Mickie only got a few shots in before
Melina was back on top. Thinking fast Mickie rolled them again, this time
jumping up the second she was on top, grabbing Melina's leg and turning her
over into the half Boston crab position. Leaning back Mickie grabbed a
handful of Melina's hair and began to pull on it violently. They were now in
something a bit like John Cena's STFU, the only difference being it actually
looked painful.

"Let go of me you bitch!" Melina cried, desperately trying to reach back and
hit the RAW diva.

Narrowly avoiding the blows Mickie pulled harder on both Melina's hair and
her leg and yelled, "Not until you give up bitch!"

"Fuck you bittttcccchhh!" Melina screamed as Mickie pulled on her hair hard
enough to pull some strands out by the roots.

Melina absolutely could not have this bitch ruin her hairstyle but no matter
what she did she couldn't get out of this move. She tried to roll both of
them over but Mickie wrote her like one of those bucking Broncos you'd see
in one of those Texas bars. Reaching back she tried desperately again to hit
the RAW diva that it was no use. She couldn't hit Mickie, she couldn't knock
her off, and there was certainly no ropes for her to get a break from. Mickie
had her and if she didn't submit the bitch was going to pull her hair out.

Letting out a scream of frustration Melina slammed her hand down repeatedly
on the floor signalling a tap out.

But it wasn't good enough for Mickie.

"Are you giving up bitch?" Mickie asked cruelly, continuing to pull Melina's

"Yes!" Melina said gritting her teeth, "Now let go of me you fucking whore!"

"Oh I will, but first I want you to tell me that you give up... that your
submitting to me... that I've beaten you!" Mickie said, never releasing her
grip on Melina's hair.

"... Fine... you win... I submit to you... you happy now bitch?" Melina said,
her teeth still grinding together.

"Oh I'm ecstatic," said Mickie cheerily, "but before I let you go I just want
to make one thing crystal clear to you, and that's what you are tonight. Do
you know what you are Melina? Do you know what you are tonight?"

Melina was gritting her teeth so hard she thought they were going to break.
She swore that Mickie was going to pay for this.

Seeing Melina reluctantly nod her head Mickie pulls harder on her hair and
said, "Say it! Tell me what you are!"

"...I'm your... I'm your bitch." said Melina, with venom in her voice.

As soon as Melina said it Mickie let go of the hold and rolled them around so
they were both in the sitting position with the easily excitable brunette's
boobs pressed against the back of her latest conquest. Sliding her hands
upwards Mickie took Melina's impressive cleavage into her hands and began to
expertly massage them, causing the Smackdown diva to moan.

"Good girl... that's exactly what you are tonight... my bitch... and you're
going to do everything I say like a good little bitch aren't you... aren't
you... well answer me bitch!" Mickie said slapping both of Melina's tits

"Ow... yes!" Melina said quietly.

"Yes what bitch?" Mickie asked slapping both of Melina's tits began.

"Ow... yes Mickie!" Melina said bitterly.

"Good girl... now lift up your arms." Mickie commanded.

When Melina reluctantly obeyed Mickie pulled her new bitch's top over her
head before taking off her own. As she was taking off her own top Melina
began to put her arms down.

"Keep those arms up until I tell you to bitch!" Mickie said firmly as she
pressed her bare breasts into Melina's back so that the smackdown diva could
feel her hard nipples against her bare flesh.

As Melina put her arms back in the air Mickie slipped her hands underneath
the feisty brunette's arms again to cup her bountiful bosom.

"You know Melina, I've always wanted to fuck you and now I'm finally going
to get my chance I'm certainly not going to waste it. I'm going to fuck you
so hard you're going to forget all about your boys." Mickie whispered in
Melina's ear as she greedily groped her boobs, gently massaging her nipples
to hardness, "When I'm done with you bitch you won't even remember their
names! What do you think of that?"

"I think the first chance I get, I'm going to make you pay for tonight!"
Melina growled, trying desperately to hide the fact Mickie was having on her.

From a very young age Melina had always known that she was bisexual. Being
attracted to both sexes was as normal as breathing for her and she didn't
understand how any woman could deny herself the pleasure that another woman
could give her. However for Melina sex was a weapon to be used to control
and manipulate. Melina had always had a high sex drive but the one thing she
desired more than sex was power. Dominating people made her feel powerful
and she had vowed to turn every man and woman in her way into her submissive
little bitches.

Men were easy, simply manipulate them into thinking they were in charge and
she could wrap them around her little finger. Both Nitro and Mercury thought
they were the leaders of MNM. Ha, what a joke. But while men were easy women
were much harder and therefore more of a challenge, especially the ones who
thought they were 100% straight. Melina had learned to crave the moments when
a woman submitted to her, and she had conquered so many victims in the past,
but she had never been a victim herself. Even in her very first experience
with a woman she had been in control but now for the first time someone else
was in control for the first time she was forced to be submissive to someone
else and it frightened her... and it aroused her... and it frightened her
that it aroused her...

Melina was awoken from her thoughts by yet another hard slap to her exposed

"We'll see about that," Mickie said, "for now I'm going to punish these
pretty little titties of yours and you better count and thank me for each and
every blow bitch!"

With that Mickie began slapping Melina's boobs hard with the palms of her

"Ow... ow... ow... ow... ow..."

"Come on Melina, I'm going to keep doing this until you count to 30!" Mickie
said, secretly happy that Melina was putting up a fight.

"Ow... ow... ow... ow... ow..." Melina knew this wasn't going to end and
the best thing she could do now was to do as she was told and just try and
survive whatever Mickie through at her so she could get revenge on her
another day. She really didn't want to have to give in to that bitch but
she had no other choice, "Ow... one, thank you Mickie..."

"Good girl Melina, I knew you'd eventually see it my way." Mickie chuckled as
she continued to slap away at Melina's poor breasts.

Melina just gritted her teeth and continue to count, "Ow... two, thank you
Mickie... ow three, thank you Mickie... ow four, thank you Mickie... ow five,
thank you Mickie..."

Mickie's slaps didn't stick to a particular rhythm, instead they were all
over the place. They varied in force and just at the moment when Melina was
sure she was going to slap her right breast she would slap her left or both
of them at the same time. As a professional wrestler Melina had felt a lot
worse before but this was more insulting than it was painful physically,
although it was concentrated on a sensitive area of her body which didn't
normally have to take much punishment.

"Ow... twenty six, thank you Mickie... ow twenty seven, thank you Mickie...
ow twenty eight, thank you Mickie... ow twenty nine, thank you Mickie... ow
thirty, thank you Mickie..."

At least the horrible experience was over now... or at leased that's what
Melina thought.

"Ow... hey what gives, that was thirty?" Melina said angrily.

"I know, but I changed my mind. I just loved punishing your little titties so
much I just had to do it some more." said Mickie as she continued her work.

"Ow... well how many more?" Melina sighed in frustration.

"Oh not many more... let's go too say... fifty... yes fifty sounds like a
good number to me." Mickie said brightly.

"Fine... ow thirty one, thank you Mickie..." Melina said bitterly.

"Oh I don't think so... you forgot to thank me for those slaps I gave you
before. Go back to one."


"I said go back to one bitch!" Mickie growled giving Melina a particularly
hard double slap on her titties.

"Ow... one, thank you Mickie... ow two, thank you Mickie... ow three, thank
you Mickie... ow four, thank you Mickie... ow five, thank you Mickie..."

Mickie had always thought the sexy Latina had really great boobs and she'd
always wanted to play with them and now she was getting her chance. In
between her vicious punishing slaps she would massage her rivals breasts
making sure to pay a lot of attention to her nipples which to the RAW divas
glee were becoming hard under her expert manipulations.

"Ow... twenty eight, thank you Mickie... ow twenty nine, thank you Mickie...
ow thirty, thank you Mickie... ow thirty one, thank you Mickie... ow thirty
two, thank you Mickie..."

Melina felt so humiliated having to thank that bitch for slapping her titties
like this but she had to admit that Mickie's hands felt really good caressing
her nipples. The RAW divas touch was an interesting mix of rough and soft and
this peculiar treatment was sending sparks of pleasure directly to her heated
pussy. Melina could only hope that it was mostly, if not entirely, as a
result of the caressing and not the slaps. The last thing she needed was to
develop a fetish for pain like so many of her bitches seemed to get while
under her thumb.

"Ow... forty six, thank you Mickie... ow forty seven, thank you Mickie... ow
forty eight, thank you Mickie... ow forty nine, thank you Mickie... ow fifty,
thank you Mickie..."

"Ok that's enough of that," said Mickie, bouncing up and skipping over to the
corner were a bunch of foldout chairs were leaning up against the wall.

Melina slowly got to her feet as she watched Mickie grab a chair, walk back
to the centre of the room set it down on the floor and sit on it. For a
moment the smackdown diva thought Mickie wanted her to eat her out until the
excitable brunette patted her thighs gently and smiled up at her.

It took a moment for Melina to realise what Mickie wanted. When she did she
became even angrier than she already was.

"No!" Melina snapped.

"Oh come on Melina, are you telling me that no one is ever spanked that
pretty little butt of yours?" Mickie said, the smile never leaving her face.

The mix of anger and awkwardness on Melina's face told Mickie all she needed
to know.

"Oh my God... you've never been spanked before have you?" Mickie said, her
smile becoming wider, "Well don't worry Melina... I'm going to have a lot of
fun giving your tight little behind the punishment it's been asking for...
now get over here so I can beat your virgin ass bright red!"

Melina was practically shaking with rage. She didn't want to do this but
she had no choice. Mickie had won and if the shoe was on the other foot she
would've done this and worse to the RAW diva. So, hating herself for losing,
Melina walked slowly over to where Mickie was sitting and lay herself over
the other girl's lap.

Mickie ran her hands gently over Melina's backside which was still covered by
the short skirt she was wearing. After giving her butt a good groping Mickie
pulled Melina's skirt upwards exposing her thong which she slid down to her
knees to totally expose the smackdown diva's ass to her lustful eyes.

Mickie practically drooled as she got her first really good look at Melina's
naked ass. It was soft and yet firm... just the way Mickie liked them. It
felt heavenly under her touch and Mickie's mind raced thinking of all the
nasty, horrible little things she was going to do to this hot piece of ass.
If Melina wasn't such a bitch she might have considered her for Trish's
future position. Oh well... she'd just have to 'settle' for turning Melina
into one of her bitches.

"Now Melina, we're going to start again from one and you're going to be a
good little girl who remembers to count and thank me for each blow... right
bitch?" Mickie said, continuing to fondle the smackdown diva's backside as
she waited for an answer. When she got none she reached back and pulled
Melina's hair, "I said right bitch?"

"Ow... yes Mickie... ow... one, thank you Mickie... ow two, thank you
Mickie... ow three, thank you Mickie... ow four, thank you Mickie... ow
five, thank you Mickie..."

Melina hadn't dared to ask how many blows there were going to be this time.
If she had Mickie would have no doubt made her regret it. The best thing
she could possibly do now was just go with the flow and stop herself from
enjoying this vile treatment, which she was finding surprisingly difficult.
The idea of actually liking this was absurd. It was not just painful but
incredibly insulting. A woman of her calibre being forced to bend over and
receive a spanking like a naughty child was unforgivable and she vowed
vengeance on the bitch who was forcing her to suffer through this... but at
the same time every blow seemed to cause a spark of electricity which she
couldn't describe run from her ass to her pussy. It was frightening, exciting
and humiliating all at the same time and Melina just wanted it to end.

"Ow... twenty eight, thank you Mickie... ow twenty nine, thank you Mickie...
ow thirty, thank you Mickie... ow thirty one, thank you Mickie... ow thirty
two, thank you Mickie..."

Words could not do justice to just how much Mickie was enjoying this. She had
wanted to do this for so long and now she was finally getting the chance to
beat some humility into the woman who had caused her so much emotional and
physical pain. She brought her hand down over and over onto Melina's buttocks
almost never using the same place twice with the exact same force. As much as
Mickie had enjoyed punishing Melina's titties she much prefer to beat a nice
soft firm ass like she was doing right now. Besides, from this angle she
could get a better view of her rival's butt cheeks slowly turning a bright
pink under her constant assault.

"Ow... forty six, thank you Mickie... ow forty seven, thank you Mickie... ow
forty eight, thank you Mickie... ow forty nine, thank you Mickie... ow fifty,
thank you Mickie..."

Melina had hoped that Mickie would stop at this point but unfortunately she
didn't. The blows were becoming harder and harder with every strike and her
ass was on fire. She squirmed in her discomfort and humiliation, wishing she
could just throw the bitch off her and kick her ass, but she knew she
couldn't. And to make matters worse, for reasons beyond her understanding,
part of her was enjoying this. Part of her was enjoying getting spanked but
she couldn't let Mickie know it. If Mickie found out she liked this she would
be done for.

"Ow... seventy eight, thank you Mickie... ow seventy nine, thank you
Mickie... ow eighty, thank you Mickie... ow eighty one, thank you Mickie...
ow eighty two, thank you Mickie..."

Mickie watched with glee as Melina's ass cheeks slowly turned from a normal
shade to light pink, to pink and then to dark pink and light red and finally
a rosy red. There were even cute little bruises where she had gone
particularly rough on her rival's flesh which just seemed to beg the sadistic
brunette for further punishment if nothing else for the fact that Melina
squealed extra loudly when she slapped her there. As they reach the end of
the butt spanking Mickie's blows had become a constant assault of vicious
shots to Melina's unprotected ass, the smackdown diva letting out these
wonderful little squeals of pain with every hard slap.

"Ow... ninety six, thank you Mickie... ow ninety seven, thank you Mickie...
ow ninety eight, thank you Mickie... ow ninety nine, thank you Mickie... ow
one hundred, thank you Mickie..."

Much to Melina's relief Mickie finally stopped her assault of her ass and
began gently caressing her backside once again. She whimpered softly as
Mickie's gentle touch slowly soothed her bruised buttocks and eventually
made their way down to her soaking wet pussy.

"I knew it!" Mickie laughed as Melina let out a little sob at the discovery
of her wetness, "Your fucking loving this!"

Before Melina had a chance to reply Mickie lifted her hand away from her
pussy and brought it down hard against her cunt.

"Ow... what the..." Melina yelled in confusion.

"Count!" Mickie said firmly.

It took a minute for Melina to realise what Mickie meant. When she did she
wish she hadn't.

"No... not that... please..." Melina pleaded.

"I said count bitch!" Mickie growls bringing her hand down against Melina's
cunt again.

"Ow... one, thank you Mickie... ow two, thank you Mickie... ow three, thank
you Mickie... ow four, thank you Mickie... ow five, thank you Mickie..."

Up until now everything had been more insulting than painful but this was
something completely different. In all her years of wrestling Melina had
never experienced anything as painful as having her cunt spanked. It wasn't
like Mickie was even being gentle with her womanhood either. Strike after
hard strike rain down on her sex causing her to cry like a baby. Part of her
wanted to desperately beg Mickie to stop this, that she would do anything if
that bitch would just stop this... but she knew what would happened then.
Mickie would interpret anything as a way to trick her into becoming one of
the RAW diva's bitches and Melina would prefer anything, even this
excruciating pain, than become enslaved to a woman she knew in her heart she
was superior too.

"Ow... twenty eight, thank you Mickie... ow twenty nine, thank you Mickie...
ow thirty, thank you Mickie... ow thirty one, thank you Mickie... ow thirty
two, thank you Mickie..."

Even by Mickie's standards this was harsh, but Melina had caused her alot of
emotional pain and suffering and she needed to pay. Besides, Melina had the
strongest will have any diva in the WWE, perhaps even stronger than Trish's,
and a will this strong needed to be broken if Mickie was to have any hopes
of becoming the WWE's number one diva. Even so she had to admit that this was
sadistic, even for her. As Mickie brought her hand down again and again upon
the soft flesh of Melina's cunt she almost felt sorry for her... almost.

"Ow... forty six, thank you Mickie... ow forty seven, thank you Mickie... ow
forty eight, thank you Mickie... ow forty nine, thank you Mickie... ow fifty,
thank you Mickie..."

When Mickie finally stopped abusing her cunt Melina was whimpering softly,
desperately fighting back the tears that were forming in her eyes. Once again
Mickie's talented fingers started to caress her swollen pussy lips, gently
massaging the pain away and replacing it with incredible pleasure.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you bitch?" Mickie said as she continued to
play with Melina's pussy.

Melina knew it wasn't a question, it was a statement but at the same time
Mickie probably expected her to answer.

"... Yes..." the beaten diva said softly.

"Yes what? I want to hear you say it!" said Mickie as she ran her finger over
Melina's clitoris causing the sexy Latina to moaned softly.

"... Yes... I want you to fuck me..." Melina said with clenched teeth. She
hated herself for saying it but the fact was her pussy was on fire and she
wanted to get fucked... no... she needed to get fucked.

"... Tough..." Mickie said, pushing Melina off her lap and onto the floor.

Melina landed on her beaten ass with a yelp of pain and jumped up to her

"Take off the rest of your clothes and go lean with your back against the
wall, your arms in the air and your eyes closed bitch!" Mickie said
dismissively, as she walked over to her bag paying Melina no attention.

Melina gritted her teeth and once again thought of breaking her word and just
attacking Mickie right then and there, but once again she stopped herself.
Next time it would be Mickie who lost and it would be Mickie who would be
forced to do whatever she said. If she attacked her now Mickie would be under
no obligation to obey her when it was her turn to dominate and she'd lose the
opportunity to legitimately turn Mickie into her bitch which she couldn't let
happen. She needed to defeat someone like Mickie legitimately if she wanted
to become the number one diva in the WWE, and tonight was just a price she
was going to have to pay to become that.

So with a thousand thoughts of vengeance running through her mind Melina did
as she was told and slipped off her skirt and thong before kicking off her
high heels and got into the position Mickie asked of her.

Mickie grabbed the item she was after from her bag and put it behind her back
before advancing towards Melina just in case the other brunette got any ideas
of peaking at what she had in her hand. Much to her surprise the smackdown
diva had obeyed her command without question and certainly didn't appear to
be peaking.

Moving up until they were practically face-to-face Mickie took a moment to
study Melina's beautiful body. Mickie's latest conquest had a body to die for
and the excitable brunette couldn't help but lick her lips as she imagined
all the nasty little things she wanted to do with that body. As her eyes
travelled over her fellow diva's body Mickie was drawn to Melina's full,
freshly spanked boobs which seemed to be just begging for further attention.

Melina wasn't sure what to expect from the RAW diva but considering
everything that came before she figured it would be something painful. She
was very pleasantly surprised when she felt Mickie's soft wet mouth close
around her right nipple and suck on it so wonderfully that she couldn't help
a moan escape her lips. Mickie's soft wet mouth then moved to the other
nipple and then back again, gently coating her twin peaks in saliva. Bringing
her hands down Melina cup the back of Mickie's head pushing her into her
bountiful bosom.

Immediately Mickie grabbed her hands and pushed them back over her head.

"I told you to keep your eyes closed and your hands above your head bitch!"
Mickie growled in Melina's ear.

"... I'm sorry Mickie..." Melina said, before she gasped again as Mickie
brought her lips to her neck and began to slowly kiss her way up towards her

Stopping just before she reached her destination Mickie took one final look
at Melina's beautiful face and soft kissable lips before she leaned forward
and did something that she'd secretly wanted to do for a very long time.

Considering everything that had come before the kiss was surprisingly soft
and tender, at least at first. Feeling Mickie's lips pressed against her own
Melina responded eagerly and when she felt her tongue against her lips she
eagerly opened her mouth to allow the RAW diva access to her tonsils. As the
kiss became more hungry and passionate their tongues battle for dominance
inside first Melina's mouth, then Mickie's and then back to Melina's again.

Finally breaking the kiss Mickie kissed her way back down Melina's neck and
down her body until she reached her breasts again and began her previous
ritual of covering her nipples in her saliva, this time using her tongue to
tease the nips as she gently sucked on them.

Just when Melina thought that Mickie was going to take it easy on her she
felt her rivals mouth leave her breasts and then a sharp pain as something
clamped onto first one sensitive nipple and then the other.

"Mmmm, your nipples look so pretty being clamped!" Mickie said, giving
Melina's sore, freshly clamped boobs a hard, cruel double slap causing the
smackdown diva to cry out, "You can open your eyes now..."

Opening her eyes Melina saw that Mickie had attached a pair of crocodile
clips to her nipples. The clips were attached by a long piece of metal, which
included a long lead which Mickie was holding in her hands. Mickie gently
pulled on the lead and Melina let out a sharp cry of pain as her nipples were
pulled non to gently as a result.

"Excellent, it works!" Mickie said excitedly clapping her hands together and
jumping up and down.

As she did this she accidentally pulled on the lead again causing another cry
of pain to escape Melina's lips.

"Oh... sorry about that Melina," said Mickie, "here... let me help make it
all better..."

Mickie slowly licked her finger suggestively before reaching down and placing
it at the entrance to Melina's dripping wet love hole. Melina let out another
cry, this time one of pleasure, as Mickie traced her sensitive pussy lips
with her finger, almost but never quite penetrating her.

"Do you still want me to fuck you Melina?" Mickie whispers in Melina's ear as
she slowly teased her dripping opening.

"...Yes..." Melina said quietly.

"Yes... I bet you do..." Mickie said, continuing to make little circles over
Melina's entrance, "... do you know what I want?"

"...To fuck me?" Melina said hopefully.

"Nice try," Mickie said removing her fingers from Melina's pussy, much to
the smackdown diva's disappointment, and bringing them up to press against
Melina's luscious lips. Taking the hint Melina parted her lips and accepted
the digits into her mouth, tasting herself on Mickie's fingers. When her
fingers were clean Mickie took them out of Melina's mouth and began to trace
her lips again, "What I want is for you to use these luscious lips on my
pussy and eat me until I cum all over your pretty face!"

Mickie then brought her lips forward and gave Melina a soft, sensuous kiss.

"Oh... and if I feel just a teensy bit of teeth... I'm going to pull your
fucking nipples off bitch!" Mickie said, harshly pulling on the lead attached
to the crocodile clips to emphasise her point, "You got that my little pussy

"Yes Mickie." Melina half cried in pain, half growled in anger.

"Good! Now, eat me bitch," Mickie said calmly as she wrapped her fingers
around Melina's dark locks and slowly pushed the smackdown diva to her knees
so she was eyelevel with her pussy, "Make me cum and make it quick! The
sooner I cum the sooner you get fucked!"

Melina gritted her teeth again. She didn't want to eat this bitch out but she
couldn't deny how horny she felt. She wanted to get fucked so bad she would
even blow Batista's tiny dick again if it meant she got the fucking she
wanted. So she reluctantly bought her head towards Mickie's pussy but clearly
not fast enough for the RAW diva.

"I said, eat me you fucking dyke bitch!" Mickie yelled, pushing the far too
slow moving Melina face first into her pussy.

Melina's nose banged against Mickie's pubic bone as her lips came to rest
against the other brunette's lower lips. Seething with hatred for Mickie, the
Smackdown diva opened her mouth and extended her tongue, slowly sliding up
the length of the pussy in front of her. The flavour set Melina's taste buds
on fire and despite herself she soon found herself lapping quite contently at
Mickie's cunt.

Melina considered herself to be a dominating person who was always on top
but she did enjoy giving head. She could play a pussy or a cock like a fine
instrument with her mouth and she often craved the yummy juices that leaked
from them both. She had eaten a lot of damn good pussy in her time but Melina
had to admit that Mickie's pussy was one of the sweetest tasting cunts she'd
ever had the privilege to go down on and under different circumstances she
would have revelled in the chance to eat the delicious brunette. If she had
Mickie tied up with her legs spread in front of her, the easily excitable
diva's cunt helpless under the assault of her tongue Melina would've loved
this. However instead of how it should be Melina found herself on her knees
in front of a woman she knew she was better than while Mickie petted her like
some kind of animal... like some kind of bitch! Melina swore that Mickie
would pay for this... she would pay dearly!

Mickie was revelling in Melina's pussy eating skills. She hadn't expected the
bitchy brunette to be such a expert rug muncher but Melina was proving her
wrong. Her rival must have eaten a lot of pussy to get this good. She was
slowly teasing Mickie's entrance by running her tongue around her sensitive
pussy lips and playing with her clit, every so often sliding her tongue a few
inches inside her wet love hole but never quite fully penetrating it. It was
so totally awesome, but Mickie was getting tired of the gentle muff diving.
She wanted a proper fucking from Melina's skilled tongue and by God she was
going to get it.

"Come on Melina you cunt lapping dyke! Eat me!" Mickie growled, pushing
Melina's face further into her dripping box, "Use that fucking lezzie tongue
of yours on my pussy! Do Nitro and Mercury know how good you are at eating
pussy? I bet they don't! I bet they don't know their boss likes to go out at
night, pick up a random girl and spend hours eating her pussy do they? No,
they probably think you're a cock only whore, but we know better don't we?
We know that you're a whore for pussy just as much as you are for cock! You
love cock but you need pussy isn't that right bitch? Well you're in luck
because tonight you're going to be my little pussy whore! When I'm done with
you you'll be tasting my cum in your mouth for days you fucking muff diving
dyke bitch!"

Normally Melina would have objected to being called such vulgar names but
she was far too preoccupied with Mickie's tasty pussy. Nothing could have
prepared Melina for just how sweet Mickie's pussy was or how her taste buds
were set on fire as what had to be the most delicious thing in the world
slid down her throat into her increasingly cunt hungry stomach. She had
become lost in eating the delectable treat, the unbelievably sweet pussy
juice driving her inner cunt craving dyke crazy. Having her face pushed
deeper into this wonderful womanhood only made Melina more pussy hungry and
she happily gave up her gentle cunt lapping and got down to some serious rug
munching. She closed her lips around the lower lips of the RAW diva creating
a seal preventing any of the heavenly liquid from escaping her ravenous mouth
and tongue. To force more of the ambrosia out Mickie's centre the now cunt
crazy smackdown diva began to drive her tongue rapidly through the other
brunette's pussy, marvelling at the feeling of her inner walls squeezing down
on her as she tongue fucked the woman who had defeated her.

Melina's clearly made for cunt lapping tongue was driving Mickie wild and she
knew it wouldn't be long before she came all over her rivals pretty face.
Mickie couldn't help think how almost unbelievably beautiful Melina looked
with her face buried in between her thighs, her eyes looking up at her so
subserviently, almost as if the bitchy diva was finally beginning to realise
this was where she belonged, this was her proper place, on her knees serving
Mickie like the bitch she was always meant to be. Mickie had dreamed of
turning Melina into her little pussy whore for so long that she could hardly
believe it was finally happening. But it was and from the way Melina was
worshipping her cunt Mickie knew that she would do whatever it takes to break
the feisty Latina and add her to her growing list of bitches. A girl with a
mouth like Melina was far too good for Mickie to let go and she promised
herself that soon the smackdown diva would become just another one of her
conquests, but right now her talented tongu e was driving her closer and
closer to the edge and she needed to cum.

Both of Mickie's hands were now buried in Melina's dark hair so deeply her
nails dug into her scalp and she began to drive her hips forward, fucking the
Latina's pretty face with her pussy all the while throwing insults at her
latest conquest which only encouraged Melina to drive her tongue through her
cunt even faster.

"Oh fuck yes, that's it, eat me Melina you pussy whore! Eat me like the good
little pussy whore you are!" Mickie moaned as she savagely fucked Melina's
beautiful face with her drooling love hole, "Do you know who's pussy whore
you are? You're mine! You're my pussy whore! I'm going to start paying you
as my personal little pussy whore and you're going to spend hours making my
pussy very, very happy with that made for rug munching little mouth of yours!
Of course I'll only pay you two dollars because let's face it, it's all your
worth! Oh yes, you're going to be my personal little two dollar pussy whore
and I'm going to use your muff diving mouth whenever I fucking want! I'm
going to use your cunt cleaning mouth whenever I want to fucking cum! Like
right now! Like right the fuck now I'm going to use my personal little two
dollar pussy whore's mouth to make me cum all over your beautiful face you no
good little cunt lapping slut bitch!"

Mickie's rant ended in a ear piercing scream as she violently came. Melina's
clearly very talented mouth made Mickie's knees so weak it was a struggle to
remain standing but somehow by sheer force of will she managed it. Her eyes
rolled back and her body shook as she thrust her hips violently forward, her
cum gushing out of her pussy and covering Melina's face in her cunt cream.
Until that moment Melina wouldn't have thought there was something tastier
than Mickie's cunt cream but it turned out that there was. The second the
taste of Mickie's cum touched her lips Melina became a woman possessed,
sucking and slurping greedily at her fellow diva's pussy, desperately trying
to swallow as much of Mickie's delicious juice as possible down her hungry

Mickie could have quite happily have let Melina eat her out all night long
with that wonderful little mouth of hers but it would only turn Melina into
her pussy whore and that's not what Mickie wanted. What she wanted was
Melina's total and unconditional submission to her and the feisty Latina's
acceptance of her true place in life as her bitch.

So reluctantly Mickie started slowly pushing Melina's face away from her
pussy, reminding herself that once the smackdown diva submitted to her she
could have that pretty mouth worship her cunt for hours, days if she wanted
but, like with any new pet she would have to have Melina housebroken first.

Melina was reluctant to leave the delicious honey filled hole which her face
had come to call home. She tried to fight to stay there but with a rough
shove Mickie pushed her down until she landed on her beaten backside. She let
out a yelp of pain and rolled over to her side as she watched Mickie walk
over to where they had left their travelling bags.

Mickie was about to pick up her own bag when her eyes were drawn to Melina's
which was laying right next to it. Curious about what the smackdown diva had
planned for her at the beginning of the night Mickie picked up the bag,
opened it up and took a good look inside. There was the usual collection of
clothes and makeup along with a collection of other far more interesting
items mixed in but one in particular caught Mickie's eye. Reaching in to the
bag she pulled out and studied it, almost unable to believe her own eyes.
Sure, she had expected to find a strap on in Melina's bag, but not one this

"You were going to use a 14 incher on me!" Mickie exclaimed with a mixture of
shock and anger.

"What can I say," Melina shrugged, her cocky attitude slowly returning, "I
figured you'd be a size Queen."

Mickie's mixed emotions of shock and anger was quickly replaced by just anger
as she thought about what her rival had been planning to do to her. Sure she
liked big cocks in her pussy but if Melina had won she would have no doubt
shoved this monster up her virgin ass. It was unlikely that Melina knew she
was an anal virgin but Mickie had to believe that the smackdown diva would
have slam fucked her butt without a moment's regard for how a monster like
that would have hurt her. Well if Melina wasn't going to show any regard for
Mickie than Mickie wasn't going to show any regard for Melina.

"You know what Melina... you're right, I am a size Queen but the question
is... are you?" Mickie asked as she pulled her own strap on from her bag and
replaced the 10 inch dildo with her special 14 inch bitch stretcher.

"...No..." said Melina softly, as she stared at the menacing looking dildo.

"Oh... well don't worry Melina..." Mickie said, strapping on the monster
dildo and slowly began walking towards Melina, stroking her shaft, "Because
you will be when I'm done with you!"

"... Mickie... I'm not sure I can take..." Melina started.

"Such a big cock." Mickie said interrupting her, "Don't be silly Melina, of
course you can. You just need to lube it a bit first..."

Melina knew what Mickie meant long before she felt the other diva's hand on
the back of her head guiding her towards the obscenely large cock which was
now hanging in between the bubbly brunette's legs. As Mickie moved her strap
on to rest against Melina's mouth the feisty Latina pressed her lips tightly
together to prevent the big girl cock from entering.

"Come on Melina," Mickie sighed, "I don't have any lube so either we use your
mouth to prepare my dick or I shove it in dry! The choice is yours."

Melina thought for a minute and reluctantly came to the realisation that
Mickie was right. She still didn't believe she could fit that massive dildo
in her mouth or in any of her holes for that matter but Mickie had won the
right to try and sucking the cock would make it a lot easier on them both.
Besides, she could just add this to a list of things Mickie was going to pay

So, with her mind racing of ways to get back at Mickie, the feisty Latina
slowly opened her mouth allowing the huge shaft through her open mouth and
to her amazement took it to the back of her throat.

Melina had sucked a lot of cock before but never one this big. She would've
never thought she would have been able to get the huge head past her lips,
let alone to the back of her throat. However she was very concerned that even
though her mouth was now completely stuffed with cock there was still a lot
more of the monster to go.

To Melina's great relief the dildo strapped RAW diva didn't start forcing the
cock down her throat instead choosing to slowly saw her girl dick in and out
of her mouth as she began sucking and slurping on it.

"Oh fuck yeah Melina, suck my dick!" Mickie giggled with joy, "Suck my big
girl dick you little cock sucker! Do you know who's little cock sucker you
are? You're my little cock sucker! Yes you are, you're my little cock sucker!
You're my little cock sucker, my little girl cock pleaser, my little girl
cock whore! Yes your my little pussy whore and my little cock whore! You're
my whore Melina, my fucking whore! How do you feel about that?"

Melina made a muffled sound on the cock and Mickie pulled her off her shaft
momentarily so she could speak, "I'm sorry Melina, you kind of had your mouth
full there didn't you... what was it you were trying to say?"

"I said, I'm only your whore for the next 24 hours bitch!" said Melina

"Oh really?" Mickie said grinning as she pushed Melina's head back down on
her girl cock, "We'll just have to see about that won't we? Yes we will...
but until then how about you do as you're told and start giving me some
proper head you poor excuse for a cock sucking bitch! Come on, work those
lips on my girl dick! Yes that's it, take it all the way down your fucking
throat you fucking whore!"

Surprisingly instead of turning her off Mickie's insulting tone caused Melina
to start really getting into the blow job and she began to relax her throat
muscles to take more and more of the phoney phallus into her mouth. She
surprised herself with how much cock she could take without gagging, bobbing
her head on the dildo until she could take almost all of it.

Eager to help her 'friend' out Mickie pushed the rest of her strap on down
Melina's throat and began to face fuck her long-time rival with her enormous
14 inch dildo. From the sounds coming from Melina's mouth may be she should
start calling it her throat stretcher Mickie thought to herself with a smile.

This continued until Mickie got bored fucking Melina's pretty face and
decided it was time for her to turn her nemesis into her bitch.

"Alright that's enough of that," Mickie said pulling her strap on out of
Melina's throat and grabbing a towel from her bag, laying it on the floor,
clicking her fingers and pointing towards it, "Bend over bitch and get ready
to become owned!"

Melina stared up at Mickie, her eyes burning with hatred before positioning
herself on her hands and knees on the towel and said, "You may be the one
fucking me tonight Mickie, but you'll never own me!"

"We'll see bitch... we'll see..." Mickie said, kneeling behind Melina and
placing her strap on at the entrance to the Smackdown diva's pussy.

Melina closed her eyes and concentrated on relaxing. She was unsure whether
she could really take that 14 inch monster inside her pussy but she knew
Mickie was determined to try and she had to be as relaxed as possible just
in case she succeeded. She could feel herself stretching and to her amazement
her pussy lips parted and accepted the head of the huge phallus into her
cunt. She moaned from a stab of pain as her inner walls adjusted, but she
couldn't deny the sparks of pleasure that quickly followed.

Mickie took her time filling Melina's cunt with her girl cock, making sure
she didn't stretch out the smackdown diva too quickly. She was probably
strong enough to ram the entire length into her in one go, but that would
hurt Melina and Mickie didn't want to do that. True, she hated Melina but
she didn't want to hurt her, it was far more fun for her to conquer the
feisty Latina as she had done with so many other women who had crossed her
in the past.

Mickie's girl cock just seem to keep coming and coming to the point Melina
wondered if it was endless. Just when she thought it was going to be coming
out of her throat Mickie's hips came to rest against her ass cheeks
announcing somehow the sexy RAW diva had managed to fit the entire 14 inch
dildo into her cunt.

As Melina groaned in disbelief Mickie leaned down to lie against her
conquest's back, her boobs digging into the feisty Latina as she reached
round to cup and fondle her still clamped nipples. She played with her for
a little while, letting her adjust to the size of the huge cock embedded in
her cunt before brushing aside some hair so she could give her a long lick
up the side of her neck.

"That's it bitch, relax your cunt around your new owner's dick!" Mickie
whispered huskily in Melina's ear, as she continued to play with her tits,
"Relax your cunt around that dick so your new owner can fuck you!"

"... You... you... you don't own me..." Melina stuttered, the odd mix of pain
and pleasure making it hard for her to concentrate.

"I do tonight," said Mickie cheerily, "I won you, and now, for the next 24
hours, your mine and I can do anything I want to you. And right now Melina,
my little whore for the night, I really, really want to fuck you."

With that Mickie straightened up and slowly, oh so slowly, pulled her strap
on from Melina's cunt, watching those lips spread around the dick until only
the head was inside the red hot Latina's pussy. The excitable brunette then
slowly reinserted herself until she had her strap on back to it's fake balls
inside the bitchy brunette's juicy cunt. Mickie repeated this process,
allowing Melina's cunt to relax further around the massive shaft.

As Melina's cunt relaxed around Mickie's girl cock any pain she initially
felt from being penetrated from such a massive object faded and was replaced
by pure pleasure and the sexy Latina was fighting the urge to cry out in
frustration when that big dick left her and moan out in ecstasy as it
re-entered her again. The strap on was easily twice the size of the biggest
cock Melina had ever had inside her and she was surprised she had been able
to stretch to accommodate it, but she had and it felt wonderful. The problem
was this wasn't some super stud stretching her out this was her long-time
rival Mickie James trying to turn her into her bitch... and it was working!
If Melina wasn't careful she would find herself giving up everything she'd
work so hard for just for that magnificent cock which was now moving through
her and she couldn't let that happen. She was Melina damn it, the most
dominant diva in WWE history and she was nobody's bitch! Not Johnny's, not
Joey's, not Mickie's, not anyone's!

Mickie couldn't stop grinning to herself as she listened to Melina's soft
moaning as she continued to slowly move her strap on in and out of her well
stretched cunt, fucking her sexy rival's pretty pussy with her big girl cock.
The smackdown diva's stifled moans and groans were music to the excitable
brunette's ears. She recognised them for what they were, signs that her plan
to turn her long-time rival into her bitch was working. Right now Melina was
trying to deny how much she loved Mickie's big dildo buried in her cunt and
she was fooling nobody, not even herself. All Mickie needed to do now was
give this bitch the proper fucking she was so obviously in need of and she
would have the feisty Latina eating out of the palm of her hand.

Tightening her grip on Melina's hips Mickie began to give much shorter
thrusts inside the red hot Latina's pussy, slowly increasing her pace until
she had worked up a steady rhythm. The soft smacking sound of her hips
meeting Melina's butt cheeks began to echo throughout the room along with
the feisty brunette's soft moans which were increasing in volume on every
thrust. Those soft moans only drove Mickie to thrust into her conquest even
harder, occasionally removing her hands from Melina's thighs to give her
rosy red ass cheeks a nice firm slap which only made the angry Smackdown
diva moan louder which restarted the cycle again until Mickie was happily
spanking Melina again as she almost viciously fucked her with her enormous
14 inch dildo.

"Take it bitch! Take it in your dirty little dyke cunt!" Mickie screamed, as
she continued to viciously spank Melina's sore ass and fuck her stretched
pussy, "You like taking my big beautiful girl cock in your dirty little dyke
cunt don't you bitch! Don't you! Yes you do! You like taking my big beautiful
girl cock in your dirty little dyke cunt! Do you know why bitch? Do you know
why it feels so good taking my big beautiful girl cock in your dirty little
dyke cunt? It's because your dirty little dyke cunt recognises that my cock
is a big beautiful girl cock and therefore your cunt, being the dirty little
dyke cunt it is, realises that it prefers my big beautiful girl cock compared
with your little boyfriend's cock... or any other cock you've allowed in this
cock depository you call a cunt for that matter. You see slut, you are a
little lezzie bitch who's dirty little dyke cunt is a total whore for big
beautiful girl cocks like mine! That's why my big beautiful girl cock feels
so good in your dirty little dyke cunt! Don't try and deny it bitch, we both
know that deep down you are a total whore for cock, especially big beautiful
girl cock! Don't fight it, except it! Except it Melina, your a girl cock
whore, and tonight... you're my girl cock whore!"

Melina gritted her teeth once again. She wanted to yell out protesting that
she wasn't a whore but she couldn't. She had whored out her body and put it
on the line in her fight to try and conquer Mickie and she had failed. She
had failed and now she was paying the price. That price was a fucking like
no other she had ever had before. Mickie's strap on felt so amazingly good
inside her... fucking her... taking her to highs she didn't know were
possible. Melina hated Mickie with every fibre of her being and Mickie was
fucking her better than any man had ever fucked her. Not one of those tiny
dick self-centred ass holes had ever made her feel as good as Mickie was
making her feel right now and it made Melina hate the hyperactive brunette
even more. How dare Mickie have better fucking skills than any guy she had
been with before? How dare Mickie be cheating by strapping on a bigger cock
than any guy she had been with before? No, Melina would not allow this to
happen to her she would not cum on her long-time rival's fake cock like some
kind of submissive little dyke bitch! There was no way she was going to cum
on that big beautiful girl cock that was pounding her pussy so wonderfully...
wait what was she thinking Mickie's dildo wasn't big and beautiful... well
it was big... Melina had to admit that it was big... really big... really
big inside her tight cunt... oh god...

Some of Mickie's male friends had told her that they had seen Nitro's and
Mercury's cocks in the showers and both of them were average at best. The
RAW diva didn't know how many other cocks Melina had taken or how big they
had been but she doubted they were the size of her 14 inch monster. She
also doubted they had the skills that Mickie had acquired after fucking so
many women. She knew it wouldn't be that hard to give Melina the fucking
of her life if she ever got the chance and she was getting her chance right
now. She was now slamming into Melina's cunt at lightning speed, still
spanking her swollen red ass as she did so, enjoying the sweet moans coming
from the smackdown diva's mouth as she brutally fucked her. She could tell
her rival was desperately trying to fight the urge to cum and she knew it
was only a matter of time before the feisty Latina covered her girl cock in
her sweet cream. All she needed to do now was to push the stubborn bitch
over the edge and allow Mickie to give her the orgasm that would help her
conquer the wannabe dominant diva.

"Are you gonna cum bitch?" Mickie growled huskily as she leaned back down
so she could whisper in Melina's ear, "Are you gonna cum all over my big
beautiful girl cock? I bet you are, aren't you? Your going to cover my big
beautiful girl cock in your nasty lezzie cum you fucking dyke bitch! God
your so fucking hot aren't you? Are you sure your bi? I mean, you have a
boyfriend but from the way you were eating me out earlier you couldn't
possibly be 100% straight but your pussy seems to be a dirty little dyke
cunt which craves big beautiful girl cock and your ass hole is nice and
virgin, which is just the way I like my new bitches to be, but before I
deal with that I've got to ask, so exactly what part of you is it that
satisfies men? Are you sure you're not just a queer girl that's convinced
herself that she likes men? I'm just asking cause I was going to get some
of my male friends to stretch you out a bit to show you what a real man
can do but I'm not convinced that your dirty little dyke cunt could pleasea man! I bet you'd be fucking bone dry if a man tried to fuck you now
wouldn't you? Oh well don't worry Melina my little whore, I'm going to take
care of you! I'm going to make sure you spend the rest of your WWE career,
if not your life, getting fucked by my big beautiful girl cock! And it all
starts tonight when you cover my big beautiful girl cock in your nasty
lezzie cum! Come on bitch, we both know you want it! Cum! Cum all over my
big beautiful girl cock you fucking lesbo whore! Cover my big beautiful
girl cock in your nasty lezzie cum and accept your role as my fucking

Melina could stop herself from cuming as long as she could concentrate on
holding it off. It was a technique she had picked up from pounding into her
bitches, concentrating on making them cum first before giving into her own
pleasure. This was a lot harder when she was the one being pounded but she
had just about been able to keep control of the situation until Mickie had
started talking dirty to her again. Mickie's verbal abuse broke her
concentration and she lost control. Before she knew it she was exploding in
a powerful, mind numbing, soul crushing, body breaking orgasm the likes of
which she had never known before. She had cum before, mostly from fucking
other women, being licked out and her own fingers, but this was something
that went above and beyond any experience she'd known before. Before she
even had the chance to try and comprehend what had just happened to her it
happened again, and again, and again. The multiple orgasms rocked Melina to
her very core and she became a moaning, mumbling, cursing shell of a woman,
slumping her head down to the towel and desperately tried to regain her lost

After making Melina cum Mickie allowed herself to finally cum. She'd been
holding back for quite awhile now. Much like Melina's orgasm, because of the
build up Mickie's climax was more powerful than usual and almost stopped her
from pounding into her fellow diva's tight cunt... almost. As Mickie was in
the throes of ecstasy she reached down for her dildo's balls and gave them a
tight squeeze emptying her girl cum which had been safely stored inside deep
within Melina's cunt. Mickie smiled to herself as she filled Melina's pussy
with her cum. Another bitch marked. Whether she realised it or not Melina was
just another bitch who's cunt belonged to Mickie. She had claimed her cunt
with her cum and now it was time to move on. She had made Melina eat her to
orgasm so Mickie knew that her rival's mouth belonged to her now also. Which
meant there was only one more hole to go before Melina was completely hers.

The easily excitable brunette slowly slid her dildo out of Melina's sore,
well fucked pussy and spreading her ass cheeks to study the smackdown diva's
conquered cunt, which was slowly leaking Mickie's cream, before her eyes fall
on the cute little pucker of Melina's virgin butt hole.

Mickie gave a long lick of her lips before lowering her face to the feisty
Latina's hot ass, pressing her tongue up against Melina's rosebud and slowly
forced her way in. As she swirled her tongue inside Melina's ass hole Mickie
reached for her bag which was just beside the towel and grabbed a replacement
set of cum filled balls so when the time comes (pun intended she thought to
herself) she could mark the inside of her rival's rectum as conquered

Melina let out a gasp as she felt Mickie's soft tongue enter her ass hole,
quickly followed by her lips which closed around her forbidden orifice and
began to apply vacuum cleaner like suction. She had made a lot of her bitches
eat her ass out but this was different. Partly because Mickie was better at
licking ass than her most well-trained bitch. Partly because Melina knew what
would come next. Melina had done the same thing herself moments before
slamming her strap on dildo inside some poor girl's butt and now she was
about to receive a butt slamming herself. It seemed almost poetic.

Of course Melina couldn't object, if she had won she would have done the
exact same thing to Mickie and next time when she beats the far too cheerful
for her liking diva Melina was going to get an even bigger dildo, bend Mickie
over, and bury every single inch of it up her butt. The first chance she got
Melina was going to sodomise her fellow diva into submission, just like she
should have done tonight, and turn her long-time rival Mickie James into her

Mickie had fantasized about how Melina's ass would taste many times while
watching her oh so awesomely arousing entrance and it was even better than
she imagined. She could have tongue fucked that tasty tushy for hours but
licking Melina's ass hole wasn't the only thing Mickie had been fantasizing
about as she watched the feisty Latina's curvy butt wiggle its way down to
the ring.

The thought of pounding Melina's ass with a nice big strap on had filled
Mickie's head many times in those lonely nights when she was pretending to
be a goody two shoes that didn't go around enslaving other women and bending
them to her will and now finally she was going to get the opportunity she
had been waiting for. Now she was going to slam Melina's juicy ass and add
the feisty Latina to her collection of bitches.

After a few minutes of giving the smackdown diva's behind a thorough rim job
Mickie reluctantly removed her tongue from Melina's ass hole and pressed the
tip of her huge strap on at her latest victim's cherry back door. The second
she began to apply a little pressure Melina became stiff as a post, clenching
her sphincter muscles in an attempt to prevent Mickie's dildo from entering
her virgin ass.

"Melina," Mickie said in a firm, authoritative voice which Melina had never
heard her use before, "In a second I'm going to shove every single inch of
this 14 inch dildo inside your ass and then I'm going to butt fuck you so
hard you won't be able to sit properly for a week! I'm not saying this to
frighten you, I'm just stating the facts! You're going to take it up the ass
for me and the only question here is how painful is your first butt fucking
going to be! Now, you can be a good little bitch and relax those ass muscles
for me and I promise the pain will be bearable or you can be a bad little
bitch and stay tensed up and believe me the pain will be unbearable. The
choice is yours bitch, what's it going to be?"

There was a moment of silence when nothing happened and then Mickie sensed
Melina's muscles relaxing. This made Mickie smile. Her long-time rival Melina
Perez had relaxed her anal muscles and surrendered her ass to her. She was
going to really enjoy what came next.

"Good girl Melina," Mickie said giving the smackdown diva's sore butt a hard
slap, "Now reach back and spread your cheeks! I want to get a good look of my
girl cock popping your anal cherry!"

Pulling her face in disgust Melina reluctantly did as she was told, reaching
back and spreading her ass cheeks for the giant dildo which only gave Mickie
better access to her virgin butt hole.

Seizing the moment Mickie slowly increased the pressure on Melina's
previously un-penetrated poop hole, watching with glee as that tight,
forbidden orifice slowly stretched around the head of her enormous strap
on until it bullied its way inside Melina's butt, robbing the feisty
Latina of her anal cherry.

Melina let out an ear piercing scream of pain which was quickly followed
by every swear word in the Spanish language as the head of the huge dildo
violated her virgin ass. She let go of her butt cheeks and grabbed a firm
hold of the towel beneath her, clutching to it for dear life as she
desperately tried to relax her rectum around the anal intruder.

"Hay, did I tell you that you could let go of your butt cheeks bitch?" Mickie
growled, giving Melina's red swollen ass a few good hard slaps, "I don't
think so! Get your fucking hands back on your butt cheeks and spread them for
me ass slut! I want to watch my new anal whore's ass spread itself for my
girl cock!"

Gritting her teeth once again Melina slowly brought her hands back to her ass
as the pain inside her ass slowly reduced to a dull throbbing.

"I fucking hate you Mickie!" Melina said, as she spread her butt cheeks as
Mickie had instructed.

"You fucking hate me?" Mickie said, her voice becoming low and husky, "Well
that's too bad... because I love you... I... love... you... and... your...
tight... little... ass... hole!"

With every pause Mickie gave a short, sharp thrust of her hips, forcing at
least half an inch of hard strap on into her rival's rectum. Every thrust
knocked a little squeal of pain out of Melina's mouth as more and more of
that monster dildo was forced into her virgin ass. The smackdown diva
desperately tried to relax her anal muscles around the invading shaft, but
it was a struggle. Mercifully Mickie gave her a chance to adjust to the
five or so inches that were now buried in her butt, before giving her
another sharp thrust which forced another inch or so into the depths of her

"Please Mickie," Melina begged, deciding she'd rather swallow her pride than
have to take this huge dildo in her ass, "Use something smaller... my ass
just can't take it... it's too big!"

"Your ass can't take this big dildo? Is that what you're saying? If memory
serves if I had lost you were going to use a dildo this size on me weren't
you? So tell me bitch, if you were in my position now... would you show mercy
on me?" Mickie didn't need to ask the question she already knew the answer
and Melina's silence only confirmed that she was right, "Then why exactly
should I show mercy on you now?"

"Because if you do maybe I'll show mercy on you next time I beat you and fuck
you up the ass!" Melina said through gritted teeth.

"Wow, how can I pass up an offer like that?" Mickie giggled at Melina who was
still making threats even in this compromising position. Mickie certainly had
to admire Melina's fighting spirit. It was going to be so fun to break that
spirit, "I'll tell you what Melina, I've actually got some KY jelly in my
bag, if you give me a second to remove myself from your tight little ass I'll
go get it."

Melina sighed in relief. She could feel her entire body relax as she prepared
for the dildo to be removed so Mickie could apply lubricant to it. She would
later come to think of this moment as one of the biggest mistakes of her

With Melina nice and relaxed Mickie thrust forward with all her might jamming
almost the entire 14 inch dildo into Melina's unsuspecting back door.

Melina's mouth hung open but no sound came out, or at least no sound that
could be heard by human ears. With one hard thrust Mickie had knocked the
wind out of the feisty Latina and she just stayed there on her hands and
knees as, with a little effort, the RAW diva was able to jam the last few
inches into her no longer virgin butt hole.

Mickie smiled as her hips came into contact and then pressed against Melina's
soft butt cheeks announcing she had her monster strap on to the balls inside
her long-time rival's ass. She leaned down again so her breasts were pressed
into Melina's back as her busy hands explored her latest conquest's body.

"Oh god Melina, you have no idea how long I've dreamed of this," Mickie said,
nuzzling into Melina's neck, biting, kissing and sucking the flesh she found
there, "You bent over, with my strap on buried all the way inside your hot
little ass! God, I think I'm going to cum just from knowing I've got my whole
dildo in your butt! I'm so fucking hot right now, I could just start slamming
your little shit hole right here and right now! Would you like that Melina?
Would you like me to start ripping your ass wide open? Use you like an
orifice meant only for my pleasure? Or would you like me to slowly stretch
out your little shit hole so it doesn't hurt so much when I fuck it? Who
knows, if I take the time to stretch your ass out you might even enjoy the
butt pounding I'm going to give you... that's provided of course you ask me
nicely to stretch out your ass! Is that what you want Melina? Do you want me
to stretch out your hot little ass? Answer me now bitch or I'll swear to God
I'll rip your ass open until you fucking bleed!"

"... Stretch me..." Melina said softly.

"Stretch you were bitch?" Mickie growled in her ear.

"... My ass... stretch my ass hole..." Melina whimpered.

"What's the magic word?" Mickie taunted.

"... Please..." Melina sobbed.

"Good girl... now that wasn't so hard... was it?" Mickie said as she slowly
began removing her dildo from Melina's ass, making the feisty Latina moan.

True to her word, this time, Mickie began to slowly stretch Melina's ass out,
pulling her strap on slowly out of her rival's shit locker before inserting
it slowly back into the balls inside the bitchy brunette's back door. Mickie
was beginning to have a lot of fun, sometimes slowly removing and reinserting
the dildo into the smackdown diva's shitter at a snails pace, and other times
she would just pull it out and shove it back in to Melina's pooper in the
blink of an eye. She also became far more adventurous with how quickly she
reinserted her strap on inside her victim's colon, constantly changing speeds
to keep Melina on her toes. Every time she pulled out Mickie couldn't resist
spreading her rival's butt cheeks and studying her gaping ass hole, taking
time to either blow air or spit inside her vulnerable back passage before it
had the chance to close up.

Mickie's plan for breaking Melina was ingenious. She had teased her to the
point of blissful insanity and then given her a series of orgasms more
powerful than the Latina had ever known before. Melina now knew what Mickie
was capable of and was no doubt desperate for the pleasure that her fellow
diva could give her, even if she was trying to deny it. All that was left
to do was to tease Melina back to the point of blissful insanity and offer
Melina the same kind of ecstasy she had received before only this time in
exchange for her total and unconditional surrender to her. With this in mind
Mickie increased the amount of thrusts before she would pull out of Melina's
pooper, making sure to keep the thrusts soft and teasing to ensure they would
only increase Melina's growing arousal without giving her the release she was
now obviously in need of.

Melina was going crazy with lust and she didn't know how much more of this
she could take. She didn't know how it was possible but her ass hole had
relaxed around the 14 inch monster and the pain had vanished. Even more
disturbingly for her the lack of pain had quickly given way to pleasure
which seemed to only increase with every little thrust Mickie gave her now
needy ass hole. Mickie, she was the reason this was happening to her. Somehow
that bitch had tricked her into thinking she was some kind of anal slut who
actually enjoyed getting fucked up the ass. That whore would pay dearly for
this... but first... but first... she wanted... no she needed that crazy
bitch to fuck her up the ass!

After what felt like hours of ass torture Melina whimpered, "Please

"Please what Melina?" Mickie asked with a huge grin on her face, enjoying her
newly found power over the bitchy brunette.

"Please... fuck me..." Melina whined softly.

"Fuck you were Melina?" Mickie asked cruelly.

Melina took a deep breath and screamed in frustration, "My ass! Fuck my ass!
Fuck my fucking ass! Fuck my fucking ass you fucking bitch!"

Mickie laughed and pressed her recently re-moved strap on to Melina's
stretched and eager to be fucked ass hole.

"Beg!" Mickie said getting serious.

"I'm not begging for shit you fucking bitch!" Melina snapped, her
frustrations at needing to be butt fucked, and her frustration about the
fact that she now needed to be butt fucked, driving her crazy with a mixture
of rage and lust.

Deciding this was the time to enforce her authority Mickie grabbed Melina by
her hair and pulled her head back so she could yell in her ear, "Listen to me
you fucking bitch! I beat you and won our little bet so the only fucking
bitch around here is you! Right now, you're my fucking bitch and you're going
to do what I fucking say! So start begging for me to fuck your ass bitch, and
you better addressed me with some fucking respect or believe me, your pretty
little ass is going to fucking regret it!"

Her cheeks flushed with anger, shame and arousal Melina began to beg through
gritted teeth, "Mickie... please... I want... I need... I need you... I need
you to fuck my ass!"

"Ok, that's a good start." Mickie said thoughtfully, "But what are you going
to do for me if I give you the privilege of getting ass fucked by me?"

"... I could give you the fashion tips you so desperately need..." The smirk
that appeared on Melina's face as a result of her own bitchy comment was
quickly removed by a firm slap to her sore buttocks, "Ow... I mean...
whatever you want... I guess..."

"Whatever?" Mickie said with a grin, "You'll do whatever I want?"

"... I guess..." Melina said, not liking where this was going.

"Whatever I want, whenever I want it?" Mickie asked, her smile growing wider.
When Melina didn't answer she gave her another hard slap on the butt, "Answer

"Yes... whatever..." Melina said suspiciously.

"You'll be my bitch?" Mickie said, going in for the kill.

"No!" Melina said firmly.

"No? Oh well... I guess I'll just have to stick to stretching your ass out
some more." Mickie said cheerfully as she reinserted her strap on slowly into
Melina's shit shoot, forcing a moan from the Latina's lips.

Mickie cruelly continued slide in her dildo through Melina's bowels for a few
minutes, delighting in her rivals agony until she heard the smackdown diva
mumble something.

"What was that?" Mickie said, her strap on halfway inside Melina's poop pipe.

"I said a week." Melina said softly, "I'll be your bitch for a week."

"Mmmm..." Mickie said thoughtfully for a moment, "No. I'm sorry Melina but
after sampling your sweet pussy and your fine ass I'm definitely going to
want to pound your pretty fuck holes for more than a week!"

Mickie went back to her slow torturous butt stretching before Melina spoke up

"A month." Melina said hopefully.

"Nope." Mickie said bluntly.

"A year!" Melina said desperately.

"Melina," Mickie said in that firm voice which Melina was ashamed to admit
to herself that she found arousing, "There's only one way you're getting the
butt fucking you so desperately need and that's when you agreed to become my
bitch. Not for a year, not for a month, not for a week and certainly not for
a day. Simply put Melina, you'll get your ass fucked when you surrender
yourself to me and become my bitch 24/7! I should warn you that I'm quite
happy to spend our next 23 hours together plus stretching your ass out like
this, making sure of course never to give you the butt fucking and the climax
you need if you don't agree to my terms. I won your ass and I can do whatever
I want with it and quite frankly I'm not going to be satisfied until I own
you and your sweet ass hole permanently! Now, you can give me what I want or
you can spend another 23 hours plus bent over on the floor of some dark
basement in a second rate arena getting slowly fucked up the ass! The choice
is yours bitch!"

Melina's mind desperately raced for a way out of her situation but she could
find none. Every single nerve gland inside her anus was being set on fire
everytime Mickie's strap on moved through her bowels and it was driving her
insane. She had never needed anything like she needed to be butt fucked right
then and there. Eventually Melina decided that she could figure a way out of
any agreement with Mickie later, right now she needed to be fucked in the ass
and she no longer cared what she had to do to get it.

"... Ok..." Melina said so softly that Mickie almost didn't hear it.

"Ok what bitch?" Mickie said, not letting it go.

"... Ok... I'll be your bitch!" Melina whispered.

"Who's bitch?" Mickie said cruelly.

"... yours..." Melina tried, "... I'll be your bitch..." when that wasn't
enough she finally said "... I'll be your bitch, Mickie James's bitch!"

"There," Mickie said, grabbing a firm hold of Melina's hips, "That wasn't so
bad, was it?"

Before Melina had the chance to reply Mickie began gently thrusting her strap
on in and out of her fellow diva's pooper, causing the feisty Latina to moan
and groan until Mickie couldn't tell whether the sounds coming out of
Melina's mouth were Spanish swear words or just mindless gibberish. Either
way Mickie didn't really care what Melina was saying right now, she was far
too preoccupied with sodomising her fellow diva until she had fucked whatever
little resistance Melina had left and turned her into her bitch. Mickie had
waited so long to enslave the feisty brunette and now she was finally getting
the chance she certainly wasn't going to waste it, especially now she was
doing one of her favourite things in the world, fucking another woman's
wrestler up the ass!

For Mickie nothing could compare to the feeling of bending another woman's
wrestler over and fucking them in their most private of holes, feeling them
slowly except their new place as her submissive bitch, feeling them fight not
to cum, and finally feeling them surrender to her, feeling them giving up
their dominating ways and accepting their place as just another one of Mickie
James's bitches. It was a hell of a rush turning a woman, whose job it was to
defeat other women, into submissive little sluts who just loved taking it up
the butt for their female owner.

And tonight it was even better because it was Melina Perez, the
self-proclaimed most dominant diva and possibly her biggest rival of all
time, who was bent over taking her strap on up the ass for her pleasure, and
she could feel it, she could feel Melina slowly submitting to her, the desire
in the feisty Latina to give up her independence and become Mickie's bitch
almost overwhelming. Sure Melina had said she would be Mickie's bitch but
Mickie knew that the smackdown diva had a little more fight left in her and
she was glad, it had been far too long since she'd had to fight to break
someone, and breaking Melina was even more fun than Mickie have thought it
would be. Although Mickie didn't know how much more fight was left in Melina.
It was very impressive that her rival had avoided submitting to her already,
but from the way her body was reacting Mickie knew that it could only be a
matter of time before the last of Melina's will power broke down and the
feisty Latina became just another piece of ass for he r to use and abuse.

Melina was in an epic battle with herself against the mind numbing pleasure
she was receiving at the hands of her most hated rival Mickie James. She had
butt fucked so many women, so many, many women, in her life and yet Melina
had barely thought about taking it up the butt herself. She had always been
taught at was so dirty and wrong, that only sluts and bitches took it up the
ass, which of course was the main reason she desired to slam other girl's
butts, to turn than into sluts and bitches... into her sluts and bitches...
but to be bend over taking a huge dick in her ass herself... it was so
perverted... so obscene... so gross... so disgusting... so... wonderful!
After being dominant for so long this submission was blissful and Melina
craved that huge cock slamming her shitter like nothing she'd ever craved

All thoughts of defeating Mickie and turning her into her bitch was slowly
ebbing away to be replaced by thoughts of being Mickie's bitch. Melina
thought about allowing Mickie to spank her every day until her butt cheeks
were rosy red and sore. She thought about willingly eating Mickie's delicious
pussy until her owner orgasmed and filled her mouth with her yummy cum which
she would swallow obediently. She thought about spreading her legs and ass
cheeks for Mickie's strap on, allowing the spunky RAW diva to take whatever
hole she wanted in every position she wanted. It all seemed so... wonderful.

Part of Melina was still worried about becoming Mickie's bitch. Part of her
felt that she should be the one slamming Mickie's ass and Mickie should be
begging her for more, but that wasn't an option right now. Melina was a woman
of her word and was now bound to submit to Mickie for at least the next
twenty something hours, and probably more. She had no doubt she would find
some kind of loophole to get out of this sticky situation and reclaim her
rightful place as the most dominant diva, but for now the pleasure was just
too much. She needed to submit to Mickie, she needed to be butt fucked, and
butt fucked hard!

"Come on Mickie, you fucking dyke whore!" Melina screamed, slamming herself
back against the anal invader, "Fuck my fucking ass! Fuck my fucking ass you
lezzie bitch!"

"Oh my bitch wants me to fuck her fucking ass does she? Well she better start
showing me some fucking respect and start begging to get her fucking ass
fucked like a good little lezzie bitch or else!" Mickie said, as she yanked
back on Melina's hair and spanked her hard on the ass as she continued to
pound her fellow diva's pooper at a steady pace, "Come on Melina, begged me
to fuck your fucking ass like the good little lezzie bitch you are! Come on
my little dyke whore! Show your new owner some proper respect and she
promises to give you the butt fucking your slut ass so desperately needs!"

Melina sighed. She was trapped in between her dominant personality and her
desire to get properly butt fucked. Ultimately her newly found submissive
desires outweighed everything else and she began to beg to be buggered.

"Mickie, your worthless whore of a bitch humbly begs you to fuck her fucking
ass like the stupid little butt slut she is!" Melina found that talking in
the third person helped detach her true personality, that of the dominating
dyke bitch, to this new personality Mickie seemed to be creating inside of
her, that of a submissive lezzie bitch, "Please use that big beautiful girl
cock of yours to fucking fuck your bitch's fucking ass! Fucking rip your
bitch's fucking ass wide open with your big beautiful girl cock! Fucking tear
your bitch's fucking ass up with your big beautiful girl cock! Your bitch
needs that big beautiful girl cock in her ass! Your bitch needs your big
beautiful girl cock in her ass! Fuck your bitch's fucking ass with your big
beautiful girl cock and show your bitch who she belongs too!"

"And who's my bitch Melina?" Mickie screamed, pulling hard on Melina's hair
as she violently increased the pace of the sodomy.

"... I am! Me! I'm your bitch! I'm your fucking bitch!" Melina screamed,
mentally saying 'fuck it' to herself as she gave in, at least for now,
completely to her submissive desires, "I'm your worthless whore of a bitch
who desperately needs to have her fucking ass fucked like the stupid little
butt slut she is! Please use that big beautiful girl cock of yours to fucking
fuck my fucking ass! Fucking rip my fucking ass wide open with your big
beautiful girl cock! Fucking tear my fucking ass up with your big beautiful
girl cock! I'm your bitch Mickie and I need that big beautiful girl cock in
my ass! I'm your bitch Mickie and I need your big beautiful girl cock in my
ass! Fuck your worthless whore of a bitch's fucking ass with your big
beautiful girl cock! Fuck my ass and show me who's fucking bitch I am!
Fucking show me who I fucking belong too!"

"Don't worry Melina," Mickie said, as her hips went into overtime, "I'll show
you who you fucking belong too!"

The savage butt pounding Mickie proceeded to give Melina should have by no
means been given to anyone with a virgin ass hole, and the horny RAW diva
certainly shouldn't have used a 14 inch dildo to do it. But at this point
neither Mickie or Melina cared.

Mickie was completely lost in her desire to tame Melina and was happily using
her ass as an instrument to defeat her long-time rival. Looking down Mickie
watched her rapidly moving strap on slam in and out of Melina's shit hole and
she could tell she was in the deepest part of her rival's ass now. The dildo
was stained brown meaning she was now literally packing Melina's fudge back
up her butt, ruining her rectum with her monster girl cock. Mickie didn't
care, she wanted to ruin Melina's ass. She wanted to break Melina's back door
and show her who's boss. She wasn't going to be happy until she had pound
fucked Melina's poop pipe and conquered the feisty Latina once and for all.
She wasn't going to be satisfied until she had slammed Melina's shit shoot
into total submission and she wasn't that far off.

As for Melina she was too overwhelmed by the unbelievable pleasure coming
from the inside of her ass hole to care about a little thing like another
woman trying to turn her into her bitch. The only thing she was concerned
about was trying to hold off her orgasm so she could enjoy this wonderful
butt fucking as long as humanly possible. But it was so hard when her entire
world seemed to now centre around that magnificent dildo rearranging her
bowels into a fuck hole to be used and abused. Melina could feel that dildo
taming her, turning her into a bitch but she didn't care. Melina could feel
Mickie's dildo taming her, turning her into her bitch but she didn't care.
Melina could feel Mickie taming her, turning her into her bitch but she
didn't care. All she cared about was that wonderful dildo that was butt
fucking her so beautifully, making her feel pleasure she'd never known
before and never imagined could be possible.

Neither brunette had any idea how long the sodomy lasted. Time seemed to
stand still and both women became lost in the brutal butt fucking.

Eventually it all became too much on Melina could feel herself going over the

Before she did Mickie twisted her hair, which she had been using like reins
to ride her, pulled her hair back and yelled in Melina's ear, "Who do you
fucking belong to bitch? Who fucking owns you?"

"You! You own me Mickie! I belong to you! I'm your bitch! I'm your fucking
bitch!" Melina screamed out before her voice became lost in a mixture of
jargon and Spanish which Mickie couldn't understand.

Melina had watched with interest as the many, many women she had seduce came
from being fucked in the ass by her strap on. Secretly she had wondered what
it would be like to have an anal induced orgasm but no passing thought could
have prepared her for the mind numbing pleasure that rocked her body at that
moment. Before she even got the chance to try and comprehend it it was
followed by another, and another, and another. The multiple anal orgasms
cause Melina to lose all control over her bodily functions and she began to
violently fart on every inward thrust of Mickie's bowel wrecking strap on.
Melina felt so humiliated. She realised that when Mickie had been stretching
her ass hole she had pulled all the way out allowing air to fill her colon
and be pushed deep within her rectum which had left the smackdown diva feel
incredible cramp as Mickie began to butt fuck her. As the sodomy continued
Melina's desire to take a dump had increased to the point where she almost
begged Mickie to stop to let her use the bathroom before they continue. But
then this mind numbing pleasure started and Melina could no longer bear the
thought of removing that big beautiful girl cock from her poop pipe. So she
just stayed there on all fours, unable to stop farting and cumming, finding
that to her shame, this humiliation only intensified the pleasure and made
her cum harder.

Mickie giggled insanely as she reduced her long-time rival Melina into a
quivering, shaking, farting and cumming shell of her former self. It was such
a fucking rush. Mickie's plan had been to ruin Melina's ass hole and from the
sounds of it she had succeeded. With strong willed types like Melina it was
important to put them in their place very early on, the easiest way to do
that was to break them by humiliating them and what could be more humiliating
than being butt fucked by a another woman so hard you ended up farting on her
strap on? It was perfect. Melina would remember this for the rest of her
life, how she was defeated and humiliated at her hands, and she'd also
remember how she enjoyed it. She would remember how Mickie made her cum
harder than ever before, and would learn to associate Mickie with pleasure
and humiliation. This would enforce Melina's new role as Mickie's submissive
bitch and make it easier for the RAW diva to dominate her rival sexually
whenever she wanted. Although, Melina wasn't really her rival anymore. Their
rivalry was over, Mickie had won. She had defeated her biggest rival Melina
Perez and turned her into her bitch.

After this realisation Mickie could no longer hold back and she came hard,
relentlessly pounding into her now former rival's ruined rectum. As stars
flew past her eyes and her body quivered Mickie reached down to grab the
fake balls of the strap on, gave them a good squeeze and put the explanation
point on Melina's defeat and enslavement. Her stored up girly liquid shot out
of the tip of her dildo and filled the inside of Melina's bowels with her
cum. The mental stimulation caused Mickie to cum again, never stopping her
relentless thrusting into Melina's ass. In Mickie's mind she now owned Melina
completely. She had filled her colon with her cream and marked the inside of
the smackdown diva's shit shoot as her property, just like every other fuck
hole on Melina's body. She had placed her mark inside her former rival's ass
and, at least in Mickie's mind, turned Melina into her bitch forever.

Eventually when their orgasms died down and there was no more girl cum to
shoot into her fellow diva's ass Mickie began to slowly remove her strap on
from Melina's abused shit pipe, grinning like a mad fool when it was finally
removed and the defeated brunette's ruined back door let out a series of
belching farts which had the once proud Latina crying softly with shame at
her humiliation. More was to follow.

"Suck it!" Mickie said in a firm 'don't fuck with me' voice as she pointed
to her lightly soiled strap on which was still firmly attached to her waist.

Melina's face scrunched up in disgust but she obediently crawled on her hands
and knees to were Mickie was now leaning up against the wall and took the
length of the shaft straight from her shit hole down her gullet without
protest. It was only when she was bobbing her head on the funky tasting strap
on that Melina realised how natural this new found submission seemed to her
now, and how much she seemed to be enjoying it.

When the dildo was spotless Mickie pushed Melina away dismissively and said,
"Put your skanky clothes back on and gather up your things."

Once again Melina obeyed without question, finding it hard to pull her tight
pants and panties up because of how sore and abused her ass was feeling after
her first butt fucking. Mickie's statement confused her though. It sounded
like Mickie was getting rid of her, but that couldn't be the case because
Mickie had won her for 24 hours, possibly longer if she couldn't think of a
good excuse to get out of what she had agreed to while Mickie was ass
pounding her, and surely Mickie would want to take advantage of the situation
and fuck her some more while she had the chance. Although Melina found
herself hoping Mickie would take advantage of the situation and fuck her some
more while she had the chance. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, that's exactly
what Mickie was going to do.

Once both girls were dressed Mickie turned to Melina and stared at her with a
look of shameless lust before walking over to her and pulling her body closer
to her.

"I've got a rental car waiting for us in the parking lot to take us back to
the hotel. When we're in my hotel room and I have you all to myself the only
time you won't have that pretty face of yours buried in between my thighs is
when you'll be bent over getting your sweet pussy and fine ass pounded by me
and my big beautiful girl cock until you can't remember your own fucking
name! You got that... bitch!" Melina let out a gasp and a gentle fart as
Mickie delivered a hard slap to her sore buttocks on the word bitch before
turning around, grabbing her travelling bag and leaving.

Melina didn't know exactly what was waiting for her in Mickie's hotel room
and knew that she should probably make a run for it before she fell even
further into Mickie's world of depravity.

That's probably what Melina should have done but instead she picked up her
travelling bag and followed Mickie like an obedient little pet following its
owner... like an obedient little bitch following its owner.

To be continued...

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