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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 8
by MTL (

Mickie James was very pleased with herself. With a little help from Ashley,
one of her enslaved bitches, Mickie had been able to further screw with
Trish Stratus's head. The excitable brunette had given Trish a ultimatum but
to ensure she made the right decision Mickie had been subtlely, and not so
subtlely, getting under Trish's skin to the point where she knew that the
beautiful Canadian would snap and finally make the decision that would bring
them together. Mickie couldn't wait to finally have Trish under her thumb
but for now she would have to settle for one of her other bitches.

She was really in the mood for some pussy and was debating whether she wanted
to go hunting for a new piece of pussy meat or whether she just wanted to
snack on her already tamed sluts.

Realising that she was in a very horny mood Mickie decided that no girl, not
even her worst enemy, deserved to be taken by her at her current state
unless they had at least a little training so she decided to just grab one
of her already enslaved bitches. But which bitch should she fuck?

There was Melina of course, Mickie's former rival, who was a little tied up
at the moment in Mickie's hotel room. It had been a lot of fun breaking
Melina and their was still a lot of work to do before she was properly
housebroken but Mickie had literally spend hours fucking her already and
besides Mickie liked the idea of leaving Melina where she was. It would give
the once feisty brunette another lesson in humility and if not, well then
next time Mickie would let the hotel cleaning staff find her latest conquest
in the exact same position she was in now... naked and tied to a chair with
a gag in her mouth and a dildo up her butt.

There was Ashley and Maria, but she had been fucking them both quite a bit
lately, and even though they had quite tasty pussys and they had become
quite the good little rug munchers, she had to stop stretching them out so
much or their little holes would stop being so tight around her strap on.

Of course Mickie didn't want to pick on Trish again seeing as she was so
close to the blonde willingly giving herself to her, so that left...

"Hey Mickie."

Mickie turned around.

"Oh hey Lita." Mickie said smiling, "I was just thinking about you."

"Really?" smiled the redhead, "What exactly were you thinking?"

"Well..." Mickie said thoughtfully, pushing Lita's back against the wall,
pressing herself into her enslaved slut, and letting her hands roam all over
her body as she whispered in her ear, "I was thinking just how good that
little made for cunt lapping tongue of yours feels inside my pussy... and
how great your legs feel when their wrapped around me as I'm pounding that
gaping hole you call a pussy... and how pretty your butt looks when I'm
slamming it wide open..."

"Sounds like fun..." Lita grinned, "... but I need a favour..."

"What?" Mickie said suspiciously.

Normally she didn't allow her bitches to make any kind of requests seeing as
they were really nothing more than her little toys, but she decided to listen
to what Lita had to say. After all, if she didn't like what her bitch said
she could just bent her over and spank her pretty ass until it was as red as
her hair.

"Well... as you know Edge was robbed of the WWE title last night and ever
since he's been complaining practically non-stop... and I was thinking maybe
we could... cheer him up..." Lita said suggestively.

Mickie thought about this for a moment. She was more in the mood for pussy
than she was in the mood for dick... but she did enjoy screwing a guy's
girlfriend in front of him... especially if sed guy could do with being
taken down a peg... and if anyone deserved to watch his girlfriend screaming
in orgasm as she was fucked by another woman it was The Rated R Superstar
Edge... and besides, now she thought about it Edge was kind of cute and as
long as he had a nice big cock Mickie certainly wouldn't mind screwing him.

"Ok..." Mickie said, stepping back so that Lita could lead the way, "but he
better have a big cock."

"Oh I don't think you'll be disappointed." Lita smirked as she began walking
to Edge's locker room, her female owner walking closely behind her.

* * *

"Hi honey, I'm home." Lita said as she and Mickie walked into the locker

Edge, who was sitting on a bench which was up against a wall, looked up at
the two women.

"What's she doing here?" he grumbled.

"Who Mickie," Lita said seductively, "she's here because I told her about
your big fat cock and she didn't believe me and wants to see it for herself."

"That's right Edgey," Mickie said suggestively, "I'm just so totally curious
to see if you really do have a big cock, cause I just love big cocks,
especially sucking and fucking them."

Edge looked thoughtful for a minute before finally he said, "I'm not in the

"Oh come on baby," Lita said kneeling down in front of him, "Just a little

"... All right, but only if you suck it hard so that your slutty little
friend can see what a real man looks like." Edge said, leaning back so that
the girls had to do all the work.

"Of course." said Lita eagerly as she unzipped Edge's jeans and pulled out
his soft member.

"Is that it?" Mickie asked, as Lita began to stroke Edge's dick, "It doesn't
look that big to me."

"Hay, give me a second, it isn't hard yet slut." said Edge angrily, pushing
his girlfriend's head downwards, "Come on baby, suck my cock hard and show
this bitch a real piece of mansize meat!"

Lita was eager to oblige, taking the entire length into her mouth with ease
and beginning greedily sucking on it as she played with her boyfriend's

Mickie just stood there and watched as Lita bobbed her head on the shaft,
her head going further up and down with each stroke until she finally pulled
it out of her mouth fully sized.

It was a very impressive 12 inches long and reasonably thick.

Mickie couldn't help lick her lips.

She hadn't had a cock since that last time with her bitch Maria and her
bitch's boyfriend CM Punk and she found she was more than ready to have some
fun with that impressive specimen of manhood.

Falling to her knees beside her bitch Mickie looked up at Edge and said, "Oh
Edgey, it's even bigger than Lita said... can I please suck it? Pretty

"Go ahead bitch," Edge grinned as he started to get into the action,
"Wrapped those blow job lips around my shaft and get a taste of a real man."

Mickie did as she was told, wrapping her lips around the head of Edge's
shaft and slowly lowering herself down until it hit the back of her throat.
Normally she wouldn't have taken any of Edge's crap but in this case she was
going to let it slide, after all there would be plenty of time for taking
The Rated R Superstar's ego down a peg when she was fucking his girlfriend
better than he ever could.

Getting her mind back to the task in hand Mickie relaxed her throat muscles
so that she could take more of the impressive piece of man meat down her
gullet until eventually her lips wrapped around the base announcing she had
taken all 12 inches.

"Oh fuck yeah, that's it slut, fucking suck me! Fucking use those blow job
lips on me slut! Fucking use those blow job lips on my fucking cock! Suck my
fucking cock! Suck my fucking cock you fucking whore! Fucking suck me!
Fucking suck me you fucking cock sucking slut!" Edge said, grabbing hold of
Mickie's hair and pressing her face into his crotch, "Where did you find
this fucking cock sucker?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Lita smirked as she began to lick
and suck at Edge's balls.

Mickie was surprised to hear this. Obviously Lita hadn't told her boyfriend
that she had been enslaved by Mickie and was now her little plaything. She
smiled around Edge's cock. Tonight was going to be even more fun than she
thought. Soon she was going to have Lita tell her boyfriend all the sordid
details of their little affair but for now she just concentrated on bobbing
her head up and down on Edge's big poll.

Edge had experienced some great blow jobs in his time but he had to admit
this Mickie James chick could suck some great cock. The hyperactive diva
seemed to be able to take every single inch of his meat down her gullet
without a hint of gagging. She'd obviously sucked a lot of cock to get this
good. This thought made Edge smirk to himself. Another diva who was nothing
more than a cock hungry slut, he should have known.

The blow job only got better for The Rated R Superstar when the two divas
began taking turns to deep throat him as the other would kiss his stomach
and thighs and/or lick his balls before taking them into their mouths.

The double BJ went on for some time until Lita finally lifted her head up
and said, "Edge baby, Mickie was telling me how she hasn't had a good fuck
in a while so why don't you take that big monster cock of yours and give her
a proper fucking?"

"Sounds great," Edge smirked, "How about you two bitches back off so I can
get up."

Once again Mickie did as she was told, but before Edge get's a chance to say
anything else she told the redhead, "You know Lita, we've lubed up Edge's
cock quite nicely, but my pussy isn't that wet. I think I could do with
some... lubing myself..."

"Oh really, what did you have in mind?" Lita asked with fake confusion.

"Well... how about..." Mickie said thoughtfully before grabbing Lita by the
hair and shoving her to her knees screaming, "You get on your fucking knees
and lick my pussy you little redheaded dyke."

Lita eagerly obeyed, diving face first into Mickie's pussy, burying her
tongue inside the brunette's horny honey hole.

"Fucking hell!" Edge exclaimed as his girlfriend began to munch on Mickie's
delectable womanhood like a seasoned carpet cleaning veteran.

"Hey Edgey," Mickie giggled, "looks like your little girlfriend sucks cunt
as well as cock... what do you think about that?"

Edge's look of disbelief turned to a evil smile, "I think that's fucking
hot. But personally I feel like a piece of pussy so I suggest you bend over
or I'll take your little pussy licker away."

Mickie would have been interested to see Edge try and take her little pussy
licker away, but she didn't come here to fight, she came here to fuck. And
besides, all of a sudden she was actually quite feeling like some cock.

"All right." Mickie said, pushing Lita away and grabbing two steel fold out

They were the exact kind of chairs that seemed to be lying everywhere in
arenas like this one which the superstars used to hit each other with but
tonight three superstars were going to use them as props for a fuck-fest.

"Sit." Mickie told Lita pointing to one of the chairs she had just set up.

Lita had been disappointed that she had been denied her meal of pussy but
seeing what Mickie had in mind more than made it up to her. Sitting on the
chair she watched as Mickie lay across the other so that her ass was facing
Edge and her head was facing her pussy. Without waiting to be asked the
easily excitable diva lowered her mouth to Lita's pussy and began to slowly
lick at her juicy hole like a kitten with a saucer of milk.

As Mickie began licking Lita's pussy Edge kneel down behind the curvaceous
brunette and pressed his cock to her moist pussy, pushing the head into her
before slowly sliding more of himself inside. He gave her a little chance to
adjust to his size in between each push, but not much. Luckily Mickie was
very horny and her pussy was extremely wet so she managed to take the entire
length of Edge's cock to the balls without too much problems. It was a good
thing too because as soon as his cock had become fully embedded inside
Mickie's tight wet pussy Edge began moving himself in and out of the
hyperactive brunette's warm love hole, slowly increasing his thrusts until
he was fucking her at a steady pace.

Mickie moaned into Lita's pussy as her own dripping hole received a thorough
dicking from Edge's large poll. The Rated R Superstar's cock felt wonderful
inside her pussy and it was obvious he knew how to use it. She pushed
herself back against him as she slid her tongue deep inside Lita's pussy,
closing her lips around the redhead's love hole to prevent any of the
delicious spicy honey from escaping the cunt craving diva.

She had been busy last night breaking Melina and before that she had been
busy stretching out Maria and Ashley so it had been a while since she'd had
a good taste of her redheaded bitch's cunt and she had forgotten just how
good it was. As an added bonus she got Edge's big cock fucking her pussy
which was a lot better than she thought it would be. She had pegged Edge as
one of those guys who act like ass holes to try and 'overcompensate their
shortcomings' but Mickie was happy to find that she had been very wrong
about that. Edge was an excellent lay and she was definitely going to have
to look him up more often in the future.

Returning her thoughts back to Lita and her delicious pussy Mickie redoubled
her efforts determined not to let anything distract her from making her
redheaded bitch scream her name. Even when Edge increased his pounding
inside her Mickie did not stop eating Lita's pussy, fucking it with her
tongue to get even more of the mouth watering liquid down her gullet.

Lita was beginning to thrust herself on Mickie's invading tongue as her
female owner expertly ate her out. It had been a while since she had felt
her fellow diva's heavenly mouth on her pussy although it felt more like a
lifetime now that she had that mouth glued to her pussy again.

Despite all the many, many people Lita had been with not a single one of
them could eat her out like Mickie. It was not surprising to the redhead at
all that the spunky little diva had her own collection of female slaves to
bend to her will, nor did it surprise her that she herself was one of those
eager slaves.

With a mouth like that Mickie could probably enslave the entire WWE roster,
but the redhead knew for a fact that the excitable brunette had a lot more
to offer than just that heavenly mouth. Although the heavenly mouth was
doing quite a number on her pussy right now and Lita couldn't help but moan
out loud as Mickie sucked at her pussy with the power of a vacuum cleaner,
all the while her boyfriend pounded into the curvy diva's eager wet hole.

Edge had certainly been surprised to discover his girls true relationship
with this brunette diva, but he certainly didn't mind, especially if it
meant he could get another crack at this pussy at some point. It was some
grade A quality pussy. Tight and wet, just how he liked it.

The Rated R Superstar was something of a skirt chaser but he hadn't really
given Mickie a second glance. He'd obviously made a mistake there, one which
he would make up for by trying to get some quality time with the excitable
brunette. Better still he could get some time with her and his girlfriend

Despite all the many, many things he done with/to Lita he had never had a
threesome with her before, at least not the good variety, and now he knew of
his redheaded lover's bisexual tendencies he was definitely going to have
some fun. Watching the perky brunette going down on his girlfriend was super
hot and he couldn't wait to see his girl's face buried in between Mickie's
thighs. The lesbian show was only making him hotter and he was quickly
increasing his pace inside Mickie's pussy.

Getting excited Edge said, "How's that slut's tongue feel in your pussy

"It feels fucking great baby." Lita grinned wickedly, knowing what she said
next would get her a thorough spanking sometime in the future, "Little
Mickie here is such a fucking pussy whore. You wouldn't fucking believe it
baby. From the moment I met her she was on her fucking knees begging me to
let her have a taste of my pussy. Eventually I got so tired of hearing her
whine that I undid my pants, pulled them down, grabbed this bitch by the
head and shoved her face first into my pussy. And you know what the little
muff diver did? She fucking ate my pussy until I came all over her dyke
face. And she fucking loved it too. Didn't you, you little dyke?"

Not waiting for a reply Lita grabbed Mickie's hair in both hands and wrapped
her legs around her head with a vice like grip, pulling the spunky diva's
face as deep into her pussy as it would go. Lita knew her female owner would
make her pay for her words and quite frankly she was too horny to really
care. But even if she did she would look forward to it because the redhead
had enjoyed everything she had done with Mickie so far, no matter how
depraved it had been. She began to wonder what Mickie would do to her as
punishment. Would she tie her up and beat her ass until it was as red as her
hair? Which she whore her out to a group of guys for another gang bang? So
many wonderful possibilities.

Mickie was very angry at her little redheaded bitch and fully intended to
have horrible vengeance upon her but first she would satisfy her craving for
cunt. One of Mickie few weaknesses was once she got a taste of a nice juicy
pussy she could almost never leave it unless she had been able to swallow a
good portion of her liquidy prize and Lita's spicy honeypot was just too
scrumptious to leave at this point. And besides, Edge's wonderfully hard
cock was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm and the brunette knew it
was only a matter of time before The Rated R Superstar brought her to a
screaming climax. However Mickie would not allow herself to cum until she
made her redheaded bitch cum first and redoubled her efforts on Lita's
pussy, which was hard to do considering the hard pussy pounding she was now

To be fair Edge had spent some time working up a rhythm and hadn't just slam
fucked Mickie's cunt without mercy the first chance he got, even though he
had wanted too. He had done that to many whores he knew he would never see
again but since Mickie was a co-worker it was just a lot less hassle for him
to treat her right. Besides, it would be unlikely if he got a second shot at
this sweet piece of pussy if he roughed up the plucky brunette too much. And
what a piece of pussy it was. It was just gripping down on him with every
thrust, squeezing him like a wonderful little vice. Luckily for The Rated R
Superstar his years of fucking any gutter slutty he could get his hands on
have allowed him to build up a great amount of stamina and he could probably
go on all night if he wanted too. Besides, he had no interest in cumming
inside Mickie's pussy. He had another place he wanted to blow his load. And
he also wanted to be able to get a piece of his girlfriend's pussy first.

At that point Edge might have had no interest in cumming but Lita couldn't
stop herself. Mickie's skilled tongue had been jack-hammering in and out of
her honey hole for what felt like hours and that heavenly mouth was slurping
up every single bit of her juices and combined with watching her boyfriend
fuck her female owner brought the fiery redhead to a shuddering climax. As
she screamed and writhed in orgasm she tightened her grip on Mickie's head,
making sure that wonderful mouth wasn't going anywhere.

At that moment the last thing on Mickie's mind was going anywhere as her
redheaded bitch's tasty girl cream oozed from her pussy into her mouth and
down her throat. Mickie greedily sucked, slurped and swallowed Lita's honey
as she began to cum herself, her pussy rapping tightly around Edge's cock
and squeezing down on him as she rode out her climax.

It was hard for Edge not to cum but he just about managed it. It was a good
thing to, he had a lot of other things he wanted to do first.

"Ok baby, I want your pussy now." Edge told his girlfriend as he pulled out
of Mickie.

Lita just nodded meekly and unwrapped herself from Mickie's head. She
watched as her female owner slowly stood up, half expecting her to do

"... That sounds like a good idea to me." Mickie said simply as she and Lita
switched positions.

Lita eagerly laid across the chair but was disappointed to see Mickie
walking over to her bag. Her disappointment didn't last long as she felt
Edge's cock push its way into her. Her cunt had been well lubed thanks to
Mickie's tongue and Edge's cock had been well lubed thanks to Mickie's pussy
juice so The Rated R Superstar was able to push himself to the balls within
her on almost the first thrust.

The redheaded diva watched as her female owner returned with her strap on in

She was happy to see that the excitable brunette had attached the 14 inch
whopper she had used to enslave her and on the far too few other nights they
had been together. Lita couldn't help licking her lips at the very idea of
getting that monster back inside her but unfortunately instead of strapping
the dildo on Mickie just sat down on the chair and grabbed her by the hair.

"Come on bitch!" Mickie growled, pulling Lita face first into her pussy,
"Get me in the mood to fuck you!"

Lita's disappointment of not immediately getting Mickie's strap on was
replaced by joy as once again her mouth filled with the delicious taste of
her fellow diva's heavenly juices. Lita had eaten a lot of cunt in her time
but none of them were nearly as tasty as the delectable treat in front of
her and she greedily shoved her tongue as far into Mickie as it would go,
her lips wrapping around the brunette's pussy lips to prevent any of the
delicious liquid from escaping.

As the redhead began to tongue fuck Mickie for all she was worth, making
sure to catch every sensitive area that would make the brunette moan, her
female owner graciously pushed Lita's face even further into her cunt in an
attempt to help her get more of the yummy liquid. And of course to encourage
her to bring Mickie more pleasure.

Mickie was very pleased with Lita's devotion to her pussy. After spending a
good portion of last night smothering Melina's face with her cunt it was
nice for Mickie to get a bitch in between her thighs who knew her proper

Or at least Lita was acting like she knew her proper place now.

The brunette diva was understandably upset at her redheaded bitch for
calling her names earlier, but Lita would pay for that soon enough, right
now she just wanted to enjoy the slut's tongue inside her cunt.

Looking up at The Rated R Superstar, Mickie couldn't help but smile as he
watched his girlfriend eating pussy like a devoted little muff diver.
Deciding to give him something else to look at Mickie pulled her strap on to
her mouth and began to deep throat that monster, shoving enough of it down
her gullet to the point were the fake cum filled balls were resting against
her chin.

Edge had been watching with interest as his girlfriend ate pussy like it was
going out of fashion until his attention was drawn to Mickie performing
fellatio on the huge phallus.

He was surprised any chick could take that, in any of their holes, and he'd
never seen anything quite like that strap on before, but he wasn't

Just because some dyke could strap on a cock, which was only very slightly
bigger than his, doesn't mean she had any idea how to use it, and even if
she did there was no way that she, or anyone else for that matter, could
fuck Lita better than him. When it came to fucking, hell when it came to
everything, The Rated R Superstar was a world-class act that couldn't be

Edge tried to return his attention to his girlfriend and her wonderfully wet
pussy which was gripping down on him but his concentration was once again
broken by the excitable brunette.

"Guess what I'm going to do with this big cock Edgey?" Mickie asked
teasingly, "I'm going to fuck your girl here and bust up her holes. I'm
going to fucking ruin her. What do you think about that?"

"I think that's fucking hot." Edge said, never missing a beat inside Lita's
tight pussy, "My girl's a cock slut and I love to watch her getting stuffed
and stretched!"

"I bet you do." said Mickie with a grin "But what do you think about your
little cock slut being my little pussy whore? I mean look at her... don't
you think it would be a crime to let such a whore go without pussy when it's
quite obvious that she's a fucking pussy craving little cunt lapper?"

"Your right. If only there was someone who could provide my girl with all
the pussy she could ever possibly want." Edge said, returning the grin.

"Oh a girl like Lita can never have all the pussy she could ever possibly
want. That would be just an endless line of girls spreading their legs for
her. But I'm sure I could do my best." Mickie said, before looking down at
her redheaded bitch, "What do you think about that Lita? What do you think
about being my little pussy whore?"

Lita made a muffled reply but Mickie only pushed her face deeper into her

"Oh shut the fuck up, it doesn't matter what you think, your my little pussy
whore and your going to do what I fucking say! You got that bitch?"

Another muffled reply.


Much to Lita's dismay Mickie pushed her face away and stood up.

Before she got the chance to complain Mickie began strapping on the monster
dildo. The redheaded slut smiled as her female owner finished securing the
dildo around her waist before sitting down in front of her and grabbing her
hair again.

"You've had enough pussy bitch, it's time for you to suck some cock!" Mickie
said shoving her strap on inside Lita's eager mouth.

Mickie watched with a smile on her face as her redheaded bitch quickly began
to bob her head on the fake dick, bobbing her mouth lower on it each time
until she was deep throating the entire monster like the cock hungry slut
she was. When Lita's throat was relaxed enough Mickie grabbed hold of her
head with both hands and ruthlessly began to pull her up and down on the
strap on, making her fellow diva fuck her own throat on the dildo. Mickie
knew exactly what Lita could take and had no sympathy whatsoever for her
redheaded bitch. Not that she needed to feel sorry for her because the
extreme diva seem to be enjoying having her mouth used as a cunt as much as
she was enjoying her cunt being used by Edge for his pleasure.

Edge was really getting off on watching his girlfriend being brutalised by
one of her fellow divas however it was Lita's pussy which was squeezing the
life out of him at this moment to the point where he was having to fight
himself not to cum. Lita's cunt was nice and all but The Rated R Superstar
had a better place to unload his seed. As for now he was just content with
pounding into Lita's pussy and making his girl cum.

Despite her best attempts to concentrate on Mickie's monster cock the only
thing that really occupied Lita's world right now was her boyfriend and his
big dick. In many ways she was glad that Mickie was fucking her face because
there was just no way she could give her female owner's strap on the worship
it deserved as her body prepared for orgasm. She would have waited for
Mickie to cum first but if her fellow diva wanted to cum she wouldn't have
strapped on the dildo and as much as it had disappointed Lita that she
wouldn't be getting some of Mickie's delectable girl cream it was hard for
her to care that much at this point as Edge's hard cock ravaged her pussy,
hammering her so hard that eventually she just had no choice but to cum.

Screaming around the strap on stuffing her throat Lita came, her body
shuddering as her pussy gripped down on the huge cock inside her. Undeterred
by Lita's orgasm Edge continue to pound into her with all his strength
before eventually pulling out of her, watching as Mickie held her redheaded
bitch down on her dildo for a few seconds before pushing her away.

"Hey Edgey," Mickie said, "do you think your little girlfriend here would
like to get both of her slutty holes filled with cock?"

"I'd love it!" Lita said eagerly.

"Shut the fuck up bitch, nobody asked you!" Mickie growled at her redheaded
bitch before returning her attention back to Edge, "Well Edgey, what do you

Edge smiled, "Yeah, I think my girl would love to get both of her slutty
holes filled... but I'm tired of her pussy so you can have that."

"Fine by me." Mickie said as she got up and laid down a cross a nearby
bench before beckoning Lita over.

Not needing to be told Lita went to where her female owner was lying and
began to lower herself onto the strap on, moaning as the head slipped
through her just fucked pussy. The horny redhead was able to get the entire
14 inches into her well stretched cunt without too much problems and she was
soon bouncing herself up and down on Mickie's strap on, riding that fake
cock for all she was worth.

Sadly she didn't get much of a chance to enjoy it before Edge appeared
behind her and pushed her forward so she collapsed on to Mickie, her breasts
pressing against her fellow divas.

The Rated R Superstar spread her ass cheeks and spat on her vulnerable
puckered ring before pressing his cock, which was still wet from her pussy,
up against her back door and forced the head of the shaft through her

Lita gritted her teeth at the pain of the initial penetration but, being the
veteran of butt sex that she was, she soon was able to relax around her
boyfriend's anal invading poll. No sooner than she had Edge forced himself
further into her bowels, only giving her a short time to relax in between
thrusts until he was into the balls inside her ass hole.

After a brief pause Edge grabbed a tight hold of Lita's hips and began to
slowly move his cock in and out of the redhead's stretched shit hole, slowly
increasing the power behind his thrusts until he had established a steady

Edge had butt fucked Lita many times before and every time he slammed her
shitter he was surprised just how tight it was around his cock. Every so
often a few of his buddies and him would give the redheaded diva a little
gang bang which would always end with her back door being busted wide open.
Knowing his girls insatiable appetite for anal sex it wouldn't surprise him
if Lita begged her fellow diva to stuff that ridiculously big dildo up her
poop passage. Although Edge couldn't help be curious to see if she could
actually take that monster up her butt. The very idea of it was actually
causing him to rapidly increase pounding into Lita's greedy pooper until he
was slam fucking her slutty shit hole.

Lita moan shamelessly as Edge plundered her eager poo pipe with his massive
poll. She tried to rock back and forth to meet his thrusts but much to her
annoyance Mickie had a firm grasp of her hips and she could barely move. To
further her frustration her female owner had not moved a muscle since Lita
lowered herself down on that 14 inch piece of bitch taming strap on cock and
the redheaded diva was desperate to feel that big dildo banging her pussy
like her boyfriend was banging her butt right now.

She wondered if this was her punishment, if Mickie was going to punish her
by denying her the double fucking she so desperately wanted. Lita loved to
be double fucked, to feel two big pieces of cock meat filling her up and
practically rubbing together as they moved inside her, with only a very thin
wall of sensitive skin between them was fantastic. It was one of the
greatest thrills she had been able to find in this world and being denied it
was driving her crazy.

One of Mickie's greatest joys in life was to watch a slut like Lita squirm
on her cock and in her redheaded bitch's case it was easy, all she had to do
was deny her the joy of being her cock receptacle. Her fellow diva would
receive her punishment in due time, and this was by no means it, but for now
Mickie would just lay back and enjoy watching as Lita squirmed on her cock.

This wouldn't last too long as already Mickie was getting the urge to use
Lita like the orifice she was.

But first she wanted to hear her redheaded bitch beg for it. She wanted to
hear her redheaded bitch beg for the fucking that she didn't deserve but the
fucking that Mickie was graciously going to give her.

The redheaded diva could see the playful smile in Mickie's eyes as she tried
to move her ass back and forth, trying desperately to fuck herself on the
dildo embedded in her cunt and Edge’s now viciously thrusting cock in her
back door but thanks to the brunette it was to no avail.

Ultimately Lita began to beg, "Please Mickie, fuck me, fuck your bitch! Slam
my fucking cunt with your big beautiful girl cock!"

"You want it Lita?" asked Mickie, grinning wickedly, "Then beg for it! Beg
for my big beautiful girl cock you fucking cock whore!"

"Oh please Mickie, give me your cock!" Lita began to beg shamelessly, "Give
me your big beautiful girl cock! I want your big beautiful girl cock! I need
your big beautiful girl cock! I crave your big beautiful girl cock! I'm a
total whore for your big beautiful girl cock! I'm a total whore for you! I'm
your whore Mickie! I'm your whore! I'm your slut! I'm your bitch! I'm
whatever you want me to be, just please use me! Use me like the orifice I
am! Use my cunt for your pleasure! Use me for your pleasure! You can do
anything you want to me Mickie! Just please give me what I want! Give me
what I need! Please Mickie give me your big beautiful girl cock!"

"You want my big beautiful girl cock do you Lita?" Mickie taunted her
redheaded bitch, "What about Edgey's rock hard man cock? Do you need it
fucking your slutty little ass?"

"Oh yes!" Lita moaned, "Oh fuck yes! I want it! I need it! I crave it!
Please Edge baby, give it to me in my ass! Give it to me in my slutty little
ass! Give it to me in my slutty little ass with your rock hard man cock! I
want your rock hard man cock! I need your rock hard man cock! I crave your
rock hard man cock! I want your rock hard man cock fucking my slutty little
ass! I need your rock hard man cock fucking my slutty little ass! I crave
your rock hard man cock fucking my slutty little ass! Please Edge baby, fuck
my slutty little ass with your rock hard man cock!"

"And do you want me and Edgey to double fuck you?" Mickie asked, with a
sadistic grin on her face.

"Oh fuck yeah," Lita cried, "For the love of God, please Edge, Mickie, use
my holes and give me the double fucking I want! Give me the double fucking I
need! Give me the double fucking I crave! Please give it to me! I want to be
double fucked! I need to be double fucked! I crave to be double fucked!
Please Edge, Mickie, use your rock hard man cock and your big beautiful girl
cock to double fuck me like the bitch I am!"

"What do you think Edgey?" said Mickie, "Should we double fuck this bitch?"

Edge had been fucking Lita's ass at full speed for some time now so it made
very little difference to him. He was also kind of lost in butt fucking her
anyway so all he really did was grunt in reply.

Deciding to take that as a yes Mickie finally took pity on her redheaded
bitch and began to hammer her strap on into Lita's eager cunt, quickly
establishing a steady rhythm but allowing her fellow diva to do most of the
work. The second Mickie began to fuck her Lita went berserk, slamming
herself back and forth between the two cocks pounding into her. This time
the excitable brunette didn't stop her and the woman who was once known as
the extreme diva began to ride those big cocks for all she was worth.

As those cocks pounded into her Lita tried to decide which she liked better.
She had given up long ago on trying to decide whether she liked getting
fucked in the ass better than in her pussy deciding she couldn't possibly
choose between them but whenever she was double fucked she couldn't help but
compare the two cocks inside her.

Recently the only cocks the redhead had been having inside her were real
ones and it had been far too long since she got to enjoy the subtle
differences between a dildo and a cock inside her. This time for an example
Mickie's fake cock was bigger however it didn't throb inside her like Edge’s
real one inside her ass hole. Lita love to feel a man's cock throbbing with
every beat of his heart as he moved within her and Edge’s heart was
certainly beating very fast right now as he ploughed through her bowels with
his weapon of ass destruction. Although to be fair in her current position
Mickie also couldn't fuck the redhead as nearly as hard as she could have
done if she was in any other position, but Lita didn't care because she was
loving the current position and she knew that her fellow diva would soon
make it up to her.

Mickie was very frustrated that she couldn't fuck Lita as hard as she would
have liked, but the night wasn't over by a long shot and the bubbly brunette
had every intention of giving her redheaded bitch a thorough work out before
this not so live sex celebration was done.

In all aspects of fucking Mickie preferred to be on top. It was only natural
as it was part of her nature to be a top in every sense of the word however
she had given up that position for now for a very clear purpose, to allow
Edge to get his rocks off inside Lita's ass so she would have her bitch's
ass all to herself.

Mickie had some nasty plans for that ass and she intended to show The Rated
R Superstar a thing or two about how to properly butt fuck a bitch like
Lita. She was going to have the former WWE champion watch as she ruined his
girlfriend's backside for her amusement and, with any luck, it would enrage
Edge even farther to the point were he would fuck them even harder than
before. Mickie may have not been in the mood for cock at the beginning of
the night but she was sure as hell in the mood for it now. Or more
accurately she was in the mood for some cock after she'd settled her craving
for cunt... and ass!

At this point Edge was tearing through Lita's ass hole with no regard for
his girlfriend's well being whatsoever. All he cared about was fucking her
ass for as long as he could before he came. It wasn't even about making Lita
cum. Although he had no doubt that she'd do that as a by product of this
awesome butt fucking he was giving his girl. He was just that good. Some
guys needed to try and make a bitch cum. Not Edge. He just needed to fuck
them and inevitably they would cum. That's why sluts like Lita and Mickie
flocked to him.

But even a super stud like him had limits and Lita's vice like ass hole was
cracking down on him and squeezing his member to the point were he had to
concentrate not to cum. Like this he was able to go longer than probably any
normal man could have done inside Lita's made to be fucked ass however,
sooner than he would have liked, he felt himself swell even larger inside
Lita's back passage and finally explode, shooting one of the biggest batches
of cum he'd ever released deep into Lita's ass.

Ceasing his thrusting Edge pushed himself into the balls inside Lita's ass
hole, so his rod could experience as much pleasure as possible as he filled
his girlfriend's back door with his load. As an added bonus his semen was
pumped into the deepest depths of Lita's bowels, making sure her cum hungry
ass got every drop of his cum.

Lita had been on the verge of orgasm when Edge blew his load up her ass. Try
as she might she couldn't stop herself from cumming the second her
boyfriend's man goo was dumped inside her bowels. Lita loved being used as a
cum depository and as soon as her shit pipe began to fill with her man's
slimy semen she had a mind blowing orgasm, bouncing back and forth even
harder on those wonderfully hard cocks inside her.

Normally she would have waited for Mickie but the redheaded diva just
couldn't control herself. She knew she was going to be punished for this but
she didn't care. In fact, she looked forward to it. She hoped that Mickie
would beat her ass red and tear her ass open as punishment.

Before long she would get just what she hoped for.

When the last drop of his cum had been squirted up Lita's shitter Edge
slowly removed himself from inside her ass hole and stood back, watching
with a grin on his face as his girl's back door failed to return to normal.
The redhead's butt hole looked as if someone had taken a baseball bat to it
and it made The Rated R Superstar feel incredibly proud of himself.

Mickie lifted Lita off her and, with a tight grip of her hair, turned the
redheaded diva around and bent her over facing Edge.

"Clean his dick slut!" Mickie said as she bent down to take a look at Lita's
well fucked ass hole.

The brunette diva licked her lips as she watched a trickle of Edge's sperm
slowly ooz out of Lita's gaping shit hole. Mickie loved the taste of cum.
Whether it be from a man or woman the easily excitable diva didn't care. She
just couldn't get enough and when she saw Lita's cum filled ass hole leaking
some precious liquid she just couldn't help herself.

Catching the trickle with her tongue Mickie licked up Lita's thighs to the
redhead's still gaping back door. The second she reached the swollen ring
Mickie shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Lita's butt, her mouth
closing around the hole so she could provide suction. The bubbly brunette
greedily drank Edge's cum straight from Lita's ass. She tried to get it all
but The Rated R Superstar had done a good of job depositing his load into
Lita's shitty depths.

Reluctantly removing her tongue from Lita's ass hole Mickie straightened up
and pressed her strap on to the slowly closing entrance of Lita's bowels.

It was time for Mickie to make a donation of her own into that cum
depository that Lita called an ass hole.

Lita moaned around Edge's cock as Mickie forced the head of her strap on
through her sphincter and began to slowly push the rest of the dildo inside.
The brunette diva advanced slowly, listening out for a particularly fierce
moan from Lita in case it all became too much for her redheaded bitch but
much to her delight Lita, being the total anal slut she was, took the entire
14 inch long dildo up her ass in one long slow thrust.

Mickie gave Lita's butt a few playful slaps as a reward before she took a
firm grip of the redhead's hips and began to saw her huge piece of man made
meat in and out of Lita's incredibly stretched shit hole.

Lita's eyes fluttered as she began to receive her second, and hopefully not
last, butt fucking of the evening, that huge dildo stretching out her shit
locker even more than her boyfriend's cock had. Lita loved butt sex in all
shapes and forms and although she of course preferred to be brutally
buggered her ass was still sore from the pounding Edge had given it so she
had no problem with excepting this gentle sodomy that Mickie was now giving
her. Her ass hole was alive with wonderful feeling as a result of the hard
pounding it had just received and she could feel every slow stroke of that
magnificent dildo as it moved through her bowels, fucking her so

For a time Lita became lost in this gentle sensation, sucking away at Edge's
cock like a baby calf to its mothers teat, when all of a sudden her ass was
given a hard slap. She grimaced at the blow, and had to stop herself from
biting down as another hard blow hit her ass, followed by another, and
another, and another. She groaned and cried under the power of the
brunette's slaps, but ultimately realised in her current position there was
nothing she could do and she let her submissive nature takeover as she
offered up her ass for Mickie to spank.

Mickie had waited for a opportunity for revenge and now she would not be
denied. She had started the butt fucking gently, partly to lull Lita into a
false sense of security, partly to prepare her pooper for what was to come.
Mickie had some sadistic plans for Lita's shit shoot, but right now she was
concentrating on beating the redhead's ass.

Again and again she brought her hand down upon the soft flesh of Lita's
buttocks, watching with glee as the skin turned to a light pink under her
hard slaps.

The easily excitable brunette began to change her tactics of sodomising her
fellow diva, every so often stopping thrusting altogether so she could
deliver some extra hard slaps to the redhead's vulnerable rear end before
restarting her gentle thrusting. Lita, one of her bitches, had forgotten her
place and right now, in front of her boyfriend no less, she was going to put
this bitch in her place.

Some men would have complained if some girl started beating on their
girlfriend. Edge was not one of those men. Edge didn't mind the site he saw
before him. Hell, he was getting off on it.

Normally after receiving an orgasm like he had just had Edge would have
needed quite some time to recover. But not this time. If the feeling of
Lita's talented mouth and tongue on his cock wasn't enough he got to see
this display of really nasty lesbian sex to get his engine running again. He
was taking great pleasure in watching his girlfriend getting spanked by one
of her fellow divas, and the site only inspired him to grab ahold of Lita's
hair and began to force her head to bob faster on his ever growing dick.

The redheaded diva loved it when her man, or any other man for that matter,
used her mouth like a cunt, however she couldn't help feel like she wasn't
performing her duties as Mickie's slut. Normally when Mickie spanked her
Lita would count and thank Mickie for every blow and while she would be
doing this right now her mouth was somewhat preoccupied. It was really hard
for the redhead to decide between Edge's cock and properly respecting
Mickie, but ultimately she decided since she had already pissed off her
female owner it might be a good idea to do what Mickie wanted for a while,
in case she upset the somewhat unpredictable brunette even further.

Reluctantly spitting Edge's cock out of her mouth Lita began to count,
"Oww... one, thank you Mickie..."

Immediately stopping the assault on Lita's ass Mickie reached down, pushed
Edge's hand away and grabbed her redheaded bitch by her hair.

"How fucking dare you!" Mickie screamed, "How fucking dare you insult me
again! I told you to fucking clean Edgey's cock, which means you should be
using that cock depository of a mouth of yours to fucking clean him! Are you
fucking deaf? Get that mouth back on his cock or you'll never know the joy
of my big beautiful girl cock in your ass hole again bitch!"

Lita practically wept at what was a truly terrifying thought for her as she
swallowed her boyfriend's cock in one mighty gulp and began to bob on his
poll harder than ever before.

"Such... a... disrespectful... little... bitch..." Mickie said through
gritted teeth as she offered one vicious slap for every word, before turning
to Edge, "How do you put up with her?"

"Everyday's a chore." Edge moaned as Lita continued to suck his cock with
the power of a vacuum cleaner.

"I bet." Mickie said, her hands now sliding over Lita's bright pink ass
flesh, randomly slapping it whenever the mood struck her, "You wouldn't
believe how hard it is teaching bitches like Lita here their place. I mean
first they have to be broken in, and then they have to be housetrained, and
just when you think your new pet is housebroken she goes ahead and runs her
mouth like Lita did before and before you know it you're having to put them
in their places again. It's exhausting. And you know what? I've been taking
it way too easy on Lita because I actually like her. I haven't beaten her
nearly as much as the others. And I haven't tied her up once. Pity I don't
have any rope on me now. I bet she'd look pretty tied to the bench."

"Others?" Edge said, taking his focus away from the magnificent blow job he
was getting for a second.

"Oh yes Edgey, others. Many, many others. What, did you think Lita was my
only bitch? Oh no, she's just one in a growing collection and pretty soon
I'm going to have every single diva in the WWE eating out of the palm of my
hand." Mickie bragged, as she lined her strap on up with Lita's now closed
up ass hole.

"Bitches around here are all the same. I give them a decent fucking and
their putty in my hands. At least Lita here was smart enough to get on her
knees were she belongs willingly, which is why I've been taking it easy on
her... but not any more. Now I'm going to treat her like she should be
treated... like a bitch!" And with that Mickie slammed through Lita's
already somewhat loosened up shit hole in one mighty thrust causing the
redhead to scream in pleasure and pain around Edge's cock.

Grabbing a tight hold of Lita's hips Mickie began slamming her strap on
through her redheaded bitch's bowels with every ounce of strength she
possessed, as if she was determined to bugger Lita until her ass was
completely ruined.

Mickie had ruined her ass a few times before and Lita had always recovered,
eventually, so the redheaded diva welcomed the brutal sodomy, arching her
back and thrusting herself into the bowel wrecking thrusts in an attempt to
get the magnificent dildo to abuse her ass as ruthlessly as possible, but
just when she was getting into it for no reason whatsoever Mickie pulled her
strap on out of Lita's ass.

The redheaded diva moaned in frustration around Edge's dick.

Following the removal of the 14 inch bitch pleaser Lita felt a fresh round
of slaps being unloaded onto her ass. These slaps were even faster and
harder than the ones before them and before Lita had even the chance to
analyse the pain she was distracted from it by the huge dildo being
reinserted back to the balls inside her shit shoot.

Mickie then proceeded to repeat this process, sometimes continuing to fuck
her up the ass for long periods of time before pulling out and spanking her
once again. There were other times she would spank her for so long that Lita
wondered if Mickie was done butt fucking her. But, sure enough, she would
eventually feel that fake dick's head pressing against her ass hole once
again, before it pushed its way back inside her shit pipe, so that Mickie
could start using the redhead's back passage for her amusement again.

Mickie's plan for putting Lita in her place was simple. Humiliation. It was
surprising how many bitches broke after a healthy dose of humiliation. And
that's exactly what Mickie was going to do. She was going to humiliate Lita
by ruining her ass hole.

Sure Mickie had ruined Lita's ass hole many times before, every time they
were together actually, but she had never done it to her in front of her
boyfriend before. The easily excitable diva was sure that when she had butt
fucked Lita to a quivering wreck in front of her boyfriend Lita would think
twice about ever forgetting her place again. And as an added bonus she was
going to show Edge that while he was free to use Lita, the redhead belonged
to Mickie. And Mickie was going to prove it.

And she was having a lot of fun doing it. Occasionally she would fuck Lita's
ass so long and so hard that the redhead must have been thinking she was
finally going to give her the butt fucking that she so desperately wanted,
but just when they were getting into some serious ass pounding Mickie would
pull out, grinning like crazy as her redheaded bitch moaned in frustration.

Mickie loved the sight of a freshly fucked ass, especially like now when she
had abused the hole so much that it didn't close up properly at first,
leaving the poor abused thing gaping open so she could see directly into her
victim's bowels. As an added bonus the cheeks of Lita's ass were becoming
just abused looking as her shit hole.

Unsatisfied with a shade of pink Mickie had continued to spank Lita until
the poor diva's ass had turned bright red and yet still the ever so slightly
unhinged brunette was continuing to beat her ass in between fucking it.

Lita had received this treatment before and knew exactly what Mickie was
doing. Every time the brunette pulled out of her ass air would fly into her
gaping shit pipe and when Mickie pushed back into her bowels she was forcing
more and more air through her back door. This caused more and more pressure
to build up in her shitty depths to the point where she was experiencing
serious cramps and had to concentrate on not losing control of her ass. And
of course Mickie was making it hard for her to concentrate by continuously
beating her ass. Not to mention the fact that when her ass wasn't being
spanked she received a rush of adrenaline which helped numb the pain in her
ass but also it numbed her control over it and eventually it all caught up
with her and when Mickie pulled out for what felt like the millionth time
she let out a loud belching fart.

Lita wept and Mickie cackled, "You got something to say bitch?"

Removing her mouth from Edge's cock Lita said, "Please fuck me Mickie!"

"Oh you want me to fuck you?" Mickie said grinning, "Aren't you worried
about me ruining your ass?"

"No, ruin me, ruin my ass, please Mickie, I need it!" Lita pleaded.

"If you want it... if you need it... then tell me who owns you?"

"You do Mickie! You own me! I'm your bitch!"

"Good..." Mickie said smirking, "Now tell Edge who owns you?"

Looking at her boyfriend Lita hesitated, but only for a moment, "I'm sorry
baby. I love you, but she owns me."

"Looks like I've succeeded in turning your girlfriend into my bitch," Mickie
said, looking up at The Rated R Superstar, "What do you think about that

Edge looked angry for a moment, but then grinned, "As long as I get to fuck
you both, I'm cool with that."

"Good..." Mickie said, before turning to Lita "You hear that bitch? Your
boyfriend doesn't care if I own you, just as long as he still gets to fuck
you. What do you think about that?"

"I think as long as I get to fuck you both, I'm cool with that." Lita said,
with a smile on her face.

"Are you making fun of me?" Mickie growled.

"No." Lita said, the smile immediately leaving her face.

"You better fucking not be bitch or I'll ruin your ass permanently!" Mickie

"Oh, God yes Mickie, please, ruin my ass permanently! Fuck my ass until I
can't use it properly ever again! Lita begged, "I'm begging you from the
bottom of my worthless heart Mickie, fuck my ass! I'm so sorry I forgot my
place. Please don't punish me any more by denying me the butt fucking I
want. Please don't punish me any more by denying me the butt fucking I need.
Please don't punish me any more by denying me the butt fucking I crave.
Please Mickie, I need it!"

"Then take what you need bitch!" Mickie screamed as she slammed her strap on
into the balls inside Lita's shitter and began to sodomise her with every
ounce of her strength.

Lita cried with joy as she finally got the brutal buggering she had been
dying for. Before she could screamed to much Edge, who had felt his cock was
being neglected shoved himself back inside her mouth. Lita, being the
shameless cock sucker she was, eagerly accepted her boyfriend's man meat and
began furiously sucking on it as her ass was hammered like never before.
Lita’s ass had received some violent abuse before, mostly from Mickie and
Edge, but this butt pounding was putting all of her previous ass fuckings to
shame. It was by far the most brutal sodomising she had ever received, and
she loved every moment of it.

Redoubling her efforts Lita sucked and slobbered all over Edge's cock like
her life depended on it and she slammed herself back against the large anal
invader ruining her rear, not caring that the monster shaft was loosening
her bowels to the point where she couldn't stop obscenely farting as she was
savagely butt fucked.

Mickie ruthlessly pounded into Lita's pooper without the slightest
consideration for her redheaded bitch's well-being whatsoever. Right now, as
far as Mickie was concerned, the former women's champion was nothing but an
orifice which had been put on this earth to be used and abused by her. Lita
was nothing but a piece of meat to her, something to be enjoyed and
savoured. And God knows Mickie was enjoying ruining Lita's ass the same way
she had ruined so many of her other bitches asses when they had gotten out
of line. Of course after years of abuse ruining Lita's ass was not that hard
but still Mickie found that she was getting more pleasure from reducing a
former women's champion to a quivering wreck than from the clit stimulator
inside her strap on itself. And the combination of the two was making it
very hard for her to prevent herself from cumming.

However Mickie had a rule that she refused to cum until she had made her
bitch cum first. It was one thing to beat a bitch into submission, but if
you didn't give them a reward once in awhile, even in this case when Lita
didn't necessarily deserve it, then they would become rebellious and
eventually try and leave her. If Mickie was going to be able to turn all the
WWE's divas into her bitches she was going to have to give them a constant
supply of pain and pleasure, something that she had no problem in doing

The Rated R Superstar found himself constantly changing his focus from his
girlfriend's eager bobbing head to the other diva brutally sodomising her.
For some time he was somewhat unsure which was more arousing to him but as
much as the site of this curvy brunette slamming that huge dildo into his
girl's rear was incredibly erotic, the feeling of Lita's mouth on him ended
up turning his attention back to the fiery redhead.

The term expert cock sucker could by no means do justice to Lita skills
because she knew tricks which Edge had never heard of before. Hell, he
couldn't even fully comprehend them. The one's he could involve Lita taking
him from tip to balls and back again in seconds as the head of his cock slid
in and out of her throat, using it like a fuck hole. And the way her throat
squeezed down on him, the way her mouth sucked at him, the way that her
tongue caressed his shaft, the way her hand cupped his balls, it all made
him feel like he had found heaven on earth inside her mouth.

But sadly, as with all things that feel like heaven on this earth, it must
end and with a long drawn out grown Edge unloaded himself directly down
Lita's gullet.

When he came his cock was buried deep within Lita's throat so the first
blast was directed directly into her stomach. Wanting to taste her man's
juice Lita removed Edge's cock from her mouth until the head was resting on
her tongue. As a result the seamen poured onto her tongue on its way down
her throat giving her the perfect chance to taste it. The flavour made her
go wild with lust and she greedily guzzled it down without missing a drop.
To squeeze every bit of it out of her man's cock she brought her hand up to
stroke the shaft best she could as Mickie continued to pound away at her

Soon Edge shrank inside her and when she was sure he had nothing left to
give her she let him fall out of her mouth so that she could scream out

Lita had been holding off her orgasm so that she could properly swallow her
man's gooey load and now she was sure it was all in her belly she stopped
holding back and allowed herself to cum. One after another she was rocked
with powerful orgasms which left her a complete quivering wreck, un-able to
comprehend anything around her. Her whole world became nothing more than
overwhelming pleasure which seem to originate from her ass hole and travel
all over her body, the instrument that was causing her so much pleasure
taming her in the same way it had done weeks ago.

Seeing her bitch writhing in climax underneath her Mickie finally allowed
her orgasm to wash over her. It was so powerful it almost caused her to stop
pounding Lita's ass. Almost, but not quite. Mickie was too determined to
completely break Lita's ass to stop, and from the disgusting squelching and
obscenely farting noises that were coming from the redhead's battered back
door it sounded like she was doing a good job. To put the explanation point
on putting Lita in her place Mickie squeezed her dildo's balls, releasing
her stored up girl cum deep inside the former women's champion's brutalised
bowels. Never missing a rectum wrecking thrust Mickie filled Lita's ass with
her girly liquid, hopefully reminding the redhead that her ass was her
property to do with as she pleased.

When she was finally satisfied and every drop of her cum was buried in
Lita's back door Mickie pulled out and watched with glee as her redheaded
bitch's body continued to shake violently. For about a minute Lita continued
to break wind over and over again, as she desperately tried to scoop up and
swallow her female owner's cum which was drooling out of her ass.

Eventually when the redhead had finally recovered Mickie stood up and said,
"Clean me!"

It was a simple command which Lita, who couldn't help feeling incredibly
submissive at this point, eagerly obeyed crawling over to Mickie and taking
her soiled strap on into her mouth and began cleaning it with gusto.

Mickie grabbed Lita's bobbing head and lazily used her redheaded bitch's
mouth in the same way she had used her ass hole for a few minutes before
pushing Lita away and addressing Edge who had been watching them.

"Fancy going back to my hotel room to continue this?" Mickie asked.

Edge smiled, "I have a better idea. Why don't you come back to my hotel and
we'll continue this."

Mickie thought about this for a moment.

If they went back to her hotel room she could allow them to use Melina like
the whore she was, but the once feisty Latina was in a delicate stage of her
submission and Mickie was enjoying having her former rival all to herself,
so maybe it was better she went with Edge and Lita.

And besides, she kind of like the idea of leaving Melina were she was right

"Alright." Mickie said as she began to get dressed.

The three superstars put their clothes back on, and walked out of the arena
together for a night that would definitely cheer Edge up.

To be continued...

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