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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 9
by MTL (

WWE smackdown diva Jillian Hall was hesitant to knock on the hotel room door.
Melina was not a patient woman, and normally Jillian would never keep her
owner waiting, but something had seemed a little off about the call she had
received from the woman who had tamed her.

Melina had been puffing and panting the entire time, and although it wasn't
unusual for the sexy Latina to be fucking some chick while making calls it
was unusual that she didn't tell Jillian exactly who she was fucking and how.

Oh well, if something was up there was only one way to find out.

Knocking on the door Jillian stood back and waited. She didn't have to wait
long before the door opened and she got the shock of her life.

There standing before her was the woman who had so easily conquered her
Melina wearing a tiny French maids uniform complete with a little feather

Melina gritted her teeth as she prepared to do what was expected of her,
reminding herself that she was nothing but Mickie's bitch now and did as she
had been told.

Blushing furiously Melina curtsied to her former bitch and said, "My owner is
waiting for you, please follow me."

The once feisty Latina then turned and walked away. Jillian was stunned but
followed the now apparently formerly dominant diva into the hotel room.
Closing the door behind her Jillian followed Melina to the couch in the
centre of the hotel room. Once reaching the chair Melina fell to her knees
and stared down submissively at the floor as her owner patted her now well
trained pet on her head.

"Hello Jillian." Mickie said cheerily as she continued to pet her bitch.

"Hi Mickie," Jillian said in disbelief, "What's going on?"

"Nothing much, I just called you here to discuss your new place in life."

"Oh," Jillian said, unable to take her eyes off Melina, "And what's my new
place in life?"

"Your new place in life is serving me as my bitch." Mickie answered.

"... Ok..." Jillian said, still staring at her former owner, "... And why am
I suddenly your bitch?"

Mickie smiled, "Because your Melina's bitch, and now Melina is my bitch, so
that makes you my bitch."

Jillian's mouth hung open in disbelief. She couldn't believe that Melina,
someone who had always seemed so dominant, had been conquered by little
Mickie James.

Jillian had known Mickie from their time in OVW together, and although they
were never friends Jillian had quite liked the easily excitable brunette. She
had always seemed to be a nice, normal straight girl, much like she herself
had been before Melina got her hands on her. When Melina had told her exactly
what she was going to do to Mickie she had actually felt sorry for her, but
from the looks of it perhaps she should have been feeling sorry for Melina.

"Oh come on Jillian," Mickie said, standing up and walking over to the blonde
Smackdown diva, "Don't pretend you don't want what I can offer you. I know
all about you Jillian. Melina told me about everything she used to do to you.
She told me how you loved every moment of it and begged for more, that you
were her favourite bitch of all of her little Smackdown sluts. She told me
that you were a real lesbian pain slut who just love to be beaten and abused
by a more dominant member of your own sex, that you got off on being treated
like a bitch, and believe me Jillian," Mickie grabbed Jillian by the hair and
pulled the slightly taller woman's head downwards and sideways, forcing her
to lean back, "I've got no problem treating you like a bitch."

With that Mickie kissed Jillian roughly, pushing her tongue into her mouth
and bullying the other woman's tongue with her own. Jillian meekly struggled,
but only for a moment before giving an to her submissive lesbian desires and
happily returning the kiss, allowing Mickie to have her way with her. Mickie
was a really good kisser and whether she knew it or not she had practically
already conquered Jillian with just her lips, although the dominant attitude
towards the Smackdown diva was also causing the submissive blonde's knees to
go weak.

Finally breaking the kiss Mickie asked, "Now, who's bitch are you?"

"Yours." Jillian said, panting as a smile crossed her face, "I'm your bitch."

Mickie smiled widely and through Jillian down on the couch with ease before
mounting her. Jillian was surprised at Mickie's strength but didn't really
get a chance to over think it before her lips were captured by the dominating
brunette and her tongue was in for the fight of its life again. The Virginia
native enjoyed kissing her latest conquest but was still horny from the pussy
licking she had been receiving from Melina before Jillian had arrived, and
wasn't really in the mood for too much foreplay. She was however in the mood
to play with Jillian's big boobs. Mickie loved her bitches to be nicely
curved, with nice big fuck-able butts and nice big squeeze and suck-able
boobs, and Jillian had both of those qualities. But it was her new bitch's
breasts Mickie was interested in right now.

Reaching down Mickie pulled Jillian's shirt upwards and after breaking the
kiss the submissive blonde eagerly lifted her arms up to allow Mickie to
remove her shirt. Mickie quickly tossed the shirt and began kissing Jillian
again. Reaching round her conquest's back Mickie expertly removed Jillian's
bra before throwing it aside with less care than the shirt. She then broke
the lip lock and kissed down Jillian's neck on her way down to the blondes
bountiful bosom. Grabbing two handfuls of breasts Mickie cupped a nipple into
her mouth and sucked on it hungrily before repeating the same process with
the other nipple.

The submissive Smackdown diva moaned as her new owner happily sucked her
nipple to hardness, her gentle hands expertly caressing her as she did so,
driving the blonde crazy. Lots of women had bad boob jobs, and Jillian's tits
may have looked fake, and they were, but they felt real enough to Mickie, and
the sensations Jillian was feeling were certainly real.

When Mickie had finally had her fill of Jillian's tits she got off the blonde
long enough to more or less tear her jeans off of her, giving the Smackdown
diva just long enough to slip out of her high-heeled shoes, before she found
herself completely naked on the couch.

Mickie practically drooled as she admired her prize.

The easily excitable brunette licked her lips hungrily as she admired the
busty beauties round full figure, and imagined all the nasty little things
she was going to do to her latest in a long line of conquests.

Mickie considered diving face first into Jillian's pussy, but decided she
wanted to tease her new bitch some more first so she climbed back on top of
her and shoved her tongue down the blonde's throat again. The blonde was
eager to respond, as Mickie grabbed a generous handful of her tits again, but
the kiss didn't last too long, because Mickie was extremely horny at this
point and couldn't wait to get to Jillian's big boobs again, and she didn't.
Not too long after the kiss had begun Mickie broke it off, made her way
quickly down Jillian's neck before latching on to one of her nipples and
sucking on it for all she was worth. Jillian moaned as Mickie went back and
forth between her tits, expertly manipulating the nipple that wasn't in her
mouth with the fingers of one hand while she used the other to feed herself
the nipple she was sucking on.

The RAW diva spent a long time worshipping Jillian's busty bosom, before
finally kneeling in front of her so she could kiss her way down her flat
stomach towards the hot honey hole which lay between the blonde's legs.
Mickie could smell Jillian's arousal and it drove her crazy but she remained
strong. She wanted to hear her new bitch beg for her tongue and she knew she
wouldn't have to wait long, and she didn't.

No sooner had she began kissing Jillian's inner thighs the horny Smackdown
diva began to beg, "Oh please Mickie, lick me, lick my pussy, please, I need
it, I need it really, really bad, please!"

"Oh, my bitch wants me to lick her pussy does she?" Mickie taunted.

"Yes, oh god yes!" Jillian practically whimpered.

"Say it! Say Mickie, your bitch wants you to lick her pussy!" Mickie

"Mickie your bitch wants you to lick her pussy!" Jillian parroted.

"Good bitch!" Mickie said smiling, before she dived face first into Jillian's
pussy and stuck her tongue as deep into the blonde's snatch as it would go.

Jillian let out a long drawn out moan as Mickie's tongue slid into her. That
moan became even louder as Mickie wrapped her lips around Jillian's pussy and
began to gently suck at her needy hole, while at the same time slowly sliding
her tongue in and out of her dripping love channel.

The blonde loved Mickie's soft tongue and hoped that the RAW diva knew how to
use it.

As Melina's favourite pet Jillian had been eaten out by every diva on the
smackdown roster and her former owner had been an expert at eating pussy so
Jillian was very experienced at getting a good pussy licking and just hoped
her new owner would be able to live up to the very high standard she had
become used too.

Mickie had every intention of showing her new bitch exactly what she could do
with her tongue.

She had planned on going slow at first, but she had already had her fill of
foreplay with Jillian's big tits and was now eager to give the blonde a
tongue fucking but she would never forget.

Twirling her tongue inside Jillian's pussy Mickie was able to find every
single sensitive spot inside the smackdown diva's cunt in seconds.

It was almost like Melina had given Mickie a roadmap of Jillian's insides.

Once Mickie knew exactly where and when to touch those sensitive areas she
began to pick up her speed inside Jillian's cunt until she was tongue fucking
the blonde at lightning speed, her mouth sucking the sweet pussy juice is
down her gullet like a vacuum cleaner.

Before she had become Melina's bitch Jillian had never really considered
being with a girl before.

Since being enslaved by the Latina beauty she couldn't help wonder to herself
why not?

A woman's mouth and tongue were always so soft, and even a girl with no pussy
licking experience could get her off if that girl was forced in between her
legs. Thanks to Melina's fetish for seducing and conquering straight girls
she knew that now for a fact. And a girl who knew what she was doing when it
came to eating pussy could make another girl cum harder and faster with their
mouths than most men could make a woman cum with their dicks. And to
Jillian's delight Mickie certainly seemed to know what she was doing when it
came to eating pussy.

The RAW diva was playing Jillian's pussy like a musical instrument, hitting
all these wonderful high notes which made the blonde squirm in pleasure, but
just when Jillian thought she was about to cum Mickie would slow things down,
just enough to pull her back from the brink before sending her back there and
repeating the process. It was driving Jillian crazy and she didn't know how
much more she could take.

Mickie was having a lot of fun with Jillian's pussy, but she wanted her new
bitch to scream and beg for the right to cum. When breaking a new bitch in it
was always important to show them who's boss right from the start. Mickie had
done that thoroughly with Melina and now she was doing the same thing to

It wasn't long before Jillian cried out, "Please Mickie, I need to cum. Oh
please, can I cum?"

"My bitch wants to cum does she?" Mickie taunted as she removed her mouth
momentarily from Jillian's wet love hole.

"Yes!" Jillian moaned.

"Well than she better beg for it then!" Mickie said, "My bitch better beg me
for the privilege of being able to cum!"

"Oh Mickie, please, let your bitch cum. Your bitch needs to cum so bad.
Please, your bitch will do anything for you if you just let her cum!"



"Ok then," Mickie said, diving back down to Jillian's pussy, "But I intend to
collect on that!"

Jillian moaned a thank you as Mickie buried her face back into her pussy and
started tongue fucking her harder than ever.

It didn't take long for the smackdown diva to let out a deafening scream as a
powerful climax rocked her body. She shook violently as her cream poured out
of her cunt, into Mickie's mouth and down the RAW diva's throat.

There was so much of it that even a expert rug muncher like Mickie just
couldn't get all of it and the blonde's cum soon covered the brunette's face.
That didn't stop the cunt hungry diva from greedily guzzling as much of the
yummy girl cum as she possibly could, swallowing that sweet girl liquid down
with glee.

Once Jillian's orgasm had subsided and Mickie had cleaned the blonde's cunt
of any remaining cream she finally looked up again at her latest conquest,
licking her cum coated lips.

"Mmmmm, tasty." Mickie said as she stood up and removed her top, skirt, bra
and panties, "Now I think it's about time you returned the favour, don't you

Without needing any more encouragement Jillian slid off the couch onto her
knees and buried her face into Mickie's pussy.

Mickie let out a long moan and grab the back of the blonde's head, shoving it
deeper into her pussy. She just loved to feel a new bitch's tongue inside her
for the first time, to feel it slide through her inner walls, finding the
most sensitive parts of her, learning the best way to give her pleasure. And
Jillian's tongue really did feel great inside her pussy. It didn't surprise
Mickie in the slightest that it didn't take long for Jillian to find the
sweetest of sweet spots inside her and start playing her pussy like a fine
instrument, all the while her mouth sucking at her oh so wonderfully. From
what Melina told her Jillian was one first-class little muff diver, and
Mickie was happy to find that her Latina bitch hadn't been exaggerating.

Jillian was seeing just how deep she could shove her tongue into Mickie, her
head bobbing back and forth as she tongue fucked her new owner. Since
becoming Melina's bitch Jillian had developed a serious craving for cunt, and
as much as she had enjoyed munching on her owner's rug she loved tasting a
different woman for the first time, and Mickie certainly had a yummy taste.
The RAW diva was delicious and Jillian hoped that her new owner would use her
mouth for pleasure just as much if not more than her old owner had.

As she continued to enjoy the head she was receiving Mickie looked over to
where Melina was still obediently knelt, waiting for her next order like the
good little bitch Mickie had trained her to be. The easily excitable brunette
smiled wickedly.

"You like watching this bitch?" Mickie asked the enslaved brunette, "You like
watching your little girlfriend eat my pussy?"

"Yes Mickie, I like watching my little girlfriend eat your pussy!" Melina
answered her owner, blushing furiously and hating herself for loving this

"Aren't you just a little bit upset that your former bitch is so willing to
be my bitch?" asked Mickie.

"No Mickie," Melina said, speaking the words she had been trained to say,
"Everything I ever owned now belongs to you, because I belong to you. I'm
your bitch."

"That's right Melina, your my bitch and you and everything you ever had
belongs to me, which includes Jillian here and her sweet tongue." Mickie
smiled wickedly, "And speaking of sweet tongues why don't you come over here
and bury that sweet tongue of yours up my ass hole while your former bitch
eats my pussy, that way I can have both my little bitches pleasure me at the
same time!"

Melina obeyed, crawling on her hands and knees behind Mickie as, much to her
shame, her pussy ran like a river at the thought of bringing pleasure to her
owner. Once Melina had reached her destination she knelt before Mickie's ass
and spread her owner's butt cheeks with both hands before pressing her tongue
to the RAW diva's shit hole, twirling it around the sensitive area before
trying to push her way in. It was a tight squeeze but eventually Mickie's
back door relaxed and opened to allow Melina's tongue to slide inside her
owner's butt hole.

"Ooooh, that's it Melina, just like that, shove your tongue up my ass hole
you little bitch." Mickie groaned, as she reached back and grabbed Melina by
her hair, pushing her face into her ass, "Clean my shit shoot you little
whore! Shove your little dyke tongue up my ass you fucking butt cleaner! Lick
my poop hole clean while your little girlfriend eats me!"

The once feisty Latina did as she was told, shoving her tongue as deep into
Mickie's ass as it would go, her lips wrapping around her former nemesis's
butt hole in an attempt to bring her owner more pleasure.

Melina used to love licking ass. She used to love shoving her tongue up
another woman's ass and rimming her out, because moments later she knew she
would be shoving a huge strap on up that woman's ass and turning that woman
into her bitch. Oh how she loved turning women into her bitches. But now she
had been conquered by a more dominant female. She had become another woman's
bitch and now she only licked ass to bring pleasure to the woman who had
conquered her, her now former rival Mickie James, and to her shame Melina had
come to love bringing Mickie pleasure.

While Melina was wallowing in her defeat as she rimmed Mickie's ass hole
Jillian was happily eating her fellow diva out, the whole time revelling in
her new role as Mickie's bitch.

Even before she knew she liked girls Jillian had been very submissive at
heart, often allowing her former boyfriend's to dominate her as they wished,
but now the blonde new her true place in life was kneeling before a superior
woman and doing anything she could to bring that superior woman pleasure. And
oh how she loved to bring a superior woman pleasure. It was what she lived
for. It was her purpose in life. She had served Melina like a faithful pet,
but now Melina, who had been superior to her any way, had been conquered by
an even more superior woman, and the thought of being the bitch of a superior
woman who conquered and tamed other superior women and turned them into her
bitches was an incredible turn on for Jillian, and it only made the blonde
try and please Mickie harder.

Using her right hand to push Jillian's face into her pussy and her left hand
to push Melina's face into her ass Mickie began thrusting her hips back and
forth in time with her pushes so every time she brought Jillian's face deeper
into her cunt she would thrust her hips forwards and every time she pushed
Melina's face deeper into her butt she would thrust backwards. This brought
her even more pleasure than before, and that was saying something. Both of
her bitches were very good with their tongues and Mickie was very happy that
she had such good little sluts to pleasure her. She moaned, groaned and swore
as those tongues DP'ed her greedy holes, driving her towards her inevitable

Eventually after holding out for a while so she could fully enjoy the
pleasure those two tongues were bringing her Mickie allowed herself to go
over the edge, her pussy and ass hole clenching down on Jillian's and
Melina's tongues respectively as stars flew past her eyes and her body
tingled. The sensations were only made better for Mickie knowing that she had
two great female wrestlers kneeling before her bringing her this pleasure,
both of whom she had conquered and turned into her pussy eating, ass licking

Mickie's cum poured out of her hole and down Jillian's throat as the
smackdown diva greedily swallowed as much of the creamy liquid as possible.
The blonde had thought Mickie's pussy juice had tasted sweet, but this stuff
was almost unbelievably beyond sweet. It was intoxicating, and delicious, and
Jillian just couldn't get enough. Unfortunately even though she had had a lot
of practice at eating pussy by now there was just too much of it and a good
portion of the cream ended up covering her face.

For Melina there was no creamy reward for her efforts, but she was mostly
just happy that she had been able to please her owner, even if part of her
hated herself for that fact. God she had become so domesticated.

When her orgasm was finally over Mickie pushed Jillian and Melina away and
said, "Wow, that was great. Now, you two bitches follow me. We're not even
half done having fun. And don't you even think about standing in my presence
until I give you permission too. Come on, I want to see you bitches crawl,
crawl after your owner like the good little pets you are!"

Jillian and Melina did as they were told, crawling after their owner as she
walked from the main room of the hotel suite into the bedroom where she
intended to spend the rest of the night putting them through their paces.

Reaching the bed Mickie sat down and told her pets, "Melina, stay where you
are and watch as I break in your little girlfriend and turn her into my
bitch. Jillian, come over here and kneel before me."

Melina knelt where she was and watched as her former bitch crawled over to
where Mickie was sitting and kneeled before her new owner, eagerly awaiting
her next instructions.

"You have got some great boobs bitch!" Mickie said lustfully, as she began to
shamelessly cup and grope Jillian's breasts.

"Thank you Mickie." Jillian replied, happy at her praise before she cried out
in pain as Mickie gave both her tits a hard slap.

"Now, I'm going to add a little colour to these boobs." Mickie said, as she
brought both her hands down on Jillian's tits again, "And you're going to
count and thank me for each one of these aren't you bitch?"

"Yes Mickie, oww... one, thank you Mickie... oww... two, thank you Mickie...
oww... three, thank you Mickie... oww... four, thank you Mickie... oww...
five, thank you Mickie..."

Jillian had been well trained and she knew better than to start off with any
number other than one. She also knew better than to ask how many spanks she
would receive. After all it was not for her, a lowly bitch, to decide such
things. It was up to the dominant female who Jillian was lucky enough to have
using her body for pleasure. So the busty blonde happily remained kneeling in
front of her new owner, her chest sticking out proudly to receive its

"Oww... eighteen, thank you Mickie... oww... nineteen, thank you Mickie...
oww... twenty, thank you Mickie... oww... twenty one, thank you Mickie...
oww... twenty two, thank you Mickie..."

Mickie was impressed with Jillian's behaviour as she punished her tits. Sure
she was being a little gentle, at least at first, with the blonde but even
when she began slapping her harder Jillian took it all without complaining.
Melina had obviously done a good job of training Jillian in the art of
submission, and Mickie couldn't wait to further test her new bitch's

"Oww... forty six, thank you Mickie... oww... forty seven, thank you
Mickie... oww... forty eight, thank you Mickie... oww... forty nine, thank
you Mickie... oww... fifty, thank you Mickie..."

"That was fun, now let's move on." Mickie said, getting up and pointing to
the bed, "Lay down on the bed, facedown, legs over the sides, butt stuck in
the air!"

Once Jillian was in position Mickie walked over to her travelling bag, took
out some goodies and then return to the bed. Grabbing one of Jillian's arms
Mickie tied a rope tightly round the blonde's right wrist before attaching
the other end to one of the bedposts, and repeating this process with the
other arm with another piece of rope, making sure to secure it tightly enough
so that the Smackdown diva could not possibly move her arms. She then
attached a spreader bar to Jillian's legs to further decrease the blonde's
move ability.

When she was sure that Jillian wasn't going anywhere Mickie got behind her
bound bitch and started playing with her full round ass, her hands squeezing
and caressing the blonde's butt cheeks as her hands slid all over the soft
flesh she found there.

"You've got a nice ass too slut." Mickie said as she continued to grope
Jillian's butt cheeks.

"Thank you Mickie." Jillian said, before she cried out again as Mickie gave
her butt a hard slap.

"Count bitch!"

"Yes Mickie, oww... one, thank you Mickie... oww... two, thank you Mickie...
oww... three, thank you Mickie... oww... four, thank you Mickie... oww...
five, thank you Mickie..."

Just as before Jillian was the perfect submissive, remaining still at all
times, never missing a single count or forgetting to thank her owner for
every wonderful slap, even when Mickie began to violently increase the speed
of the spanking in an attempt to try and break the blonde's concentration.
But Jillian knew her place and the harder Mickie spanked her the more Jillian
loved her new owner for it.

"Oww... eighteen, thank you Mickie... oww... nineteen, thank you Mickie...
oww... twenty, thank you Mickie... oww... twenty one, thank you Mickie...
oww... twenty two, thank you Mickie..."

Although she may have been trying to take it a little easy on Jillian's tits
Mickie showed her new bitch's butt absolutely no mercy whatsoever. Slap after
slap, blow after blow, Mickie brought her hand down upon the busty blonde's
butt cheeks, taking great pleasure from the little cries Jillian gave in
between counting the spanks and thanking her for them. The soft flesh of
Jillian's ass slowly turned a light pink under Mickie's spanks, and then a
dark pink, and then finally after some particularly vicious slaps a nice rosy
red. Mickie really did love to watch a bitch's skin change colour during a
spanking, especially when it was her butt. It was like the bitch's own body
was submitting to her a little more with every strike. Of course in Jillian's
case it was hard for her to become even more submissive, but much to Mickie's
amusement the blonde seem to find a way.

"Oww... forty six, thank you Mickie... oww... forty seven, thank you
Mickie... oww... forty eight, thank you Mickie... oww... forty nine, thank
you Mickie... oww... fifty, thank you Mickie..."

Once Mickie was done with Jillian's butt the RAW diva slid her hands over the
sore beaten skin of the blonde's ass before making its way down to her pussy.
Jillian cooed as Mickie's fingertips traced the lips of her cunt softly, and
then screamed out in pain as the brunette brought her hand down hard upon her

"Count bitch!"

"Yes Mickie, oww... one, thank you Mickie... oww... two, thank you Mickie...
oww... three, thank you Mickie... oww... four, thank you Mickie... oww...
five, thank you Mickie..."

Like the butt spanking before it Mickie's blows were random in both timing
and force. Unlike the butt spanking every single one of Mickie's blows felt
like agony to the busty blonde. This was obviously a far more painful form of
torture but Jillian was determined to take it without complaining. Melina had
done this to her many times and although she hated it the blonde knew it was
not up to her to decide what she received. It was up to her owner, and she
had to prove to her new owner that she understood that. So, as best she could
with her hands tied, Jillian gripped tightly to the bed sheets and gritted
her teeth and accepted the punishment her new owner was giving her.

"Oww... eighteen, thank you Mickie... oww... nineteen, thank you Mickie...
oww... twenty, thank you Mickie... oww... twenty one, thank you Mickie...
oww... twenty two, thank you Mickie..."

Once again Mickie was impressed with Jillian self-control as she continued to
spank her cunt. A lot of girls in the past had complained when it got to this
stage, which was understandable, but Mickie would settle for nothing less
than complete and utter submission from her bitches, and she had no problem
teaching them that the hard way if necessary. However this was one lesson
Jillian seemed to already know and Mickie had no doubt where the blonde had
learned this. It seemed Melina had made Mickie's quest to enslave all the WWE
divas a lot easier for her. She would have to thank her Latina bitch later
with a good hard fucking, but for now she just wanted to concentrate on
breaking in Jillian as her latest in a long line of conquests.

"Oww... forty six, thank you Mickie... oww... forty seven, thank you
Mickie... oww... forty eight, thank you Mickie... oww... forty nine, thank
you Mickie... oww... fifty, thank you Mickie..."

"Ok that's enough of that," Mickie said, turning to her brunette bitch,
"Melina, go and get my strap on from out of my bag."

"Yes Mickie." Melina said submissively, as she did what she was told,
crawling over to Mickie's travelling bag and retrieving her owner's strap on.

When she pulled the dildo out of Mickie's bag Melina couldn't help but
cringe. It was the massive 14 inch strap on, the same one which Mickie had
used to conquer her. To her shame she felt her pussy grow moist at the memory
of having her cunt and ass being split open by the giant dildo and the once
dominating Latina could not deny her desire to be taken by this monster

Not wanting to keep her owner weighting Melina returned to Mickie's side,
holding the dildo in her mouth as she crawled along the floor, just as she
had been trained to do. Once reaching the feet of the woman who had conquered
her Melina removed the dildo from her mouth and knelt on her knees so she
could hold the harness open.

"May I please attach your girl cock Mickie?" Melina asked, keeping her head
lowered, understanding that a lowly bitch like herself should not look into
the eyes of their owners unless told too.

"You may." Mickie said, stepping into the harness and allowing Melina to pull
it up and strap it around her waist.

Once the harness was securely around her waist Mickie grabbed a firm hold of
the back of Melina's head with her left hand as she used the right to grip to
the base of her newly attached shaft and press it to her bitch's lips.

Understanding what was expected of her Melina opened her mouth and allowed
her owner's strap on access to her oral cavity. The shaft was quickly pushed
to the back of her throat, and with a little more pressure, was forced
further. Melina had to relax her gag reflex so she wouldn't choke as Mickie's
strap on slid down her throat. Eventually the dildo's fake balls came to rest
against Melina's chin, announcing that the RAW diva had managed to slide all
14 inches of her massive strap on down her Smackdown bitch's throat.

There was a pause before Mickie let go of the back of her bitch's head and
slapped her around the face. The combination of the sudden absence of
pressure on the back of her head and the slap caused Melina to automatically
remove her mouth from the dildo, gasping for air only to suddenly realise she
may have made a mistake.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing bitch?" Mickie growled, grabbing the
back of Melina's head again and shoving her strap on into the Latina's open
mouth, "Get your mouth back on my girl cock you stupid whore! And start
fucking sucking that dick! You want me to fuck your little girlfriend dry?
Well it doesn't matter what you want, cause what I want is for you to use
your stupid slut mouth to lube up my girl cock so I can shove it up your
girlfriend's slutty pussy and loose ass hole and make her my bitch, you know,
just like I made you my bitch! You got that whore?"

Melina didn't answer. She wouldn't have answered even if she hadn't got a 14
inch cock stuffing her throat. It was not her place to answer. Mickie had
taught her that. Her place was on her knees, serving her betters, and that's
exactly what she intended to do now.

The submissive nature Mickie had brought out of Melina told the once
dominating brunette that getting slapped was totally her fault. She should
have been sucking her owner's strap on, not concentrating on breathing.
Melina just hoped that her owner would punish her for her disobedience later
but would not deny her the privilege of worshipping the strap on which had
taught the once feisty Latina her proper place.

Eager to show her devotion to the thing Mickie had used to conquer her Melina
began frantically bobbing her head on the huge dildo, slobbering all over it
as it moved in and out of her cock hungry throat. Her eagerness however was
apparently not enough for Mickie who grabbed the back of her head roughly and
began to saw her strap on in and out of Melina's gullet, gradually increasing
the pace, using her smackdown bitch's mouth as a cunt. For a moment Melina
thought of struggling, but then quickly reminded herself of her place and
became limp, allowing Mickie to turn her into a face pussy.

After several minutes of brutal throat fucking Mickie decided she'd had
enough of using Melina as a face pussy and pulled her strap on out of her
bitch's mouth, tossing the gasping and choking Melina aside to advance on the
bound body of Jillian Hall.

Kneeling behind her latest victim Mickie quickly spat on Jillian's pussy,
which she had only finished beating a few minutes ago, before pressing her
strap on to the entrance of the smackdown diva's love channel and began to
force her way inside. The head parted Jillian's pussy lips fairly easily and
was greeted by a moan from the blonde as her dripping hole excepted the tip
of her new owner's strap on. Mickie smiled as she slowly slid her dildo into
Jillian, not moving too quickly, wanting to give her latest conquest plenty
of time to adjust to the size but it wasn't too long before she was balls
deep inside her new bitch's pussy.

Not really that surprising. In fact Mickie was surprised it took as long as
it did to get all the way inside Jillian and that the blonde's cunt was as
tight as it was. From the way Melina had described Jillian's pussy and how
her Latina bitch had reminisced about pounding it Mickie had been expecting
the blonde to be much looser, so if anything this was a nice surprise.

After giving Jillian some quite possibly un-needed time to relax Mickie
grabbed hold of the blonde diva's hips and began to slowly remove the strap
on until it was out about halfway before pushing it all the way back in and
repeating the process, slowly working up a steady rhythm, fucking her latest
conquest like the bitch she was.

Mickie just loved to break in a new bitch.

In all honesty she normally preferred it when they put up a fight like Melina
and Trish but once in awhile she did like it when a bitch was quick and eager
to accept her new place in life like Jillian was.

The busty blonde was already starting to thrust back against the invading
girl dick as it pounded into her, or at least thrusting back against her as
best she could given her current situation. Still the smackdown diva was
showing nothing but absolute submission and Mickie couldn't help find it in
dearing which only made the bubbly brunette increase the pace of her fucking
until she was practically pound fucking her new bitch.

Jillian had loved being Melina's bitch but it was clear her old owner had
been broken by a superior woman and submitting to the woman who had turned
her old owner into her bitch was an incredible thrill for the busty blonde.

As an added bonus Mickie was packing a seriously big strap on, just the kind
Melina had used to stretch Jillian's holes out with, and just the kind
Jillian liked.

It was also clear that Mickie knew how to use it, however being owned by
Melina had turned Jillian into a total slut who needed a good hard fucking
whenever she could get it and the smackdown diva could tell that Mickie was
holding back. And Jillian didn't want Mickie to hold back. She wanted her new
owner to pound fuck her like the worthless slut she was.

"Oooooo Mickie, please fuck me, fuck me hard!" Jillian begged, before
grinning as an idea popped into her head that just might get Mickie to fuck
her the way she wanted to be fucked, "Fuck me harder than Melina!"

"Melina! You want me to fuck you harder than Melina? Is that all? I mean,
that's not much, considering I turned Melina into my pathetic little bitch!"
Mickie laughed, before turning to the conquered Latina, "Isn't that right

"Yes, that's right Mickie, you turned me into your pathetic little bitch."
Melina replied, once again unable to stop herself from saying what ever
Mickie wanted her to say in an attempt to please her owner, "I'm nothing but
your pathetic little bitch now. I'm nothing but Mickie James's pathetic
little bitch."

"You hear that Jillian? Do you still want me to fuck you harder than a
pathetic little bitch?"

"No, I want you to fuck me as hard as you can fuck me!"

"Really, that hard, are you sure you can take it?"

"I can take it!"

"Then beg for it bitch, begged me to fuck you as hard as I can!"

"Oh Mickie, please fuck me, fuck me hard!" Jillian pleaded, as she thrust
herself back against the invading dildo, "Fuck me with your big hard girl
cock! I want to be fucked by your big hard girl cock! I need to be fucked by
your big hard girl cock! I crave to be fucked by your big hard girl cock!
Please Mickie, take my slut pussy and stretch it out! Melina stretched me out
before but I know you can stretch me out even more! Please Mickie, fuck me
better than my old owner could dream of fucking me. Show that wannabe Dom how
a real woman fucks a bitch! I know you probably already showed her when you
turned her into your bitch, but she was probably too busy cumming on your big
hard girl cock to notice how much better you are than her! So why don't you
show her right now by busting my cunt wide open and stretching me out and
fucking me like never before!"

Jillian's shameless sucking up and challenge had the desired effect and the
blonde smackdown diva's words became lost in moans as Mickie began pounding
into her harder than she had been ever pounded before.

Mickie decided she had stretched out Jillian long enough, if in fact the
blonde slut could be stretched out any more, and it was now time for some
serious fucking.

Of course she could have started pound fucking Jillian before the blonde had
started whining if she had wanted to, but she had wanted to hear her new
bitch beg for it.

Mickie loved to hear a woman submit to her, to beg for more, to beg for her,
to beg for her to give her the type of fucking that only she could give.

As an added bonus she loved the idea of fucking Jillian better than Melina
could right in front of her enslaved rival, just to add insult to injury,
just to let Melina know that not only had she been conquered by Mickie but
now everything Melina ever owned now belong to the easily excitable brunette.

The sight of her owner pounding her former bitch was incredibly arousing and
Melina desperately wanted to be able to touch herself but she knew she
couldn't. No pleasure unless Mickie said so. And the once dominating Latina
couldn't bear the thought of disobeying the woman who had conquered her and
shown her the joy of submission. So she stayed there, on her knees, watching
her former bitch getting fucked by a superior woman, all the while finding
herself incredibly jealous of Jillian and hoping that she would be next.

Jillian moaned, groaned and writhed best she could in her bonds as she
received the fucking of a lifetime.

Even before being bought up to smackdown Jillian was no stranger to a hard
fucking. Of coarse when she had met Melina she had to redefine her definition
of hard fucking. Her old owner had stretched her out and fucked her like no
man ever had.

If that wasn't enough the blonde was constantly getting pimped out by Melina
to everyone else on the smackdown roster. However the fucking skill of the
entire roster of smackdown apparently couldn't measure up to that of Mickie
James. Hell the only person who had fucked her even half as good was Melina
and although Jillian couldn't believe she was saying this, or rather thinking
this, but Mickie was better, and that was saying something.

The pounding she received was so rough and powerful that when her orgasm
finally came Jillian felt like Mickie was literally forcing her to climax.
Jillian fought it off as best she for a while so she could enjoy this
wonderful fucking but eventually everything caught up with her and she came
with the power of a tidal wave. Her orgasm rocked her body, causing her to
shake violently in her bonds, but Mickie didn't stop. Jillian's new owner
continued to pound her until she was able to squeeze another orgasm out of
her, and then another, and then another and then another.

As Jillian was cumming like a mad fool Mickie was holding back an orgasm of
her own, wanting to get as many orgasms out of Jillian before she came but
inevitably the excitable brunette just couldn't hold back. Luckily years of
fucking women into submission had given Mickie incredible stamina, and she
was able to power through, continuing to fuck Jillian as hard as she could,
not even slowing her pace when she reached down to squeeze her dildo's balls
to release the liquid inside. The liquid in question was as always her cum
which shot through her strap on and into Jillian's pussy, marking that pussy
as her territory and Jillian as her bitch. The blonde was now just another
piece of pussy for Mickie to use and abuse as she saw fit. God Mickie loved
enslaving women and turning them into her property.

Once every drop of the liquid was inside the blonde Mickie fucked Jillian to
just one more climax before pulling out for some much-needed respite.

Puffing and panting Mickie grabbed Melina by the hair and shoved her brunette
bitch into her new blonde bitch's ass.

"Prepare her ass hole for my cock bitch!" Mickie said, as she staggered round
the side of the bed.

Melina immediately went to work, sliding her tongue over and around Jillian's
ass hole before forcing her way inside, wanting to give her former bitch the
best rim job possible so that her owner might find it easier to butt fuck
her. The once feisty brunette had rimmed a lot of ass hole in preparation for
a butt fucking, although in the past she had always been the one doing the
butt fucking. Now she was just preparing a bitch's ass hole to be pounded by
her wonderful owner.

"Open wide bitch." Mickie told Jillian, as she pressed the tip of her strap
on to the blonde's lips.

Eager to obey Jillian opened her mouth wide to accept the strap on covered in
her pussy juices into her mouth, allowing Mickie to slide it all the way into
the back of her throat and then further. The busty smackdown diva relaxed her
throat muscles to allow the huge shaft to slide down her gullet until the
empty balls of the dildo came to rest against her chin. She was given little
time to rest before Mickie grabbed the back of her head and saw her strap on
in and out of Jillian's throat, gently at first but soon picking up speed,
until she was slam fucking Jillian's face, using it like a cunt.

Jillian's hands and feet were securely tied. She could not move so she
couldn't stop the misuse of her throat even if she wanted too, which she
didn't. She honestly believed that as property of Mickie she had no right not
to accept her owner using her for whatever she wanted. So as far as Jillian
was concerned if Mickie wanted to throat fuck her then she would be a willing
face pussy. Besides it wasn't all bad. Her throat was used to being used as a
fuck hole and it did eventually adapt to its abuse enough so she could start
sucking on the invading poll like the subservient little bitch she was.

And as she gave her new owner pleasure with her mouth her old owner gave her
pleasure with her mouth.

Melina had wrapped her lips around Jillian's ass hole and was sucking away
furiously, the whole time machine gunning her tongue through that somehow
still tight ring in a further attempt to make it easier for her owner to
pound her former bitch's butt. It wasn't that she doubted Mickie's butt
fucking skills, she had now been on the receiving end of far too many
wonderful ass rammings herself courtesy of her old rival and now owner to be
deluded enough to think that Mickie wasn't going to be able to easily
sodomise Jillian, it was just that despite her best butt fucking efforts
Jillian's ass hole had remained pretty tight and Melina was determined to
make Jillian's back door so soft and loose with her mouth and tongue that
Mickie's strap on would slide right inside like a knife through butter.

Mickie fucked Jillian's throat, her fingernails digging into the blonde's
scalp as she enjoyed the sounds of the dildo's fake balls slapping off her
chin and the gargling and choking noises her new bitch was making.

Melina had been right, Jillian's mouth did make a good pussy.

Almost as good a pussy as Melina's mouth.

But Mickie was already tired of fucking Jillian's mouth. She wanted some ass.

"Ok, backup bitch!" Mickie said, finally pulling out of Jillian's throat and
strolling menacingly round the bed, stopping only briefly to replace her
dildo's balls with a fresh pair that lay on the bedside table, "This slut has
been lubed up enough and it's time for me to get a piece of her ass!"

The once dominating Latina submissively removed her tongue from Jillian's ass
hole and crawled away, allowing her owner to kneel behind Jillian and press
the tip of her dildo against the blonde's back door.

Mickie took a second to savour the moment. She just loved sinking her strap
on into a new piece of ass for the first time, and although this was probably
one of her easiest conquests she still got a great sense of satisfaction when
she began to apply pressure to Jillian's ass hole and saw her new bitch's
butt hole relaxed in acceptance of its fate, and allow the head of her strap
on to slide through it. Mickie began feeding inch after inch of hard girl
dick into her fellow diva's rectum, giving her latest victim's shit pipe
plenty of time to relax in between each inch. It didn't take long for
Mickie's hips to come to rest against the blonde's butt, announcing she had
managed to sink every single inch of her huge 14 inch strap on into Jillian's
ass hole.

Once again this was not that surprising to Mickie. From what her Latina bitch
Melina had told her she was even more surprised that Jillian's back passage
was as tight as it was. In fact it might be actually tighter than her pussy
which was amazing considering how much Melina had told Mickie that she had
pounded Jillian's pooper. Mickie had made her Latina bitch tell her about
every place and every position the smackdown brunette had taken her blonde
bitch, as Mickie had sodomised Melina, reminding the once dominant diva that
she was now nothing more than her bitch. And now it was time for Mickie to
butt fuck Jillian into submission and show the blonde diva that she too was
nothing but her bitch.

Tightening her already firm hold of Jillian's hips Mickie slowly slid her
strap on halfway out of the blonde's shit hole, watching with glee as her
latest victim's rear entrance dilated around the huge invader as it left the
submissive diva's rectum, before violently thrusting forwards burying her
huge fake shaft back to the balls inside Jillian's butt hole, taking great
joy in her latest conquest squirming underneath her as she began to bugger
the helpless diva.

With her arms and legs securely tied Jillian couldn't move much and it
frustrated her to no end.

Whenever she was getting her rear end pounded Jillian love to be able to
thrust herself back against the invasion, to make a massive poll slide as
deep into her tail pipe as possible, slamming her shitter as hard as

However this wasn't the first time she had been tied up. In fact her former
owner Melina loved nothing more than to tie her up and sodomise her for
hours. Jillian actually loved being bound, it gave her a feeling of
helplessness, to make her feel completely under her owner's control,
unfortunately this meant her owner was given the perfect opportunity to
slowly stretch out her shit hole for as long as they wanted without ever
giving her the hard pooper pounding she craved.

At first when Melina had started buggering her Jillian had welcomed the slow
shitter stretching, her butt hole needing as long as possible to relax around
the huge dildos which Melina loved to shove up her ass.

However after months and months of endless sodomy Jillian's shit locker felt
like it constantly needed to be filled by hard dick.

Real or fake it didn't matter, the blonde just needed to be butt fucked, and
butt fucked by something big and hard.

But just like Melina before her Mickie was choosing to sodomise her slowly
and Jillian couldn't stand it. She wanted a hard ass fucking and she wanted
it now. Jillian wanted to beg Mickie for the butt fucking she craved but
unfortunately Melina had trained her too well. She knew better than to
question her owner, and if it was her owner's desire to slowly bugger her
like this then Jillian would happily lay where she was, taking it up the ass
like the good little bitch she had been so well trained to be.

Although Mickie's training had taught Melina that she was nothing more than a
bitch who's sole purpose was to please it's owner she couldn't help being
proud of the woman she had once owned.

Of all of her many conquests Jillian had been Melina's favourite pet.

The blonde had a insatiable sex drive and her butt was just made to be

Melina often thought that Jillian had been put on this earth to be another
woman's bitch, and watching her former submissive lay still and take 14
inches of strap on up her ass without a single complaint she couldn't help
think again that Jillian was just born for this. The blonde was born to be a
submissive bitch serving her betters with her body as she could and it made
Melina proud to think she had trained such a good bitch.

Of course Jillian and all of her other bitches now belong to Mickie, and
kneeling before the woman who had tamed her and turned her into her bitch
some of Melina's thoughts may have been filled with revenge against Mickie
but most of her thoughts were filled with hope that all of her other bitches
would be as willing to submit to their new owner is Jillian was and most of
all a thought of jealousy for Jillian that it was the blonde's ass getting
fucked by Mickie's strap on and not hers.

Normally when conquering a new bitch's ass hole for the first time Mickie
would start out slow, stretching out the poor victim's rectum until it had
fully relaxed around her dildo so that when she eventually picked up the pace
her new conquest's ass would be nice and loosened up so that they could take
it without too much pain. And then of course once her victim's ass hole had
fully relaxed the sensitive muscles in her soon to be new bitch's back door
would begin to be stimulated by the butt fucking until her latest conquest
was cumming over and over again from the by then brutal sodomy. After that
the girl Mickie had fucked in the ass was always putty in her hands.

However that wasn't going to work with Jillian. Mickie knew how much the
blonde liked to be buggered so she was going to try a different approach with
the smackdown diva.

Mickie was going to ass fuck her until she had the busty blonde begging for a
hard butt slamming and then continue to slowly stretch out her shit hole
until she reduced her fellow women's wrestler to a whimpering wreck. And then
she would give the anal hungry blonde the ass fucking of a lifetime and she
would have another bitch to add to her collection.

But first Mickie was going to have to think of a way to extend the slow
sodomy, and looking over at the broken Latina, kneeling submissively on the
floor she got an idea just how to do that.

"Hey Melina, come here." Mickie ordered her bitch.

Obediently the once dominating smackdown diva crawled towards her owner and
knelt before her.

Once Melina was kneeling in front of her Mickie pulled her strap on out of
Jillian's now very well stretched shit hole and pressed it to Melina's lips.

Understanding what was expected of her the enslaved Latina opened her mouth
to allow her owner to stuff the large dildo down her gullet. As the soiled
strap on hit the back of her throat and started sliding down her windpipe the
thoughts going through Melina's head was a little bit how disgusting this
was, but mostly how delicious Jillian's ass tasted and that she hoped that
she could please her owner.

Once her dildo's balls were resting against her bitch's chin Mickie began to
face fuck Melina, using her mouth to clean the strap on as Jillian's gaping
ass hole slowly closed.

Once the blonde's butt hole had properly readjusted itself back to normal
Mickie pulled her dildo out of Melina's mouth and shoved it back into
Jillian's ass hole.

Jillian let out a cry as her ass hole was torn open once again by Mickie's
huge strap on before the easily excitable brunette forced her girl cock
through the blonde's bowels, not stopping until she was balls deep inside her
new bitch's butt again.

Mickie then began to repeat this process, delivering several rectum wrecking
thrusts to Jillian's pooper before pulling out and shoving the soiled strap
on into Melina's mouth for cleaning and then reinserting it up the blonde's

Moaning in frustration Jillian once again tried desperately to thrust herself
back against her owner to increase the pace of her butt fucking but once
again it was no use. Those bonds were far too tight and Jillian was going
nowhere. She was just going to have to endure this technique.

This was a technique Jillian recognised all too well. She had lost count how
many times Melina had fed her some chick's ass like this. She had also lost
count of how many times her then owner had fed her ass to one of her other
bitches. Of course now Melina was the bitch getting fed ass, and Jillian
didn't know if her former owner had told her new owner about this technique
or if Mickie just liked this technique herself. Not that she really cared
that much, she just wanted to get it over with.

This technique was pure agony for Jillian who's ass was craving the kind of
brutal pounding that only a dominant lesbian top could give it. It was all
the blonde could do not to cry out and beg Mickie to fuck her ass. But
Jillian knew better than to forget her place like that. She knew if Mickie
wanted to feed Melina her ass than she should just lay there and accept that,
however she was so anal hungry it was really hard.

As Jillian sulked that she wasn't getting the butt fucking she truly desired,
Melina was loving her debasement and happy that she was getting to please her
owner with her mouth while at the same time hating herself for her

Melina may have hated the submission on some level but to her shame she just
couldn't get enough of it. She was like a submission junkie, desperate for
her next fix and so grateful to Mickie for giving it to her.

The once feisty brunette just loved how Mickie seem to be determined to put
her through every degrading and humiliating act she ever performed on another
woman, or forced another woman to perform on her, so that she could be
properly taught her place.

In truth Mickie had broken Melina a long time ago now, or at least it felt
like a long time ago to Melina, and the once dominating smackdown diva knew
deep down that her true place was serving Mickie as her bitch. But in her
previous existence Melina had caused a lot of pain and suffering and the
truth was she was loving the fact that her new owner was degrading her in the
same way.

In her current situation for example, while Melina had licked a lot of ass
holes she would never have dreamed in the past to suck a strap on fresh from
some bitch's butt hole. Not because she didn't like the taste of ass, but
simply because in her mind it was a sign of submission, something a bitch
would do. But now she was a bitch, Mickie's bitch, and Melina was honoured
her owner was allowing her to show her submission to her in this way.

Because of this Melina happily slobbered all over the strap on every time it
entered her mouth, greedily sucking every bit of Jillian's ass juice from it
just before her owner would remove it only to shove it back into the blonde's
shitter for some more.

Mickie wasn't sure what she enjoyed more, the groans of frustration coming
from Jillian as she continued to only give her ass only a few thrusts each
time before pulling out, or the utter submission of her former rival sucking
on her strap on fresh from the blonde's ass.

On the one hand there was nothing Mickie liked more than to take another
woman and tame and train them to be her bitch.

The RAW diva had learned from experience when conquering a bitch it was
important to give them constant training in case they ever forget their

This was especially important for women who thought they were dominant like
Melina. Women like Melina needed constant reminding that they were nothing
more than conquered property, a bitch who's sole purpose was to please its
owner. And a great way to do that was to make the formerly high and mighty
Melina degrade herself by making her do things she would have never
considered doing in her previous dominant life before, like cleaning a strap
on straight from another bitch's pooper.

Then again on the other hand Mickie loved teasing a bitch just before she
fucked it and broke it properly in, just like she was teasing Jillian right
now, getting her ready for the savage enslaving sodomising to come.

Mickie could tell that Melina had been telling the truth, Jillian was a horny
anal slut, just begging to be butt fucked and enslaved, which made the slow,
torturing pace all that much more enjoyable for Mickie.

The RAW diva knew when she finally gave Jillian the butt fucking she craved
the blonde would quickly break and become putty in her hands.

The only question remained did she want to have Jillian beg for the
inevitable butt fucking she was going to receive or just start slam fucking
the bitch's ass hole without a hint of remorse until she had smackdown's
biggest anal whore begging for mercy.

Ultimately Mickie decided she wanted to hear Jillian beg for it.

"You like my big girl dick in your ass bitch?" Mickie asked as she reinserted
her strap on into Jillian's shit pipe once again.

"Ooooh yes, fuck yes, I like it, I love it, I love that big girl dick in my
ass!" Jillian moaned.

"Who's big girl dick do you love in your ass?" Mickie taunted, grabbing
Jillian by her hair.

"Yours! I love your big girl dick in my ass! I love Mickie James's big girl
dick in my ass!" Jillian groaned.

"And do you love the way I'm fucking your ass with my big girl dick?" Mickie
asked with a grin.

Jillian bit her lip and paused before answering. She always loved being
fucked in the ass at some level but this slow sodomy was driving her crazy.
She craved a proper pooper pounding but she dared not be critical of her
owner's butt fucking skills.

"Yes," Jillian said finally, "I love the way your fucking my ass with your
big girl dick!"

"I bet you are slut, I bet you are," Mickie taunted, "But I bet you want me
to start really tearing your ass up don't you slut? Yeah, I bet you want me
to pound that slutty ass of yours so hard you won't be able to sit for a

"Oh God yes, fuck my ass, tear it up, pound it so that I can't sit down
properly for a week!"

"You want it bitch, then beg for it! Beg for my big girl dick to tear your
ass wide open, fuck it, and fucking ruin it!"

"Oh please Mickie, fuck my ass! Fuck it, rip it, tear it, and fucking ruin
it!" Jillian begged shamelessly, "Ruin my ass! Ruin my ass so I can't sit
down without thinking about you and your big girl dick ever again! I want my
ass hurting for the rest of my life after this butt fucking! Please Mickie,
tame my ass! Rip it up! Ruin my ass! Butt fuck me! Rip my ass open! Fuck it
wide open! Tear my shitter up! Rip my rectum up and use it for your pleasure!
Ruin me Mickie, ruin me and ruin my fucking ass!"

Jillian's shameless begging ended in a deafening scream as Mickie's death
grip on the blonde's hips tightened even more and the bubbly RAW diva began
to slam fuck the smackdown diva's shit hole.

Jillian's eyes rolled in the back her head as she began to receive the
ruthless butt fucking she had been praying for since, well since the last
time she was butt fucked.

The blonde smackdown diva was a total anal slut and she literally lived for
this kind of wonderful ass pounding. Her idea of heaven was to have an
endless line of well hung men and well equipped women fucking her in the ass
with their big cocks and strap ons for the rest of eternity, and she can only
hope they were as good with their cocks and strap ons as Mickie James was
with hers.

Mickie was now giving Jillian exactly the kind of violent ass slamming the
blonde liked. Hard rectum wrecking thrust after hard rectum wrecking thrust
was rearranging the blonde's bowels and turning them from a shit extraction
into a cock depository. The brunette's thighs were connecting with her
buttocks over and over again causing a deafening smacking sound to fill the
room to accompany the moans and groans coming from both women as they became
lost in the perverted act of anal sex.

As her bowels were turned to jelly under Mickie's relentless ass ruining
thrusts Jillian felt her anal muscles cramp up so much that the urged to take
a shit became almost unbearable. It didn't help matters that when Mickie had
been switching between fucking her ass and Melina's throat air had rushed
into Jillian's gaping pooper, and then when Mickie reinserted her strap on up
Jillian's air filled rectum it forced the air deeper into the blonde's
bowels, causing Jillian further discomfort.

Melina had ruined her ass many times and Jillian knew she would soon cum, and
when that happened she would lose all control over her bodily functions under
the power of this wonderful sodomy, but she fought it best she could, partly
because she knew that this heavenly buggering would soon be over after that,
but also partly because she didn't know what her new owner's reaction would
be when she lost this last bit of control.

She only hoped that her new owner Mickie had a similar, if not the same,
philosophy to her former owner Melina when it came to the loss of her bodily

Melina was seething with jealousy as her former bitch Jillian was brutally
butt fucked by her owner Mickie and turned into another one of the RAW diva's
bitches in much the same way Melina had been turned into Mickie's bitch not
that long ago.

Despite all of her efforts to maintain as much of her old attitude as
possible Melina just couldn't help think that should be her.

That should be her bent over, taking it up the ass for Mickie, the woman who
had enslaved her and shown her the joys of submission, slamming her shit hole
with hard bowel breaking thrust after hard bowel breaking thrust, showing her
exactly who ruled the roost in the WWE's women's division.

And Melina wanted it to be her.

Melina wanted Mickie to stop butt fucking Jillian and start butt fucking her.

The jealous smackdown diva could only hope that once Mickie was done breaking
Jillian's ass in her owner would remind her exactly what she was, her bitch,
and although if she was honest with herself Melina didn't need reminding the
once dominating diva would happily welcome the reminder.

Mickie was no longer holding back, giving Jillian the absolutely hardest butt
fucking she could possibly give her, an insane smile glued to Mickie's face
as she continued to roughly sodomise her fellow diva, loving the feeling of
her thighs connecting with Jillian's butt cheeks as her strap on pounded the
blonde's ass, showing her who's boss.

She had been told by Melina just how hard she used to butt fuck Jillian, how
she used to sodomise her fellow smackdown diva until she would lose complete
control of all her bodily functions and Mickie knew she needed to do the same
thing, she needed to slam the blonde diva's shit hole until she had
completely broken her ass if she was to have any hope of properly turning
Jillian into her bitch. Making Jillian cum wasn't enough. Mickie was going to
have to completely ruin her ass to show Jillian she could be just as good a
owner as Melina, or better still slam fuck her shitter until there could be
no doubt in Jillian's mind that she was better than Melina.

And Mickie was ruthlessly determined to do just that, showing absolutely no
regard for Jillian's well being as she savagely tore through the blonde's poo
hole. She pulled Jillian's hair, slapped her ass, called her every name under
the sun, all to break the last of the blonde spirit. She would be satisfied
with nothing less than the blonde's total and utter submission, and she was
determined to get it.

Sensing Jillian was on the verge of climax Mickie pulled her new bitch's hair
back hard and yelled in her ear, "What are you Jillian? Tell me what you

"I'm a bitch! I'm a fucking bitch!" Jillian moaned in response.

"And who's bitch are you?" Mickie said, never letting up on Jillian's hair.

"Yours! I'm your bitch! I'm Mickie James's bitch!" Jillian screamed as she
finally went over the edge and came.

Long before she had become Melina's bitch Jillian had discovered that she had
incredible sensitive anal glands which when stimulated could give her a
tremendous amount of pleasure. As a result of this she had always experienced
the most powerful climaxes during anal sex, which of course meant she had
been easy for Melina to enslave and turn into her bitch.

So when Jillian came from being savagely fucked in the ass by Mickie,
combined with the brunette's dominant attitude appealing to her submissive
nature, Jillian's orgasm was intense. Her eyes crossed, her body shook, her
fingers and toes curled, and she became so physically weak that if she had
been standing or kneeling she would have collapsed. Luckily she was tied down
to the bed so she didn't lose her balance, however unluckily she did lose
perhaps some of her dignity when the power of the climax forced her to lose
control over her bodily functions, just like she knew it would, and she began
to violently fart on the huge strap on that was still pounding her now truly
ruined ass.

Mickie cackled in triumph as she reduced another of her fellow WWE divas to a
quivering, shaking, farting, cumming wreck. As Jillian writhed underneath her
Mickie allowed herself to cum, enjoying the feeling of climax washing over
her, but being careful not to allow herself to slow her ass wrecking pace for
even a second. She had set up this little meeting so that she could turn
Jillian into her bitch and that was exactly what she was going to do. Just
one thing left to do and the blonde smackdown diva would officially be
another notch on her belt.

As she continued to enjoy her climax Mickie reached underneath her to grab
her dildo's balls, and squeeze them real tight, forcing the liquid that was
inside them to shoot out of them, through the tube inside her strap on and
out its tip which was still buried deep inside Jillian's ass. As always, the
liquid in question was Mickie's cum which was shot out of the tip of the
strap on and deep into Jillian's bowels, marking the blonde as just another
one of Mickie's bitches.

If possible Mickie's smile grew wider as she deposited her girl cum into
Jillian's shitty depths, coating the blonde's colon in her cream and turning
yet another WWE diva into her property.

The WWE divas were dropping like flies and it seemed only a matter of time
before Mickie had every single one of them eating out of the palm of her

Once her orgasm was over and every single drop of her cum was buried in the
blonde's butt Mickie slowly pulled out, enjoying watching Jillian's shit hole
stretch around her strap on one final time before she finally pulled her
dildo out and watched as the gaping crater that used to be known as Jillian's
ass hole not only failed to close but let out some most obscene noises and
smells as some of the cum Mickie had deposited into Jillian's shit factory
shot out.

As Mickie admired her handiwork with pride Melina stared at Jillian's ruined
ass seething with jealousy. That should be her ass hole stretched obscenely
wide, uncontrollably farting her owner's cum out of her ruined rectum in
utter submission to the superior woman who had conquered her.

But Melina should have known better than to tempt fate like that.

Before the once feisty brunette knew what was happening the anal lust crazed
Mickie James grabbed her by the hair and forced her face down onto the bed.

Jillian was taking up most of the bed so there wasn't much room, but Mickie
didn't care. She was anal hungry and craved the feeling of another woman
writhing beneath her as she brutally sodomised her. Pounding Jillian's pooper
had been fun, but it wasn't nearly enough for the horny RAW diva. Luckily she
had a fresh piece of ass just waiting to be bust open and used for her
pleasure. After all that's what a bitch like Melina was for. That's why she
conquered other women, so whenever she was in the mood she could have a nice
piece of female ass to fuck. And that was exactly what she was going to do

The horny brunette positioned Melina so she was in the perfect position for
butt fucking, lying on her stomach on the bed and her legs hanging off so her
ass was nice and presented to its owner, offering itself up as a sacrifice to
Mickie's anal lust.

Once Melina was in position Mickie flipped up the flimsy miniskirt exposing
her own personal maid's delectable backside, the little butt plug which
Melina had to wear at all times still firmly embedded in her bitch's ass.

When Mickie pulled the plug from Melina's butt a soft little fart erupted
from the conquered diva's ruined rear hole as the now submissive Latina's ass
naturally relaxed from the absence of the plug.

The gentle fart caused Mickie to smile.

Mickie had been butt fucking Melina quite a lot today and it wasn't
surprising her bitch's brutalised poop shooter had been so abused by her
nearly constant anal assault that her poor slut just had no bowel control
left whatsoever. Oh well, it wasn't her ass which was about to be brutally
fucked into submission again so why should Mickie care? And besides, Melina
was a bitch, and bitches were made to be fucked. It's what they were for.

Shrugging off Melina's plight Mickie grabbed her property by the hips and
shoved her strap on through the conquered Latina's shit hole and deep into
her bitch's butt, causing the now submissive smackdown diva to cry out in a
mixture of pleasure and pain.

Luckily for Melina her ass was already well stretched out and lubed up enough
to accept the huge dildo into her bowels courtesy of her owner Mickie James.

Since Mickie had called for her yesterday Melina had spent most of her time
getting her ass slammed by her owner's strap on. The easily excitable
brunette had a thing for girl's ass holes and she seemed to take particular
interest in Melina's shit shooter. Melina had been butt fucked eight times
already today and the walls of her rectum were well coated in Mickie's cum,
the once feisty Latina's poop pipe well stretched out from all the ruthless
sodomy it had received at the hands of the woman who owned it.

Knowing her bitch was well stretched out Mickie didn't stop her vicious
invading thrust until she was balls deep inside Melina's bowels, every inch
of her monster 14 inch strap on buried in the enslave smackdown diva's shit

Mickie paused for a minute, not because she wanted to give Melina a chance to
relax her ass hole for the butt pounding to come, but because she wanted to
savour the taste of her bitch's back door on the butt plug which she happily
slid into her mouth.

The taste of her own delicious cum was mixed in with the equally yummy taste
of Melina's ass hole and Mickie happily slurped on the plug until there was
no more juice left to suck off it. She then placed it down on the bed, ready
to be shoved up her bitch's ass when she was finished with her before
grabbing Melina's hips firmly in both hands and began to mercilessly sodomise
her fellow diva with out even the slightest thought for her well-being.

Melina cried out joyfully as her owner began to bugger her, her ass being
torn apart for the ninth time that day for the pleasure of the woman who had
conquered, tamed and trained her to be what she had always meant to be, a
bitch for a superior woman.

As much as she found it hard to believe now there was a time when Melina was
disgusted by the idea of anal sex. Or at least she was disgusted by the idea
of being on the receiving end of anal sex.

Melina used to be a super lesbian top who went around enslaving weaker women
for fun. She would beat them, humiliate them, and sodomise them, not
necessarily in that order and now she had suffered the same fate. There was
something to be said for poetic justice.

After years of enslaving other women Melina had come up with a theory that
when a woman was fucked in the ass it made her feel incredibly submissive,
especially towards the one taking her ass. Because of this Melina had gone to
great lengths to avoid spreading her butt cheeks for anyone, man or woman.
That was until Mickie had come along.

Her long-time rival Mickie James. How Melina had hated her, for reasons she
mostly couldn't remember any more due to the bliss Mickie had given her, but
she could still remember her hatred for the woman who had conquered her, for
the woman who had slid her strap on inside the once feisty Latina's ass hole
and turned Melina into her bitch.

Melina could remember every wonderful moment of her anal de-flowering.

She could remember how horrible the pain had been at first and when the
physical pain had gone the mental pain was far worse as she struggled to
comprehend the pleasure coming from her ass hole.

She could remember how much she had tried to fight that pleasure, tried to
deny its existence, and then when she couldn't even pretend she wasn't
enjoying her first butt fucking how she tried to pretend it wasn't as good as
it was.

And Melina could remember the moment she was broken, the moment the pleasure
became just to much as she submitted, not just her body, but her mind and
soul as well. It was in that moment she became her long-time rival Mickie
James's bitch.

She had tried to fight it. Oh how she had tried to fight it, trying to tell
herself she wasn't a bitch, that she wasn't Mickie's bitch, that she wasn't
anybody's bitch, but deep down she knew the truth. She knew Mickie had
conquered her and there was nothing she could do but accept her fate. And
Melina was sure it would be only a matter of time. Mickie would see to that.

Since the moment she had become Mickie's bitch Melina had been forced to
submit when ever and were ever Mickie wanted, the easily excitable brunette
only letting her out to go to smackdown tapings and house shows before the
once feisty Latina was ordered to return to her owner's side.

The first time Mickie had finally released her Melina almost didn't return.
She had tried not to, tried to regain her once dominant and controlling
personality, but it was no use. Mickie had done to good a job of breaking
her. Every waking moment she wasn't serving her owner Melina couldn't stop
thinking about Mickie and all the things her old rival had done to her. And
despite her best efforts Melina couldn't stop fantasizing about being
Mickie's little bitch again.

And now the once dominating, woman taming, lesbian top Melina was no more and
all that was left of her was Mickie's submissive little bitch. A submissive
little bitch that love to get it's ass pounded by its owner, which was
exactly what was happening now.

Melina had learned to love the feeling of Mickie's hips smacking against her
ass as her owner used her for her pleasure. She had learned to love it almost
as much as she loved the feeling of her rectum being torn apart by her
owner's big strap on cock, that gigantic piece of man-made meat rearranging
her intestines and turning her bowels into a cock depository.

And she did love it.

Mickie had succeeded in turning Melina into a anal hungry whore, desperate
for a butt fucking at all hours of the day and night, no matter how
physically destroyed her pooper was or how sore or even painful her back door
was Melina was now almost as obsessed with getting her ass fucked as Mickie
was obsessed with fucking ass.

Melina wasn't the only one reminiscing her submission to Mickie.

Mickie herself couldn't stop grinning as she thought about how far Melina had
come in her submission to her in such a short time.

The easily excitable brunette had conquered tops like Melina before and they
always presented a really enjoyable challenge. To submit was against their
nature so it was always an incredible thrill when Mickie's special brand of
pain and pleasure became too much for them and they were forced to go against
their nature and submit, to surrender to their own desires of submission
which they pretended that they didn't have and in doing so surrender
themselves to Mickie.

In Mickie's experience everyone had a dominant side and a submissive side,
even her, she just didn't let any of her bitches see her submissive side. And
oh how Mickie had enjoyed bringing out Melina's submissive side.

She had watched the drastic change in Melina from the first time she slid her
strap on balls deep inside Melina's ass to today where her bitch had
willingly spread her cheeks no fewer than eight times.

The first butt fucking had been incredible.

Mickie had literally felt Melina slowly submitting to her with every rectum
wrecking thrust of her strap on, the feisty Latina desperately fighting with
herself to prevent her inevitable submission to the RAW diva.

It had been even better than Mickie had dreamed it would be.

After her first butt fucking Melina had been incredibly reluctant to accept
how much she had enjoyed being put in her place by Mickie, how much she had
enjoyed bending over for another woman and getting her ass slammed by 14 long
inches of strap on cock, but Mickie had been quick to remind her new bitch
the pleasures of anal sex.

Once they had got back to Mickie's hotel room after Melina's first butt
fucking Mickie had practically pounced on her bitch the second the door
closed. A few seconds later Mickie's 14 inch strap on had been back inside
Melina's pooper.

It had been a night of almost constant butt fucking.

Mickie had only stopped to occasionally fuck Melina's throat with her soiled
strap on and one-time to get something to eat, although Melina didn't really
get the opportunity to rest because she had been forced to eat her pussy
while Mickie ate her food.

Oh that night had been fun.

Mickie had lost count of how many times she wrecked Melina's rectum that
night, all she knew was that when she finally decided to get some rest she
had been lulled to sleep by the sound of her bitch crying as what must have
been gallons of girl cum blasted out of her ass into the toilet.

She had awoken the next morning to find Melina still crying and shitting out
her cum.

Without giving her bitch even a moment to wipe her ass Mickie had bent Melina
over the toilet, shoving her face first into the gooey mess inside the bowl
before shoving her strap on up the broken Latina's ass hole for a nice round
of morning butt fucking.

The next few days had been almost non-stop sex with Mickie making good use of
her new little toy, playing with it constantly, only stopping to eat and
sleep until finally Mickie was forced to let Melina go to be at a smackdown
house show.

Mickie had wondered whether Melina would come back, whether she had truly
broken the feisty Latina, but she needn't have worried.

After only a few hours away Melina showed up at her doorstep, blushing
furiously, especially when Mickie had made her quietly beg her owner Mickie
James to let her in.

And over the past few weeks Melina had continued to return to Mickie's
doorstep, only each time was different. The blush was always there, and if
anything the more Melina was trained and housebroken the more the once
dominant smackdown diva seem to blush with shame every time she showed up at
her owner's door. What was different was that look in her eyes, the look
which at first had been so hateful, so willful, so spiteful, so defiant. But
with every passing day the willingness to fight faded from Melina's eyes,
until eventually there was nothing left but submission.

When Mickie had opened her hotel room door yesterday and looked into Melina's
eyes all she saw was complete and utter submission from her fellow diva and a
quiet peace that every bitch got in their eyes when they accepted their true
place in life.

Whether Melina was ready to truly accepted or not she had completely
submitted to Mickie now.

Melina was now Mickie's bitch and that was exactly what she was going to be
from now on.

Mickie had decided on Melina's fate and the smackdown diva didn't know it yet
but she was going to be Mickie's bitch for the rest of her life.

But Mickie didn't want to dwell too much on the future, especially when she
had such a great piece of ass in front of her which she was very much intent
on enjoying.

And oh how Mickie enjoyed Melina's ass.

Her former rival had just the type of ass Mickie liked, her bitch's butt
cheeks and the tiny hole that lay between them the perfect balance in between
tight and soft, making Melina the perfect bitch.

If Mickie cared about Melina half as much as she cared about Trish then the
blonde might actually have some competition as Mickie's future number one

But Mickie didn't care about Melina, and it showed in how she butt fucked

The way Mickie sodomise Melina could have almost been classed as assault if
Melina hadn't been so obviously loving it so much.

From the moment the butt fucking began Melina had been forced to relax her
ass muscles to accept her owner's special brand of back door breaking anal
sex and it was perhaps even more brutal than usual.

From the way Mickie was pounding her poo shoot Melina couldn't help wonder if
Mickie was sending a message to both her and Jillian, that message of course
being that the once proud and dominating lesbian top Melina was now nothing
more than Mickie's submissive lesbian bitch.

Of course Melina didn't care if Mickie was trying to send a message to both
her and Jillian that she, Melina, the once proud and dominating lesbian top,
was now nothing more than Mickie's submissive lesbian bitch, because it was
the truth. She, Melina, the once proud and dominating lesbian top, was now
nothing more than Mickie's submissive lesbian bitch. And the truth was Melina
loved it. She hated herself for loving it but she couldn't help it.

She loved being Mickie's submissive lesbian bitch.

Melina loved being Mickie's bitch.

And Mickie loved having Melina as her bitch.

Melina made such a good bitch.

No matter how depraved or disgusting an act submission Mickie would demand
Melina would always do as she was told, sometimes reluctantly, sometimes
cursing her name, but always doing it, and of course loving it.

Like right now for instance.

Mickie was buggering Melina like she was nothing more than a play toy,
something made and designed to take it up the butt and to take it up the butt
without a single complaint.

And that was exactly what Melina was doing, taking it up the butt without a
single complaint.

In fact rather than complain she was surrendering herself completely to the
violent butt fucking she was receiving, her body submitting to the sodomy,
especially her extremely well used ass.

After only the first few thrusts Melina's ass had let out a long hard
belching fart around the invading strap on deep inside her guts, causing
Mickie to smile.

As far as the twisted brunette was concerned this was her bitch's ass letting
Mickie know that she owned it, that her bitch's ass was surrendering itself
to her and excepting it's true purpose in life as Mickie's cock depository.

It was also destroying the last few shreds of dignity that Melina had left.
Of course Mickie wondered if Melina could even remember what dignity was like
considering how much the easily excitable brunette had degraded the once
feisty Latina as of late. It didn't matter though. If Melina could remember
what dignity was like that was all it was going to ever be to her. A memory.
A really, really distant memory if Mickie had anything to do with it.

And right now Melina wasn't in any way shape or form in a dignified position.

The once dominating lesbian top was bent over taking a huge 14 inch strap on
up her ass, the 14 inch strap on that was ruining her rectum with every

Soon Melina's busted wide open butt hole began to let out some truly
disgusting squelching sounds.

Mickie continued to bugger Melina, the conquered diva's shit shoot beginning
to make some of the most obscene farting sounds since... well since the last
time Mickie had sodomised Melina, which was less than an hour ago.

And yet Mickie continued her relentless rectum wrecking, pounding Melina's
pooper to putty, until the once proud smackdown diva was, once again, broken

Tears of pain, pleasure and humiliation ran down Melina's cheeks as she lost
all control over her bowels and began to break wind with every thrust of
Mickie's woman taming dildo.

In all honesty it was amazing that Melina had any bowel control left, and
even more amazing how long it took Mickie to turn her into a quivering,
whimpering, farting wreck for the ninth time that day.

The obscene sounds finally brought Jillian out of the orgasmic high she had
been on since her own brutal butt fucking and she turned her head so she
could study the sight before her.

There was Melina, the woman who had seduced Jillian and turned her into her
bitch with ease, bent over and taking it up the ass like a little bitch,
farting obscenely on every powerful bowel breaking thrust, face a mask of
submissive pleasure while above that there was little Mickie James, a look of
smug confidence on her face as she ploughed into her bitch's poop passage,
reducing Jillian's former owner to a quivering, whimpering, farting wreck.

It was such a fucking turn on.

Noticing Jillian had come to her senses Mickie decided to take advantage of
the situation.

"Start kissing." Mickie grunted through gritted teeth as she continued to
slam Melina's shitter, and then when she got no response the dominating RAW
diva screamed, "I said start kissing you dumb whores!"

Not wanting to enrage their owner further Melina and Jillian brought their
lips together and began to gently kiss.

"Harder! Use your tongues!" Mickie growled before grinning as her bitches did
as they were told, "That's it, just like that. That's so hot. I love it when
my bitches kiss each other as I'm fucking them."

With encouragement from their owner the kiss between Melina and Jillian
became more passionate, each diva exploring the deepest part of each other's
mouths, some of which they had never touched before.

When kissing in the past Melina had been quite fond of shoving her tongue
down Jillian's throat and practically fucking her with it and Melina tried to
do this again but for the first time Jillian fought back, using her own
tongue to battle against Melina and even shoving it down the Latina's throat.

This shocked Melina at first, after all Jillian was always submissive in the
past and had never shown even the tiniest bit of dominance with her before,
but then she realised something.

The reason Jillian was fighting back was because Jillian no longer recognised
Melina as her superior.

Thanks to Mickie sodomising her in front of her former bitch's eyes Jillian
now saw Melina as just another bitch, her equal, and while part of Melina
found that infuriating another part of her found it extremely erotic to think
that she was now on the same level of a woman she had degraded so much, to
think that she was now on the same level of a slut she had abused so much, to
think that she was now on the same level of a bitch she had brutalise so
much, to think that she was now just that, a bitch and nothing more made
Melina want to cum right there.

And she almost did, but Mickie had other ideas.

It hadn't taken long for the hard pooper pounding Melina had been receiving
to become pleasurable for the brunette. Somewhere between relaxing her anal
muscles to make the butt fucking easier on herself and the now constant
farting the familiar feeling of pleasure had started to echo inside her colon
and soon after that echo had become a deafening scream as fireworks of
pleasure erupted from the inside of her ass hole and spread throughout her

Melina was just about to cum when Mickie suddenly pulled her strap on out of
her Latina bitch's ass hole, causing Melina to let out the noisiest fart of
the night so far, before plunging her girl cock back inside Jillian's
unsuspecting rectum.

Even after all this time Jillian's ass hole hadn't been able to fully close
after the powerful buggering the blonde had received and her rectum walls
were coated in girl cum so Mickie had no problem whatsoever forcing her strap
on balls deep inside her bitch's bowels once again.

Without even considering giving Jillian any chance to rest Mickie gripped
tightly to the blonde's hips and began slamming the poor smackdown diva's
stretched out shit hole with all her might, viciously increasing the pooper
pounding pace until her bitch was farting on every rectum wrecking thrust
again. Of course, Jillian's ass was so damaged from its previous abuse that
was only about five thrusts for the blonde's bowels to lose complete control
again and submit themselves to the perverted desires of the horny RAW diva,
Jillian's ass telling Mickie it submitted to her with each disgusting sound.

Some women would feel humiliated at being butt fucked so hard by such a big
object that they lost control of their bowels, but Jillian was not one of
those women. The blonde smackdown diva knew her place. She knew she was
nothing more than an orifice, a piece of meat to be enjoyed by a superior
woman. Her former owner Melina had taught her that and she was very eager and
willing to show her new owner Mickie that she knew her place, that she knew
and accepted that she was nothing but Mickie's bitch now.

Not only did she know and accept it but she loved it.

Jillian loved being another woman's bitch. She loved it, she craved it, she
needed it. And she wanted to be reminded of it. She wanted to be reminded
that she was nothing more than another woman's bitch, that she was nothing
more than Mickie's bitch. And luckily for Jillian that was exactly what was
happening right now, she was being reminded of her place, Mickie was
reminding her of her place. Mickie was reminding her of exactly what she was,
her bitch and nothing more.

Even more luckily for Jillian her new owner Mickie was reminding her she was
nothing more than a bitch in the best possible way, by butt fucking her into
complete submission.

Since having her anal cherry broken by her former owner Melina the blonde
diva had become a complete and total anal slut and she knew from a lot of
previous experience that one butt fucking just wasn't enough. Jillian loved
anal sex and would have happily spread her butt cheeks for Mickie's strap on
all night long, if her hands weren't tied that is.

No matter, Jillian was just happy to lie their helplessly as Mickie savagely
buggered her, the RAW diva using her ass hole as her own personal play toy.

Mickie smiled to herself as she turned yet another diva into a bitch, into
her bitch.

Jillian had been quick to submit and it had been so easy turning the blonde
from Melina's bitch into her bitch.

The only question remained was were the other smackdown divas going to be
this easy?

In some ways Mickie hoped at least a couple of them would put up a decent
fight but she highly doubted it. The other smackdown divas just seemed so...
weak. They were mostly just diva search contest losers who were hired for
their looks and nothing else whatsoever. None of them could really wrestle to
save their lives and were all just basically eye candy. They seemed barely
even worth Mickie's time. In fact the brunette probably wouldn't have even
bothered going to smackdown to seduce them if Melina hadn't made it easy for

Even though Mickie probably wouldn't have bothered conquering the other
smackdown divas if they weren't already practically her property already the
spunky RAW diva had to admit she was looking forward to going to smackdown
this week, and she had to be the first wrestler in the history of the world
to be telling the truth when she said that, or thought that as it were.

The reason she was looking forward to going to smackdown was because after
the show Melina had arranged for the rest of her bitches to be waiting for
her in the women's locker room, ready for some girl-girl fun. However little
did the rest of Melina's former bitches know that when Melina had been on the
phone to each and every one of them earlier arranging this Mickie's strap on
had been buried in her ass and she was only telling them what Mickie had been
telling her to say, the once feisty Latina nothing more than Mickie's puppet,
her lips moving as the RAW diva wanted.

The fact was when Mickie got to that second rate show she was going to have
all the smackdown divas bend over for her in a nice neat little row and she
was going to fuck them in every hole on their bodies. In a few days those
smackdown sluts were going to spend a lot of time getting shafted by a woman
who had actually worked to get her way onto a wrestling show and a woman who
actually deserve to be there. In fact the only time those sluts wouldn't be
getting fucked was when their tongues would be buried inside Mickie's pussy
and ass.

Oh Mickie was going to have so much fun, but for now there was plenty of fun
to be had with Melina and Jillian.

And speaking of her two bitches, Mickie was already feeling like another
piece of Melina's fine ass so she decided to switch holes, unceremoniously
pulling out of Jillian's ruined back door, ignoring the monster fart that
erupted from the blonde's gaping shit locker before burying her dildo back to
the balls inside Melina's rectum with out a moment's thought for any pain
this may cause her bitch.

Luckily for Mickie's bitch Melina she couldn't remember the last time her
colon wasn't coated in her owner's cum, or the last time her ass hole had
closed properly so she didn't mind being skewered like a pig on the spit

In fact Melina welcomed it.

Melina welcomed it almost as much as she welcomed Mickie starting to bugger
her again.

Despite how ruined her rectum was and that she had had no control whatsoever
over her bodily functions Melina just couldn't get enough of Mickie's strap
on dick.

More than anything else this was the thing that had tamed her and turned her
into a bitch, and she had grown to crave it, crave Mickie's strap on dick up
her ass, more than anything else in the world.

And now she is getting it... currently she was getting it... for a couple of
minutes until, much to Melina's annoyance, Mickie suddenly pulled out of her
ass hole and reinserted her strap on into Jillian's crap factory and started
savagely slamming the blonde's shitter once more.

Mickie started to savagely sodomise Jillian, waiting until her blonde bitch
was farting on every thrust again, before switching back to Melina's ass and
repeating the process.

The easily excitable brunette went back and forth between her bitches ass
holes for what felt like hours, never once allowing them or herself to cum,
instead choosing to simply enjoy her dominance over them, to enjoy watching
two talented women wrestlers happily debase themselves for her pleasure, to
become her willing bitches, eager to do anything she said, no matter how

To further her dominance Mickie would occasionally walk round the side of the
bed so that she could shove her strap on down one of her bitches throats and
use her two old OVW rivals faces as cunts, before moving back to doing the
same to their ass holes. Mickie took great pleasure in feeding her bitches
ass juice. Sometimes she would feed Melina her own ass juice, sometimes she
would feed her Jillian's ass juice. Sometimes she would feed Jillian her own
ass juice, sometimes she would feed her Melina's ass juice.

It wasn't long before Mickie became lost in fucking holes. And all those
holes started to look the same to her. She shoved her strap on inside a hole,
it made a sound, her bitch would writhe underneath her, she would fuck it,
and it would feel good. So very, very good.

Mickie wished she had the strength to do this forever, to become lost in
fucking her bitches and pound their slutty holes for her enjoyment from now
until the end of time, but she knew she was running out of strength. She
needed a break from all this fucking. Plus she had been holding back her own
orgasm to enjoy the feeling of her bitches submitting to her and it was about
time she let herself go.

But first she wanted to make a point.

"Melina, get on your back and pull your legs up to your chest!" Mickie
commanded as she pulled out of Jillian's ass once again to the violent sound
of the completely conquered smackdown diva breaking wind for what had to be
the millionth time.

Melina tried her best to do as she was told, but it wasn't easy. Mickie had
butt fucked her senseless and she was so exhausted and weakened by her
incredible horniness, her desperate need to cum and all the vicious anal sex.
But as desperate as she was to be ass fucked to climax she had a much more
desperate need to please her owner. So Melina rolled onto her back and pulled
her legs up to her chest, presenting her drooling pussy and gaping ass hole
to her owner.

Mickie smiled at her bitch's submission as she got up and quickly grabbed a
replacement pair of balls for her dildo before returning to the bed. It was a
shame she hadn't done this sooner because Mickie just loved to fill a bitch's
hole full of her cum, but she wasn't too worried about it, after all she had
the whole night to pound these bitches and she very much planned on filling
their holes with as much of her cum as possible. Earlier Mickie had become
too lost in her own anal lust to care about this little symbol of her
dominance, but she wanted to use this as icing on the cake for what she had
planned next.

Placing her strap on at the gaping entrance to Melina's poop passage Mickie
grin down at her bitch and said, "You want your owner's girl cock in your ass

Melina nodded submissively.

"Say it!" Mickie growled coldly.

"I want my owner's girl cock in my ass." Melina said.

"Louder." Mickie said.

"I want my owner's girl cock in my ass." Melina said loudly.

"Louder." Mickie said.

"I want my owner's girl cock in my ass." Melina screamed at the top of her

"Who's your owner?"

"You! You're my owner! Mickie James is my owner!"

"Who owns you?"

"You! You own me! Mickie James owns me!"

"And what does that make you?"

"Your bitch! It makes me your bitch! It makes me Mickie James's bitch!"

Satisfied with Melina's submission to her Mickie smiled widely and plunged
her entire 14 inch strap on back inside the smackdown diva's pooper in one
powerful thrust.

Melina's eyes rolled in the back of her head and she moaned loudly as her ass
was filled with her owner's girl cock again. She moaned even louder as Mickie
began to pound her poo shooter again, her ruined rectum letting out
squelching fart after squelching fart around the invading poll as she
suffered more anal abuse for her owner's pleasure.

Melina closed her eyes in an attempt to block out her humiliating farting and
concentrate on the wonderful feeling of bowel bliss she was receiving from
yet another butt fucking at the hands of her owner Mickie James.

It work for a little while, Melina's entire world becoming focused on that
wonderful strap on moving through her guts, turning her bowels into the cock
depository they had always meant to be when suddenly she was awoken from her
anal heaven by her angry owner.

"Open your eyes you fucking bitch!" Mickie yelled, "I want to look into the
eyes of my bitch as I fuck her!"

Melina immediately opened her eyes and saw one of the most beautiful and
dominating sights she had ever seen before in her life.

There before her was her owner Mickie James pounding into her spread poo
hole, her body a weapon just as much as the dildo around her waist, seemingly
built to enslave other women, a look of complete and total dominance on her
face, her eyes staring into Melina's, letting her know who's boss.

If there was any part of the rebellious Melina left it was destroyed in that
moment as the once feisty Latina became completely smitten with the woman who
had conquered her and turned her into her bitch.

For her part Mickie was also enjoying a beautiful sight, only this one of
complete and utter submission.

Grand-pappy had always said the eyes were the windows to the soul, and right
now Melina's soul was telling Mickie that the smackdown diva not only
accepted her true place in life as Mickie's bitch, but loved her true place
in life as Mickie's bitch. And it wasn't just Melina's eyes. Melina's entire
body was submitting to Mickie and her perverted desires. Her body was limp
and accepting of its fate, a look of peace covered her face, her nipples were
rock hard, her pussy was almost like a fountain, and her ruined ass was
breaking wind with every rectum wrecking thrust, telling Mickie exactly who
owned it as it took every single inch of her strap on with ease.

There was only one thing left to do.

Being careful to never once miss a stroke inside Melina's ass Mickie lent
down and placed her hands either side of Melina's head, hooking her sluts
legs as she did so Melina was completely bent in half as Mickie continued to
bugger her bitch.

Looking deep into Melina's eyes Mickie smiled and said, "Tell me again
Melina... what are you?"

"Your bitch," Melina moaned, too lost in her anal ecstasy to care what
humiliating thing Mickie expected her to say, "I'm nothing but your bitch!
I'm nothing but Mickie James's bitch!"

"And how did you become my bitch?" Mickie asked, an evil grin on her face.

Internally Melina wept at this question because she knew how she was expected
to answer it. During previous butt fucking sessions together Mickie had made
Melina tell her the story of how she became her bitch, torturing her for
hours after hours of hard spankings and slow fuckings until she got it
'right', or at least what Mickie considered to be 'right', and now Melina was
going to have to repeat this in front of her former and now fellow bitch

But then again Jillian had seen Melina sink so low the blonde could never
possibly take her seriously as a top again, no doubt Mickie's idea, so what
was one more debasement?

And if she refused Mickie might take that wonderful strap on from her bowels
and Melina couldn't bear the thought of losing that beautiful dildo from her

So putting on the special 'sexy dumb bimbo' voice Mickie had taught her
Melina told the story of how she became Mickie's bitch.

"Well, up until a few weeks ago I was under the mistaken impression that I
was some kind of top, but luckily for me I challenged a real top to a fight I
couldn't win and after she defeated me with ease I became her bitch for 24
hours. Realising she was a superior woman I immediately begged for her to
make me her bitch permanently but I had to prove myself by allowing her to
fuck all my holes first. She fucked me better than any man and then broke in
my ass for her pleasure and exposed me for the total anal loving slut I truly
am. And I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful you've made me your bitch Mickie."

Mickie continued to grin throughout the little speech because she knew that
Melina had been deluding herself thinking she was a top. Whether the other
brunette liked it or not the truth was that Melina genuinely was grateful and
wanted to be Mickie's bitch. She could see it in her eyes. Melina was a
broken woman and was now nothing more than her little play toy. But Mickie
wasn't done humiliating her little toy yet.

"Oh Melina, that was so great, and so true..." Mickie said happily, "Now tell

Melina whimpered as her owner found yet another way to humiliate her, hating
it and yet loving it and hating herself for loving it.

Turning so she could look over at Jillian she could see that the blonde was
staring at her intently as she endured yet another wonderful butt fucking, a
butt fucking Jillian no doubt wished she was on the receiving end herself.

"Tell her!" Mickie growled, never much one for patience, "Tell your former
bitch how I made you my bitch! Tell her how you begged to be my bitch! Tell
her how much you love being my bitch!"

Melina swallowed and said, "It's true, I'm her bitch and I love it! I love
being her bitch. I love being Mickie James's bitch. I try to make her my
bitch but I was the one who ended up being the bitch. Once she out wrestled
me she fucked me harder than I've ever been fucked before and then she shoved
her beautiful strap on up my ass and completely broke me. She made me beg for
it. She made me want to beg for it. She made me want it. She made me need it.
And now I need to be her bitch. I need to be fucked up my ass and constantly
reminded I'm nothing but her bitch. And I love it! I love being her bitch. I
love being your bitch Mickie."

Melina turned and said the last part to Mickie, for one moment her mind, body
and soul at peace as for that brief moment in time Melina truly accepted her
fate. In truth Melina would probably spend the rest of her life fighting what
she knew in her heart to be true, that Mickie had truly broken her and she
was now nothing more than Mickie's bitch, but at least in blissful moments
like this one she would be able to admit the truth, if not to herself then at
least to her owner Mickie James.

"And I love having you as my bitch Melina." Mickie beamed, "In fact I like
having you as my bitch so much I have a very special position which I'm
opening up for you in the same way I'm opening up your fucking ass hole right
now. You see Melina, Trish is going to be my number one bitch and girlfriend,
and we're going to make a great couple, but I reckon what we need is a nice
little personal servant following us around, carrying handbags, cleaning our
hotel rooms, etc, you know, like you've been doing for me the past couple of
weeks. You want to know why you've been doing that? You want to know why
you've had it worse than most of my bitches? Because of your dominating
personality and wonderful defiance to be completely broken. Partly, but
mostly it was because I was training you, training you to become my number
two bitch and maid! Why the fuck do you think I made you were this pretty
little uniform? It's because the mighty Melina, the most dominant diva in all
the WWE is going to be my personal little maid, cleaning up my messes,
carrying around my stuff for me as well as spreading her legs and butt cheeks
every time I want a piece of her pussy or ass!"

"Oh Mickie, I'd love to be your personal little maid!" Melina moaned, her
mind clouding as she became lost in the butt fucking again.

"That's nice Melina, but I wasn't offering you the position as my number two
bitch and maid, I was telling you that from now on your my number two bitch
and maid!" Mickie growled, "You got that bitch?"

"Yes Mickie, I've got it," Melina said submissively, "I'm your maid, I'm your
bitch, I'm whatever you want me to be!"

"Good bitch!" Mickie said happily, as she leaned down to capture her bitch's
lips with her own, forcing her tongue deep into her mouth and fucking her
throat with it as she continued to ruthlessly fuck her bitch's ass.

Mickie ravaged Melina's body for several minutes, using her tongue and strap
on respectively to fuck her bitch's mouth and ass at the same time, driving
Melina to the very edge of orgasm before suddenly stopping dead in her

As Melina cried pathetically for Mickie to start butt fucking her again
Mickie reached over to the bedside table, managing to stretch long enough to
grab the rope she had left there earlier. Once she had the rope Mickie tied
Melina's right arm and leg to the nearest bedpost, before reaching across and
doing the same to Melina's left arm and leg to the other end. It was a
stretch because she had to reach across Jillian to do so, and she had to use
more rope for the left side, but somehow she just about managed to do it
without removing her strap on from her bitch's ass.

Once Melina was completely helpless Mickie began the ruthless sodomy again,
choosing to take a little more time to tease Melina by pulling her bitch's
boobs out of the maid uniform she still had on. At first she just groped
Melina's breasts, occasionally tweaking her rock hard nipples before Mickie
got a real craving to suck on Melina's tits and that's exactly what she did,
bending her head down and taking one nipple into her mouth, for some licking,
sucking and biting fun before moving to the other and doing the same,
Melina's flimsy maids uniform doing nothing to prevent Mickie's assault on
her body.

The maid uniform was crumpled and pulled aside so it was useless at this
stage and pretty much just decoration for Mickie's enjoyment. And Mickie did
enjoy playing dress up with her bitches. They were like her life-size Barbie
dolls, just waiting to be dressed up and played with.

And Melina made such a pretty little maid.

As Mickie had fun playing with her pretty little maid Melina wept cried and
begged Mickie to bugger her like she needed to be buggered but she was soon
lost in the seemingly endless anal sex so all she ended up doing was begging
Mickie to fuck her ass over and over again which is exactly what Mickie did,
just not as hard as Melina would've liked.

After what felt like forever Mickie took pity on her bitch, leaving her boobs
alone and instead concentrating on pounding Melina's ass, her hips and
eventually her entire body becoming a blur as the savage rectum wrecking
caused Melina's humiliating farting to go into overdrive until eventually it
all became too much for Melina and she finally came.

Melina's eyes rolled in the back of her head and her body shook violently as
she was rocked with climax after climax. The once feisty Latina lost control
of all of her bodily functions as her mind and ass were pounded to putty, the
thing formerly known as Melina melting into a willing submissive sacrifice
for it's owner, the only rebellious thing left in her being a few of her ass
muscles which were grasping desperately to the source of its pleasure that in
its weakened state was unable to even try and slow Mickie's powerful bowel
wrecking thrusts down.

Knowing she had completely humiliated and degraded Melina in front of her
former bitch Mickie allowed her climax to wash over her, struggling to remain
in control of herself as her own body went numb and shook almost in time to
the shakes of her bitch. But she was able to keep control and continued to
pound Melina's ass relentlessly, not even pausing her rectum wrecking thrusts
when she squeezed her dildo's balls and squirted the conquered diva's shit
shoot with her creamy girl cum.

Mickie grinned widely as she once again filled her bitch's bowels with her
girly liquid, reminding Melina of her place, letting the formally sassy
women's wrestler know she was now nothing but an orifice for her pleasure, a
cock and cum depository for her to put her strap on and girly liquid into, a
bitch who's single purpose in life was to serve.

Once she was sure every drop of her girl cum was buried in Melina's bowels
Mickie finally pulled out of her bitch's butt hole and took a moment to stand
back and admire the scene she had created.

Both her bitches were bound and helpless before her, their ass holes gaping
wide and farting out her cum loudly. It was so pretty.

Walking around Mickie grabbed the bound brunette by the head, yanked it
downwards so Melina's head was upside down over the bed and pressed her
soiled strap on against Melina's pouting lips. Knowing what was expected of
her Melina opened her mouth wide and allowed Mickie to shove her dildo past
her lips, over her tongue, through her mouth, and to the back of her throat
before pushing it further down her gullet until all 14 inches were buried
inside her throat.

Without even pausing Mickie began fucking Melina's throat in the same way she
had just fucked her ass, slamming through it without any regard for her bitch

Melina desperately relaxed her gag reflex and went about sucking her own ass
juices off the man made cock, made more difficult from the fact that her head
was upside down and the dildo's balls were violently bouncing on her nose,
almost enough to break it.

After she had had her fun using Melina's mouth to clean her cock Mickie
pulled her strap on out of her bitch's gullet and casually walked to the

Turning back Mickie said, "I'm going to watch some TV, maybe order some room
service, in the meantime... don't you bitches go anywhere cause I plan on
getting a lot of fun out of your asses tonight!"

And with that Mickie turned off the light and left Jillian and Melina in the
dark, wondering what wonderful pain and pleasure they would receive when
their owner returned.

To be continued...

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