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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 10
by MTL (

"Sensational Sherry in the Hall of Fame, that's like the greatest news ever,
I mean just think about that..." Mickie said excitedly, happy that a woman
she had looked up to was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, when
suddenly she spotted the woman she was in love with and determined to make
hers, "Trish, oh my god did you see that!" Mickie said, throwing her arms
around Trish, for a quick hug before letting her go, "Sensational Sherry in
the Hall of Fame..."

"That's awesome," Trish began, but Mickie cut her off.

"Yeah isn't it, it's almost as awesome as it would be if you and I were
inducted into the Hall of Fame together." Mickie said, looping Trish's arm
with hers.

"Hey Mickie, listen, we need to talk." Trish said, taking her arm away.

Even that simple touch had sent a shiver down Trish's spine but the blonde
had been careful not to show it. She couldn't afford to show any weakness,
not now. This needed to end, it was the only way.

"I know, I know, but look how hot you are..." Mickie said, distracting Trish
from her thoughts and indicating to the copy of WWE divas magazine which she
had in her hand.

"Stop," Trish said, trying to get Mickie to listen to her, "We need to talk.
Stop it."

"But I was just going to say that my grandpappy would be looking down on
us..." Mickie began.

"Don't, don't, don't do that." Trish interrupted.

"Do what?" Mickie asked.

"You know what, every time we're about to talk, this comes up." Trish said,
desperately trying to think what to say, "Alright, look, you're just too

"I was just..." Mickie started.

"No, no, you show up at my autograph signings, I get here at noon and there
are twenty text messages from you..." Trish said.

"We were going to go to the maul..." Mickie said.

"No, it's not normal Mickie." Trish said, "And, you know, everywhere I turn
your there, ok, and last week with your face was... was... in my... and I'm
watching you on unlimited and what, what are you doing with that," Trish
said, pointing to Mickie's magazine, "Are you licking that, what, it's not,
it's just too much, and I just don't want any more of it, so I just think,
you and I, we just need some time apart, alright, so, I just need my space
from you, ok."

And with that Trish quickly walked away leaving Mickie alone in the room.

Once out the door Trish practically began running to her car, desperate to
try and get out of the arena before the tears started to fall.

She had been trying to break up this thing, whatever it was, with Mickie and
she couldn't and she wouldn't analyse why it was she was so sad about this
break up... no wait, this wasn't a break up, that was the wrong word, she
wasn't breaking up with Mickie, they were never dating, she would never date
a girl, even if that girl had given her mind blowing orgasms... so many mind
blowing orgasms... no, she would not think about the mind blowing orgasms,
she would focus.

Mickie was trying to turn her into her bitch. Of all the nerve. That big
headed little dyke thought she could just turn her, Trish Stratus, multi-time
women's champion, into her bitch just by what? Seducing her under false
pretences? Trish didn't think so. And what, was she supposed to be some
girl's bitch just because she let her fuck her up the ass? And so what if it
felt good. So what if she had enjoyed submitting to Mickie. It didn't mean
anything. She wasn't gay, she'd never been gay, and she never would be gay.

Trish was just going to go back to her hotel room and not think about that
manipulating seductress who had fucked her so wonderfully and just move on
with her life. It really was just that simple... wasn't it...

Mickie stood there stunned for a long while before finally crying out,

But Trish had gone.

Sitting down on the couch Mickie brushed back her hair and began to think.
She had just been rejected by Trish, the one diva in the entire WWE Mickie
couldn't live without having in her collection. And to her it was more than
just about adding another bitch to her collection. She loved Trish, and she
wanted them to be together, and she knew they belonged together, but Trish
was just so deep in denial she couldn't see it. Or she didn't want to see it.
Either way it was both really sad and really, really annoying.

Why couldn't Trish see they were meant for each other? Mickie had made Trish
cum so hard, and the brunette could remember how much the blonde had squealed
with joy as she had fucked her pussy and ass with her mouth, tongue and strap
on, so why couldn't Trish just admit she liked being Mickie's bitch and
accept her fate? Why did Trish have to be so difficult? Why did Trish have to
be so ungrateful? Didn't Trish see that all Mickie wanted to do was bring her
pleasure? This just wasn't... fair!

Seething with rage at her rejection Mickie stood up, and began to leave,
trying to keep her anger inside herself but it was just no use.

She needed release.

Screaming in frustration Mickie lashed out, Mick kicking the first
unfortunate person to cross her path.

The second the kick connected with the victim's head she crumpled to the
floor like deadweight.

Looking down Mickie was surprised to find the victim was none other than
Candice Michelle.

Candice was part of a stable on RAW which had been nicknamed Vince's Devils
because awhile back the three of them had been conveniently swooning all over
the owner of the WWE Vince McMahon, almost like the WWE was scripted and
Vince had written it that way. Anyway, Candice's stable-mates included Torrie
Wilson and Victoria and together they had gone out of their way to make
Trish's life, and Mickie's life by association, a living hell.

Vince's Devils had been a problem for Mickie, a problem she had been meaning
to deal with, a problem which now she had the opportunity to deal with.

Looking around Mickie grinned to herself realising there was no one around,
grabbed Candice by her 'come fuck me' heels and dragged her away to do
exactly what Candice's heels asked.

* * *

When Candice awoke she found herself in some type of dank, dark basement with
Mickie James standing over her.

She tried to scream, but there was duct tape over her mouth.

She tried to remove the tape but her hands were tied together behind her

She tried to get up but her legs were forced apart by a spreader bar.

She tried to roll away but there was a collar wrapped around her neck with a
lead attached to a lead pipe behind her which didn't allow her to go far.

Finally Candice gave up, and waited for Mickie to say something.

"Are you done?" Mickie asked, waiting a few moments for the answer before
continuing, "Good, now listen very carefully to me Candice. Ever since I was
brought up to RAW you and your little friends have been constantly mean to me
and Trish, and I for one am sick of it, sooooo... how about we kiss and make

In a flash Mickie was on top of Candice, pressing her body down onto her
fellow diva's as she viciously tore the duct tape from her mouth. Candice
opened her mouth to let out a scream of pain but the second her mouth was
open and exposed Candice found Mickie's tongue being shoved down her throat.

Candice struggled, but only for a little while before giving in and kissing

Shocked at Candice's willingness Mickie pulled back and stared at her fellow
RAW diva before smiling. Candice's nipples were becoming hard as they pressed
into Mickie's breasts and when the easily excitable brunette slid her hand
down in between Candice's legs she found her latest victim was already a
little wet. There could be no mistake, Candice was enjoying this.

"You've done this before." Mickie said with a smile. Mickie waited for
Candice to answer but she only got a wicked smile in response so she asked,
"With who? Torrie? Victoria?"

There was a pause.

"Both." Candice said finally with a smirk.

"Interesting." Mickie said, "Very interesting."

"Hey, were are you going?" Candice asked.

"Ooooo, eager little slut aren't you?" Mickie laughed, as she retrieved an
item from out of her bag, something which would help her conquer Candice and
add her to her collection of bitches, "Ever seen one of these before

"No." Candice said frowning.

"Well, it's called a Magic Wand, you know, like the thing you used to bash me
over the head that one-time." Mickie said, a slight menace in her voice
before returning to her usual bubbly tone, "Or was that Victoria, I forget.
Anyway, unlike the wand you carry to the ring, this one is actually magical,
see?" Candice let out a little gasp of surprise as Mickie turned on the large
vibrator, "Sure it needs batteries, but believe me, when you feel this on
your pussy you'll swear to God that it's magical."

And with that Mickie knelt down in front of the still bound Candice and
placed the tip of the still vibrating wand to Candice's neck, before sliding
it down the other woman's body to her breasts, causing her to moan. Sliding
the wand over the fleshy mounds Mickie began attacking Candice's nipples with
the wand, moving from one to the other slowly, watching with glee as the
other diva writhed and moaned underneath the touch of the vibrator. After a
while Mickie couldn't resist sucking on those painfully hard nipples in
between torturing them with the wand, taking one after the other into her
mouth, biting down gently on them with her teeth as her tongue played with

This seemingly endless treatment made Candice wonder if it was possible for
her to cum from just having her nipples played with, but before she got the
chance to really find out Mickie left her boobs alone in favour of running
the wand all over Candice's body, causing the upcoming playboy model to moan
in frustration. Every place that wand touched her seem to arouse Candice
further, her whole body being turned into one big sexually erogenous zone at
the hands of her enemy Mickie James. Not even Torrie and Victoria had manage
to do that.

The truly frustrating thing was that Mickie never touched her pussy, not even
once. Instead her tormentor slid that wonderful instrument all over her body
until Candice thought she would go insane with her desperate need to cum.

Finally having enough of this torture Candice moaned, "Please Mickie... my
pussy... put it on my pussy..."

"Oh you want this on your pussy do you bitch?" Mickie taunted, "You want me
to slide my magic wand over your slutty little pussy and make you cum?"

"Yes!" Candice cried.

"Well, what are you willing to do to earn it?" Mickie asked.

"Anything." Candice said.

"Anything?" Mickie asked.

"Anything." Candice repeated.

"Well then, let's see, let's see," Mickie said, pretending to think, "I know,
are you willing to be my bitch?"

Candice paused for a minute before answering, "I... I... I can't."

"Why not?" Mickie asked, "I thought you said you'd do anything?"

"I did... it's just that, well, I'm already Victoria's bitch." Candice
replied quietly.

"Oh, is that so." Mickie said smiling, "Figured she'd be the top in your
relationship. But I'm afraid if you wanna feel this wand on your pussy,
you're going to have to agree to be my bitch."

"But Victoria..." Candice began.

"Don't worry about Victoria." Mickie interrupted, "She'll be my bitch soon
too and then you, her and Torrie can live happily ever after together as my
bitches. Now, are you going to be a good little bitch and accept your proper
place or am I going to have to get rough with you?"

Candice couldn't believe her ears, Mickie was planning to turn her, Torrie
and Victoria into her bitches. Ok so she could see Mickie conquering Torrie,
who was just as big a slut as Candice was, but did Mickie really have what it
takes to turn Victoria into her bitch?

Since meeting her Candice didn't ever think Victoria had a submissive bone in
her body and it was hard for Candice to imagine her owner submitting to
anyone, let alone little Mickie James. But at the same time Candice couldn't
deny that the idea of watching a total top like Victoria submit to another
woman was incredibly arousing. And besides, if Mickie failed Victoria would
probably add her to her collection of bitches and Candice and Torrie would
have a new playmate. Then again what if Mickie succeeded?

Whatever the result the idea of being another woman's bitch turned on the
submissive Candice as always and that only added to her desperate need to cum
so her decision was almost inevitable.

"Ok..." Candice said, "I'll be your bitch."

"Good girl," Mickie said happily, patting Candice on the head like a pet,
"Now bend over so I can begin breaking in my new bitch."

Candice did as she was told, awkwardly rolling onto her stomach before using
her knees to push her butt upwards as Mickie got up and walked over to her
travelling bag.

"That's it, stick that ass in the air for me." Mickie said as she retrieved a
whip from her bag before returning to Candice's side and began sliding the
whip over the smooth flesh of the playboy cover girl's exposed backside,
"Now, I'm going to spank you, and I want you to count and thank me for every
blow. Oh, and thank me by saying 'thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle'."

"Hey!" Candice complained.

"Well it's true isn't it?" Mickie pointed out.

"Well yes, but when has wrestling ability had anything to do with being a WWE
diva?" Candice responded.

"Good point." Mickie agreed. It had to be said that the only criteria for
being a WWE diva was to be hot. Candice was a perfect example of this. Hot,
but completely worthless in every conceivable way. Getting her mind back on
the task at hand Mickie said, "But if you don't count each of these blows and
thank me by saying 'thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who
can't wrestle' then I'm going to continue spanking you until you bleed

The last part ended in a scream. Well two screams actually, the first from
Mickie, the second from Candice, as the easily excitable brunette began
bringing her whip down again and again on the former diva search contestant's

Candice continued to scream in pain, but she quickly got the idea that it was
no use. She didn't know where they were but she doubted Mickie would have
removed the duck tape from her mouth if they weren't in a place were no one
could hear her scream, so she accepted her fate and began to do as she had
been told.

"Owww... one, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't
wrestle... owww... two, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch
who can't wrestle... owww... three, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... four, thank you Mickie for
spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... five, thank you
Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle..."

Despite her initial reluctance Candice found herself getting into the rhythm
of things very quickly and was soon lifting her ass up to receive each spank
willingly. Victoria had spanked Candice and Torrie many times and Candice
just love to be put in her place with a nice hard ass beating. And her added
humiliation at being forced to admit how much she sucked at her supposed job
only made her more eager to be disciplined by the other woman.

"Owww... eighteen, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who
can't wrestle... owww... nineteen, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... twenty, thank you Mickie for
spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... twenty one, thank
you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww...
twenty two, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't

Mickie grinned wickedly as Candice excepted the spanking. She had suspected
that Candice would be an easy lay, but even she was a little surprised about
how eager her fellow brunette was willing to submit herself to her. Oh well,
Mickie was certainly never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and besides
she was having a lot of fun spanking Candice. The cover girl embodied
everything that annoyed Mickie about the wrestling business and it was great
to be able to take out her frustrations on her ass, beating it a nice shade
of red as she covered it in stinging blows.

"Owww... forty six, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who
can't wrestle... owww... forty seven, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... forty eight, thank you Mickie
for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... forty nine,
thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle...
owww... fifty, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't

"Good bitch." Mickie praised, "Now roll over."

Once again Candice did as she was told, awkwardly rolling onto her back and
grimacing as she was forced to put weight on her beaten backside, not to
mention that once again her hands which were still tied behind her back were
now caught between her back and concrete creating a very uncomfortable
sensation for her. Not that Mickie cared.

"Ok, now for your tits," Mickie said, "And remember to continue to count and
thank me properly bitch."

"Owww... one, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't
wrestle... owww... two, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch
who can't wrestle... owww... three, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... four, thank you Mickie for
spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... five, thank you
Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle..."

As before Candice enjoyed her humiliating punishment to a certain extent but
Mickie seem determined to make the experience as unpleasant as possible for
the poor excuse for a diva. The whipped tore into Candice's flesh time and
time again with ferocity, the brunette's skin feeling as if it was being torn
away by the lash. Mickie was so rough with her that Candice thought she would
start bleeding, and yet still she counted like the well-trained bitch she

"Owww... eighteen, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who
can't wrestle... owww... nineteen, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... twenty, thank you Mickie for
spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... twenty one, thank
you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww...
twenty two, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't

The little enjoyment Candice was receiving from her humiliation was easily
dwarfed by Mickie's enjoyment of being able to turn another one of the WWE
divas into a snivelling wreck. Well, if you could call Candice a diva.
Regardless, Mickie used her whip to beat Candice again and again, enjoying
watching the flesh changed colour under her tender love and care, Candice's
screams music to her ears.

"Owww... forty six, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who
can't wrestle... owww... forty seven, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... forty eight, thank you Mickie
for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... forty nine,
thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle...
owww... fifty, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't

Satisfied with the number of blows she had given to her victim's tits Mickie
bent down and used her hand to cup one of Candice's nipples into her mouth
without any regard for just how sore her fellow brunette's breasts were.

Candice moaned in protest, but that quickly gave way to moans of pleasure as
Mickie's talented tongue, mouth and fingers went back and forth between her
boobs, soothing her aching flesh. She almost didn't notice when Mickie slid
her whip downwards until it was resting on her cunt. Almost.

"Owww my God!" Candice screamed when Mickie whipped her cunt for the first
time, automatically closing her legs in the process.

Victoria had done many wicked and wonderful things to Torrie and Candice in
the name of pain and pleasure, however she had never gone so far to whip one
of her bitches cunts.

"Spread your legs bitch." Mickie said as she took Candice's nipple out of her

"No, please, anything but that." Candice pleaded.

In no mood for sympathy Mickie grabbed Candice by the throat and screamed in
her ear, "I said spread your legs bitch!"

Whimpering in fear, pain and excitement Candice spread her legs and allowed
Mickie to start whipping her defenceless cunt.

"Owww... one, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't
wrestle... owww... two, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch
who can't wrestle... owww... three, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... four, thank you Mickie for
spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... five, thank you
Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle..."

This pain was by far the worst thing Candice had ever felt and she questioned
how anyone could enjoy this at first, but then as her humiliation continued
she began to enjoy her degrading. It seemed that Victoria had trained her
bitch well, so will in fact that no matter how degrading and painful the act
Candice would not only accepted but learn to enjoy it. And Candice did learn
to enjoy it, hell she even craved it. Victoria had turned Candice into a
total pain slut and now Mickie was reaping the benefits.

"Owww... eighteen, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who
can't wrestle... owww... nineteen, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... twenty, thank you Mickie for
spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... twenty one, thank
you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww...
twenty two, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't

Once again Mickie was impressed by Candice's willingness to submit. After her
initial outburst the go daddy girl had shown nothing but complete and utter
submission, obediently keeping her legs spread as Mickie brutalised her cunt
with the whip, never missing one of the counts and always remembering to
treat Mickie with the proper respect. Candice sure did make a good bitch.
Maybe when Mickie got back to her hotel room she should tie Melina up and
make her maid watch as she dominated Candice. Even after all this time Melina
could still stand to be given a couple more lessons in submission and
watching such an obedient bitch like Candice happily allow herself to be
degraded could be just the thing Melina needed.

"Owww... forty six, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who
can't wrestle... owww... forty seven, thank you Mickie for spanking your
worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... forty eight, thank you Mickie
for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle... owww... forty nine,
thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't wrestle...
owww... fifty, thank you Mickie for spanking your worthless bitch who can't

By the time the spanking was over Candice was crying openly, her pussy still
throbbing from the pain of its beating but luckily Mickie was about to soothe
Candice's pain.

Spitting on the fingers of her right hand Mickie placed her fingertips on
Candice's beaten pussy lips and began to gently rub them, Candice's cries
slowly melting into moans of pleasure as she did so. After she had her fellow
diva moaning for her Mickie slid two fingers into Candice's pussy and began
to finger fuck her teasingly which of course only made Candice moan louder.

"You like that bitch?" Mickie asked, smiling playfully.

At first Candice nodded in reply but when she saw the playful smile quickly
disappearing on Mickie's face Candice quickly said, "Yes. I like it."

"Good girl." Mickie said, the smile quickly returning as she held up the
magic wand and turned it on, "And I bet you'd like to feel this on your clit
while I'm fucking your pussy, wouldn't you bitch?"

"Yes." Candice replied, "I'd like to feel that on my clit while you fuck me."

"I thought you would." Mickie said, removing her fingers from Candice's cunt
as she stood up, "But I'm afraid you're going to have to earn it."

Keeping her eyes locked with the other diva Mickie began to strip herself of
clothes, first her top, then her bra, then shoes and socks, then her mini
skirt, and then finally her panties. Once she was completely naked Mickie
positioned herself so she was standing above Candice's head, giving her
fellow brunette a perfect view of her wet pussy.

"Have you ever eaten pussy Candice?" Mickie asked.

"Yes." Candice answered honestly.

"I thought so." Mickie said smiling, "And I bet you'd like a taste of my
beautiful pussy wouldn't you slut?"

"Oh yes." Candice said.

"Good girl." Mickie said, lowering herself until she was kneeling over
Candice's face, her pussy lips pressed to the other girl's lips, "Good little
pussy eater."

The last phrase Mickie said came out with a gasp as Candice's tongue slipped
out of her mouth and ran from the bottom of Mickie's pussy all the way to the
top before repeating the process, Candice happily beginning to lap at Mickie
like she was a saucer of milk.

From the very first lick Candice knew she was hooked. Mickie was delicious
and Candice knew she would do practically anything to get back in between her
thighs. Of course to get back in between Mickie's thighs Candice knew she was
going to have to impress her fellow diva with her oral talents. Luckily for
Candice she had been well trained at the art of pussy eating by Torrie and
Victoria and she had no doubt she could satisfy Mickie with her eager to
please mouth and tongue.

After taking some time to gently lap at the tasty treat presented to her
Candice closed her mouth around Mickie's yummy pussy and began to hungrily
suck the other girl's juices down her throat as she pushed her tongue as deep
into Mickie as it would go. Using a trick Torrie had taught her Candice
twirled her tongue inside Mickie's pussy as she slid in and out, trying and
succeeding in finding all of Mickie's most sensitive spots very quickly and
then using her tongue to gently caressed them with every inward and outward

Candice was rewarded by being frantically smothered by Mickie's pussy as she
began to bounce herself up and down on Candice's face, using it as a fuck pad
and driving Candice's tongue deeper into her own pussy. Luckily that was not
the only reward Candice received.

Mickie was happily surprised by Candice's skills at eating pussy. Candice
just seemed so hopeless when it came to wrestling, talking and acting it
honestly never occurred to Mickie that Candice could actually be good at
something. Then again considering what a waste of space Candice was in the
WWE Mickie shouldn't have really been surprised. Somebody that worthless had
to have at least some skill or ability that kept her employed and Mickie had
obviously found it.

Candice's mouth felt great on her pussy and from the way Candice's tongue was
sliding through her inner walls Mickie could only imagine how much practice
Candice had had at using her mouth. And Candice certainly was enthusiastic.
The former diva search contestant was licking and sucking Mickie's pussy like
her life depended on it. In fact Candice was doing such a good job that
Mickie decided it was time to reward her new bitch.

Mickie lifted herself up just long enough to turn herself around so that she
was now facing Candice's body before lowering herself back down again,
smiling to herself as she heard Candice moaning first in disappointment at
being denied her pussy and then in happiness when she returned her wet centre
to Candice's lips. Candice's moans were accompanied by a happy sigh from
Mickie as her new plaything's tongue slid into her pussy again, but Mickie
didn't allow herself to become distracted. Laying back and enjoying the
pleasure was great, but Mickie was in a giving mood and she definitely had
something to give Candice.

Leaning down so her face was hovering above her latest victim's pussy Mickie
stared at Candice's dripping hole for a few moments before making her move.
Supporting herself on her elbows Mickie slid two fingers around Candice's
pussy lips before unceremoniously thrusting inside her.

Candice moaned into Mickie's pussy and redoubled her efforts, hoping Mickie
would use the magic wand vibrator on her soon. She was in luck.

Grabbing the wand Mickie turned it on before sliding it over Candice's thighs
teasingly as she fucked her with her fingers gently the whole time, wanting
to drive Candice to the point of insanity before finally giving her what she

This torturous technique continued for a long time, Candice frantically
eating Mickie's pussy, desperate to try and make the other woman cum in the
hopes that then she would be allowed to cum, but unfortunately Mickie had
great self-control, and was able to continuously tease Candice, running the
vibrator oh so close to her pussy to the point where she almost touch the
lips but never allowing it to bring the true satisfaction she knew Candice
wanted. Mickie was also careful to keep the speed of her fingers at a slow
and steady pace never going to fast and never giving Candice the opportunity
to cum.

When Mickie decided she'd had enough of torturing Candice she said, "You
wanna cum bitch?"

The reply was muffled from Candice's face still being buried in Mickie's
pussy but it was pretty clear that the reply was, "Yes."

"Well I'll tell you what bitch, you make me cum, and I'll make you cum."
Mickie said, "Does that sound fair?"

Once again a muffled reply of, "Yes," could be just about heard.

"Good, then make me cum you fucking whore!" Mickie growled, grinding her
pussy on Candice's tongue, "Make me cum you worthless bitch! Come on slut, we
both know this is all your good for, pleasuring people with that slutty mouth
of yours! How many cocks and pussys did you have to lick and suck to get this
fucking job in the first place Candice? 10? 100? 1000? It must have been a
lot considering how terrible you are at just about everything you try. Except
this of course. This is the only thing you're good at, and from now on your
going to be doing it for me a lot! I'm going to make sure that when your face
isn't in between my thighs it's in between somebodys thighs because God knows
it's about time you started being good for something around here. And that
all starts with making me cum you pathetic whore! Make me cum you stupid
bitch! Make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum!"

The promise that she would be allowed to cum combined with Mickie's degrading
words turned Candice completely cunt crazy, the former diva search contestant
burying her face as deep into Mickie's pussy as it would go as she
desperately licked, sucked and slurped at the delicious treat presented to

Candice not only used every technique she had ever been taught for eating
pussy but use them all in quick succession in an almost violent need to get
Mickie off so she herself could receive the same treatment. The need to cum
was almost unbearable and all Candice wanted was to feel that magic wand on
her pussy. Hell she'd settle for Mickie giving her a proper fucking with her
fingers. Even just one good lick of her clit would probably get Candice off
at this point.

But every time she thought she was going to cum Mickie always pulled her back
from the brink, frustrating Candice to no end. So, excepting the only way to
cum was to make Mickie cum, Candice used her desperate need to cum and
Mickie's hurtful words as incentive to drive her onwards, hopefully giving
her the strength to finally make Mickie cum.

Even though she was an expert at holding off her own orgasm there was a limit
to how much pleasure Mickie could take before it all became too much and
Candice was driving her to her breaking point and Mickie knew it wouldn't be
long before she came. Candice certainly had a talented mouth and tongue and
Mickie promised herself that her new bitch was going to be spending a lot of
time in between her legs pleasuring her like this.

But that was the future, and Mickie's mind was very much on the present as
she tried to decide whether or not she should force Candice to cum first
giving her an excuse to further beat on the poor excuse for a diva or should
she just go with the flow and let Candice's made for rug munching mouth do
its job and make her cum.

On the one hand Mickie love putting bitches like Candice in their places with
a good hard spanking, but on the other hand Mickie was way too horny at this
point to do anything but fuck, and writhing beneath her touch and eagerly
eating her pussy Candice was certainly very fuckable in that moment.

So with a primal scream Mickie finally allowed herself to cum, her body
shaking as stars flew past her eyes and her pussy drenched Candice's face.

Despite having a lot of practice swallowing cum Candice had never really been
able to swallow everything a woman had to offer, and this was no exception.
However even as her face became completely drenched in Mickie's cum Candice
did her best to suck and slurp at the other diva's pussy in an attempt to
swallow as much cum as she possibly could.

As Candice ate her cum Mickie came to the decision it was time to reward
Candice for her great job at eating her pussy, so she sped up the threads of
her fingers until she knew Candice was on the edge again and then pressed the
Magic Wand vibrator to Candice's clit.

Candice screamed hysterically into Mickie's pussy as a thunderous climax
overtook her body causing her to spasm and writhe like a maniac.

But Mickie wasn't done.

Turning the wand up to full power Mickie slid her thumb into Candice's pussy
to join the four fingers which were already in there and continued fucking
Candice through her climax to the point where she was almost over it, and
then slid the rest of her fist inside.

Once again Candice screamed into Mickie's pussy, and even though this time
the initial screaming was of pain Candice had been fisted many times and was
easily able to relax her cunt muscles around Mickie's fist long before Mickie
started to move her fist inside her, and when she did it pushed Candice to
new heights of pleasure. Every time Mickie would twist her fist, pull it
outwards, or push it inwards, or make even the slightest movement Candice
would cum again, the stimulation putting her on an almost constant high.

Just when Candice thought she was about to faint Mickie unceremoniously
removed her fist and the vibrator from Candice's pussy and got off her face
before she started walking over to her bag of goodies, licking her cum coated
fist as she did so, leaving Candice whimpering on the floor.

"Roll over bitch." Mickie said, not even bothering to look back at Candice,
"And get up on your knees."

Candice obeyed the best she could however she was both physically and
emotionally drained by the powerful multiple orgasms she had just received
and with her hands still cuffed behind her back Candice found it difficult to
even get onto her knees.

Grabbing her 14 inch strap on from out of her bag Mickie quickly secured the
harness around herself before walking back towards Candice, the dildo bobbing
menacingly at Mickie's prey.

Finding Candice still struggling to obey her command Mickie sighed, grabbed
Candice by her hair and pulled her up until she was kneeling before her, her
strap on pressed against Candice's lips.

"Suck it." Mickie commanded in a tone which let Candice know she wasn't

Never one to not suck a cock Candice willingly opened her mouth and took the
large head of the strap on past her lips, over her tongue and quickly to the
back of her throat.

Candice loved sucking cock. And she was good at it. After all it was how
Candice had gotten hired by the WWE in the first place. Sure, she preferred
sucking on real cocks as opposed to fake cocks, but that was only because she
loved the way they throbbed in her mouth. She tended to preferred fake cocks
to fuck her simply because they lasted longer, but in truth Candice was a
total cock slut and would pretty much suck and fuck any cock she could get
her hands on.

And Candice certainly had her hands full with this cock, or at least her
mouth full.

There were still plenty more strap on to go and Candice, eager to swallow
every inch of the shaft, relaxed her throat muscles so she could allow the
big dildo to start slowly sliding down her gullet. Candice had sucked a lot
of cock before but not a lot that with this big, in fact only Victoria had
introduced something of this size to her throat, so Candice gagged a little
on the strap on but never stopped or hesitated from lowering her head further
on it until her lips reach the base announcing she had been able to deep
throat a 14 inch dildo in one huge gulp.

While breathing through her nose Candice didn't even pause before beginning
to bob her head up and down on Mickie's strap on, slobbering noisily all over
the shaft as she prepared it for the fucking Candice hoped she was going to
receive in one of her holes very soon.

Candice was going to receive a fucking allright, but the hole Mickie intended
to fuck first was not Candice's pussy or even her ass, it was her mouth.

After allowing Candice a few minutes to worship her girl cock Mickie grabbed
a firm hold of the back of her victim's head and began slowly sliding her
strap on in and out of Candice's throat, gradually picking up the pace until
she was slam fucking Candice's mouth, turning her fellow diva into a face

Having received the same brutal treatment from Victoria many times Candice
was very eager to allow Mickie to use her mouth like a cunt, her own cunt
submissively drooling juice at her abuse all the while fantasizing about her
pussy receiving the same treatment that her mouth was injuring right now.

But, unfortunately for Candice, Mickie had other ideas.

After a few minutes of hard throat fucking Mickie pushed Candice off her
strap on, the force knocking Candice off balance and causing her to fall to
the floor.

"Come on Candice, get on your hands and knees like the bitch you are!" Mickie
said cheerily as Candice did as she was told.

Once Candice was in position Mickie kneels down behind her and grabbed two
handfuls of Candice's ass cheeks and spread them wide, exposing the other
brunette's holes.

Mickie grinned wickedly and licked her lips at the tasty treats in front of
her before lowering her head down and giving Candice a long lick from her
pussy to her ass hole.

This caused Candice to gasp, and then moan as Mickie wrapped her lips around
her ass hole and forced her tongue through her tight anal ring and deep into
her rectum.

As soon as she slipped her tongue into Candice's ass Mickie tasted the
familiar texture of girl cum. Interesting, Mickie thought to herself, so
Victoria liked filling her bitches with her cum too. Not that Mickie minded
tasting cum inside Candice's ass. Mickie loved eating her own cum, especially
when it was straight from one of her bitches pussys or asses, and she was
pretty sure she was currently tasting Victoria's cum.

Forcing her tongue as deep into Candice's ass as it would go Mickie concluded
that it was in fact Victoria's cum and it was delicious. She couldn't wait to
sample some from the source, but for now Mickie was very content with the
bitch she had ripe and ready for fucking now. Once she had greedily sucked
all of Victoria's cum out of Candice's ass Mickie began butt fucking her
latest conquest with her tongue, twisting and sliding it over Candice's
rectum walls, preparing it for what was to come.

As Mickie tongued Candice's ass easily excitable diva let go of the other
girl's ass cheeks and slipped her fingers into Candice's pussy with ease
causing Candice to moan. The moaning only increased as Mickie added a third
finger, and a fourth, and then finally her thumb, stuffing Candice's cunt
with her digits.

"Does my bitch like that?" Mickie said, pulling herself away from Candice's
ass just long enough to tease her new bitch.

"Mmmmm, yes Mickie, your bitch likes that." Candice moaned in reply.

"What does my bitch like Candice?" Mickie asked before sliding her tongue
back inside Candice's ass hole.

"Ooooo, your bitch likes your tongue up her ass and your fingers in her
pussy." Candice groaned.

"I bet she does." Mickie said, once again reluctantly pulling herself from
Candice's butt hole, "And I bet she'd love me to fuck her with my nice big
girl cock wouldn't she?"

"Ohhhh yes Mickie, your bitch would love you to fuck her with your nice big
girl cock." Candice moaned.

"And where would my bitch like me to fuck her Candice?" Mickie asked.

"Her pussy. Your bitch would love you to fuck her in her pussy. Please
Mickie, fuck your bitch in her pussy." Candice pleaded.

"Who's my bitch Candice?" Mickie taunted.

"Me. I'm your bitch. I'm Mickie James's bitch." Candice confessed.

"And you want me to fuck your pussy do you bitch." Mickie continued to taunt.

"Oh yes Mickie, I'd love you to fuck my pussy." Candice said hopefully, "Your
bitch would love you to fuck her pussy."

"Well then... tough!" Mickie growls, shoving the rest of her hand into
Candice's pussy, causing her fellow diva to cry out in a mixture of pain and
pleasure, "Look at your fucking loose cunt! You see how easily it takes my
fucking hand inside it? Where's the fun in fucking a loose cunt? You'd
probably barely feel it anyway. But don't worry, I think I've found a hole on
your near worthless body which might actually be fun to fuck."

And with that Mickie pulled her fist out of Candice's stretched cunt and
rubbed her pussy juice all over the shaft of her dildo before pressing the
tip to Candice's ass hole.

Giving Candice just enough time to realise what was going on and relax her
sphincter Mickie plunged her way through her fellow diva's surprisingly tight
back door, Candice's puckered ring easily opening in acceptance of the large
phallus which invaded her bowels.

Candice gasped as she was skewered through her ass hole like a pig on the
spit. The pain was horrible at first but Candice's very experienced ass
quickly adjusted around the huge head of the dildo, the pain very quickly
turning into pleasure. Candice, being the anal slut she was, soon lifted her
ass up in acceptance of the anal intruder, hoping to encourage Mickie to fill
her horny back alley with hard strap on dick.

The encouragement worked. Mickie began filling Candice's ass inch by inch
with her strap on dildo, every once in awhile pausing to allow her bitch time
to relax but it didn't seem to be necessary.

It was fairly obvious from how easily Candice's back passage had welcomed
Mickie's tongue that Candice was no anal virgin and Mickie could only imagine
how many times Victoria had fucked Candice up the ass. Candice's shit shoot
seemed tight enough around the dildo to cause Mickie a challenge in butt
fucking her fellow diva, and yet Candice's poop pipe was also very welcoming
to Mickie's strap on, providing very little resistance as Mickie inched her
way into Candice's bowels.

It wasn't long before Mickie's thighs were resting against Candice's butt
cheeks and Mickie's huge 14 inch strap on was balls deep inside Candice's

With her strap on fully embedded up Candice's butt Mickie counted out a few
seconds in her head before she began slowly removing her dildo from her
latest victim's shit factory, watching with glee as Candice's ass hole
stretched obscenely around the large object before forcing her strap on back
to the balls inside Candice's back door. Mickie repeated this process over
and over, slowly stretching out Candice's shit hole with her strap on,
preparing her latest conquest for the hard butt fucking she longed to give

Mickie wasn't the only one longing for them to get to the hard butt fucking.

Being the total butt slut she was Candice's anal walls had easily relaxed
around Mickie's large dildo and the initial pain had melted into pure
pleasure until Candice was happily taking it up the ass. It wasn't long
before Candice began to crave the kind of ruthless sodomising she had become
used to over the years, especially since meeting Victoria.

Candice had always loved anal sex. A lifelong slut she had given up her anal
virginity to a guy on her 16th birthday and had been happily spreading her
butt cheeks ever since. It didn't matter how big the cock or toy was, Candice
would bend over and beg for it in the butt. Countless men and women had butt
fucked the bisexual diva over the years, and although she loved feeling a
guys throbbing cock in her ass, especially when it was spewing cum into her
bowels, Candice had come to prefer the girl on girl variety of anal sex.
Women were just a lot more inventive in her experience when it came to back
door action. Over the years women had shoved all sorts of weird and wonderful
things up Candice's ass which had never failed to make her cum like a mad
woman, and she knew this was going to be no exception.

That big strap on was packing her bowels so wonderfully Candice knew she was
going to have problems even walking after this butt pounding, she just wished
Mickie would hurry up and start brutally buggering her already.

Having butt fucked many, many women over the years Mickie could tell when a
girl was ready for the real butt fucking to begin, however when it became
obvious Candice was craving an ass slamming instead of getting into her anal
desires too quickly Mickie decided to tease her victim a little, continuing
the slow sodomy and enjoying Candice's moans of frustration as she did so.

To add to Candice's frustration Mickie slid one of her hands from Candice's
waist down to her pussy and began to cruelly teased her victim, running her
fingertips over the soft lips of Candice's womanhood, causing the helpless
diva to moan even more.

Mickie had enslaved a lot of difficult conquests in her time but Candice
certainly wasn't one of them. Candice was just a slut, another piece of over
used eye candy who was good for absolutely nothing but fucking. Sluts like
Candice were so easy to tame. All Mickie had to do was stretch them out and
then slowly tease them to the point they would start begging pathetically to
be fucked, and then give them a hard fucking which would lead to multiple
orgasms and they were putty in her hands.

And Mickie certainly didn't have to wait long for Candice to start begging
like the slut she was.

"Please Mickie, fuck me, fuck my ass, I want my ass to be fucked hard, I need
my ass to be fucked hard, please give it to me!" Candice begged shamelessly,
"Please stop being so gentle with my slutty ass and start butt fucking me
like a cheap whore! Please stop being so gentle with my slutty ass and start
butt fucking me like the cheap whore I am! I'm your whore Mickie, your cheap
little whore who loves it up her ass! "Please Mickie, fuck your whore, fuck
your whore up her slutty little ass!"

"You're my whore are you Candice?" Mickie teased.

"Yes Mickie, I'm your whore." Candice said in reply.

"And are you my slut too?" Mickie asked

"Yes Mickie, I'm your slut." Candice obediently replied.

"How about my bitch, are you my bitch Candice?" Mickie said.

"Yes Mickie, I'm your bitch." Candice said obediently.

"Who's bitch are you?" Mickie taunted.

"Your bitch. Mickie James's bitch. I'm Mickie James's bitch." Candice

"And my bitch wants me to fuck her ass hard does she?" Mickie taunted.

"Oh god yes, your bitch wants you to fuck her ass hard." Candice said.

"What about her pussy?" Mickie asked, gently sliding her fingertips into
Candice's cunt, causing her fellow diva to moan once again, "Does my bitch
want me to stick my fingers inside her pussy while I'm fucking her ass with
my strap on so she can cum extra hard?"

"Ooooo yes Mickie, your bitch once you to stick your fingers inside her pussy
while your fucking her ass with your strap on so she can cum extra hard!"
Candice parroted.

"Well then she better beg for me to finger her slutty cunt and slam fuck her
whore ass then hadn't she?" Mickie said, her words more of a demand than a

"Oh Mickie please finger my slutty cunt and slam fuck my whore ass!" Candice
begged, "Please, I need it, I need my slutty cunt and my whore ass fucked!
Finger me, fuck me, do me, take me! Please I need it. Slam my fucking shit
pipe until I can't ever walk right! Fucking rape my ass! Rip my back door
wide open for your amusement. Make sure it never fucking closes properly
again. And fuck my cunt with your beautiful fingers. Make me cream all over
your fingers while your fucking me up my whore ass! Fuck me, fuck my holes,
use me like the whore I fucking am. Use your bitch like the whore she is
Mickie, use her, use me, use your bitch!"

Deciding she had had enough of Candice's pathetic begging Mickie slid her
strap on out of Candice's shit hole until only the head remained inside and
then did two things simultaneously which had her fellow diva screaming in
ecstasy. The two things were burying two of her fingers into the knuckles
inside of Candice's cunt and slamming her strap on back to the balls inside
of Candice's ass in one hard thrust.

Not giving her fellow diva even a second of rest Mickie began roughly
pounding Candice's pussy and pooper with her fingers and strap on, the go
daddy girl continuing to scream her head off as she began receiving the
brutal fucking she had been dying for.

At this point Candice started to go crazy, slamming herself back as best she
could against Mickie's thrusts, desperate to try and impale her pussy and ass
hole on the invaders inside them. Mickie was timing her thrusts in sync
perfectly, going knuckles deep inside Candice's cunt at the same moment she
went balls deep in her butt even though the strap on was far bigger and had a
greater reach than her fingers. Candice could feel Mickie's fingers and strap
on almost pressing together, only separated by a very thin layer of skin
inside her, the double stimulation only adding to the incredible things she
was feeling.

Candice loved getting her ass stuffed like this, and there was only a few
times Candice's ass had been this well stuffed, and all of those times were
by Victoria, who loved filling Candice's and Torrie's ass holes with all
sorts of huge dildos, but only Victoria's biggest strap ons compared with the
monster Mickie was buggering Candice with right now. Candice hoped that
Mickie and Victoria would get together sometime and compare the size of their
dildo collection by shoving each of their biggest dildos up her ass and
making a competition about who could butt fuck her the hardest.

The only thing that could make Candice's ass stuffing better was if Mickie
started shoving more fingers inside her cunt. Both Candice's front door and
back door were receiving almost mind blowing stimulation, but although
Mickie's fingers felt great in her cunt Candice couldn't help wishing that
Mickie would shove a couple more fingers up her pussy to even out the fucking
considering just how big the dildo Mickie was fucking her in her ass with

However little did Candice know that in a few minutes she was going to
realise she should have been careful what she wished for.

Mickie, who also thought that Candice's pussy was being rather neglected,
shoved another finger into Candice's cunt, quickly followed by another, and
then her thumb, and then finally with surprising ease managed to slide the
rest of her hand inside her latest conquest. Not interested in giving Candice
time to recover from the invasion Mickie started to fist her new bitch,
balling her hand into a fist so she was practically punching the inside of
Candice's pussy as she continued ruthlessly sodomising her.

Rather than complain at her abuse Candice only continued to scream with
pleasure and thrust herself back against Mickie, just as Mickie had thought
she would. Mickie could tell that Candice's cunt had been well stretched out
from the earlier fisting and now she could really start abusing that poor
pussy for her enjoyment as she continued to abuse Candice's ass hole at the
same time. However as abusive as this was it was nothing compared to what
Mickie had in mind for breaking Candice.

Vince's Devils, Candice, Torrie and Victoria had caused Mickie and Trish a
lot of grief over the last few months, however there was another reason
Mickie was mad at the soon to be Playboy cover girl, a reason Candice was
really going to pay for.

The talentless little contest loser had been going around telling everyone
she was going to face Trish at wrestlemania for the WWE women's title, like
she in any way deserved it, and that had extremely pissed Mickie off. That
was her match, and she needed it now more than ever what with Trish being
rebellious and all, and she certainly wasn't going to lose it to a diva
search reject.

Moving onto the next stage of her plan Mickie grabbed the magic wand vibrator
which she had left lying next to them, turned it on, and pressed it to
Candice's clit. This caused Candice's screams to reach a fever pitch to the
point where Mickie wondered if someone would actually hear them. They were in
the basement of the arena, furthest away from any activity as possible and
yet Candice was screaming so loudly it was hard for Mickie to believe that
there wasn't anyone on earth that couldn't hear Candice right now. Luckily
Mickie had a solution for that.

With a sadistic smile on her face Mickie cranked up the power on the magic
wand to full and watched with glee as Candice practically melted before her
eyes, her body shaking violently as it launched into orgasm after orgasm, her
screams becoming longer and louder until she inevitably screamed herself
hoarse. Soon the only sound coming out of Candice's mouth were incoherent
garbling sounds and whining whimpers as the diva completely broke down,
unable to cope with the pleasure she was feeling.

It was hard but through all of Candice's thrashing Mickie continued to ride
her like a bucking bronco, never once in a single rectum destroying thrust,
not even pausing when she came, her own body shaking with pleasure, or even
when in the middle of her orgasm she reached underneath herself to grab the
balls of her dildo so she could release her stored up cum deep inside
Candice's colon. As always Mickie was left feeling incredibly powerful as she
filled Candice's ass hole with her girly liquid, her cream coating the inside
of Candice's crack and marking her as her bitch.

For most divas after taking a load of cum deep inside their ass holes their
sexual breaking in would be over and they would be officially one of Mickie's

Candace wasn't so lucky.

In one swift movement Mickie pulled her dildo from Candice's ass, not slowly
removing it as she had done with most of her sluts when breaking them in thus
giving them time to recover, but instead yanking it out in one quick motion
squeezing another pitiful cry out of Candice before she gave her something to
really cry about.

In the exact same moment Mickie pulled her fist from Candice's cunt, before
grabbing the magic wand vibrator firmly with both hands and then
unceremoniously shoved it deep into Candice's stretched wide snatch.

Although Candice seemed to lose her voice before in this moment she fully
found it, screaming hysterically as the very deepest part of her sore cunt
became a live with painfully pleasurable vibrations.

The fisting had left Candice's pussy very loose, and Mickie's fist was about
the same girth as the vibrator so Mickie was able to get a lot more of the
wand into Candice and she thought she would have been able too, her fellow
diva's cunt taking almost the entire thing.

Mickie stood up and started getting dressed, watching happily as Candice
writhed around on the floor helplessly trying to dislodge the vibrator from
her cunt without any success whatsoever. Although she couldn't tell for sure
Mickie was almost certain that Candice was either still cumming or was
experiencing yet more orgasms under the power of the vibrator, probably to a
painful degree by now. Mickie wondered momentarily if it was possible to die
from too many orgasms, but she shrugged it off deciding it was impossible,
probably. Not that she really cared that much about Candice.

Once she was ready to go Mickie left a little note inside Candice's bag
telling her where to find her hotel room and explaining in graphic detail
what happened to her if she didn't show up there by the end of the night and
then left Candice beaten, battered and broken on the concrete floor, still
cumming like a mad fool.

On her way out Mickie told a janitor that there was a woman downstairs in the
basement who had asked if someone could go and see her in about an hour to
help her out with a few things. The helpful janitor agreed to do what he had
been asked and Mickie left with a smile on her face.

To be continued...

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