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Mickie Get's What's Hers Part 11
by MTL (

Torrie Wilson's eyes blinked slowly open as she tried to get her bearings.
She appeared to be hanging by some kind of loosely hanging ropes however when
Torrie tried to move she found out they weren't that loose. She could stand,
even move a little but not much.

Focusing on her surroundings Torrie looked around. She couldn't see anyone
and she appeared to be a lone in a dark and dank place she had never seen

It was only then as she became fully awake she realised she was naked and
there was something in her mouth. Torrie tried to push it out and call for
help but the thing was firmly attached around her head and was going nowhere.
She tried to scream but was completely muffled by the object inside her

"Save your breath." a familiar voice whispered into her ear from behind, "I
only put that gag into your mouth in case you woke up when I was dragging you
here and the only reason I haven't removed it is because I want you to listen
to what I have to say."

The figure behind Torrie stepped around to face her, revealing herself to be
Mickie James, holding a little black whip and dressed in a tight leather red
top and black miniskirt which immediately had Torrie's juices flowing.

As part of the stable nicknamed as Vince's Devils Torrie had fought
constantly with Mickie for months now, but that had always been because of
Mickie's association with Trish Stratus, the woman the Devils had been trying
to de-throne as the WWE's top diva, not because any of them had any
particular issues with Mickie. In truth Torrie had never really paid much
attention to Mickie, but the brunette had her full attention now, partly
because of the whole kidnapping and tying up thing but also partly because of
her hot little outfit. Torrie had been bisexual for as long as she could
remember and after spending the last six months as Victoria's submissive
bitch Torrie couldn't deny that this whole situation was turning her on.

"You've been a pain in my butt for a long time now Torrie, and believe me,
I'm going to repay the favour very soon, but as of right now you're also
standing in my way, and that's not a place you want to be. So I'm going to
give you the choice. You can be a good little bitch and tell Trish and the
WWE that you're still to hurt from the attack tonight to compete at Saturday
Night's Main Event and allow me to go in your place, or you can try and show
up for that little tag match and if you do, trust me, I'm going to make you
regret it." Mickie said sternly before a smile crossed her face and she began
stroking Torrie's face, "Of coarse if you're a good little bitch and do what
I say I'll make sure you're very... pleasurably rewarded. What do you say?"

Mickie removed Torrie's gag and looked at the blonde expectantly.

The thought of screaming again did cross Torrie's mind but she figured it was
futile. She had no reason to doubt what Mickie had said and it was pretty
clear to Torrie that she was at the other diva's mercy, which was a situation
she wasn't entirely unfamiliar with, and Torrie liked the sound of being
pleasurably rewarded.

"Pleasurably rewarded." Torrie echoed, biting her lip.

"Very pleasurably rewarded." Mickie confirmed.

"How would I be pleasurably rewarded?" Torrie asked, fighting back the smile
threatening to cross her face.

"Well... it would probably go a little something like this..." Mickie said
slowly leaning in and pressing her lips to Torrie.

Torrie willingly accepted the kiss and when Mickie's tongue pushed against
her lips demanding entry the blonde was also happy to accept the brunette's
tongue into her mouth, the two WWE divas quickly becoming lost in a
passionate tongue battle for supremacy of each other's mouths.

Kissing Torrie long and hard Mickie waited until she and the blonde were
almost completely out of breath before smacking Torrie's ass with her whip,
causing her latest victim to cry out and break the kiss.

"Of coarse you haven't done anything to earn a pleasurable reward yet."
Mickie said mischievously.

"Oh, and what do I have to do to earn a pleasurable reward?" Torrie asked

"Well, for starters you can take your punishment like a good girl. You see
Torrie, as I said you've been quite a pain in my butt lately, and what is it
they say... payback's a bitch!" Mickie said, quickly stepping behind Torrie
and delivering another hard slap to the blonde's buttocks with her whip, "And
believe me Torrie, this is going to be a bitch, just like you, but you can
make it easier on yourself if you want too. All you have to do is count
enough blows until I am satisfied. Oh, and after each one I want you to say
thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle."

Mickie waited for Torrie to object but she never did.

Torrie knew she sucked in the ring and it was something that deeply
embarrassed her, but the idea of being forced to admit her worthlessness at
her job had Torrie practically creaming herself on the spot. She loved to be
humiliated, and this was exactly the type of humiliation Torrie craved in her

"Do you understand me bitch?" Mickie asked, wanting to hammer it home.

"Yes, I understand." Torrie said meekly.

"Good, then let's begin." Mickie said, raising her whip.

"Ok... owww... one, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who
can't wrestle... owww... two, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless
slut who can't wrestle... owww... three, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... four, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... five, thank you
Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle..."

Of all three of Vince's Devils Torrie was the most submissive. She loved to
be spanked. Victoria had spanked Candice and Torrie many times and Torrie
just love to be reminded of her place by having her ass beaten red. Torrie
had even taken a few spankings from her fellow submissive Candice just to
make her self feel even more humiliated. And this was one grade A spanking
Mickie was giving her and Torrie honestly couldn't get enough, especially
when her physical pain was combined with the humiliation of admitting how
much she sucked.

"Owww... eighteen, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who
can't wrestle... owww... nineteen, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... twenty, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... twenty one, thank
you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww...
twenty two, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't

Mickie couldn't help laughing to herself as she brutally spanked Torrie. No
matter how hard she beat her ass the blonde would always push herself
backwards as much she could to accept the next strike like a good little
submissive bitch. Victoria obviously had Torrie well trained. Hardly
surprising to Mickie considering how well trained Candice had been, but still
Mickie couldn't help but admire her fellow bitch conquerors work. The
question was could Mickie conquer her fellow bitch conqueror? Could Mickie do
to Victoria what Victoria had done to Torrie and Candice? Mickie certainly
hope so. She'd like nothing more than to have all three of Vince's Devils
eating out of the palm of her hand, but she had a feeling that Victoria was
going to be a much harder conquest than Torrie and Candice combined. Oh well,
Mickie could cross that bridge when she came to it, for now she was much more
interested in breaking Torrie with a nice hard butt spanking, followed by all
the other nasty little things that Mickie wanted to do to her new pet.

"Owww... forty six, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who
can't wrestle... owww... forty seven, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... forty eight, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... forty nine, thank
you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww...
fifty, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't

"Good girl." Mickie praised, as she rubbed Torrie's beaten ass, "Your ass is
now so red and pretty, but I'm not even half done with you yet."

Walking around so that she was facing her blonde victim Mickie twirled her
whip in her hand menacingly as she greedily took in the sight of a naked
Torrie, her eyes paying particular attention to her fellow diva's tits before
she placed her whip gently down upon them.

"Now it's time for me to have some fun with your boobs," Mickie said,
stroking Torrie's boobs with her whip, "And remember to continue to count and
thank me properly bitch."

"Ok... owww... one, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who
can't wrestle... owww... two, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless
slut who can't wrestle... owww... three, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... four, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... five, thank you
Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle..."

Torrie revelled in her punishment and humiliation, her abuse giving her such
pleasure she thought she would either cum or pass out. But as much as she was
enjoying herself Mickie seem determined to make Torrie hate it. Again and
again Mickie brought her whip down onto Torrie's tits, the whip tearing into
the blonde's flesh over and over again making Torrie almost feel like her
flesh was going to be torn away by the constant assault. Mickie was so rough
with her tits, and yet Torrie loved every minute of it, hoping that her
fellow diva would whip her boobs so hard they would bleed, giving Torrie even
more of this blissful pain.

"Owww... eighteen, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who
can't wrestle... owww... nineteen, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... twenty, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... twenty one, thank
you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww...
twenty two, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't

The fact that no matter what she did Torrie seem to find pleasure in it drove
Mickie insane with anger. Torrie should be a whimpering wreck by now but
instead she was lifting her chest up and presenting it for the whipping,
practically begging Mickie with her eyes to beat her harder. Well if Torrie
wanted it harder Mickie had no problem in giving it to her harder. She wanted
to hear this blonde bitch scream for her like her little girlfriend Candice
had screamed when Mickie had been breaking her in.

"Owww... forty six, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who
can't wrestle... owww... forty seven, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... forty eight, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... forty nine, thank
you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww...
fifty, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't

Angry at Torrie for continuing to enjoy her punishment Mickie switched from
Torrie's tits to Torrie's cunt without giving the blonde any warning
whatsoever and yet Torrie didn't whine or complain, the only thing she did
was take it like a good little bitch.

"Owww... one, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't
wrestle... owww... two, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut
who can't wrestle... owww... three, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... four, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... five, thank you
Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle..."

Torrie had never experienced such excruciating pain before and while part of
her continued to love it and love Mickie for giving it to her she couldn't
stop herself from crying at the abuse. Victoria had done many
wonderful/horrible things to her and Candice but never anything like this.
This was almost beyond words, but despite the pain she felt Torrie controlled
herself, remembering to hold herself open for Mickie at all times and
eventually as the beating continued she learned to enjoy it, and eventually
she even craved it. It was clear Victoria had done a great job of turning
Torrie into a total pain slut, a total pain slut which Mickie was now using
and abusing.

"Owww... eighteen, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who
can't wrestle... owww... nineteen, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... twenty, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... twenty one, thank
you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww...
twenty two, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't

Mickie had to admit, she was impressed by Torrie's willingness to submit, but
she was also happy she had finally found a way to break the bitch. Torrie's
cries were like sweet, sweet music to Mickie's ears, a sign that Torrie was
well on her way to becoming the latest bitch in Mickie's collection. And what
a great addition to her collection Torrie was going to make. She was already
so well-trained, and Mickie couldn't wait to have some threesome fun with her
Torrie and Candice, not to mention all the threesomes, foursomes,
whateversomes she could get with all of her other bitches. And Mickie knew
when she got Victoria that would be just the icing on the cake, a very, very
delicious cake.

"Owww... forty six, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who
can't wrestle... owww... forty seven, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a
worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... forty eight, thank you Mickie for
spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww... forty nine, thank
you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't wrestle... owww...
fifty, thank you Mickie for spanking me, a worthless slut who can't

When the spanking was finally over Torrie was literally fighting back the
tears, her body still aching from the beating she had just taken. Luckily she
didn't have to suffer for long.

After spitting on the fingers of her right hand Mickie pressed her fingertips
to Torrie's sore pussy lips and began to gently massage them, her fingers
slowly tracing Torrie's pussy lips, the blonde's cries of pain slowly
dissolving into cries of pleasure under the brunette's skilful touch. Once
Mickie had her fellow diva moaning for her she slid a finger into Torrie's
love box and began to gently caressed the inside of her inner walls, smiling
with delight as her actions only made her latest victim moan louder.

"You like that slut?" Mickie asked, smiling playfully.

"Oh God yes." Torrie moaned in response.

"That's what I thought." Mickie said, as she added another finger into
Torrie's cunt, "And it's what your pussy is certainly telling me. I mean just
look at it, it's fucking dripping. You fucking love it. And I bet you want
more don't you? Yeah I bet you want me to shove another finger into your
slutty little cunt, don't you bitch?"

"Oh yes, more, give me more, please Mickie shove another finger inside me."
Torrie pleaded before letting out another moan as Mickie complied with the

"Oh yeah, moan for me you little whore." Mickie giggled, removing her fingers
from Torrie's cunt as she stood up, "Moan for me as I fill your slutty little
cunt with my fingers. Gonna stuff your loose fucking pussy with as many
fingers as I can. I wonder how many is that... two... three... four...."
Torrie moaned as Mickie added a third finger into her cunt when she said
three and a fourth finger when she said four, "How many fingers do you think
I can fit inside you bitch?"

"As many as you want." Torrie answered.

"Good answer." Mickie chuckled, before leaning in to whisper huskily in
Torrie's ear, "You know, I did this with your little girlfriend and she was
able to take my whole fucking fist inside her slutty little cunt. Do you
think you can take that much Torrie?"

"My little girlfriend?" Torrie parroted, a little confused.

"Yeah, your little girlfriend Candice just loved taking my fist inside her...
and she still does." Mickie smiled wickedly, giving Torrie a few moments to
take that in before continuing, "I kind of had some fun with her a week or so
ago and I've been having fun with her ever since. She's waiting back in my
hotel room right now, all tied up and gagged, just waiting for me to bring
you home so we three can have some fun together. Would you like that Torrie?
Would you like for you, me and Candice to have some fun together?"

Torrie blinked a few times as Mickie's words sunk in. Candice had been
fucking Mickie... and not telling her about it... and not sharing Mickie with
her and Victoria... what a bitch! Candice had promised her that if she ever
got into another diva's panties she would share her with Torrie and Victoria.
Then again from the looks of it it probably wasn't Candice's choice not to
tell Torrie. Also there was the small fact that Torrie had technically been
dumped by Candice and Victoria last week, but no matter, it looked like
Torrie was going to have some fun with Mickie now and even better she was
going to have fun with Mickie and Candice later. And that made the little
lesbo slut inside Torrie very, very happy.

"Oh fuck yeah, I'd love to have fun with you and Candice." Torrie said,
smiling widely.

"That's what I thought." Mickie chuckled, before becoming very serious, "But
first, you're going to have to earn it."

"How?" Torrie gasped as Mickie added her thumb into her already finger
stuffed pussy.

"Well, first, you can take this..." Mickie said as she slowly and carefully
began pushing the rest of her hand into Torrie's cunt, "And then you can eat
my pussy."

"Oh yes, please Mickie, let me eat you, let me eat your pussy!" Torrie moaned
happily as her womanhood stretched around Mickie's knuckles as the brunette
tried to fill her pussy up.

"You like pussy Torrie?" Mickie asked.

"Love it. I love pussy. I just can't get enough. I'm a total pussy slut. I
love being a slut for pussy. Please Mickie, let me be a pussy slut for you.
Please let me eat you out like the total pussy slut I am." Torrie begged

"Oh don't worry Torrie, soon you're going to have your beautiful face buried
in my pussy, but first I'm going to fuck you and make you cum."

"Oh fuck yeah, fuck me and make me come, fuck me Mickie and make me come,
fuck me with your beautiful fist and make me come for you." Torrie pleaded
like a good little sub.

"Oh I will, but first, I want you to do something for me." Mickie said.

"Name it." Torrie said, "I'll do anything."

"Kiss me." was Mickie's simple command which Torrie was more than happy to
comply with.

Torrie cried into Mickie's mouth as she felt her inner walls expand to
finally except the brunette's entire fist inside her, Mickie doing a good job
of soothing her and helping her relax with some gentle caresses and of course
with the kiss which quickly became more heated once Mickie's fist was buried
inside the blonde.

It hurt at first and took some getting used to but eventually Torrie's walls
relaxed around Mickie's hand and the pain melted away as Torrie became lost
in the kiss, Mickie's tongue caressing her own so wonderfully until she was
rudely awoken from her trance by the feeling of Mickie beginning to move her
fist in and out of her.

The movements were only very slight and gentle but still they caused Torrie
to whimper into Mickie's mouth a little as her cunt adjusted to this new

Despite her many years as a proud slut Torrie had never had someone's whole
fist inside her before. She had always wondered what it would be like and
although there was a lot of pain initially Torrie was surprised how quickly
it seemed to melt away and be replaced by pleasure, her cunt feeling so
wonderfully full at quite literally the hands of little Mickie James.

Torrie didn't know much about Mickie but she was getting an excellent
opportunity to know more about her fellow diva right now and the more she
found out about her the more she liked her. Mickie had clearly done this
before and was very skilled at it. Torrie couldn't wait to see what else the
bouncy brunette could do.

Mickie was very gentle with her prey as she introduced her to fist fucking,
wanting to make sure that Torrie would be ready for what was to come, which
was more than just a harder fist fucking.

The easily excitable brunette had been thinking how to break Torrie for days.

Candice had told her that in between her and Torrie in Vince's Devils the
blonde was definitely the biggest pain slut, not to mention the biggest slut
full-stop, and Mickie had been informed of all of the nasty things that
Victoria had done to Torrie, letting Mickie know she was going to have to
really try and come up with something extra special to completely break
Torrie. Mickie however, had risen to the challenge and now she was sure she
had something which could bring Torrie to her knees, or at least it would if
Torrie wasn't so tied up. But as for right then and there Mickie was far more
interested in making Torrie cum, and after giving the blonde plenty of time
to relax Mickie decided it was time to do just that.

Gradually increasing the pace of her thrusts Mickie began to occasionally
twist her fist inside Torrie's stretched cunt at completely random intervals.
Sometimes she would thrust inwards and anticlockwise, sometimes inwards and
clockwise, sometimes just inwards, sometimes outwards and anticlockwise,
sometimes outwards and clockwise, sometimes just outwards, and so on,
constantly making Torrie guess what the next movement was going to be.

This new style of fist fucking drove Torrie crazy and she was soon thrusting
herself as much as she could upon Mickie's hand, squirming around in her
bounds as she enjoyed this wonderful fucking.

The pain she had felt before was a distant memory and now all she wanted was
to be fucked. Mickie was stretching her like nobody, not even Victoria, had
done before, if not in length then certainly in girth, and it felt wonderful.
Torrie just couldn't get enough. Mickie could ruin her cunt and stretch it
out until it was practically useless for all she cared. Torrie wasn't
worried, she had been stretched out a lot in the past and always her former
owner Victoria had found a way to fuck her no matter how loose her whore cunt
was. And if Torrie was lucky maybe Mickie would consider fucking her again
after this if she was a good little slut for her, a challenge Torrie was more
than ready for.

Mickie took great pleasure in Torrie squirming on her hand. It made her feel
so powerful. She literally had Torrie in the palm of her hand so to speak.
And the blonde was so responsive. The more Mickie fucked Torrie the more
Torrie seemed to go crazy, slamming herself desperately downwards on Mickie's
hand as much as she possibly could, the blonde showing her true slutty
colours as she showed herself for the complete slut she was, moaning
pleasurably into Mickie's mouth with every single little movement inside her

The blonde was a very good kisser and Mickie could have happily spend hours
swapping spit with her fellow diva, and maybe sometime in the near future she
would, but right now she wanted to make Torrie cum so they could move on to
some of the other fun things Mickie had planned for them, like having her
latest conquest's face buried inside her pussy which was in desperate need of
some attention, but ignoring her own needs for now Mickie bent her head
downwards and captured one of Torrie's sore nipples into her mouth and began
sucking it greedily.

The second she felt Mickie's mouth on her right nipple Torrie let out a long
moan which was only followed by another one as Mickie switched nipples,
sucking on Torrie's left nipple with the same eagerness she had sucked on her
right nipple before beginning to switch in between the right and left, back
and forth, constantly building Torrie's stimulation until it all became too
hot for her to handle.

Torrie had been fighting the urge to cum for a long time, but the added
attention shown to her nipple proved to be too much for her and with a
deafening scream she came all over Mickie's fist. As Torrie floated through
the clouds of pleasure brought on by her orgasm Mickie only made her soar
higher in the clouds by biting down on the nipple that was in her mouth, her
teeth digging into the flesh almost deep enough to draw blood, causing Torrie
that little bit of pain she always liked with her pleasure.

That had been a trick Candice had taught Mickie about. Always give Torrie a
little pain with her pleasure, she loved it, that's what Candice had said,
and from the way Torrie's scream grew louder and her body reacted Mickie knew
that her bitch had been right about her little girlfriend. Mickie couldn't
wait to see just how much Torrie liked pain with her pleasure, but right now
it was time to move on. So many nasty little things to do to her new bitch
Torrie, so little time.

Letting go of Torrie's nipple Mickie slowly removed her cum soaked hand from
her fellow diva's stretched cunt and brought it up to her face. Mickie waited
until the blonde had come down from her high and she had her full attention
before beginning to slowly lick Torrie's creamy cum from her hand, making
pleasurable moaning sounds as she did so. The moans weren't put on. Torrie's
cum was delicious and Mickie was looking forward to spending a lot of quality
time with her face buried in the source of that yummy juice in the near
future, but as of right now, Mickie wasn't so much in the mood for eating the
pussy of a beautiful girl as she was in the mood for having her pussy eaten
by a beautiful girl, and a former Playboy cover girl would do quite nicely.

"Mmmmm, yummy." Mickie moaned, as she continued to clean her hand of the
blonde's cream, "You do have a tasty little cunt bitch. I can't wait to bury
my face in it. But right now, I think you're pretty face would look really
good buried in my pussy. And believe me, my pussy is in desperate need of
some attention from a little pussy slut like you."

Torrie was more than happy to bury her face in Mickie's pussy if the brunette
would just untie her but for some reason that didn't seem to be Mickie's
plan. The blonde looked on in confusion as Mickie moved out of her line of
vision and then she heard a weird sound like someone was dragging something
across the floor. When Mickie reappeared Torrie found out what it was.

Mickie had decided she didn't want to untie Torrie, at least not just yet.
The blonde looked so hot in bondage and although what Mickie had planned
might be a little dangerous the brunette always liked to try new things and
if this worked it was going to be very interesting. Mickie was however forced
to loosen Torrie's bonds a little just to make the next part easier for them

There were all sorts of things downed their in the basement which was one of
the main reasons it was Mickie's favourite spot for breaking divas in. There
were chairs, tables and even ladders, one of which Mickie brought over to
Torrie and set it up in front of her.

Torrie fail to understand what it was Mickie was doing, until the brunette
setup the ladder in front of her, slowly stripped off all her clothes and
climbed it until her pussy was eyelevel with Torrie's face. Mickie then sat
down carefully on the ladder step and smiled down at Torrie expectantly.

Understanding what was expected of her Torrie leaned forward and buried her
face in Mickie's pussy. It was kind of a stretch but thanks to the loosening
of her restraints Torrie could just about get her lips around Mickie's cunt
and shove her tongue almost all the way into the other diva on one go,
getting the rest of her tongue in soon afterwards on the next couple of
tongue thrusts.

Torrie had never eaten pussy in this position before and it took some getting
used to but after the wonderful pussy stretching and fucking she had just
received Torrie was quick and eager to adjust to this new and interesting way
to worship another woman's cunt.

A self-proclaimed and proud slut Torrie loved to eat pussy. She practically
lived for it. Torrie had been eating pussy since her last year of high
school. Interested in girls as long as she been interested in boys Torrie had
seduced her best friend during a sleep over and had been seducing girls into
lesbian sex ever since.

Since that day many years ago Torrie had spent as much time as she possibly
could with her face buried in another girl's pussy, so right now Torrie felt
like she was back where she belonged, in between another girl's legs,
worshipping that girl's pussy with her mouth. And as an added bonus Mickie's
pussy was one of the tastiest little treats Torrie had ever had the pleasure
of tasting and the blonde was more than happy to break out every pussy eating
trick she knew on the most delicious little cunt she'd ever enjoyed.

It took only seconds for Torrie's very experienced tongue to find the
sweetest spots inside Mickie's pussy and start attacking them viciously over
and over again as the blonde jack-hammered her tongue into the brunette,
fucking the other diva with her tongue like a woman gone mad. At the same
time Torrie shamelessly drank down Mickie's juices as they oozed from her
cunt and into Torrie's mouth, the blonde greedily swallowing the tasty liquid
down her gullet in big gulps.

When she first felt Torrie's mouth on her pussy Mickie almost fell off the
ladder. She had been prepared for Torrie to be a good pussy licker, Candice
had praised her little girlfriend's rug munching ability and considering how
good Candice was at muff diving Mickie had guessed that Victoria would have
trained Torrie to eat pussy just as good as Candice did, but Torrie surpassed
even her expectations. Torrie's mouth felt like it had been made to be glued
to a pussy, like Torrie's purpose in life was to worship pussy with her
mouth. And Torrie's tongue, oh Torrie's tongue was heavenly.

It was so good Mickie found herself gently rocking her hips forwards into
Torrie's face in an attempt to get her latest conquest's tongue as deep
inside her as it would go. As a result the ladder began rocking back and
forth, ever so gently at first, but then please pick up speed.

Preparing herself for the worst Mickie wrapped her legs around Torrie's head,
getting ready to jump on the blonde's shoulders if necessary while at the
same time grabbing Torrie by her hair and grinding her face deeper into her
horny pussy, covering her fellow diva in her juices.

In addition to this Mickie began giving Torrie 'words of encouragement',
telling the blonde just how much she appreciated her oral talents.

"Oh fuck yeah, eat me you fucking whore! Eat me you fucking dyke! Eat my
pussy! You fucking love it don't you? Yes you do, yes you do! You just can't
get enough can you? You just can't get enough pussy! Well don't worry,
because I'm going to make sure you get all the pussy you could ever want!
Cause from now on any time I want to feel your mouth on my pussy you'll bury
your face as deep into my cunt as it can go won't you? Yes you will. And when
you are not eating me I'll make sure you'll be eating my other bitches! One
by one you're going to eat them out for me and you're going to love every
minute of it because you're just a little pussy slut aren't you? Just a slut
for pussy, a whore for cunt, fuck yeah! That feels good, that feels real
good, just like that, good girl, good little pussy whore!"

While most women would have been turned off by Mickie's disrespectful cries
Torrie almost came from hearing all that verbal abuse.

Torrie love to be degraded in any way but especially by other women and
especially when they called her things like 'whore', 'slut', 'bitch', and
other nasty things like that it drove her crazy with desire.

So after hearing Mickie's words Torrie redoubled her efforts, somehow finding
a way to tongue fuck Mickie harder while shoving her face deeper into her
fellow RAW diva's pussy, Torrie now almost desperate to bring Mickie off.

And Torrie wasn't far off from doing just that.

Mickie was screaming like a banshee at this point, the whole time slamming
her cunt into Torrie's face without a moments thought for her fellow diva's
well-being. Or for that matter, her own.

Mickie's thrusting became so powerful that the long-suffering ladder finally
had enough and it began to fall, however Mickie was quick enough to jump
forwards, positioning herself on Torrie's shoulders and getting in the
hurricanrana position, not with the intention of flipping Torrie forwards,
which wouldn't have worked anyway given that the blonde was tied up, but to
keep her fellow diva's soft mouth on her horny pussy.

Rather than be put off by the fact that Mickie was now basically resting on
her shoulders Torrie took this as a challenge to try and get her face even
deeper into Mickie's pussy and give her fellow diva so much pleasure she
would be forced to cum. Torrie loved girl cum. She loved the way it looked,
smelled and most of all tasted. The blonde could happily go on a girl cum
only diet and she was really eager to find out what Mickie's girl cum tasted

Torrie didn't have to wait too long.

Screaming even louder than before and rubbing her pussy all over Torrie's
face Mickie came and came hard.

With Mickie's cum practically drenching her face Torrie greedily slurped up
and swallowed as much of the other girl's delicious cream as possible, the
taste driving her completely cum crazy. If Mickie's pussy was one of the most
delicious pussies Torrie had ever tasted then Mickie's cum was definitely
some of the most delicious cum Torrie had ever had the honour of swallowing.
So like a cum hungry slut Torrie drank down nearly every thing Mickie had to
offer with glee as the brunette continue to scream above her.

Her whole body going weak at the force of her climax Mickie struggled to stop
herself falling. Mickie was used to experiencing powerful orgasms while being
eaten out. It was one of the many advantages she found in enjoying sex with
other women. But what she was not used to was being in the position she was
in when she experienced her powerful orgasm. The only way Mickie was able to
stop herself falling was to concentrate on keeping her legs tightly wrapped
around Torrie's head like a vice, which did the job of stopping her from
falling to the floor, but it didn't stop her from leaning back so far so that
she was hanging upside down as if she was actually giving Torrie a
hurricanrana after all.

Torrie was forced to bent her head to continue eating Mickie's pussy.

It was a very interesting experience for Mickie to be eaten out in such a
way, but she knew she was too wiped out from her orgasm to have the strength
to remain in that position, and even if she did have the strength that was
far from comfortable, so being very careful Mickie loosened her grip around
Torrie's head and let herself fall, turning her body midair so she landed on
her stomach. Despite the hard floor it didn't hurt that much, and Mickie had
certainly been through worse so she got up pretty much straight away. She did
need a few moments to rest however but that was more from the power of her
climax than anything else.

"Wow, that was good." Mickie panted as she tried to get her breath back.

She didn't usually praise her bitches at this stage of their enslavement, but
Torrie's pussy eating skills were so amazingly good that Mickie felt like she
had no choice but to acknowledge them.

"Thank you Mickie." Torrie said, obviously very proud of herself.

Mickie scowled at Torrie's cockiness and decided she needed to put the blonde
in her place before she got any ideas.

Sliding two of her fingers into her mouth and seductively sucking on them
Mickie slowly walked over to Torrie, taking her fingers out of her mouth as
she walked and delivered a hard slap to Torrie's vulnerable pussy, causing
the blonde to cry out. Torrie's cry quickly dissolved into a moan as Mickie
began to gently rub her pussy lips with her saliva lubricated fingers in long
circles, teasing Torrie, getting her ready for what was going to come next.

"Did you like eating me slut?" Mickie asked, bringing her face closer to her
prey, "Your cunt soaking wet and telling me you're a little pussy slut who
just can't get enough. Is that true? Are you a little pussy slut who just
can't get enough?"

"Yes, yes, yes, oh God yes, I'm a little pussy slut who just can't get
enough. I love it, I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough pussy.
Please Mickie give me back your pussy." Torrie begged.

"So you like pussy?" Mickie asked.

"No, I love pussy." Torrie stated proudly, "I love your pussy."

"Good girl," Mickie said shoving her fingers into Torrie, "But I'm done with
your mouth. I wanna fuck you."

"Oh yes, please Mickie, fuck me, please fuck me hard. Give me your fingers,
stick them inside me, stick them inside me and fuck me with them. Fuck me
hard. Fuck me hard Mickie, fuck me hard with your fingers, " Torrie cried.

"Oh, I'll fuck you hard, but we both know my fingers are too small to satisfy
your slutty cunt. We need something bigger to stuff a whore like you." Mickie
taunted as she removes her fingers from Torrie and went out of the blonde

"Whatever you want Mickie, just fuck my slutty cunt." Torrie moaned, "Tear it
open and fuck me like the whore I am."

"That's right slut." Mickie said, as she strapped on her 14 inch dildo,
"Whatever I want."

Torrie's eyes lit up when she saw the huge 14 inch strap on around Mickie's
waist and smiled widely as the brunette approached her, stroking the shaft

The two divas exchanged a smile before Mickie reset the ladder up and climbed
it so that she was face to groin with Torrie again.

"Looks like I'm not quite done with your mouth after all slut." Mickie said
as she grabbed a hold of the blonde's hair in one hand and her strap on in
the other before pushing her dildo passed Torrie's welcoming lips.

Torrie eagerly took the head of the strap on into her mouth and immediately
started sucking on it, Mickie allowing her to bob her head on it a little
before pushing more of it into her mouth. In mere moments the head hit the
back of Torrie's throat. Some women would have been distressed by this and/or
gagged but Torrie did neither. An experienced cock sucker and bitch, Torrie
knew exactly what was expected of her and was more than happy to do it.

Relaxing her throat muscles Torrie allowed Mickie to slowly slid her strap on
down her gullet until the fake balls were resting against her chin announcing
the whole 14 inches had been stuffed down Torrie's throat.

Mickie held Torrie there for a few moments, waiting for the blonde to gag but
it just didn't happen and Mickie became impatient.

Tiring of waiting Mickie began to gently guide Torrie's head up and down on
her cock, being careful not to move to much in case she knock over the ladder

Like an obedient little bitch Torrie happily allowed herself to be guided up
and down the shaft, sucking hungrily on the cock while carefully breathing
through her nose and fighting her gag reflex just as she had been taught.
Well, perhaps trained was the better word to describe it.

A lifelong submissive Torrie had been trained as a bitch by many different
men and women but nearly all of them had made her suck a cock-like object in
some form or another and she had loved every minute of it.

Torrie just loved sucking cock. She had been sucking cock just as long as she
had been eating pussy and loved both acts equally. She loved the fact that
when she was with a kinky woman like Mickie she could get the opportunity to
do both. Sure there was a difference between a real cock and a dildo, but
both had their own advantages and disadvantages and Torrie had never been
with a woman that didn't make full use of the advantages and she had a
feeling that wasn't going to change tonight.

As Torrie delighted in sucking on the strap on Mickie couldn't help smiling
at the blonde's eagerness and skill.

Candice had told her how well Torrie sucked cock but it was clear to Mickie
that her bitch just hadn't done her little girlfriend justice.

Not only had Torrie taken every single inch of that monster in her throat
without gagging or protesting but the blonde slut seemed to enjoy it. And now
she was bobbing up and down on the dildo Torrie had practically a look of
bliss on her face. A lot of Mickie's bitches like sucking her dildos but as
far as she knew none of them received any type of sexual pleasure from it but
from the look on Torrie's face you would think it was the most sexually
gratifying act in the world. The fact that Torrie seemed to get into this
blow job so much really drove Mickie wild with desire. And she was more than
ready to verbalise that desire.

"Come on you bitch, suck my cock! Work that whore mouth of yours on my dick!
You love it don't you? Yes you do! You love sucking my cock just as much as
you loved licking my pussy! That means you're both a cock and pussy whore! Do
you know what that makes you Torrie? It makes you a bisexual slut! That's
what you are isn't it Torrie! You're a bisexual slut who'll spread her legs
and open her mouth for anyone male or female! Well don't worry, in case
you're wondering, I plan to make sure you suck cock just as much as you lick
pussy. Trust me, whether it be a guy from locker room's cock, a backstage
worker's cock, or a stranger's cock, or even one of my cocks you're going to
be sucking cock and loving it! What do you think about that bitch?"

Instead of answering Mickie in words Torrie answered her in actions by going
into cock sucking overdrive, slobbering all over the dildo as she bobbed up
and down on it, trying to give it the best head possible.

At this point Torrie honestly didn't know which she craved more, the
submission of sucking on a another woman's strap on or the feeling of the
strap on inside her. Of course deep down Torrie knew the answer to that. She
loved sucking on Mickie's dildo and the submission she felt in doing it but
the truth was Torrie wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard. Eating Mickie's
pussy had turned her on so much and now after submissively having a fake dick
buried inside her throat Torrie was more than ready to be fucked.

Of course ironically Torrie's desire to be fucked in turn only made her suck
the cock harder.

Luckily for Torrie the wanton desire she showed in worshipping the dildo only
made Mickie want to fuck her just as much as Torrie wanted to be fucked.

Mickie loved watching a girl sucking on one of her dildos as much as the next
dominating lesbian but she was tired of letting Torrie do all the work. She
wanted to do some fucking.

Soon Mickie was unable to suppress the desire to fuck Torrie's face and she
began thrusting forwards in little bursts, fucking the blonde's throat with
her dildo. However each time she did this the ladder would rock and Mickie
worried about knocking it over again so she decided to stop the cock sucking
for now and move on. After all there would be plenty of time for Torrie to
suck cock. And her strap on was nice and wet for what would come next.

Climbing down the ladder and pushing it out of the way Mickie smiled at
Torrie before she pressed her strap on to the entrance of her soaking pussy.

The blonde closed her and waited for the slight pain as Mickie teared her
cunt open, followed by the inevitable feeling of pleasure as her slutty pussy
adjusted to its penetration and the fucking could begin, but sadly it never

When she opened her eyes Torrie was greeted by the sight of Mickie looking

"You know what Torrie, I don't think this is good enough. No, this is still
way too small for your whore cunt. We definitely need something bigger."

Without waiting for Torrie to respond Mickie disappeared again. This had of
course always been Mickie's plan, and while she momentarily reconsidered her
options she still decided to go through with it. She'd never tried to do this
even with her most hated of rivals, but this was not about hate or payback or
anything like that, this was about out fucking Victoria, and Mickie knew
there was no way Victoria could top this.

If Torrie's eyes had gone wide before they went wide as saucers when they saw
what Mickie was dragging before her.

It wasn't necessary for Mickie to do this, she could have done it from
behind, but she wanted to see the look on Torrie's face and for her victim to
know what was coming before it happened.

The instrument Mickie was dragging used to be a flag stand with most of it
sawn off. The poll itself was now about waist level, with the very tip
moulded into a smooth half circle shape. Mickie had gone to a lot of time and
effort to make sure the end was nice and smooth so it wouldn't hurt or worse
cut someone when it was being inserted into them. Once she had been sure it
was ready Mickie had tested it by first blowing it, and then trying it
herself. Mickie hadn't got much in, just a little over 12 inches, but she was
interested to see how Torrie would do.

Torrie was still speechless as Mickie prepared to skewer her with the giant
thing, the blonde's mind racing whether she could actually take such a thing.

"You have no idea the trouble I when to to smuggle this in here, but I just
know it's going to be worth it." Mickie said, as she angled the thing so it
was pressed up against Torrie's pussy, "Now, if I've calculated this right we
should be able to get about 8 inches or so into your pussy on the first try
without you even moving. After that it will be up to you to see how much you
take. And if I haven't calculated correctly... well, then I guess this is
going to be interesting."

With that Mickie began sliding the gigantic poll into Torrie, the blonde
diva's pussy lips being spread wide by the massive invader as it forced its
way into her love channel.

Torrie clenched her teeth and fists as she struggled to relax enough to allow
her pussy to be torn open in such a way, but she didn't resist. Why would
she? Sure this thing was big, and could potentially ruin her, but if Mickie
succeeded in filling her pussy with that massive thing Torrie would know the
humiliation of having a flagpole stuck up her cunt, and even if Mickie failed
Torrie would still be able to fill the wonderful humiliation that someone had
tried to do so, and had probably almost succeeded.

And if the humiliation wasn't enough Torrie love the feeling of her cunt
being stretched out and it had never been more stretched out that was being
right now.

That poll had to be at least 3 inches wide and it was stretching Torrie out
to the point it was painful, but not bad painful, good painful. Very, very
good painful. The kind of painful that turned Torrie on. In fact Torrie found
herself wishing Mickie's calculations had been incorrect to the point where
Torrie would be forced to make a new world record for just how much flagpole
she could fit in her cunt. Hell, she was probably already breaking a record
for just how much flagpole she could fit in her cunt.

Unfortunately before Torrie could break any world records Mickie finished
stuffing her cunt full of flagpole and rested the base on the floor, meaning
Torrie was now completely impaled on the giant thing with no way of escape.

Humiliation spread through Torrie's body, and it felt wonderful. Torrie felt
so degraded, and she wanted more. So she begins shamelessly bouncing on the
poll in an attempt to stuff her cunt with even more hard metal, happily
stretching herself out beyond her own limits

"Bad girl." Mickie said, slapping Torrie hard on her ass, "No fucking
yourself until I say."

Torrie was reluctant to stop but like a good little sub she obeyed and waited
to see what Mickie would do next.

Mickie admired her handiwork for a few moments before moving behind Torrie
again. Kneeling behind her prey Mickie spread Torrie's ass cheeks with both
hands, closed her lips around the blonde's butt hole and began forcing her
tongue inside the other girl's rectum.

Not surprisingly Mickie's tongue was welcomed into Torrie's ass hole, the
slutty diva's anal ring allowing entrance into her bowels after a minimum
amount of effort on Mickie's part, the blonde furthering welcoming the
brunette's tongue by letting out a long sigh and pushing her ass back as much
as she could upon Mickie's invading tongue.

Twirling her tongue around inside Torrie's shitty depths Mickie was
disappointed to find no cum. Despite the Devils breaking up Mickie had hoped
that Victoria would have still be giving Torrie a daily dose of girl cream up
her butt but sadly this didn't seem to be the case. Oh well, Mickie could
only promise herself that this hot ass wouldn't ever have to go a day with
being filled with cum again.

Pressing her face into Torrie's ass Mickie greedily slurped away at her
latest conquest's back door, butt fucking Torrie with her tongue over and
over again before it was time for the real butt fucking to start.

Once she had decided Torrie's ass had been lubricated enough Mickie stood up
behind the blonde and press the tip of her strap on to Torrie's butt hole.

Without needing to be asked Torrie relaxed her back door so Mickie could
easily slide her strap on into her ass. A long-time anal slut Torrie wanted
to make it as easy as possible for Mickie so that the brunette could fill her
horny rear passage with hard dildo and give her the butt pounding an anal
slut like her loved.

Sensing Torrie relax Mickie pushed forward, watching with interest as the
blonde's anal ring stretched around her strap on until she was able to force
the head of her dildo inside Torrie's ass, her fellow diva letting out a cute
little gasp at the invasion of her forbidden entrance.

Torrie would continue gasping as Mickie stuffed her shit hole full of strap
on, sliding inch after glorious inch into her bowels, the whole time giving
her way too much time as far as Torrie was concerned between each inch, until
finally the brunette's hips pressed against the blonde's butt, announcing
that Mickie had successfully impaled Torrie's ass hole with her entire 14
inch dildo.

"Good little slut." Mickie said, patting Torrie's ass affectionately, "That's
14 inches, right up your butt, and God knows how many inches inside your
pussy like a good little whore. How do you feel slut?"

"Full." Torrie moaned, "I feel wonderfully full, and I love it."

"I bet you do slut, I bet you do." Mickie chuckled, "Now, listen up, in a
second I'm going to start fucking this surprisingly tight little ass of yours
and when I do that I want you to start bouncing on the big poll I got for
you, you got that?"

Torrie nodded.

"Good..." Mickie said, as she slowly pulled a few inches out of Torrie's ass,
causing the blonde to moan, "Now start bouncing slut!"

On the word 'slut' Mickie shoved her way balls deep back inside Torrie's shit
locker before repeating the process, slowly pulling out of the blonde's butt
hole only to slam her way back into her back passage in one hard thrust.

Torrie loved the feeling of being butt fucked this way and combining this
with the stimulation she was feeling from the massive poll inside her pussy
drove her to start slamming herself up and down viciously, impaling herself
on the poll and Mickie's dildo which were buried inside her cunt and ass
respectively. This meant that for the briefest of moments Torrie had control
over the situation, something Mickie was absolutely not going to allow.

"No, bad bitch!" Mickie yelled, viciously spanking Torrie's already red
beaten back side, "No hard fucking for you until you fucking earn it!"

Despite the viciousness of the spanking on her swollen ass Torrie continued
to bounce speedily and disobediently on the large objects inside her until
Mickie brought her back down from the pleasure zone she'd be on by twisting
her nipples roughly. Torrie let out a scream but Mickie didn't stop twisting
her nipples until she slowed down her bouncing until she was slowly fucking
herself on the poll and dildo inside of her.

"That's better, now keep on that pace while I enjoy your ass." Mickie said,
as she let go of Torrie's nipples and went back to her cruel teasing like
fucking of the blonde's ass.

Once she had control of the situation again Mickie was a lot happier and was
able to take some serious enjoyment out of her latest conquest's butt.

Considering all the anal abuse Torrie had apparently taken over the years the
blonde's ass hole was nice and tight and gripped Mickie's dildo well, of
course adding vibrations to the stimulator centred on the brunette's clit.
Plus Mickie did enjoy the thrill of fucking a nice tight little female ass,
not to mention the total feeling of dominance she received from the sinful
sex act of butt fucking another woman. Of course Mickie preferred butt
fucking another woman wrestler but Torrie wasn't much of a wrestler, or much
of anything for that matter. In fact Torrie's only real purpose seemed to be
exactly what she was being used for now, as a little fuck toy for someone
else to play with, and right now that someone else was Mickie and Mickie was
very much enjoying playing with Torrie.

Torrie made such a fun little toy. Mickie could have played with her for
hours. The way she moaned and groaned with each thrust of the dildo, her hard
nipples which Mickie just love to play with, her tight and widely stretched
holes on full display, it was all just such fun.

Although it wasn't all fun and games, in fact there was very much a method to
Mickie's madness so to speak.

The fact was that Torrie was a slut, and a mega slut at that, so breaking her
was going to be something of a chore, but Mickie's plan was in full swing and
she could already sense that she was so close to breaking Torrie she could
practically taste the blonde's submission.

It was just a matter of time.

When she needed to be Mickie was a patient woman. Although she certainly
didn't enjoy being patient she could do it if necessary.

Torrie on the other hand wasn't a patient woman.

The blonde was beginning to feel like she would die if she didn't get
properly fucked hard and soon.

Ever since Mickie had started forcing her to slowly fuck herself on the large
object buried inside her Mickie had began slowly torturing Torrie with gentle
caresses, seemingly failing to find the most sensitive of sensitive areas on
her body, of course concentrating on her sore tits, tweaking the already rock
hard nipples to the point where Torrie thought they would either be torn off
or melt away under Mickie's constantly changing caress. Sometimes Mickie
would be so gentle with her nipples Torrie felt like she was in heaven, and
then all of a sudden Mickie would twist her nipples in such a way which would
make Torrie feel like she was in hell, only because of her attitudes towards
such pain it quickly turned into a type of pleasurable hell and then Torrie
couldn't tell the difference between the heaven of pleasure and the heaven of
pain that Mickie seemed to be constantly sending her too.

If that wasn't enough Mickie's slow thrusts into her ass had Torrie
practically crying for a real butt fucking.

Torrie had been with so many great ass fuckers over the years and lately she
had been completely spoilt by Victoria who was an expert butt pounder and
Torrie desperately wanted Mickie to fuck her in the ass so hard that she
could not walk straight, but Mickie was intent on teasing her.

Just to add a little explanation-point on this teasing torture Mickie would
occasionally reach down to Torrie's cunt to caress her pussy lips and
occasionally even her clit as the blonde continue to slowly impale herself on
the huge poll, the whole time wishing Mickie would let her really start
fucking herself.

But Torrie knew Mickie had no intention of allowing her to receive the
fucking she so desperately wanted, at least not until she begged her, which
was not something which was going to be a problem. The only reason Torrie
waited for so long to beg Mickie was she wanted to let Mickie have her fun
with her, allow the other diva to tease her to the point of insanity so that
hopefully by the time she started begging Mickie would be just as sick of the
slow fucking as she was and be willing to give her the type of brutal fucking
Torrie craved. It had worked in the past with Victoria, and Torrie was
confident it would work now.

"Oh God, please Mickie I beg you, fuck me, fuck my ass, tear my ass hole
open! Ruin my ass hole with your cock! Ruin my ass hole with your cock and
make me ruin my cunt on this poll! Tear me open! Tear my cunt and ass hole
open! Use me, oh God please use me, I want to be used, I need to be used, I
need to be used for your pleasure! Please use me for your pleasure! Use my
ass! Fuck my ass! Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"
Torrie pleaded shamelessly.

"You want to be fucked do you bitch?" Mickie said mockingly.

"Yes!" Torrie cried.

"Well what are you willing to do to be fucked?" Mickie asked.

"Anything!" Torrie said.

"Anything?" Mickie enquired.

"Anything." Torrie confirmed.

"Are you willing to be my bitch?" Mickie asked.

Torrie thought about this for a minute. In some ways she knew it was coming,
in others she had been hoping it would be coming. She had felt so lost since
her owner and fellow bitch abandoned her and now here was a dominating woman
offering her exactly what she wanted, what she needed. It was almost too good
to be true.

"Yes, I'm willing to be your bitch." Torrie said.

"You're willing to be who's bitch?" Mickie asked, pulling back on Torrie's

"You're bitch! I'm willing to be your bitch, Mickie James's bitch!" Torrie

"So if you're my bitch, I'm your what?" Mickie enquired.

"My owner, if I'm your bitch you're my owner." Torrie said.

"And as my bitch will you do whatever I want?" Mickie asked.

"Yes I will." Torrie said, before crying as Mickie pulled on her hair, "I
will do whatever you want."

"And as my bitch you will never disobey me?" Mickie enquired.

"Yes, I will never disobey you." Torrie replied.

"And you will take it like the bitch you are?" Mickie asked.

"Yes, I will take it like the bitch I am." Torrie said.

Satisfied by Torrie's answers Mickie stopped teasing the blonde's tits and
cunt so she could concentrate on the butt fucking. Taking a firm grip of
Torrie's hips Mickie slowly pulled back until only the tip of her strap on
was inside her fellow diva's butt hole, and then pulled back even further so
she could watch that tight little ring stretch around her dildo, before she
used all her might to bury her bitch tamer inside her newly tamed bitch's

Torrie moaned but she was not given any time to breathe before Mickie began
hammering her ass, that big 14 inch dildo feeling as if it was ruining her
rectum on every thrust.

"Bounce bitch!" Mickie screamed as she pounded Torrie's ass, "Bounce for me!
Show me how much you want to be my bitch!"

Without needing to be told twice Torrie began bouncing to her heart's content
on the huge polls inside her cunt and ass hole.

Not bouncing on the huge poll in her pussy and big dildo in her ass had been
one of the hardest things Torrie had ever had to do in her life. She had been
asked to do all sorts of perverted and degrading things in life both
professionally and personally, from sucking off security guards, to fucking
half of the locker room, to having to pretend to be Billy Gunn's girlfriend,
not to mention all types of pain but never has something been so agonising
for her. Sure Victoria and others had teased her in the past, but nothing
like this.

But that was over now, the long wait was finally over, and in its place was
the kind of hard fucking that Torrie had been dying for.

Mickie was working her ass with that strap on just as good as Victoria had
ever worked over Torrie's ass, and she was using the firm grip she had on her
hips to pull the blonde downwards on the poll on every bowel wrecking inward
thrust, making sure Torrie was filled with as much 'dick' as possible before
pushing her upwards, the former Playboy cover girl nothing but Mickie James's
helpless little cock puppet.

It was so wonderful.

Torrie had been waiting for this type of fucking, not just since the fun with
Mickie had started, but nearly for two weeks now. Ever since Victoria and
Candice had turned their backs on her Torrie had been alone, so very, very
alone. She had tried to pick up a few random strangers but none of them had
been able to fuck her in the way a slut like her needed to be fucked. But
Mickie knew, she knew what a slut like Torrie needed and Torrie was
practically in love with Mickie already. She was at least very deep in lust
with her and couldn't wait for Mickie to completely break her and turn her
into her bitch.

The blonde needed to be somebody's bitch. She was a born submissive and
without a strong willed sexual partner to put her in her place regularly
Torrie feared she would wither and die from sexual neglect. Thankfully Torrie
had found herself a dominating woman, willing to become her owner and allow
Torrie the privilege of being her bitch. Torrie silently swore to herself she
would be the best and most obedient bitch in Mickie's entire collection,
happily doing every perverted and degrading little thing Mickie's mind could
come up with, just to keep her new owner happy.

Torrie's new owner was also thinking about the future, but unlike Torrie who
could only guess what perverted things were in store for her Mickie knew
exactly what she planned to do with her latest bitch in the near future.

Firstly she would stretch Torrie out like she'd never been stretched before,
using the biggest of her toys to abuse the blonde's holes in ways which were
unlawful. And then she would share her with Candice and have herself a little
Playboy bunny girl threesome. Well, two bunny girls in her, but still, fun,
fun, fun.

Mickie couldn't wait to have both those Playboy girls eating out of the palm
of her hand, and eating out of a few other places for that matter. Plus there
were all those other divas Mickie could now call on for girl on girl fun.

And she couldn't wait until she broke in Victoria and had Vince's Devils all
to herself.

All the nasty little possibilities raced through Mickie's mind, but Torrie's
moaning soon brought her back to the present.

The blonde was bouncing rapidly on the massive intruders inside her and
Mickie had no doubt that her latest slut was getting ready to cream very
soon, but when she did Mickie wanted it to happen under her terms, not
Torrie's. Torrie was a bitch, her bitch, and bitches didn't get to decide
when they came, their owners did.

So Mickie went about putting Torrie in her place.

Every time Torrie neared climax Mickie would do something, whether it would
be tweaking her nipple, pinching her clit, or simply spanking her ass at the
right time Mickie was able to knock Torrie's pleasure out of whack just long
enough to deny the blonde her climax. In addition to this she would suddenly
stopped mid thrust, her tight hold on Torrie's hips preventing her from
moving up and down, the cries of Torrie's pain and frustration music to
Mickie's ears.

Right after the sudden pause Mickie would pound Torrie's ass harder than ever
before, forcing the blonde's cunt to slam down on the poll as she did so,
almost immediately causing Torrie to cum before repeating the process of
stopping her.

Over and over and over again Mickie did this until Torrie begged her, "Please
let me cum, I want to cum, I need to cum, please Mickie let me cum, let your
bitch cum!"

"You wanna cum bitch?" Mickie asked.

"Yes." Torrie wept.

"Then tell me, tell me you're my bitch!"

"I'm your bitch, I am so your bitch! I'm completely and utterly your bitch!"
Torrie cried.

Having enough of the now completely broken Torrie's cries Mickie viciously
slammed her fellow diva's shit hole with every ounce of strength she
possessed, buggering the poor blonde over the edge.

Torrie screamed hysterically as she came, her first orgasm like a nuclear
explosion inside of her that rocked her body to its very core. But it was
only the beginning. Torrie's body had always been very responsive and after
she came once it was very easy to make her cum again. It was one of the many
reasons why she was such a slut. She had experienced multiple orgasms many
times before at the end of a good fucking and this was no exception. In fact
there may have been more orgasms than usual. It was hard for her to tell
though because her brain seem to melt away under the ecstasy she was

As Torrie screamed and thrashed in her bounds Mickie allowed her climax to
roll over her, the stimulator on her clit combined with the sadistic pleasure
of sodomising another woman sending her into a pleasure filled heaven enough
to rival even the ecstasy Torrie was feeling.

In the middle of her orgasm Mickie reached down and squeezed the balls of her
strap on, shooting the stored up girl cum inside them through her dildo and
deep into Torrie's ass. As far as Mickie was concerned Torrie was just
another one of her bitches now, a piece of property which she owned
completely. The brunette looked forward to using and abusing the blonde as
she saw fit as her cream coated the inside of Torrie's rectum, marking her
for ever as conquered territory, as Mickie's bitch.

Once every drop of her cum was buried in the blonde's bowels Mickie pulled
out quickly and spread Torrie's ass cheeks, wondering if she was about to see
her girl cream leaking out of her new bitch's gaping ass hole or whether
Torrie was going to unveil her special party trick.

It was the second option because the moment Torrie sensed her rectum was
empty even in her current state she was able to immediately snap shut close
her ass hole, trapping all of Mickie's cum inside her butt. Torrie had been
taking shots of cum up her ass for years and had been trained to think of
every drop of liquid as a precious gift given to her by her betters and after
years of practice had been able to develop the skill to close her ass hole
very quickly after something had been removed from it. It was something she
took great pride in. She also took great pride in the fact that she could
keep a load up her ass for hours without losing a drop.

Mickie was amazed how quickly Torrie's ass hole closed. She had given that
ass her best brutal pounding, causing it to gape widely and it had closed in
seconds. Of course now Mickie couldn't wait to test just how much abuse that
ass could take.

Taking off her dildo Mickie presented it to Torrie's lips and without needing
to be asked the blonde happily opened her mouth and accepted the strap on
which moments before had been up to the balls inside her ass into her mouth.
Mickie shoved the fake cock into the back of Torrie's throat, and then down
further into the blonde's gullet, smiling as her new bitch sucked and slurped
hungrily at the device which had helped Mickie conquer her.

Once the dildo was cleaned Mickie put it back in her bag and got dressed. She
left Torrie a note similar to the one she left Candice, telling her exactly
where to find her when someone came to untie her and left Torrie naked and
bound with a poll still up her cunt, only turning back to smile and wave at
her latest piece of ass.

On her way out Mickie asked someone to go down to the basement in about an
hour to collect something for her. The person agreed and Mickie smiled at
them before leaving the arena.

To be continued...

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