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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 12
by MTL (

Lilian Garcia was worried about her friend Trish Stratus.

Trish had been Lilian's friend for a long time and Lilian had never seen her
like this before.

The WWE had just finished Saturday Nights Main Event, which had not gone very
well for Trish. Sure, she had won her match, but her tagteam partner Mickie
James had turned on her afterwards, hitting Trish with her signature moves
and leaving her lying unconscious on the canvas.

Right after the event a group of the WWE superstars, divas, and backstage
crew had gone to a nearby bar to celebrate. There Trish had got hammered out
of her mind, cried, and went home on her own, yelling at Lilian and anyone
else who tried to help her.

Lilian hated to see Trish like that, but there wasn't much she could do.
Trish had refused her attempt to help her and had refused to talk about it.

As the night continued Lilian overheard many of the WWE employees joking
about what a drama queen Trish was. This was the WWE and friends turned on
each other all the time whether it would be because of money, titles, or
other women/men so it really was no big deal. Besides, everyone was in
agreement that Trish should have seen Mickie turning on her a mile away.

Mickie had been bending over backwards for months to try and help Trish and
the blonde had done nothing but push her away in return, rejected the
obsessed girl's blatantly obvious come ons and even told the brunette she
wanted nothing to do with her. Trish should have been expecting Mickie to
turn on her, and she should blame herself more than anyone else.

Lilian had to agree that Trish should have seen Mickie turning on her coming,
but what she couldn't understand was why was her friend so upset about it.

A few months ago Trish had been telling Lilian how Mickie was turning her
life into a nightmare, constantly calling her and chasing after her like a
lost little puppy.... and then Trish suddenly didn't want to talk about
Mickie anymore.

Lilian had assumed Mickie had done something, but Trish continued hanging out
with Mickie backstage and tagging with her, so Lilian really couldn't quite
understand what was going on. She wished she did, wished she could somehow
help her friend, but what could she do?

"Hey Lilian."

Hearing her name being called Lilian turned around to see one of the women
she had just been thinking about Mickie James standing in front of her.

Maybe now she could get some answers.

"Hey Mickie." Lilian replied cautiously back.

Lilian had only spoken to Mickie a couple of times before, mostly backstage
or in bars like this one and had always gotten along well with her but after
seeing Mickie, who was more of an acquaintance than a friend, turn on one of
her best friends Trish she wasn't sure how to act.

"How are you?" Mickie asked cheerfully.

"I'm... I'm fine...." Lilian said.

An awkward silence fell between them.

"Why did you turn on Trish?" Lilian blurted out.

"I didn't want too, but she left me no choice." Mickie said, sighing sadly,
"She's mine and she needs to learn that. I'd hope she'd realise it on her own
and come to me willingly, but now I'm going to have to rough her up a bit
first. Honestly I would have preferred the easy way, but I'm absolutely fine
with the hard way if that's what she wants. After all, I always was a big fan
of dishing out tough love." Mickie then smiled wickedly at Lilian, "But
enough about Trish, let's talk about you."

"Me." Lilian gulped.

"You." Mickie confirmed, "When was the last time you were fucked Lilian?"

"What!" Lilian said, unable to believe what Mickie had just asked her.

"When was the last time you were fucked?" Mickie asked again, "And I don't
mean when was the last time you were with a man, I mean when was the last
time you were properly fucked. When was the last time you were fucked so hard
you thought you'd never walk right again. When was the last time you were
fucked until your eyes rolled in the back of your head and your toes curled
and you came over, and over, and over."

Mickie trailed off and Lilian just stood there in shock. Part of the ring
announcer was still bowled over by Mickie's forwardness and another part of
her was upset with the brunette for asking such an intimate question... but
another part of her was trying to remember the last time she had been fucked
like that and she was coming up with nothing.

"Can you even remember?" Mickie asked after a long pause.

There was another pause, and although Lilian's mouth said nothing her eyes
spoke volumes.

"Have you ever even been fucked like that?" Mickie asked.

More silence that told Mickie all she needed to know.

"Wow, really? That's very sad. Everyone needs a good hard fucking once in
awhile, and everyone should get it. Luckily for you I have the solution to
that problem." Mickie said, handing a piece of paper to Lilian.

Opening a small piece of paper Lilian almost went as white as a ghost when
she saw there was a hotel room number on it.

"It's my hotel room number." Mickie said, smiling wickedly, "If you feel like
getting properly fucked, come up any time."

Mickie then turned to leave but stopped and bit her lip. The little brunette
was feeling especially horny tonight and she didn't want to spend all night
waiting for Lilian to show up. She could always call one of her bitches, but
she didn't want Lilian to show up while she was fucking one of them and she
really did have her heart set on adding a bitch to her collection tonight, so
she decided to give Lilian a little more incentive.

Turning around Mickie smiled at Lilian again and moved even closer to the

"You know what Lilian, I'm going to let you in on a little secret." Mickie
whispered just loud enough for Lilian and only Lilian to hear, "I want you,
and I'm going to have you, just like I'm going to have Trish. Now, you can
come up to my hotel room and help me celebrate a very successful night, or
you could stay down here until either you go back to your hotel room alone or
until you hook up with some guy who won't be able to make you cum like I can
make you cum. And if you go home alone or hook up with some guy, you will
find yourself lying awake thinking about me, and what I could do to you, and
you'll be thinking about this..." At this point Mickie leaned in until she
was whispering in Lilian's ear, "I'm going to have you, and if you don't give
yourself to me, I'm going to have to take you, and trust me Lilian, you don't
want to make me have to take you."

Mickie let her words linger for a few moments before leaning back and giving
Lilian a playful smile, before she turned and left.

Lilian watched Mickie walk out of the bar and after a few moments of staring
at the door the brunette had disappeared through she turned back around to
the table she was sat at looked down at the piece of paper with Mickie's
hotel room number still in her hand and thought about what Mickie had just

However she quickly shrugs it off as Mickie playing some kind of joke on her.
She puts the piece of paper with Mickie's supposed hotel room number on it
down onto the table. She doubted it was even Mickie's real hotel room number.
It was probably the actual hotel room number of some stranger who was staying
on the same floor as Mickie.

Lilian goes back to her drinking and tries not to think about Mickie or the
hotel room number or the offer Mickie made for the rest of the night.

* * *

Hours later Lilian was still sat in the same place staring at the piece of
paper Mickie had given her a few hours earlier.

She`d been staring at the piece of paper for a long time she didn`t know how
long exacterly but she knew it had been a while and despite doing her best
and being able to make herself not think about Mickie or her offer at the
start of the night the more she drank the more she started to think about it.

When she had confronted Mickie about what she had done to Trish the brunette
had described it as tough love, away to show Trish that she belonged to
Mickie, like it was a forgone conclusion that Trish would end up being hers.
It seemed a bit overconfident on Mickie's part, but Lilian had seen Trish's
mental state lately and it was obvious that there was more going on here that
she didn't know about. It made Lilian wonder what was really going on, what
Mickie meant exactly by tough love and what was she going to do to make
Trish... surrender to her.

As much as Lilian was worried for her friend she couldn't help thinking about
what else Mickie said, the part in which she asked her when was the last time
she was properly fucked.

Even now as Lilian thought about the question and tried to think about all of
the boyfriends she had as well as her now long since ex-husband and her
current boyfriend who very few people even knew existed, she couldn't
remember one time when she had ever felt anything like the way Mickie
described. She'd read the kind of terms or words Mickie had used in dirty
books and in dirty stories on the internet but she didn't think it was
possible to actually feel that way in real life and yet for some reason
Mickie made it sound as though it was actually possible. Not only did she
make it sound like it was possible she also sounded like she could actually
make her feel that way.

Lilian wasn't gay though, so there was no way she would be able to find out.

The blonde sighed and looked back down at the piece of paper and began to
wonder if Mickie had been serious about her offer.

She had pieces of paper handed to her with hotel room numbers on them before
but they had all been from guys most of whom worked with in the company some
of whom where even married others where either in relationships or single and
some of them knew she was in a long distance and thus far long term
relationship and yet they had still tried their luck. Although Lilian's
boyfriend had given her permission to have "fun" on the road she had never
taken any of the guys up on their offer partly out of loyalty to her man and
partly due to the fact they where either in relationships married or they
where very powerful co-workers.

When these men had given Lilian their hotel room numbers they had been
suggestive as to what they would do when she got there but never had they
ever come right on out and said it the way Mickie did.

Lilian kinda liked that about this offer. Mickie wasn't beating around the
bush or bullshitting her she was being plain and straight to the point. But
that also frightened Lilian in a way because she remembered that Mickie had
told her that she was going to have her, one way or the other and the only
choice Lilian had was to go to Mickie willingly or go to bed sexually
unsatisfied and Mickie would take her later.

While part of her obviously objected to this idea on principle another part
of her thrilled in the idea of being taken. It was the same part of her which
suddenly was finding the idea of being with another girl very appealing.

She wasn't gay but Lilian had always been a little curious what it would be
like to be with another girl and although her curiosity had never been strong
enough for her to seriously consider acting on it Mickie's words had seemed
to light a fire inside her and the more she tried not to think about what
Mickie had said the more the vision of being with Mickie played over and over
again inside her head.

With her curiosity on overdrive and a lot of alcohol running through her
veins Lilian decided to take Mickie up on her offer. After all, she could
always change her mind later if things got too weird and there was still the
chance that this was some kind of joke. From the way Mickie had spoken
earlier Lilian was almost sure it wasn't a joke but she needed to find out
one way or the other.

So with her mind made up Lilian got to her feet finished her glass of wine
just for that little extra "Dutch" courage put down the glass next to the
piece of paper she then picked it up and staggered out of the bar. She hailed
a taxi, got in and told the driver to take her to the hotel where all of the
WWE Divas and Superstars where staying. Once she arrived at the hotel she
paid the man and gave him a tip before getting out of the car. Lilian entered
the hotel and staggered into the lift while unsuccessfully trying not to look
as tipsy as she felt.

At this point the doubt once again started to creep in and Lilian started to
wonder weather or not she should go through with this.

Lilian unfolded the piece of paper and looked at the room number 69 it was
the first time Lilian had actually paid attention to the actual room number
as well as the other things 69 represented she smiled to herself as she
pressed for the floor which had room 69 on it.

After a few moments of waiting the doors opened and Lilian once again
staggers out of the lift and down the corridor checking each door her
nervousness growing with each door number she passes, 65, 66, 67, 68, and
finally she arrives at room number 69.

Lilian took a deep breath and swallowed hard there was a small part of her
brain that was telling her that it wasn't too late to turn and walk away and
nobody would ever be any the wiser. Yet for some reason Lilian stayed despite
a part of her wanting to do what that part of her brain was suggesting and
she reached up and knocked on the door gently but loud enough for whoever was
inside room number 69 to hear.

The door soon opened to reveal Mickie standing there wearing the same thing
she wore in the ring and earlier in the bar after the show a white sleeveless
top with a yellow miniskirt and white boots.

"Lilian." Mickie said, a smile crossing her face.

"Hi Mickie." Lilian said back doing her best to smile despite how nervous she
was and was sure her nervousness slipped through onto her face and into her

"You came." Mickie said.

"You weren't expecting me to turn up?" Lilian asked.

"Honestly I thought you might need to take a couple of days to think about
it." Mickie explained.

Lilian smiled a more genuine smile.

"If I do that I might manage to convince myself not to go through with it."
She then said.

"You'd best come in then." Mickie responded stepped out of the way and
allowing Lilian to enter her hotel room.

Lilian walked in and looked around there was nothing major special or
anything different from Mickie's hotel room to Lilian's.

"Please have a seat." Mickie told her once she had shut the hotel room door.

Lilian sat down on the bottom of Mickie's bed.

"Would you like something to drink?" Mickie then offered..

"What do you have?" Lilian asked.

"Champagne." Mickie responded.

Lilian looked at Mickie suspiciously.

"I thought you said you weren't expecting me?" Lilian said.

"I wasn't sure. I hoped you would show, but if not I was just going to
celebrate on my own for a while." Mickie explained brightly, "Apart from a
slight delay with Trish's progress everything else is going brilliantly. By
the time Wrestlemania 22 is over I will be the new WWE Woman's champion and
have Trish eating out of the palm of my hand... and other places. Besides me
and Trish won our match tonight at the first Saturday Night's Main Event
since 1992. I think that is reason to celebrate don't you?"

Mickie asked as she popped open the bottle of champagne on ice that she had.

"I'll celebrate the return of Saturday Night's Main Event and yours and
Trish's victory." Lilian told her wondering how on earth Mickie intended on
getting a Woman's title shot.

Trish never was one to back down from a fight but the whole having 'Trish
eating out of the palm of her hand' phrase confused Lilian and she figured
she was too drunk to try and figure what that meant.

Mickie nodded as she poured the champagne into two champagne glasses and then
walked over, sat down next to Lilian and handed her one of the glasses.

"Here's to my victory and to the return of Saturday Night's Main Event."
Mickie said, clinking her glass against Lilian's before both of them took a
swig of their champagne, "So, what made you decide to come?"

Lilian took a second swig before she answered.

"Well." She said, "Mainly it was what you said earlier."

Mickie smiled due to that normally being all it takes to get a girl into her
room if she wants them to come that easily to her.

"And I've never... been... with another... woman before." Lilian then said
which made Mickie's smile widen.

"Not even practiced kissing?" Mickie then asked.

Lilian looked at her and slowly shook her head.

"Well then." Mickie said, before taking Lilian's glass from her and putting
both her glass and Lilian's glass on the floor next to her left foot before
turning her body fully around to face Lilian and Lilian did the same turning
her body fully around to face Mickie, "That seems like a good place for us to

Mickie smiled and moved in an attempt to kiss Lilian but the blonde's fear
and nervousness got the best of her and she pulled back a little.

"Don't worry." Mickie said to her in a soft soothing tone of voice, "I
promise I'll be gentle."

With that Mickie closed the gap between them and took Lilian's lips with
her's while at the same time thinking she would be gentle... at first.

Lilian tensed when Mickie kissed her, but the other woman's lips were soft
and inviting and with almost an entire bottle of wine making its way through
her system Lilian found it surprisingly easy to let go of her inhibitions and
relax into the kiss.

The kiss was so soft and gentle Lilian almost didn't notice Mickie gently
grabbing her waist and pulling her towards her, the two WWE divas soft bodies
pressing together in what felt like a wonderful fit.

Although things had only just gotten started Lilian was already taken aback
how different this was to being with a guy. Mickie's lips and body felt so
soft pressed against her own, and unlike the majority of men Lilian had been
with Mickie seemed perfectly content with just gently caressing her lips with
hers and not shoving her tongue down her throat the first chance she got.
Then something unprecedented happened. At the exact moment Lilian actually
wanted to feel Mickie's tongue against hers she felt Mickie's tongue caress
her lips in a soft request to enter, a request the blonde gladly granted.
Then Mickie's tongue slowly slid into her mouth and gently caressed her
tongue in exactly the way Lilian wanted it too.

Gaining yet more points with the blonde Mickie slowly slid her hands over
Lilian's back, sides and hair, deliberately avoiding the area's men used to
grab the second they got the chance, and continuing to gently massage her
tongue with her own and press her body into hers, obviously not wanting to
push Lilian too far too soon.

With alcohol running through her veins Lilian suddenly felt very bold, bold
enough to reach down and grab Mickie's ass and give it a firm squeeze. The
brunette moaned into the blonde's mouth, first in surprise, and then in
desire as her rounded rear was groped by the drunk and horny ring announcer.
Returning the favour Mickie slid her hands down to and over Lilian's ass,
caressing the soft and yet well toned flesh she found there before squeezing
it gently.

The kiss then became rather frantic, Lilian's tongue really putting up quite
a valiant fight against Mickie's as her hands shamelessly groped the
brunette's body. The brunette certainly didn't mind, especially because it
gave her an excuse to slide her hands all over Lilian's body.

Although she could have happily kissed Lilian all night Mickie could tell the
blonde was ready for them to move on so without breaking the kiss Mickie
scooped Lilian up into her arms and as carefully as possible carried the ring
announcer to the bed and laid her down on it. Luckily for Mickie her room was
quite a small one with the bed taking up at least half the space so she
didn't have to carry Lilian far, which was good, because dropping her would
have been a total turn off for both of them.

Lilian was quite impressed that Mickie had been able to carry her to the bed,
and if she was honest with herself she found it quite arousing to be taken
into another woman's arms.

Once Lilian was laid down on the bed Mickie got on top of her and the two WWE
divas lost themselves in another passionate kiss, their hands sliding over
each other's bodies as they did so.

When she was sure Lilian was ready Mickie gently moved her hands from
stroking the blonde's hair and slid them down around the back of her neck,
finding the clasp of her necklace and quickly unclipping it before removing
it. Breaking the kiss momentarily Mickie reached over and place the necklace
carefully down on the bedside table before returning to Lilian's welcoming

After another long make out session Mickie reached round the back of Lilian's
dress and expertly unzipped it enough so she could slide it down Lilian's
legs once she had broken the kiss again. The blonde looked slightly nervous
at the removal of her dress but Mickie quickly comforted her with another
passionate kiss.

Mickie waited even longer this time before lifting herself off Lilian too
remove her sleeveless little shirt and toss it aside and then return to
Lilian's lips, and then waiting even longer before pushing her miniskirt down
her legs kicking it off, this time without leaving the gentle embrace she had
with the other diva.

Deciding to take a different approach at the next, very crucial stage Mickie
reached behind herself and unclipped her own bra strap before sliding it off
her body and then waiting a long time before she went for Lilian's bra,
giving the blonde a opportunity to object before she took it off and then
when she received no objection the brunette slowly removed it, before doing
the same with their panties. While she was just about able to slid her
panties down far enough so she could kick them off Mickie needed to break the
kiss again to remove Lilian's panties, and when she did she looked into
Lilian's eyes for approval. The brunette saw a lot of confusion in her fellow
diva's eyes, but she also saw a lot of desire too. When her hands closed
around the waistband of Lilian's panties and she looked up into her eyes
there was a few moments of silence and then Lilian gently nodded, allowing
Mickie to pull her panties down her legs and tossed them aside before kissing
her yet again.

Lilian welcomed the feeling of Mickie's lips back against hers, as she
welcomed the feeling of Mickie's tongue invading her mouth and sliding
against hers, but she couldn't help feel overwhelmed by this situation.
Everything seemed to be moving so fast. Or at least that's what it felt like.

When Mickie broke the kiss and started sliding her lips over Lilian's neck
the blonde got the opportunity to turn her head and take a look at the clock
which to her amazement told her she and Mickie had been kissing for over half
an hour. A few of her previous sexual experiences had lasted half an hour in
total, and a handful hadn't even made it that far, so this was very
impressive. Lilian couldn't remember any guy being this patient with her, and
yet it honestly felt like the last 30 minutes had passed in about 3. It was
overwhelming, but in a good way, and it seemed to be getting even better.
Especially when Mickie stopped licking and sucking on her neck and moved down
her body to her breasts and her very aroused nipples.

Lilian bit her lip as she felt Mickie's lips travel over her right boob until
that soft mouth was hovering over her right tit, the anticipation nearly
killing the blonde until finally she felt that mouth gently cover her nipple
in soft, wet flesh. A loud gasp escaped Lilian's lips as Mickie began gently
sucking on her right nipple, and then another gasp when Mickie slid her
tongue around, and another when the brunette did the same to her left nipple.
It wasn't long before Lilian was gasping quite a lot, Mickie moving from one
nipple to the other, one hand caressing whichever boob she was focusing on
into her mouth while the other hand gently massaged the waiting boob, giving
the blonde the most pleasure possible with this task.

Waiting until she had the blonde practically crying with need Mickie finally
slid her mouth lower, but instead of going to her final destination straight
away she took a detour down Lilian's right leg, kissing all the way down to
her feet and briefly sucking on her toes before kissing her way back up and,
much to Lilian's annoyance, slid her lips down the blonde's left leg and
repeated the process over, and over, and over again until she finally got
what she wanted, her latest conquest begging her to eat her pussy.

"Please Mickie... please... eat me... eat my pussy." Lilian whimpered, "I
need it. I need to feel your mouth on my pussy. I need it so bad. Please,
I'll do anything, just, please, eat me."

Anything, Mickie smiled to herself, she'd have to remember that. But for now,
since Lilian had given her what she wanted she was more than happy to give
Lilian what she wanted.

Kissing her way up to Lilian's pussy Mickie took a minute to admire the
beauty of the blonde's womanhood and to breathe in the sweet smell of another
woman's arousal. After waiting long enough Mickie stuck out her tongue,
pressed the tip of it to the bottom of the blonde's cunt and slowly slid it
over her pussy lips in one long stroke.

Lilian gasped when Mickie's tongue first touched her cunt, and that gasp
quickly turned into a long moan as it travels over her pussy.

This reaction caused Mickie to smile wickedly before repeating the process
and getting increasingly louder reactions.

At first Mickie just gently lapped at Lilian's pussy, sliding her tongue from
the bottom to the top at the same slow speed each time until she had the
blonde begging for more, but instead of giving it to her she just continued
teasing her until she felt like changing tactics. When Lilian's begs had
turned to desperate cries, begging for more over, and over, and over again
Mickie decided to give Lilian the 'more' she had been begging for, but not as
much as the blonde would have liked no doubt.

Instead of sliding her tongue up and down Lilian's cunt Mickie began licking
around the blonde's pussy lips, causing her fellow WWE diva to whimper and
moan even louder than before. Grinning wickedly to herself Mickie began
switching the way she would slide her tongue gently over Lilian's pussy,
constantly changing from sliding it clockwise and anticlockwise over the ring
announcer's downstairs lips, licking up and down the centre and teasing
Lilian's love hole, teasing the other woman as much as she could before she
settled into some serious rug munching.

Lilian dug her fingernails into the bed sheets and gritted her teeth in

Gone were any thoughts of nervousness or hesitation about being with another
woman, her mind completely dominated by angry thoughts all directed at

The blonde ring announcer just couldn't understand why Mickie was being so
cruel. One second the brunette had been pleasing her like no man had ever
pleased her before, the next she was teasing her relentlessly, flat out
refusing to give her what she wanted no matter how much she begged for it. In
all her life Lilian couldn't remember ever being this hot before and it was
driving her crazy. She wanted more. She wanted Mickie's tongue inside her.
She wanted to feel that obviously very talented tongue sliding around inside
her, touching her most intimate places, fucking her as if it was a cock.

Of course, she wasn't telling Mickie that. The only words falling out of
Lilian's mouth since Mickie had first started licking her were words like
'eat me', 'fuck me' and 'more', words which didn't accurately describe what
Lilian wanted the brunette to do.

So, after taking a deep breath Lilian closed her eyes and told Mickie what
she wanted her to do, "Please Mickie... put it inside me... put your tongue
inside me. I want it. I need it. I need to feel your tongue inside my pussy.
Please fuck me with your tongue. Put it inside me. I need it, I need it so
bad. Please, oh please, just, oooooohhhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyy Ggggggoooooooddddd!"

Lilian's begging ended in a piercing scream as Mickie suddenly slammed her
tongue as deep into the blonde's pussy as it would go.

Mickie let her tongue stay as still as a statue inside Lilian's pussy as the
blonde's scream slowly died down and waited until she had her latest conquest
whimpering in frustration again at her lack of tongue movement before she
finally started to slide her tongue out of Lilian's cunt, which ironically
got an even bigger whimper of frustration from her fellow diva. On the bright
side Mickie got another loud cry of pleasure from her when she slipped her
tongue all the way back inside Lilian's welcoming pussy.

Soon Mickie had Lilian endlessly whimpering in frustration and crying in
pleasure as she slid her tongue in and out of her, the easily excitable
brunette starting the fun with a steady tongue fucking, still cautious in
taking the blonde.

At this point Mickie doubted she had anything to worry about. Now she had her
tongue inside her Mickie could practically guarantee Lilian was going to be
one of her bitches by the end of the night, but still, she didn't want to get
too cocky. A couple of times women had freaked out on her at this stage,
stating they found it just too weird which basically meant they got freaked
out from just how good Mickie was making them feel. Of course Mickie had been
able to calm those women down, get them back into bed and finish turning them
into her pets, but she certainly didn't want Lilian being the first to get
away.. Especially since she was such a tasty treat.

Tasty treat was definitely a good way to describe Lilian, especially her
pussy. Maybe it was Mickie's imagination but all of the WWE divas which she
had conquered had tasted delicious and the brunette found she just couldn't
get enough of them. Then again, that was true of all women as far as Mickie
was concerned.

Pushing all thoughts of other women out of her mind Mickie concentrated on
the tasty treat in front of her, her mouth wrapping around Lilian's pussy so
she could start giving it the treatment it deserved.

As an added bonus it meant she could drink all the delicious juices which had
been flying from that sweet honey hole directly from the source instead of
just having to be satisfied with what she could lick up, and being able to
drink Lilian's juices like that quickly encouraged Mickie to really devote
herself to the blonde's pussy.

Lilian cried out yet again when she felt Mickie's soft mouth glue itself to
her pussy lips and began to gently suck the cream running from her cunt like
a river, or at least it felt like a river at this point.

The blonde ring announcer honestly couldn't remember when she had been this
sexually aroused and it felt so, so good. Everything Mickie did to her felt
amazing. The brunette had a gift, a gift for pleasing other women.

Before tonight Lilian could have never of imagined herself enjoying being
with another woman so much, but she was, and she knew that should scare her
but it didn't. She didn't know what these feelings meant for her in the long
run but for right here right now she didn't care. All Lilian cared about was
feeling Mickie's soft mouth and tongue pleasure her in the way that they

Lilian kept pleading for more even though she didn't quite know what more was
at this point given that all the guys she had been with didn't seem to know
half of what Mickie knew about pussy eating but more is what she got.

After simply sliding her tongue in and out of her for what felt like an
eternity Mickie started experimenting, sliding her tongue around Lilian's
inner walls like she was searching for something and apparently finding it
when shocks of pleasure ran through the ring announcer's body like never
before. In what felt like seconds Mickie had found places inside Lilian which
Lilian herself didn't know about, places that when stimulated by Mickie's
tongue sent the most incredible feelings through the blondes body, feelings
which increased even further when the brunette began concentrating on them
and she continued to slide her tongue in and out of her.

In a move which practically had tears of joy falling from Lilian's eyes
Mickie began twirling her tongue around inside her fellow WWE diva's cunt,
the bubbly brunette stimulating all of the blonde's sweet spots on every in
and out stroke of her tongue.

As Mickie's tongue danced inside her Lilian wrapped her legs around Mickie's
head and buried her fingers deep into Mickie's hair pushing the brunette's
face as deep into her pussy as it would go.

Rather than be put off by this Mickie seemed to go into overdrive, her mouth
which had been lazily sucking at Lilian's pussy lips began furiously slurping
at her love hole, and her tongue jack hammering in and out of the blonde at
lightning speed making the RAW ring announcer cry hysterically in pleasure.

Lilian lost all control over her body as she pushed Mickie's talented mouth
into her pussy, her hips thrusting upwards as her hands and legs pushed her
head downwards, some of the most obscene language the ring announcer knew
falling out of her mouth, the only comfort being it was all in Spanish so at
least Mickie wouldn't be offended by any of the words that seem to be
escaping from the blonde.

Eventually Lilian's words dissolved into cries, and then those cries
dissolved into silent screams, and then into some very non silent screams.

Although she had been sure she had no more voice to scream Lilian somehow
found the voice to do so when the most powerful orgasm of her life crashed
over her body leaving her a quivering mess of a woman.

The blonde had felt it built up inside her for so long and she had been
trying to fight it, trying to enjoy this heavenly oral worship she was
receiving, but the pleasure had been so overwhelming and instead of relaxing
after her release the intensity only seem to rise, Mickie not stopping her
assault even for a second until the promise Mickie had made her earlier was
fulfilled. Lilian's eyes rolled in the back of her head and her toes curled
as she went crashing over the edge again, and again, and again, and again,
and again.

Having never cum more than once in an evening before Lilian's mind was
completely destroyed by the pleasure she felt, the multiple orgasms first
leaving her a mindless vegetable, and then knocking her into complete

Mickie would have been disappointed to know that Lilian had been mostly
unaware of how she achieved her second orgasm when Mickie had concentrated on
the blonde's clit, and how she achieved another orgasm when she had started
fingering her and had been knocked completely senseless when Mickie had
shoved her lubricated fingers up her fellow diva's ass hole. Although Lilian
wasn't the only one to not entirely know what was going on. It took a while
for Mickie to notice that Lilian's legs had fallen from around her head and
her fingers were loosely resting in her hair as opposed to gripping tightly.
Once she did notice this Mickie quickly finished swallowing the last of
Lilian's cum and slowly kissed her way up the blonde's body were to her
dismay she saw that the ring announcer seemed to be completely out of it.

The brunette wanted to wake the blonde really badly but she looked so
peaceful that she decided to let her rest for a little while, still covering
her conquest's body in light kisses in the hopes of bringing her round.

Eventually it worked and Lilian's eyes slowly blinked open to be greeted by a
smiling Mickie James.

"Did you like that?" Mickie asked with a knowing smile.

Lilian blushed a little but nodded and said, "Yes."

"Good." Mickie said, her smile widening, "Because it's your turn now."

Lilian was so taken aback by Mickie's bluntness that she repeated those words
in her head a few times to make sure she wasn't hearing things. Realising she
had heard Mickie correctly Lilian panicked. She had never gone down on
another girl before, what if she didn't like it... what if she did... what

Before Lilian even had a chance to organise her thoughts Mickie leant down
and captured her lips with her own, gently pressing her tongue against
Lilian's closed mouth, asking permission to enter. More out of shock at the
suddenness of the kiss than anything else Lilian opened her mouth and Mickie
took full advantage, sliding her tongue passed the blonde's lips and over the
other girl's tongue.

It took a few moments of Lilian lying there still in shock but soon the
blonde found herself helplessly melting into the kiss, the ring announcer
allowing herself to forget all about her fears of 'it being her turn' and
relax into the other girl's embrace.

Mickie wasn't sure if Lilian was ready to take such a big step but she was
really horny and wanted to feel the other diva's mouth on her pussy so she
decided to take the risk. She could afford to do so, Lilian wasn't as vital
to her collection as some of the other divas and if Lilian resisted Mickie
had no problem with getting a little rough with her to get what she wanted.
It shouldn't have to come to that though, because Mickie had a plan.

First she relaxed Lilian with a nice gentle kiss and then when she thought
she was ready Mickie rolled them so Lilian was laying on top of her and then
broke the kiss and gently pushed Lilian's mouth down to her neck.

More out of instinct than anything else Lilian's mouth latched onto Mickie's
neck and began gently kissing, licking and sucking on it, Mickie moaning
happily as her new pet obediently obeyed her.

"Mmmmm, that feels good, you're doing a great job Lilian." Mickie
complemented as she stroked the blonde's hair affectionately.

Encouraged by Mickie's words Lilian soon became comfortable in her task and
even began to enjoy it until she felt pressure on her head, Mickie gently
encouraging her to go downwards.

"Please Lilian, lower." Mickie pleaded nicely, fully prepared to take a more
commanding tone if Lilian didn't do as she said but to the brunette's delight
the blonde began kissing her way down her body.

Lilian's mouth slowly travelled down Mickie's chest and over her right boob
until her lips were hovering over Mickie's right nipple.

There was a moment's pause as Lilian bit her lip in hesitation before she
closed her mouth around Mickie's nipple, causing the other girl to moan

It felt very weird to Lilian to have another girl moaning for her, but it was
also kind of.... sexy, especially since Mickie was obviously experienced when
it came to lesbian sex.

After her initial panic attack Lilian had come to the conclusion after the
amazing way Mickie had made her cum she should at least try and give Mickie
the same kind of pleasure, although she didn't see how that was possible
because she had no idea what she was doing. Well, that wasn't entirely true.
She could remember what she liked and could try and do that to Mickie. For
instance, she could use her tongue to play with Mickie's nipple when it was
in her mouth, lightly suck on it, and she could use one hand to cup one of
the brunette's nipples into her mouth while she used her other hand to
massage Mickie's other breast, and she could pleasure both of Mickie's
nipples by kissing her way back and forth between them.

Trying all these techniques out Lilian was able to squeeze quite a few moans
out of Mickie's mouth as the other girl played with her hair in a strangely
encouraging way, until the grip on the back of her head became firm again and
then there was pressure pushing her downwards.


Lilian couldn't tell if that was a request or a demand, but either way she
obeyed, kissing her way down Mickie's stomach until for the first time she
was face-to-face with another girl's pussy.

Once she was where Mickie wanted her to be the pressure on the back of her
head disappeared and Lilian was left staring at her fellow diva's cunt. The
blonde was grateful that Mickie didn't force her face into her pussy or
demand her to eat her out, the brunette instead giving Lilian a much needed
chance to collect her thoughts.

Lilian was more nervous than she ever remembered being before in her life.
She was terrified about getting this close to a pussy but now she was she
couldn't help find it kind of pretty, but still those same questions echoed
in the blonde's mind, what if she didn't like it... what if she did... what
if she liked it but did it wrong... and other questions until finally it all
became too much and in an effort to get it over with Lilian leant forward,
stuck out her tongue and slid it over Mickie's pussy lips.

Honestly Lilian wasn't sure what she was expecting. She'd never seriously
seen herself going down on another girl before tonight so she had only began
to seriously think what pussy might taste like as she made her way down
Mickie's body. Would it be good, would it be bad, would it be weird, she
didn't know.

The first lick was.... ok. Better than ok actually. But to make sure, Lilian
stuck out her tongue and licked Mickie's pussy again, and again, and again.
Soon Lilian had to admit it was better than ok, definitely better than ok.
Better than good even.

Mickie's pussy tasted delicious and Lilian just couldn't get enough, her
tongue lapping greedily at her fellow diva's cunt in long strokes which
started at the entrance of the brunette's love channel and then slid up all
the way to her clit.

Every lick was accompanied by a soft moan from Mickie, and occasionally even
a brushing of her hair which Lilian could only hope was a sign she was doing
a good job.

The sweet taste of Mickie's pussy had taken away Lilian's previous fears and
now the only thing the blonde was worried about was being able to please the
woman who had given her so much pleasure with her tongue.

As Lilian was worried about whether or not she was pleasing Mickie the
brunette was simply lying back and enjoying the feeling of the blonde's
virgin tongue caressing her pussy.

It felt so good to get a nice soft girl tongue caressing her pussy again, and
it was far too long since Mickie had enjoyed the feeling of a nice soft
virgin girl tongue worshipping her womanhood.

Most of the WWE divas Mickie had conquered had all had previous pussy eating
experience. In fact only Trish and Maria had been lesbian virgins before
Mickie got her hands on them. It didn't at all surprise Mickie, after all
there are a lot of beautiful women in the WWE, all trying to battle for
dominance with each other and it seemed only natural that this would inspire
bisexual tendencies in even the most heterosexual of women, and the women
Mickie had been with lately were far from completely heterosexual.

Still, as much as Mickie enjoyed getting hot and heavy with a woman who knew
exactly what she was doing there was something to be said for a lesbian

What Mickie was feeling right now were Lilian's very first licks of another
woman's pussy. Lilian was taking her first steps to bisexuality, or at least
her first steps to a really fun night, and she was taking them with Mickie.
And what cute little licks they were. So soft, so cute, so... unsatisfying.

Mickie was all for helping women discover their bisexuality, but she saw no
reason why she couldn't get off too, and these slow licks were taking too
long. Luckily, Mickie had an answer for that.

"Push your tongue inside me." Mickie said in a voice just above a whisper,
"Push your tongue inside my pussy."

Lilian was a little taken aback by the request at first but she quickly
realised it was the least she could do. After all, Mickie had shoved her
tongue as deep inside her pussy as possible and given Lilian the tongue
fucking of a lifetime. If Lilian was to stand a chance of returning the
favour she was going to have to do more than just lightly lick the brunette's
pussy. Hell, if Lilian really wanted to return the favour she should probably
pull out every trick Mickie used on her while she was eating her out.

With that in mind Lilian lined her tongue up against the entrance to Mickie's
pussy and then pushed her way inside, slamming it in as far as it would go in
one powerful thrust.

Mickie cried out in pleasure, and then began moaning even louder than before
as Lilian began tongue fucking her.

These weren't the shy licks Lilian had started off with either, these were
powerful tongue strokes, the blonde quickly picking up a rhythm until she was
pounding Mickie's pussy with her tongue.

The juices which Lilian had been beginning to like while she was licking
Mickie's pussy now were slowly sliding into her mouth and down her throat and
they just seem to get sweeter with every drop. Soon Lilian was wrapping her
mouth tightly around Mickie's pussy lips and hungrily slurping at the other
woman's hole in an attempt to get more juices. It worked and Mickie's cunt
cream began to flow like a river, Lilian gulping them down as fast as she
could as she became lost in eating her first pussy.

Now this was far more satisfying Mickie thought to herself as Lilian really
began to eat her pussy.

The shy little virgin licks had been a lot of fun but Mickie was now craving
a tongue fucking, and a tongue fucking is exactly what she got.

Without needing to be told Lilian continued picking up the pace of the tongue
fucking until she was pounding Mickie's pussy as hard as she possibly could
with her tongue, her mouth sucking at her fellow diva's cunt with the power
of a vacuum cleaner.

In response to this Mickie tightened her grip on the back of Lilian's head
and began forcing the blonde to bob her head up and down, driving her tongue
deeper and deeper into her cunt, controlling the pace of the tongue fucking
she was receiving with just one hand.

When Lilian didn't object to that, and her hormones got the better of her,
Mickie began thrusting her hips up and down, shoving her pussy into the
blonde's face to get that tongue even deeper into her.

Finally Mickie began cursing like a sailor, her words only driving Lilian too
tongue fuck her harder.

"Oh my God yes, fuck yes, that's it, just like that, eat my pussy, eat my
pussy you little dyke! Mmmmm, yes, you're a pussy eating slut now aren't you
Lilian? Yes you are, yes you are. And I turned you into a pussy eating slut
didn't I Lilian? Yes a pussy eating slut. My pussy eating slut. You're my
pussy eating slut now Lilian. From now on your going to be eating my pussy
whenever I fucking want because you're my pussy eating slut!"

Mickie's rant ended in a scream as she came almost violently when Lilian
suddenly twirled her tongue inside her cunt. That scream only became louder
as the blonde brought the brunette to orgasm after orgasm.

As Mickie's eyes rolled in the back of her head and her eyelids fluttered
Lilian's eyes and eyelids were doing the exact same thing as she tasted
something even more delicious than cunt cream, girl cum. Lilian liked to
swallow guy cum but she quickly discovered she loved swallowing girl cum. The
blonde swallowed much of the delicious tasting liquid as possible and when
there was no more to swallow she twirled her tongue inside the source of that
sweet juice until more floated down her throat.

This cycle repeated itself over and over, Mickie experiencing several good
orgasms from Lilian's mouth until the brunette decided it was time to move

It was a hard thing to do because Mickie would have been more than happy to
just lay there and see how many orgasms that mouth could give her but she was
eager to add Lilian to her collection tonight and as nice as this was it
wouldn't allow it to turn the blonde into her bitch. For that she needed to
be the one fucking the other girl's brains out, but of course she had an ace
up her sleeve.

Pulling Lilian up and away from her pussy Mickie shoved her tongue into the
blonde's mouth, her fellow WWE diva happily kissing her back in a passionate
lip lock for a few seconds before Mickie pulled back and smiled.

"Wait here." Mickie said, before rolling off the bed and walking over to her

Lilian watched curiously as Mickie pulled something out from her bag. When
she saw what it was her eyes bulged and her mouth fell open. It was a massive
dildo with straps attached to it. The monster had to be 10, maybe 12 inches
long and very thick.

Mickie grinned at the look of shock on Lilian's face as she stepped into her
harness and attached her favourite toy around her waist. Once it was securely
in place Mickie slowly walked over to where Lilian was sitting up on the bed,
stroking her strap on as she walked. When Mickie reached her destination she
pointed the head of the dildo towards Lilian's open mouth and smiled.

"Ever had a cock this big before Lilian?" Mickie asked.

There was a long pause and then finally Lilian slowly shook her head.

"Is it too big for you?" Mickie asked.

Another pause, and then Lilian slowly shook her head again causing Mickie to

"Do you wanna suck it a little first, you know, so it's nice and lubed up for
your hot little pussy?" Mickie asked.

There was yet another pause and then Lilian slowly leant forward, opened her
mouth wide, swallowed the head of the strap on and began greedily sucking on

Lilian didn't know what came over her. It was like the sight of that big
dildo had rendered her speechless.

The blonde had actually been fortunate to sleep with a lot of guys with big
cocks, but this one was bigger than all of them and the sight of this huge
piece of man-made meat drove her into total lust.

Moments after taking the head into her mouth Lilian wrapped her right hand
around the base of the shaft and began eagerly bobbing her head up and down
on the fake dick, taking more and more of it each time until it was banging
against the back of her throat. Suddenly very glad of her experiences with
well hung guys Lilian relaxed her throat muscles and began lowering her head
further, forcing the dildo down her gullet until she was letting go of the
base so she could get those last few inches down her windpipe.

With practised ease Lilian kept all 12 inches in her mouth and throat for as
long as she possibly could before she began gagging, then pulled the monster
from her gullet so she could cough, splutter and take in much-needed air
before swallowing the strap on again, this time bobbing her head all the way
up and down the shaft.

Mickie was impressed by Lilian's cock sucking skills.

Normally it took a lot of training for her bitches to deep throat her big
dildos but Lilian was already taking that dick as well as any of her other
pieces of ass. Hell, she was actually doing better than some of them.

Seemed as if Mickie could skip the cock sucking part of Lilian's training...
or on second thoughts maybe she could just put the blonde's mouth through its
paces, make her practice on all of her biggest toys just to see how much the
RAW ring announcer's throat could take. But Mickie could save that for later.
Right now she was just enjoying the sight of her latest conquest deep
throating her strap on dildo.

As an added bonus everytime Lilian bobbed her head on the cock the stimulator
inside the harness would rub against Mickie's clit, bringing the brunette a
nice little buzz of physical pleasure to go along with the mental pleasure of
watching a beautiful woman suck on her fake cock.

Mickie had cum before just from this type of stimulation, but she was too
eager to fuck Lilian to wait for that. First however she would make Lilian
beg for it.

"You like my big cock Lilian?" Mickie asked.

"Mmmmm..." Lilian moaned round the shaft before pulling it out of her mouth
briefly for a moment, "I love your big cock."

"Would you like me to fuck you with it?" Mickie asked.

"Oh yes." Lilian said, pulling her mouth away permanently from the strap on,
"Fuck me Mickie, fuck my pussy. Fuck me with your big cock."

"Oh I will, but first lay down on the bed and spread your legs for me."
Mickie commanded.

Quickly obeying Mickie's command Lilian laid back on the bed with her head
resting on one of the pillows and then spread her legs as wide as she could.

Mickie smiled, crawled between Lilian's legs and then pressed the tip of her
strap on to the entrance of the blonde's pussy.

Instead of giving her latest conquest what she wanted right away Mickie slid
the dildo up and down Lilian's pussy lips, causing her new bitch to moan in

"Please." Lilian moaned.

"Please what? Please fuck you? Please shove my big cock into your hot little
pussy and fuck you? Is that what you want Lilian?" Mickie asked.

"Yes! Yes, that's what I want, I want you to fuck me with your big cock!"
Lilian cried.

"Beg for it then. Beg for me to fuck you." Mickie demanded.

Lilian was a little taken aback by this but she was far too horny to argue.

"Please Mickie, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock! I want your cock! I need
your cock! Please give it to me! Give me that cock! Shove your big cock
inside me and fuck me like you promised!" Lilian pleaded.

Smiling as she remembered her earlier promise Mickie pressed forward slowly
but steadily, the head of the strap on parting Lilian's pussy lips and
pushing its way inside the blonde WWE diva.

Lilian groaned in pleasure as her horny pussy was penetrated by the big cock,
and then groaned again as inch after inch was added into her cunt, stretching
her wider than she had ever been stretched before. The size of the dildo was
a little uncomfortable, and there had been some pain during the initial
penetration but Lilian was so horny at this point she barely noticed, her
natural liquid well lubricating her inner walls so she could stretch to
accommodate the massive strap on.

Mickie took her time filling Lilian's cunt with her fake cock, giving her
latest conquest plenty of time to adjust to the size of the huge thing
strapped around her waist before adding each inch into her new little bitch,
enjoying the little gasping sounds her pet made as she filled her up with
cock. Soon there was one big gasp as Mickie gave one final slow but firm
thrust and buried the last inch of the dildo into Lilian's horny pussy.

In her entire life Lilian had never felt so full of cock, and she hadn't ever
been so full of cock, but now that huge 12 inches was inside her she didn't
ever want it to leave.

Just as Lilian thought that the nice big 12 inches which had been filling her
so wonderfully abruptly began to be pulled from her cunt, causing her to
immediately cry out in protest.

She opened her mouth to complain but before she could utter a word Lilian let
out a cry of joy as all 12 inches were returned to her pussy.

This process was soon repeated, those 12 inches of heaven sliding in and out
of her pussy in a steady fucking motion, Lilian moaning happily with every

As the fucking continued Lilian began to worry if she focused too much on the
big dildo sliding in and out of her pussy she would cum too quickly and not
get an enough chance to enjoy this wonderful feeling of pleasure so she moved
her focus from the strap on to the woman it was attached too.

It was strange and incredibly arousing to focus on the feminine form above
her, her body reacting as if she was just realising she was being fucked by
another woman in the very littoral sense for the first time. It was crazy but
it was how her body seemed to be reacting.

Looking up into Mickie's eyes was intense. Lilian couldn't remember a member
of her own sex ever looking at her with such a expression of lust before, and
yet there seemed to be something else behind those eyes, something dominating
and controlling which just made Lilian want to melt away and completely
submit to whatever this far more dominating diva wanted.

If Mickie had known that's what Lilian was thinking she would have been very
pleased because that was the exact type of thing she wanted her to be

Mickie wasn't going to leave this room until Lilian was just another bitch in
her collection and this was a very important part of the blonde's breaking

Lilian was going to get fucked better than she'd ever been fucked before,
Mickie would make sure of that, and the whole time she was going to make sure
every time Lilian looked into her eyes she would be able to tell who's in

Right now Mickie had Lilian's eyes locked with hers and she could see
submission in her new pet's pretty eyes. The blonde was begging Mickie to
turn her into her bitch and Mickie was more than happy to oblige.

Deciding Lilian had been given enough time to adjust to the size of her strap
on Mickie began increasing the pace until she was roughly pounding the
blonde's pussy with all her might.

Lilian writhed around in pleasure for a few moments, her legs wriggling
around as if she was having some kind of weird reaction to all the pleasure
when Mickie grabbed a firm hold of her legs and held them as wide open as
possible in the air, using them as leveraged to fuck her new bitch even

This new hard level of pussy pounding had Lilian crying out like never before
until she began shamelessly begging the other woman to fuck her.

"Oh Mickie, oh my god Mickie, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh my God it's so good,
it's so fucking good! Oh fuck me! Oh fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck
me, fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock! Fuck me with that wonderful big
cock!" Lilian cried out in pleasure.

"Yes, you love it don't you, you love me fucking you with my big cock!"
Mickie taunted.

"Oh yes Mickie, I love you fucking me with your big cock! Please fuck me with
your big cock! I'm begging you, fuck me with your big cock!" Lilian
shamelessly pleaded.

"Yes, that's right beg me Lilian, beg me to fuck you just like you're going
to beg to be my bitch!" Mickie cried out without thinking.

"What?" Lilian said in shock.

Mickie hadn't meant to say that. She had planned on talking to Lilian about
becoming her bitch while she was pounding the blonde's ass, but from the look
in Lilian's eyes it would seem the ring announcer was already in a vulnerable
state of mind so why wait.

"I said once I'm done fucking you you're going to beg me to be my bitch."
Mickie said with an evil grin.

"Your.... your bitch..." Lilian gulped, "What... what do you mean by that?"

"I mean you're going to be mine. I'm going to own you. I will use you
whenever and however I want. I will make you eat my pussy when ever I want
and if I so choose when I'm done whore your mouth out to anyone I want. Then
I'll offer them your other holes. I'll watch as the locker room makes you air
tight for me if it amuses me. Then again maybe I'll just keep your holes all
for myself for a while. After all, I'm really enjoying fucking this hot
little pussy of yours." Mickie said.

"Oh my God." Lilian said quietly.

"Oh don't act like you don't want it. I can see it in your eyes. You want to
be my bitch." Mickie said, and whispering the last part threateningly, "And
don't worry Lilian, I'm going to make you my bitch."

In a flash Lilian's legs were over Mickie's shoulders, the blonde bending the
brunette in half so she could better pound her pussy.

And pound it she did.

Lilian opened her mouth to protest the idea of becoming another woman's bitch
but her words died on her lips as Mickie began picking up the pace.

Mickie grinned at Lilian submission to her as she began really fucking her
latest conquest and turning her into her bitch.

Although she hadn't meant to reveal her true plans so early Mickie was
actually glad she did. By revealing to Lilian her true intentions she got to
watch the cute little looks of confusion that spread across the blonde's face
as she tried to fight the inevitable.

Mickie had seen that look so many times, the look of a woman trying to fight
the feelings of pleasure she was giving her, trying to fight their desires to
submit to her, trying to fight what was coming. It was an internal battle, a
woman's will versus her lust, a battle which Mickie would make sure the lust
would win.. She would turn Lilian into a mindless slut, desperate for
pleasure and then give her so much of it that when her fellow diva finally
sobered up from her lust induced state all she would want to do is get back
to that high Mickie could give her, the whole time knowing the only way
Mickie would give it to her is if she accepted her new role in life as
Mickie's bitch.

Her bitch. That was exactly what Lilian was going to be very soon. It was
only a matter of time and then Mickie would have another bitch in her
collection. Mickie couldn't wait.

While Mickie couldn't wait for the blonde to become her bitch Lilian was
still desperately trying to find a way to get out of the mess she had gotten
herself into.

Lilian was a free thinking human being, not a bitch, and she didn't want to
become one... did she?

She couldn't tell Mickie no, couldn't tell her to stop, couldn't tell her she
didn't want to be her bitch. And Mickie was making her feel so good, better
than anyone had ever made her feel before.

Part of Lilian was disgusted by the notion of becoming another woman's bitch,
but another part of her, an increasingly bigger part of her, wanted nothing
more than to beg Mickie to make her a bitch, her bitch.

The idea of submitting to Mickie was becoming increasingly intoxicating and
Lilian knew soon she would not have the mental strength to fight back or any
desire to do so. This was her only chance of freedom, her only chance not to
become a bitch to another woman, her only chance not to be enslaved by Mickie

With every ounce of strength she had left she tried to protest, but all that
came out was a weak, "Mickie... oh God... so good... so, so good... Mickie...
I'm... I'm not sure about this..."

"Oh don't be silly Lilian, you're fucking loving this. You're fucking loving
me fucking you like this, and I'm going to fuck you like this from now on
when ever I want because why Lilian? Because you're my new bitch." Mickie
said happily as she continued pounding Lilian's pussy.

"I'm not... I'm not your bitch." Lilian moaned.

"Really... so you really don't want to be my bitch?" Mickie asked with a
frown as she began to slow down the pace of the fucking.

Lilian opened her mouth to say no but she just couldn't do it. She should,
but everything Mickie had done to her just felt so good. And she wanted more.
She didn't want Mickie to slow down, she wanted her to fuck her and fuck her

In the end all Lilian could say was, "I... I... I don't know..."

This made Mickie smile.

"I'll tell you what, how about you decide after I'm done fucking your pussy
to multiple orgasms?" Mickie offered sweetly.

"Ok." Lilian said weakly after a pause, and then moaned as Mickie began
fucking her harder than ever before.

More determined than ever before to remove any and all traces of doubt from
Lilian's mind that she wanted to be her bitch Mickie began slamming her hips
up and down as hard and as fast as she could, slamming the dildo around her
waist in and out of Lilian's cunt as if she was trying to tear the other
woman in two.

It had happened to her before, she had said the wrong thing, or done
something wrong or too quickly and the girl she was with freaks out and/or
have second thoughts about what's happening. In these situations the best
thing to do was to take the girl's mind off what was ever troubling her and
relax her somehow, and there was nothing more relaxing than multiple orgasms.

Mickie knew just how to fuck a pussy to a series of climaxes, and that's
exactly what she was going to do to Lilian's lucky cunt.

As the pussy pounding almost reached violent levels Mickie noticed the look
in Lilian's eyes change from confusion to a look of fear, wonder and
submission. She didn't know why Lilian was looking at her this way but it was
an incredible turn on. Mickie was literally fucking another WWE diva into
submission, and she was loving every second of it.

The reason the look in Lilian's eyes had changed was because the look in
Mickie's eyes had changed.

While before Mickie had been looking at Lilian with a sort of playful
dominance the look she was giving her now was psychotic, and yet Lilian found
herself incredibly turned on by it.

The look alone had her feeling helpless and completely at Mickie's mercy, and
combined with the feeling of being bent in half and ruthlessly pounded left
Lilian feeling like putty in Mickie's hands.

Lilian had tried to fight, she really had, but it was useless. Mickie was
just fucking her so unbelievably good, turning her insides to jelly and her
mind to mush. She was melting away. She had lost. The internal battle was
over. Her lust had won. She was Mickie's bitch. She knew it, and from the
look in Mickie's eyes the brunette probably knew it too.

Everything that came next was practically meaningless because deep down
Lilian knew the truth, she was Mickie's bitch. Mickie had broken her, and now
she was another woman's bitch.

Lilian unconditionally surrendered her body to Mickie in that moment and
allowed herself to enjoy the full pleasure of the pussy pounding she was
receiving without any thoughts in her mind but how good Mickie was making her
feel and how much she wanted to be a good little bitch for her new owner.

Soon the submissive thoughts combined with the pleasure of the amazing
fucking and Lilian's climax which had been slowly approaching for what felt
like hours suddenly crashed over her, the blonde screaming in ecstasy as her
body shook violently. This orgasm was even more powerful than the one Lilian
had experienced when Mickie was going down on her, and again Mickie's promise
was fulfilled as Lilian came in multiple climaxes, her eyes rolling in the
back of her head again and her toes becoming even more numb than before as
her body shook violently. No matter how hard her body shook from her climaxes
Mickie held on to Lilian with a firm grip, keeping her in place so she could
fuck her some more while at the same time letting her know who was in charge.

The complete and total dominance she felt combined with the pride of fucking
another woman to multiple orgasms soon had Mickie crashing over the edge as
well, her screams joining Lilian's cries as they came together. Struggling to
keep her body under control Mickie reached beneath her to squeeze the balls
of her strap on, her stored up cum inside those balls squirting out through
the strap on and deep into the depths of Lilian's pussy, marking the blonde's
main hole as her property and Lilian herself as hers. Just one more hole and
Lilian would be officially her bitch.

As she began to come down from her orgasm Mickie slowly decreased the pace of
the fucking, bringing herself and Lilian down from the heights their climaxes
had taken them until she was barely moving inside the other woman and then
she slowly removed her strap on from her latest conquest's cunt.

Lilian whimpered as the dildo was removed from her pussy, leaving her an odd
feeling of emptiness and a desire to be filled again. Little did Lilian know
she was soon going to be feeling even more filled than before.

"So Lilian, do you want to be my bitch?" Mickie asked.

There was a pause as Lilian lay there panting, her mind briefly thinking of
trying to fight what in her heart she knew was now true and then lowered her
eyes and mumbled something.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch that, what did you say?" Mickie asked.

"Yes." Lilian said quietly.

"Yes what?" Mickie asked.

"Yes, I'm your bitch, I want to be your bitch." Lilian said, looking into the
eyes of her new owner as she spoke.

"Good." Mickie said with a wicked smile, "Now bend over."

"What?" Lilian said.

"I said bend over." Mickie repeated, "What, did you think we were done?"

"Mickie... my pussy is so sore... I don't think I can take another fucking
like that..." Lilian said blushing as she admitted to the other woman how
well she had fucked her.

"Oh don't worry Lilian, I promise to leave your pussy alone, I just want you
on all fours." Mickie said.

"But why?" Lilian asked.

"Bend over, and you'll find out." Mickie said.

Lilian sighed and did what Mickie said, turning over onto her stomach and
then lifting herself up so she was resting on her hands and knees.

"Ok, now what?" Lilian asked.

"Now you just wait there a second." Mickie said, reaching over to the draw of
her night stand for a replacement to the empty balls of her strap on.

Once the dildo's balls had been replaced Mickie knelt behind Lilian and
gently spread her ass cheeks, exposing her fellow diva's pussy and ass hole.

"Mickie, what are you ohhhhh!" Lilian gasped in surprise as she suddenly felt
something soft and wet slide over her ass hole and along the crack of her

The blonde gasped again but softer this time as Mickie slid back down to
Lilian's ass hole and gently massaged it with her tongue. Lilian's gasps
quickly turned into moans of pleasure as Mickie slowly began pushing her
tongue into her ass hole.

Once Mickie had her tongue firmly up Lilian's butt she closed her lips around
her fellow diva's ass hole and began gently sucking at the other girl's back
passage. As she was lightly sucking on Lilian's ass hole Mickie began
thrusting her tongue in and out of the blonde's back door, swirling her
tongue around inside Lilian's rectum, butt fucking the other diva with her

Lilian couldn't believe she had a tongue inside her ass hole, and a female
tongue at that.

She'd never let a guy do this to her before, she always thought it would be
too weird, but now Mickie was twirling her tongue in and out of her butt
Lilian had to admit this felt fantastic.

Soon her sore pussy was becoming wet again and eager for attention. Lilian
should have known from the way Mickie was tonguing her back entrance exactly
where the brunette intended to give her attention, but at this stage she was
enjoying being rimmed so much she was blissfully unaware she was moments away
from losing her anal virginity.

Mickie grinned to herself as she continued fucking Lilian up the butt with
her tongue.

She had the unsuspecting blonde exactly where she wanted her, bent over and
ready for her strap on to pop her back door cherry.

Mickie loved licking ass, but she loved fucking ass a lot more and it wasn't
long before she decided Lilian's anal alley was ready for the next stage.

Not wanting to shove her strap on up her new bitch's butt hole too soon
Mickie decided to stretch out Lilian's shit hole a little more by replacing
her tongue with her index finger inside the other diva's pooper, gently
finger fucking her latest conquest's back door for a few long minutes before
adding another finger. Once Mickie was able to twist two fingers around
inside Lilian's ass hole with only receiving moans of pleasure from her new
slut she pulled her fingers out and pressed the tip of her strap on to the
entrance of Lilian's virgin butt hole.

Lilian whimpered in fear as she felt something larger than a finger pressed
up against her ass hole, Mickie's intentions for putting her in this position
finally clear to her.

Understandably concerned about having something so big being forced up her
virgin ass Lilian opened her mouth to protest but she was so frozen in fear
no sound came out.

"Lilian, have you ever taken it in the butt before?" Mickie asked playfully.

"N... n... n... no...." Lilian barely managed to stutter.

"Good, I love popping anal cherries." Mickie said gleefully, pressing the tip
of her strap on firmly against Lilian's back door, "And I'm going to pop
yours right now!"

The pressure against her puckered rosebud steadily increased as Lilian tried
to convince herself to crawl away, to protest, to do something to prevent
being anally violated, but it was no use. Before Lilian was able to act the
tight ring of her ass hole was slowly stretched open until the head of
Mickie's fake dick slid through her butt hole, popping her anal cherry.

"Ahhhh!" Lilian cried out in pain.

"Shhhh, there there, just relax." Mickie cooed as she gently stroked Lilian's
hair and back comfortingly, "I've taken your anal cherry so the worst is over
now. Just stay relaxed and I'll soon have this whole thing up your butt. Then
the real fun can begin."

Relax, how was she supposed to relax, Lilian thought to herself. She had
another woman trying to shove a 12 inch dildo up her ass and she was supposed
to relax?

But the weird thing was, she did relax.

Mickie's touch was so soft and comforting and in surprisingly no time at all
the only thing Lilian felt was a weird uncomfortable sensation in her butt
where before there had been blinding pain.

That blinding pain quickly came back as Mickie slowly slid an extra inch into
her formally virgin ass hole, but it went away just as quickly thanks to
Mickie's touch.

Over and over again Lilian felt a sharp sensation of pain followed by a long
relaxing break until she felt soft thighs press against her buttocks,
announcing somehow Mickie had been able to stuff her ass hole with the whole
12 inches of dildo strapped around her waist.

"Good bitch." Mickie said, patting Lilian on the head, "Now remember to stay
nice and relaxed because in a second I'm going to start fucking your ass. It
will feel weird at first, but soon it will start to feel good, and then it
will start to feel great, and then you'll start begging me for more."

Lilian couldn't believe what she was hearing. Getting fucked in the ass was
going to feel good? Getting fucked in the ass was going to feel great? She
was going to beg Mickie for more? Mickie must be crazy.

Mickie wasn't crazy. She had a doctor's note which said it and everything.
And what she was saying definitely wasn't crazy, it was the voice of

Over the years Mickie had sodomised a countless number of girls and had
broken in the asses of at least half of them so she knew exactly how to butt
fuck a woman and make her enjoy it. Lilian would be no different. And she

After giving Lilian plenty of time to relax Mickie slowly pulled her strap on
halfway out of the blonde's butt hole and then just as slowly pushed it all
the way back in and then repeated this process over and over.

Mickie was moving so slowly through Lilian's bowels for the first 5 to 10
minutes it could barely be considered butt fucking. On the bright side it
gave Mickie a chance to admire the beauty of Lilian's ass hole all stretched
out around her strap on in submission to her anal lust, her fellow diva
submitting her most private of holes for her pleasure.

Of all the many different types of butts she had fucked over the years
Mickie's favourites were the butts of other female wrestlers like herself. It
was always an incredible turn on for Mickie to sexually dominate someone she
fought in the ring, and while Lilian wasn't a wrestler she was still part of
that world so it was almost as good. Besides, here she had Lilian Garcia, RAW
ring announcer, the woman who stood ringside for all her matches and now
every time she watched her in the ring Lilian would always be reminded of how
Mickie had fucked her up the ass, how she completely dominated her, how she
made her a bitch, her bitch.

With these thoughts running through her head Mickie began to increase the
pace of the sodomy, careful not to give her latest conquest too much too
soon. It wasn't long before Mickie settled into a good medium pace butt
fucking, her thighs softly bumping against the blonde's ass cheeks as she
steadily moved her strap on through Lilian's bowels.

Not long after Mickie started ass fucking Lilian like this the blonde began
softly moaning with every thrust through her rectum, her moans slowly but
steadily growing in volume as Mickie continued to sodomise her fellow WWE
diva. The moaning made Mickie smile. It was a clear sign that things were
going just as planned and Lilian was beginning to feel pleasure from having
her ass fucked. It wouldn't be long before the blonde would be begging for it
up the butt just as Mickie had predicted.

When Mickie had said she would enjoy getting fucked in the ass Lilian had
thought she was crazy, but now it was Lilian who felt crazy, because Mickie's
predictions were all happening just as she said they would.

In the beginning Lilian cringed in pain as her shit shoot stretched around
the invader sliding through it, her bowels struggling to accommodate the size
of the massive intruder, but slowly the pain faded into a dull ache, and then
it was just kind of uncomfortable, and now... and now... it was starting to
feel... good.

Little sparks of something which felt like pleasure began shooting from the
inside of Lilian's ass hole as the butt fucking continued. At first it was
just one little burst and then it's slowly increased in number until it felt
like there was an electric current of pleasure shooting directly from her
butt to her brain.

Soon Lilian couldn't contain her moans of joy as every movement within her
rectum turned to pure pleasure.

And then Lilian wanted to complete Mickie's predictions. She wanted to beg
Mickie for more, beg her to butt fuck her as hard as she could, slam her ass
until she exploded in climax.

Lilian had heard it was possible to cum just from having someone fucking your
ass. She had never believed it until now and would have probably never have
tried it if it wasn't for Mickie. Because of Mickie she was getting to feel
pleasure she could never have dreamed of, and she wanted to thank her for it.
Lilian wanted to thank Mickie for introducing her to anal sex. And that was
just what she was going to do.

"Oh Mickie... it's so good... it feels so good... I love it, I love it so
much... more... fuck me... fuck my ass... fuck my ass hard!" Lilian begged,
just as Mickie said she would which made the brunette grin wickedly.

"What's that Lilian, you like it up the ass?" Mickie teased.

"Yes, I like it, I love it, I love it up my ass, please give me more!" Lilian
pleaded shamelessly.

"Good, I'm glad you love it up the ass, because your going to be getting
fucked up the ass a lot from now on. I love fucking my bitches up their
butts, and now you're one of my bitches you're going to have to take it up
the butt whenever I want!" Mickie explained lustfully.

"One of you're bitches... you have bitches?" Lilian questioned, the shock of
Mickie's accidental revelation waking her from her pleasure induced state of
mindless bliss.

Mickie momentarily cursed herself for letting unnecessary information slip
out again, but quickly shrugged it off. Lilian was almost completely broken
and tamed at this point, and this little revelation was hardly going to
change that.

"I have a collection." Mickie admitted, "My own group of hot little sluts all
desperate to be fucked 24/7. I fuck them all as much as I possibly can but
the only real way I can leave my bedroom is by letting them go at it with
each other as much as they want. I'm careful to remind them who's in charge
of course every so often but it's really hot watching them go at it. We've
been carefully hiding it Lilian, but the WWE women's locker room has
practically become a non-stop lesbian orgy, and now you get to join in the

"Really?" Lilian asked in amazement.

"Really. If you want we'll even give you a 'welcome to Mickie James's
collection of bitches' party. You'll love it, Torrie and Candice certainly
did." Mickie said wickedly.

"Torrie and Candice are your bitches?" Lilian exclaimed in disbelief.

"Yes." Mickie said..

"Who else?" Lilian asked.

"Almost the entire women's locker room." Mickie bragged proudly.

"Even... even Trish?" Lilian asked in disbelief.

"Trish is... a work in progress. I actually have a little something special
planned for her tomorrow, something I'm sure will help her realise that she
just wants to be my bitch like everybody else." Mickie said, a smile crossing
her face as she thought of her plans for tomorrow before she focused on the
blonde who's ass she was currently stretching out, "But that's for tomorrow,
and right now I'm not done enjoying your hot ass."

With that Mickie tightened her grip on Lilian's hips and began to increase
the pace of the butt fucking, causing Lilian to moan loudly in pleasure.

"Oh you like that Lilian, you like me fucking your hot ass harder?" Mickie

"Oh yes, it feels so good!" Lilian moaned.

"Well beg me for it then. Beg me to fuck you up your ass!" Mickie commanded.

"Oh Mickie, fuck me, fuck my ass! Fuck it as hard as you can! It feels so
good, so amazingly good. Butt fuck me Mickie. Show me who's in charge. Show
me who's boss. Show me I'm your bitch. You want me to be your bitch so bad
fine, make me your bitch. Fuck me in my ass and make me your bitch! Please,
I'm begging you Mickie, fuck me up the ass and make me your bitch!" Lilian
begged shamelessly.

Happy to grant this request Mickie sped up until she was pounding Lilian's
pooper with every drop of strength she possessed, the sound of her hips
smacking off the blonde's butt cheeks loudly echoing throughout the room as
the sodomy reached brutal levels.

Mickie was fucking Lilian's ass so hard at this point that if someone came in
they would probably think Mickie was physically assaulting Lilian if it
wasn't for the cries of ecstasy coming from the blonde's mouth.

It was actually kind of a surprise no one did break down the door Lilian was
so loud at this point.

As the ass slamming continued and Lilian got louder and louder Mickie
considered getting one of her ball gags or something to keep the blonde quiet
but decided against it. That would have meant pausing the butt fucking and
Mickie was far too caught up in her lesbian ass fucker lust mode to even
briefly consider taking her dildo out Lilian's tight ass hole. Besides,
Lilian's cries were like music to Mickie's ears.

Lilian actually had a beautiful singing voice and had sung the American
national anthem at Wrestlemania before, but she had never sounded better to
Mickie than right now as she was screaming her name in pleasure and begging
her to fuck her ass. Although Mickie couldn't understand all the things
Lilian was saying, her new bitch was slipping in between English and Spanish
a lot but from the way the words were said they were definitely all positive.
Besides, Lilian might as well have just been saying 'I'm your bitch' over and
over again because that's essentially what all those words meant.

Mickie had successfully tamed another of her fellow WWE divas and turned them
into her bitch. It wouldn't be long now before she had completed her
collection, but for now she was just enjoying the fine piece of ass which was
her new bitch Lilian Garcia.

It wasn't just Mickie's mind which was on her collection of bitches.

As Lilian's mind melted into a haze of pleasure from the bowel bliss she was
receiving from the incredible ass fucking Mickie was giving her the blonde
couldn't help think about her new life as a bitch.

Lilian thought about the other divas in Mickie's collection. She thought
about Torrie and Candice, how she had always thought they were hot, but now
after experiencing lesbian sex for herself Lilian was thinking about them in
a whole different way. She thought about sliding her tongue over their soft,
tight, beautiful bodies, kissing them, licking and sucking their nipples and
tasting their honey holes. And she thought about what their tongues would
feel like on her. Could those tongues feel as good as Mickie's tongue had
felt? Could those girls eat her out like Mickie had?

And did Mickie really have nearly the entire women's locker room under her
thumb? What would it be like to be with nearly the entire women's locker
room? What would it be like to be with Lita, or Ashley, or Maria, or Trish.
What would it feel like to be with her friend Trish?

Lilian had never thought about Trish in that way, but she was thinking about
her now and the idea of sucking on those huge tits, of kissing those lips, of
tasting her friend's pussy was intoxicating. She wanted to do it, she wanted
to sleep with her friend, Lilian wanted to sleep with Trish, and all the
other divas of the WWE's women's locker room. She wanted to be a lesbian
slut, eating each and every pussy she could get her hands on and getting
fucked by every tongue, finger and toy belonging to every diva in the WWE.

Quite a change of heart for a woman who considered herself completely
straight only a few hours ago, but that was before a lot of hot sex with
another woman determined to add another bitch to her collection.

That other woman had succeeded, Mickie had turned Lilian into her bitch, and
Lilian couldn't be happier.

If being Mickie's bitch meant she got fucked like this regularly by Mickie
and the other WWE divas then Lilian was going to very much enjoy her new life
in Mickie's collection.

As increasingly naughty thoughts about her fellow WWE divas floated through
her mind the pleasure coming from her ass hole only seemed to increase with
every brutal thrust into her bowels, her need for climax building and
building until Lilian was digging her nails into the sheets in a desperate
attempt to prevent herself from cumming for a few more moments so she could
enjoy the ecstasy she was receiving from her first butt fucking, but it was
no use.

With an ear piercing and yet tuneful scream Lilian experienced her very first
anal induced orgasm, almost immediately followed by her second, and then her
third, world destroying explosions blasting inside her mind, pussy and ass
hole and rocking her body with a mind numbing wave of pleasure which left
Lilian babbling incoherently, the bilingual singer's words dissolving until
she wasn't even speaking a language. Lilian's eyes rolled so far back in her
head she thought they would burst and she could barely feel her toes or any
other part of her anatomy she was so numb from the pleasure of her multiple
anal induced climaxes. Shortly after losing count of how many times she had
cum Lilian's upper half crashed onto the soft bed below, her lower half only
remaining in the air because Mickie still had a firm grip of her hips and the
brunette obviously wasn't done taking her pleasure from Lilian's ass hole
yet. To exhausted and out of it to do anything about it Lilian just lay there
and allowed Mickie to use her ass hole for her pleasure, the continuous butt
pounding driving her to yet another set of orgasms.

Mickie held back her orgasm as long as she possibly could. She wanted
Lilian's first ass fucking to be memorable, and from the way her new bitch
was cumming Mickie was satisfied she had done a good job of that. Still, she
wanted Lilian to get wet everytime she thought about losing her anal cherry,
even if she only thought about it for a second, so Mickie continued pounding
her new slut's butt to orgasm after orgasm until it all became too much and
Mickie herself couldn't take it any more.

Digging her nails into Lilian's hips Mickie experienced a climax almost
powerful enough to make her stop fucking the blonde up the butt... almost.
Using every ounce of her willpower Mickie was able to keep thrusting in and
out of Lilian's ass through her orgasm, waiting until the peak of it to
squeeze the fake balls of her strap on so she could squirt her girl cum deep
into Lilian's rectum, in her mind completing her conquest of the other woman.
A wicked smile crossed Mickie's face as she squeezed down hard on her toy,
happy in the knowledge that as she squeezed Lilian's bowels were being
decorated in her cum, her liquid marking her latest conquest as what she
would now forever be, just another one of her bitches.

When she was sure every drop of her cum was up Lilian's butt Mickie began to
slow down the ass pounding until she came to a stop within the blonde's back
passage, then she slowly removed her dildo until the head came out with a
loud pop.

Still holding Lilian's lower half up in the air Mickie spread her new slut's
ass cheeks and studied her work.

Lilian's ass hole was gaping widely and it was a few long seconds of watching
it before it finally began to slowly close. In that time a little stream of
Mickie's cum leaked from the blonde's well fucked ass hole, Mickie smiling
wickedly at this sign of her new domination over the RAW ring announcer.

Letting go of Lilian's hips finally Mickie laid down on the bed and watched
as the blonde slumped until she was lying face down in the bed beside her.

Mickie gave Lilian a few moments to recover before giving the blonde her
first official order as one of her bitches.

"Lilian..." Mickie said a couple of times trying to get the blonde's

The blonde didn't even stir so Mickie reached over and gently swatted her new
pet's behind.

"What?" Lilian asked groggily as she pulled her face from the covers.

"My strap on is covered in your slutty juices, clean them off with your
mouth." Mickie ordered, pointing to the dildo which was still around her

Lilian gave a look of disgust. That strap on had just been in her pussy and
then buried in her ass, she wasn't going to suck it... but then Mickie gave
her a look which quickly changed her mind.

Without saying a word Lilian crawl down until her head was hovering over the
dildo and then she slowly swallowed the strap on down her throat and cleaned
every inch of it with her mouth.

"Good girl." Mickie said, patting her new pet affectionately on the head,
"Now keep sucking my strap on and in a moment I'll call room service so we
can have a midnight snack and talk more about your new role as my bitch. You
do understand that's what you are now right, my bitch?"

"Mmmmm." Lilian moaned around the strap on, but that wasn't good enough for

"Say it. Take that cock out of your mouth and tell me you understand what you
now are." Mickie demanded.

Lilian removed her mouth from the dildo, bit her lip and then replied, "I
understand, I'm your bitch."

Mickie smiled at this response and then pushed Lilian's mouth back down to
her dildo.

Obediently Lilian opened her mouth and began sucking the strap on again,
wanting to give her new owner's dildo the best blow job she could possibly
give it to show Mickie she was serious about wanting to be her bitch so she
could enjoy more mind blowing lesbian sex like she had received tonight.

Before calling room service Mickie laid back and watched as Lilian eagerly
sucked on a dildo which had been deep up her butt only moments ago, a sign
the blonde was now truly housebroken. She would need a little more training
but Mickie was confident she could have Lilian wrapped around her little
finger by the end of the night, allowing her to focus her attention on Trish

Mickie smiled as she thought about what she had planned for Trish.

Tomorrow was going to be fun.

To be continued...

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