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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 13
by MTL (

Trish Stratus was awoken slowly by the sound of moaning. Female moaning.

As she blinked her eyes open Trish was horrified to see women tangled together in a lesbian orgy.

She tried to move away but her arms and legs were trapped firmly in place by some ropes, keeping her in a standing spread eagle position. There was also something in her mouth which Trish was pretty sure would drown out any cry coming out of her mouth so she decided to remain silent for the time being so she could try and work out what the hell was going on and not alert the other women.

Once Trish's senses returned she was able to focus on the women in front of her on the bed only a few feet away from her at which point she started recognising them as her fellow WWE divas which only caused more questions to run through her pretty head before finally some began to get answered when she spotted her former friend Mickie James.

Until recently Mickie had been one of Trish's few allies on RAW, and the only ally that could really help the blonde inside the squared circle, but Trish had been forced to end their alliance when Mickie tried turning her into her lesbian bitch. Of course the problem hadn't been that Mickie wanted Trish as her bitch, it was that part of Trish wanted to be Mickie's bitch.

Trish thought that she could get rid of these new and unwanted lesbian submissive desires by getting rid of Mickie but seeing less of Mickie gave Trish more time to think about the other woman who had made her cum harder than she'd ever cum before, and now Trish was tied up and helpless in a room full of her fellow divas, all of whom seem to suddenly crave pussy, and the girl who was responsible for Trish's recent obsession with lesbian sex.

As she watched the scene in front of her Trish felt her nipples slowly growing hard as juice began dripping from her pussy, unable to look away from a sight she found incredibly erotic. On one side of the bed another of Trish's former friends turned hated rival Lita was lying flat on her back with her eyes closed, a brunette head buried in between her legs who was obviously licking her pussy. Trish couldn't see who the brunette was, or who the blonde was behind her or exactly what the blonde was doing. At the other side of the bed two of Trish's long-time rivals Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle were making out passionately while clearly fingering each other. In the middle Mickie was on top of some blonde Trish couldn't see in a 69 as... Melina kissed her ass!

When Melina had tried to take her women's title Trish had asked Mickie about Melina, knowing they had history and her 'friend' had told her how much they hated each other so Trish was completely shocked to see the super bitchy Melina eagerly covering Mickie's ass in kisses, every so often pushing herself in between those big butt cheeks to do God knows what.

What Melina was doing was licking Mickie's ass hole, and doing one hell of a job of it. Of course, Mickie had made sure all her bitches got plenty of practice at licking her ass hole so they were all good at it, but Melina excelled at eating ass.

If Melina was Mickie's best butt licker then her 69 partner Lilian was her best cunt lapper. Lilian had only been eating pussy for two days now but it was clear the singer had a gift for muff diving, a gift Mickie was definitely receiving now.

After holding out for as long as she could Mickie lifted her head and screamed out in joy as the tongues in her pussy and ass brought her to yet another climax, a smile crossing her face as she felt her slutty singer greedily suck the cum from her pussy and swallow every drop of it.

At this moment Mickie looked over at Trish to see if she was finally awake and then smiled when she saw she was.

"Hey everyone, Trish is awake." Mickie called out loudly to her bitches.

Upon hearing this Mickie's bitches immediately stopped what they were doing, looked over at the helpless Trish and smiled. They knew what was going to happen next and they were only too eager to follow Mickie off the bed and over to the tied up women's champion.

Trish's eyes went wide as she recognised more of her fellow WWE divas, including two women she had thought were her friends, Lilian and Ashley, and yet here they were a part of this. What the hell was going on?

On second thoughts, from the way the other divas were advancing on her, Trish wasn't sure whether or not she wanted to know, but whether she wanted to know or not she was about to find out.

"Hey there Trish, comfy?" Mickie asked playfully.

Trish mumbled something incoherent.

"I'm going to take that as a yes, but you want to know what's going on." Mickie said with a cheerful smile, "Well it's quite simple really, I gave you the choice to join me and you made the wrong choice. Soooo... I decided to give you a second chance. You see Trish, at Wrestlemania, it won't be just your title that will be on the line, you're going to be up for grabs too. If you win you keep your title and I'll leave you alone, but when I win, I will be the new WWE women's champion, and you will be my bitch."

Mickie paused for a moment to allow that to sink in before continuing.

"But I'm getting ahead of myself. Since you made the wrong choice last time I decided that before you get your second chance you need a little convincing of the pleasure you will receive once you're my bitch. And what could be more pleasurable than being on the receiving end of an all girl gang bang?"

Again Mickie paused, enjoying the look of horror on Trish's face as the blonde's worst fears were realised.

"As an added bonus you get a chance to meet your fellow bitches, all of whom have been practically drooling at the idea of getting their hands on you once I told them we were going to be gang banging your hot ass. Speaking of which, let me introduce you to them." Mickie said, pausing to look around her collection before picking out Maria and pulling her friend into her arms, "This is Maria, the first diva I turned completely into my bitch. She still has a boyfriend, but she knows who she belongs too, don't you Maria?"

"Yes Mickie, I belong to you. I'm your bitch." Maria replied submissively.

"Good girl," Mickie said, pulling Maria into a deep kiss, quickly exploring the inside of her bitch's mouth with her tongue before pulling away and asking, "Are you looking forward to playing with Trish?"

Maria bit her lip shyly, then nodded, "Uh-huh."

"Uh-huh? I think you can do better than that." Mickie said, nibbling on Maria's neck, "Why don't you tell Trish what you said you wanted to do to her earlier?"

Maria blushed, but obediently said, "I... I want to suck on her big boobs."

"Don't tell me, tell Trish." Mickie commanded.

Obeying her owner Maria looked into Trish's eyes and said, "I want to suck on your big boobs Trish. I love sucking on Mickie's big boobs and I really want to suck on yours. And I want to eat your pussy. I love eating pussy, and I can't wait to eat yours."

"Good girl, now who else should I introduce you too." Mickie said thoughtfully as she gently pushed Maria away, looked around, smiled and grabbed another diva, "How about Ashley. I know you've met her before, but this is the new and improved Ashley who actually knows her place, isn't that right Ash?"

"Yes Mickie, I know my place." Ashley said submissively.

"And what's that?" Mickie questioned.

"My place is to smile, look pretty and do whatever you say, because I'm just your bitch." Ashley replied exactly as she had been trained to do.

"That's right slut, you're just a piece of eye candy and my bitch." Mickie said, roughly kissing Ashley for a few moments before breaking away and laughing, "Thanks for helping to set Trish up for this by pretending to be kidnapped, you were a very good bitch."

"Anything for you Mickie." Ashley said submissively as Mickie patted her on the head like the housebroken pet she was.

"Right again bitch." Mickie laughed, "Now why don't you tell Trish what you're most looking forward to doing to her?"

Ashley nodded and turned to Trish, a surprising level of lustful anger burning in her eyes, "I'm looking forward to fucking you up the ass Trish. I really like fucking Maria's ass, and Mickie says you've got the best ass she's ever fucked so I'm really looking forward to seeing if it's as good as she says it is."

"Oh believe me Ashley, it is." Mickie said, slapping Trish's ass roughly and then greedily groping it, "I love pounding girl's asses, and Trish's ass cheeks are just a perfect combination of being big and round while firm at the same time, and that little ass hole, mmmmm, I don't think I've ever fucked a hole that tight before."

"I wouldn't bet on it being tight for much longer." Lita scoffed.

All the divas, except for Trish of course, burst out laughing at Lita's comment, although Mickie was quick to stop them so she could get the situation under her control again.

"Why, planning on something special for Trish's ass hole Lita?" Mickie asked questioningly.

"No, but I think when we're done gang banging that ass Trish will be lucky if her butt hole ever closes properly again." Lita laughed.

"Well if anyone knows about getting her ass gang banged I guess it would have to be you wouldn't it Lita?" Mickie said, getting a ooooo out of the rest of her bitches, "I forget, how many times have we made you our gang bang whore? How many times have we taken it in turns using your pussy and ass for pleasure bitch?"

"I don't know, but it's not nearly enough." Lita said with a grin before turning to Trish, "And for the record, my pussy and ass hole have always closed properly after getting gang banged... eventually."

"Well if you're slutty holes closed properly then Trish has nothing to worry about." Mickie laughed, before pulling Lita towards her and turning to the bound blonde, "Lita, as I'm sure you know Trish, is the biggest slut in the WWE, and just loves the benefits that come from being one of my bitches, don't you Lita?"

"Oh fuck yeah, I love being your bitch Mickie. I love being your bitch and getting fucked by you and these other hot sluts." Lita said enthusiastically, before kissing Mickie passionately, knocking the easily excitable brunette off her game for a few moments, but she quickly got back by returning the kiss even harder.

After a rough tongue battle Mickie used Lita's hair to pull the redhead away from her before asking, "What else do you love about being my bitch Lita? What are you looking forward to doing to Trish?"

"I love getting to fuck all the other divas, especially with my tongue." Lita said, quickly sticking out her tongue in a licking motion at Trish, exposing her pierced tongue to the helpless blonde before continuing, "I'm looking forward to getting my tongue inside you Trish, but what I'm really looking forward to is looking into your eyes as I fuck you with a nice big strap on, so I can see the regret in your eyes when you realise turning me down before was the biggest mistake of your life."

"Oh that's right, you tried to seduce Trish a few years ago and instead of being nice about it Trish totally overreacted and started acting like a total bitch to you and everyone around her." Mickie said, before putting her finger to her chin and pretending to look thoughtful, "Mm, bit of a over reaction... anyone would think Trish's homophobia was hiding something."

"You mean like deep down she's just a submissive little dyke bitch that needs to be put in her place?" Lita suggested.

"Yes, I think that's exactly it. In fact Trish reminds me of another little dyke bitch that needed to be put in her place, which is just what happened to her, isn't that right Melina?" Mickie asked her bitch as she grabbed her and pulled her into her arms.

"Yes Mickie, you put me in my place. I was just a little dyke bitch that needed to be put in my place. Thank you for putting me in my place Mickie." Melina said submissively, just as she had been trained to do.

"You're welcome bitch." Mickie said, shoving her tongue down Melina's throat.

Welcoming the kiss Melina melted into Mickie's arms and allowed her conqueror's hands full access to her maid uniform covered body, although thanks to the earlier sex session all of her fun parts were exposed for Mickie's greedy hands to grope, not that the broken Latina minded as the skilful touch caused pleasure to run throughout her body.

After a few long minutes of practically choking Melina with her tongue and running her hands all over her body Mickie broke the kiss and turned to Trish, "Melina used to be a real bitch, but now she's my bitch. Isn't that right Melina?"

"That's right Mickie, I'm your bitch. I am Mickie James' bitch." Melina answered submissively.

"Yeah you are, but you're also my maid. What does that mean Melina?" Mickie asked.

"It means I carry your luggage, drive you around, and clean wherever you're staying, all while wearing my pretty little maid uniform as well as sexually pleasing you and doing whatever you say." Melina said, repeating what had been drummed into her head a thousand times until it stuck.

"Right again, good bitch." Mickie said, patting Melina on the head like a pet, "Now what are you most looking forward to doing to Trish?"

"Fucking her ass." Melina replied without even needing to think about it, "I love fucking ass, and Trish has an ass which was made for fucking."

"You're right, Trish does have an ass made for fucking, just like your ass, right Melina?" Mickie questioned, slapping Melina's butt cheek roughly, "That's why you love fucking ass almost as much as you love getting your ass fucked, especially by me."

"Yes Mickie, I have an ass made for fucking which is why I love fucking ass almost as much as I love getting my ass fucked, especially by you." Melina said submissively, blushing as she was reminded of all the butt pounding she'd had to endure since being turned into one of Mickie's bitches.

"Damn right, now, who else do I need to introduce." Mickie said thoughtfully as she pushed Melina away and grabbing another one of her fellow WWE divas, "Oh I know, Jillian. What are you Jillian?"

"Your bitch Mickie." Jillian replied without hesitation, "And I can't wait to tongue fuck Trish's sweet looking pussy."

"Oh trust me, it tastes even sweeter than it looks." Mickie grinned, giving Jillian a quick smooch before pushing her away and murmuring, "Who next... oh this should be good, Candice, Torrie, you two sluts get your asses over here."

"No problem Mickie, we know we're your bitches." Torrie said as she and Candice joined Mickie in front of the tied up Canadian.

"Mmmmm, and we love being your bitches." Candice added lustfully as Mickie pulled her into her arms.

"Of course you do, you're fucking sluts." Mickie laughed before roughly kissing first Candice, then Torrie, "What do you sluts most want to do to Trish?"

"We want to DP her." Candice answered quickly, "We love DPs. Giving and receiving."

"Thanks to Mickie and Victoria we've DP'ed lots of bitches, and we can't wait to stuff both Trish's fuck holes with strap on cock." Torrie said.

"And our tongues and fingers. We love eating and fingering pussies and ass holes." Candice said.

"Oh I know you do Candice, just like every other girl in here knows I love to eat and finger pussies and ass holes." Mickie said, herself and her bitches giggling softly as Trish squirmed in her restraints, "Now there's someone else... oh of course, your other best friend Lilian."

Without needing to be told Torrie and Candice untangle themselves from Mickie's arms and stepped back into the crowd as Lilian step forward and allowed herself to be pulled into Mickie's arms were the other two girls had been before.

"You know Trish, until two days ago Lilian had never even tasted a pussy before? Isn't that just a crime? I mean just look at that mouth, it's obviously made for eating pussy." Mickie said, trailing her finger along Lilian's lips, "It sure as hell feels like it. I mean we were going to gang bang you yesterday but I was just having so much fun with Lilian I thought my other bitches should get a chance to feel her mouth on their pussies. Their ass holes too. Mmmmm, Lilian definitely knows how to lick a butt hole too. And she loves it, don't you Lilian?"

"Yes Mickie, I love licking butt holes. I love licking pussies. I can't wait to lick Trish's pussy and butt hole. And I want to fuck her too. I want to eat her pussy, lick her ass hole, suck her tits, oh I want to suck on those big tits, and kiss her, and fuck her pussy with a strap on, ass fuck her, make her cum, everything, I want to do everything to her..." Lilian babbled, lost in her lesbian lust until Mickie gave her a quick hard slap to her behind.

"Don't worry Lilian, you'll get plenty of chances to do whatever you want to do to your good friend Trish... just so long as you remember who's bitch you are..." Mickie said suggestively.

"Oh I'm your bitch Mickie. I'm Mickie James' bitch. Thank you so much for turning me into your bitch Mickie. Thank you for teaching me how to eat pussy and fuck other women. It's the greatest thing in the world." Lilian said dreamily.

"You're welcome bitch." Mickie said, briefly kissing Lilian like she had kissed all of her other bitches before turning to the final diva, "And finally you know Victoria."

"I'm not your bitch." Victoria said quickly.

"Not yet." Mickie grinned before holding up her hands innocently as Victoria glared at her, "But we'll sort that out next week."

"You're right, we will." Victoria said, before turning to Trish, "But tonight we can concentrate on this slut."

"That's the idea." Mickie said with another grin, "After all, I knew you of all people wouldn't want to miss Trish's first lesbian gang bang."

"And as I said, I really appreciate the invitation." Victoria said, not turning her attention away from Trish, moving closer until she was right in the women's champion's face before telling her, I'm going to personally see that your slutty ass hole gets so stretched out you'll be able to carry your championship belt in your fat ass!"

"Now Victoria, I'm sure we're all eager to fuck Trish's big juicy bubble butt, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves." Mickie warned, she moved towards a nearby table covered in a cloth, "First we need to make sure she won't give any trouble."

With that Mickie pulled off the large tablecloth, revealing that the table was covered in paddles, crops and all sorts of other BDSM equipment which made Trish extremely nervous.

Mickie slipped a hands over the threatening looking instruments for a brief moment before returning to Trish. Victoria had moved out of the way at this point, meaning Mickie could get right up in Trish's face, the nutty girl all smiles as usual as she reached around to grab the straps of Trish's ball-gag.

"Now Trish, in the second I'm going to take this gag out of your mouth. As you've probably guessed there is no point in screaming because no one's going to hear you, so don't even bother. And I know, I know, you're going to want to be rude to me, and say mean things, and be all defiant to the bitter end, but here's the thing... I'm going to fuck you Trish. Me, my bitches, and Victoria, are all going to gang bang you like a cheap whore. Now, we can spend hours beating you until you're a crying mess, covered in bumps and bruises, every part of you in agony until you just can't take it any more. I love you, but I could have a lot of fun breaking you, and so would a lot of my friends. Of course if it comes to that you'll be shooting yourself in the foot, because you'll be so banged up you'll only just about make it to Wrestlemania, and even then it will be because of your stubborn attitude and you won't even be close to 100% so it will be easy for me to beat you and make you my bitch. That won't be as much fun, but as long as I beat at Mania I don't really care that much. But I'm guessing you'd like to save your energy, and..." Mickie paused for a minute to reach out to slide her fingers over Trish's extremely wet pussy, causing the blonde to gasp at the moment as those with fingers began rubbing her sensitive downstairs lips as Mickie continued, "We both know this is what you want. To get fucked by me. To get gang banged by the whole diva locker room. Because deep down Trish, you know you're a lesbian slut. That's what I turned you into. And sure, you may have been as straight as an arrow when we met but I turned you out, made this hot little straight cunt of yours a dyke pussy that needs to be regularly fucked by girls. And all you have to do is admit that to little old me and my friends and I promise Trish, you get what you really want. We'll skip beating your dyke ass and go straight to gang banging you like the little lesbian slut you are. So, you can unnecessarily suffer, or you can submit and agreed to be our lesbian gang bang slut. And hey, if you pass out from us using our tongues on you, and you probably will, I'll even let you go. Save strap on gang banging you until after you lose at Mania. Doesn't that sound good? Doesn't that sound better than going through a bunch of unnecessary pain? All you have to do is not be stubborn. The choice is yours."

With that Mickie brought her two thoroughly coated in Trish pussy juice covered fingers up to her lips and after a brief grin at her dream girl to those fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean slowly and seductively. It took less than a minute but it felt more like an hour, Mickie staring deep into Trish's eyes as the blonde switch her focus back and forth between Mickie's eyes and those fingers the evil little brunette was sucking clean.

As this lewd display was happening before her eyes Trish's mind was spinning. She was bound tight, Trish now having no doubt that no matter how hard she struggled she couldn't get free of these ropes. Even if she could there was no way Trish could fight off the entire divas locker room by herself. And she had no idea where she was but it was a safe bet Mickie was telling the truth and no one would hear Trish if she tried to scream.

These thoughts echoed over and over again through Trish's mind as Mickie removed the ball-gag and stepped back, almost a full minute passing as the blonde Canadian desperately tried to find some kind of way out. Trish eventually found one. It wasn't very good, and wouldn't completely save her from the lesbian debauchery, but it seemed to be her only chance to save at least a fraction of her dignity.

"Hurry up Trish." Mickie said in a singsong voice, "If you don't submit soon we're going to start beating your ass. I know some of us would like that."

Mickie turned to look over at Victoria who was already brandishing a pretty nasty looking whip, Candice, Torrie and Melina rummaging through the pretty nasty looking instruments behind her. This helped Trish make up her mind, the blonde murmuring something, "Ok."

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Mickie pushed.

"I said ok." Trish forced out, her eyes on the floor.

There was a brief pause then suddenly Mickie was right in front of Trish and giving the women's champion a brutally hard bitch slap. It sent Trish's head snapping to one side, her cheek stinging from the strike. Then just as Trish was beginning to lift her head to offer up some kind of response Mickie grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it back, forcing the blonde to look up into the eyes of the angry brunette as Mickie practically screamed, "DO YOU SUBMIT?"

"YES! Yes Mickie, I submit! Do whatever you want to me!" Trish quickly replied.

"Good." Mickie said with an evil grin, before letting go of Trish's hair and stepping back, "Now tell them. Look them in the eyes and tell them you submit!"

"I submit." Trish said weakly, trying her best to look in the direction of her fellow divas without actually looking at them.

"Tell them you're a dyke." Mickie ordered.

"I'm... I'm a dyke." Trish said softly.

"Tell them that you're a dirty little queer girl, with a hot slutty queer cunt!" Mickie pushed.

"I'm... I'm a dirty little queer girl, with... with a hot slutty queer cunt." Trish forced herself to comply.

"Tell them that I, Mickie James, turned super straight Trish Stratus into a cunt craving lesbo slut. Tell them because of me you can't wait to taste each and every one of their pussies! That your dyke mouth is watering at the idea of getting your pretty cover girl face shoved in each and every one of their cunts and asses. That you can't wait to worship their bodies with your dyke mouth, or them to use all your slutty queer fuck holes for their pleasure. That the six times women's champion and greatest diva ever Trish Stratus can't wait to get gang banged by the entire women's locker room like the little lesbian slut she is!" Mickie pushed further with glee, smacking Trish's big ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle as she added, "SAY IT!"

"OWWW! I... oh... Mickie turned me into a cunt craving lesbo slut. I... I can't wait to taste your pussies! My dyke mouth is watering at the thought of getting my face shoved in your cunts and asses. I want to worship your bodies with my dyke mouth, and... and I want you to fuck my queer slutty holes for your pleasure. I want to get gang banged by the entire WWE women's locker room like a little lesbian slut!" Trish practically wept with humiliation.

"Now that's more like it." Mickie grinned happily, practically leaping onto Trish as she pressed her lips onto the bound diva.

For the briefest of seconds Mickie thought Trish was going to resist her but clearly her idol was just overwhelmed by the situation because soon Trish was kissing her back. The blonde even parted her lips the second Mickie's tongue slid over them, Trish's tongue welcoming the brunette's tongue into her mouth and massaging it with her own.

Happy with these turn of events Mickie grabbed two big handfuls of Trish's meaty ass cheeks and gave those large round globes of flesh a firm squeeze. That little act caused Trish to let out the cutest little gasp into Mickie's mouth, the number one contender for the women's title grinning happily at this reaction. Mickie continued getting those type of reactions, albeit to a lesser extent, as she shamelessly began groping Trish's big ass throughout what became an increasingly heated make out session.

After a few minutes of this Mickie turned up the heat even more, sliding her hands from Trish's fat ass, up along the blonde's sides to her porn star big titties. Mickie took a gentle hold of those titties and Trish gasped almost as loud as when Mickie had grabbed her ass, the women's champ clearly expecting a firmer treatment from her challenger. Maybe even wanting it, considering the little whimper Trish let out as Mickie started gently caressing those big soft mountains of flesh for a few long minutes. Then Mickie roughly pinched the WWE women's champion's nipple, causing Trish to finally break the kiss as she pulled back to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"You see Trish, all you have to do is play nice, and you get what you really want." Mickie said softly, leaning so she could briefly kiss Trish's neck before not so softly whispering in her ear so the other divas could hear it, "The type of pleasure a closet lesbo slut like you can only get from women fucking her!"

"Oh God Mickie!" Trish whimpered as the other girl bit roughly down on her neck, possibly leaving a mark Trish would have problems covering the next day or maybe even the next week on RAW, before Mickie kissed it better.

As Mickie's soft lips and tongue worked over her neck Trish just kept reminding herself she was straight. She had always liked guys, always, and just like those two previous times with Mickie this whole thing meant nothing. However it became increasingly difficult for Trish to concentrate on these thoughts, and then impossible when Mickie slid her mouth down to Trish's tits.

Just the sight and the feeling of Mickie travelling south had Trish's heart hammering in her chest, that hammering only increasing as Mickie's lips slid up the blonde's right boob before then closing round Trish's right nipple. It had been an act part of Trish had been dreading, but the moment it happened she moaned joyfully which garnered her some unwanted attention.

"Ha, I always knew deep down Trish was a dyke!" Victoria laughed.

"Yeahhhhhh, a really sexy dyke." Candice added.

"Mmmmmm, totally." Torrie agreed, "I can't wait to fuck her."

"Why wait." Lita questioned before calling out, "Mickie..."

"WHAT?" Mickie yelled, momentarily looking at the redhead with crazed anger in her eyes at being interrupted. Then like a sudden switch had been flipped, "Oh, you wanna join? Ok, but just Lita. You girls know the deal."

Lita smirked as she stepped forward, briefly looking back at her fellow divas. Mickie had gone over in excruciating detail exactly who got to fucked Trish went tonight, and while Lita wouldn't be surprised if Mickie's little plan was forgotten in favour of a mindless fuck-fest the redhead didn't really care as long as she got to be the first one to eat Trish's pussy. That was all Lita cared about.

Time seemed to slow down for Trish and Lita, the long-time rivals staring into each other's eyes as Lita took her time reaching her prey, the redhead clearly savouring every moment.

Meanwhile Mickie was making the most of her remaining one on one time, her mouth rapidly moving back and forth between Trish's tits in a way the blonde couldn't completely ignore, even as the redhead menacingly approached. Trish had a fair idea of what was going to happen, but considering everything that happened with her and Lita she really wasn't sure exactly what her former friend was going to do to her. She would fuck her, that much Trish was sure of, but there was the question of how, and more worryingly would it hurt.

Trish sort of got her answers when Lita grabbed her hair, forcing her head slightly back and up before the redhead crashed her lips against hers. The kiss was brief but brutally rough, Lita shoving her tongue into Trish's in what felt like an attack more than anything else.

It reminded Trish of when Lita had given her the 'Kiss of Death' just over a year ago. Their second kiss.

Before Trish could reminisce any further Lita broke the lip lock, stared into the blonde's eyes and growled, "From the very first moment I saw you, I wanted to fuck you. I'm not gonna waste another second!"

Doing her best to live up to that Lita fell to her knees and buried her face in between Trish's thighs. However she couldn't help pausing for a second. It was a second that she didn't waste as Lita stared at Trish's pussy, a grim crossing her face as she noticed just how wet her former best friend was. Lita also couldn't help noticing how Trish wasn't begging her to stop this time, the stuck up blonde now moaning like a lesbian slut as Mickie continued sucking on her tits and Lita kept breathing on her twat. Those things combined to make a truly wonderful moment for the redhead, so she considered those few long seconds that she paused weren't wasted at all. She was simply savouring the moment.

Lita also savoured the moment when she lent forward and slid her tongue over Trish's pussy for the first time. She went incredibly slowly taking time to enjoy every little microsecond her tongue was touching Trish's twat. The taste of Trish's pussy juice, the sound of the blonde moaning for her, the feeling of Trish Stratus's cunt on her tongue, Lita savoured it all. And Lita continued to do so as she began to more firmly and quickly lick Trish's pussy. However as much as she tried to live in the moment Lita couldn't stop her mind from wandering.

With every lick Lita found herself thinking about the last five years with Trish and everything that had led to this moment. Like how they were enemies first, both of the managing feuding tag teams. Back then Lita had been able to wipe the floor with Trish, and oh how she had dreamed of dominating the blonde inside the bedroom the way she dominated her in the ring, with the only difference being that in the bedroom Trish would beg her for it. Then circumstances beyond their control had thrown them together and they had become friends, and the closer they had gotten the more Lita had desperately wanted to fuck Trish until finally it became too much and she made a move. It had been disastrous. Beyond even the worst scenarios Lita had imagined, Trish flipping out and telling the redhead she never wanted to see her dyke ass again. However they had seen each other again, feuding more bitterly than ever before.

Lita's eyes narrowed. Trish had sent her mixed signals since the day she met her but she believed the other diva was at least bi. For most two years Lita thought her gaydar had completely malfunctioned on her but as it turned out she had been right all along. Trish was just as much of a dyke as she was, maybe even more, and if Trish had just been able to admit that years ago they could have spent the last years living in lesbian bliss with each other. Lita had been so in love with Trish she would have done anything for her, but after everything the blonde had put her through Mickie could have the dyke bitch. Lita just wanted to fuck her. Just once. Get Trish Stratus out of her system once and for all.

Determined to do just that Lita suddenly slammed her tongue as deep into Trish's cunt as it would go. Lita took a moment to savour the extra loud scream Trish let out, then she began roughly fucking her former friend with her tongue. Soon after that Lita began curling that muscle of hers around inside of Trish, her tongue stud roughly bashing against her fellow diva's G-spot with every thrust.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my Gawwwwwdddddddddd!" Trish found herself repeating over and over as for the first time in her life two female mouths worked over her body, that studded tongue making her scream particularly loud.

Despite some minor flirtations Trish had never been with a guy who had a pierced tongue before. She'd been told she had to tried it, but she had always been sceptical, figuring it might hurt more than anything. Now Trish wished she had gone out of her way to experience that, or at least have let Lita do this years ago.

Even from the beginning Trish had felt an odd attraction to the redhead. There had been just something about her which made Trish think naughty thoughts sometimes. Unwanted naughty thoughts which meant nothing. Trish wasn't gay, but God, Lita was everything she'd imagined her to be. That mouth, that tongue, they made Trish's mind go foggy, her straight body going gay. Lita had a magic tongue. Maybe that was even literally true given the way Trish found herself reacting to it.

As she found herself already approaching orgasm from the now merciless tongue fucking she was receiving Trish found herself wishing she had been nicer about shooting Lita down. Maybe when the redhead made that move on her Trish should have gone for it, indulged in her lesbian curiosities on that night and that night alone before telling Lita she just wanted to stay friends in the morning. Maybe if she had she wouldn't be in this current mess with Mickie.

At that moment Mickie certainly took it upon herself to remind Trish she was there by biting roughly down on her right nipple. Of course Trish hadn't been able to forget the number one contender to her title was there, that wicked mouth and tongue torturing her big boobs as Lita's mouth and tongue continued their assault of her cunt. Nevertheless Mickie seemed quite content to add biting to her repertoire, making Trish whimper with every little bite before soothing it with her mouth and tongue, in turn making Trish moan as Mickie licked and then sucked each nipple she bit. Sadly this new little act wasn't the turn off it should have been, every little bite seeming to make Trish hotter to the point the blonde was actually telling herself it was only because of the licking, sucking and tongue fucking she was receiving from these two women.

Just when Trish had got used to this latest perversion Mickie removed her mouth from her tits just long enough to ask her something which made her blush, "Trish, do you remember that time in the shower when I said you had nice boobs?"

Briefly Trish's eyes fluttered over to where the other WWE divas were watching intently, grins crossing each of their faces although somewhat of pure lust while others look sadistically happy at her embarrassment.

Not answering Mickie right away cost Trish, her number one fan twisting her right nipple cruelly before practically switching, "ANSWER THE QUESTION TRISH!"

Trish cried out loudly in pain, "OWWWWWWW, YES! Yes I remember!"

"Because you do." Mickie said, switching back to sweet mode as she went back to gently caressing Trish's tits, "You have a nice big pair of dyke boobs which I love licking... sucking... and biting... almost as much as Lita clearly loves licking your sweet little dyke pussy."

Trish let out another moan followed by a cry as Mickie demonstrated exactly what she loved to do to her big boobs before going right back to letting her hands do the dirty work.

"Isn't that right Lita?" Mickie said after a brief pause, "You love licking Trish's sweet little dyke pussy don't you?"

While Lita knew what was expected of her she briefly considered ignoring Mickie. After all getting a spanking or whatever would be totally worth it if it meant Lita didn't have to pull her mouth away from the paradise that was between Trish Stratus' thighs. In fact Lita would love Mickie to spank her naughty ass while she continued eating Trish's delicious little cunt. Then again if Mickie was really going to punish her she could make someone else take over tonguing Trish, or worse Mickie might even throw her out, and that would be unbearable considering all the naughty fun Lita knew was in store for her former friend.

So, wanting to avoid that fate, Lita reluctantly pulled away from Trish's honey pot and moaned, "Mmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhh! I fucking love Trish's sweet little dyke pussy! I love fucking Trish's sweet little dyke pussy with my dyke tongue! Mmmmmmm, gonna make you cum sooooooo hard Trish! Gonna make you scream my fucking name!"

"Now Lita, don't get ahead of yourself honey." Mickie warned the redhead before turning back to the blonde with a grin, "Trish needs to beg you to make her cum first."

Taking the hint Trish looked down at her redheaded rival and pushed herself to beg, "Please Lita, make me cum. I wanna cum sooooooo bad. I... oh, mmmmmmmm, FUCK ME!"

Clearly hearing more than enough Lita dived back down in between Trish's thighs, the WWE women's champion crying out joyfully as that talented little tongue re-entered her horny hole. Then Trish cried out in pain is once again Mickie twisted her nipples before commanding, "Keep begging Trish! Don't stop until you cum. I want to see just how desperate you are for Lita, the slut you always told me you hated, to fuck your queer pussy with that girl tongue of hers. Come on, tell me how much you want another woman to make you cum. Tell all of us that you're such a lesbian slut that you can't get enough of a girl that you supposedly hate fucking you and you want to do what every other guy and girl has done in the WWE and cum all over Lita's face!"


Apparently Mickie was able to tell Trish was going over the edge. Maybe it was when she screamed, maybe it was the way her body was trembling, but something made Mickie bite down extra hard on Trish's right nipple while pinching on the left. It was shameful but that little bit of pain seemed to be the same that sent her over the edge and made her orgasm even stronger. However it was Lita's tongue that was the main thing that sent her into the Stratusphere, every fibre of Trish's being feeling alight with the purest ecstasy, a feeling she had secretly missed so much since the last time Mickie had fucked her.

Of course while it was clear to everyone in the room Trish was having an amazing orgasm Lita couldn't imagine her friend turned rival or anyone could possibly feel as good as she did in this perfect moment.

In all of Lita's many, many fantasies about the current women's champion the most frequent one was this. The blonde's body shaking beneath her. The Canadian's oh so sweet cum pouring down her throat and covering her face. Trish Stratus, the one person Lita had wanted to fuck above all others but never truly believed she had a chance with, screaming her name in ecstasy. Except this was so much better than Lita had ever dreamed, the redheaded former champion becoming completely lost in the most perfect moment of her life. The moment she made Trish Stratus cum.

Unfortunately Lita was so preoccupied with enjoying the moment, and swallowing as much of Trish's cum as possible, that she completely stopped tongue fucking the other woman. It was what she was supposed to do of course, Mickie had made it very clear they were only supposed to make Trish cum once with each activity, but Lita had been hoping to subtly break that command. However by the time Lita realised she had stopped tongue fucking Trish it was too late. She had lost her opportunity.

"Ok Lita, go back to your fellow sluts, and Victoria of course." Mickie said, briefly glancing at glaring Victoria before calling out, "Who wants to taste Trish's sweet dyke pussy next?"

As all the other divas accept Victoria raised their hands Lita reluctantly pulled away from Trish, licked her lips and stumbled upwards so she could re-join the group of divas. She didn't want to but Lita had already concluded she didn't want to risk upsetting Mickie. Besides, now she knew Trish was just as much of a slut for women as she was this would not be the last time Lita got a taste Trish's delicious cunt. Lita promised herself that.

After pausing to ponder her decision Mickie smiled and then said, "Lilian, I know you're still very new to girl on girl fun, but do you wanna go next?"

"Oh yes please Mickie. I wanna taste Trish's sweet dyke pussy sooooooo bad!" Lilian replied enthusiastically.

"Well then, go ahead." Mickie said, stepping back, "Just make sure to give the little lesbo champion a little foreplay first."

"No problem." Lilian said huskily as she slowly sauntered over to Trish and quickly press her lips against her friend's.

Trish was surprised at Lilian's boldness. The other blonde had always seemed so nervous when it came to guys, and blushing at the mere mention of sex. Not that Lilian was a total prude, but Trish had never seen the ring announcer so seductive before. It was enough to make Trish, a completely heterosexual woman, weak in the knees. Or maybe that was just a aftershock of the orgasm Lita had given her.

What Trish felt from the kiss was all Lilian though, the WWE women's champion allowing herself to become lost in the gentle, loving lip lock the other woman gave her. Resistance was futile at this point, and Lilian's lips were so... inviting. And her tongue, which gently but firmly pushed it's way into Trish's mouth, did things to her own tongue which made her body quiver.

Lilian wasn't quite as lost in the kiss. It was amazing, far better than any kiss she had with a man, but Lilian's mind had been focused on the Wonderland that was Trish's bombshell body all day and it was long before Lilian broke the kiss in favour of travelling down south.

She started by kissing Trish's neck, gently nipping at the soft flesh before whispering in the other woman's ear, "Eres tan bella Trish. Yo no puedo creer que nunca se dio cuenta cu n hermosa eres."

Lilian quickly followed that up by sucking on Trish's earlobe, making the other blonde moan. Then she began kissing her way down the other woman's body, slowing down as she began sliding her lips over Trish's right breast, Lilian savouring each and every moment of this.

Even when she had thought she was completely straight Lilian had been captivated by Trish's big boobs. They were just so... big. And round. And full. And now she had embraced her lesbian tendencies Lilian felt like a teenaged boy getting to play with the cheerleader captain's big beautiful tits.

Maybe on some level Lilian had always wanted this. Trish had been her closest friend for so long, and having sex with her suddenly seemed so right, so natural. And from the way Trish had been moaning Lilian had no doubt her friend wanted this too. Mickie was right, Trish just needed to be shown what she really wanted.

As if to confirm this was true Trish cried out joyfully as Lilian closed her lips around Trish's right nipple, the Latina savouring every heavenly moment of sucking on Trish's tit.

After what seemed like an eternity she moved to the left, Lilian repeating the process as she moved back and forth, worshipping Trish's big round tits with the care and devotion they deserved. Lilian felt like she could have devoted her life to this act, doing everything in her power to at least devote everything she was now to worshipping Trish's boobs, her hands slowly cupping and then caressing them so she could make Trish moan more. And the more Trish moaned for her the more Lilian wanted this to never end.

Unfortunately the other divas didn't feel the same way.

"Mickie, Lilian is taking forever." Candice whined.

"Yeah." Torrie quickly agreed, "Besides... why do we even have to take it in turns?"

"Because I said so." Mickie said.

"Oh come on, please Mickie?" Torrie pouted.

"It's not like we even need to lick her pussy." Candice pointed out with an evil grin, "Her butt hole will do."

"No way!" Victoria butted in, "I've got first dibs on Trish's fat ass, remember?"

Mickie sighed and called out, "Lilian, get down in between Trish's thighs or no delicious Trish pussy for you!"

That threat quickly had Lilian dropping to her knees, although she did so very slowly, making sure to take her time kissing down Trish's well toned stomach until she was exactly where she was ordered to be. Even then Lilian continued teasing her friend, the ring announcer sliding her lips all over Trish's inner thighs.

Lilian mostly did this to build up the anticipation for herself and Trish, but thanks to Lita and Mickie some of Trish's cum and pussy cream were coating those soft thighs, giving Lilian her first taste of the WWE women's champion's pussy.

Just over 24 hours ago Lilian had been straight, but over that 24 hour period she had cum so much she honestly didn't think she'd ever be with a man again. And with every orgasm and every new pussy she tasted Lilian felt more committed to the idea of becoming a full time lesbian, especially as long as she was travelling with the WWE divas who now seemed obsessed with fucking each other.

Now she was tasting heaven in liquid form Lilian knew she could spend the rest of her life as a happy little lesbian slut so long as she could regularly worship Trish's heavenly pussy, Lilian already making plans to beg Mickie for permission to lick Trish's love box everyday as she cleaned her friend's thighs with ever-increasing quickness and eagerness.

The second there was no trace of cunt cream on those thighs Lilian buried her face in Trish's pussy, the WWE ring announcer overjoyed to find that the heavenly taste she had found on the other blonde's thighs somehow tasted even sweeter directly from the source.

As Lilian became lost in eating Trish's pussy Candice turned to Mickie, "Now those big juicy tits of hers are free..."

"Fine." Mickie interrupted, waiting for Candice to eagerly step forward before adding, "Ashley, go suck on Trish's boobs. You too Jillian. Make sure you both give her a little kiss first."

"Awww, Mickie." Candice complained.

"Hey, I'm the one in charge here." Mickie said firmly, glaring at her bitch, "Or do you need reminding?"

Candice opened her mouth to say no, but then had a better idea, a smile crossing her face as she said, "I'm sorry Mickie, I didn't mean to forget my place... how about I make it up to you with my mouth? Mmmmmm, those big tits of yours look so good. I didn't get to suck on them when we were having fun before, or eat your yummy pussy, or your delicious little ass hole, and it's been way too long since I did."

"Me too." Torrie interrupted, "I'd love to fuck you while I'm waiting for a turn with Trish."

"And me! I wanna join in the fun." Maria said eagerly.

Mickie bit her lip as two thirds of Vince's Devils came either side of her and began kissing her neck. It was incredibly tempting to give in, but if she did Mickie would be giving up a little control and she couldn't be doing that. Keeping control of so many women, especially ones who regularly battled for dominance inside the squared circle, was difficult enough but to keep control of all of these divas at the same time was going to be one of the most challenging things she'd ever done.

So in the interest of keeping her advantage Mickie firmly said, "If you two want to fuck me so bad, get on your knees and beg for it. Kiss my feet while you're at it. Then maybe I'll give you the privilege of tasting my pussy or ass."

Quickly obeying Candice and Torrie felt to their knees, lent down and began kissing Mickie's feet, Candice only pressing her lips a few times against Mickie's right foot before beginning to beg between kisses, "Please Mickie... let me taste your pussy... or ass... mmmmm, I really want to lick one of your tasty holes... give me a nice little appetiser for Trish's fuck holes..."

"Me too Mickie." Torrie interrupted, still making sure to kiss Mickie's left foot, "Let me eat your yummy holes... you know what a great pussy licker I am... and that I'm a great butt licker too... so please... please... let me please you with my mouth and tongue... let me worship your beautiful curvy body with my little dyke mouth and tongue..."

Victoria smirked at her submissive friends, then looked Mickie in the eye and said, "I'm going to eat Trish's ass!"

Mickie glared at the fact Victoria didn't ask for permission, but quickly turned her attention to her favourite interviewer, "Maria, get over here to give me a little kiss."

Only too happy to do so Maria practically skipped over, Candice and Torrie moving to the side slightly so that the interviewer could get directly in front of Mickie and pressed her lips to her owner's. It wasn't long before Mickie was pushing her tongue into Maria's mouth, Maria happily welcoming that tongue with her own as the two of them became lost in their lip lock.

As all of this was going on Ashley had been practically choking Trish with her tongue, the women's champ feeling like she was fighting for survival with her own tongue as Jillian casually licked and sucked on her neck and Lilian eagerly lapped away at her pussy.

When Ashley finally broke the kiss Trish only got a few seconds to gasp for air before Jillian kissed her. That kiss was much shorter but only slightly less passionate, Jillian seemingly in a hurry to make her way down to Trish's big boobs, a destination the Smackdown diva quickly reached after the kiss was done.

Ashley watched this latest kiss, then when it was done and she was sure she could get enough of Trish's attention she whispered in her now former friend's ear, "I just want you to know, I blame you for all of this. Not that being Mickie's bitch is that bad. We don't like each other, but fucking her is actually kind of fun, and I love fucking the other divas. But if you hadn't been such a stuck up bitch in the first place she'd have probably settled with just you and left the rest of us out of it. So don't expect any help from me. Especially now that I want to fuck you just as bad as all the other dykes in here!"

Trish whimpered at hearing this. She hadn't been betting on any help from Ashley, but knowing the other blonde was now officially her former friend heightened her feeling of isolation. She was truly alone now, friendless against Mickie and the rest of the WWE divas.

Another whimper escaped from Trish's lips as Ashley joined Jillian in sucking on her big boobs. The same thing happened when Trish spotted Victoria walking towards her menacingly, the women's champ preparing herself for another rough kiss only for her long-time rival to instead spit in her face.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time Trish." Victoria growled, grabbing Trish by her hair pulling her forwards as much as possible, "Mmmmm yeah, tonight your big fat dyke ass is mine!"

With that Victoria smacked Trish hard in the face, walked around the blonde's helpless body and delivered a couple of nice hard spanks to Trish's big booty. The spanks were easily hard enough to make the meaty globes of flesh jiggle gelatinously, Victoria extremely tempted to just beat Trish's helpless ass until those large cheeks were bright red and Trish was sobbing like the little bitch she was.

However Victoria didn't need to look over at Mickie to know the other diva was glaring at her angrily, and while part of Victoria wouldn't have minded getting into it with the small brunette the truth was she'd much rather concentrate on Trish. Besides, as badly as Victoria wanted to spank Trish she wanted to eat that big butt even more.

So after a handful of smacks Victoria dropped to her knees and buried her face in between Trish's meaty ass cheeks.

Victoria gave a couple of long licks to Trish's butt hole, then she slid her lips all over that big fat booty, Victoria becoming completely lost in worshipping the perfect bubble butt she had been secretly lusting after for years.

Trish was also feeling pretty lost, the poor women's champ barely able to think as she writhed around helplessly in pleasure. Her nipples, pussy and ass hole were all engulfed in wonderful wet heat, her most sensitive areas being regularly sucked on by other women in between what seemed like savage attacks of their talented tongues.

It had been bad enough when it had been just one tongue causing Trish an unnatural amount of pleasure. Now Trish had four mouths, four tongues and eight hands relentlessly working on her body, her body becoming so overloaded with pleasure that it wasn't long before every touch had the blonde questioning her sexuality. And Trish tried telling herself she was straight over and over again, but the things those tongues were doing to her were almost indescribable.

Suddenly Trish became very aware of what one of those tongues were doing as she felt something pushed deep inside her pussy and begin pumping in and out of her horny fuck passage like a small but skilled cock. Of course cocks didn't slide around inside her cunt with every thrust like this wicked little tongue did, Trish crying out joyfully as that tongue quickly started regularly curling upwards to hit her g-spot.

This added stimulation had Trish rocketing towards orgasm in what felt like record time, the blonde unable to stop herself from beginning to moan, "Oh God, oh God, oh Gawwwwwwd fuck me! Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me oh fuckkkkkkkkkk me! Fuck my pussy! Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm fuck my slutty cunt! Yesssssssssssss ooooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck me... fuck me Lilian!"

It was sad but Trish was in such delirious state she had to look down to remind herself exactly who was fucking her.

That realisation had Trish feeling more embarrassed and slutty than in her entire life. Unfortunately that only turned her on more, Trish even adding, "Fuck me like a slut! Fuck me like a... a lesbian slut! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck my slut cunt! Fuck my slutty dyke cunt! Ohhhhhhhh Lilian, mmmmmmmm you fuck me soooooooooo goooooooodddddddd. Oh Lilian. Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhh Liiiiiiilllllllllllllllliiiiiiaaaaannnnn!"

Again Trish found herself screaming another woman's name as an incredibly powerful climax rocked her body. It was embarrassing, and she could feel herself blushing a little as she heard Lilian greedily slurping at her cum leaking cunt, but luckily it was pretty easy for Trish to become lost in the heavenly sensations overwhelming her.

Lilian was just as overwhelmed if not more, the ring announcer pushing her face as deep as she could into Trish's pussy so she could swallow as much of the other woman's cum as possible while of course only too happy to let any leftovers cover her pretty face. And as she was ravenously devouring Trish's cum Lilian thought how crazy it was she'd spent years so close to this delicious honey pot and never sampled it before now. Thanks to Mickie that was all about to change, Lilian only too happy to beg her mistress for the privilege of eating Trish's pussy every day.

Almost the moment she thought of the dominating brunette Lilian heard Mickie call out, "OK, that's enough Lilian! It's Ashley's turn."

No sooner had Lilian reluctantly moved away Ashley fell to her knees and began sliding her tongue around the outside of Trish's cunt, almost but not quite touching her pussy lips. Ashley was clearly determined to make the most of her first time in between Trish's thighs, and even though Lilian had done the same thing only a few moments ago the announcer was jealous. Lilian wanted to taste more of Trish's delicious pussy. Although as she looked over at Mickie Lilian felt she could settle for something else.

Again seemingly reading her mind Mickie called out, "Good girl Lilian. Now get over here and let me taste Trish's sweet pussy on your lips."

Quickly obeying Lilian got up and started walking over to Mickie. Almost immediately Lilian smirked as she noticed that now Mickie had Maria in between her legs, Candice and Torrie sucking on her big tits, and as she got closer Lilian could see the red hair behind the brunette which confirmed Lita was now worshipping Mickie's juicy bubble butt.

Of course Lilian couldn't blame Mickie for taking full advantage of her bitches, or making sure she got a little taste of Trish's yummy honey pot on her lips.

As Mickie grabbed hold of the back of Lilian's head and brought her forcefully in for a extremely heated kiss Ashley began to ever so slowly push her tongue inside Trish's horny cunt. Although horny was definitely an understatement.

The constant attention to Trish's pussy alone meant that it wouldn't take much to make the blonde Canadian cum. The fact that her big ass was under constant attack from Victoria's mouth and tongue and that Trish's big boobs were also being licked and sucked by her fellow divas meant that Ashley could probably make Trish cum in seconds if she wanted too. But she didn't. Mostly because she was still angry at Trish for the part she played in this mess, however Ashley had truly become a pussy addict and the truth was Trish had one of the best tasting pussies Ashley had ever licked.

So Ashley took her time, enjoying every moment of getting to torment Trish by keeping her on the edge of orgasm while enjoying the sweet taste of Trish's pussy, Ashley greedily guzzling down every drop of cunt cream which flowed into her mouth as she continued to gently tongue fuck her former friend.

While Trish was writhing in pleasurable torture Mickie was busy grinding her cunt into Maria's pretty face. Mickie's twat was leaking just as much girl cream as Trish's was, maybe more, the difference was while Ashley was trying to torture Trish Maria wanted nothing more than to make Mickie feel good.

Maria truly loved being Mickie's bitch. Ever since Mickie had taken her anal cherry Maria had been having sex a lot more regularly, and with every diva Mickie made hers the more Maria found her face buried between another woman's legs, that woman soon returning the favour and then normally after eating her pussy strapped on a cock and fuck her with it. Mostly this woman was Mickie who had given Maria more orgasms than the interviewer could count, although Maria was pretty sure it was more than she had given Mickie. So in Maria's mind she owed Mickie big time, and tongue fucking her to climax was the least she could do.

Having been in between Mickie's thighs lots of times since she became Mickie's bitch Maria knew exactly where all the sweet spots where inside her friend's cunt, her long skilled tongue easily reaching places other divas couldn't to make sure that when Mickie came it would be spectacularly. And it was, Mickie's fingernails digging deeply into Maria's hair as her cum squirted into Maria's mouth, down her throat and despite the interviewer's best efforts to swallow it all some of the precious liquid covered her face.

Once her orgasm had subsided Mickie pulled Maria up forcefully by her hair and then kissed her just as forcefully, her tongue quickly invading Maria's mouth so she could bully her fellow diva's tongue into submission and really savour the taste of herself in the other girl's mouth.

After a few moments of that Mickie broke the kiss and smiled happily, "Mmmmmmm, that was sooooooooo good Maria. I always knew you'd make a great little rug muncher. Now why don't you go over to Trish. One of her big dyke titties is getting all lonely."

"Yes Mickie." Maria said happily, giving her best friend's lips a quick peck before practically skipping over to where she could suck on Trish's big tits.

Mickie watched her friend, grinning happily as Maria eagerly latched onto Trish's free nipple and began hungrily sucking on it. Then she turned to Melina who she'd left out in the cold thus far, "Melina, get over here and eat my pussy."

"Awwww, I thought it was our turn next?" Candice complained.

"Yeah Mickie, what gives?" Torrie added.

"I don't remember promising anything." Mickie said sternly, before adding in a softer tone, "But I'll tell you what, you can take it in turns tonguing my ass hole. Lita, you get up here and let me taste my ass!"

"Yay!" Candice and Torrie exclaimed as they quickly got down behind Mickie and began kissing her meaty ass cheeks.

At the same time Lita and Mickie began kissing as Melina got on her knees and buried her face in Mickie's cunt.

Melina wasn't quite as eager to give Mickie pleasure as she was still resentful for being turned into a submissive bitch. However Melina knew better than to show a lack of enthusiasm, and while she might have hated her Mickie's pussy was delicious and Melina loved eating it. She hated giving this bitch pleasure, but oh how she loved swallowing Mickie's cum and pussy juice.

Of course while Melina wanted to turn the table some day and make Mickie her bitch it wasn't all bad being her rival's little plaything.

Melina loved the fact that now she could go up to just about any diva and fuck them. She didn't even need words, she could just kiss them and then shove her fingers inside them or dropped to her knees in front of them or pushed them down to their knees. Sadly she was forbidden to use a strap on but with all the fun she was having Melina almost didn't care. She would get to use one soon enough though, and better still she would get to use one on that stuck up bitch Trish Stratus.

While Melina definitely couldn't wait to do that she knew she had a job to first as she tried to concentrate on the best she could by slamming her tongue into Mickie's cunt and rapidly tongue fucking her fellow WWE diva.


Trish remembered meeting Ashley as she continued screaming with joy and rubbing her cunt against the other diva's face as much as possible. She remembered how complimentary the contest winner had been. How she treated her with respect like her predecessor never had. How obviously desperate for help she had been against the team of Candice, Torrie and Victoria.

Luckily for the newcomer while Trish could have reclaimed her place at the top of the division by herself it was mutually beneficial for the two blondes to team up against 'Vince's Devils'. So Trish had taken Ashley under her wing and they had slowly started to bond. Then Mickie came along and all of a sudden Ashley didn't really talk to Trish anymore. Now Trish understood why.

Clearly Mickie had gotten to Ashley, turned her into a rug munching slut, and while Trish felt somewhat guilty for not protecting her friend part of her was overjoyed such a soft, talented little mouth glued to her cunt, especially when she was cumming into that mouth, Trish's body shaking as she experienced another mind blowing orgasm.

Almost simultaneously Mickie was cumming in Melina's mouth, the difference being that Mickie had the option of grabbing hold of her former rival's hair and shoving Melina's face as deep into her cunt as it would go, an option she took full advantage. She almost suffocated Melina in the process, but that just made her own orgasm stronger.

When she finally let go Melina immediately pulled away gasping for air, Mickie grinning widely as she saw her cum covering the other WWE diva's face. Reaching out Mickie grabbed hold of Melina's hair and pullled the other girl up so she could taste herself on her fellow diva's lips. She then did the same with Torrie and Candice, Mickie very much enjoying being able to taste her pussy then her ass.

When Mickie was sure there was no more of her own flavour left on the other girls' lips she pulled away and said, "Mmmmm, that was fun but I think we're making Trish jealous, and since the night is supposed to be all about the WWE's golden girl let's refocus on her, shall we? Torrie and Candice, go suck Trish's big titties! Maria, eat Trish's dyke pussy!"

"Yay!" Maria clapped eagerly after she had taken Trish's right boob out of her mouth.

Maria then lowered herself down onto her knees, sliding her long tongue down Trish's flat stomach to build anticipation for them both. She even tease Trish a little more by kissing the soft flesh surrounding her target. However Maria knew that her fellow divas were chomping at the bit to taste the delicious treat in front of her, and honestly she couldn't deny herself that wonderful treasure for too long, especially not when she was so close she could literally smell Trish's arousal. So, less than a minute after being given the command Maria got to work eating Trish's dyke pussy by leaning forward and giving the blonde's yummy looking cunt a nice long, slow lick.

As it turned out the look and the smell couldn't do justice to the taste of Trish Stratus's pussy. Not that this was a surprise to Maria as lately she had become very familiar with the almost indescribable taste of pussy, and the addictive flavour Maria didn't think she'd ever be able to get enough of. That was certainly the case with her fellow WWE divas and now Trish was very much included in that, Maria hoping now more than ever that Trish would break just like the others so she'd have another yummy pussy to regularly eat.

Wanting to do her part to ensure Trish embraced the slutty lesbian lifestyle of the other WWE divas Maria lapped hungrily at the blonde's cunt with long strokes of her tongue, moving from the bottom of Trish's pussy lips right up to her clit with every lick. After a while Maria began lingering on Trish's clit, twirling her tongue around that sensitive ball of flesh over and over again before eventually taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

That focused attack on her clit almost made Trish cum on the spot. It was the same story when Maria shoved her tongue inside the blonde's pussy and started gently fucking her with it, and when Victoria pushed a finger into Trish's ass hole and began slowly pumping it in and out. Not that Trish fought against the pleasure. No, she was done with that, having surrendered completely to her fellow WWE divas... for the time being at least. Unfortunately for Trish while those divas brought her oh so close to cumming they also seem to deliberately hold back, just enough to make sure she didn't cum.

This was incredibly frustrating for Trish who, as soon as Ashley stopped kissing her/feeding her the taste of her own cum and pussy juices, called out, "Please, please make me cum! Make me cum! Fuck my dyke pussy and make me cum! Mmmmmmmm oooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, fuck me Maria! Fuck my dyke pussy with that big tongue of yours! Mmmmmmm, it feels so good inside me! Your tongue feels so good inside me! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck, your girl tongue feels so good inside my lezzie cunt! Ooooooooh Gawwwwwwwwwd fuck me like a dyke slut! Fuck me hard with your girl tongue and make me cum like a lesbian slut! You too Victoria! Mmmmmmm, fuck my dyke ass and make me cum like an anal whore! Ahhhhhhh fuck. fuck me, please somebody fuck me and make me cum!"

Momentarily removing her mouth from Trish's boob Torrie called out, "That's it Trish, beg for it like the slut you are!"

Doing the same Candice added, "Yeah, beg like the little dyke slut you are! Mmmmmm, that's soooooo hot."

"Hey, get back to sucking those big titties or I'll give someone else a turn at them." Mickie threatened, beaming widely as Candice and Torrie quickly went back to eagerly licking and sucking Trish's big boobs. Then she returned her attention to Trish, "As for you Trish, mmmmmm, just keep begging my bitches to make you cum like the little lesbian whore you are. Oh, and speak up. Make sure everybody here knows how much Trish Stratus loves getting gang banged by other women. Mmmmmm, let everyone know just what kind of a slutty dyke we've got for a women's champion."


Once again Trish found herself screaming hysterically as her cum shot out of her cunt and into one of her fellow diva's mouth and down her throat. This time round it was innocent little interviewer Maria Kanellis. Although obviously she wasn't as innocent as she seemed given that like all the divas before her Maria greedily swallowed as much of Trish's cum as she could, the rest of it covering her pretty face and dripping down to her tits. Then when Trish had barely finished cumming Maria slammed her long tongue back inside Trish's pussy and fucked her with it, Maria hammering that tongue of hers in and out of Trish until the women's champion was once again cumming in the other diva's mouth.

Victoria was a contributing factor, first by pushing a second finger into Trish's ass to help trigger that first orgasm and then by continuing to pump those fingers in and out of her butt through the other orgasms. Victoria also twirled and curled her fingers inside Trish's rectum, and pushed violently against the anal walls, and occasionally even spank Trish's ass. Basically anything to damage Trish's butt and/or make her cum nice and hard.

Then there was Candice and Torrie who kept their mouths glued to Trish's big tits, relentlessly sucking, licking and biting the helpless champion's nipples as their hands playing with the soft flesh of Trish's boobs. Meaning that every part of Trish's private areas were being simulated, every little touch driving the Canadian wild to the point where all she could do was scream in pleasure and cum over and over again into Maria's mouth and down her throat as the rest of the WWE divas looked on.

"Ok Maria that's enough. Let someone else have a turn." Mickie said, grinning crossing her face as both Candice and Torrie looked at her pleadingly, "And by somebody else I mean Candice or Torrie of course. Mmmmm, which one of you girls wants to go first?"

"Why don't we share?" Candice suggested, "There's plenty of this slut to go around."

"Ohhhh, lets." Torrie said, before turning to Mickie, "Is that ok Mick? Can we share Trish's yummy looking pussy?"

"If that's what you want, sure." Mickie smiled before turning to the crowd of watching divas, "Jillian, Melina, you two make sure Trish's big tits don't get lonely."

"No problem." Melina murmured as she and Jillian eagerly strolled over to Trish and immediately attacked the women's champion's big boobs.

Maria had obediently moved away when she was told to do so. Likewise Candice and Torrie dropped to their knees the second they had permission and immediately started lapping away at Trish's cunt, at first avoiding the most sensitive areas to give Trish a chance to recover. Which neither Torrie or Candice really wanted to do but they recognised how exhausted Trish was. The poor girl looked like all it would take was one more hard climax in her current state and she would be knocked completely unconscious. So Candice and Torrie worked slowly, deliberately avoiding Trish's entrance and clit, just concentrating on the soft lips of her pussy and teasing her well toned thighs.

The upside to this was that Trish had cum and pussy juice dripping all the way down her legs so Candice and Torrie got the chance to lap up every drop that hadn't reached the floor, after of course they cleaned the yummy liquid on Trish's pussy lips. Which in turn caused more tasty juices to flow out of Trish's cunt which Candice and Torrie were only too happy to lick up.

Still worried that Trish wasn't ready for their full attention Candice and Torrie began rubbing their tongues against each other and their fellow diva's pussy at the same time. Naturally this led to Torrie and Candice becoming lost in tongue kissing each other a few times but for the most part they concentrated on Trish, both loving the chance to lick the pussy of the diva of the decade Trish Stratus but at the same time eagerly waiting for a sign that Trish was ready for more.

Once she covered from her latest climaxes Trish was only too happy to give them a sign, "Oooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, oooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, oooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd more. Mmmmmmmm, please more. Fuck me. Please fuck me. Aaaaaahhhhh Gawwwwwwd, I want my dyke pussy fucked so bad. Please? I oooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Trish could barely get those words out the pleasure she was feeling was so intense. All her most sensitive areas had been stimulated non-stop for what felt like hours now and just when Trish didn't think it could get any better it did.

Although she had some pretty steamy fantasies Trish never imagined what it would feel like to have two tongues licking her pussy. She had never even given it a passing thought. Now she wasn't sure why. Sure it was kind of weird but at the same time it was so overwhelmingly good. Like this whole situation, whatever misgivings Trish might have had completely forgotten as ecstasy seemed to flood her entire body.

Then Candice and Torrie start to take it in turns to push their tongues into Trish's love hole while the other would lick and suck her clit, sort of gently at first but quickly escalating to tongue attacking the WWE women's champion as hard as they could. Trish was pretty sure she came before they started doing this as hard and fast as they could but it didn't really matter, soon she was screaming hysterically as she came repeatedly into the eager mouths of Candice and Torrie, her long time foes fighting each other for every drop of her sweet cream.

"Ok girls, that's enough. It's Jillian's and Melina's turn." Mickie said, calmly but loudly and firmly. To her delight her bitches complied without her having to repeat herself, Mickie's eyes locking onto Trish's big tits and murmuring, "And I'll take care of these babies."

With that Mickie quickly took the half a dozen steps forward necessary so she was standing in front of Trish again and able to grab the blonde's big boobs and give them a squeeze. And then another. And then another, Mickie playing with Trish's juicy tits about a minute before she began concentrating on her nipples, first using her fingers to manipulate them before switching to her mouth and tongue.

Mickie wasn't sure how long she licked and sucked those big juicy tits, but by the time she pulled away Trish was screaming in orgasm again, her face awash with pure bliss. She looked happy. All Mickie had ever wanted was to make her happy. Well, she had always wanted to make a beautiful girl happy so she could make her hers, and now she was doing it. She was making Trish hers. She was going to get what was rightfully hers, and nothing was going to stop her.

Feeling overwhelmed with happiness Mickie kissed Trish, the brunette pushing her tongue as deep into the blonde's mouth as it would go. To Mickie's delight Trish kissed back, the two WWE divas beginning to almost literally fight each other with their tongues as two other tongues made Trish cum over and over again.

Meanwhile another two divas were making great use of their tongues, Jillian and Melina the main reason why Trish was once again experiencing powerful climaxes as they did what Candice and Torrie had been doing right from the get go. The difference was there was no gentle build-up, Melina slamming her tongue into Trish as far as it would go the first chance she got while Jillian simply shrugged and lick Trish's pussy lips a little before zoning in on the champion's clit.

Melina was still pissed off that Trish had beaten her at Survivor Series. If the result of that match was reversed things could be very different right now. No, they would be Melina told herself. Both Mickie and Trish on their knees eating her cunt. Or her ass. Or better yet both at the same time, Trish's pretty blonde face buried in her pussy while Mickie's brunette locks would be barely visible from in between Melina's big ass cheeks. Then they would swap, Mickie's tongue up her twat, Trish's up her butt. Then she'd butt fuck them both, first popping their anal cherries after winning the title and then pounding both their asses on nearly hourly basis from then on, Melina ruling the WWE women's division with Trish Stratus and Mickie James as her submissive lesbian bitches.

While Melina dreamt of what might have been Jillian became increasingly jealous of her friend. Melina was hogging all the sweet Trish cum, Jillian watching as Melina greedily swallowed large mouthful after large mouthful of yummy girl cream. Eventually growing tired of waiting Jillian basically pushed Melina out of the way so she could shove her own tongue into Trish's cunt, and more importantly wrap her lips around that cum leaking hole so she could finally swallowed the cum of the women's champion. It wasn't long before Melina pushed her back and reclaimed her position, the two divas literally fighting over who got to swallow Trish's cum.

Meanwhile someone was finally brave enough to challenge Victoria for the right to play with Trish's ass.

"Come on Victoria, you've been hogging Trish's fat ass all night. Let someone else have a turn." Torrie huffed.

"Yeah, like me." Candice said, then when she got a look from Torrie corrected herself, "I mean us. Mmmmmm, or all three of us. Wouldn't that be hot? Vince's Devils taking it in turns to fuck Trish's sweet booty, slamming that dyke butt of hers with our fingers and tongues until she's the biggest lezzie slut in the WWE."

"I have a better idea... let's do it together." Victoria grinned wickedly, "Come on girls, there's room for all of us in this whore ass. Here, I'll make it easy. There, there's only one finger in Trish's slutty butt now. Both of you should be able to at least get one finger each into that tight little fuck hole now."

Not needing any further form of invitation Candice and Torrie each pressed their index finger against Trish's butt hole and pushed forwards, those fingers sliding in easily making it official, all three members of Vince's Devils were inside the ass of their number one rival Trish Stratus.

This caused Vince's Devils to let out a simultaneous whoop, hollering nonsensically for a few seconds before Victoria cried out, "Fuck yeah, now let's see just how much this slut can take!"

"Yeah, let's stuff her ass." Candice hollered.

"Mmmmm, first with our fingers, then with our strap ons." Torrie added, again all three members of Vince's Devils letting out a chorus of excited but nonsensical agreement as they started abusing Trish's ass like never before.

At first it was gentle and teasing, Vince's Devils both savouring the moment and drawing this out. Even through that stage they were constantly switching gears from all pushing their fingers in and out at the same time, to having two thrusting at the same time, to all three moving out of sync, Vince's Devils giggling amongst themselves as they constantly kept Trish guessing. They kept that unpredictability up while increasing the pace, even adding twirling and occasionally curling into the mix.

By the time Candice, Torrie and Victoria were pounding their fingers in and out of Trish's ass hole with every ounce of their strength the six times WWE women's champion was going berserk, Vince's Devils unable to tell whether Trish was trying to impale her own ass on their fingers or her body was just randomly shaking from the almost violent orgasms she was receiving. It was possible that Trish was simply trying to ram her pussy into the faces, or more accurately the tongues, of Melina and Jillian and her ass moving back against Vince's Devils was just a side-effect, but the trio felt that if Trish was conscious enough to know what she was doing she would definitely be working with them to slam fuck her big butt as hard and deep as possible.

It didn't really matter, and honestly Candice, Torrie and Victoria didn't really care. All they cared about was abusing Trish's big ass as brutally as they could, partly for the joy of dominating their long-time rival in such a perverted way, and partly because the trio had a fondness for rough sex, especially with women. That was why they continued brutalising Trish's big butt, each taking it in turns to roughly slap those meaty cheeks while twirling, curling and slamming their fingers in and out of that stretched shit hole and eventually stretching it even more by each adding another finger. It was a tight squeeze, Trish letting out an extra loud squeal as first Candice, then Torrie and then finally Victoria pushed an additional finger into her ass hole, all three letting out a whoop of joy when the final finger sunk in.

"Six fingers! Fuck, what a whore!" Torrie laughed while still concentrating on contributing to the now brutal finger fucking of Trish's ass, "I mean, anal whore! Mmmmm, Trish Stratus is a fucking anal whore!"

"Damn right she's a anal whore! Mmmmm, Trish Stratus is the biggest anal whore in the WWE! Oooooh, probably in the whole fucking world too." Candice agreed as she and her friends once again switched from moving out of sync to all thrusting their fingers in and out of Trish's ass at the same time, "Ohhhhhh just look at that big fat slutty ass. Look how much it's taking! Mmmmmm, what an anal whore. Yeahhhhh, not so high and mighty now are you Trish? Not now that we see you for who you really are. Just another slutty little lezzie who loves it up the ass. Fuck, I can't wait to see what else we can stuff up this fat ass. I can't wait to see what else we can stuff up Trish Stratus's big fat slutty ass!"

"Why wait?" Victoria grinned, allowing a few seconds for her friends to give her their full attention and for them all to enjoy being inside Trish's ass at the same time before finally she ordered, "Take your fingers out of that whore hole ladies! Let's see just how much this slut ass can take!"

Neither Torrie or Candice were eager to take their fingers out of Trish's butt. It was just so much fun to ass fuck the women's champ. However they both wanted to see what Victoria had in mind given that she was by far the most sadistic member of their group. Maybe even more sadistic than anyone in the WWE, including Mickie who had proven herself capable of quite a few twisted things. So Candice and Torrie slowly pulled their fingers from Trish's butt and immediately put them into their own mouths so they could enjoy the sweet taste of the WWE women's champion's bottom while they watched in delight as their bestie quickly shoved her remaining fingers and thumb into Trish's back hole and then tried to shove the rest of her hand into their helpless rival's ass.

Trish let out an extra loud ear piercing scream and either tried to wiggle away from the invasion or make it easy on herself. Either way it didn't matter, Victoria would not be denied. Soon she, Candice, Torrie and the rest of the watching WWE divas receive the joy of watching Trish's ass hole stretch obscenely wide, finally opening enough to allow Victoria's hand to pass through it. Of course only Victoria got the pleasure of experiencing it, the evil brunette going slowly so she could enjoy every second of stuffing Trish's rectum with her hand.

When Trish's butt hole closed around Victoria's wrist the blonde had another orgasm. Or at least Victoria was pretty sure she did given how much Trish was screaming and writhing, and how much juice was shooting out of her cunt. Not that Victoria cared. She was too busy savouring the sight of her hand buried in between those meaty cheeks and the feeling of Trish's back passage clamping down on her hand almost hard enough to break it.

Victoria could have been savouring that sight and feeling for seconds, minutes or hours. She wasn't sure. All she knew was that one moment she was staring at Trish's ass hole wrapped around her wrist, the next she was brutally slamming the blonde's butt, pulling her fist back so that she would be stretching Trish's back hole with her knuckles every time before she would thrust forward as hard and as deep as she could. Using this technique Victoria could have sworn she was slowly advancing up Trish's ass with every thrust, and even if she wasn't she was probably doing enough damage to ensure her hated rival wouldn't be sitting right for a week.

Wanting to rub it in Victoria screamed, "Holy fuck Trish, you really are the biggest anal whore in the whole fucking universe aren't you? Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, Trish Stratus is the biggest anal whore in the whole fucking universe! You act all high and fucking mighty but really you're just a whore, a slut, a filthy little piece of trash hooker who should have been giving up all her dirty dyke fuck holes from the moment she was hired for having big tits and a fat ass! Fucking piece of eye candy! Take it! You're our whore! Our lesbian whore! Our ass slut! Our sex slave! You're ours now Trish, every single WWE diva owns you! You're going to be the bottom of the fucking barrel, everyone's fuck toy to use as we see fit! We're going to fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you until you are nothing but a happy little submissive lezzie butt slut who licks pussy and gives up her filthy fuck holes at a moments fucking notice you fucking bitch!"

Meanwhile Mickie didn't like that Victoria had become the centre of attention. The focus should be on Trish getting off on being gang bang by her fellow divas. Or at least her fellow divas putting the high and mighty Trish Stratus in her place, mainly as a lezzie anal slut like the rest of them. But now everyone was paying attention to pacifically Victoria dominating Trish, which wasn't acceptable. Luckily Mickie had a plan to make sure her thunder, and more importantly Trish and her new spot as top diva, wasn't stolen from her.

So after a little while of letting Victoria and the rest have their fun Mickie pushed Melina and Jillian out of the way, murmuring softly, "Sorry sluts, but you've had your turn and then some. It's time for someone else to have a go. Namely me. Mmmmmm yeah, time for me to get a piece of my soon to be favourite bitch!"

Mickie made sure to say the last part while staring directly into Trish's eyes, although unfortunately she wasn't sure her idol heard her. Trish's eyes were almost completely glazed over, only the little garbled noises from her sore throat any real clue that she was still awake. Not counting the shaking of course, Mickie contributed that to Victoria's violent fisting of Trish's ass. But that was fine, Mickie was confident she could get Trish's attention just like she would get the attention of all other bitches.

Reaching down Mickie ran her index finger over Trish's cum leaking centre and then brought that digit up to her lips. Ever so slowly she took it into her mouth and sucked on it, letting out a long moan and briefly closing her eyes as she did so. She then returned her hand to Trish's pussy, this time slipping first her pointer finger and then her middle finger into the already well fucked hole. After a few thrusts she added a third, a fourth and then her thumb, Mickie's bitches quickly getting the idea.

"Yeah Mickie, fist the bitch!" Candice cried out excitedly.

"Oh yes, stuff both her holes!" Torrie agreed, "Let's see what kind of lezzie whore she really is!"

"Yes do it! Fist fuck her!" Lilian yelled, the sound of Trish's best friend's voice audible even as the divas started to talk over each other, "Fill up her holes with two hands! Break her once and for all and show her why she should be your bitch! Make her want it. Make her crave it. Make Trish Stratus need to be your dyke bitch!"

From the look of fear in her eyes Trish understood what was about to happen before her fellow divas even said anything, but after about a minute she pushed her cunt forward, silently inviting Mickie to do it. Mickie smiled, and considered pointing this out, but decided she wanted to keep it as a nice little secret between her and Trish as it was such a wonderful little sign that her idol wanted to submit to her. To be hers. To be her bitch. Trish Stratus wanted to be Mickie James's bitch.

With that wonderful thought in mind Mickie pushed her hand forwards with all her strength, the knuckles of her hand stretching Trish's pussy wider than ever before. The women's champion let out a deafening scream as she was stretched but once Mickie had Trish's cunt stretching for her knuckles the rest of her hand slipped almost easily into the blonde, Trish screaming even more as she had what seemed to be her hardest climax yet. She was then racked with more of those hard climaxes, Mickie and Victoria pumping their fists as deep as they would go into Trish's pussy and ass until finally the record-breaking six times women's champion, diva of the decade and poster girl for the WWE passed out as her peers yelled abuse at her.

Just before Trish passed out and Mickie pulled her hand from the blonde's cunt and licked it clean the little brunette leaned forward and calmly whispered in Trish's ear, the rest of the divas shutting up momentarily so Mickie could tell her idol, "I've changed my mind Trish. We're going to keep you locked up until the day before Wrestlemania. That way I'll still have time to get ready, until then we can fuck you whenever we want. Mmmmm, your pussy and ass our personal fuck holes. Your ripe, voluptuous body ours to use as we see fit. Ohhhhh yeah Trish, you're gonna be our little fuck toy. Our own personal lesbian whore. Mmmmm, maybe if you're really good we'll let you out of those chains so you can eat our pussies. Or break out some big strap on dildos and take turns fucking you in every hole, three at a time so you're always nice and air tight. Ooooooh this is gonna be so much fun."

To be continued...

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