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Mickie Gets What's Hers Part 14
by MTL (

Trish Stratus couldn't tell how long she'd been tied up in this dank basement. She was told it was days, but who knows whether that was true or not. All she really knew was it was becoming increasingly difficult to convince herself she was completely straight when she now spent most of her time being relentlessly tongue fucked by her fellow WWE divas.

She had lost count of the number of orgasms they had given her during her first gang bang, and since then diva after diva had returned to eat her pussy and/or ass, their tongues, mouths and fingers driving her wild. Sometimes they would come in pairs or more and work on her as a team, Trish writhing in her restraints as her pussy and ass were licked at the same time, more often than not while two other girls fondled and sucked her big tits. But worst of all sometimes her fellow divas would just fuck each other, right there in front of her, making Trish's tired body ached to be touched.

More often than not her former friend Mickie James was a part of all of these things, joyfully enjoying Trish's helpless body while ordering her bitches around. She also seemed to delight in taking her bitches' holes with her strap on, Mickie grinning wickedly at Trish nearly the whole time she was making the women's champion jealous. Trish hated that Mickie was so easily succeeding in that mission, but she couldn't help it. She just kept remembering how vividly Mickie was at fucking her and Trish wanted to beg to be one of Mickie's bitches.

It had been a while since Trish had received a visit of any kind. The last time was Mickie giving Trish a drink, some food, and the humiliating chance relieve herself in a bucket in the corner of the room. Then Mickie had promised her a special treat while she was tying her back up, smacked her ass and left her to fear/anticipate what that could be, Trish's heart racing when she finally heard a door opening and four pairs of foot steps on the stairs leading to the basement.

The first to appeared in front of Trish was a naked and grinning Mickie, who sat down on the steel chair directly in front of the bound blonde and called out to one of her equally naked sex slaves, "Come on Victoria, bend over my knee like a good girl."

Victoria gritted her teeth. She couldn't believe it. She had lost, Mickie had won. All she needed to do was to beat a woman practically half her size, and she had failed. It wasn't even to a roll-up or anything she could argue with. No, Mickie had hit her with a chick kick and pinned her in the centre of the ring when Victoria's ass was literally on the line, and now all she could do was resist becoming a total bottom as she was humiliated in front of her greatest rival, and two women who up until recently had been HER bitches.

"You heard OUR Mistress!" Torrie teased, smacking Victoria's ass hard, "Get your sexy ass over her knee so she can spank you!"

"Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, we want to see you get a taste of your own medicine Victoria." Candice agreed gleefully, unable to resist clapping her hands together and jumping up and down with excitement.

Hanging her head in shame Victoria let out a sigh and then walked over to where Mickie was sitting and then did as she was told. Which was even more awkward than she thought it would be, given how tiny Mickie was. In fact it was kind of surprising she managed to balance herself, especially because it felt like Mickie helped her by resting one hand down on her lower back, providing a surprising amount of force which helped keep her in place.

With her free hand Mickie began caressing the well rounded flesh of her ass, Victoria unable to stop herself from letting out a little whimper as she tried to prepare herself for her first ever spanking. Considering how many times she had beaten the ass of other women Victoria thought she knew what to expect, but it was almost comical how not prepared she was. The groping was bad enough, but that humiliation was nothing compared to when Mickie finally lifted her hand up and brought it crashing down with enough force to make Victoria's meaty cheeks jiggle.

Over and over again this process repeated itself, Mickie savagely beating her booty almost without mercy, Victoria soon looking forward to the few seconds Mickie would stop to grope her latest victim's butt like she was a butcher testing the quality of a piece of meat. Victoria had always prided herself on being tough as nails, but the pain and the humiliation were just too much for her and she soon began openly weeping, grateful for the fact that Trish was gagged and unable to mock her.

Torrie however had no such restraints, "That's it? That's all it takes to make you cry like a little bitch? Wow Candice, I'm glad we're Mickie's bitches now, because clearly Victoria's not good enough for us."

"I know, right." Candice agreed, before calling out, "You go girl, beat that big butt of hers and expose her for the weak ass bitch she clearly is!"

Mickie grinned at the encouragement from her bitches. She had considered bringing them all down to see Victoria get broken in, but this way was much more intimate. The only downside to having the entire WWE divas roster as her obedient fuck toys was that they had a tendency to talk over each other, their voices becoming annoying background noise which could occasionally take away from the fun second adding to it. But with just Candice and Torrie here Mickie would be able to hear them just fine, and it was extra fun to have two thirds of Vince's Devils cheer her on while she humiliated the third.

Of course just like every other time she fucked one of her bitches down here Mickie's main focus remained her ultimate prize Trish Stratus. Especially now Trish was resembling a nearly ripe piece of fruit, nearly ready to submit to her completely and become her number one bitch, but not quite there yet. The sweet anticipation made Mickie feel like she was a kid on Christmas Eve again, albeit one who had been allowed to open one present before the big day.

Trying to concentrate on the present, rather than the present she most wanted, Mickie refocused attention on Victoria's big butt. Which to be fair wasn't that hard to do, that juicy ass jiggling with every hard strike Mickie gave it, and the colour, Victoria's well tanned backside quickly turned pink, then light red, and then finally a dark angry red under the force of the constant blows. It was a sight of indescribable beauty, the kind Mickie was so addicted too. Hence why she regularly spanked each and every one of her bitches. Plus it helped keep them in line.

It also helped break a bitch in during her first time, and Mickie had been prepared to do whatever it took to reduce Victoria to a whimpering wreck. Surprisingly it didn't take that much, and while Mickie wasn't sure how she would handle receiving a spanking after a lifetime in dishing them out she'd like to think she'd cope better than the muscular woman now wriggling on her lap. Oh well, this meant the 'real fun' could start a lot sooner.

"Awww, there, there Victoria, as long as you're a good girl and do everything I say, we won't have to do this again." Mickie said soothingly when she had her fill of beating butt and switched to caressing Victoria's pain away, eventually adding after a brief bit of full on butt groping, "Now, why don't you get up and give me a big kiss?"

Even though it was phrased as a question Victoria knew it was an order, one she really didn't mind following as it was an end to the spanking. Besides, Victoria really enjoyed kissing girls, and Mickie's lips were as soft as any she had had the good fortune to sample before. And soon Mickie's tongue was bullying it's way into her mouth, and well, it suggested that maybe being Mickie's bitch wouldn't be so bad. At the very least Victoria had a feeling she was going to very much like what happened next.

To Victoria's surprise Mickie not only quickly deepened the kiss but continued to kiss her for a very long time. Although towards the end their kiss more resembled their recent match than act of passion, their tongues frantically battling for dominance while Mickie squeezed Victoria's sore butt and Victoria fondled Mickie's big boobs.

"Mmmmmm, you like my tits Victoria?" Mickie moaned once she broke the kiss, "Suck 'em! Come on girl, get me all revved up and ready for your mouth on my cunt."

Victoria was close enough to Mickie she knew the other girls didn't need revving up, she could feel how wet the other diva's pussy was. Hell, she could smell it, and practically taste it. But she certainly wasn't going to argue with the chance to suck Mickie's big tits, although the shorter girl was making it easy for her by standing up and shoving her face into her chest. Sure, normally this would have helped, but Mickie was so short and Victoria was so tall that the muscular brunette had to bend herself out of shape just to get at her new top's titties.

Whatever mild discomfort Victoria felt was totally worth it though, because Mickie's tits were awesome. So big and round, Mickie literally forcing Victoria to motorboat those huge puppies at one point before allowing her to cover that delightful flesh in kisses while of course concentrating on the nipples which were already rock hard before Victoria started sliding her tongue around them and taking them into her mouth for greedy sucking sessions.

As much as Victoria was clearly enjoying this Mickie was enjoying it so much more. After all not only was she the one being pleasured, she was the one in control of this situation, something Mickie but an unnecessary explanation point on when she pointed at both Candice and Torrie and then curled her fingers in the classic comehither motion. Pretty much instantly Torrie and Candice were by her side, giving Mickie the chance to make out with both of them.

After a few minutes of taking full advantage of that she broke her latest kiss with Torrie and ordered, "Torrie, Candice, go play with Trish. Victoria, start moving lower."

Obediently Victoria began kissing her way down her stomach, Mickie crying out joyfully as Victoria soon reached the place she wanted her the most, namely her needy pussy. Although Mickie would have been ready for a full assault Victoria unsurprisingly went for gentle lapping at first, slowly and steadily sliding her tongue up and down the smaller brunette's pussy lips, squeezing joyful moan after joyful moan from the now very happy number one contender to the women's title. Later Victoria would pick up her pace, but for now this was more than enough, especially as Candice and Torrie were giving Mickie such a wonderful show.

When they approached Mickie was expecting Trish to look apprehensive, but if anything she looked relieved. Clearly after about a week in her basement Trish Stratus was turning into the slutty little dyke whore Mickie had always hoped to turn her into. That seemed the only logical explanation for why her eyes were lighting up, and then her face became awash with bliss as Candice and Torrie gently slid their hands all over her body, while naturally spending the lion share of the time on Trish's big boobs and fat butt.

After a while Torrie began rubbing Trish's pussy while Candice played with the champion's big ass, Trish eventually crying out into her gag as both her holes were invaded at the same time. One finger in her cunt, another in her butt, each from another woman who she had been beating for the past six months. Now instead of kicking their asses Trish was Torrie's and Candice's fuck toy, under Mickie's guidance of course. Oh, the sight was enough to make Mickie want to cum in Victoria's mouth already, but she had a better idea.

Trish wasn't sure how long she was fingered in her pussy and ass, but the skill of Candice and Torrie combined with the stimulation of watching the big tough Victoria submitted to tiny little Mickie James meant that it felt like she was on the edge of orgasm in no time. She was then cruelly kept their for several blissfully agonising minutes, then she was given a reprieve from sorts.

"Ok, that's enough. Stop fingering Trish and untie her." Mickie ordered in between moans, then as Candice and Torrie did as they were told added, "Trish, when you're free come and eat my ass. Mmmmmmm, I want to feel your tongue up my big booty while Victoria is munching my little dyke fuck hole."

"What about us Mickie?" Candice whined.

"Yeah Mickie, we want to please you too." Torrie quickly added in case Mickie was put off by Candice's tone.

Torrie needn't have worried, Mickie smiled happily and said, "You two can suck my titties."

Candice and Torrie beamed happily and rush to get Trish out of her restraints. They then practically skipped over to Mickie and buried their faces in her impressive chest, leaving Trish to slumped to the floor, already feeling completely broken. She knew if she tried to run Mickie and her bitches would stop her, but it would do wonders for Trish's ego and reintroduced the idea to herself and Mickie that she might be totally straight. On the other hand if Trish was a good girl maybe she would be allowed to cum, and as that was the way more important to her than anything else the mighty women's champion slowly crawled until she was kneeling behind her challenger.

For such a tiny girl Mickie had a big butt which jetted out of her curvaceous frame and made Trish's mouth water. It didn't always. Trish vaguely remembered thinking Mickie was sexy in a purely objective way, or at least she had thought it was objective at the time, but after a week of being made to bury her face in that big booty Trish couldn't be objective about Mickie's well rounded ass. She liked it. She liked it a lot. Even craved worshipping it with her tongue, Trish barely able to give Mickie's meaty cheeks a few kisses before she spread them apart and began frantically lapping the other girl's butt hole.

"Oooooooooh Trish!" Mickie moaned joyfully as her idol went to work on her ass hole, "Mmmmmmm that's it, lick my ass, oooooooohhhhhhh, tongue my ass hole you dirty bitch mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssss lick it! Lick me you dyke slut! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, eat my ass good, eat it soooooooooo goooooooooddddddddddd! Mmmmmmmmm eat it you butt muncher! Munch my butt like the ass reaming whore I turned you into! Oooooooooh yes, thank me Trish. Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh, thank me for turning you into my own personal dyke bitch!"

Ironically Trish had ended up thanking Mickie for that in a variety of different ways over the past week, although this one being the most frequent, and despite telling herself she wasn't really grateful she couldn't help but go at each and everything with gusto. Especially when it came to eating Mickie's ass out, Trish eventually letting go of those meaty cheeks so she could literally bury her face in Mickie's big butt and pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into the other woman's back passage while Victoria was doing the same thing, only with Mickie's pussy.

Victoria was vaguely aware of Trish acting like a total ass licking whore, and her former friends/bitches licking and sucking away at Mickie's big tits, but despite herself Victoria's main focus was the tasty treat in front of her. After all, she maybe a butt busting top, but she loved the taste of pussy, and being in between Mickie's legs was telling Victoria she hadn't done it nearly enough. Like, maybe if she ate out Torrie and Candice as much as she ass fucked them they would still be her bitches and not Mickie's. Maybe she wouldn't even be in this position.

Deciding not to dwell on such thoughts, or ones of her humiliating future, Victoria decided to devote all of her attention into making Mickie cum. Which truth be told wasn't hard, Mickie was all wound up from beating her butt figuratively inside the ring and then literally outside of it, and no doubt the kick of having three divas to boss around while the champion of the division remained at her mercy helped. Besides, Victoria was very good with her tongue, and as soon as Mickie gave Victoria permission to fuck her with it the more muscular brunette took full advantage.

"Mmmmmm, come on Victoria, ooooooooh, just because your friends are doing such a good job of sucking my tits and Trish is eating my ass like it's her job doesn't mean you can get lazy." Mickie giggled as she pushed Victoria's face deeper into her cunt with one hand while she used the other to caress Candice's soft hair, "Ohhhhhhh yessssssssss, that's better, eat me just like that, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, oh yeah, make me cum in your mouth you big bitch, ooooooooooh yeeeeeessssssss, you're just a big bitch to me now Victoria, a scary looking bottom with a mouth and tongue made to please me. Ooooooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck me with your tongue you big bitch, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck, fuck me, mmmmmmmm, tongue fuck me just like that you fucking dyke! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

If she was honest with herself part of the reason Victoria shoved her tongue as far as it would go into Mickie's cunt was to make the other diva shut up. But as soon as she felt that pussy quivering around her tongue Mickie's incoherent babbling quickly became background noise for Victoria gleefully tongue fucked that pretty little cunt until Mickie screamed hysterically and squirted cum down Victoria's throat. In fairness to Victoria, there was some swallowing involved. She had too not to drowned.

Of course despite her best efforts Victoria ended up with a face full of girl cum and pussy cream, but she was confident more than a healthy portion ended up in her belly. Besides, Victoria had plenty more chances as under Mickie's instructions Candice, Torrie, Victoria and Trish for once all work together on something, namely to make their top cum. Well, maybe 'work together' was an exaggeration, as in reality they were all kind of doing their own thing with an incredible amount of enthusiasm just to achieve the same goal. Either way Victoria ended up swallowing a lot of yummy girl cum.

"ENOUGH!" Mickie yelled, pushing first Candice and Torrie and then Trish and Victoria away from her, although making sure to keep a hold of the pretty her of her new bitch and her soon-to-be number one bitch as she beamed down at them, "That was great. Trish, you should know by now I think your tongue was made to please me, and Victoria, mmmmmm, you're one great rug muncher. But it's time for the main event, that means Victoria's thick booty is going to need to be nice and lubricated for my big cock. And since we just establish what a great ass eater Trish is, how about you two make up with a nice long rim job?"

Trish didn't answer, but Victoria grinned happily, "Oh, I like that idea Mistress. Please do it. Mmmmm, shove Trish's bitch face in between my cheeks and make her stick her tongue so far up my ass she tastes what I had for breakfast!"

"In that case, bend over and give Trish that gorgeous ass of yours!" Mickie ordered, pushing Victoria away and allowing her to get in position and start wiggling her ass invitingly before Mickie turned her attention back to Trish, "How about a Trish, are you ready to eat some more yummy girl butt? Huh? Shove your tongue up yet another girl's butt? Finally put all this silly feuding with Victoria to rest by thoroughly cleaning her ass hole, mmmmmmm, getting it all ready for me to stretch and fuck, and leave it a gaping mess? Well, are you?"

"Yes Mickie." Trish whimpered softly.

"Good, then get to work!" Mickie growled as she shoved Trish's pretty face into Victoria's luscious booty, "Eat that ass! Come on Trish, mmmmmm, that's it, tongue that sweet little anal honey pot! You love it don't you? Ohhhhhh yeah, the WWE women's champion is a dirty little dyke who loves the taste of girl butt!"

Trish couldn't agree or disagree given the way Mickie still had a hand gripping her hair, forcing her face so deep in between Victoria's well rounded cheeks that she could barely breathe. Of course if she could talk she wasn't so sure what she could say. No? Oh she wouldn't want to upset Mickie by saying such a thing. Which in all honesty might be a total lie, because Trish began lapping away at Victoria's butt hole the first chance she got with enthusiasm which seemed to contradict her literally been forced into this.

Again, it was shameful beyond belief but Trish had actually grown fond of the taste of girl butt. Mostly it was Mickie's meaty cheeks her face was buried between, but over the last week she had eaten out the asses of just about everyone on the diva's roster, including the bitchy Melina and her longtime rival Lita, so this was almost no big deal for her. More importantly was something she couldn't deny she enjoyed, Trish barely even able to hear Mickie as she became lost in rimming Victoria good and proper.

Several long minutes later Trish became fully aware of Mickie letting go of her hair with a series of giggles, the tiny diva standing back so she could watch the action along with Candice and Torrie. Fearing punishment Trish stayed with her face deeply buried in Victoria's ass for who knows how long after that, but eventually she pulled away for some much needed oxygen. Before Mickie could complain Trish attempted to make up for this by covering Victoria's ass cheeks in kisses, which earned her hysterical laughter from her fellow diva.

"Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh Trish, kiss my ass!" Victoria laughed, pushing her butt back against the other girl and wiggling it in her face, "Kiss my ass just like you kissed the asses of everyone in management to get you featured as a star of our fucking show! Mmmmm, no wonder you're so good at kissing ass Trish, what with all the practice you must have. Oooooooooh, and you're putting all that practice to good use now, aren't you? Yeahhhhhh, now get that pretty face of yours back in between my cheeks. Mmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss, I wanna feel your tongue cleaning the inside of my stomach you pathetic whore!"

Ignoring Victoria best she could Trish turned her attention to Mickie. She made sure to continue kissing Victoria's ass of course, although her lips remained pressed against one cheek for a long time when she spotted Mickie with a strap on now firmly around her waist, Torrie and Candice taking it in turns to deep throat that monster cock and get it nice and ready for Victoria's virgin ass hole. As Trish knew full well what it was like to have that beast rearranging her bowels she almost felt sorry for Victoria, although another part of her felt bizarrely jealous.

Mickie caught Trish staring at her and grinned wickedly, causing the women's champion to blush and return her attention to licking Victoria's ass, burying that pretty face of hers in between the brunette's well rounded ass cheeks and literally trying to shove her tongue up the other diva's butt. That caused Mickie to grin again, and then after watching that for a few minutes she returned her attention to where Torrie and Candice were sucking her cock, Mickie pushing their heads deeper onto her dildo for a few moments before ordering, "Ok, that's wet enough. Go spread your friend's ass cheeks and offer me her virgin ass hole. Trish! Pull your face out of Victoria's ass, sit back and enjoy the show."

As usual no one hesitated in obeying Mickie, and once she was pulling apart one of Victoria's cheeks Candice called out, "Here you go Mickie, a tight little virgin ass hole just for you. Mmmmmm, now go ahead and open your present. Open it up nice and wide so we can all see Victoria's little ass hole stretching around your dick. Mmmmmm, we all want to see it, the big tough Victoria getting her dyke ass fucked, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, stuff that big cock up that dyke butt and make Victoria your bitch. Complete your collection and make all three of us your bitches Mickie! Mmmmmm, we want to be your bitches!"

Torrie added for good measure, "Mmmmmm yeah, fuck her! Fuck Victoria's virgin butt! Pop that cherry and make her your bitch, just like you did to us. Pound her tight ass like you pounded our slutty asses and complete your collection! Mmmmmm ooooooooh fuck yeah, stretched that butt hole! Stretch it wide! Wider! Wider! Wider, ooooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

With Candice and Torrie egging her on Mickie slowly pushed forwards, gleefully watching as Victoria's virgin ass hole gradually opened and then finally swallowed the head of her big fake dick, allowing her to more or less complete her collection of WWE bitches. It certainly meant she had officially taken Victoria's anal cherry, the moment made even more perfect by the little cry and then grunt the other tough brunette let out while her so-called friends giggled and praised Mickie.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd Mickie, that's soooooooo hot!" Candice moaned in approval, "Victoria's cute little ass hole looks sooooooo hot stretching for your strap on."

Torrie gleefully agreed, "Yeah it does, mmmmmm, fuck her! Fuck Victoria's ass! Fuck Victoria up the ass! Do it! Fuck her up her big fat dyke ass!"

Mickie giggled with delight, "Don't worry, I will."

Still giggling Mickie pushed forwards again, this time adding inch after inch of dildo into Victoria's butt, Mickie and her two bitches having a perfect view of the defeated brunette's butt hole swallowing that strap on, the obscene sight and what it represented almost making Mickie cum on the spot. Looking up into Trish's worried eyes made this moment absolutely perfect, Mickie grinning wickedly at her soon-to-be number one bitch as she pushed Candice's and Torrie's hands off Victoria's butt, grabbed a firm hold of the stronger brunette's waist and then slammed roughly forwards, burying the last few inches of her dick into Victoria's bowels.

This made Victoria let out an extra loud cry, which almost drowned out the sound of Mickie's thighs smacking off those meaty butt cheeks. Almost. Of course no one was really concentrating on that sound but Mickie was momentarily distracted by the feeling of those large cheeks jiggling against her thighs. Not that Victoria's ass was really 'fat', especially not compared to her own and Trish's heavenly booties, but Mickie hadn't truly appreciated until now that Victoria had a fullness to her ass, which was something she could see herself enjoying a lot from now on.

Indeed, after about a minute of savouring the heavenly moment of having a dick fully buried inside Victoria's ass, Mickie started to pump the other girl's pooper with slow but steady thrusts, making those cheeks jiggle and let out a slapping sound every time she bottomed out in Victoria's bottom. Of course Mickie was also interested in everything going on around her, and of course the formerly virgin hole now being stretched obscenely wide between those two meaty cheeks, Mickie spreading Victoria's ass every so often to get a good look at that hole although her main focus remained the former champion's muscular yet feminine physique bent over in front of her.

"Take it Victoria! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, take it like a bitch." Mickie moaned as she continued pumping Victoria's ass, "Mmmmmm, take it like a little bitch. Take it up the ass like the little bitch you now are!"

"Oh fuck yes, you're Mickie's now Victoria!" Torrie gleefully chimed in, "You're Mickie's up the butt bitch! Her anal loving slut! Her ass whore! Mmmmmmmm, you're a bottom now Victoria, just like me and Candice."

"Yeah you are." Candice quickly agreed, "You, me and Torrie are a real team now. Forget Vince's Devils, we're now Mickie's bitches, hers to fuck however and whenever she wants. Mmmmmm, and you're proving that right now by taking it in the butt like a total anal slut!"

Ignoring the taunting Victoria concentrated on relaxing her rectum as best she could. It was easier said than done, the powerful wrestler finding a new found respect for her stable mates for being able to endure this with such enthusiasm. Although it wasn't long before Victoria found out just why they were so eager to endure it. Not that she didn't have a good idea going in, she just hadn't expected to be feeling these sensations so soon, Victoria wondering if the fact that after only a few minutes of being sodomised she was struggling not to moan in pleasure was down to Mickie's skills as a butt fucker or that like her friends Victoria was in possession of a 'slutty' ass.

She hoped for the former as Victoria was still hoping to regain her status as a top at some point. Even if she permanently became Mickie's bitch and all the rest of the divas only ever saw her as a butt slut Victoria wanted to be able to see herself as a powerful Alpha female and be able to go out and dominate other women. At the very least she wanted to be able to fuck other girls in the ass, something which was easily Victoria's favourite non-work thing ever. She loved wrestling and would never want to seriously consider a porn career, but if the WWE was thinking about adding the type of match she'd just had with Mickie to PPVs Victoria would be all for it.

Just then a loud moan escaped Victoria's lips, the strong brunette forced out of her thoughts so she could concentrate on damage control. After briefly cursing herself, which resulted in her letting out another moan, Victoria tightly ground her teeth together and dug her nails into the floor to try and prevent any further sounds of pleasure. However it was no use, it was like a dam had been broken and now she just couldn't stop moaning in pleasure. To make matters worse she began groaning, crying out, and even whimpering in pleasure, Victoria blushing furiously as she began letting the other divas know just how good Mickie was making her feel.

It was still possible that she had a 'slutty' ass, in fact the more she was ass fucked the more Victoria thought this was the case, but now Victoria was 100% sure Mickie was an extremely skilled butt fucker. After all the little pipsqueak had loosened her rectum with these, relaxing it with slow and steady thrusts until any pain or discomfort was a distant memory and all Victoria felt was incredible pleasure from having her ass taken like this. God help her she even wanted more of it. She wanted Mickie to fuck her ass hard and make her cum.

From the stronger girls moans Mickie knew she had Victoria right where she wanted her and it was only a matter of time before she begged to be butt fucked to orgasm. All Mickie had to do now was keep up the torturous teasing while maintaining enough energy so that she could give Victoria a real rectum wrecking when the time came. With that in mind Mickie decided to have a little fun with her other bitches by suddenly pulling out of Victoria's ass and pressing her dildo against Candice's lips.

"I believe you said something about wanting to taste my new bitch's ass?" Mickie giggled.

Before she was even done talking Candice greedily swallowed the head of the toy and let out a long moan of pleasure, Victoria's friend clearly savouring the deepest part of her ass. Then once the head of the dildo was clean Candice started working her way down the shaft, not stopping until she had the entire shaft buried in her throat so she could clean every drop of Victoria's butt juice like the happy little ass to mouth whore she was. Perhaps the best part was how Torrie looked so jealous, Mickie grinning happily as she knew her blonde bitch wouldn't be upset for long.

Deciding to tell her this Mickie said, "Don't worry Torrie, you're next."

Hearing that Torrie grinned happily, Mickie living up to her word by shoving the dildo back into Victoria's butt once Candice was done cleaning it and then after a brief butt fucking she pulled the toy cock out and pressed it to Torrie's lips who cleaned it with the exact same wanton enthusiasm that Candice had shown. Mickie then repeated this process over and over, constantly feeding Candice and Torrie their former top's ass, until she looked at Trish again to see while on the outside she seemed mostly disgusted and worried there was definitely more than a hint of arousal.

Deciding to push this Mickie called out, "Trish, if you come and suck Victoria's ass off my cock you can go."

With that Mickie pulled her cock out of Victoria's butt, leaving Trish to stare at that ass flavoured dildo for a few long seconds. Then the WWE women's champion rushed over, dropped to her knees and swallowed at least a third of the strap on. She then grimaced initially at the flavour, but seemed to grow to enjoy it very quickly as she sucked on the dildo with an urgent need, eventually choking and gagging when she began to take the monster cock down her throat. Not that Mickie had any mercy for her. No, she grabbed Trish by the hair and firmly encouraged her to keep going until the fake balls were pressed against Trish's chin and Mickie was able to ground her pubic bone against the blonde's nose.

Only then did Mickie let go, allowing Trish to pull her mouth away from the cock and gasp for breath, Mickie casually reinserting her dildo up Victoria's butt while murmuring to her idol, "You can go now Trish."

There was maybe a moment's hesitation and then Trish got up, quickly grabbed her clothes, got dressed and stumbled her way out of the room. Once she was out Victoria decided to break her silence. After all it seemed clear as day Mickie had won, if not the war than definitely the battle, and at least this way her greatest rival Trish Stratus would not witness her total submission. And honestly, she just couldn't hold back anymore. It just felt so good. Mickie's dick just felt so good in her ass.

So, whimpering pathetically, Victoria finally started begging for mercy, "Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeee aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk! It feels sooooooooo goooooooddddd mmmmmmm! So good in my ass! Please Mickie, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass and make me cum."

"You wanna cum, huh?" Mickie grinned, "Well, you know what you have to do to get that."

Gritting her teeth Victoria closed her eyes and gripped the floor as she momentarily thought about breaking her word and pushing Mickie off, then she went limp, lowered her head and whimpered, "Fine Mickie... fine... I'll, I'll be your bitch."

"You will?" Mickie questioned, and then when Victoria just nodded the smaller brunette slapped the bigger one's ass and yelled, "Prove it."

Victoria let out an almost inaudible growl, and then practically spat, "I'll be your bitch! I'll be your up the butt bitch, your anal loving bitch, fuck Mickie, you name it, I'll be it! I swear, from now on I'm yours. All yours. My mouth, pussy and ass are yours whenever you fucking want, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddddd, fuck me! Fuck your new bitch up the ass and make her cum! Please make me cum Mickie, I'm begging you. Make me cum and I swear I'll be your bitch forever!"

"Well, in that case, get ready to cum like a good little anal loving dyke bitch." Mickie beamed happily, smacking Victoria playfully on the ass for good measure.

Throughout this humiliation Victoria was fuming with rage, so much so her desire to cum almost became non-existent. Then Mickie started really picking up the pace and her urge to cum came back with a vengeance, although the rage and humiliation didn't go away. No, Victoria planned her revenge to the very last detail, and then switched to just fantasising about brutally sodomising Mickie James with every single dildo in her collection. Then it was just her biggest dildo Victoria imagined herself hammering Mickie's big butt with. Then she finally came.

It was an orgasm like no other, Victoria briefly not even understanding that was what she was experiencing as the ecstasy was so intense. She also was worried she'd had an accident, but that was just her cum squirting out of her cunt. She'd never done that before. Ever. But it happened again and again, Victoria quickly being overwhelmed by anal induced orgasms which turned her into a mindless animal slamming herself back against the tiny little Alpha female, who impressively managed to hold on throughout the now savage sodomy.

Through the process of being butt fucked to heaven Victoria let go of her rage completely and embraced her inner bottom. To do so was shameful, and everything that had happened to her to this point remained humiliating, but that just added to the intensity of her multiple climaxes. In the end what was left of Victoria's mind decided that maybe it wouldn't be so bad being Mickie's bitch if this was the type of ecstasy she would be receiving. And at least she would get to butt fuck Trish, eventually.

While Victoria was lost in a submissive heaven Mickie was equally lost in a dominant one. After all ass fucking other women was basically what she lived for, and fucking the ass of a powerful woman wrestler like Victoria was a heaven beyond words. The mental and physical sensations she got from it, the latter brought on by the stimulator bashing her clit, made Mickie experience some of the hardest climaxes of her life, second only to what she had experienced while taking Trish's fat ass. And maybe the hot asses of the likes of Melina and Lita. Still, these were amazing.

In a sense that was the problem. The climaxes were so amazing she could only keep up the butt pounding for so long before she got tired, and as Victoria was the last person she wanted to seem weak in front of Mickie wouldn't allow herself to collapse in exhaustion. So she kept fucking Victoria's ass for as long as she could without becoming totally spent, then she suddenly pulled her toy dick out of the other woman's ass hole and then shuffled back to admire her handiwork.

The sight which greeted her had Mickie grinning perhaps the biggest grin of the night, Victoria's now very much formerly virgin ass hole gaping as wide as she'd ever seen an ass hole gape before. At least with just the one strap on doing the damage, Mickie briefly delighting in the idea of making Victoria take a double ass fucking. Maybe even from Victoria's former bitches Candice and Torrie. But that would have to wait, Mickie was tired and that would undermine the fact that Victoria was now HER bitch. Besides, Victoria looked nice and broken in, Mickie able to see deep into her now former rival's bowels via the gaping crater in between her butt cheeks.

After staring at that pretty sight for quite a while Mickie smacked Victoria's ass and ordered, "Well Victoria, you took that ass fucking like a good little bitch. Now complete the process by cleaning my cock. Mmmmmm, suck my cock clean of your anal cherry. You know, the thing I just popped to turn you into my bitch!"

For a moment it looked like they were going to have a problem, Victoria staring daggers at Mickie which made Candice and Torrie hold their breath. Mickie wasn't worried, and sure enough Victoria lowered her head, crawled in between the smaller brunette's legs and wrapped her lips around Mickie's cock, the former champion tasting the deepest part of her rectum on that dildo. Which of course made Mickie cackle with glee, reached down to grab hold of Victoria's hair and start offering up her own special brand of encouragement again.

"Mmmmm yeah Victoria, suck my cock! Suck it you little cock sucker! Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah!" Mickie moaned, briefly winking at the giggling Candice and Torrie who were staring with delight at Victoria's gaping butt hole but inevitably Mickie's attention was drawn to the blow job she was receiving, "Suck the taste of your own slutty ass off my big fat cock. Mmmmmm yesssssss, that's it, suck it! You fucking love the sweet flavour, don't you Victoria? Yeahhhhhhh, you're just another submissive little bitch who loves the taste of her own ass on a dick that's just pounded her guts. Mmmmmmm, be my good little bitch Victoria. Be my good little ass to mouth cock sucking bitch!"

Clearly knowing she was beaten Victoria didn't complain. No, she just continued sucking Mickie's cock, taking an impressive amount down her throat considering there was no way she had as much experience as her former bitches Candice and Torrie. She couldn't deep throat the entire length, but she still slurped loudly on the shaft and licked whatever she couldn't reach. Most importantly the big bad Victoria glanced up at Mickie every so often with this submissive little look in her eyes which told Mickie that she had conquered this intimidating woman and now all she needed to do was fully break Trish Stratus and she would rule the entire division.

Mickie licked her lips as she briefly allowed herself to dream about all the nasty little things she was going to do to Trish. Eventually refocused on Victoria, who she wasn't quite finished with. The only question was, what to do next? Make Victoria lick her big sweaty bottom, or sodomising the other wrestler again? Or maybe she should have Victoria worshipping Candice and Torrie with her tongue, or better yet sandwich her between them, Victoria getting DP'ed by her former bitches while Mickie watched. Or continued making Victoria suck her cock so she could experience the joy of being air tight. Oh, definitely that last one.

"Candice, Torrie, go get your strap ons!" Mickie called out to her watching bitches, "It's time to introduce Victoria to the joy of being air tight."

To be continued...

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