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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional
parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court
of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and
totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case
"Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and
there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Mickie Goes Rated R
Written By Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

At a WWE Live Event at Cedar Rapids, Iowa's US Cellular Center on April 9, 2006, The
Rated R Superstar Edge and his sinfully hot girlfriend Lita are returning to the backstage
area after assaulting WWE Legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan with his own 2X4 during
Edge's Cutting Edge talk show. "Babe that was so fucking hot seeing you work that piece
of wood..." Edge says as he licks his teeth.

Lita smirks, "You know me... my hands were made to handle big hard things..." Lita
says while licking her lips.

"Yes I do know... and not just with your hands..." Edge smirks as they make their way
to Edge's locker room.

"What can I say... I'm experienced in putting hard wood to good use..." Lita replies as
WWE Women's Champion Mickie James, dressed as Trish Stratus, comes out of the
Divas locker room.

"Check her out..." Edge laughs slightly as he points at Mickie.

Lita smirks, "She has some serious issues... like who would want to dress like Trish
Stratus..." Lita laughs slyly. "But at least that psycho looks hot dressed like that..."

"Hmmm babe... that gives me an idea... remember a couple of months ago..." Edge
starts to say.

"Oh yes... that hot sticky night in Manilla..." Lita says as she smiles wickedly, "Let's do
it babe..."

Edge licks his teeth before he and Lita approach Mickie James, "Hey... Trish... you're
looking hot" Edge says as its clear to the deranged Women's Champion that he's talking
to her.

"No babe, she's looking really fucking hot..." Lita smirks as Mickie notices the raunchy
redhead checking her out.

Mickie James places her left hand to her chest and blushes with a laugh. "Like...oh my
god! Thank you much!" Mickie says as she looks at Edge and Lita with
her perky, but crazed eyes, while donning the dyed blond hair reminiscent of Trish
Stratus, dressed in a pair of black leather wrestling pants and a black top, identically
dressed to the attire of Trish Stratus.

Lita raises an eyebrow but smirks, "So Trish... are you going to join me and Edge again
tonight... I got a new toy... much bigger than the one I used the last time..." Lita says.

Mickie James curiously raises an eyebrow and looks at Lita and Edge. "Tonight?! Like
what are you talking about?" Mickie says as she places her hands onto her nicely juicy
and thick hips.

"Don't tell me you forgot about our hot nasty fuck party?" Edge asks as he acts shocked.

"Yeah Trish... what's the deal... you kept bugging me for weeks about wanting to get
Rated R again and now you've forgotten about it?" Lita asks as she folds her arms.

"Oh...ummmm...yeah....Yeah!" Mickie James says with a laugh and nods her dyed blond
haired head. "Like how could I forget that! How silly of me!"

"That's what I'm wondering..." Edge smirks

"So are you still going to join us? I hate to let my new toy go to waste..." Lita asks as she
pouts her lips

Mickie presses her lips together and her perky, crazed eyes widen slightly.
" tonight!?"

Edge tries not to laugh as Lita looks as if she might snap at the deranged Women's
Champion but Lita keeps her cool, "Yes tonight... in our hotel room..."

"Well gosh...there was so much I had planned tonight, like spying on Trish...I mean
Mickie! Yeah Mickie!" Mickie says with a nervous, slightly psychotic laugh. "I mean
Mickie...cause like I'm Trish and...yeah!"

Lita smirks, "Right... remember our room number is 469... come by around....11..."

Mickie nods her head and presses her lips together. "Right! Like I'll totally see you'll be like so much fun! Yep! Yep!"


Later in the night in Edge and Lita's hotel room, Edge is laying on the bed, stroking his
long and thick cock as his smoking hot and naked girlfriend is opening the hotel room
door, "Right on time Trish..." Lita says with a smirk as a wide-eyed Mickie is clearly
shocked to see the Raunchy Redhead completely naked.

"Lita! Like oh my god!" Mickie yells slightly in surprise. "You're like completely

"Duh... can't fuck with clothes on... now get in here and strip..." Lita slyly laughs as she
pulls Mickie into the hotel room and closes the door.

"Hey Trish..." Edge says as Mickie sees him as he casually strokes his huge cock.

Mickie presses her lips together and her eyes widen at the sight of Edge's cock. "Oh my
god! Edge! You're like naked too!"

"You are a master of the obvious...." Edge smirks as he slowly moves his right hand up
and down on his dick.

"Trish are you just gonna stand there drooling or are you gonna get naked and suck
Edge's dick?" Lita asks with a laugh.

Mickie turns her dyed blond haired head and glances back at Lita. "Is that like...what I'm
suppose to do?" Mickie asks as she presses her shoulders up.

"Mickie must've hit you hard... yes that's what you're supposed to do!" Lita says with a
wicked grin.

Mickie James nods her head and smiles "Oh awesome! I can do that!"
Mickie says before she steps closer to the bed while lifting her top up and over her head
to expose her tanned, nicely rounded and juicy tits.

"Damn Trish... did you get another boob job?" Edge asks with a smirk.

"Ummmm...." Mickie pauses for a moment and scrunches her nose up as her chest is
obviously a bit larger than the actual chest of Trish Stratus. "No....."

"Tits look a lot bigger than when I last saw them..." Edge says with a smirk.

Mickie shakes her dyed blond haired head. "Oh...ummm...nope! Still like the same as
always..." Mickie says with a bit of a nervous laugh before she starts to slide her pants
down from her nicely juicy, curved hips.

"Hmmmm... that ass looks a lot more fuckable than last time..." Lita says as she steps
behind Mickie and grabs her ass cheeks as Mickie pushes her pants down her legs.

"Whoa! Lita! Like what are you doing!?" Mickie asks with surprise as she jumps forward
slightly as Lita squeezes her tanned and nicely juicy ass.

"Checking your cute butt out..." Lita smirks as she gropes Mickie's ass.

Mickie presses her lips together and looks straight ahead at Edge. " you want me
to suck your dick now!?"

"Yeah Trish... wrap those great cock sucker lips around my dick..." Edge grins just as
Lita pushes Mickie forward to get her to kneel on the bed.

Mickie licks her lips excitedly and kneels onto the bed, wrapping her left hand around the
base of his cock. The deranged and psychotic Women's Champion lowers her dyed blond
haired head and starts to slide her tongue against the sides of Edge's shaft.

"Mmmmm yeah..." Edge moans as Mickie starts to slide her tongue up and down the
sides of his cock. Behind Mickie, Lita lowers her head and starts to slide her tongue
against Mickie's ass cheeks.

"Mmmmmmm! Oh my god, Lita! That's like so crazy!" Mickie moans out in surprise,
lifting her head away from Edge's cock to look back at the raunchy redhead as she teases
Mickie's asshole with her tongue.

"Get my dick in your mouth Trish..." Edge says as he grabs Mickie's dyed blond haired
head and lowers her head down onto his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Mickie moans loudly around Edge's cock as her perky and moist
lips wrap around his shaft before she starts to eagerly bob her head up and down.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Edge moans as Mickie bobs her head up and down at a brisk pace on his

"Mmmmm..." Lita moans as she drags her tongue up and down Mickie's ass crack before
she pushes her tongue into Mickie's asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Mickie happily moans as she bobs her
head steadily on Edge's Rated R cock, with her perky lips brushing back and forth.
Mickie starts to rock back slightly on her knees to push against Lita's tongue inside of her

"Mmmmmm!" Lita moans as she thrusts her tongue deeply into Mickie's asshole while
she slides her right hand between Mickie's legs to push two fingers into her pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah Trish suck that cock like the hot slut you are..." Edge moans as he keeps a
hand on Mickie's head as she sucks and slurps on his tool.

Mickie continues to rock back and forth on her knees as Lita pumps her two fingers into
her pussy, while teasing her asshole with her sinful tongue. Mickie presses her lips tighter
around Edge's shaft and starts to bob her head at a quicker pace with her lips grinding
firmly against his shaft.

"Yeah Trish... ohhh yeah fuck yeah suck that dick good..." Edge groans as Mickie eagerly
sucks his dick.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmm!" Lita moans as she works her tongue in and out of Mickie's ass
while she finger fucks her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Mickie moans and starts to slap her frisky
tongue against Edge's shaft as she steadily bobs her head back and forth.

Lita lifts her head up from Mickie's ass, "Oh yeah Trish you're gonna love my new
toy...." Lita smirks as she rapidly pumps her fingers into Mickie's ass while the deranged
WWE Women's Champion sucks Edge's huge dick.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Mickie James moans loudly
around Edge's cock as she bobs her head at an impressively quick pace, as Lita pumps her
fingers rapidly into her pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm fuck..." Edge groans as Mickie moans loudly on his cock as she
sloppily sucks on it. Lita pulls her fingers out of Mickie's twat and lowers her to where
she can drag her tongue against Mickie's pussy lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Mickie's nicely juicy and tanned body tenses as she feels Lita's
tongue dragging against her pussy lips as she impressively deep throats Edge's cock with
a single head bob.

"Mmmmmm fuck... someone has become less of a gagger..." Edge moans as Mickie
holds her head down on his cock for an impressive amount of time.

Lita lifts her head up from Mickie's snatch and smirks, "Babe... I think Trish needs to get
fucked... as I go get my toy ready..." Lita says as she starts to move towards her travel

"Good idea... Trish... turn around..." Edge smirks.

Mickie turns her dyed blond haired head on Edge's cock before she unwraps her lips
around his cock and proceeds to lift her head up.

Lita smirks as she looks over her shoulder at Mickie, "Don't think you're done sucking
cock Trish..." Lita says before she bends over to open one of her travel bags while Edge
gets on his knees on the bed as he waits for Mickie to get into position.

Mickie raises an eyebrow curiously as she turns on her knees and bend forward onto her
hands, arching her body perfectly for Edge.

"Oh yeah..." Edge licks his teeth as he guides his Rated R cock into Mickie's pussy. As
Edge starts to fuck the deranged WWE Women's Champion, Mickie can see Lita pulling
out a strap-on dildo that is noticeably large and thick as well as being the same shade of
red as Lita's hair.

"Mmmm fourteen inches of hard red plastic... designed to fuck the shit out of Divas..."
Lita smirks as she faces Mickie as she starts to put the strap-on dildo on by stepping into
the harness and pulling it up her long legs.

Mickie opens her mouth in shock and her perky, crazed eyes widen at the sight of the
strap-on, while rocking back and forth on her knees with Edge spearing into her from
behind. "Oh gosh! What are you...mmmm...gonna do with that!?"

"Well... first Trish... I'm gonna watch you suck my dick..." Lita laughs as she makes sure
the harness of the strap-on is secured around her own waist, "And then... I'm gonna fuck
you with Edge..." Lita adds as she steps towards the bed and stands in front of Mickie
with the head of her dildo perfectly in front of Mickie's face.

"Mmmmm fuck babe.... that's hot...' Edge grins as he grabs Mickie's nicely round hips as
he plows his cock into her.

"Ummmm...uhhhh...what!?" Mickie asks with confusion as she continues to rock back
and forth while on her hands and knees.

Lita smirks, "Just like before Trish... suck my dick!" Lita laughs as he grabs the top of
Mickie's head and pushes the head of her dildo right into Mickie's mouth as Edge fucks
the WWE Women's Champion from behind.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Mickie moans as the tip of Lita's strap-on dildo enters her mouth and
Lita places her hands onto the back of her dyed blond haired head to make her bob her

"Ahhhh yeah mmmmm fuck... " Edge groans as he watches Lita force Mickie to bob her
head on her strap-on dildo while he spears Mickie's cunt with quick and hard thrusts.

"Come on Trish.... you can suck cock better than that!" Lita smirks as he starts to move
her hips to pump the dildo in and out of Mickie's mouth.

Mickie's perky and moist lips wrap around the shaft of the strap-on and she starts to bob
her head, moaning, as she rocks back and forth against Edge's spearing cock.

"Oh yeah Trish....suck my big dick!" Lita laughs as she fucks Mickie's mouth as the dyed
blond haired psychotic Diva bobs her head on her sex toy. Edge licks his teeth as drives
his cock balls deep into Mickie's cunt.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Mickie moans around the strap-on of Lita as she bobs
her head up and down, looking up at Lita as she does so.

"Mmmm damn babe... you're so hot..." Edge smirks as he continues to hammer Mickie's

"Oh I know it... Trish knows it too... right Trish? I'm so hot you just love sucking my
huge dick..." Lita smirks as she looks down at Mickie as she sucks and slurps on her
dildo before Lita pushes forward sharply to make Mickie deep throat it.

"MMMMMMMMM! Gahhhhhh!" Mickie James gags as the head of the strap-on dildo
suddenly smacks against the back of her mouth with force as she rocks back on her knees
with Edge spearing into her from behind.

"Hmmm babe I thought you said Trish stopped being a gagger..." Lita smirks as she holds
her dildo deep inside of Mickie's mouth.

"Ahhhh guess I was wrong..." Edge smirks as he pulls his cock out of Mickie's snatch
before Lita lets Mickie lift her head off of her strap-on dildo.

"Mmmmmmm...gosh! This is like so crazy!" Mickie moans and tries to catch her beneath
after gagging on the strap-on.

"Why Trish... if I didn't know better I'd think you are not who we think you are..." Lita
says as Edge lays down on the bed.

"Come on Trish... ride my dick..." Edge says with a smirk.

Mickie quickly shakes her dyed blond haired head. "Nope! I'm 100% her!"
Mickie replies before she turns her attention back to Edge and moves to straddle him as
he lays on the bed.

"Ahhh yeah..." Edge groans as Mickie starts to rock back and forth on his large cock. Lita
smirks as she kneels on the bed and casually moves behind the WWE Women's

Mickie places her hands down onto Edge's tanned, muscular chest and starts to eagerly
rock back and forth on his cock.

"Mmmmm.... time to really test out my new toy..." Lita smirks as she grabs Mickie's ass
cheeks and spreads them apart in order to plow her red dildo right into Mickie's asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhh gosh! Like...ohhhhhhh yeah!" Mickie moans and
throws her dyed blond haired head back as she feels the strap-on dildo sliding into her
tight and juicy ass as she rocks on Edge's cock.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmmm fuck... " Edge licks his teeth as he thrusts his cock sharply into
Mickie's pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck... this is so fucking hot!" Lita smirks as she rocks her hips back and forth
as she drives her large red dildo deep into Mickie's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh.....mmmmmm gosh! Ohhhhhh!" Mickie James moans as she leans forward
more on Edge as she rocks back and forth between the sinful and raunchy Rated R

"Ohhhh you like how I fuck that ass Trish?" Lita smirks as she slams her dildo repeatedly
into Mickie's ass while Edge spears Mickie's pussy with sharp upward thrusts.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhh yep! Yep! Yep! I do!" Mickie moans in response as she sharply
moves between Lita and Edge.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmmm fuck..." Edge licks his teeth as Mickie bounces on his cock and
uses the momentum to push back against Lita who is pounding her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah...mmmmmm" Mickie moans and rocks back on Edge's cock in order to
push back against Lita's strap-on.

"Ohhhh mmmmm yeah move that ass!" Lita laughs as she swiftly pumps her strap-on
dildo in and out of Mickie's asshole. Edge grabs Mickie's large juicy tits as she bounces
and rocks on his pistoning dick.

Mickie's rounded and nicely thick, juicy ass smacks against Lita's waist as the strap-on
rams deeply into her asshole, causing her to also rock on Edge's cock.

Edge licks his teeth as Mickie rides his cock wildly, "Ohhh yeah mmmm fuck..." Edge
groans. Lita places her hands on Mickie's shoulders as she rams her dildo as hard as she
can into Mickie's stretched out ass.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh gosh! Ohhhhhhh!" Mickie moans loudly as sweat drips down her
face and body as she rocks between Edge and Lita at a quick and firm pace.

"Mmmmm fuck.... ohhh yeah..." Lita licks her lips as sweat drips down her body as she
continues to fuck Mickie's ass as hard as she can. Edge manages to lift Mickie up enough
in order to slide out from under her.

Mickie places her hands down onto the bed as she rocks back on her knees against Lita as
she thrusts the strap-on in and out of Mickie's juicy ass.

"Oh yeah... Trish you are a real butt slut..." Lita laughs. Before Mickie can respond, Edge
guides his cock into Mickie's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Mickie moans loudly and wraps her lips around Edge's cock as
she starts to immediately bob her head on Edge's cock, while Lita drills her juicy ass with
the strap-on dildo.

"Ahhhh yeah mmmmm..." Edge moans as Mickie sucks and slurps on his long hard cock.
Lita licks her lips as she keeps a brisk and intense pace of fucking Mickie's juicy ass with
her strap-on dildo.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmm" Mickie moans and bobs her head steadily on Edge's cock,
rocking forward on her knees with Lita pounding into her ass with the strap-on.

"Ohhhh fuck.... mmmmm..." Lita smirks as she watches Mickie's ass cheeks smack
against her waist.

"Ohhhh damn... mmmm..." Edge moans as his cock starts to throb inside of Mickie's

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Mickie moans and closes her eyes as her
dyed blond haired head rapidly bobs up and down on Edge's cock with her juicy ass
continuing to smack back against Lita's waist as the strap-on hammers steadily into her
juicy ass.

"Ahhhhhh awwww...." Edge groans loudly as he starts to cum inside of Mickie's mouth
as she rocks between himself and Lita.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Mickie James moans loudly and turns her head on Edge's cock,
happily swallowing his cum.

"Mmmmm shit.... Mick... I'm mean Trish that was great..." Edge smirks as Mickie sucks
his cock until he's finished cumming.

Lita pulls her strap on out of Mickie's gaping asshole and smirks, "Trish...time for you to
thank me for fucking your juicy round ass.. and for letting you swallow Edge's cum...."
Lita says as she slides the strap-off harness from her hips.

Mickie presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "What!?"

Lita smirks and lays on the bed, "Eat my snatch bitch..." Lita smirks as she brings the
strap-on dildo to her own mouth and starts to slide her tongue on it as if it was ass-
flavored popsicle.

Mickie smiles a bit and licks her lips as the mental image of Trish Stratus laying on the
bed with her legs spread and her snatch exposed emerges. "Mmmmmm...anything for
you, Trish..." Mickie moans hungrily as she moves close to Lita and lowers her dyed
blond haired head.

"Mmmmm FUCK!" Lita moans as Mickie James starts to lap her tongue hungrily against
her pussy. Edge licks his teeth as he watches the WWE Divas Champion eat his raunchy
girlfriend's pussy.

Mickie James closes her eyes and flicks her wet tongue against Lita's pussy, starting to
thrust her tongue into Lita's snatch. Mickie raises her right hand to Lita's pussy and uses
to fingers to spread the lips of her pussy apart.

"Ohhh SHIT! Eat that pussy you fucking rug muncher.... ohhh FUCK!" Lita moans
loudly as Mickie James expertly eats her hot wet pussy.

"Damn... should call her a Hoover cause she's cleaning that carpet..." Edge laughs.

"Mmmmmmm..." Mickie moans as she slides her tongue between Lita's pussy lips and
darts her tongue in and out, flicking her tongue teasingly against her clit.

"Oh my GOD! Right there... right there! OH FUCK!" Lita moans as she grabs Mickie's
dyed blond hair and starts to grind her snatch against Mickie's face.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm" Mickie moans as she hungrily munches on Lita's
snatch, wrapping her lips around her clit and starts to lightly suck on it.

"AWWWW FUCK!" Lita moans loudly as she starts to cum as Mickie sucks on her clit.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Mickie moans and starts to lap up Lita's juices as the flow from her

"Ohhhh fuck.... ohhh god damn...." Lita moans as Mickie keeps lapping her tongue
against her pussy to collect all of her juices.

Mickie opens her eyes and looks up at Lita as she slaps her tongue against her pussy
before she lifts her dyed blond haired head away.

"Edge... baby... I think we should let... Trish stay the night..." Lita smirks as she remains
laying on the bed.

"That's sounds like a hot idea..." Edge says.

Mickie presses her perky lips together and turns her dyed blond haired head to look back
at Edge with her excited, but crazed eyes. " what are we going to do then!?"

Edge smirks, "More things that are... Rated R..."

Mickie James scrunches her nose up and looks up with confusion. "We' going to
watch a movie?" Mickie asks before she smiles. "Oh my god! That is going to me like so
much super fun!"

Lita smirks slyly, "Oh we may watch a movie... but what we'll be doing during it... will
be a lot more interesting..."


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