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Mickie's Fantasies Cum True

* The following story takes place after Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix for the
Women's Title @ Armageddon 2007 *

On December 16th at Armageddon, WWE Women's Champion Beth Phoenix
successfully defended her title against challenger Mickie James. This was one
of her toughest challenges to date since winning the gold and she was very
proud of herself. Meanwhile, her opponent Mickie James was very disappointed
in herself being that this was her first title shot since April and it was
probably one of her last since Candice Michelle was on her back from injury.
To distant herself from everyone, she went into the women's locker room and
sat down on the chair nearby. But as soon as she sat, tears coming down her
face and she knew that getting over this loss would be harder than she

Mickie decided to get her mind off of this, she'll do what she always does
after a tough night and take a nice hot shower. She also figured that some
finger magic would ease the tension in her body. Not wanting to waste any
time by going all the way to her hotel room, she quickly got undress and
jumped into the arena's showers.

The warm water splashing and running down her body was making her feel so
good that her mind drifted elsewhere and her fingers found their way to her
prize between her legs. She first place one finger in and pushed it in and
out of her pussy loving every second of it. She couldn't believe that this
was really working and her stress was completely gone as she started thinking
of one of her co-workers to help get her off.

Now walking into the women's locker room, Beth Phoenix was just about to grab
her bags and leave to her hotel as she hasn't gotten sex in a long time and
is used to pleasuring herself after the shows. Then all of a sudden she heard
a moaning noise coming from the showers. She stopped and listen closely to
see if she could recognize whose voice it was but she was shocked to hear not
only that the voice was from her opponent not too long before, Mickie James,
but that was screaming the name "Beth Phoenix."

For a second she thought that the best decision would be to just walk out
and pretend this never happened but then she got a second idea. Back in the
shower, Mickie was really getting herself off pumping now three fingers into
her pussy but wishing that the fingers belonged to the women she had just
lost to in the ring. Then she heard someone walk into the shower room and
turned to see who it was and was shocked to see the women's champion in all
her glory. Beth just looked at Mickie and said, "Hey there Mickie having

Before turning around to give James a good view of her very round backside.
Mickie was so confused, did Beth hear her moaning her name just a few minutes
ago? But she had more things on her mind like here she was in the showers
naked with the women she was just pleasuring herself to who is naked also.
Beth decided to mess with James by picking the shower right next to Mickie
and starting to rub the soap all over her gorgeous body. This was driving
Mickie crazy as she so wanted to jump on Phoenix right then and there. Then
Beth broke the silence and said, "You know Mickie, you sure do moan loud."

James replied, "Ummm you heard that huh?"

"Of course I did and guess what... it turned me on."

And with that Beth pushed Mickie up against the shower wall and started
making out with her. Mickie wrapped her legs around Phoenix's waist and began
grinding her pussy into her stomach. Beth holds James up and brings her over
to the bench in the locker room. She started kissing Mickie's breast and
sucking at her nipples before kissing her way down her belly button and then
found herself face to pussy. Beth went right for the money and stuck her
tongue deep into Mickie's love hole. Mickie was going crazy screaming, "Yes!
Oh my god! You have no idea how long I've fantasized about you doing this.
Please Beth, Deeper! Faster!" Every command was granted by Phoenix as she
sucked on her pussy until she tasted Mickie's creamy love juice. After Beth
was done licking it all up and swallowing every drop, Mickie now said, "Wow,
that was so good but its my turn to have fun with you."

With that said, Mickie tells Beth to lie down and she immediately climbs on
top on Phoenix and starts grinding up and down pussy to pussy, both girls
moaning and screaming each other's names. After a few minutes of grinding,
the two both came in unison but Mickie still wasn't done. She bent down and
did another make out session with Beth and then sucked on her neck leaving
her a hickey to show that Phoenix is hers and hers only. Her next focus was
The Glamazon's breast that were perfect to her as she licked the right and
grabbed the left. Then after switching breasts, she started kissing further
down her body and ran her tongue all the way down her legs until she found
Phoenix's beautiful feet. Mickie began kissing and sucking on Beth's toes
and licking all around her foot. James asks Beth, "Do you like that honey?"
and she quickly responds, "Oh yes baby I love it, please don't stop."

So Mickie continues licking on the soles of her foot and massaging the ins
and outs of her feet truly showing that she was willing to bow down and
worship The Glamazon just like the Women's Champion says on tv. Once she is
finally down she moves up licking the other side of her leg and finds herself
in front of possibly the best looking pussy she every saw. She knew by the
glistening and the cum already dripping from it that it had to be as good as
it looked. Mickie went right in sticking her tongue first around the lips to
get the taste and then deep inside to find the g-spot. Once that was found
she sucked long and hard making the champion moan louder than ever.


Not too long after Beth came all over James' face and she was more than
honored to lick it herself off of her face. After this long night of ecstasy,
the two fell asleep cuddled up in each other's arms.

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