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HAPPEN (although that would be something to see).


This story takes place right after the April 21 edition of Monday Night Raw
and it involves Mickie James and Michelle McCool

Mickie's Gratitude Shows Michelle There's More To Loving Life
by Vintage (

Fresh off the April 21st addition of RAW, the WWE roster makes its way back
to the various hotel rooms that each superstar is staying at. One particular
performer, on the other hand, was not going to stay in her hotel room. Mickie
James, a week removed from regaining the Women's Championship, had been
having thoughts about what transpired during the divas segment of the show.
The writing for that segment had not even been finished by the time the girls
were put on center stage. Mickie remembers one of the producers shouting at
the posse of women to "think of a finish," right before they went out to the
ring. Of course the obvious suggestion would be to brawl at the end, but what
would cause it? When it was time to go to work, Mickie listened to lines
being said, trying to think ahead, off the top of her head, just how to start
the mayhem. A few dumb adlibs went through her mind and Mickie thought she
would be stuck in the middle of the ring, the new Women's Champion, clueless,
and looking stupid. All up until Michelle McCool came up with a witty remark,
with actions to follow, to ensue the brawl finish of the women's segment.
"...This is a slap in the face!"


The sequence of events passed by Mickie's head on the ride back to the hotel.
Mickie was quite impressed with Michelle. Her quick thinking actually caused
the segment to turn out pretty good as a whole, and McCool wasn't a bad
wrestler either. Michelle McCool was also an underrated beauty in the WWE.
Mickie, being the experimentalist that she is, wanted to thank Michelle
McCool for, unknowingly, saving her ass in their segment. On the ride back
to the hotel room, Mickie had made up her mind that she would make a move at
McCool, so she can, in her own way, properly thank Michelle

Quickly stopping by her hotel room, Mickie sets down her things, grabs her
purse, and makes her way to Michelle McCool's hotel room. Unsure of how
Michelle would take the attempts to seduce her, Mickie waited outside her
door to gather her thoughts and to make a plan of action, just in case
Michelle was not someone that liked to experiment, like Mickie, from time
to time. With many situations planned out in her head, Mickie knocks on
Michelle's door. There is no answer. Mickie knocks again, no answer...

Mickie: Michelle, are you there? Hello?

Michelle: Hey Mickie!

Mickie: Whoa, you startled me.

Michelle: Well, it's kind of hard not to startle someone when you walk up
behind them.

Mickie: *chuckles* That's true...

Michelle: So what brings you to my room?

Mickie: Well I wanted to talk to you about tonight's segment, do you mind if
I come in?

Michelle: No problem, come on in...

Walking into the room, the two divas are still in the attire that they wore
to the ring. Mickie throws her purse onto the armchair next to bed before
turning to face Michelle McCool, the very reason she was in there...

Mickie: I just wanted to thank you for stepping up tonight, you really saved
the segment...

Michelle: Well when I heard your title win was a slap in the face, I remember
hearing about causing a brawl, so I winged it...

Mickie: Well you did a great job!

Michelle: Thanks; you know I can't believe the writers held us up tonight.
They gave everyone all their speaking roles, but no plan of action to get
from words to war.

Mickie: haha, it's like they have lost all the effort they put in our parts
of the show.

Michelle: I guess so.

Mickie: Well, with the girls in TNA doing what they're doing, and with only
about 5 talent women in WWE, I can't blame them.

Michelle: I's their job, just like it's our job to go out there and
wrestle, and look good doing it.

Mickie: Yeah, that's true, and when you look at the TNA roster, there aren't
that many women who look good when wrestling.

Michelle: Exactly!

Mickie: But then again, this is supposed to be SPORTS Entertainment...with
sports coming first.

Michelle: I guess. Weren't you in TNA before?

Mickie: Yeah, when it first opened I was there, but I eventually made my
way to the WWE, and even though they are doing big things with the women's
division there, I haven't regretted leaving.

Michelle: Why would you? You became a three time women's champ.

Mickie: *chuckles*...four.

Michelle: Oh yeah, the international tour mishap. Well Mickie, were you to
stay in TNA, then things would be a lot different here.

Mickie: But not better.

Michelle: Of course not.

The girls laugh together. They continued their small talk for a while. This
was a part of Mickie's plan. Since she never really got to see Michelle
McCool all that often, Mickie wasn't really sure if Michelle was comfortable
around her. So in case there was any awkwardness in this situation, it would
soon fade. They had talked about things from the guys in the locker room, to
the booking situation, to how each person broke into the business and how
different the diva search and the actual road to becoming a diva were.
Michelle was one of those diva search girls that came back after losing and
then actually learned how to wrestle. Mickie respected that, and with
Michelle showing her quick wits in the divas segment, Mickie saw great things
ahead for Michelle.

Mickie and Michelle talk about not being able to see each other because of
the separate traveling schedules, and how unfortunate it was because they
were quickly becoming good friends in their conversation. If Mickie has
things go her way, they would end up being really good friends by the end
of the night. The time seemed right and Mickie felt it was about time to
make her move on the blonde before her...

Mickie: So have you heard of the numerous rumors that have gone around the
women's locker room over the years?

Michelle: Yes, and probably no. Is anything interesting going around now?

Mickie: Not that I know of, but have you heard about how most of the girls
are bi?

Of course Mickie was making up this rumor. She didn't exactly know if anyone
other than herself, Candice, and Torrie were actually bi. But Mickie was
testing Michelle, and seeing her stance on the whole thing.

Michelle: Well, I heard that rumor about Candice, because she was in softcore
porn and all that, and one rumor about Torrie too, but nothing about anyone

Mickie: Well, how do you feel about the whole bi thing?

Michelle: I say, whatever makes you happy, but other than that, I'm against
it. You can do your stuff with everyone else; just don't bring that stuff to

Mickie: I've heard that it's pretty good, you know, being with both men and

Michelle: Well, I'd consider threesomes with another girl involved, but never
a one on one girl on girl thing. Who told you that it's good?

Mickie: Well Candice told me, she told me a lot and used plenty of detail,
and it doesn't sound half bad.

Michelle: So you've never done it?

Mickie: Nope.

Mickie was again lying to Michelle, but McCool would find that out for
herself. Mickie had to think quick like Michelle had before. Mickie could
sense that she was sparking Michelle's curiosity, but needed to either back
off completely or go full out and try to get in Michelle's pants. An awkward
silence had fallen between them...

Michelle: It's getting late, and I have the Smackdown taping tomorrow.

Mickie: Yeah...

Michelle gets up to open the door for Mickie and see her out but Mickie held
onto her arm and pulled her back.

Michelle: Mickie, what are you...

Mickie: shhhhh...listen Michelle, you really impressed me tonight, and if it
weren't for you, I would have looked like a fool out there tonight.

Michelle: Well thanks Mickie but really you should...

Mickie: No Michelle, thank you. Thank you, and I want to thank you the only
way I know how...

With that Mickie pulled Michelle in for a surprise and sultry kiss. On
instinct Michelle started to try and push Mickie away, but she couldn't.
Mickie then moved Michelle onto the bed and lays on top of her, forcing
the kiss to go on longer. After about ten seconds on the bed, Michelle
finds a way to roll Mickie off of her. The two then sit up on the edge of
the bed...

Michelle: I think you should go.

Mickie: Well I don't, that felt good, and if I didn't have to force it, it
probably would have felt a lot better for the both of us.

Michelle: Yeah, this coming from a woman who just told me that she never had
been with a girl.

Mickie: Listen, we can play he said she said all you want, but the fact of
the matter is, you don't know what you're missing!

Michelle: I'm missing getting your tongue shoved down my throat?

Mickie: It's not like that at all. You're missing a great experience; I mean,
nobody knows how to pleasure a woman, like another woman.

Michelle: Okay, now you sound like a porn movie.

Mickie: Look Michelle, I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable, but I really
think you should re-consider.

Michelle: Give one good reason other than; I don't know what I'm missing!

Mickie: After I kissed you, you didn't take a shot at me, you didn't hit me;
you didn't know what to think, did you?


Mickie: You are curious aren't you?

Michelle: ...I guess, but it seems so wrong...

Mickie: But it will feel so right, so good, really good. Michelle, this is
the only way I can thank you for saving my ass out there tonight and you
did a wonderful job doing it, so all I want you to do is experience the
blissfulness I experience. Being on both teams is the best way; it's the
best of both worlds.

Michelle: Mickie, I'm flattered and all but...

Mickie: Look at me Michelle, trust me, you will not regret this night. Just
like with me leaving TNA. I was unsure if I would be able to make it here in
the WWE and over time I became a four-time champion. You're unsure about
having sex with another women, but once you do, you will experience pleasure
you never though you would or could. And it will be between us Michelle.
Wouldn't you rather do it with someone that is your friend, someone you can

Michelle nods her head.

Mickie: That's the spirit.

Mickie guides Michelle's head back into the kiss they shared, this time more
loving and more gentle. Michelle soon realized that Mickie had been right,
that if Mickie didn't have to force the kiss, she could enjoy it more. During
the kiss, Mickie starts to reach behind Michelle's shirt to undo it and
eventually take it off. She then unzips Michelle's pants, and with Michelle's
help, pulls them off. Mickie continues to kiss McCool softly before licking
over McCool's lips as a way to ask Michelle to let her tongue in. Soon,
Michelle does as Mickie wishes, and allows Mickie's tongue to explore her
mouth. In only her silver bra and panties, Michelle begins to massage
Mickie's tongue with her own.

Success, Mickie thought to herself. She had just gotten Michelle McCool to
let down her walls and to be seduced by her charm. This was an invigorating
feeling for Mickie, but even though Michelle had accepted her, Mickie had to
take things slow at first, not wanting to scare off Michelle right from the
get go, just in case they meet up again and are in the mood to fuck. Breaking
the kiss, Mickie lays Michelle down onto the bed, and stands on the floor,
standing over Michelle. Mickie reaches down to Michelle's bra, and unties it
from the front before removing it and tossing it aside. Michelle was lying on
the bed almost motionless, both nervous and excited to see what Mickie was
going to do to her. Mickie then crawls on top of Michelle and starts to
massage her right breast, while flicking her tongue over McCool's left
nipple. With a soft touch, Mickie gently rubbed on Michelle's right breast,
tugging on the nipple from time to time. On the other breast, Mickie was now
starting to lick around the areola of Michelle's nipple before swirling her
way to the tip of it before gently sucking. Mickie repeats this process as
she switches from breast to breast. Mickie's handiwork had already cause
Michelle McCool's nipples to become erect and had made Michelle moan due to
a women's touch for the first time...

Michelle: oooh, Mickie...mmmm...Mickie!

After covering both of Michelle's nipples with saliva, Mickie moved back up
to kiss McCool again. Their tongues continuously met inside one another's
mouths, causing both women to moan. Breaking the kiss, Mickie takes off her
brown top to reveal that she did wear a bra to the ring. Mickie then moved
to where Michelle's panties were, as she untied them from the sides, before
peeling them off the wet and hairless pussy of Michelle McCool.

Mickie: Michelle, you want me to go on?

Michelle: After what you did with only my breasts, I can't imagine how good
you'll do my pussy...

Mickie: That's what I like to smells good, looks good too...good
enough to eat.

With that, Mickie went straight for Michelle's pussy, kneeling on the floor
and meeting McCool's pussy at the edge of the bed. She begins by stroking
her tongue into the inner walls before making a long stride into her pussy.
Mickie then grabs Michelle's legs from underneath and pulls in her pussy
more. Licking up, down, and all around McCool's pussy, Mickie keeps her pace
as the moans of Michelle McCool intensify. Mickie's hands then reach around
and pull open Michelle's pussy so she can access it more. After a few long
strides, Mickie moves her tongue to the entrance of Michelle's pussy. Mickie
slowly moves her way back into Michelle's pussy, pushing her tongue into one
side for while and then moving to the opposite side, while still moving
forward. She gets her tongue as far up as it will go into Michelle's pussy,
as Michelle McCool has her head laid back in the bed and her breasts arched
into the air as she receives unexpected amounts of pleasure from the Women's

Michelle: Oh yeah, oh Mickie...oh Mickie, more...oh yes...Mickie...

Mickie: mmm, you have such a nice'll give you what you want.

Mickie spreads out Michelle's pussy more, and then starts to go to town on
it. She increases the speed of her tongue inside McCool's pussy and starts
to reach up and cup Michelle's breasts. Soon Mickie makes her way to
Michelle's clit and incorporates it into making McCool's experience even
more pleasurable. Using long, yet quick, strokes of the tongue, Mickie
licks Michelle's clit and then strides into Michelle's pussy. Continuing
this move, Mickie can feel the heat in McCool's pussy building, and the
walls starting to come down on her tongue. Along with the nonstop moaning
of Michelle, Mickie knew she was close in getting her to cum, and thus,
thanking her.

Michelle: Oh yeah! Oh Mickie! Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh! Yes! Oh Mickie, yes,

Michelle cums and experiences her first orgasm due to a women's touch. Her
body shaking and her pussy vibrating as her cum flowed into Mickie's mouth.
The explosion of flavor causes Mickie to start sucking on Michelle's pussy,
taking in whatever love juice she can from her new friend. Covered in sweat
and panting heavily, Michelle sits up and meets with Mickie for another
kiss. As they kissed, Michelle began to explore Mickie's amazing body more,
grabbing Mickie's ass with her left hand and groping a breast in the other.
The two start talking in between the mix of moans and kisses...

Michelle: Oh...Mickie...that was...that felt...incredible!

Mickie: I'd enjoy...yourself.

Michelle: I haven't...had an...orgasm like a long time...

Mickie: mmm...that's how...I thank you...

Michelle: Well...If you just...thanked me...then let me say...your welcome...

Mickie: I would see feel that...

Breaking the kiss, Mickie moves to the dresser across from the bed and bends
her ass out at Michelle. McCool walks up to Mickie and slowly peels off her
tight dark pants to reveal a brown thong around Mickie's ass. Kneeling down
before it, Michelle then grabs a hold of Mickie's juicy ass, moves the thong
over to the side, spreads Mickie's ass cheeks open, and goes for Mickie's
dripping wet pussy. Now completely comfortable in being with a woman,
Michelle wraps her lips around Mickie's pussy lips and slowly French kisses
the pussy in front of her. Letting go of Mickie's right butt cheek, Michelle
reaches under Mickie and fondles her right breast. Loving every second of
this, Mickie begins to push off against the dresser, causing Michelle's
tongue to go even deeper into her pussy...

Mickie: Oh that's it're doing so good...oh yeah, you're
a natural!

Michelle then takes her left hand and starts to rub Mickie's pussy with her
tongue still probing it. Her right hand is gently pinching the nipple on
Mickie's right breast as Mickie grabs her own left breast, adding to the
pleasure. Michelle's tongue starts to extend on the insides of Mickie's
pussy from right to left as her hand inserts one finger into Mickie's love
box. Releasing Mickie's tit, Michelle brings her right hand back to Mickie's
ass and gently squeezes. She then inserts two more fingers from her left hand
into Mickie's pussy, which then starts to rock back on Michelle's fingers and
tongue. Feeling the warmth of Mickie's pussy increasing, Michelle desperately
wants to make Mickie cum. McCool removes her tongue from inside Mickie's
pussy and redirects it to her clitoris. Her mouth covers her clit as she
begins to nibble on it. With three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy,
her ass being massaged, and her clit being nibbled on, all by Michelle
McCool, Mickie feels that she cannot hold out an y longer...

Mickie: are so good! Oh yeah, you are definitely
saying your welcome now...Oh yes...I'm gonna cum...OH YEAH! MICHELLE! OOOH

An orgasm rocked through the Women's Champion's body, causing her to rock
back into Michelle even more. After feeling the warm cum drench her fingers,
Michelle inserts her tongue back into Mickie's pussy to get her first taste
of another women's cum. Michelle couldn't get enough of it and craved more.
Mickie turns around and motions for Michelle to get up. They kiss again,
passionately, their tongues swirling against each other in mid air and in
each other's mouths. Mickie then starts to suck her juices off the fingers
of Michelle McCool...

Michelle: Mickie...I never knew how great...this would be...your pussy was are incredible...

Mickie: Then lets keep going Michelle.

Michelle: You took the words from my mouth.

Mickie: Good...go sit on the side of the bed that's next to the armchair...

Michelle does so and sees Mickie's purse on the armchair. Walking over to her
purse with her ass swinging back and forth, Mickie takes out an item and then
sets the purse on the floor. Mickie bends over as she completely takes off
her thong, and when she stands upright again, she looks as if she is setting
something in place. Michelle is hot with anticipation for what Mickie has in
store for her, she couldn't believe how much she was enjoying herself, and
she wanted to go further. Turning around to face Michelle, Mickie has put in
place a two-inch thick, ten-inch long, strap-on dildo.

Michelle: You always carry around a strap-on?

Mickie: Only when I feel like being with another woman, now then, get on your

Michelle: My pleasure.

Getting on her knees in front of the strap-on, Michelle McCool begins to
insert the dildo into her mouth. Inch by inch, the dildo gets coated with
Michelle's saliva. Mickie starts to slowly thrust as well, bringing McCool's
mouth closer to the end of the dildo. Deep throating the strap-on now,
Michelle reaches the end of the dildo and slowly takes it out of her mouth,
licking all around the shaft and head of it. Seeing that her dildo has been
lubed enough, Mickie sits back in the armchair, and positions the dildo

Mickie: Come on Michelle, let's go for a ride! Back that ass up into my big
fake cock!

Turning around and slightly bending over, Michelle McCool backpedals her way
into Mickie and her strap-on. Guiding her ass above the strap-on, Mickie
starts to rub Michelle's ass before lightly spanking it *smack*, causing
Michelle to moan again. With the dildo directly below McCool's pussy, Mickie
slowly pushes her down onto it. Immediately, Michelle starts to go up and
down on the strap-on, and Mickie begins to thrust upwards. Reaching around,
Mickie gropes Michelle's tits and pinches her hard, erect nipples. Michelle
grinds downwards on the dildo as she rubs her clit with her right hand and
cups one of her own breasts with the other. Mickie then starts to pull on
Michelle's ponytail, increasing the speed of the fucking...

Mickie: As you know Michelle...women can have many attitudes and can do
things in various ways.

Michelle: OOOH...OH YEAH! OH MICKIE...OH...I know...OH YES!

Mickie: During sex...women can go from being very gentle to being very...

Michelle: ROUGH!

Mickie: you want it rough Michelle, hmm?


Mickie: Oh I'll give it to you. I'll give you more than you expect!

Michelle: Just like...OH YEAH...just like tonight...OOO...has been...YEEEEES!

Going from gentle to rough as she had said, Mickie James quickly gets up,
causing Michelle to get up as well, and pushes Michelle, with the dildo still
in her pussy, onto the bed again. Mickie standing on the floor at the edge of
the bed continues her thrusting and humping with the strap-on, only this
time; she begins to pick up the pace and the force within every thrust to
Michelle's pussy. Smacking her ass a few times, Mickie James begins to pull
out of Michelle all the way, before thrusting the entire dildo back into her
pussy. She then turns Michelle onto her side, puts McCool's left leg onto her
shoulder, and proceeds in her long, quick, powerful, thrusting. Michelle
McCool is moaning louder than ever, rocking back against the dildo, rubbing
her clit, and feeling the loving yet forceful thrusts of the Women's
Champion. Mickie reaches her right hand out and starts to grope Michelle's
breasts again as she keeps McCool's left on her left shoulder and sticks her
left index finger into Michelle's asshole. The sound of Mickie's and
Michelle's undeniable moans of enjoyment and the sound of Mickie's crotch
smacking against Michelle ass fill up the room...

Mickie: Oh yeah Michelle! You like it rough! You love life and now I'm
putting you in a better one!


For the second time that night Michelle McCool experienced an orgasm like no
other. The sudden switch from a gentle bounce to a hard pounding really sent
her over the edge. Her body convulsed onto the strap-on dildo that was
attached to Mickie James as her cum flowed onto it. Mickie kept the dildo
stuffed into Michelle's pussy but still tried to push forward at the same
time, clogging the cum in McCool's pussy. When Michelle came down from her
high, her body laid limp on the bed with the dildo still in her pussy. Sweaty
and panting for breath, Michelle McCool had just had the greatest experience
in her young life at the hands of Mickie James.

Michelle: Mickie...that was the best...the best orgasm...I ever...ever...had.

Mickie: Well, you saved me from looking like an idiot out there tonight, so I
had to repay the gesture with my own personal touch.

Michelle: did a lot more than touch...

Mickie: *giggles* That I did...and you sure do love live a lot more now don't

Michelle: You know I do...but do you know what I'd like to do with you now?

Mickie: What's that?

Michelle: I'd like to lick that dildo clean with you.

Mickie: It'll be out pleasure wouldn't it be?

Licking the, removed, strap-on dildo clean of the cum she had left on it,
Michelle McCool could not believe what had just happened. She went to RAW and
did her job, not knowing that she saved Mickie embarrassment, and not knowing
that Mickie was even bi. When Mickie came up to her room, she expected a
compliment or two, better never did she image that Mickie would seduce her,
and ultimately open new doors for her to explore in life. If this was the
reward she got for helping Mickie James once, then Michelle McCool would have
to help her over and over again. She did not know why, but she just couldn't
get enough of the Women's Champion, Mickie James.

After fucking the daylights out of Michelle McCool, Mickie James was on top
of the world in her mind. As she licked her strap-on dildo clean of the cum
Michelle McCool had drenched it with, Mickie saw this as a job well done. Not
only did Mickie James properly thank Michelle McCool, but she also turned her
from being completely straight to being bi-sexual like herself. Now the next
time Mickie was on Smackdown, or Michelle was on RAW, or if they ever meet up
at a hotel, mall, restaurant, or airport, Mickie James and Michelle McCool
could and would continue the exploration of each other's bodies. Having done
what she just did with Michelle McCool made Mickie feel unstoppable. Now, if
she wanted to, Mickie would have the confidence to go after the rest of divas
she saw fit to go after. But for now, Mickie loved having Michelle McCool.
It had been an incredible two weeks for Mickie. This week she seduced,
convinced, and fucked Michelle McCool, and last week she became Women's
Champion for the fourth time. Monday nights for Mickie James will always be
a plus, as the Women's Champion and Michelle McCool, cuddle in the bed
together, naked, and still caressing each one another, until falling asleep
in each other's arms, ending what both saw as a perfect night.

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