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Mickie's Mine Part 4
by MTL (

"I choose..." Mickie yelled loudly, knowing she would need to if she wanted
to get the attention of her fellow WWE divas.

She succeeded, Melina and Trish immediately falling silent and waiting for
Mickie's decision. Not that Mickie was that much closer to deciding.

Both her former and current girlfriend had proven they were as good as each
other, but she knew they wouldn't accept a draw so by choosing she would be
putting an end to any further fighting, or at least shortening it, and most
likely help avoid a physical confrontation.

Mickie didn't have a preference on who would top the other as both Melina and
Trish were super hot and both had big round perfect asses, and while they'd
clearly give her anything she wanted in return for the win she couldn't
currently think of anything she really wanted, other than maybe a rest after
her long fucking. So she was down to how it would affect her in the short
term, and the long term. Whoever she didn't pick would be mad at her, most
likely resulting in some brutal punishment like spanking Mickie's poor bottom
until it was bright red. Not that thought dissuaded her any, although one of
them had the time and the patients to ensure Mickie wouldn't enjoy it.

That was why Mickie chose, "Melina. Melina fucked me better."

"What? Mickie, AHHHHH!" Trish tried to protest before Melina roughly smacked
her ass.

"Ha, looks like that fat ass is all mine." Melina grinned as she advanced on
her prey.

"This, this isn't fair!" Trish argued, "I fucked her way better than you, and
both of you know it! The only reason she picked you was because she's your
girlfriend and she has to live with you."

"Whatever you have to tell yourself, just so long as you bend over." Melina

"No way, I totally won." Trish insisted.

"No I won and now you're my bitch." Melina gloated.

"Fuck you, I want a do-over!" Trish demanded, before looking at Mickie
pleadingly, "Mickie?"

"Trish, don't be a sore loser." Mickie scolded, "Besides, it's not like
you've never bottomed before."

"That's right." Melina grinned as Trish suddenly looked a little pale, "From
what I hear you use to be Lita's bitch. Then Stephanie's. Then Lita's again,
before getting passed around like a total anal whore."

"Shut up." Trish snapped.

"Tell me Trish, is it true what they say?" Melina asked, ignoring Trish's
words, "That for your first three years in the WWE you couldn't go a single
day without an ass fucking? That you would literally cry like a little bitch
if you had to sit down for too long because your butt was so sore and
overused? That for all that time your ass hole was always so loose and gaping
that your meals just went right through you? That the other divas used to
line you, Stacy and Torrie up and see just how much your ass holes could
take, with your whore ass winning every time by being able to stretch wider
and deeper than those happy little bottoms Stacy and Torrie?

"NO! That's... that's an exaggeration." Trish said, her blush somewhat giving
her away before she tried to shrug it off, "I mean, I might have let
Stephanie and Lita fuck my ass, but that was a long time ago."

"What about Beth?" Mickie pointed out.

Noticing just how pale Trish went Melina's face lighted up, "What, THOSE
rumours are true?"

"No." Trish said weakly, looking at Mickie pleadingly.

"Yes." Mickie said softly, before elaborating, "You remember how Beth
originally debuted shortly before Trish left? Well, one night I was going to
meet Trish and I found her riding Beth's strap on."

"MICKIE!" Trish exclaimed.

"I'm sorry Trish, but I want to make sure Melina knows how much you like it
up the ass before she butt fucks you." Mickie said, "Besides, this way
everyone wins. You promised to honour your word and be Melina's bitch for the
night, and in exchange Melina promises not to tell anyone that Beth has been
telling the truth about making your ass her plaything. Right Melina?"

"Right." Melina grumbled, before turning to Trish, "So, if we have a deal,
turn around and pull that strap on down. Slowly."

Trish gritted her teeth and desperately tried to think of a way out but found
none. To try and buy her some time Trish did as she was told, slowly turning
around and pulling the harness down her thighs, making sure to push her well
rounded butt in Melina's direction so the Latina could admire her prize.

"Good girl." Melina said, licking her lips, sitting down and then patting her
thigh, "Now get over here and bend over my knee. I think we should start off
the fun with a little spanking."

Again gritting her teeth Trish slowly moved forwards, scowling angrily at the
grinning Melina the whole time, and when she was standing in front of her
Trish growled, "Enjoy this while it lasts Melina, because I'm going to make
sure you pay for it."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now bend over my knee Stratus." Melina ordered with a
grin, "It's time for you to get your big fat ass spanked!"

Just about resisting the urge to spit in Melina's face Trish slowly lent down
so she was bent over the brunette's knees, Melina's strap on digging into her
stomach as she braced herself in anticipation of a painful spanking.

Immediately Trish's mind flashed back to the last time she'd been spanked, a
tiny shiver running through her body as she remembered Beth's big man hands
brutalising her big butt. It had only been the one time, other than that she
hadn't been forced to take a spanking for almost 5 years, but sometimes she
still thought about it as it was the most painful butt beating she'd ever
received. Before that there had been Victoria, but there was no comparison.
Luckily Melina lacked the physical strength of Beth or Victoria, and probably
wasn't even as strong as Lita, so as long as Trish could keep her cool this
should be bearable. Sort of.

Unfortunately rather than just getting it over with Melina chose to tease
Trish by gently placing her hand down on her full round ass and begin gently
squeezing it in the way a butcher might size up a piece of meat. The thought
of it had Trish blushing with shame and anger, but there was nothing she
could do.

Melina honestly hadn't meant this teasing to go on for very long but she
couldn't help it. In fact it was all she could do to stop herself from
gushing about how perfect Trish's juicy ass was. How she couldn't get enough
of those big meaty ass cheeks, and when Melina spread them wide so she could
get a perfect view of Trish's ass hole the Latina honestly thought she was
going to cum on the spot. But complementing Trish would set the wrong tone
and Melina really didn't want to stroke the massive ego of the seven times
women's champion.

So when Melina did finally say something it was, "Do you know how long I've
been waiting for this Trish?"

"Ever since I popped your anal cherry and made you my bitch?" Trish offered.

"No, way before that ever happened. It was when I first saw you in the WWE,
prancing around in those little outfits and wiggling this big juicy ass. I
mean fuck, no wonder you were being ass fucked every night." Melina murmured,
becoming lost for a moment before adding, "And I'm sure each one of those ass
fuckings was really hard. That it hurt a little during, and a lot after. But
trust me Trish, you haven't felt anything yet. The things I'm going to do to
these big fat cheeks, and this tiny little hole in between them, will change
you're fucking life. Because of this night, and I promise you this Trish, you
will never be able to sit down without thinking about me again."

Ignoring the fear rushing through her Trish spat back, "Yeah well, you just

Without warning Melina started viciously beating Trish's butt with every
ounce of her strength, waiting until Trish was biting her lip to silence her
cries of pain before finally switching to a much slower and almost gentle
pace. Each blow was at the very least hard, Melina more often than not using
all her strength, but she chose to take time so she could enjoy the sight of
Trish's meaty cheeks jiggling at the force of each blow.

Melina also found it easier to spread the strikes out all over Trish's big
bubble butt. Not that it was possible to miss such a big target, but instead
of concentrating on pretty much one or two spots like she had at first Melina
was easily able to spank every inch of Trish's fat ass, making those juicy
cheeks a much more well distributed shade of pink rather than leaving a
couple of handprints in one place.

Once Trish's big ass was a nice little shade of pink Melina started
concentrating on one spot again, increasing the speed of those forceful blows
as she did so to make Trish let out a loud cry of pain. Not that the blonde
was doing a very good job of hiding it in the first place, Melina honestly
surprised how quickly the mighty Trish Stratus started whimpering, screaming
and even crying, albeit softly, as Melina did a number on the blonde's fat
butt. Which of course only made the whole experience sweeter for Melina, who
was already totally in heaven spanking the mighty Trish Stratus and making
her juicy bubble butt slowly change colour under the power of her hand.

It had been a very, very long time since Trish had taken a spanking and
truthfully she'd never been good at taking them. Keeping even a semblance of
dignity was all but impossible as her ass had always been very sensitive so
even a mildly hard spanking could bring tears to her eyes. Or maybe that was
just from frustration. Either way this spanking was anything but mild,
Melina's blows bad enough when there was a pause between them. When it was a
constant attack of spanks Trish almost literally couldn't stand it.

Nevertheless to try and save face when there was a sudden lull in the
spanking Trish called out, "Is that the best you got?"

Melina grinned widely. Trish had fallen into her trap.

"Mickie..." Melina called out as she turned to her girlfriend, "Go get the

Trish felt a shiver running through her body just at the mention of that
thing, but she did her best to keep her cool. Sure, she had personally never
had to deal with such an indignity, but after getting spanked by Beth's and
Victoria's big man hands surely she could take this. After all, how bad could
it be?

Trish quickly got an answer she really didn't like for that question, Melina
bringing the paddle down on the blonde's butt seemingly as hard as she could
the second it was in her hands. Then Melina somehow found a way to spank
Trish harder with that horrible toy, so much so that no matter how hard she
tried Trish couldn't even reduce her cries of agony. Gritting her teeth,
biting her hands, placing her hands over her mouth, nothing seemed to make a
difference and to make matters worse there were tears flowing down her
cheeks. And worse of all Melina showed no signs of stopping, and looking back
Trish could see a evil gleam in the other diva's eyes which made it seem like
the Latina could do this for hours.

It was that thought which made Trish finally break, "STOP! PLEASE STOP! I

"Anything, huh?" Melina grinned, finally stopping, "You going to take it in
the ass like a good girl?"

"YES!" Trish said, blushing as she realised she had to add, "I'll take it in
the ass like a good girl!"

"Ok then, go get the lube you were using to get your strap on ready for my
ass hole, that is before Mickie told you she's mine, making you a fucking
loser!" Melina ordered, watching with glee as Trish slowly did as she was
told, "Now rub it into my cock. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of chances to
suck it after it spent some quality time inside your fat ass, but for now
just imagine how it's going to feel inside you. Rub every single inch of that
big strap on and imagine what it's going to feel like pounding your pooper.
Slamming in and out of your tight little shit hole. Ramming into the deepest
depths of your bowels. Brutalising your tiny back door. Completely ruining
your rectum, me butt fucking you Trish until your ass hole is gaping wide

Throughout this little speech Trish stared at the cock with a look of horror
on her face while her hand lazily pumped the shaft, Melina's dildo now
thoroughly coated in lubricant but both WWE divas were in no hurry to get to
the ass fucking, albeit for very different reasons.

"Look at me Trish." Melina said, waiting until she was looking the blonde in
the eyes before adding, "I'm going to destroy your butt hole. I promise you
that, and you're not going to be able to sit or shit right for a week, and
trust me, you're never going to forget the ass fucking I'm about to give you.
But most of all Trish, I promise you when we're done your ass hole is going
to look like the fucking Grand Canyon!"

Trish gulped, briefly looked over at Mickie for some kind of help but her ex-
girlfriend just looked incredibly turned on which led Trish to hung her head
in defeat, "Just get it over with."

"Oh Trish, don't be like that. Not when I can see how hard your nipples are
getting already." Melina grinned, reaching down to grab two big handfuls of
Trish's big tits, her fingers immediately finding those hard nipples,
"Yeahhhh, you're loving this, aren't you Trish? You love the thought of
getting ass fucked by my big dick?"

Trish blushed and protested, "What I love is ass fucking bitches. And I just
ass fucked your girlfriend. That's why I'm still horny. I want some more of
Mickie's ass."

"Well, you're just going to have to settle for my big dick up your fat ass."
Melina said, roughly pinching Trish's nipples before straightening herself up
again and ordering, "Now bend over bitch! I want you on the bed, face down,
ass up, and spreading your big fat ass cheeks for me!"

Melina watched totally captivated with lust as Trish slowly crawled up onto
the bed, pressed her face down to the bed sheets, stuck her ass high in the
air, reached back and spread her big meaty ass wide apart, presenting Melina
with her prize.

After a few long seconds of pretty much just drooling at the sight Melina
slowly got onto the bed, kneeled behind Trish, pressed her strap on against
the blonde's butt hole and said, "Beg for it Trish. Beg me to shove my big
dick up your fat ass!"

Gritting her teeth Trish did as she was told, becoming more frustrated by the
second, "Please Melina... fuck me. Fuck my ass. Shove your stupid strap on up
my ass and get it over with! Ass fuck me you bitch! Fuck my big fat ass!
That's what you want right? I took your anal cherry, completely and utterly
humiliated you, made you my little bitch, and now it's payback time, right?
Well good luck, because I'm not a closet bottom like you. I mean sure, I can
cum from getting ass fucked, and even a second rate top could probably make
me cum from ass fucking, but that doesn't mean I'm some submissive bitch like
you and Mickie. No, I'm always going to be a butt buster, no... no matter
what you do. But... fuck Melina, just do it! Ass fuck me! Please ass fuck me.
Fuck me up my big fat ass. Destroy my butt hole if you can bitch! Make me not
able to sit or shit right for a week, and make my ass hole look like the
Grand Canyon, and whatever else you can think of if you think you've got what
it takes! Just fucking do it! Just get it over with and ass fuck me you

"I believe you'll find you're the bitch here Trish." Melina grinned evilly
before finally pushing forwards, Trish whimpering as the Latina added, "But
since you asked so nicely I will fuck your big fat butt."

Melina had left Trish begging for a long time, the Latina wanting to draw
this out to make it as humiliating and degrading as possible for her rival.
That was also the reason why when she finally placed the tip of her strap on
against Trish's ass hole Melina left it there for quite a while before
finally beginning to push forwards as slowly as she could, making that tiny
puckered hole open in super slow motion. Melina even stopped when the head of
the dildo had almost forced its way inside, leaving Trish's butt hole
stretched extremely wide around the head of the toy in a way which had the
Canadian whimpering pathetically. Then with one quick hard shove Melina
entered Trish's ass, forcing not just the tip but at least a third of the
dildo deep into her defeated opponent's bowels.

The cry of pain Trish let out made the moment perfect, Melina just staring at
where the blonde's butt hole was stretching around her cock for several long
glorious seconds as she savoured finally being able to shove a strap on up
Trish Stratus's big fat ass. Then she let go of the base of her fake dick,
gripped onto the other WWE diva's waist and began slowly but firmly pushing
her strap on cock into Trish's big bubble butt, refusing to stop until her
hips smacked of those big butt cheeks, meaning Melina had got 12 inches of
strap on dildo buried in Trish Stratus's big booty.

Wanting to further revel in this Melina grabbed Trish by her blonde locks and
pulled her roughly upwards, the seven times women's champion crying out in
pain and letting go of her butt cheeks as she was roughly pulled up into the
all fours position.

"HOW DOES IT FEEL TRISH?" Melina screamed almost directly into Trish's ear,

before crying out softly in relief as Melina let go of her hair.

"Ha, we'll see about that bitch!" Melina spat as she began slowly pulling her
strap on out of Trish's butt hole and then quickly thrusting it back in,
grinning wickedly at the little cries of pain and pleasure her defeated
opponent let out a she began fucking her up the ass.

Of course while Melina wanted to make Trish suffer she didn't want to
physically hurt her. Not this way. Sure, she would delivered the occasional
spank to Trish's big round ass and pull the blonde's hair, but Melina knew
from experience that this could just add to the submissive pleasure Trish was
now no doubt feeling. That was much different than trying to painfully tear
apart a back passage, something a WWE diva would never do to another no
matter how much she hated her. Besides, it was so much more rewarding to
pleasurably stretch a back passage as Melina knew from experience that there
was no greater feeling of power than making another women's wrestler scream
in pleasure from being fucked in the ass.

Those screams of pleasure were inevitable, but in this case they seem to come
incredibly quickly. It was perhaps even only a minute into the butt fucking
that Trish began moaning like an anal whore, which of course didn't go
unnoticed by Melina who chuckled at the blonde's expense before pulling her
hair back and began gloating, "I knew it. I knew deep down you were nothing
but an anal whore. That you fucking love taking it up the ass. That all your
tough talk is just for show. You're no top Trish. You're a bottom who wants
to be butt fucked."

"Fuck you." Trish moaned.

"Yeahhhh Trish, that's exactly what I'm doing to you." Melina grinned, "I'm
fucking you. I'm fucking you up the ass. I'm fucking the seven times women's
champion Trish Stratus up her big fat ass and she's clearly loving every
second of it given the way she's moaning like a total anal whore!"

Trish gritted her teeth, continuing to only moan like an anal whore in
response as Melina hurled verbal abuse at her as she continued ass fucking
the blonde bitch, Melina grinning wickedly as it became clear that no matter
how hard Trish tried she just couldn't keep her moans quiet. This continued
to be the case as Melina increased the pace of her thrusts, quickly making
Trish scream in pure pleasure as she began pounding her pooper with every
ounce of her strength, making the blonde's big round ass cheeks jiggled
gelatinously with the impact of every thrust.

For a few wonderful moments Trish thought that her humiliation would be
brief. That Melina had used all her energy fucking Mickie's big fat butt,
and/or was just so horny at this point that all she wanted to do was give
Trish a brutal rectum wrecking and make them both cum hard. Unfortunately
those hopes were quickly dashed as Melina slammed Trish's shitter to the edge
of climax and then slowed down just in time to prevent it. From then on
Melina showed off her skills as a butt fucker by constantly bringing Trish oh
so close to an orgasm but denying her every time which drove the record-
breaking seven times champion absolutely crazy.

The very worst part of it was that throughout this admittedly very skilful
butt fucking Trish just couldn't keep her mouth shut. She was screaming, and
moaning, and groaning, and even whimpering in undeniable pleasure, and no
amount of lip/hand biting or teeth grinding could silence her. Even burying
her face in the covers did little to hide her enjoyment, and that it was
obvious that was what she was trying to do only made the whole situation even
more humiliating.

It just... it just felt so good.

When she had lost her anal cherry to Lita it had quickly become clear to
Trish that she had an incredibly sensitive rectum. It not only relaxed
quickly to being stretched but was amazingly easy to stimulate, Trish able to
have far faster and stronger orgasms from having her ass pounded then having
her pussy fucked. Unfortunately for her Lita had only been too happy to share
this joyous news, her fellow divas spending the next few years shoving all
sorts of obscenely big things up her slutty ass and laughing at her as she
came from the rough abuse. It had been unbelievably humiliating and Trish had
worked hard to change her image from a bottom to a top so she wouldn't have
to go through such degrading pleasure again. So what was happening with
Melina now was pretty much her worst nightmare come true.

While Trish was in a pleasurable hell Melina was in a pure heaven. Honestly
between the tightness of Trish's butt hole and those big meaty butt cheeks
jiggling against her thighs Melina could have spent hours pounding the
blonde's pooper just like this. However eventually she would tire from that,
and before that happened Melina wanted to completely and totally humiliate
the mighty Trish Stratus.

So without warning Melina pulled her strap on dildo out of Trish's butt, took
a moment to admire her defeated opponent's already nicely loosening back
hole, then roughly smacked Trish's ass and said, "Ok bitch, that was fun but
there's no way I'm doing all the work so come get on top of me. I want you to
ride my dick with your big fat ass."

"You mean you're too tired, weak and lazy to continue." Trish grumbled as she
crawled on top of Melina who was now lying on her back.

"Trust me you little bimbo, soon you're going to find just how tired, weak
and lazy I am." Melina said threateningly as she roughly smacked Trish's ass
again, "Now get on this dick. Facing me so I can see those big juicy titties
of yours bouncing for me while you're riding my big hard cock with your big
fat ass! Yeahhhhhh, that's it bitch, get that dick back up your slutty fat
butt. Mmmmmm, yeah that's it Trish, all the way down on that dick. Take every
fucking inch deep inside your tiny little shit hole! Mmmmmm yeah, take it!"

With a big grin on her face Melina watched as Trish slowly reached down to
grab the cock which had already thoroughly rearranged her rectum, lined the
tip up with her still gaping ass hole and forced herself downwards. Trish let
out this adorable little cry as her pooper was once again penetrated, but
then let out a noticeable moan of pleasure as she slowly lowered herself
downwards, her now loosened and horny butt hole taking every inch of Melina's
strap on inside it with ease.

What was even more telling about Trish's current state was that it wasn't
long before the seven times WWE women's champion began bouncing up and down
on Melina's cock at a steady pace, that steady pace slowly but surely
increasing until the now perhaps formally proud top was impaling her own ass
on that big dildo like a shameless anal whore. In fact Trish was acting like
such an anal whore that she was reminding Melina of her beloved Mickie, which
was really saying something because of all the women Melina had ass fucked
over the years none had loved it more than her girlfriend. It seemed that
deep down Trish was just an anal whore waiting to be put in her place, and
Melina was just the dominant diva to do it.

Suddenly sensing Trish was about to cum Melina started brutally beating
Trish's butt, the full flesh jiggling from the impact as the brunette let out
a primal scream of, "STOP IT! STOP IT! I ORDER YOU TO FUCKING STOP!"

When that didn't work Melina roughly grabbed Trish's hips, Mickie quickly
helping so they could prevent the blonde's orgasm.

It proved difficult but they succeeded, the record times women's champion
whimpering pathetically, "Please... I... I need to..."

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU NEED BITCH!" Melina screamed in Trish's ear, grabbing
a fistful of the blonde's hair and moving her head so they were face to face,

"Ye, yes Melina." Trish whimpered.

"Good." Melina growled, before spitting in Trish's face and then slapping it
roughly, "Now start moving nice and slow for your owner bitch. I told you, I
want to see those titties bounce for me."

To Melina's delight Trish did as she was told, making her big full tits
bounce up and down hypnotically as she slowly impaled her own ass hole on
that big dildo. It was an amazing sight Melina became lost in for what seemed
like an eternity, then she moved her body up and buried her face in those big
boobs. She literally motorboated them for a few seconds, then Melina grabbed
two handfuls of Trish's magnificent rack and pulled first one, then the other
nipple into her mouth for a passionate sucking.

Trish blushed, cried, whimpered and moaned at this treatment, Melina clearly
becoming lost in sucking on her big tits. This made continuing to fuck
herself on that strap on kind of awkward and after a few moments Trish slowed
to a stop, hoping Melina wouldn't notice. She did.

"KEEP BOUNCING BITCH!" Melina screamed loudly as she gave Trish's big boobs a
hard double slap, "Keep bouncing on that big dick of mine while I'm enjoying
these big juicy tits of yours! Mmmmmm, soooooo big and juicy. Just like MY
Mickie. Mmmmmm, ha, I don't know why you bother acting like a top Trish. With
these big titties you're clearly meant to be someone's bitch. Like mine.
Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, your my bitch now Trish. My big tittied bitch!"

Trish had to clench her teeth not to point out that Melina had a pair of big
tits herself so by that logic Melina was meant to be someone's bitch too, but
she knew from experience what a comment like that would result in. After all
this wasn't the first time she'd heard such a stupid statement before. In
fact this infuriating statement made Trish flash back to her one and only
time with Beth Phoenix. The night Beth Phoenix had made Trish her bitch.

It was Beth's first day on the main roster and as usual Trish had confronted
the new recruit, making it clear that she was the top dog in the diva's
locker room. Beth had laughed in her face and before Trish knew it she was
over Beth's knee receiving a humiliating spanking, the first she had in
years. After that she had been shoved face first into Beth's tits, pussy and
ass, Trish putting up a fight when it came to the stronger blonde's boobs but
a few more slaps to her sore butt and Trish was eagerly sucking on Beth's
tits, eating her pussy and licking her ass. Then the ultimate humiliation, a
thick strap on cock buried balls deep in Trish's ass hole. The Glamazon had
brutally slammed Trish's butt in every position the Canadian was aware of,
and a few she didn't, and by the end of it Trish's butt hole had been gaping
wider than ever before, the proud former women's champion completely and
utterly broken.

One particular position had seemed to last for hours, that's being Beth
forcing Trish to bounce up and down as the Glamazon lovingly sucked on the
Canadian's big tits. That's exactly the hell Trish now found herself in only
this time it was at the hands of the weaker Melina, however what was
surprising was just how similar they were in skill and determination,
Melina's mouth, tongue and hands working over Trish's big boobs like a total
pro and reducing the usually dominant blonde to a whimpering wreck.

The only difference was while Beth remained quiet throughout Melina was only
too happy to keep up her taunting, "Yeah Trish, good bitch, keep bouncing.
Keep bouncing just like that. Keep bouncing your tight little ass hole up and
down my big strap on cock and make these big juicy titties jiggle in my hands
while I suck them! Mmmmmmm, fuck, why did you have to retire so soon Trish?
More to the point why did you have to pretend to be a top when I could have
been sucking on these big juicy titties and fucking that fat ass of yours for
years? Huh? Why did you have two pretend to be a top?"

"I am a top." Trish whimpered, sounding a little unsure of herself even
though she totally wasn't.

"We'll see." Melina smirked, "For now how about you turn around? Because
honestly I could suck on your big juicy tits all night, but just the thought
of your fat ass has got me wanting to see those meaty cheeks jiggling for me
again. Come on bitch, move it! AND DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE LET MY COCK FALL

Whimpering softly Trish did as she was told, slowly turning around until she
was facing away from Melina, the whole time making sure that not an inch of
the dildo was removed from her rectum. Once she was in position Trish began
bouncing again at the same slow but steady pace she'd been anally riding the
strap on before. Apparently this was now no longer enough.

"Faster bitch, faster!" Melina yelled as she slapped Trish's big ass, making
those rounded cheeks jiggle from each slap, "Move that big fat ass! Mmmmm
fuck yeah, oh that's fucking beautiful! Oh Trish, I just can't get enough of
your big fat ass. I love staring at it, feeling it up, SPANKING IT, but most
of all I love fucking it. And right now your big juicy bubble butt is going
to get fucked, with you bouncing up and down again without making yourself
cum while I watch your big fat ass cheeks jiggle for me. You understand me

"Yes Melina." Trish grumbled, again quick to obey the command, fucking her
own ass hole as hard as she could on that toy without making herself cum, at
this point diving into energy reserves which she had been saving to help her
butt fuck Melina which were now being used to help humiliate herself.

Faced in this direction Trish was able to see Mickie again, who she had kind
of forgotten about, the submissive WWE diva fingering herself to Trish's
humiliation. Trish briefly took comfort in the fact that Mickie was lying on
her side, a clear sign that thanks to the Canadian poor little Mickie was now
no doubt trying to avoid resting any weight on her sore bottom, the
submissive brunette most likely being unable to sit down for several hours if
not days after the rough butt fucking Trish had given her. Unfortunately that
thought just led to Trish wondering how many hours or even days it would take
for her to be able to sit down again, Trish's butt already so sore that the
seven times women's champion wondered if she'd ever even be able to sit down

It used to be so humiliating for Trish, to have to avoid sitting down
whenever possible and then squirming in pain when it became unavoidable. And
any diva who had ass fucked her would just look at her with this knowing
smirk, and then normally whisper some kind of mocking comment into her ear.
It was one of the many things which motivated her to become one of the divas
who got to mock the submissive bottoms who struggled to sit down from all the
constant butt fucking they would receive from the dominant divas.

Just then, as there was a break in Melina's constant verbal abuse, Mickie
called out, "Mmmmm, you look so sexy with that dick up your ass Trish. Mmmmm
soooo fucking sexy. I didn't really get a good look at Beth butt fucking you,
but from what I could see you loved it. You were moaning just like you are
now, your big boobs looking so amazing as they jiggled while you impaled
yourself on Beth's cock. Then she made you bend over for her, remember? Your
tits were jiggling even more then, Beth's thighs smacking into your big butt
so hard I'm surprised everyone in the building didn't hear, especially
considering how loudly you were screaming in pleasure. I wanna see you do
that now Trish. I wanna see you screaming in pure pleasure from having your
ass fucked. I know exactly how good it feels to let go and completely submit,
and so do you, don't you Trish? Mmmmmm, I know you haven't forgotten what it
was like to be butt fucked have you? To have your most private of holes
fucked, another woman completely and utterly dominating you, mmmmmm, there's
nothing quite like it in the world is there?"

"Shut up Mickie." Trish whimpered.

"You know I'm telling you the truth." Mickie grinned, "I know you loved
having Beth's cock up your ass. And Lita's, and Stephanie's. I never got to
see them do it, but after you left Lita told me in detail how she used to
stretch your ass all the time. She even showed me how she used to do it and
damn, Lita is one amazing ass fucker. I'm surprised you even bothered turning
the tables on her considering how hard she made me cum when she fucked my
ass. Beth and Stephanie are amazing ass fuckers too. Mmmmmm, just thinking
about them makes my ass hole quiver. And there were others too, weren't there
Trish? Like say... Candice."

"Candice! Candice Michelle? Her? Really?" Melina smirked.

"Really." Mickie confirmed, "Apparently after losing like half a dozen times
she bet Trish she could beat her on a house show with the most frequently
used WWE diva stipulation of loser is the winner's bitch, and then Candice
beat her."

"She cheated." Trish grumbled weakly, "Ohhhhhh, rolled me up. Got a handful
of tights."

"And then she spent the night pounding your ass." Mickie grinned, quickly
adding, "Which yeah, you totally got her back for by beating her the next
night and turning her ass hole into a gaping crater, but she told me it was
totally worth it. Mmmmmm, Candice said that your big butt was a slice of
heaven, that feeling your meaty ass cheeks jiggle against her thighs was
incredible and she never had the pleasure of fucking an ass hole quite that
tight before. Not that it was tight at the end of the night, Candice saying
that your ass hole looked so cute and gaping when she was done with it. She
also said that you came like a whore from being ass fucked."

"Shut up Mickie." Trish blushed, "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

Ignoring her Mickie continued, "You wanna know something Trish? Candice even
called you the best piece of ass she ever had, second only maybe to Torrie or
me. Mmmmmm, she's such a great butt buster, isn't she Trish? Me and her were
kind of dating for about a month and she pretty much spent every second of it
fucking my ass. I don't think she ever even touched my pussy she was so
obsessed with my big butt. And I loved every second of it, but truth be told
Melina treats me better. She takes care of all my needs, and she's like the
best butt fucker ever, isn't she Trish? Can't you just feel Melina slowly
turning your ass hole back into a fuck hole? Her big strap on rearranging
your bowels to accept nice big girl cocks deep inside your butt? Your fat ass
becoming a receptacle for big juicy dicks, just like it was when you first
arrived in the WWE? Mmmmmm, you remember that, don't you Trish?"

"I bet everyone does." Melina laughed, "MMMMMMM, I wish I was around back
then. I would have been inside this big fat ass of yours every single night!"

Trish blushed furiously. It wasn't enough for Melina to humiliate her, now
Mickie had to join in? How was that fair? And how dare Mickie remind her of
that? How dare she remind her of all those times she was the entertainment
for the dominant divas. The likes of Stephanie, Lita and even Torrie would
pass her around like a piece of meat, each of them using Trish's big bubble
butt for their pleasure, along with every other part of her body, all of them
laughing at her and verbally humiliating her just like Melina and Mickie were
doing. Well Trish got her revenge on those divas, had ass fucked Stephanie,
Lita, Torrie, Candice and all the others until their ass holes were gaping
wide, had proved her dominance over them, and she would do the same to Melina
and Mickie. Especially Melina. Yes, Trish was going to fuck Melina's ass so
hard that the bitch who was now fucking her ass would never, ever be able to
sit right again.

Just then Melina's words brought Trish from out of her thoughts, the blonde
crying out loudly as the Latina delivered half a dozen vicious blows to her
already incredibly sore ass and yelled, "Did you hear me bitch?"

"No!" Trish admitted angrily, "I stopped listening to you two sluts ages

"Well. It. Better. Not. Ever. Happen. Again." Melina said, emphasising every
word with a spank, "Now like I said, I could watch your big fat ass jiggling
against my thighs all night, but honestly what I really want now is to see
you spreading those fat butt cheeks of yours so I can get a really good look
at your ass hole bouncing up and down on my dick! You got it now Trish?"

Trish opened her mouth to give Melina and insulting comeback, but thought
better of it. Her ass had already taken so much abuse, and really what was
the point? So with her shoulders slumping in defeat Trish gritted her teeth
and slowly did as she was told.

Melina grinned wickedly as she watched Trish slowly reach back and spread
those big meaty ass cheeks of hers. Of course while Trish's ass cheeks were
meaty and full Melina had still been able to see her strap on disappearing
and reappearing from the blonde's butt hole perfectly well, and even though
this gave Melina a slightly better look at Trish's well stretched ass hole
the real joy of this was forcing the seven times WWE women's champion to once
again pull apart her fat ass cheeks in submission to the dominant diva who
had defeated her.

This was the type of submission that Melina crave to see, hence why Mickie
and all the other divas Melina had sodomised had gone through this exact same
treatment. Maria, Kelly, Torrie, Maryse, Lita and even Stephanie McMahon had
bounced up and down like this on Melina's strap on dick, spreading their ass
cheeks in submission so Melina could enjoy how their misused ass holes looked
being fucked. She had also smacked their asses and call them names, however
with a few exceptions like Lita and Stephanie this was better. This was
special. This was Melina proving once and for all she was the most dominant
diva in WWE history, a fact she was only too happy to revel in.

Melina became so lost in watching Trish Stratus's butt hole bouncing up and
down on her cock that she lost all track of time, hours seeming to pass until
finally the Latina heard an ever so faint, "Please Melina..."

Grinning widely Melina asked, "Please what Trish?"

There was a long silence and then clearly in desperate need of release the
mighty Trish Stratus whimpered, "Please let me cum."

Melina was known for her big grins, but the one that crossed her face at that
moment was possibly her biggest ever.

Here was the 'untouchable' Trish Stratus literally begging her for mercy.
Begging to cum from anally riding her dick. The seven times women's champion
who was used to having her way both in and out of the ring now begging
Melina's permission to finally slam her ass hard enough on that strap on to
make herself cum, as if that was going to be the end of Trish's torment.

It was like Melina could taste Trish's humiliation, and it tasted sweet. She
had to get more of that sweet flavour, "You wanna cum? Then tell me something
Trish... who does Mickie belong too?"

Automatically Trish opened her mouth to say 'me' however stop herself just in
time, knowing that if she did she would be punished with another spanking or
another few excruciating minutes without orgasm. Most likely both. So
gritting her teeth Trish told Melina what she wanted to hear, "You... Mickie
belongs to you. She's yours, not mine. She's your bitch."

"Like you, huh?" Melina grinned.

Again gritting her teeth Trish said, "Yeah... like me."

"Because you're what Trish?" Melina pushed.

Telling herself they were only words Trish softly said, "I'm your bitch."

"Trish... my dick is in your ass. I've been fucking you up the ass for quite
awhile now, and got you riding my big hard strap on dick with your tight
little ass hole. You're even spreading those big fat cheeks of yours so I can
get a real good look at your widely stretch ass hole bouncing up and down on
my dick, taking it in all the way inside your ass. You think that means
you're a top right now Trish? Because it doesn't. What it means is right now
you're a bottom. A slutty little bottom who loves taking big cocks up her big
fat ass so much that she is willing to do or say anything to cum. So I don't
care who or what you think you are Trish, because right now you're a bitch!
You're my bitch! Now say it like you mean it or I won't let you cum for
another hour!" Melina threatened.

Trish gritted her teeth and imagined all the things she was going to do to
Melina the next time they met. But... she was perhaps more desperate than
she'd ever been to cum, so Trish knew she was not only going to tell Melina
exactly what it was she wanted to hear but use all of her acting talents to
make it as believable as she possibly could. The problem was that deep down
Trish wasn't so sure she would simply be telling Melina what she wanted to

As much Trish hated to admitted, even to herself, Melina was right. At this
particular moment Trish was Melina's bitch. Trish could ass fuck Melina and
every other WWE diva a thousand times each until they were nothing but her
submissive bitches and it wouldn't change the fact that right now Melina was
totally and completely dominating her, making the multiple times women's
champion abuse her own ass hole on a dildo for the pleasure of the two
brunettes, Trish nothing in this moment but Melina's bitch. And worst of
all... Trish liked it.

It shamed Trish beyond belief but taking a strap on cock up her ass and the
words of the two brunettes was not just making her remember all those times
she was ass fucked during the first part of her WWE career. They were also
making her remember all the orgasms she'd had while being butt fucked. All
those amazing, body trembling, mind melting, soul shaking orgasms which had
turned Trish into a shameless anal whore, casting aside whatever dignity
remained after being anally violated so she could beg for more of that
heavenly pleasure. And Trish was terrified of losing control like that again,
because she had managed to turn things around the first time and become a top
but maintaining that position was incredibly hard after taking an ass

However Trish really, really needed to cum so, deciding she could worry about
staying a top later, the record setting seven times women's champion
momentarily embracing her submissive side in the hopes of making Melina
believe what she was saying, "Melina, I'm... I'm your bitch."

"Louder." Melina pushed.

"I'm your bitch!" Trish yelled.

"LOUDER." Melina screamed.

"I'M YOUR BITCH!" Trish screamed back.

"Now tell Mickie." Melina demanded, "Take your hands off your ass cheeks,
straighten up and look you're former bitch in the eye and tell her what you
are and who she belongs too!"

Momentarily Trish gritted her teeth, then she quickly took her hands off her
ass cheeks, straighten up and then slowly looked at Mickie and softly but
firmly said, "I am Melina's bitch, just like you Mickie. You're her bitch.
You're hers. You belong to Melina Perez, not me, mmmmmm, we're both her
bitches, fuck Melina, let me cum! I've said everything you wanted me to say,
now make me cum!"

"But I'm not sure you really mean it." Melina said with a shrug.

"NO! I mean it, I swear!" Trish said desperately, before screaming, "I'M YOUR

"Ok... I guess I can believe that." Melina grinned happily, "You can make
yourself cum now."

The moment Melina gave her permission Trish started brutally slamming her own
shitter up and down the massive poll which had been rearranging her bowels
for some time now. And to Melina it didn't just look like a humiliated top
trying to get this over with. No, the mighty Trish Stratus looked like a
total anal whore finally embracing her true self after pretending to be a top
for a ridiculously long time, perhaps even grateful that a real top had
finally put her in her place.

Honestly Melina thought it was kind of sad and pathetic just how totally
Trish seemed to break. Then again from the sounds of it the blonde was having
some truly incredible orgasms, Trish screaming hysterically and shaking
violently as she relentlessly pounded her own butt hole up and down on that
strap on cock, Melina just lying back and smirking at her defeated foe as she
obviously experienced multiple orgasms. Perhaps even more orgasms than Mickie
would whenever Melina would butt fuck her beloved girlfriend.

Just thinking about her beloved had Melina turning her head to look over at
the other brunette. Mickie was frantically slamming four fingers of one hand
into her horny cunt while looking like she was probably fisting her own
slutty ass while watching Trish mindlessly pound her own pooper to multiple
climaxes. Mickie obviously came from watching this which triggered Melina's
orgasm, and even though it was mostly the clit stimulator and humiliating
Trish which did the trick it felt like Melina mostly came over the fact that
her girlfriend would never again view Trish Stratus has anything remotely
like a top.

Melina had an idea how to make absolutely sure of that, but first she wanted
to give Mickie a treat. So she waited until Trish had made herself cum so
many times Melina was convinced that the blonde was about to pass out, then
she forcefully pushed her defeated rival off of her cock and turned her
attention to her girlfriend.

"Mickie, get over here and suck my cock!" Melina ordered.

Even though she was oh so close to another orgasm Mickie was quick to obey,
pulling her fingers out of her own cunt and ass, briefly sucking them clean
before crawling over to swallow the head of Melina's strap on. The second her
lips wrapped around the base Mickie let out a long moan of pleasure as her
taste buds were hit with a flavour she never thought she would have the
privilege of tasting, the deepest part of Trish's ass.

Sure, Mickie had spent hours with her face buried in between Trish's big
pillowy ass cheeks, but this was different. This dildo had reached into the
deepest depths of Trish's bowels, a place Mickie's tongue could have never
possibly reached, the flavour being far more delicious possibly because of
the sheer depravity of it all. The same was true whenever Mickie sucked on a
strap on which had violated her own butt, or the butt of another WWE diva,
yet because this was Trish it was special. It reminded her a lot of cherished
memories of tasting Melina's butt on Trish's strap on years ago, Mickie
joyfully sucking this strap on just as much as that particular one.

The downside was that Mickie was so eager that she cleaned the head of the
toy in what seemed like seconds, and it didn't seem to take much longer for
Mickie to take the entire length of the dildo down her throat. Of course even
though the heavenly juice seemed to be sucked away too quickly Mickie
continued to ravenously deep throat the strap on, much to Melina's clear

"Yeahhhhh Mickie, deep throat that big dick! Deep throat every single inch of
my big dick which was just in the deepest part of Trish's fat ass!" Melina
beamed happily, before turning her attention to her defeated rival who had
fallen off the bed and was now whimpering on the floor clutching her aching
backside, "And speaking of Trish's fat ass, let's see what damage I've done
to it shall we? Let's see how badly I destroyed Trish's ass hole. Or should
that be how badly I made her destroy her own ass hole? Ha, whatever. Trish,
show me your fat ass. Stand up, bend over and spread your big round ass
cheeks so I can see your gaping ass hole."

Melina grinned joyfully as she heard a pathetic sounding whimper of
embarrassment from Trish before the seven times women's champion slowly got
up onto her feet, having to use the bed to help herself up. Then Trish gave
Melina a look which was probably supposed to be defiant and angry, but all
Melina saw was a defeated bitch trying and failing to look tough. That's all
Melina continued to see as Trish broke eye contact and blushed before the
horrified Canadian surrendered to her latest humiliation, Melina practically
drooling as she watched Trish slowly turn around, bend over and spread her
well rounded ass cheeks.

For a few long moments Melina just stared at the beautiful sight that was now
before her, committing every part of it to memory. Just how widely Trish's
ass hole was now gaping was only part of it. There was also just how deep she
could see into Trish's bowels via the gaping crater which used to be so
tightly closed. And how wonderfully red the surrounding flesh was thanks to
all the spanking, both directly from Melina's hand and indirectly from
Melina's thighs constantly smacking against those big meaty cheeks during the
ass fucking. And of course there was Trish's hands submissively spreading
those juicy cheeks, the record-setting champion forced to bend over and
display her gaping ass hole in total submission. And best of all was that
just below the blonde's thoroughly stretched butt hole was Trish's pussy
which had so much cum and cunt cream leaking from it that it not only
couldn't be more clear that Trish loved being ass fucked but the proud former
champion also loved being humiliated like this.

Then Melina licked her lips, grinned wickedly and whistled, "Wow, look at
that well fucked shit hole. I mean seriously, Mickie, I want you to take a
look at this. Stop sucking my cock just for a moment and look at your former
idol and tell me what you see."

Obediently Mickie removed her mouth from the fake cock, turned to look at
where Trish was now displaying herself and after a few seconds murmured, "A

"Yes Mickie, Trish is a bitch." Melina laughed happily, "But tell me exactly
why that's what you think of when you see her like this. I want to hear it."

"Because her ass hole has clearly been thoroughly fucked by a total stud, and
Trish is now displaying that stud's handiwork." Mickie replied immediately.

Grinning widely Melina called out, "You hear that Trish? Your ex-girlfriend
can see you for what you are now."

"Fuck you Melina." Trish whimpered.

"Yeah, we'll be fucking some more in just a minute." Melina laughed cruelly,
"For now just keep showing off your gaping butt hole while Mickie finishes
cleaning your anal juices off my cock. Mmmmmm, yeah Mickie, you suck that
cock. Didn't need much encouragement, did you? No, my girl is a little ass to
mouth slut who can't get enough yummy ass juice. Mmmmmm, and what you really,
really love is the taste of bitch ass. That's why you love the taste of your
own ass so much, and why you love the taste of Trish's ass even more, because
you're both submissive little bitches who love it up the ass!"

Melina continued to throw verbal abuse around but she wasn't really
concentrating on what she was saying. She was far too occupied with switching
her gaze back and forth between Mickie bobbing her head up and down on every
inch of her cock and Trish continuing to display herself. Which for some tops
would have been enough, and the thought of kicking Trish out so Melina could
concentrate on fucking Mickie some more was tempting. However Melina had
other plans for Trish. Plans which involved making sure that Trish's butt
hole ended up looking twice as sore, and being twice as open, as it was right

Meanwhile Trish was ignoring Melina's leers and what she was doing so she
could desperately concentrate on telling herself over and over again she was
a top. Which was something she'd done before, during and after previous ass
fuckings. Hopefully this would be like that time with Beth in that when the
other woman was finally done with her ass hole she would kick Trish out,
leaving the humiliated diva to slowly make her way back to her hotel room on
shaky legs were she could spend the rest of the night lying on her front with
an ice pack resting on her sore, gaping butt hole. That was preferable to
what had happened with Candice.

Not only had Candice insisted on spooning, with Trish as the little spoon,
but she had ass fucked Trish first thing in the morning, twice during the day
and then once more when they were finally in the arena for the next show. Of
course Trish hadn't needed to take those ass fuckings as her obligations only
lasted until the end of the previous night... but there had just been
something about the way Candice had told Trish to bend over which had made
Trish's knees go weak. She had even spread her own butt cheeks before and
after each butt fucking. Before so Trish could beg to get her ass fucked, and
after so she could show off what a great job Candice had done stretching her
ass hole until it was a gaping mess. And throughout every ass fucking Candice
had been constantly making Trish suck her strap on clean of her own butt
juices, clearly taking great pleasure in making Trish go ass to mouth, and
telling Trish she was such a great ass whore, butt slut, anal fuck toy, etc.
The worst part had been after the final butt fuck when Candice had pulled
Trish into her arms, grabbed two handfuls of the blonde's big butt and spoke
the words which had haunted Trish ever since.

Even now Trish could remember every squeeze, every pinch, and every word,
Candice's voice even echoing through her head at that moment, "Trish...
you're the best piece of ass I've ever had. I don't know how you've got it
through your head you're a top, but I think deep down you know you're a
bottom. You came too hard with my dick up your ass for you to be anything
else. And I wanna help you Trish. I wanna make sure that a bottom of your
calibre gets exactly what she needs. To make sure you're constantly spanked,
humiliated and fucked with skill and enthusiasm. And most of all I really
want to make sure this perfect ass of yours doesn't go more than an hour
without being fucked ever again."

"Candice..." Trish had weakly tried to interrupt.

Candice had just ignored her and continued talking, "Not that it will be just
me of course as I'm sure Torrie and Victoria will only be too happy to help
out. Just think about that Trish. All three of us, Vince's Devils, taking it
in turns to fuck your big fat ass. Passing your pooper around like a piece of
meat. Relentlessly using the hole you shit from as a fuck hole for our
pleasure. Not that we won't use your mouth and pussy too, because we will.
Mmmmmm yeah, we'll constantly feed you our pussies and asses, and spend
plenty of time stuffing all your holes to make sure you're nice and air
tight. All you have to do is walk into the women's locker room, pull down
your pants and panties, spread your cheeks and while showing everyone your
freshly fucked ass hole proudly proclaim you're my bitch. Or, if you're not
ready for that, just come find me when you're ready to accept you're a
bottom. Then you can pull down your pants and panties, spread your cheeks and
beg me to ass fuck you and make you my bitch. Or get the words Candice's
Bitch tattooed on your right butt cheek and show me it. I think it would be
really cute, and if you want to know the joy of my cock in your ass again
those words will end up on your ass sooner or later."

"That will never happen." Trish had sworn.

"We'll see." Candice had shrugged, smacked Trish's ass one more time and left
murmuring, "See you later, bitch."

Trish had been so mad that she had pulled up her pants and panties, marched
after Candice and challenged her to a rematch in front of all their fellow
WWE divas. Of course Trish had one that match and spent the next night
fucking Candice's ass, but no matter how hard she ass fucked the other woman
it didn't matter. Candice only seem to revel in submitting to Trish one
minute and the next she would remind Trish just how much fun they both had
the previous evening, how tight Trish's ass hole had been and how great the
words Candice's Bitch would look on Trish's meaty ass cheeks. At the end of
the night Trish had just kicked Candice out and, to her shame, shoved one of
her dildos up her own ass and rammed her own rectum to climax while imagining
it was Candice ass fucking her again.

Since then Trish had imagined being Candice's bitch more times than she would
care to admit, and while she also imagined the equally humiliating scenario
of being butt fucked by Beth, or Lita, or Stephanie again thanks to the vivid
picture Candice had planted in her mind it was normally a freaking Playboy
model who was fucking her up the ass in most of her secret submissive
fantasies. Not that Trish fantasised about such things all the time, just
when she couldn't fight the urge after something had triggered her submissive
side. Now it seemed Melina would be haunting her wet dreams too. What Trish
didn't know was that things were about to get much, much worse for her.

"Trish, go get your strap on and the lube." Melina suddenly called out.

Trish frowned in confusion but quickly did as she was told, happy to be out
of such a humiliating position. It was kind of hard to move given the aching
in her butt, which was also humiliating, however Trish ignored it to
concentrate on the task.

"Mickie, stand up... good, now Trish... strap that dildo around Mickie's
waist and lube it up." Melina ordered, pausing for a moment to enjoy the look
of shock and horror on her two fellow divas' faces before yelling, "Do it!"

As if in a dreamlike state Mickie lifted first one leg up then the other,
stepping into the harness before allowing Trish to slowly pull it up her
thighs and then tighten it around her waist. Wearing the device was
completely alien to Mickie, as was the feeling of something pressing against
her clit like this as Trish hesitantly applied the lubricant to the shaft.

When the dildo was thoroughly coated Melina pulled out, "Good, now get on the
bed Mickie and lie on your back. Excellent, now Trish... go ride Mickie's

"But Mickie's a bottom!" Trish exclaimed angrily.

"Yeah she is. My girl is a pure bottom who's been ass fucked by pretty much
every diva on the roster." Melina grinned, "And you Trish, are going to take
her cock up your ass!"

Trish opened her mouth to complain but then slowly closed it. The two tops,
if Trish was still a top, stared at each other for a few long moments. Then,
clearly embarrassed at the level she was sinking too, Trish slowly got into
position while grumbling, "You'll pay for this Melina."

"We'll see." Melina said dismissively as she watched Trish try and line up
her gaping butt hole with Mickie's new cock, "No, turn away from her and
spread your cheeks. I think it's about time Mickie got a good look at just
how pretty your ass hole is when it's stretching around a cock."

Mickie could practically hear Trish grind her teeth but the blonde didn't say
anything else, Mickie holding the toy... her cock firmly in place as Trish
lined up her gaping ass hole with that cock, spread her ass cheeks wide apart
and started lowering herself downwards.

Mickie's mouth opened slightly as she watched Trish's dildo hungry ass hole
slowly swallow first the head then the shaft of her strap on, the blonde's
loosened rectum taking every inch of the fake cock inside it with ease. Then
Trish started slowly bouncing up and down Mickie's cock, the usually dominant
diva continuing to spread her ass cheeks to give the usually submissive diva
a perfect view of the blonde's butt hole sliding up and down that big dick
while the whole time the mighty Trish Stratus moaned like a total anal whore.

This did not go unnoticed by Melina, "Mmmmmmm yeah, you fucking love having a
dick in your ass, don't you Trish? Oh fuck yeah, that's why you're moaning
again. Moaning like the anal whore you are! And you ARE an anal whore, aren't
you Trish? That's why you came so hard from having my dick up your ass, and
why you clearly love having Mickie's dick up your ass. Or is it still your
dick? I mean I know you technically own it, but since it strapped around
Mickie's waist right now I think we can safely call it her dick. Which I mean
is ironic, right? I mean, that's the dick that took her anal cherry, right?"

"And yours!" Trish interrupted defiantly.

"Yeah, and now it's up your ass!" Melina snapped, before calming herself and
grinning, "Now the cock you used to ass fuck me and Mickie is now fucking you
up the ass. Submissive little Mickie is fucking you up the ass. Well, you're
the one doing all the work, but still, you're the one now taking her cock in
your ass, and from your moans we all know you fucking love having that strap
on cock you used to victimise so many women now being shoved right up your
fat ass, but what I want to know is how do you like it Mickie? How do you
like turning the tables on Trish? How does it feel to ass fuck the mighty
Trish Stratus?"

Mickie thought about this for a long moment and then murmured, "Good. It
feels really good. Trish's ass is so tight."

Melina went on to say a whole lot more but Mickie didn't hear a word of it.
She was far too captivated by the sight before her, and the feelings racing
through her body as her ex-girlfriend and former top slowly bounced her ass
hole up and down on a dildo strapped around her waist.

Mickie had been lucky enough to see many beautiful sights during her
lifetime, and while she would consider Trish's body a work of art any day of
the week seeing the seven times women's champion taking a strap on dildo up
her big juicy ass was almost indescribable. And now not only was Mickie
getting a close-up view of it, the dildo was strapped around her waist. Trish
Stratus was anally riding a dildo which was strapped around her waist. Trish
Stratus was riding her cock. She was fucking Trish Stratus up the ass.

Truthfully Mickie was happy as a bottom and had no desire to become a top.
However Trish Stratus was a goddess so if Mickie was going to be a top for
anyone it would be her, especially considering all that time she was Trish's
bitch. So Mickie took Melina's words to heart and began imagining what would
have happened if she was a little more aggressive. If she wanted to be a top.
If on her first day on the main roster she had turned the tables on her
would-be seducer and had ass fucked the mighty Trish Stratus into submission.

Things would be so different. The other WWE divas would totally see Mickie as
more than just a threaten the ring, but a threat to their ass holes.
Especially if on her second day in the company instead of Mickie being the
one to pull down her skirt and panties and spread her ass cheeks to show off
her gaping ass hole before announcing she was Trish's bitch it had actually
been Trish in her place. What a sight that would have been, the Alpha female
of the locker room Trish Stratus pulling down her tights and panties and then
spreading her butt cheeks to show off her gaping butt hole before announcing
she was Mickie's bitch. Then Mickie would have been the one ass fucking all
those other divas while she pimped Trish's ass out whenever she wasn't using
it for her own pleasure.

For a while Mickie was lost in a daydream while staring at Trish's big bubble
butt bouncing up and down on her cock. Then she got something equally
captivating to watch.

"Take your hands off your ass cheeks and turn around Trish." Melina suddenly
ordered, "Now Mickie's had a good look at your ass hole I want her to get a
close-up look at how great your big tits look bouncing up and down. Come on,
let's see those big titties. Mmmmmm yeah, jiggle those big titties you
fucking slut!"

Again Trish blushed slightly at the order but did as she was told, grateful
to let go of her sore ass cheeks if only because it gave greater leveraged to
slam her horny ass hole up and down on Mickie's cock. Unfortunately it meant
she had to look Mickie in the eye, or more accurately found her eyes
wandering to Mickie's. Fortunately Mickie was too busy staring at Trish's big
bouncing boobs, which was still something of an embarrassment to Trish but at
least she didn't have to look her former bitch in the eye.

As if she was able to read her mind Melina then said, "Good Trish. Now make
yourself cum. Make yourself cum while you're riding Mickie's dick. That's it,
harder, ride that dick, mmmmmm, yeah bitch, slam your shit hole up and down
on the strap on cock belonging to the girl you used to ass fuck all the time
and call your bitch. Mmmmmm yeah, ride your former bitch's cock. And look her
in the eye while doing it. I want you staring into her eyes when you cum on
her cock, because if you don't I'm going to beat the hell out of your butt

There was a good chance it was a bluff, especially seeing as a glanced over
her shoulder told Trish that Melina's eyes were so busy staring at her
jiggling ass cheeks that she probably wouldn't notice if Trish at least
closed her eyes when she came. However the second Trish locked eyes with
Mickie she couldn't look away. She tried, but there was just something
drawing her in.

Maybe it was the look on Mickie's face. Like she couldn't believe the mighty
Trish Stratus was riding her dick. That Trish was submitting so totally to
Melina that she would anally ride the dick of a total bottom like Mickie
James. That the woman who gave Mickie so many brutal butt fuckings would be
reduced to such a submissive anal slut. Or maybe Trish was the one who
couldn't believe it. That she was looking down now at a WWE diva she had
owned and for once it was Mickie's dick in Trish's ass, not the other way
around. That even though Trish had ass fucked Mickie countless times, and
each one of those times left Mickie's ass hole gaping so wide that the
women's title could probably have fit inside it, this was the ass fucking
they were both likely to remember the most. Because Trish might have come
here tonight to fuck Mickie's big fat ass again, and she might have done just
that, but it was now Trish's big fat ass which was being fucked, and not only
would Mickie never look at her the same way again but Trish would never look
at herself the same way again.

Variations of these thoughts were going through Trish's mind which poured
gasoline on the raging fires which were the total humiliation she felt and
the lust which was consuming her traitorous body. Then all of a sudden she
was cumming. Hard. Like mind bogglingly so. Her cum shot out like a fountain
over Mickie's stomach, some even reaching the brunettes big boobs. And it
just kept coming. Trish just kept cumming. And it honestly didn't feel like
she had a choice in the matter, her horny body just relentlessly hammering
herself up and down on the big fake cock, the whole time Trish staring into
the eyes of her former bitch.

Of course Melina kept up her taunting, "YESSSSSSSS, CUM TRISH! YEAH, CUM ON

Without hesitation Mickie grabbed hold of Trish's hips and began thrusting
upwards, Trish immediately cumming with an extra ear piercing scream. The
climax was even more powerful than the ones that had come before, as were the
ones that followed this initially incredible orgasm. Not that Mickie was a
great butt fucker or anything. She lacked skill and confidence, simply
randomly thrusting upwards into Trish's butt. However each of those awkward
thrusts drove the dildo nice and deep into Trish's bowels and meant that now
Trish was being literally ass fucked by her former bitch, a humiliation so
great Trish literally blacked out for a few moments, her sweat drenched body
collapsing down on Mickie's equally sweaty carcass in what Trish hoped would
be the end of her torment.

It wasn't.

For a few moments Melina watched in amusement as Mickie continue to thrust
into Trish's big ass in an attempt to please her. Then she called out,
"Mickie, stop."

The second Mickie did Melina started wailing on Trish's big booty, spanking
it so hard that those big meaty cheeks jiggled with every blow. Trish quickly
awoke, screamed and begged for mercy but Melina ignored her, continuing to
spank Trish for at least a minute before finally stopping, grabbing a handful
of blonde hair and growling into her ear, "Trish... you know how you used to
double stuff Mickie's ass? And Lita's? And Stacy's? Well, guess what's going
to happen now?"

Suddenly wide-awake Trish whimpered, "No Melina! Please no! I've never done
that before. My ass hole can't take it."

"Did Mickie ever say that? Or anyone else?" Melina questioned.

"That's different. They were anal whores." Trish argued lamely.

"Well that works out, because now you're my anal whore." Melina growled,
quickly adding, "And it doesn't fucking matter what you say, you're about to
get double ass fucked. So I suggest you be a good girl and spread your
fucking cheeks for me. Then maybe I'll go easy on you."

Briefly Trish considered threatening Melina, or begging for mercy, or trying
to offer the current WWE diva anything she wanted in return for not shoving a
second dildo up her ass. But Trish new it was useless. That after their
history the only thing Melina wanted from her was her double anal cherry, and
the Latina bitch was right, there was nothing Trish could do or say to change
her fate. So whimpering softly Trish hung her head in defeat, reached back
and spread her ass cheeks as wide apart as she could.

This caused Melina to laugh cruelly while Mickie smiled up at her and said,
"It's ok Trish, you're going to love it."

Trish just glared down at her former bitch in response. How could Mickie say
that? She wasn't a total anal whore, or even a submissive bitch, like Mickie
and there was no way in hell Trish was ever going to enjoy such a perverted

Just then Melina violently shoved her lubed index finger into Trish's ass
hole alongside Mickie's strap on, and instead of pain Trish cried out in pure
pleasure. Her tone was so obvious that the blonde immediately blushed while
the two brunettes laughed, Melina wasting no time in beginning to pump her
finger in and out of Trish's back hole, causing the Canadian to grit her
teeth to try and muffle the moans of pleasure which kept escaping her mouth
no matter how hard she tried to stop them.

Closing her eyes Trish tried to imagine that it was the other way round and
she was the one fingering Melina's already dildo stuffed rear, or she was
already double ass fucking Melina. Trish even thought back to all those times
she'd double stuffed Mickie's booty, and the other WWE divas who were either
really slutty or had crossed her. Not that double butt fuckings had been a
common occurrence. In fact for years it had only been Torrie Wilson and Stacy
Keibler who had taken double ass fuckings, and that's only because they had
been at the bottom of the barrel, even lower on the pecking order than Trish.
And it had been Lita's idea anyway, away to really show the former WCW girls
what's what. Then Trish had turned the tables on Lita and all of a sudden the
redhead was the one getting her slutty ass double stuffed. Of course Trish
had never been that into sharing, especially when it came to Mickie but there
were exceptions. Like keeping Victoria off her back, or more accurately her
ass, or showing off just how submissive her bitch was. Besides, it really
taught Mickie humility, made sure she really was nothing but a submissive
bitch... a submissive bitch who was about to help Melina double butt fuck

Meanwhile Melina was also thinking back to when she'd double ass fucked her
fellow WWE divas, although she was at least half concentrating on finger
fucking Trish's ass. At first she had been fully concentrated on it, Melina
moving her index finger this way and that to stretch Trish's back hole before
adding a second finger and beginning the process all over again, pausing only
to thrust in and out to make sure the blonde continued moaning like the anal
whore she was reminding her that she truly was.

Once she had four fingers up Trish's butt along with Mickie's strap on Melina
started really reminiscing about how she'd done this for Lita, Torrie,
Maryse, Christy Hemme and of course Mickie before she and another diva double
butt fucked them. Mostly it had been her friend Jillian Hall, but she'd also
teamed up with Victoria, Candice and most recently Beth. In fact double
teaming Mickie's bubble butt was part of her arrangement with the Glamazon.

When Trish had originally left the spot of number one diva had been left wide
open, and while Melina and others had tried to take the position the current
WWE women's champion now had an iron grip on the division with no one, not
even Melina, daring to oppose her. Why? Because all who tried got brutally
spanked and butt fucked into submission. Like Candice for example. She had
become quite the top until Beth permanently join the main roster and spent
every night of her feud with the former 'Go Daddy' girl with her 12 inch
'Bitch Maker' strap on cock deep inside Candice's ass. Candice had never been
the same since those three months of relentless ass poundings. Melina hadn't
seen her former rival strap on a dildo since, and Candice seem to avoid
sitting down whenever possible. The same went for Victoria, the tough
brunette who had been feared and respected due to being the strongest diva on
the roster now Beth's favourite bitch who had the 'honour' of finding herself
face down every single night so Beth's Bitch Maker could brutalise her butt.

Melina had got off easy in comparison. All she had to do was let Beth ass
fuck Mickie whenever she wanted and regularly double fuck her girlfriend's
big juicy ass with Beth, which was kind of humiliating for a girl who made it
clear from the start she didn't like to share, but it was better than the
alternative. And sure, once a month Melina had to bend over and spread her
cheeks for the Glamazon, Melina often having to call in sick for the next
house show after one of Beth's six-hour straight ass fucking sessions because
even 24 hours later her ass hole would be too gaping and sore for her to even
move, but at least Melina could just lay on her stomach until she could
eventually walk again and unlike her fellow divas she could sit down without
any pain most of the time. Best of all no one knew she bottomed for Beth, and
as long as she shoved enough lube up her ass before going to see the dominant
blonde it was really quite bearable. In fact it was extremely orgasmic, but
Melina figured that if she still wanted to be a top after a night with Beth's
Bitch Maker up her butt then deep down she must be a natural top.

Shaking herself out of those submissive memories Melina grinned and called
out, "Ok Trish, get ready to feel two cocks up your fat ass!"

With that Melina removed her fingers from Trish's ass hole, grabbed her strap
on and shoved it forcefully at her target. Trish's butt hole didn't quite
stretch wide enough at first but with a little more force Melina was able to
get the head inside. As that supposed to be exit only hole opened obscenely
wide Melina grinned wickedly and Trish squealed hysterically, the dominant
brunette at least giving the anally skewered blonde a few seconds to try and
get used to having her ass hole so widely opened before pushing another few
inches in.

If it had been Mickie or one of the other divas Melina would have waited more
than a few seconds. Hell, if it was her girlfriend Melina might have even
asked if she was ready for more, even though she knew how much Mickie loved
getting her big juicy ass stretched. Of course part of that was because
Melina loved hearing Mickie constantly beg for more, but the point was she
was only showing Trish just enough mercy so that she wouldn't permanently
damage the blonde. Why? Because Melina wanted this to hurt. Not unbearably,
but enough to make sure Trish would fear taking a double ass fucking, just as
much as Melina was determined to make her crave it.

Of course Melina wasn't that concentrated on completely breaking Trish, or
even giving the voluptuous blonde pain. No, Melina was mostly focused on
Trish Stratus taking two cocks in her butt.

Melina had heard about Trish taking it in the ass before, but from what she
heard the busty blonde had never got her big fat ass double stuffed which
means Trish was probably telling the truth and this was her first time. That
meant Melina had just taken Trish's double anal cherry. She was the first one
to slide a second cock into the fat ass of the mighty Trish Stratus, and it
was a sight which rendered the usually mouthy Melina completely speechless.

For what felt like hours Melina stared at that obscenely stretched shit hole
as she pushed inch after inch of strap on cock into it, Mickie's cock right
next to her own, those two cocks stretching Trish's ass hole like never
before. Then Melina thought she was literally going to pass out with joy as
her hips met Trish's ass cheeks, the Latina letting out a primal scream of

Then she started verbally abusing the blonde, "MMMMMMM FUCK YEAH! Two big
hard cocks right up your fat ass! Mmmmmmm, how does it feel Trish? How does
it feel to have two big hard cocks up your fat ass? How does the mighty Trish
Stratus feel having two big hard cocks up your fat ass? Answer me bitch!"

"It hurts, but it feels good." Trish admitted with a whimper.

"Well don't worry Trish, it's about to feel amazing." Melina grinned.

Melina then let out an evil chuckle, gripped firmly to Trish's hips and began
slowly pulling out, the blonde letting out a loud cry as once again perhaps
the most intense pain she'd ever known filled her body. That pain became a
constant for a few agonising minutes because Melina began sawing in and out
of her widely stretched ass hole. And it wasn't just Melina's dildo which was
probably because every time that thing exited her back passage it seemed to
pull Mickie's dildo along with it. Or maybe that was Melina pushing Trish
upwards. Either way whenever Melina thrusted inwards Trish was literally
having two dildos being shoved all the way back inside her big bubble butt,
leading to Trish desperately clawing at the bed sheets as she tried to deal
with the incredible mix of pain she was feeling as a result of her first
double ass fucking.

Tears ran down Trish's cheek at the thought. She, record-setting seven times
women's champion Trish Stratus, was taking two strap on cocks in her ass like
the most shameless anal sluts in the WWE. Her ass hole was more open than it
had ever been, stretched wider than it had ever meant to be stretched, and as
bad as the physical pain was it had nothing on the mental torment Trish was
going through, the former champion feeling more humiliated and degraded than
she could have ever imagined.

Then the pain turned to pleasure and Trish broke completely. Why? Because
after convincing herself she was a total top for so long despite a history of
bottoming her brain just couldn't take being double ass fucked and actually
enjoying it. And Trish didn't just enjoy it. No, the intensity of the pain
only seem to result in even more intense pleasure, Trish's mind melting and
exploding all at the same time until Trish the top was completely gone and in
her place was Trish the bottom who was incredibly grateful to Melina for so
extremely violating her ass and eager for more of this intense pleasure.

"FUCK ME! FUCK ME FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEE!" Trish screamed desperately, "FUCK MY

"Just tell me who Mickie belongs too bitch!" Melina ordered.

"YOU! MICKIE BELONGS TO YOU! SHE'S YOURS!" Trish screamed without hesitation,

Deep down inside Trish could see herself, Trish the top, looking at her with
total disgust as she allowed herself to be so completely broken by Melina.
However Trish the top was also incredibly impressed by Melina's skills as a
butt fucker, the dominant Latina slowly increasing the pace of the double
butt fucking until the sound of her hips crashing against Trish's big booty
was deafening. It caused Trish's meaty ass cheeks to jiggle violently under
the relentless pooper pounding she was receiving, those dildos jack hammering
in and out of the blonde's butt hole in what seemed like lightning speed.

No doubt Melina was using all the strength she'd saved up over the course of
ass fucking Trish but it was impressive nevertheless, the brutal sodomy
perhaps even harder than both the butt fuckings Melina and Trish had given to
Mickie combined. As a result Trish was soon cumming harder than she'd ever
cum before in her life, the last thought entering her conscious mind for
quite a while was she so meant every word she was now hysterically screaming.


Obviously Mickie was totally jealous of the ecstasy she knew Trish was now
feeling. She totally wanted it to be her in the middle of this WWE diva
sandwich, her ass hole being brutally ripped apart until it was gaping twice
as wide as it already was. Sadly Mickie knew there was no way that was going
to happen. Which was kind of a good thing because she was exhausted, and
sore, and probably wouldn't even enjoy it that much, but still Mickie's
greedy butt hole ached for the abuse Trish's butt hole was now receiving. Oh
well, maybe tomorrow.

As for tonight Mickie wanted to make sure that Trish got as much pleasure out
of this experience as possible so maybe she would try it again, and maybe
more importantly allow Melina to do this to her again, which given the
overwhelming evidence would make Mickie's girlfriend extremely happy. So,
even though it was still kind of alien to her, Mickie took a firm grip of
Trish's hips and started thrusting up into the blonde's back hole.
Immediately Trish let out an extra loud hysterical scream and came like a
fountain, which in turn of course encouraged Mickie to continue doing her
best to ass fuck her former Dom. And even though her thrusts were clumsy and
inexperienced she was well rested so once she got going Mickie was able to
butt fuck Trish almost as hard as Melina, if not as skilfully.

Through it all Mickie was absolutely captivated by the beauty she saw.
Because damn, she didn't think she'd ever seen Trish so happy, the blonde
continuing to scream hysterically as her eyes rolled in the back of her head
and her entire face just seem to melt into pure bliss. Meanwhile her big tits
were almost literally smacking her in the face as they bounced back and forth
so violently, Trish's cum shooting out of her cunt just as violently but
unfortunately the blonde was bent forward in a position which made it
impossible for that cum to reach Mickie's tits. Mickie still reach down
occasionally to pull that precious girl cum up so she could either eat it or
rub it into her tits but most of it was totally wasted. As was Mickie's and
Melina's cum for that matter, the clit stimulators and the sheer joy of
double ass fucking the mighty Trish Stratus causing their cream to soak their
harnesses, thighs and the bed sheets beneath them.

None of this seemed to matter to Melina. In fact Mickie wondered if Melina
was even conscious right now given the faraway look in her eye. Either way
though Melina seemed just as blissfully happy as Trish, perhaps even more so.
Mickie briefly hoped Melina looked that happy when she was ass fucking her
this hard, Mickie always too out of it to tell, but considering how regularly
her girlfriend sodomised her the submissive brunette figured it was a safe
bet. And Mickie definitely understood why Melina was so blissfully happy.
After all Melina had been haunted by Trish ass fucking her for years, now
finally not only was she getting revenge but she was going one better and
humiliating Trish Stratus like she'd never been humiliated before. And that,
to Mickie, was beautiful.

Things continued to be beautiful for what felt like hours, the three women
seemingly devolving into mindless animals as two brutally butt fucked the
third, Trish hammering herself backwards just as hard to make sure her ass
hole was violated as hard as possible.

Finally, not used to such activity, Mickie collapsed and allowed the other
two women to do all the work. Then Trish collapsed on top of her, her hot,
sweaty, and even cum covered bodies gently sliding together ever so slightly
as Melina continue to viciously pound Trish's big bubble butt. Then after
what felt like an eternity Melina was the one to collapse down on the sweaty
bodies beneath her, the joyfully happy Latina making sure every inch of her
dildo, and Mickie's dildo, was buried in Trish's fat ass before she finally

For a few long minutes the three women lay there in a sweaty heap, Trish
seeming to literally pass out from exhaustion. Or maybe she had been
unconscious at the end, Melina wasn't sure. Either way Trish was awoken with
a startled cry when Melina pulled out with such force it made Mickie's strap
on come out at the same time, a loud pop echoing throughout the room along
with Trish's cry as the blonde fell face down beside them clutching her poor
abused butt.

"Spread your ass cheeks for me Trish." Melina mercilessly ordered, watching
with glee as the defeated blonde did as she was told, pulling apart her own
butt cheeks to reveal one of the most brutalised butt holes Melina had ever

Trish's ass hole seemed to be gaping even wider than Mickie's ass hole after
a double anal fuck, and that was saying something. Perhaps it wasn't quite as
wide and deep as the Grand Canyon itself, but the gaping crater which used to
be Trish's butt hole did at least remind Melina of that landmark in terms of
being a massively open hole. Regardless Melina became totally lost in just
staring deep into the blonde's bowels via her well stretched shit hole for a
few long minutes, committing the sight to memory.

Then Melina said, "Mmmmmm fuck Trish, your ass hole looks sooooooo pretty all
stretched out like that. You should definitely find yourself a top who can
make sure your ass hole stays like that 24/7. I'd do it, but I already have
one hot piece of ass who fulfills all my anal needs. And speaking of that
amazing piece of ass, you got her cock covered in your nasty ass juices so
why don't you be a good little bitch and clean it for her. No, no don't you
dare take your hands off your ass cheeks. I wanna keep looking at your gaping
butt hole while you clean Mickie's cock!"

Chuckling with evil delight Melina watched as Trish did as she was told,
Mickie helping a little by guiding the dildo to Trish's lips, the blonde
positioning herself so her brutalised ass was hanging off the bed while she
swallowed the head of Mickie's big dick.

Still feeling blissfully submissive Trish moaned happily as she tasted the
deepest part of her bowels on the head of Mickie's cock, the former multiple
time champion savouring the sweet taste as she slowly sucked it off the
dildo. Then she began bobbing her head on the strap on dick, Trish taking it
to the back of her mouth to concentrate on cleaning that part of the cock
before pushing it into her throat. Thanks to years of practice it was fairly
easy for her to deep throat the entire length of the shaft, Trish making sure
she got every drop of her delicious ass juice. After that Trish just
continued sucking Mickie's cock, patiently waiting for her next command.

Eventually she got it, "Ok Trish, now come clean my cock."

Without a moment's hesitation Trish removed her mouth from Mickie's strap on
and then crawled over to where Melina was standing. It was just a few feet
away from the bed so it wasn't long before Trish's mouth was once again
filled with the delicious taste of her own ass, the busty blonde using the
same technique she used on Mickie's cock to clean every inch of Melina's

The whole time Melina stroked her blonde hair and taunted her, "MMMMMmmmmm
yeah, suck that cock Trish! Suck the big juicy cock I just used to pop your
double anal cherry! Mmmmmm, your mouth looks so good on my cock. Almost as
good as your ass hole looked stretched around mine and Mickie's cocks!
Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh, you came like such a whore Trish that I bet Mickie will
never look at you the same way again. I know I wouldn't. And I won't. Mmmmmm
yeah, from now on you will always be just another anal whore to me and
Mickie. My double anal whore. My ass to mouth slut. My bitch. Mmmmmmm yeah,
that's what you are, aren't you Trish?"

"Yes Melina." Trish answered submissively, taking her mouth off Melina's now
thoroughly cleaned cock, "I'm your double anal whore. I'm your ATM slut. I'm
your bitch."

"And you're grateful to me for putting you in your place, aren't you Trish?"
Melina pushed.

"Yes Melina." Trish answered, feeling a little bit of shame returning to her
but even as she blushed she added, "Thank you for putting me in my place and
making me your double anal whore, your ATM slut and your bitch."

"Good, now stand up." Melina said, waiting until Trish complied before giving
her a nice rough slap on her big booty, making the sore cheeks jiggle, "Now
spread those fat ass cheeks for me again. I wanna be able to look at your
gaping shit hole while I pound Mickie's pooper."

Without hesitation Trish pointed her ass at the bed, bent over, reached back
and spread her ass cheeks as well as she could, exposing her still gaping ass
hole which was unlikely to close any time soon.

Meanwhile without needing to be asked Mickie pulled off the strap on, tossed
it aside, then flipped over so she could push her ass into the air and then
spread her ass cheeks, offering up her still gaping butt hole for her
girlfriend to use for her pleasure.

Melina then wasted no time in slamming every inch of her dildo deep into
Mickie's loosened back passage and beginning to fuck the other WWE diva's ass
at a slow but steady pace. Within a few minutes of that Mickie was moaning
joyfully like the anal whore she was and thrusting her ass back against
Melina in the hopes of enticing her to pick up the pace and give her a real
rectum wrecking.

Shortly after that Melina smacked her big booty and ordered, "Mickie, look at
Trish and tell me what you see."

Lifting herself up so she was on all fours Mickie looked at Trish and, only
partly telling Melina what she wanted to hear, said, "I see a defeated top
who's remembering just how much fun being a bottom can be thanks to you.
Oooooooh yesssss, a top who just got an amazing ass fucking from you and will
now probably never be able to sit down again without thinking about you.
Mmmmmm, and when she tries to sit down and she thinks about you she'll think
what an amazing top you are and be so jealous of me because unlike her I get
to be your bitch permanently. Ohhhhhhh, and I also see the Grand Canyon like
gaping crater I think Trish used to call her ass hole."

"Mmmmmm, that's right Mickie, good girl." Melina chuckled as she pounded into
Mickie's big bubble butt, "Trish is totally jealous of you, aren't you

"Yes." Trish blushed, honestly feeling like it wasn't a lie.

This caused Melina to laugh, "Can you believe you used to be her bitch

"No, but it's ok, because now I'm your bitch Melina! Now I'm Melina Perez's
bitch!!" Mickie quickly replied, "I'm yours Melina, all yours!"

"You hear that Trish?" Melina grinned happily, "She's all mine! Mickie's

The End.

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