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Mickie's Mine Part 1
by Vintage ( and MTL (

After a two year absence Trish Stratus had returned to in ring action. It was
a one night only deal, Trish had no intention of returning full-time, but for
one night only it had been invigorating. To hear the crowd cheer for her one
more time, to be in the very unique spotlight that wrestling provided, to get
back inside a ring and wrestle, and not just wrestle but show she was as good
as she ever was, it had all been amazing.

But it was not why Trish had returned.

Sure all that stuff was great and she had missed it, and while she certainly
didn't need the money it made a nice little bonus, but the real reason Trish
agreed to return was because it allowed her to see Mickie James again.

Mickie, her Mickie, how Trish had missed her. Her smile, her laugh, her eyes,
her long brown hair, her mouth, her tongue, her big boobs, her tasty little
pussy, and Trish's favourite part of Mickie's body, her gloriously rounded

Trish had always dreamed of settling down with a nice normal man and starting
a family, but Mickie was one of the very few girls who had made Trish
question that dream.

Ultimately Trish had gone with her dream of a normal life and... had been
bored senseless after the first few weeks. It wasn't a bad life, in many ways
it was quite enjoyable, but Trish's husband was what could be politely
described as an average lover. He was good, but he paled in comparison to
some of Trish's previous experiences, especially with girls.

Originally Trish had intended to be faithful to her husband, but when it
became clear that would have driven her crazy she settled for not cheating on
him with another guy. Unfortunately all the women Trish had been able to
seduce had turned out to be too vanilla in the bedroom for her taste, leaving
her pining for the days she was in a locker room constantly filled with
slutty divas, almost all of whom had no problem getting as nasty as Trish
liked. One of those divas seem to have been made pacifically to cater to
Trish's tastes, and it was that diva Trish most wanted as she headed towards
the women's locker room.

Trish had been settling for less than good for the better part of two years,
tonight she would settle for nothing but the best.

Walking into the women's locker room Trish smiled happily to herself when she
saw the object of her lesbian lust standing around in an otherwise empty
locker room as if she was waiting for her.

Trish licked her lips. This was too easy, Mickie might as well have a pretty
pink bow around her and a label saying 'for Trish, please enjoy'.

"Trish, hey... erm... how have you been?" Mickie started nervously as her ex-
girlfriend approached.

"I'm good." Trish said, shamelessly looking Mickie up and down, "Pretty
little outfit. Why don't you give me a little turn, show me how you look in

Mickie opened her mouth to protest, but thought better of it. If she had
learned one thing from her relationship with Trish it was that it was useless
to argue with her because the blonde Canadian almost always got her way. So
with a deep sigh Mickie slowly turned around, showing off her body to her
former lover as she had done many times before.

Trish grinned first at Mickie's obedience, then at how Mickie's jeans tightly
hugged her big booty, making it look even more round and luscious than it
already was, in the same way Mickie's extremely low-cut top made her boobs
look even bigger, the tight material making it look like one of those big
boobies was going to burst free at any second.

"Mm, I miss the short skirts, but I love how your ass looks in those jeans."
Trish said seductively as she stepped closer to her prey.

"You said that last time." Mickie said softly.

"I remember." Trish said huskily as she reached out and gently grabbed a
handful of Mickie's big butt, "And I remember how good jeans looked around
your ankles as I drilled your ass with my strap on, so I think I can forgive
the wardrobe change."

With that Trish squeezed Mickie's ass and pulled the small girl into her
arms, trying to kiss her but Mickie resisted.

"No, I'm sorry Trish, but I can't." Mickie said quickly, trying to pull
herself from Trish's grasp.

"Why not?" Trish asked frowning.

"I... I have a girlfriend now." Mickie replied.

Anger crossed Trish's face for a moment, after all Mickie was hers and how
dare someone else touch something she rightfully owned, but then the
dominating blonde wickedly smiled.

"That's ok, I don't mind having another girl to play with, so your girlfriend
can join us." Trish said.

"The only person you'll be playing with tonight is yourself bitch, now hands
off my girlfriend."

Trish was furious that anyone would talk to her like that, but her anger
faded and another smile crossed her face as she saw who had just spoken to

"Hey Melina, great to see you, how you been?" Trish said with an obviously
faked friendly tone of voice.

For a moment Trish had been worried Mickie's new girlfriend might be someone
who was actually a threat, like Stephanie McMahon or the new and powerful
Beth Phoenix, but then she turned to see Melina Perez fresh out the showers
with a towel wrapped around her body. Melina Perez was a nothing, not even
close to her league. She was no threat whatsoever.

Melina was furious at Trish's audacity. She didn't care what Trish had done
in the past or how great the blonde's influence was backstage, she couldn't
just walk in here and take whatever she wanted, especially when it belonged
to Melina.

Melina gave a obviously fake smile and said, "I know you're probably getting
hard of hearing in your old age Trish, so I'll say this as clearly as I can.
Take. Your. Hand. Off. My. Girlfriend's. Ass."

Trish returned the fake smile, "You're girlfriend? I'm sorry but I think
there's been a misunderstanding. This, is my bitch."

Melina scowled as Trish pulled Mickie towards her and squeezed her ass.

"You're right, there's been a misunderstanding." Melina said, grabbing
Mickie's ass, "This, is mine, and has been for months."

"Months!" Trish laughed, "Melina, sweetie, I made Mickie mine years ago. When
she came here she was just a innocent little straight girl, until I got my
hands on her and broke her in. I fed her my pussy, fucked her, took her anal
cherry, and turned her into my bitch. She's been my bitch ever since and she
always will be."

"Just because you had her first doesn't mean shit, Mickie's mine now and I
fuck her better than you ever could." Melina said.

"In your dreams." Trish scoffed.

"Oh yeah, why don't you watch me fuck my bitch, that way you'll see Mickie is
better off without you, and you might learn something." Melina said.

Trish gritted her teeth in anger at Melina's audacity, but then smiled, "I've
got a better idea, how about a little friendly competition? We both fuck
Mickie's brains out and then who ever Mickie says fucks her better gets
Mickie and the wannabe top as her bitches for the rest of the night."

Melina went a little pale as a memory of a similar competition she had had
with Trish reared its ugly head.

"What's the matter Melina, scared to put your ass on the line against me
again?" Trish mocked, "Can't say I blame you, I did a pretty good job of
tearing up your virgin ass last time and you probably don't want Mickie to
see how much you love being my little bitch."

Melina gritted her teeth as Trish made her relive the most humiliating night
of her life.

Survivor Series 2005, after their match, Melina had got into a fight with
Trish and that had led to a bet being made, a bet Melina lost and as a result
became Trish's bitch for a night.

Melina was still haunted by dreams of submitting to Trish, of being spanked,
of eating the blonde's pussy and ass, of being fucked by a variety of dildos
including a big strap on which first stretched out her pussy and then her
virgin ass.

Being a pure top Melina had hated every moment of Trish dominating her, the
robbing of her anal cherry being the biggest humiliation of that night, and
she had never forgiven herself for cumming so hard through it all like a
total bitch. Ever since that night Melina had been waiting for an opportunity
for revenge, and tonight the arrogant blonde had finally given it to her.

"Huh... oh, I was just imagining how much fun I'm going to have making you my
bitch." Melina said.

"Oh Melina, by the end of the night you and Mickie are going to be the only
bitches around here." Trish said, threateningly close to Melina's face.

"We'll see bitch." Melina said, "We'll see."

* * *

Leaving the arena, Mickie walked in front of both Trish and Melina, who were
walking side by side so that neither of them can pull any tricks. The three
women push back the doors of the arena and enter the parking lot. Trish
reaches into her pocket and pulls out the keys to her rental car and hits
unlock. She starts to walk towards her car and Mickie follows Trish until
Melina pulls Mickie back. Trish turns around and questions Melina.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Trish asked.

"Who said we are taking your rental car bitch?" Melina responded.

"The only bitches here are you two, remember that, and right now, I'm saying
we take my rental car."

"I'm not getting in that piece of crap car with you driving. You'll probably
crash and kill us all you dumbass."

"Melina, just be glad I'm not in the car now, or you'd be flattened."

"Well then you'd lose your bet to a lifeless body," Melina responded with a

"Cute," Trish said, as sarcastically as possible.

"You don't seem to understand that things are different here. Not only do I
ride in style, but my girlfriend Mickie and I ride in style together now.
We're gonna take my limo to the hotel, you can follow us."

"Yeah right Melina, like I'm gonna let you have Mickie all to yourself in
your limo... how about this, we take your limo, but Mickie gets reacquainted
with her real owner's pussy inside."

"No fucking way Trish," Melina snapped back.

"Fine, I guess you don't want that hopeless chance to make me your bitch for
one night..." Trish said, trying to use reverse psychology on Melina.

Melina looks at Mickie then at Trish. She quickly thinks about what she
should do. Although having Mickie all to herself was her initial plan for
tonight, the thought of having the mighty Trish Stratus as her bitch had
consumed her mind ever since the bet was made. Melina knows she could fuck
Mickie better than Trish ever could, and Melina knows that having Trish as
her bitch would be perfect irony on the blonde woman who stole her anal

"Alright, we're riding in my limo, and you can have Mickie pleasure your
skank body in there...I mean, you can have Mickie pleasure you first..."
Melina said, smiling at her girlfriend.

"Yeah whatever...Mickie will be so consumed with my goddess like body that
there will be no time for you until we get to the hotel room, and by then,
Mickie would have declared me the winner already." Trish boasted.

"Sure," Melina said, dragging out the word, "The limo is this way...just
follow Mickie, she knows where its at too...and stop checking out my
girlfriend's cute butt."

"I'll stare at my bitch's ass all I want thank you very much." Trish snapped

Trish and Melina follow Mickie to Melina's limo where the driver is waiting
to open the door for them. Melina enters the limo first, followed by Mickie,
and then Trish. Once on the road Trish turns Mickie's head with her hand and
kisses her former bitch on the lips, sliding her tongue inside Mickie's
mouth. Mickie reluctantly kisses Trish back, unable to control herself, and
allows Trish's tongue to dominate her own inside her mouth. Melina watches
with a disgusted look on her face, but cannot help but be a little turned on
by the sight in front of her. Trish starts to feel up Mickie's body as she
kisses her before breaking the kiss to take off her top.

Melina stares at Trish's bare chest, "Someone didn't wear a bra... slut."

"Jealous much?" Trish retorts as she pushes Mickie's head lower into her

Mickie starts to lick up and down Trish's cleavage before pushing Trish's
breasts together for her tongue. Trish cannot help but smile as she looks
down to see Mickie's face practically buried in her boobs. Not only was Trish
enjoying this, but Trish knew that Mickie was enjoying this. Its been so long
since Mickie has had her face in Trish's boobs, she had to have missed the
feeling, at least that's what Trish thinks.

In truth Mickie had missed Trish's big titties, especially when Trish first
left, but ever since she became Melina's bitch Mickie had been spending hours
each day worshipping one of the finest racks she had ever seen, a rack which
in Mickie's eyes was just as good as Trish's, if not better. Of course that
didn't mean Mickie wasn't loving the chance to get reacquainted with Trish's
big boobs, which was clear to see because after some initial reluctance
Mickie was greedily suckling on Trish's tits like her life depended on it.

Mickie's eager little mouth worshipped Trish's tits with a skill only a well-
trained bitch who loved her submissive role like Mickie possessed, and as HER
bitch started to really go to town on her tits Trish pushed the little slut
even deeper into her cleavage as she smiled over at the scowling Melina,
letting her know what a good job Mickie was doing on her rack.

The increased pressure on the back of her head only made Mickie work harder,
biting down on Trish's left nipple before taking it out of her mouth so she
could lick around it, the whole time greedily groping Trish's right breast.
Moaning in approval Trish looks over at Melina and then points to Mickie,
showing off how much Mickie enjoys her breasts. Mickie switches in between
licking and sucking on Trish's nipples for a few minutes as Trish starts to
lower her own pants.

"That's a good bitch Mickie, I know you missed my perfect rack as much as my
perfect rack missed your sweet little mouth... but there's something else
that missed your sweet little mouth," Trish said, pushing Mickie's head down
to her pantie covered pussy.

Mickie bites onto the waistband of Trish's panties and uses her teeth to pull
them down to Trish's knees. Trish smiles at how well Mickie remembers what
she trained her to do and grabs a handful of Mickie's hair before pushing
Mickie's face into her pussy.

Instinctively, Mickie starts to lick up and down Trish's pussy lips before
pushing her tongue forwards into Trish's pussy.

After spending almost an entire year of being at Trish's constant beck and
call Mickie knew when Trish was in the mood for a long, slow pussy licking
and when she was in the mood for a hard, rough tongue fucking, and now Trish
was definitely in the mood for a hard, rough tongue fucking. This was
confirmed as Trish moaned in approval before pushing down on Mickie's head as
hard as she could, completely smothering Mickie's face in her pussy.

Mickie welcomed the smothering and revelled in the feeling of having a soft,
wet pussy rubbing cunt juices into her face as she pushed her tongue as deep
into Trish as possible. In addition Mickie starts to wrap her lips around
Trish's pussy lips so she could french kiss Trish's pussy, massaging the
blonde's downstairs lips as if they were her upstairs lips while her tongue
deeply probed the wet hole in front of her.

The similarities between french kissing soon ended as Mickie began jack-
hammering Trish's pussy with her tongue in a way which would have made the
blonde choke if it was a kiss, but because Mickie's lips were firmly glued to
Trish's cunt instead of choking the blonde was moaning very, very loudly.

Melina tried to zone the moaning out but the truth was she loved the sound of
female moaning and as full of herself as Trish was her moans got Melina hot.

It was irritating those moans were a result of her girlfriend pleasuring that
skank and not a result of Melina fucking her into submission, but it was
comforting to think soon Trish would be moaning for her as she turned that
bitch into her bitch.

Still, it was not the sounds which were really captivating Melina, it was the
sight before her that she couldn't help but stare at. Not the sight of
Trish's naked body, but the sight of her girlfriend's ass as she is on her
hands and knees on the limo floor.

Melina's favourite part of Mickie's body was her big ass which Melina spend
hours each day spanking, licking, and fucking. Right now as Mickie's ass was
presented to her so perfectly in those skin tight jeans Melina couldn't
resist the urge to spank her girlfriend's ass, and why should she? After all
Mickie was her bitch. If she wanted to spank her it was her right.

Reaching out, Melina spanks Mickie's ass as hard as she can, loving the sound
of her hand connecting with the soft flesh of her girlfriend's butt and the
little cry of joy from her girl as she did it.

Melina knew how much Mickie loved to be spanked as it was a little reminder
to the submissive girl who was in charge, which is why Melina loved it too.

With this in mind Melina slowly pulled down Mickie's jeans, exposing her
luscious booty to the dominating brunette before Melina started really going
to town on her bootylicious girlfriend's butt, smacking it hard but
playfully, giving Mickie plenty of time to savour each hard spank.

This spanking caused Mickie to double her efforts on Trish, the submissive
brunette's mouth and tongue going into overdrive in an attempt to make Trish
cum faster.

It wouldn't be long before Mickie made Trish do just that, but the record-
breaking women's champion wanted to hold off her orgasm so she could enjoy
Mickie's little mouth pleasuring her at full speed.

God she had missed that mouth. That's sweet little made for pussy eating

From the moment Trish had met Mickie the blonde had known the main purpose of
Mickie's mouth was for eating pussy. It was what that mouth was made for. It
was what Mickie was born to do. But Trish had no idea just how skilled Mickie
would become with the right training. Sure, Trish had turned a lot of girls
into pussy hungry sluts but Mickie was by far her finest work. The women she
had seduced back in Toronto couldn't even compare to Mickie when it came to
eating pussy, nor had any other women Trish had allowed the privilege of
eating her cunt.

Mickie really was the perfect pussy pleaser, a fact the submissive brunette
showed off as she began twirling her tongue inside Trish, reaching each and
every little pleasure point she could inside the blonde's cunt, not even
slightly slowing the rapid pace of her tongue thrusts or the hungry slurps of
her cunt cream guzzling mouth.

The overwhelming pleasure Trish was receiving from Mickie's mouth was only
made all the sweeter by Melina roughly spanking Mickie's tushy right in front
of the blonde, giving the former seven times women's champion a beautiful
little sexy show.

It got even better when Melina's eyes wandered from Mickie's ass up to Trish
who got to smiled down at her soon to be bitch for tonight as she verbally
let her know what a good job Mickie was doing on her pussy while at the same
time encouraging Mickie and her fantastic tongue work.

"Oh yeah Mickie, you missed my pussy didn't you? You missed eating my
delicious pussy. I know you did, and don't worry, you'll be eating it a lot
tonight. After you tell Melina how much better I am than her you're going to
get to spend hours in between my legs, worshipping my pussy just the way you
love. And don't worry about Melina, she'll be too busy with her tongue up my
ass to distract you like she's doing now, trying to take your mind off what
you really want to do, what you were made to do. Oh Mickie, your mouth was
made for my pussy. You were made for my pussy. You're purpose in life is to
eat my fucking cunt. You know it, I know it, and soon Melina's going to know
it. Do what you were made for Mickie, eat my cunt, pleasure my pussy... oh
yeah... OH FUCK YEAH!"

Trish's little rant ended with a deafening scream as Mickie's tongue suddenly
attacked her clit so viciously it gave Trish no choice but to cum, which was
exactly what she did.

Digging her nails into Mickie's scalp Trish shoved her bitch's face down into
her pussy as hard as she could and creamed hard into Mickie's cum guzzling
mouth and down her hungry throat.

It was by far the best orgasm Trish had experienced in months, maybe even
dating back to the last time Mickie's heavenly mouth worshipped her pussy,
the skilled little rug muncher bringing her to a fantastic toe curling and
body numbing climax, causing Trish to go limp as Mickie greedily swallowed
her girl cum before cleaning her cunt of every drop of liquid she could find.

"Tired bitch?" Melina asked, finally pausing in the spanking of Mickie's ass
to taunt the blonde.

"Nope, just getting started." Trish said, tightening her grip on the back of
Mickie's head again and pushing the submissive brunette's face more firmly
into her cunt.

"I don't think so skank, it's my turn now." Melina said, slapping Trish's
hand away and pulling Mickie into her arms for a demanding kiss.

Trish thought about protesting but after that first class muff munching a
little break would be nice so she decided to let it go, sort of.

"Fine, but we take it in turns so when she makes you cum I get her mouth
again and when she makes me cum you can have her again, and so on and so on.
Sound fair?" Trish offered.

Melina thought about this for a moment and then reluctantly broke the kiss
and said, "Ok," before going right back to the kiss.

The two brunettes continued passionately swapping spit for a few long minutes
before Melina pulled herself up on to the limo's comfy seating, pulling
Mickie up with her and placing her bitch on her lap without breaking the
intense lip lock.

Once settled Mickie and Melina continued frenching each other for so long
Trish thought they would surely reached their destination before the other
divas went any further, but she was proven wrong when Melina finally broke
the kiss and pulled her top over her head.

Almost at the exact same second Melina's bra covered breasts were exposed
Mickie's hands were behind Melina unclipping the nasty undergarment keeping
Mickie's mouth away from the soft flesh she desired. It took about a second
for Mickie to unclip Melina's bra, another second or two to pull it away from
the other brunette's body, and another second for Mickie to bury her face in
her girlfriend's boobs, eagerly taking one of Melina's nipples into her mouth
and sucking it for all she was worth.

Melina gasped, and then groaned at the sensation of Mickie's hot little mouth
wrapped around her nipple, before reaching for the intercom and pressing a

"Driver, take us for a drive. All around the city if you have too, just don't
take us back to the hotel until I tell you too." Melina said into the
intercom before turning it off before the driver could reply, or hear any
more of the fun going on in the back.

Unless the driver was deaf he would have had to have heard the sound of
sucking going on in the background, but even if he put two and two together
or was secretly watching them Melina didn't care. The limo service she used
promised full confidentiality, and if they failed in that she could sue them,
which would no doubt at least cost the driver his job if not a lawsuit of his
own. It almost made Melina want to make him watch for the thrill of it, but
the last thing Melina needed tonight was an extra thrill.

Mickie was normally thrilling enough, but tonight Melina had the mighty Trish
Stratus to first compete with, and then sexually destroy. Yes, tonight would
be a thrilling night, and Melina was getting plenty of thrills right now from
Mickie's hot little mouth.

Ever since Mickie and Melina had got together that hot little mouth had spend
hours each day worshipping Melina's boobs and after all that time it was
hardly surprising how talented Mickie's mouth was at pleasuring Melina's

After a few initial sucks Mickie covered Melina's cleavage in kisses,
covering every inch of those big boobs in her saliva and then going back to
Melina's nipples to give them a few more good sucks before going back to the

Mickie went back and forth between Melina's nipples and boobs for a while
before she ultimately began concentrating her mouth on just her nipples as
her hands came up to massage her girlfriend's titties with soft, gentle and
knowing caresses.

Once her hands had got into a rhythm Mickie really started to go to work on
Melina's nipples, sucking on them as hard as she could and only pausing to
twirl her tongue around one of them or give them a little bite, two things
Mickie knew Melina loved in between getting her nipples sucked on.

Mickie had missed worshipping Trish's big boobs, but with a pair of titties
like these in her life she really couldn't complain. It was nice to get to
enjoy two such magnificent racks in one night though, and Mickie made sure
she enjoyed this extra special treat to its fullest.

Trish was surprised Melina let Mickie go straight for her bra like that
without permission. The blonde would never have let a bitch undress her
without permission like that, and she knew she trained Mickie better than
that, but obviously Melina had been a bad influence on her bitch. Well, if
Melina was slacking on Mickie's disciplining Trish would be happy to show
Melina how to properly keep a bitch in her place, first by demonstrating on
Mickie, then by demonstrating on Melina herself.

Although Trish didn't dwell on Mickie's non-submissive behaviour for long as
the blonde became transfixed with the beautiful sight of Mickie greedily
sucking on Melina's boobs.

Unlike Melina the blonde had no problem with enjoying the sight as it was two
bitches getting themselves worked up and ready for her to inevitably fuck
them both later.

So Trish happily sat back and watched the show, that went a bit too long in
the blonde's opinion, before finally Melina pushed Mickie's head downwards.

"Mmmmm, nobody sucks my titties like you do Mickie, but now I want that mouth
of yours on my pussy. We both know the whole time you were eating Trish's
nasty skank pussy you were thinking about my delicious creamy cunt, and now
you're going to get your chance to eat my delicious creamy cunt just like
you've been doing for months." Melina said, more to Trish than to Mickie as
she stared a hole through the blonde.

"She may have been eating your disgusting whore hole for months, but she's
been eating my sweet pussy for years, and that's the pussy she's going to be
thinking about while she eats your revolting cunt, just like she's been
thinking about it all these months." Trish responded as she glared at her

"Whatever bitch, me and Mickie know the truth, and soon you will too. For now
shut your slut mouth while I enjoy my girlfriend's pretty little tongue."
Melina said, as she lifted her ass up so Mickie could more easily pulled down
her pants and panties in one go.

"Enjoy that tongue while you can Melina because soon it's going to be busy
worshipping my cunt while your tongue is busy licking my ass." Trish said.

Melina opened her mouth to respond but all that came out was a long moan as
Mickie's tongue invaded her cunt.

She tried again briefly but that just led to more moans and she soon gave it

It was just impossible for Melina to stay angry at Trish when she had
Mickie's soft tongue sliding around inside her, expertly touching all of her
sweet spots with every thrust of her tongue.

Normally Melina preferred to have her personal little pussy licker start off
slow by gently sliding her tongue over the lips of her cunt before pushing
inside her, but this entire situation had put Melina on edge and combined
with the slow romantic foreplay Melina found herself to horny to complain.
Besides, it felt so good, her little rug muncher reminding Melina that she
owned the best tongue in all of the WWE.

Soon Melina's pussy loving pet was also reminding her she owned the best
mouth in all of the WWE, Mickie using her lips to create a seal around
Melina's cunt so the hungry little muff diver could begin greedily sucking at
Melina's pussy.

Those lips were like soft velvet on Melina's cunt and she welcome them by
lowering her hand and beginning to gently stroke Mickie's hair, showing her
girl she appreciated her fantastic pussy eating skills, the whole time
looking at Trish and smirking, letting the blonde bitch know how good
Mickie's mouth felt worshipping her cunt.

Trish scowled back, unable to believe how poorly Melina was keeping her bitch

When Melina's top was off Mickie had dived for her bra without permission and
not only had Melina allowed it but she had encouraged it. After that Mickie
had buried her face in Melina's pussy without permission, twice not waiting
to be asked like Trish had trained her, but taking matters into her own
hands. This made Mickie a naughty little bitch that needed to be punished,
and luckily Trish was here to give Mickie the punishment she so obviously

Leaning down behind Mickie the blonde couldn't help but lick her lips at the
sight of the big bubble butt which she had loved spanking and fucking
countless times before in a pretty shade of pink, showing Melina had done
quite the a little number on Mickie's ass. Well, she had started, but to
Trish a booty like this wasn't properly spanked until it was nice and red,
and leaving just a little pink was both a crime against nature and a sign of
Melina's amateurish domination.

"Pretty lousy job you did on this ass Melina, it's barely even slightly
pink." Trish taunted her rival.

"Fuck you Trish, I was just giving Mickie's butt a little warm up spanking to
get that sweet ass nice and ready for what I'm going to do to it when we get
back to my hotel." Melina said.

"Really, well let me save you the trouble bitch." Trish said before bringing
her hand down hard on Mickie's ass.

Trish smiled as she heard Mickie gasp into Melina's pussy from the first hard
spank, before beginning to moan and whimper happily as Trish started to spank
her over, and over, and over again.

Mickie's butt cheeks jiggled slightly from each hard hit, the sound of each
blow echoing throughout the limo, joining the sounds of Mickie greedily
slurping down Melina's cunt juices and the sounds of Melina moaning happily
from having her pussy eaten out by the submissive diva in between her thighs.

Honestly Trish would have been severely disappointed in Mickie if her bitch
had been distracted by the spanking. Trish had spent hours abusing Mickie's
ass in all sorts of different ways while she either pleasured Trish or
whoever the blonde told her too, training Mickie not to let anything distract
her from her orders, but despite all that Trish couldn't help but want Mickie
to break her concentration on pleasuring that whore Melina. That would really
show that whore who the better top was, and more importantly show Mickie,
making the submissive brunette realise who was her true owner and make her
confess who was better, which would give Trish two bitches to play with

So with this in mind Trish began brutalising Mickie's ass with a force she
normally only reserved for when one of her bitches had been really, really
bad, Trish punishing Mickie's poor bottom as hard as she could.

Under Trish's tender love and care Mickie's ass quickly turned from pink to a
bright red but no matter how hard Trish spanked her Mickie didn't stop
frantically licking and sucking Melina's pussy, not even for a second.

Mickie loved getting her big ass spanked like this, and although
concentrating on Melina's pussy was difficult while receiving such a
wonderful butt beating Mickie was too well-trained to let it distract her.

As much as Trish seemed to love spanking Mickie's big booty Melina seem to be
in love with Mickie's bubble butt and would find any little excuse she could
to spank it.

Ever since she became Melina's bitch Mickie had been bending over at least
five times a day for a nice long spanking which normally ended, if not began,
at this level of roughness, quite often with Mickie's head buried in between
either Melina's legs or in between the legs of some lucky woman who Mickie
and Melina had picked up for a night of threesome fun. So what Mickie was
experiencing right now was nothing new to her and no matter how hard Trish
spanked her Mickie would not allow herself to forget her place and pause for
a moment in the eating of this delicious pussy.

And what a delicious pussy it was.

Over the past few years Mickie had gone down on many, many women. Her tongue
had been inside waitresses, maids, receptionists, lawyers, strangers at
nightclubs, and every single WWE diva, but none of them were tastier than
Melina's heavenly cunt. There were a few that came close, Trish's especially,
but for Mickie the most delicious pussy she had ever tasted belonged to her
girlfriend Melina.

The taste was just pure heaven on her tongue and it inspired Mickie to throw
her entire being into pleasing this pussy, not that she would have ever done
anything less for her wonderful owner.

After greedily sucking and tongue fucking Melina's pussy to the brink of
orgasm Mickie began mercilessly twirling her tongue around inside her
girlfriend's cunt on every thrust, expertly attacking all of Melina's sweet
spots with every in and out stroke, making the dominating brunette dig her
fingernails into Mickie's head and cry out in pleasure.

Knowing she had her girlfriend seconds away from climaxing Mickie somehow
increased the rapid speed of her tongue until it was moving at practically
lightning speed through Melina's pussy, that extremely talented tongue
continuing the vicious assault on Melina's sweet spots as it was jack-
hammered through that tight hole.

Of course even at this near torturous level of pleasure Melina was able to
take a few seconds to hold back and taunt her rival, "Oh Mickie, that's so
good, eat my pussy just like that, eat that pussy you love so much just like
that. You love it don't you Mickie. You love that pussy. You love my pussy.
It's your favourite. Out of all the cunts you've eaten this is your
favourite. You like it better than all those other cunts, especially that
disgusting whore cunt of Trish's. Yes, that was a nasty pussy, but now you're
a happy little cunt lapper again because you've got your mouth on the good
stuff again. Oh what's the matter Trish, don't believe me? Just look at how
happy my pussy licker is. Look how happy she is to be back in between my legs
where she belongs. You were right about one thing bitch, Mickie was born to
eat pussy, but she was born to eat my delicious pussy, not your slutty cunt.
This sweet little mouth and talented little tongue were both made for my
pussy. Mickie knows it, I know it, and soon you will too bitch. You're going
to know... what Mickie's... tongue... was made for... you're going to know
what Mickie... was made for... you're going to... I'm going to... oh god...

Melina's rant slowly dissolved into moans and then ended with a primal scream
as Mickie's talented little tongue prevented her from holding back any longer
and she came hard into Mickie's mouth.

As the orgasm took over and her body began to shake Melina grabbed the back
of Mickie's head with both hands and pushed her girlfriend's face as deep
into her cunt as possible, grinding that pretty face into her pussy so she
could get even more stimulation.

Mickie absolutely adored it when a woman would do this to her as it insured
she would have her face covered in girly juices, but Mickie was also on a
mission to swallow as much of her girlfriend's heavenly cream as possible,
which was difficult to do under the circumstances, however Mickie was a
extremely well-trained little muff diver, and using her expert rug munching
skills she was able to greedily guzzle the majority of Melina's cum down her
hungry throat.

The comments Melina had made had infuriated Trish to the point where she had
gone into spanking overdrive, brutalising Mickie's butt in the unlikely hope
it would distract the submissive brunette from her carpet cleaning task, but
Mickie was just too well-trained and continued eagerly eating Melina's pussy,
which only infuriated Trish and made her find a way to spank Mickie even

Trish spanked Mickie so hard that her hand began to ache under the continued
assault. Wanting that ache to end, and after getting hot from watching the
HLA between the two brunettes, Trish wanted her turn with Mickie's mouth, and
now Melina's orgasm was obviously winding down the blonde was going to get

"It's my turn." Trish stated loudly as she stood up, pulled Mickie's face
away from in between Melina's legs, sat down and shoved Mickie's face in
between her own legs.

Not needing to be asked Mickie immediately went to work on Trish's pussy,
shoving her tongue deep into her former owner and wrapping her lips around
her pussy so she could get down to some serious carpet munching as Melina
jealously looked on.

"Lousy job you did on Mickie's butt Melina. You're obviously not a very good
top." Trish said, trying to keep her moans under control as Mickie's tongue
got to work.

"Fuck you bitch, I already told you I was just getting her warmed up." Melina
said, getting down behind her girlfriend and raising her hand, "But now I'm
going to show you how to properly spank a bitch."

Trish scoffed, but as Melina began viciously spanking Mickie's big butt the
blonde did have to reluctantly admit to herself that it seemed Melina really
did know how to spank a bitch. Of course that just meant Melina was too lazy
to give Mickie the proper level of daily disciplining a bitch like her
needed, just another sign that Trish made a better top than Melina and she
had this competition in the bag.

For the next few hours Melina and Trish continuously swapped places, using
Mickie like a piece of meat, passing her mouth around like the toy it was
while they took it in turns to spank her big booty for their own amusement.

Mickie loved every single second of it, her submissive little mind unable to
think of anything better than being used by two dominating tops who had done
so many wicked and wonderful things to her in the past, and if this limo ride
was any indication there were going to be plenty of wicked and wonderful
things still to come.

Melina could never tire of Mickie eating her out or spanking Mickie's bubble
butt, but eventually she got a real craving to taste Mickie herself and fuck
her big ass, so she let the driver know it was time to go back to the hotel
and after Mickie ate Melina and Trish to one good orgasm each they finally
arrived at their destination.

Once there Melina and Trish had Mickie collect their things and carried them
up to Melina's room, the two dominating tops walking behind the submissive
bottom so they could admire the little bitch's well rounded butt, both
imagining what they would do to that ass and the rest of her body tonight to
prove who Mickie really belonged too.

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