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Mickie's Mine Part 2
by MTL (

"Not bad." Trish had to admit, unable to find much to really complain about
Melina's expensive hotel suite.

"Probably better than what you had bitch." Melina said as she shut the door
behind them.

"Dream on." Trish laughed before she turned to the other brunette, "Mickie,
push your pants and panties down around your ankles, lean against the wall
and stick your cute little ass out."

Mickie immediately dropped the luggage she had been carrying for both herself
and the two tops, pushed her pants and panties down around her ankles, leaned
against the wall and stuck her ass out as instructed.

Trish smiled at Mickie's obedience before moving behind the submissive
brunette, taking a firm hold of her jeans and slowly pulling them down,
exposing Mickie's beaten red ass to the two horny tops.

"Oo, pretty." Trish said, her hands sliding over Mickie's sore butt, "But I
think it would be prettier after another spanking."

"Another spanking?" Melina questioned.

"Got a problem with that Melina?" Trish asked.

"Not really, it's just we spanked Mickie a lot already and now I'm more in
the mood to fuck." Melina explained, silently thinking how she wasn't
thrilled about the idea of continually abusing her girl's butt when she
hadn't done anything.

"Well you don't have too join in the fun if you don't want too, but it's my
turn, and I want to spank her." Trish said, lustfully groping Mickie's
already well beaten booty, causing the submissive brunette to gasp.

"Fine." Melina snorted reluctantly, "But make it quick."

Trish smiled and patted Mickie's ass, "Stay."

Mickie obediently stayed where she was as Trish went through her luggage and
retrieved a large paddle which caused Melina to become more worried about
just how much Trish was going to abuse her girl.

"I thought you said you were going to just spank her." Melina questioned.

"I did and I am, but my hand is tired from earlier so I'm going to use this."
Trish explained, "Why, got a problem with that?"

Melina and Trish stared at each other for a few moments before Melina
replied, "No, but like I said make it quick."

Trish grinned, raised the paddle and brought it hard down upon Mickie's soft
flesh, causing Mickie to cry out in pain.

Little cries began rapidly falling out of Mickie's mouth as Trish began
ruthlessly paddling the brunette's big behind, the sound of the toy smacking
off Mickie's ass loudly beginning to echo throughout the room.

These sounds were an incredible turn on for Trish, as were the sights before
her, particularly that of Mickie's bubble butt becoming even more red and
swollen from the brutal paddling Trish was giving her.

Mickie's ass was so beautifully red and sore looking that it already looked
like a work of art, but Trish knew from experience it could look even better.

When she had been travelling up and down the road with Mickie by her side
Trish had spent hours each day spanking Mickie's ass, exploring all the
different ways she could brutalised those meaty cheeks, seeing all the pretty
colours she could make those soft cheeks turn into until she became so horny
she would have no choice but to stop and have her way with her submissive
little bitch.

That's how all the spankings ended because God knows Mickie never asked Trish
to stop. No matter how brutal the beating Mickie would just take it and beg
for more, the little slut loving every minute of it.

So it amused Trish greatly that Melina seemed so worried about this little
pain slut.

Melina obviously had no idea what a bitch like Mickie wanted, what she
needed, but luckily for the little pain slut Trish did, and maybe if Melina
was lucky she would learn something from watching the dominating blonde.

Honestly Melina didn't know why she felt so worried. Over the past few months
she had done things to Mickie which would get her arrested in some states,
one of which was beat Mickie's ass to the point where any jury in its right
mind would conclude it was flat out assault and through it all Mickie had
loved it and begged for more.

Melina's girl was one perverted little slut, and Melina loved her for it.

However Melina was slightly worried that she couldn't ever remember abusing
Mickie's butt like this for so long even when she was naughty and if Mickie
received this type of beating for no reason it might undermine their entire
Dom/Sub relationship. Also despite herself Melina couldn't help worry maybe
it was too much. Sure she had abused Mickie's ass a lot, and Mickie had
confessed to enjoying all sorts of nasty sounding beatings and fuckings of
her ass, but there was still a little part of Melina's mind which questioned
just how much her girl could take. It was that part of her mind which hoped
Mickie would say something if it became too much, although there was another
part of her mind which questioned if Mickie was willing to do that given what
a little pain slut she was.

The abuse Mickie was receiving wasn't too much, in fact the submissive
brunette was loving every second of it.

Mickie would've never have thought she would have enjoyed being spanked
before she met Trish, but she had been very, very wrong.

Ever since that first night with the dominating blonde Mickie had loved
getting a good hard spanking, and there never seemed to be a shortage of
girls willing to go to town on her meaty cheeks. In fact Mickie had found
herself bent over the knee of even the most submissive of WWE divas, each and
every one of them at some point or another taking the time to give her big
booty a nice hard spanking, although none of the other divas seem to compare
to Trish and Melina.

Of all the women who had spanked her over the past couple of years Trish and
Melina were definitely the best, perhaps with Trish just being a little more
sadistic, especially when it came to using toys like this wonderful paddle.

It just gave Mickie such a wonderful wide spread feeling of pain and Trish
was a total expert at using it, something she easily showed both brunettes to
the point where Mickie was a little disappointed when the paddling finally
came to an end.

Of course the pain was so great it didn't look like Mickie was disappointed
when the paddling ended as she was whimpering and crying quite badly,
although Trish and Melina knew Mickie well enough to know those were tears of
joy. Still, this didn't stop Melina from wanting to move on.

"My turn now?" Melina asked.

"Sure." Trish said, offering her the paddle.

"No thanks." Melina said, pushing the paddle away and advancing on her
whimpering girl.

"Mm, thought so." Trish snorted.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Melina asked, turning back to the blonde.

"Well it's just maybe you could at least try pretending you're not such a
lousy top, that way it might actually be easier to pretend this is a
competition rather than a formality." Trish said.

"I'm a much better top than you, which is something maybe you'll realise when
my strap on is balls deep in your fat skanky ass." Melina snapped angrily.

Trish laughed, "Oh Melina, there are two fat asses which are getting fucked
tonight, and they're yours and Mickie's, but if you want to keep pretending
you have a chance of making me your bitch I suggest you paddle Mickie's ass."

Melina and Trish stared at each other for a few long moments before Melina
said, "I have nothing to prove."

"Maybe not in your mind, but you do have a competition you're pathetically
trying to win." Trish pointed out.

Melina thought about this for a few moments, and then took the paddle, "Ok,
but pay attention because I'm going to show you the proper way to do it."

Trish laughed at Melina's comment as she watched her competition reach into
her own luggage and retrieved two pairs of handcuffs and a ball gag.

"Take off the rest of your clothes Mickie." Melina ordered, a smile crossing
her face as her bitch immediately did as she was told. "Good, now hands
behind your back."

After quickly securing a pair of handcuffs around Mickie's wrists Melina led
Mickie over to the big king sized bed and used the other pair to secure her
ankles together before popping the ball gag into her bitch's mouth. When the
ball gag was securely tied around the back of Mickie's head Melina
effortlessly bent her girl over her knee, raised the paddle and began
bringing it hard down upon the exposed flesh of Mickie's bubble butt.

The whole time she was doing this Melina questioned her actions, after all
she still thought spanking Mickie so hard when she had done nothing was a
little counterproductive to her training, and after the past few hours the
last thing Mickie's ass seemed to need was yet another spanking, and yet here
Melina was paddling her girl's ass with ever increasing force.

It was mostly Trish's fault. That blonde bimbo had accused Melina of being a
lousy top, a comment Melina would soon make the arrogant whore regret, but
Melina couldn't wait until Mickie declared her the winner of this competition
and she finally got her hands on Trish, she needed to do something about it

Melina took great pride in being a dominant woman who used other women as her
playthings, and for this blonde bitch to imply she wasn't good at doing what
she did best was totally unacceptable.

Really Melina should have put Trish in her place right there and then, but
she was so close to making that stupid bitch her bitch that she could
practically taste Trish's inevitable submission on her lips, and she didn't
want to jeopardise that by risking a fight with the blonde. So instead Melina
decided to take her aggressions out on Mickie, something she had got very
used to doing over the past few months, and something Mickie seem to love her

Mickie was certainly loving it now, Melina could tell. Sure, Mickie was
softly crying and whimpering, but Mickie's pussy was pressed against Melina's
thigh and the fact that it was running like a river told Melina her girl was
loving every second of this.

Melina was right of course, every strike of the paddle against Mickie's big
butt cheeks felt like pure heaven for the submissive brunette who would have
been begging for more at this point if there wasn't a gag stuffing her mouth.

Mickie loved the ball gag though, just as she loved the handcuffs restraining
her as it made her feel helpless and completely at the mercy of these two
dominating tops.

Trish and Melina seem to have a lot of things in common, one of them being a
love for BDSM as they had both tied up Mickie in all sorts of weird and
wonderful ways, and although she had found it a little strange at first
Mickie had soon grown to love it as much as she loved all the other perverted
little things those two powerful women had done to her.

The feeling of helplessness Mickie was now receiving was only adding to her
pleasure, which in itself was actually beginning to become something of a

After getting spanked for hours while eating two of the most delicious cunts
she had ever had the privilege of tasting Mickie was desperate for an orgasm
of her own, but as much stimulation as she was receiving from the paddling it
wasn't enough to make her cum.

By humping herself against Melina's leg like a bitch in heat Mickie was able
to get enough stimulation to send her to the edge, but when she got there she
stopped herself because she didn't want to embarrass Melina by cumming
without permission while she was punishing her, meaning Mickie found herself
in a worse place than before because now she couldn't stop rubbing her pussy
against Melina's thigh but she couldn't allow herself to cum either.

It became clear all Mickie could do was take her spanking like a good girl
and hope either Trish or Melina were kind enough to let her cum after showing
each other just how good at spanking they were.

As Mickie's brutal butt paddling continued Trish had to reluctantly admit to
herself that Melina actually seem to know how to use that paddle, although
she took comfort in the fact that she had needed to encourage Melina to give
Mickie this type of bottom beating, which meant that Melina probably didn't
spank Mickie like this on a regular basis so Trish was definitely already
ahead on points in this little competition, if it truly could be called that.

Part of the reason Trish had encouraged Melina to paddle Mickie's butt was
that it had been a very long time since anyone had dared to challenge Trish
like this and the blonde was actually enjoying herself, although the fact
that the result was a foregone conclusion did take a lot of the excitement
out of it, so Trish decided to be generous and give Melina a few much needed
pointers on being a top so she could at least pretend this was a competitive
competition. The pointers certainly weren't good enough to give Melina an
upset win and who knows, maybe after she had put this deluded bitch in her
place Melina would actually thanked Trish for helping her become a better
top. Even if Melina didn't Trish would have the satisfaction of knowing she
had made Melina a better top the same night she had made Melina her bitch for
the second time, something she could hang over Melina's head if they ever
crossed paths again.

What Trish didn't know was that she wasn't giving Melina pointers, she was
just encouraging her to do things she had done a thousand times already and
enjoyed, although this time Melina didn't enjoy the spanking so much, at
least not when she'd finally finished.

During it her eyes had mostly been fixed angrily on Trish, but when she
finally stopped and saw just how brutalized Mickie's butt was a feeling of
regret pierced Melina's heart, although she didn't allowed Trish to see it on
her face. Instead Melina threw the paddle away and began gently caressing her
girl's backside, cooing gently as she did so, massaging Mickie's pain away
until her whimpers were completely silenced. At that point Melina uncuffed
and ungagged her girl, before pulling her into her arms and kissing her

Mickie eagerly melted into the kiss, her exhausted body becoming putty in
Melina's arms as her girlfriend held her gently for a few long minutes before
her hands began exploring her, which was great at first until those hands
found their way to Mickie's tits and began playing with her painfully hard
nipples. At that point pure pleasure turned to painful pleasure, which only
got worse when one of Melina's hands slid down to her soaking wet cunt,
forcing Mickie to moan loudly into Melina's mouth as her girlfriend's fingers
slid over her pussy lips.

It was an incredibly hot sight for the blonde, but since it was her turn with
Mickie again she had little patience for it.

"It's my turn bitch." Trish said trying to pull Mickie away from Melina, but
Melina wouldn't let her.

"No." Melina said bluntly, breaking her kiss with Mickie and holding her girl

"No, what do you mean no? It's my turn." Trish said.

"I know, but look at this pussy, it's so wet." Melina pointed out.

"So?" Trish questioned.

"So my little bitch here is so worked up she'll cum faster, and probably
harder, so if you make her cum next it won't be fair. But there's a way
around that." Melina said, lifting up her fingers which were playing with
Mickie's pussy and showing them to the blonde.

It took a moment for Trish to get it but then she smiled, "We do it

"Of course," Melina said, "It's the only way to be fair."

"Fine by me, do you want to finger her pussy or her ass?" Trish asked.

"I want her pussy." Melina said, her eager fingers already back down playing
with Mickie's cunt.

"Good," Trish said, sitting down next to the two brunettes, "I love this

With that Trish licked two fingers on her right hand, reached down, pressed
them to the tight ring of Mickie's ass hole and slowly pushed them into the
submissive brunette's rectum.

Trish grinned at the little gasp Mickie made from having her ass invaded, and
grinned even wider at the little moans she made as Trish slowly pushed her
fingers up to the knuckles inside her butt before slowly beginning to thrust
in and out, ass fucking Mickie with her fingers.

Considering all those months of nearly non-stop anal sex Trish wasn't really
worried about hurting Mickie. This girl had one hell of a resilient ass, and
considering all the many different things Trish had shoved up Mickie's butt a
couple of fingers was nothing, so Trish was soon slamming Mickie's ass hole
as hard as she could with her fingers, listening carefully to all the little
sounds falling out of Mickie's mouth as she showed her just how well she
could fuck her up the ass with just her fingers.

While Trish was abusing Mickie's ass hole with her fingers Melina was using
her fingers to slowly make love to her girl's pussy.

Melina started slow, teasing Mickie's pussy lips for what felt like an
eternity until Melina knew she had her girl practically on the edge of an
orgasm already before slowly sliding her fingers inside her girlfriend,
loving the expressions of pure pleasure that washed over Mickie's face as she
entered her.

Once inside her girl Melina began gently finger fucking Mickie, occasionally
curling her fingers inside her to rub against her sensitive spots, grinning
widely as Mickie moaned and groaned for her touch.

It didn't take long for Melina to start kissing Mickie as she fucked her,
shoving her tongue deep into her girlfriend's mouth for a long slow
passionate kiss which seemed to last forever and yet only for seconds at the
same time, Melina breaking the kiss now and again to suck on Mickie's rock
hard nipples or sliding her lips and tongue up and down the soft flesh of
Mickie's neck, the whole time never missing a stroke inside her girl.

Soon Mickie was whimpering and crying in frustration.

She had practically been on the edge of orgasm before the touches even began,
but once the fingers entered her it felt like she was about to cum any
minute, but whenever she thought she was about to cum Melina would bite down
on a piece of her flesh, or squeeze her pussy in a certain way which denied
her the climax she was aching for.

Ever since she had been seduced into a life of kinky lesbian sex Mickie had
found herself on a almost constant level of horniness, but over the last few
hours with Melina and Trish had made her hornyer then she could ever remember
being before.. She needed to cum so bad, but Melina just wouldn't let her.

Inevitably, Mickie found herself begging for it, "Can... can I cum? Please
can I cum?"

"That depends, are you going to be a good little bitch for us?" Melina asked.

"Yes, I'm going to be a good little bitch for you." Mickie parroted, knowing
what was expected of her.

"Are you going to cum hard in my mouth like a good girl?" Melina questioned.

"Uh-huh, I'm going to cum hard in your mouth like a good girl." Mickie

"Are you going to cum hard when I shove my strap on up your butt like a good
anal loving slut?" Melina questioned.

"Mmmmm, I'm going to cum hard when you shove your strap on up my butt like a
good anal loving slut." Mickie replied obediently.

"What about me bitch, are you going to cum hard for me?" Trish asked, pulling
back on Mickie's hair, "Are you going to cum hard in my mouth? Are you going
to cum hard when I ass fuck you with my strap on? Are you?"

"Yes, yes, yes, I'm going to cum hard for you, I'm going to cum hard in your
mouth, I'm going to cum hard when you ass fuck me with your strap on, I'm
going to cum so hard for both of you, just please, let me cum now, I need to
cum, I need to cum, I need to cum, I need to cum, I NEED TO CUM!"

Mickie screamed hysterically as Melina and Trish, who were on the same page
for the first time tonight, began slamming their fingers as hard as they
could into the girl sandwiched between them, bringing her over the edge of
climax within seconds, holding her firmly in their strong arms as she writhed
in ecstasy for a little while, before becoming limp in their grasp.

Melina enjoyed the feeling of her girl's pussy clamping down on her fingers
through her orgasm but what she enjoyed more was getting to taste her girl's
juices on her fingers when she finally removed them from Mickie's pussy and
brought them up to her mouth.

"Mmmmm," Melina moaned happily as she sucked Mickie's juices off her fingers
before turning to Trish, "I guess it's your turn now, but be quick, I want to
get my turn at eating this yummy little treat as soon as possible."

"Too bad Melina, I've been thinking about fucking Mickie all day and now I
have her I want to take my time enjoying my sweet little bitch's body." Trish
said as she pulled Mickie from Melina's arms and into her own and a
passionate kiss.

As she pushed her tongue into the submissive brunette's mouth Trish sat down
on the bed and positioned Mickie so she was kneeling with her legs either
side of Trish's hips so that her brutalised ass did not have to touch Trish's

In this position Trish slid her hands down to Mickie's well beaten big booty
and began running her fingers all over that bubble butt, expertly caressing
Mickie's meaty cheeks, gently massaging the pain away.

Trish like to play rough but her years of experience had taught her when to
push and went to back off, and after the savage spanking Mickie had taken it
was definitely time to slow things down a little and show Mickie she cared
for her.

Most of the time Trish treated Mickie like a piece of meat, but the truth was
Trish cared for Mickie in a way she'd never cared for any of the other sluts
she had sexually dominated before. Trish loved Mickie, and leaving her for
the normal life Trish had always planned to have had ended up being harder
than the blonde bombshell could have ever imagined.

Just kissing Mickie like this and massaging her sore ass was easily better
than Trish's wedding night and only a few minutes ago Mickie's mouth had put
all of Trish's other sexual experiences outside of the WWE to shame.

Trish knew things were about to get even better, but for right now, Trish was
just happy to devote a few nice long minutes to kissing her girl.

Mickie moaned into Trish's mouth as the blonde's skilful fingers expertly
massaged the pain in her ass away in what felt like a matter of seconds,
amazing considering the beating her ass had taken, and replacing that pain
with pleasure.

Ever since Trish had shown Mickie how much pleasure she could receive from
her big butt Mickie had been obsessed with ass play, an obsession which had
luckily been shared by first Trish, and then Melina, both of whom seemed to
be just as obsessed with abusing Mickie's ass as Mickie was obsessed with
getting her ass abused.

However as much as Mickie loved getting her bubble butt spanked, licked,
fingered and fucked, she was glad Trish and Melina didn't neglect her big
boobs or her nearly constantly horny pussy, both of which Trish's skilled
fingers started eagerly paying attention to as soon as the blonde was sure
the pain in Mickie's backside was a distant memory.

Trish's hands began travelling all over Mickie's body as the kiss became more
heated, those talented fingers cupping Mickie's breasts, tweaking her nipples
and gently caressing the lips of her pussy while of course still leaving
plenty of time to play with that big round ass.

Just as Trish's touch was beginning to drive Mickie crazy with need Trish
broke the kiss and smiled wickedly at the submissive plaything.

"Oh Mickie, I've missed every part of this sexy little body of yours so much,
especially this," Trish said, grabbing two big handfuls of Mickie's bubble
butt, "Your big, fat ass. I love this ass. I love the way these meaty cheeks
feel against my thighs as I'm slamming that tight little ass hole of yours
with my strap on. Mmmmm, it's been far too long since I pounded your ass
Mickie, but don't worry, I'm going to be pounding it very soon. As for right
now, I want to play with these," Trish said, pausing momentarily to slide her
hands from Mickie's cushy tushy up to her well rounded boobs, "Your big,
beautiful tits. Mmmmm, they're so big and juicy, and so very, very suck-

Trish's little rant ended in her leaning forward and cupping Mickie's right
breast into her mouth, her lips closing tightly around the submissive
brunette's nipple before eagerly sucking on it.

Almost the very second Trish's lips closed around the nipple Mickie began
moaning softly, her moans quickly increasing in volume as Trish began
viciously attacking her nipples with that unbelievably talented mouth of

The blonde Canadian began moving back and forth between Mickie's nipples, at
first only sucking on them gently but quickly increasing the power of her
suction, her tongue swirling around each nipple in between sucks and her
teeth occasionally clamping on those soft little balls of flesh as Trish
began to really go to town on Mickie's tits. This whole time Trish's hands
expertly squeezed and caressed Mickie's big boobs, Trish pushing one nipple
into her mouth while tweaking the other with her free hand.

All of this attention soon paid off and Trish quickly had Mickie writhing on
her lap, desperate for the attention of the blonde's skilled tongue, not that
she was going to get it so quickly of course.

Trish loved playing with a nice pair of big boobs like Mickie's, and even
though Trish didn't have as much time as she would have liked to play with
this magnificent rack she fully intended to spend at least a little extra
time than was necessary to indulge her love for these big tits.

After spending almost an entire year as Trish's bitch Mickie knew exactly how
much the blonde bombshell loved big boobs like hers, but she hoped Trish
wouldn't spend too long on them this time.

Getting her big boobs played with was always pleasurable for Mickie, but
Trish had been known to spend hours just playing with her tits and while it
had certainly felt good by the end of it Mickie was in tears begging Trish to
make her cum.

Luckily with Melina here as well Mickie knew it wouldn't be too long before
she felt those soft lips and talented tongue travel downwards to were Mickie
most wanted them to be as Mickie knew that her current owner would not allow
her former owner to spend all night hogging her.

Before Melina could complain though Trish broke away from Mickie's nipples
and smiled wickedly at the submissive diva again.

"Mmmmm Mickie, I could just suck on your big juicy titties all day, but if I
did that I wouldn't get the chance to put Melina in her place and show her
who you really belong too. Probably just as well as I've been looking forward
to getting my tongue back inside you since the last time I fucked you. God
I've missed having my tongue inside you. Have you missed it too Mickie? Have
you missed having my tongue inside you? Have you missed having my tongue
inside your pussy? Have you missed my tongue sliding around inside your hot
little hole? Inside this juicy, delicious, hot little hole..." Trish trailed
off for a moment as her fingers slid over the lips of Mickie's pussy, causing
the girl in her arms to moan happily, "You have haven't you Mickie? You've
missed my tongue inside your pussy haven't you?"

"Of course she hasn't missed your nasty tongue, she's had mine." Melina
stated loudly.

"Shut up bitch, let Mickie answer." Trish snapped at Melina quickly before
turning to Mickie, "Well Mickie, have you missed me?"

Mickie bit her lip and thought carefully about her answer as she knew it
would piss Melina off and she didn't want to hurt the other brunette, but
there was no way she could lie about this.

"Yes." Mickie answered honestly, "I've missed you Trish. I've missed your
tongue inside me. I've missed your tongue inside my pussy. Please put your
tongue inside my pussy."

"Oh Mickie, you know I love it when you beg for me. It gets me so hot." Trish
growled, roughly kissing Mickie before breaking away and smiling, "Go lay
down on the bed and spread your legs for me as wide as you can. Show me that
pretty little pussy of yours."

Without a moment's pause Mickie did as she was told, jumping up and onto the
bed where she lay back and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy to the
two horny tops.

"Mmmmm, good girl Mickie, but before I give you my tongue I want you to beg a
little more for me." Trish said, "I want to hear you beg for my tongue."

"Please Trish, give me your tongue. I want your tongue. I need your tongue."
Mickie begged shamelessly, "I want your tongue in my pussy. I need your
tongue in my pussy. Fuck my pussy Trish, fuck my pussy with your tongue.
Please, I need it. Fuck me. Fuck me with your tongue."

Trish grins and looks over at her rival.

"Melina, go sit in that chair." Trish commanded, gesturing with her head to
the chair she was talking about.

Melina looks at the chair which is positioned not too far away from the bed.

"Why?" Melina asked.

"Because I want you to have the best view possible while I'm licking my girl
to orgasm after orgasm." Trish said cockily.

The fire in Melina's eyes turned from lust, want and desire for Mickie to
anger and maybe even hate for Trish. Which just made Trish smile more knowing
how much fun it is going to be for her to turn that hatred that Melina has
towards her to the same want and desire that Melina has for Mickie for her as
she turns Melina into her bitch.

Melina slowly stands up and walks over to the chair that Trish has told her
to sit not because Trish has told her too but simply because she wants a good
view of HER Mickie getting fucked.

Trish smiles at Melina's obedience before turning her attention back on
Mickie who is looking at her intently. As Trish makes her way around to the
bottom of the bed and stands directly in line with the girl she was here to
reclaim as hers.

"Keep your eyes on me Mickie." Trish said in a seductive tone of voice, "I
don't want you to take your eyes off me for one second. You understand?"

Mickie nodded her head in response.

With that Trish reaches down and slowly begins to undo her belt. After she
has it undone she lets it drop to the floor and then puts her right leg on
the bed and reaches over and starts to undo the laces on her white wrestling
boot. Once that is done she pulls it off and lets it drop to the floor before
doing the same thing to the other one.

Although Trish's focus is directly on Mickie she can't help but imagine what
her slow and methodical strip tease must be doing to Melina knowing how hot
this must be getting Mickie who Melina thinks is hers when Trish knows
despite how long she has been away Mickie is still hers deep down. After all
it was her who made Mickie what she is, a pain loving totally submissive
little slut.

And tonight she is going to prove it not only to Melina but also to Mickie.

Mickie meanwhile is laying with her legs spread as wide apart as she can get
them looking down at Trish who is giving her the sexiest and yet most
annoyingly slow strip tease she has ever seen although Mickie wants to think
that this strip tease is just for her she knows it's also for Melina but not
in the same way.

Mickie knows Trish is trying to do two things by doing this strip tease. One,
get her hotter than she already is, and two, piss Melina off more than she
already is.

Although Mickie can't look at her because Trish had told her not to take her
eyes off of her Mickie knows how much this must be driving Melina insane and
as much as Mickie loves Melina and she does she can't help but get a little
turned on knowing that Trish is pissing her current girlfriend off because it
means that Melina will have to do something extra special when it is her turn
to try and top what Trish is currently doing.

Melina is watching Trish as she starts to undo the little tassels on her jet
black bottoms gripping the arms of the chair as tightly as she can hating
what the blonde Canadian is doing not only to her but also to Mickie knowing
how much this must be turning her on because she can remember Mickie one time
asking Melina to do something similar to what Trish is doing because she said
it really turned her on watching her owner strip in front of her.

Of course Melina made Mickie beg to see her strip in front of her but in the
end she had given Mickie what she wanted and it had gotten Mickie wetter than
before not only did she know that this was getting Mickie wet because of what
had happened in the past she also knew it because as much as she tried to
deny it seeing Trish strip the way she was also was turning her on.

Trish steps out of her bottoms and her panties both at the same time she then
immediately start to take off her top and her bra underneath that until she
is standing in front of both Mickie and Melina totally naked.

"Like what you see Mickie?" Trish asked with an ear to ear grin.

Mickie nodded her head, unable to deny she had missed seeing Trish like this.

Trish then turned to look at Melina, "What about you Melina, do you like what
you see?"

The pissed off expression doesn't leave Melina's face.

"Get on with it Trish." Melina told her through gritted teeth.

"I will, at my own pace." Trish said, loving revelling in how much what she
is doing is pissing Melina off as she turns her attention back to Mickie and
proceeds to climb up onto the bed on all fours like a lioness slowly
approaching her prey.

Trish smiles at the thought of that. Mickie being her prey.

She soon reaches her prey and climbs all the way up her prey's body until she
is looking down into the eyes of her prey and her prey is looking up back
into her eyes.

Trish's smile grows even wider if that is even possible as she remembers all
the times that she and Mickie used to be in this very same position her on
top Mickie underneath her. As she remembers all those times she can't deny
nor really believe how much she misses those days.

In an attempt to try and not think about those days and focus on the present
Trish swoops down and captures Mickie's lips with her own.

At first Mickie doesn't respond, probably due to the suddenness of Trish's
oral attack, however it isn't long before Mickie is kissing Trish back.

Trish takes it slowly waiting a long time before adding her tongue. Shortly
after Trish slides her tongue into Mickie's mouth things get really hot
between the two of them. Mickie moans into her mouth which tells Trish that
she has the upper hand and so she breaks the kiss and slowly moves down to
Mickie's neck having wanted to give her just a small taste of what her pussy
can expect from her mouth and tongue.

More moans escape Mickie's mouth as Trish slides her skilled mouth over her
neck, licking, sucking and biting at her soft flesh before doing the same to
one of her ears..

"Oh Mickie, you have no idea how much I've missed eating your sweet little
pussy." Trish whispered huskily into Mickie's ear in between nibbles on it,
"I must have fucked half a dozen girls since I last saw you and none of them
tasted as yummy as the delicious little treat that's between your legs. And
it just breaks my heart thinking of you having to settle for the tongue of
that amateur Melina. But it's ok, because tonight you won't have to settle,
and neither will I. Tonight my girl is going to get her pussy properly
fucked, and I'm going to dine on the sweetest of pussy cuisine."

Mickie whimpered at Trish's words, loving how Trish was talking about her
like she was a piece of meat and knowing from experience just how good
Trish's tongue was and that Trish was right, her pussy was definitely in for
a proper fucking. Trish was wrong to call Melina a amateur, but as Trish's
lips began making their way down her body Mickie certainly wasn't in the mood
to argue.

After getting past Mickie's beautiful bosom Trish starts to kiss her way down
Mickie's stomach until she reaches Mickie's pussy.

When she was comfortable in between Mickie's legs Trish took a moment to
savour her bitch's sweet smell before looking up at her little pet with a
wicked grin on her face.

"One more time Mickie, beg for my tongue just one more time." Trish said with
her lips as close as possible to Mickie's pussy without actually touching it.

Mickie whimpered, and then began to beg, "Please Trish, please give me your
tongue. I need your tongue. Please, I beg you fuck me with your tongue.
Please, oooooohhhhhh!"

Before Mickie got the chance to finish begging Trish's tongue slid out as
fast as lightning and struck her pussy with one long quick lick, causing the
submissive brunette to cry out in pleasure.

Trish would really have liked to take her time eating Mickie's pussy, and
part of her still wanted to take things slowly and really savour getting her
mouth back on this yummy little treat, but Trish knew she could easily get
lost in licking and sucking this sweet pussy and end up spending at least
half the night in between Mickie's thighs and she couldn't do that. She had a
'competition' to win.

Melina had stepped out of line and Trish couldn't wait to put that bitch in
her place, and more importantly show her who Mickie belonged too, and Trish
wouldn't be able to do that if she went slow on the pussy eating.

On the bright side when Trish inevitably won she could spend as much time as
she wanted in between Mickie's legs, while Melina was between her own.

With that in mind Trish spent a few minutes giving long strokes with her
tongue, constantly switching between quick and slow licks, up and down,
covering Mickie's pussy lips in her saliva before thrusting her tongue as
deep inside her bitch as it could go.

As if the fact that her pussy was practically soaking wet wasn't enough proof
that Mickie was loving this the exact moment Trish forced her tongue deep
inside of her bitch Mickie let out a loud cry followed by a long moan of pure

This caused Trish to smile into Mickie's pussy, happy in the knowledge that
with just this one tongue thrust she had probably given Mickie more pleasure
than she had experienced in months.

It broke Trish's heart thinking about the lacklustre sex Mickie must have
been having lately with the wannabe dom Melina. That Latina skank wouldn't
know how to properly fuck a submissive girl like Mickie if her life depended
on it. Luckily Trish was here now, and she was going to give her girl Mickie
exactly what she needed.

With that Trish proceeded to give Mickie the best tongue fucking she was
capable of, meaning the best tongue fucking Mickie could possibly get.

Thrusting her tongue in and out of her bitch Trish began roughly fucking
Mickie with it while at the same time sealing her girl's pussy with her mouth
and sucking on it.. Maybe it was because of how long it had been since she
last tasted Mickie's pussy, or maybe it was because of the whole series of
events leading up to this, but whatever the reason Trish couldn't get over
how great tasting Mickie's pussy was. Trish had eaten a few girls in between
the last time she was between Mickie's legs, but none of those girls pussies
even came close to how great Mickie's pussy tasted. It was better than all of
those other pussies combined. It was hot and sweet, just like Mickie herself.

Wanting more of Mickie's yummy juices Trish increases the force of her
sucking, all the while using her tongue to explore Mickie's pussy, knowing
how much Mickie used to love it when she explored her. She twirls her tongue
around inside grinning all the while at the moaning and groaning noises that
are coming from her girl.

While Trish continued what she was doing she couldn't help but wonder what
Mickie and Melina were thinking right now.

Mickie was probably thanking all the gods in all the heavens that she finally
had a real dom's tongue back inside her pussy, and more importantly Trish's
tongue back inside her pussy. Going so long without getting a proper pussy
licking was tough for any girl, especially for a girl like Mickie.
Fortunately Trish was here now and the blonde could only imagine how grateful
her little bitch must be for her return.

As for Melina, it had to be tough for her seeing 'her' girlfriend writhing
about on the bed while she was being expertly eaten out by somebody she
loathes and as if seeing it isn't bad enough she has to hear 'her' girlfriend
make noises she has never ever made while they where alone together. Perhaps
after seeing Trish's fantastic pussy eating skills Melina was even beginning
to secretly realise that she was fighting a losing battle and would
inevitably be Trish's bitch again by the end of the night. Maybe Melina was
already thinking about her inevitable submission to Trish and quietly hoping
and praying Trish would tongue fuck her like she was Mickie, and like she had
done to her before.

If Trish's memory served her correctly Melina had a yummy little pussy. It
wasn't quite as yummy as Mickie's tasty little treat, but it was good enough
for Trish to pause between the spanking and the butt fucking long enough to
69 with the Latina whore. Maybe if Melina was lucky Trish would tongue fuck
the wannabe top when she inevitably got the chance, if nothing else but for
the pleasure of physically showing Melina how much better she was at rug
munching than she was.

But that would be for later, right now Trish wanted to concentrate on the
juicy little treat she had her mouth glued to known as Mickie's pussy.

Remembering from their many encounters back when they where together Trish
was able to use her tongue to seek out all the sweetest spots inside Mickie's
cunt. Once she was sure she had found them Trish began to mercilessly attack
each and every single one of them with every thrust of her tongue, while her
mouth continued to suck Mickie's pussy lips for all she was worth, Trish
wanting to make her bitch cum louder and harder than she ever had before.

Despite herself Melina couldn't stop her wandering hands from playing with
her own tits or sliding down to her pussy as she watched her girl writhe in

Mickie looked so sexy when she was having her pussy munched on and this was
far from the first time Melina had enjoyed watching someone else go down on
her girl. Since they had been together Melina had seduced plenty of sluts
into eating out both herself and Mickie, and the other submissive divas were
only to eager for the chance to get between a pair of soft thighs for a
little cunt lapping fun, not to mention the other dominant divas who were
often offering their own sluts for a chance to play with arguably the most
submissive little bitch in the entire WWE.

All of those other times didn't bother Melina because she knew they were just
all about the sex, but this was different. This was Trish Stratus, the woman
who had introduced Mickie to the joys of lesbian sex and in the process
turned the girl into her property. Melina had seen submission before but
Mickie had surrendered every little bit of herself to the dominating blonde.
From the way Mickie talked about Trish and looked at her anyone would think
she was some kind of Goddess. Maybe in some ways she was because sometimes
Melina honestly felt like Trish had reached into Mickie's body and marked her
soul itself as her property, turning Mickie into 100% pure bitch. Even after
the blonde whore abandoned Mickie the girl was still obviously head over
heels in love with the Canadian, but as sure as Melina was that Mickie loved
Trish she was also sure Mickie loved her.

The question was who was the better dom? Who dominated Mickie the best? Who
did Mickie prefer dominating her?

These questions would soon be answered, and while Melina had confidence in
her abilities that she had shown Mickie over the last few months that she was
the far more skilled top, there was a part of her that couldn't help imagine
what would happen if she lost this little bet, because as much as Melina
adored eating Mickie's pussy and making her writhe and moan like she was
doing right now Melina also remembered what it was like being Trish's bitch.
Pacifically she remembered what it was like to have that magical tongue
inside her, and the thought of it fucking her again was almost powerful
enough to make her cum.

Pushing such thoughts out of her head Melina concentrated on what she was
going to do to her girlfriend to prove to Mickie that she was the better top,
while at the same time enjoying the sight of her girl wriggling on the bed.

Knowing that unless she was told otherwise she was supposed to just lay still
Mickie dug her fingernails deeply into the bedsheets and tried so hard not to
move but it was no use, Trish's tongue was just so skilled, her mouth so
knowing, and Mickie soon found herself losing control of her body, her hips
involuntarily thrusting upwards as if she was trying to get Trish's entire
face inside of her pussy.

That wasn't possible but Mickie was more than happy to settle for thrusting
her pussy up into Trish's face, timing it with the thrusts of Trish's tongue
so that wonderfully soft penetrating object went as deep inside her as it
possibly could.

Mickie knew she shouldn't be making these noises because of the way she could
imagine they were making Melina feel. Even though Melina has made her make
these noises before Mickie couldn't help but wonder how these noises were
making Melina feel knowing that she was not the one making them.
Unfortunately Mickie couldn't help it, Trish was just so good at this. The
blonde Canadian just knew exactly what to do, what buttons to push, what
areas were the most sensitive.

Even though while they were together it was Mickie who spent most of her time
between Trish's thighs when the dominating blonde buried her face in between
Mickie's legs she never failed to make the submissive brunette cum hard with
her legendary skilled tongue.

Mickie could remember the first time she was introduced to Trish's tongue. It
was on the night of her official debut to the RAW roster and Trish had lured
her back to her hotel to 'talk'. That talk had become very personal very
quickly, Trish asking Mickie if she was straight and after Mickie replied yes
Trish smiled and said 'good, she loved straight girls, they always tasted so
good'. Nervously Mickie had tried to leave but she was cut off by Trish who
kissed her, Mickie being introduced to Trish's tongue roughly as it invaded
her mouth. After that Mickie had tried vainly to protest as she was stripped
and caressed, that evil tongue sliding around her mouth and all over her
body, teasing her tits before it finally made its way to her pussy.

That was the moment that straight little Mickie James died, brutally murdered
with one stab of another woman's tongue into her pussy. In straight little
Mickie's place was questioning her sexuality Mickie, who was quickly replaced
by happy little lesbian Mickie as Trish's tongue worked its magic, turning
the helpless girl into her bitch.

Not long afterwards Mickie learned she was far from the first victim of that
wicked tongue as apparently Trish had been inside almost every diva in the
WWE while she was a part of it. There were new divas now that Trish hadn't
had the chance to get her tongue into, but when Mickie first debuted there
wasn't a woman on the entire RAW roster that Trish hadn't fucked.

Thanks to Trish there was no such thing as a straight WWE girl. Any straight
girl entering the WWE now was quickly jumped by the first diva who got the
chance and the girl quickly transformed into one of the only too acceptable
sexualities for divas in the WWE, that being either completely gay or
bisexual. Bisexuality was the most popular but after being Trish's little
fuck toy for so long Mickie couldn't imagine herself being with another guy
again, not after the heaven she had known as Trish's submissive little pet.

Trish herself was bisexual, but she had told Mickie she really loved turning
little straight girls into total cunt loving dykes. From what Mickie had
heard, and seen for herself, Trish was very good at it, probably because she
didn't really believe there was such a thing as a true straight girl. To
Trish all straight girls were just waiting to be seduced, and why wouldn't
she think that? So far no girl she wanted had been able to resist her, Mickie
watching in wonderment as even the most uptight and straightlaced of
heterosexual women became putty in the commanding blonde's hands.

It was such an overwhelming turn on to be with someone who could seemingly
literally have any girl she wanted but chose to have her by her side. No
matter how Trish treated her this fact always made Mickie feel special
somehow and as much as she loved Melina words couldn't describe how happy she
was to be back with Trish, if only for a night, especially since it meant she
got to enjoy this wonderful mouth and talented tongue again.

All of a sudden Mickie feels Trish's fingers start to run up and down
underneath her pussy. Evidently she is trying to bath them in the pussy juice
that has some how managed to escape from Trish's mouth.

Once the fingers are well lubed Mickie can feel Trish remove her mouth from
her cunt and press her finger to the submissive brunette's ass hole, causing
Mickie to tense up a little mentally due to the fact she knows what is coming
next and she is doing her best to try and prepare her body, specifically one
part of her body for what was about to happen to it.

For a few moments nothing happens, Trish obviously letting Mickie anticipate
what is about to happen to her, before finally Mickie screams at the top of
her lungs as she feels one of Trish's fingers pushed past her tight anal ring
and enter her ass, Trish wasting no time in pushing all the way up to the
knuckle inside Mickie's butt before starting to slam her finger in and out of
the other girls rectum, finger fucking her ass as hard as she can with them.
The scream that came from Mickie's lips wasn't because what Trish did hurt
her it was because that was what Mickie needed to send her over the edge and
give her her orgasm.

But Mickie knew better and even though it was agonising to keep her orgasm at
bay she did so, just long enough to beg, "Please, please, please, please,
please, please Trish can I cum! Please can I cum! Please, I need it so bad!"

Trish considered saying no and either teasing Mickie some more or forcing her
to cum without permission, but instead Trish decided to be generous and pull
her mouth away from Mickie's pussy just long enough to tell her, "Yes Mickie,
you can cum."

Hearing what she needed to hear Mickie let out a deafening scream and came
all over Trish's face.

Trish knowing due to the high pitched scream she has just made Mickie bellow
she has also made Mickie cum and not wanting to miss out on any of that tasty
treat she has just earned she immediately attaches her mouth and tongue back
on what they where on before while at the same time continuing to pump her
finger in and out of Mickie's ass hole, adding another finger as she does it
causing Mickie to cum again. Soon Trish is pounding Mickie's sensitive little
butt hole with her fingers while slurping as hard as she can at her cunt, the
blonde hungrily swallowing the sweet fruits of her labour as she fucks Mickie
through a couple more orgasms, her bitch continuing to scream as though she
was being killed instead of pleasured.

Slowly Mickie stops screaming and Trish slows down her frontal and anal
assault and slowly removes her mouth and head from in between Mickie's legs
and sits up and turns her attention to Melina who is no longer sitting in the
chair she had told her to sit in but is now standing right next to the bed in
front of the chair looking... well the expression on Melina's face is hard to
describe and yet at the same time priceless because it is all the emotions
Trish wanted Melina to have mixed together. Anger, hate, shock, disbelief,
desire, want, lust, and a few others, but those are the main ones.

Trish feels some cum running down her chin and uses the back of her hand to
get it. Once she has caught it all she licks the back of her hand before
returning her focus to Melina.

"Your turn." Trish said, with a cocky and arrogant smile on her face.

Melina takes a deep breath, trying to get her emotions back under control as
she slowly starts to take her wrist bands off.

"Alright." Melina said, faking a smile, "Sit your fat ass on the chair and
pay close attention, you might learn something."

"In your dreams bitch." Trish laughs as she slowly slides off the bottom of
the bed and walks around to the chair while Melina climbs up onto the bed and
moves over to where Mickie is laying

Melina looks down at Mickie, looking into her girlfriend's eyes, trying to
see some sort of sign in them as to weather she has already lost this
competition or weather she can still defeat Trish and prove that Mickie WAS
Trish's but now Mickie belongs to Melina.

Unfortunately Melina doesn't see any sort of sign as to weather she has lost
or not. She takes no sign as a good sign and decides to keep fighting
regardless as she takes Mickie's right hand in her's and slowly helps Mickie
sit up.

Melina then slowly turns her back to Mickie which means she will have to look
at Trish but she isn't worried about that.

"Undo my top Mickie." Melina said once she has turned her back to Mickie.

"Hey!" Trish snapped, causing both Melina and Mickie to look at her, "That's
not right."

"I don't remember us making any rules saying that she couldn't touch us
Trish." Melina tells her smiling on the inside that she has managed to get to
Trish this way maybe she is still in with a chance of winning this thing.

Trish grits her teeth knowing that Melina is right they hadn't made any rules
like that although now she wishes they had.

"Alright." Trish said taking a deep breath, "She can undress you. But that is
as far as it goes."

Melina smiled an obviously fake sweet smile at Trish mentally thinking or
rather telling herself and Trish that that is as far as she needs it to go.

"Undo my top Mickie." Melina said, talking to Mickie over her shoulder and
yet keeping her eyes locked with Trish's wanting to watch Trish watch Mickie
undress her.

Melina can feel the straps on the back of her top slowly being loosened until
she is able to take the top that she is wearing off. Once her top is off
Melina stands up and walks around to the bottom of the bed and places one of
her legs on the bed.

"Now CRAWL over here on your hands and knees and undo and then take off my
boot." Melina said, looking at Mickie who hasn't moved from her position
which had been sitting behind Melina.

Mickie looks at Melina surprised by her girlfriend's strategy having believed
that there was no way in the world Melina could react in a positive way to
what Trish had just done and yet she could tell from the look on Trish's face
that this strategy was working.

Mickie did as she was told she crawled over to where Melina's black boot was
and proceeded to undo the laces and then take the boot off. As soon as that
one was done Melina switched legs and Mickie did the same thing again.

Melina watches Mickie do as she is told loving every minute of this not just
because she loves watching Mickie do as she is told but also because she
knows she is making Trish as angry as she had made her when she did that
strip tease.

Once both boots are off Melina takes a step back away from the bottom of the

"Now come down here." Melina said, pointing to the floor.

Mickie looks over at Trish almost as if she is asking Trish if that is ok.

Trish smiles at Mickie knowing that the fact that Mickie has just looked at
her asking her permission almost to do what Melina wants is enough to piss
Melina off. She nods her head and looks at Melina who she can tell is pissed
off even though she can't see her eyes because they are focused on Mickie who
get's down onto her knees in front of Melina and looks up at her awaiting her
next command.

Melina looks down at Mickie the anger at what she has just done evident in
her eyes. Melina feels compelled to punish Mickie for not doing what she told
her to do immediately and actually daring to look over at Trish for
permission to do what she told her.

However she decides to save the punishment for another time.

"Take off my bottoms and then I want you to take off my underwear using only
your mouth.." Melina said, looking over at Trish not to get permission or see
if that is ok but to see how the Canadian beauty reacts to what she has just
told Mickie to do.

Trish stares at Melina feeling tempted to complain however she knows that she
can't because she did say that Mickie could undress Melina and since
technically she won't be touching Melina but rather the fabric of her
underwear Trish knows she doesn't have any grounds on which to argue. What
pisses her off just as much is the fact that Mickie doesn't look over at her
to see if this is ok but rather does as she is told without question.

Melina slowly turns her attention back to Mickie just in time to see her take
her underwear in between her teeth and pull them down until she is able to
step out of them which she does.

"Good girl Mickie." Melina said, "Now assume the position you where in when
Trish did her strip tease."

Mickie climbs back onto the bed doing her best not to look at Trish despite
the fact she wants to see the expression on Trish's face and even though she
can't see it she is sure it is probably the same type of expression Melina
must have had when Trish did her strip tease and just like before Mickie
can't help but get a little bit turned on by this.

Melina watches as Mickie re-assumes the position she was in before laying on
her back looking up at the ceiling with her legs spread as wide as she can
get them for her.

"Look at me Mickie." Melina said, her girlfriend immediately obeying, "Keep
your eyes on me. Don't take your eyes off me Mickie. Understand?"

Mickie nods her head and with that Melina approaches the bed and stops just
as she reaches it she then does her ring entrance putting one leg on the bed
and running her hands from her foot up to in between her legs and then
putting her other leg on the bed and pretending as though there is a bottom
rope and sliding herself in underneath it.

The reason Melina is doing this is because she knows how much Mickie loves
her wrestling entrance and has said on many times it was one of the things
that always used to get her hot and wet when they used to wrestle.

Once on the bed Melina moves herself up until she is in exacterly the same
position Trish was in earlier she is looking down into the eyes of Mickie and
Mickie is looking back up into her eyes.

Melina smiles knowing just how much seeing her like this on top of Mickie is
pissing Trish off because it pissed her off to see Trish like this earlier
only difference is she is determined to make Trish even more pissed off
because although Mickie can't touch her that doesn't mean she can't touch

With that in mind Melina bends down and takes Mickie's lips in what starts
out as a slow and gentle kiss. Despite Melina starting the kiss off gently
Mickie quickly increases the intensity of the kiss, at least that is what she
tries to do but Melina stops her not wanting her to do that just yet due to
the fact she isn't 100% sure Mickie is fully recovered from what Trish did to
her and wanting Mickie to cum not because she was still hot from Trish but
simply because Melina made her not just want to cum but need to cum.

So Melina continues to kiss Mickie, keeping it nice and slow as well as
steady, and while she is kissing her she starts to run her hands all over
Mickie's body wanting to get Mickie moaning before she even get's to her
pussy, which is when Melina wants Mickie to scream like Trish made her

After a while Melina pulls away wanting to move on which she does, moving
herself down to Mickie's neck which she knows is one of Mickie's pleasure
points. As she begins to slid her lips over Mickie's neck Melina is unable to
stop herself from sinking her teeth into the soft skin, not hard enough to
draw blood or anything but hard enough to get her girl moaning for her nice
and loudly. After gently nibbling on Mickie's neck for a while Melina
switches to licking and sucking at the soft flesh, hopefully leaving little
marks to show that Mickie is hers.

Once Melina was satisfied she had marked Mickie's neck she began kissing her
way down Mickie's body until she reaches Mickie's very impressive cleavage.
Despite having already spent some time earlier on this area of Mickie's body
Melina doesn't see any harm in spending a little bit more time on these
wonderfully big boobs. So Melina focuses all of her attention on Mickie's
left breast and nipple to start with, licking and sucking it until it becomes
rock hard. Once it does Melina moves over to the right nipple and breast
giving it the same treatment.

Despite how much Melina is loving what she is doing to Mickie she really
wishes Mickie could touch her because that always used to be the way Mickie
told her weather what she was doing was good or not. However soon it doesn't
matter the fact that Mickie isn't touching Melina because the sounds that
Mickie starts making are all the reassurance that what she is doing is good
that Melina needs as she responds to Mickie's noises by sucking harder on the
breast and nipple that is in her mouth.

Once she is happy that Mickie's breasts and nipples have received enough
attention Melina moves further down until she reaches Mickie's wet slit. Once
again unlike the blonde Melina doesn't go straight for it instead what she
does is starts to rub her fingers up and down the lips of Mickie's cunt which
cause Mickie to respond with little whimpers and moans which to Melina is
Mickie's way of begging her to fuck her and it takes all of Melina's self
control not to give Mickie what they both want.

After a little longer just running her fingers up and down Mickie's slit
Melina finally slides a finger in causing Mickie to cry out with pleasure
which is music to Melina`s ears and like nails on a chalkboard to Trish`s
Melina`s sure.

The second Melina's inside of her girl Mickie begins to try and impale
herself on Melina's finger, proof in Melina's mind that her tactic is better
than Trish's due to the fact it took Trish a bit of licking to get Mickie to
start trying to impale herself on her.

However Melina doesn't give Mickie what she wants as much as she wants to she
knows she has to start out slow and that is exacterly what she does even
though it kills her to do it she starts to move her finger in and out of
Mickie at a slow but steady pace.

"Please Melina." Both Trish and Melina suddenly hear which causes both of
them to look up at Mickie who's eyes are locked on Melina's, "Please fuck

Melina smiled.

"You want me to fuck you do you Mickie?" Melina asked coyly.

"Yes Melina, please fuck me, I need to be fucked!" Mickie whimpered.

"Who do you need to fuck you Mickie? Me or Trish?" Melina asked.

"You. I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me Melina!" Mickie said.

"You want it? You need it? Then beg for it? Beg me to fuck you you little
slut!" Melina ordered.

"Oh please Melina, fuck me. Please, I need it." Mickie begged shamelessly, "I
need you to fuck me so bad. Please Melina, fuck me with your fingers. Shove
your fingers deep inside of me and make me your little slut! Then stick your
tongue inside me and fuck me some more. Please Melina, fuck me with your
fingers, fuck me with your tongue, fuck me anyway you want to, just please
fuck me!"

"Good little slut." Melina said happily, before removing her finger much to
Mickie's disappointment, "Now flip over on to all fours and stick that big
juicy ass in my face. I'm going to fuck you just the way you like it!"

Her disappointment instantly a thing of the past Mickie beams and hastily
flips over onto her hands and knees, making sure to present her bubble butt
to her ass loving girlfriend.

Mickie knows exactly what Melina has in mind and is ecstatic that both her
pussy and ass hole are going to be in for a good time.

Smiling at Mickie's obediens Melina quickly slips her finger back into
Mickie's pussy and re-establishes the slow but steady rhythm she had going
moments before.

After gently fucking her girl for a few teasing moments Melina slips a second
finger into Mickie and slowly begins to increase the pace until she is
finally pounding Mickie's sweet pussy just the way she knows Mickie loves.

Without slowing down the finger fucking Melina lowers her face to Mickie's
delicious looking rump and places one long soft kiss on her bitch's right ass
cheek, and then does the same to the right ass cheek, Melina beginning to go
back and forth in between Mickie's juicy butt cheeks, covering those meaty
cheeks in kisses.

It doesn't take long for this to make Mickie start moaning even louder than
before, the submissive brunette trembling in pleasure from having her fleshy
butt cheeks worshipped while her pussy was being so expertly fucked, although
she was also trembling in anticipation as she knew what was coming next.

Sure enough after she had spent a few long minutes sliding her lips all over
Mickie's rounded rump Melina used her free hand to spread those big butt
cheeks wide, making Mickie's little back door a completely exposed and
vulnerable target to the horny Latina.

Like a hawk swooping down for it's dinner Melina dived face first into
Mickie's butt, her lips glued to her bitch's butt hole in one second and in
the next her tongue was plowing through her girlfriend's rectum.

Mickie squealed in delight at the added stimulation and squeeze down on the
tongue and fingers invading her holes, the tongue quickly joining the rhythm
of the fingers in fucking her senseless.

Trish silently admitted to herself she was impressed.

Mickie was a total anal whore and fucking both her pussy and ass at the same
time like that would have the little slut cumming in no time.

Trish even considered complaining, but she had no grounds for an argument and
she wasn't sure she wanted Melina to stop anyway.

Sure it annoyed her Mickie was moaning in such pleasure and that she wasn't
the cause of it, as did the revelation that maybe Melina's cunt lapping
skills had improved since last she had sampled her mouth, meaning that maybe,
just maybe Melina might prove to be some competition, but the sight of her
bitch getting fucked was too much of a turn on for Trish not to enjoy.

Besides, this wasn't someone on her level fucking her bitch, this was two
bitches fucking in front of her, so why shouldn't Trish enjoy it? It wasn't
like she hadn't made Mickie fuck other bitches in front of her before, or the
first time she had been in this type of threesome, so brushing aside a little
feeling of jealousy Trish relaxed in her chair and simply enjoyed the show.

Of course Trish wasn't enjoying the show in the same way Mickie and Melina

With a couple of fingers and a tongue drilling her pussy and ass hole Mickie
was in heaven.

Ever since she joined the WWE Mickie had redefined her understanding of
pleasure, first Trish then Melina taking her to heights of pleasure she could
have never imagined before being seduced by the dominating blonde.

Considering all the pleasure she has known this isn't the highest of highs
for Mickie, but it's more than enough for now.

Even though she knew she shouldn't without permission Mickie can't help but
start to thrust herself backwards against Melina's face and fingers, trying
to increase the speed of her double penetration.

Luckily for Mickie it seemed her girlfriend wasn't in the punishing mood as
the second she started thrusting back against the other brunette Mickie felt
Melina's tongue and fingers start slamming her holes even harder and faster
than before, the two divas timing their thrusts so they were perfectly in
sync to make sure Melina's tongue and fingers went as deep into Mickie's
holes as possible.

It didn't take long with the double penetration for Mickie to get to the edge
of orgasm, but just as she felt herself about to go over the edge Melina
suddenly removed her tongue and fingers from Mickie's holes without any
warning whatsoever.

Mickie whimpered in disapproval, looked back and almost came when she saw
Melina hungrily sucking her juices off her fingers, her girlfriend smiling at
her wickedly before returning to pleasuring her, this time however with
Melina's tongue slamming into Mickie's pussy as the dominating brunette
pushed two fingers slowly into the submissive brunette's butt hole.

This alternative double penetration caused Mickie to moan in pleasure, Melina
quickly re-establishing the same rough pace she had been fucking Mickie
before, easily pushing her girlfriend to the edge again before again denying
her the orgasm the little slut was already craving.

Melina repeated this process over and over again, deliberately wanting to
build Mickie up as much as possible so that her orgasm would be even more
powerful than the one Trish gave her, however Melina was mindful of how much
time was passing. She could deal with Trish complaining if it came to that,
and she loved hearing Mickie beg for her to make her cum for hours, but if
Melina was going to beat Trish and have a good amount of time to get revenge
on the blonde bitch then she wasn't going to be able to spend as much time
teasing Mickie as she normally would.

It disappointed Melina because she loved the taste of Mickie's pussy and ass
hole, Melina sometimes spending hours licking out her girl's holes and only
letting her cum when Mickie's throat was sore from begging for an orgasm.
Unfortunately, there was no time for that now. Still, a little begging
couldn't hurt.

"You wanna cum Mickie?" Melina asked playfully as she briefly removed her
tongue from Mickie's ass hole.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, please Melina make me cum!" Mickie begged,
immediately knowing what was expected of her, "Please, I'm begging you make
me cum! Let me cum! Please, give me permission to cum!"

"Ok Mickie, I give you permission to cum!" Melina growled, burying her tongue
back up Mickie's butt.

With that Melina stepped up her game, twirling her tongue within Mickie's
rectum while curling her fingers inside her girlfriend's pussy, brutally
attacking the most sweetest of sweet spots inside her girl's holes. At the
exact same time she did this Melina's thumb attacked Mickie's clit,
ruthlessly rubbing it as she continued to assault Mickie's pussy and ass

This sudden overwhelming combinations of pleasure caused Mickie to cry so
loud that it was almost deafening and soon after this Mickie screamed just as
loud if not louder than when Trish made her cum as she started to cum again.
Melina immediately does the same thing Trish did, she removes her fingers
from Mickie's cunt and replaces them with her mouth. She licks up and down
Mickie's pussy lips trying to be as gentle as she can but the taste of Mickie
on her lips is driving her crazy. She has to have more and she does her best
to get exacterly that by burying her tongue as deep into Mickie's cunt as she
can get it.

And Mickie's pussy welcomed Melina's tongue.

Once she has got her tongue inside of her Melina starts to gently tongue fuck
her girlfriend to another orgasm. If possible she was going to try and get
three out of her, that will prove to little Miss 7 Time Woman's champion
Trish Stratus who Mickie really belongs too.

With this determined thought in mind Melina starts to twist her tongue
clockwise and anticlockwise, using her knowledge of Mickie's pussy and the
knowledge of a few areas that Trish probably didn't know Mickie had to push
Mickie towards another orgasm.

Mickie finally screams this time Melina was sure that this scream is a lot
louder than the scream she gave when Trish made her cum as she tasted
Mickie's orgasm juice which flows like a river into her mouth.

As she was swallowing down Mickie's cum Melina heard a fake coughing sound
behind her. She ignored it until she had gotten every drop of that sweet
creamy liquid before she finally came up for air, and turned to look at the
irritated looking blonde.

"That's more than enough, don't you think?" Trish asked.

In Melina's mind a few more hours wouldn't have been enough to properly enjoy
her girl's delicious holes, but there were things to do so she decided to

"I guess..." Melina said, "Do you want to ask Mickie who she prefers now or
do you want me to keep embarrassing you?"

"The only one embarrassing themselves here Melina is you, and if you think
you've properly fucked Mickie without giving her ass a serious pounding with
a nice big dildo then you clearly have no idea what Mickie needs." Trish

"Oh believe me, I know what Mickie needs better than you ever will and I'm
happy to show you that right here, right now. When you see how hard I fuck
Mickie's pussy and ass hole with my strap on you're going to wish you never
crossed me." Melina boasted.

"Please, when I'm done pounding Mickie's holes she's going to be disappointed
at having to settle for you, and then she's going to name me the winner...
and then you're going to wish you'd never crossed me." Trish snaps back,
before she gets up and starts walking over to her bag, "Now if you'll excuse
me I'm going to get my strap on out of my bag so I can win this little
competition and make you my bitch, again."

"We'll see bitch, we'll see." Melina muttered.

"You're right bitch," Trish said, pulling out her strap on, "We will..."

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