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Mickie's Mine Part 3
by MTL (

After she and Melina had firmly strapped on their dildos Trish turned to her
ex-girlfriend and said, "Mickie, get down on your knees here in front of me."

Nodding her head softly in submission Mickie crawled on all fours to the
bottom of the bed, got down onto the floor and positioned herself on her
knees in front of her former lover.

"Do you remember this strap on Mickie?" Trish asked, causing Mickie to turn
her attention to the fake cock between her legs. Now she was looking directly
at that cock Mickie recognised it, the memory of what it did to her sending a
shudder of desire to run through her, "You do don't you? It's the dick that
conquered you the first night you debuted on RAW. The same cock that took
your anal cherry and made you my bitch."

Trish smiled as she saw the recognition in her bitch's eyes, the blonde
bombshell hoping her words were having the desired affect on the submissive
brunette. Of course Trish didn't need to look at Melina to know her words
were having an affect on her rival, the record breaking seven times WWE
women's champion practically basking in the disdain the other dominant women
had for her. That meant she had got into at least one of the brunette's
heads, and as Mickie's eyes glazed over Trish was confident her words had
been a complete success.

Driving the point home Trish added, "It's because of this dick that you're my

"She WAS your bitch." Melina pointed out, "Now she's mine!"

Trish glared at Melina, but then smiled wickedly, "Mickie was mine first and
she'll always be mine. Just like you'll be mine again in just a few moments.
And I'm sure you remember this cock too, don't you Melina? After all the
first chance it got it took your anal cherry and made you my bitch!"

"That was then. Tonight you become my bitch! But enough talk." Melina said
through gritted teeth, the memory of the night Trish took her anal cherry and
made her her bitch flooding her mind as she turned her attention to her
girlfriend, "Mickie, suck my cock" Suck it like Trish will be before the end
of the night!"

Trish just smirked as she watched Mickie take one of the two dildos in each
hand and begin to gently stroke them. Quickly following that Mickie bent her
head down and took Melina's strap on into her mouth. That caused Melina to
smile, the dominant brunette seeing this as an intentional show of loyalty
and devotion from her bitch.

Once her lips were securely fastened around the shaft Mickie closed her eyes
and begins to slide her mouth up and down on Melina's dildo, slobbering all
over it for a few minutes before swapping it for Trish's dildo and repeating
the process.

Trish smiled having not liked the fact that Mickie went for Melina's fake
cock first but now that she was working on her's she was happy and decides to
encourage Mickie to focus on her cock and not Melina's.

"You look really hot sucking on my strap on Mickie." Trish says loving the
feel of the stimulator inside the dildo rubbing against her clit as Mickie
sucks her strap on, "You know why that is Mickie?" Trish pauses, waiting
until Mickie looks up at her before continuing, "Because it's one of the
natural places for you to be. I always said you where a natural bottom, a
bottom's natural place is serving her top. Isn't that right Mickie?"

Mickie grunts a response as she switches back to Melina's strap on, wanting
to do her best not to let her girlfriend feel like she is picking favourites,
Mickie lowering her mouth further down on Melina's cock than before, soon
bobbing her head up and down on almost the entire length of the shaft.

"Looks like she prefers to suck on her girlfriend's fake cock rather than the
fake cock of her former slut of an owner." Melina says with an ear to ear
smile figuring two can play Trish's game, "That's it Mickie go all the way
down. All the way down baby, deep throat my cock. Yeahhhhh, that's it just
like that slobber all over it. Mmmmmmmm, now take it out and lick the shaft
up and down like a good girl."

As she says these last words Melina keeps her eyes fixed on Trish and loving
the 'if looks could kill' type of look she is getting from the high and
mighty former women's champion.

Mickie does as she was told knowing what Melina was doing was not so much
trying to encourage her as much as it was meant to piss Trish off and
although she can't see the look on Trish's face she has no doubt Melina's
plan was working due to her knowing how proud of a woman Trish was. Although
she was loving the fact that she get's to worship both her former lover and
her current girlfriend Mickie hates how both girls are trying to out do the
other, wishing that they could all just get along and yet knowing that was
probably never going to happen due to there being too much hatred between her
two lovers. The worst part was knowing that eventually they are going to
expect her to pick one of them as the better lover despite her loving them
both and not wanting to have to choose no matter what they do or how good
they are.

"Alright now back to me Mickie." Trish finally snaps, having had enough of
Mickie worshipping Melina's dildo, "Get that submissive little mouth of yours
back over here and suck my cock!"

Trish wasn't trying to sound mean to Mickie but she wasn't about to let
Melina show her up under any circumstances or at any point during this
competition/bet they had going on, even if it is Mickie just getting their
cock's ready for them to fuck her pussy and ass with.

Mickie slowly removes Melina's fake cock from her throat and turns and takes
Trish's into her mouth, swallowing almost all of the dildo strapped around
her waist in one mighty gulp doing her best to try and show no favouritism to
either woman despite them trying to one up each other.

"That's it, suck my dick Mickie." Trish says taking full advantage of her
opportunity to get back at Melina, "That's it slobber on it, slobber on that
dick, I want to see drool all over my cock, so it's nice and lubed. You know
where it's going Mickie, so you better get it ready. I extremely doubt Melina
has been able to stretch you out as much as I used too, and will be
stretching you out again in just a second."

Mickie does her best to do as she is told by Trish, forcing herself to
salivate all over the dildo, even going so far as to take half of the cock
out of her mouth so her drool can slowly slid out of her mouth and down the
shaft, showing Trish what she was doing.

"That's enough Mickie." Melina snaped, "Both of our cocks are wet enough."

"Alright." Trish said with a smug smile, "Since you where the last one to
have Mickie sexually please you I think I should get to fuck her first."

Melina looked at Trish and smiles a smug smile of her own, "By all means
Trish, that way she'll be ready for me to really give it to her the way she

Trish ignored Melina as she looks down at Mickie who had removed her fake
cock from her throat and was looking up at her, evidently waiting to be told
what to do next. Trish was happy to oblige, "Get back onto the bed Mickie. I
want you in the position I love you in most. Face down, ass up."

Eager to get one of those big dildos inside her Mickie jumped up onto the
bed, crawled into the middle of it, then pressed her face to the soft duvet
and presented her ass to Trish. Knowing what Trish liked Mickie was sure to
give her butt a little wiggle, making her meaty cheeks jiggle ever so

The sight of Mickie's big round butt had Trish so overwhelmed with lust she
didn't even move for a few seconds. Then in a flash Trish was kneeling behind
Mickie and grabbing two big handfuls of her ex-girlfriend's bubble butt, the
blonde quickly beginning to greedily grope the big round ass she hadn't been
able to stop thinking about since the last time she gave it a hard fucking.

After a few seconds of just groping Trish spread those big meaty cheeks and
then licked her lips as she got a good look at Mickie's wet pussy from this
position, and more importantly to Trish she also got a good look at Mickie's
ass hole.

Trish slowly lent down, giving the impression she was about to lick Mickie's
butt hole. However at the last second Trish devoted her attention to Mickie's
left butt cheek, the dominant blonde giving the submissive brunette a playful
nip before gently kissing it better. Trish then started sliding her lips all
over Mickie's big round ass, but sure to use her hands to continue groping
whichever butt cheek she wasn't kissing.

"Did you miss my big ass Trish?" Mickie moaned more than a little
sarcastically as Trish worshipped her butt.

"Mmmmm, fuck yeah Mickie. I miss this big, juicy round ass." Trish said, once
again spreading Mickie's meaty butt cheeks and staring lustfully at her butt
hole, "And I really, really missed your tight little ass hole!"

Not wasting any more time on words Trish spat onto Mickie's ass hole and
buried her face between the other woman's big round ass cheeks. Immediately
Mickie let out a long moan as she felt Trish beginning to tongue her butt
hole, the former diva starting out with rapid licks, then switching to
swirling her tongue around the puckered rosebud, and then back to kissing the
current diva's large cheeks.

For a while Trish switched between those techniques, then she started jerking
her head back and forth so she was literally fucking Mickie's ass with her
tongue. Using that technique Trish was even able to get into Mickie's slutty
little ass, Mickie shamelessly shoving her bubble butt back against Trish's
invading tongue while moaning like the happy little anal whore she was.

However as much as Mickie loved rim jobs, both giving and receiving but
especially giving, this was just an appetiser, and the main course happened
to be the one thing Mickie loved most in the world.

Butt fucking.

Getting her big round bubble butt brutally fucked until her back door was
left stretched widely open. And Trish was an expert butt fucker, easily
capable of destroying Mickie's rectum and leaving it gaping for days but
making Mickie cum so hard that every time she tried to sit down or take a
shit the pain she would feel would only remind her of the ecstasy she had
felt when Trish's strap on was slamming her shitter.

Mickie knew how much Trish loved eating her ass so she tried to just let the
blonde have her fun, but Mickie just couldn't stop thinking about the butt
pounding she was moments away from receiving. Eventually Mickie's patience
ran out completely and she whimpered, "Please Trish, fuck my ass. Mmmmmmmm, I
know you love eating my ass, but we both know you love fucking it more,
ohhhhh, so do it! Fuck me up the butt! Mmmmmm, I know you love fucking my fat
ass Trish, so do it, slam fuck my big fat ass!"

Trish loved hearing Mickie begging for her, so part of the former women's
champ felt like she could have stayed with her face buried in between
Mickie's juicy ass cheeks for hours. However Trish had a bet to win, and even
if she didn't there was only so long she could resist fucking Mickie's big
bubble butt.

So a short while after Mickie began pleading for an ass fucking Trish gave it
to her, the blonde quickly straightened up and pressed her strap on cock
against her bitch's butt hole.

For a long moment Trish paused, spreading one of Mickie's meaty cheeks so she
could enjoy the sight of her dildo pressing against the other woman's tight
little anal ring. Then Trish finally slammed forwards, shoving the first few
inches of her strap on deep into Mickie's fat ass.

A large smile crossed Trish's face as the total anal slut that was Mickie
James moaned joyfully at getting her juicy rump filled with dildo, that total
anal slut continuing to moaned joyfully with every additional inch Trish
added into her rectum.

Trish seriously doubted she even needed to bother pausing in between each
thrust. However now was not the time to risk hurting Mickie, no matter how
much it seemed that wasn't possible. Now was the time for Trish to slowly
push every inch of her thick fake dick into Mickie's bubble butt and then
start to gently sodomise her.

That was what Trish did. More or less. Trish could have probably shoved her
strap on a little slower up Mickie's butt, and once she was all the way
inside Mickie's rectum Trish could have at least started with a gentler
sodomy, but Trish knew Mickie could and would take it. Why? Because Mickie
was a anal slut. Her anal slut.

From the moment Trish had met Mickie she knew the curvaceous brunette was a
natural anal slut. Or more accurately the moment her eyes had locked onto
that big round bubble butt Trish had known Mickie was a natural anal slut. It
was what she was meant to be.

Mickie's chosen profession might be professional wrestling, and she was
really good at it, but Mickie's purpose in life was to be an anal slut.
Mickie James was always meant to spend her life bending over so her big juicy
cheeks would jiggle hypnotically as someone rammed a nice big cock in and out
of her tight little ass hole.

Bent over like this was exactly where Mickie James was supposed to be.

Trish was helping Mickie fulfil her purpose in life by fucking her up the ass
like this, a fact which made Trish very proud of herself. Then again as she
steadily pumped Mickie's pooper a thought occurred to Trish which she usually
found herself pondering all those countless times she had previously fucked
Mickie's big round ass. What if Mickie wasn't just meant to be an anal slut,
but her anal slut.

It was a thought that never fail to bring a smile to Trish's face, especially
as it was so believable.

Trish had butt fucked a lot of women over the years and out of all of them
Mickie's big beautiful bubble butt had easily been her favourite butt to
fuck. Mickie's butt cheeks were so round and luscious, that soft juicy flesh
felt heavenly against Trish's thighs, and occasionally against Trish's hand
or lips. And Mickie's butt hole somehow remained almost virgin tight no
matter how many times Trish had turned it into a gaping mess from hours of
brutal sodomising.

Somehow this perfect butt had remained virgin until the day it had been
practically given to Trish on a silver platter.

So maybe it was fate. Maybe Mickie James and her perfect butt had always
meant to be the property of Trish Stratus. Maybe Mickie James and her perfect
butt had been made specifically for Trish. A perfect gift for the girl loving
butt fucker.

It didn't really matter though. Whether Mickie was made for her or not as of
Mickie James's first day as part of the RAW roster she was the property of
Trish Stratus. Whether Trish had made Mickie hers or Mickie always was hers
to take was irrelevant, the fact was Mickie James was hers now and she always
would be. And perhaps even more importantly to Trish the fact was Mickie's
perfect bubble butt was her property. Trish owned Mickie's fat ass, and if
that second rate top Melina had caused Mickie to momentarily forget her place
Trish had no problem reminding her.

"Oh Trish, Trish, oh, fuck me, mmmmmmmm, fuck my ass, oooooooooooh
Gawwwwwwwwwd!" Mickie moaned happily, making sure to keep her word soft,
short and sweet.

Anymore graphic words would really get Trish's attention and would inevitably
lead to this gentle butt fucking to turn into a brutal rectum wrecking which
wasn't what Mickie wanted. At least not right now.

Ever since Trish had taken her anal cherry Mickie had been getting constantly
butt fucked. Trish had even made a rule of it, that rule being Mickie had to
get her big round bubble butt roughly fucked at least three times a day.
Although when she had been Trish's girlfriend Mickie was lucky if she only
got three ass fuckings a day as Trish was practically obsessed with Mickie's
big fat ass. As a result Mickie's backside had been constantly sore and
loose, a feeling the submissive WWE diva had grown to love.

When Trish had left Melina had swooped in the first chance she got and
claimed Mickie's big round butt as her property. Melina surprisingly proved
to be a little more gentle and loving when it came to anal sex, however
Melina agreed with Trish that Mickie needed to get her big beautiful ass
constantly fucked, and Melina was only too happy to oblige.

So while Mickie might have been an anal virgin only two years ago it felt
more like a lifetime after two years of almost non-stop anal sex. In fact
there was no doubt in Mickie's mind if she wasn't such a good pussy licker
she would have been turned into nothing but an anal sex slave by now. The
idea sent a shiver of lust up and down Mickie's spine, the idea of being
nothing but an anal slave very appealing. However she loved the taste of
pussy too much to give it up, and Mickie of course loved having her own pussy
licked so she was glad that her current and previous girlfriend allowed her
to be their lesbian slut with an extreme anal kink as opposed to only their
anal slut.

Considering Mickie hadn't gone a day without her ass hole being widely
stretched and brutally fucked ever since Trish took her anal cherry Mickie
could have easily taken a brutal rectum wrecking right from the moment Trish
slid her strap on into the submissive brunette's butt. In fact just
considering the butt fuckings Melina had given Mickie already today meant
that Mickie's butt hole had been loose enough to take a brutally hard
pounding right from the start. However just because she could take a hard
butt pounding right now didn't mean that Mickie wanted her big butt pounded
hard right away.

There were times, like right before a match or an interview or something like
that when time was of the essence. That was when Mickie begged to get her big
round booty pounded hard and fast the second Melina, or not that long ago
Trish, shoved their strap on up Mickie's fat ass. And Mickie's lovers had
always been happy to oblige, pounding Mickie's big rump brutally hard and
getting them both off in the process.

Mickie love those quick sessions of butt sex, especially if it meant she went
out to the ring with her anal ring gaping open underneath her wrestling gear.
However when they had all the time in the world like they did right now
Mickie was only too happy to enjoy a slow sodomising.

The feeling of pleasure Mickie felt from having a dildo slowly pumping in and
out of her ass hole was indescribable. There was literally no words Mickie
could find which truly did the feeling justice, especially when that dildo
was strapped around the waist of another female wrestler.

Mickie fought other women for a living. It was her job to fight them. To beat
them. To win. So to submit to another woman was an incredible turn on for
Mickie, and there was no greater act of submission in her mind than to bend
over and take a strap on cock up her ass. It was the most wonderful sexual
experience Mickie had ever known, which was exactly why she had been so
willing to go along with Trish's rule. Why she was only too happy to be
constantly fucked up the ass by another woman. And why whenever she had the
opportunity Mickie loved to savour that wonderful experience.

That was exactly what Mickie was doing. Savouring the experience of once
again bending over for another female wrestler, Mickie in no hurry whatsoever
to change anything about this perfect moment.

However Trish had other ideas, Mickie moaning in displeasure when she felt
the blonde suddenly stopping, the dildo completely embedded in Mickie's
rectum. Then Mickie moaned in delight as she felt that strap on dick moving
inside her ass again, this time Trish grinding her hips against Mickie's
meaty cheeks. As a result the dildo pushed almost violently against Mickie's
anal walls, stretching out the WWE diva's back passage even more.

Shortly after switching to this tactic Trish asked, "How does my big dick
feel in your fat ass Mickie?"

"Mmmmmmmmmm, so good. I love your big dick in my ass Trish, oooooooooh,
please keep fucking my ass with your big dick!" Mickie moaned.

"Please keep fucking your what Mickie?" Trish grinned.

Mickie blushed slightly but gave Trish the answer she wanted to hear, "My fat
ass! Ohhhhhhh Trish, please keep fucking my big fat ass with your big
beautiful dick!"

"Yeahhhhh, you love that big dick! Love it more than Melina's... isn't that
right Mickie?" Trish boasted, and then when Mickie only moaned in response
the blonde smacked the big bubble butt in front of her, making the cheeks
jiggle, "Tell her! Look your girlfriend in the eye and tell her that you love
my dick more than hers! That you love me ass fucking you! That nobody fucks
this big fat ass of yours better than me, especially not her! That compared
to me she doesn't know what she's doing with a strap on! Tell her I'm a world
champion when it comes to pounding ass, something she's going to know when
I'm pound fucking her big fat ass right after I'm done proving that Mickie
James's ass hole is the property of Trish Stratus!"

Mickie looked at Melina and then paused, which earned her a series of hard
strikes to her big booty. As she was getting her big round ass spanked Mickie
continued to reflect on the fact that she didn't want to hurt Melina. However
doing that would motivate Melina into giving her a extremely hard butt
pounding, which was exactly what Mickie wanted after getting her ass so
widely stretched and fucked by Trish.

After that crossed her mind Mickie was only too happy to tell Trish what she
wanted to hear, although she allowed her ex-girlfriend to give her full juicy
cheeks a few extra hard strikes before she finally cried out, "OWWW, OWWW,
fucks my big fat ass like you do. Especially not Melina. Mmmmmmmm, compared
to you she doesn't even know what she's doing with a strap on. You're so much
better than her Trish, oooooooooooh, I love your big dick in my big fat ass
way more than I love hers because you fuck my big fat butt better than
anyone! Mmmmmmmmm, oooooooohhhhhhh yessssssss, you butt fuck me
sooooooooooooo good Trish! I love it when you butt fuck me! Ooooooh
Gawwwwwwwwwwwd, nobody fucks my big bubble butt like you do Trish! You're a
world champion when it comes to pounding ass, something Melina is going to
know when you're pound fucking her big fat ass right after you're done
proving that Mickie James's ass hole is the property of Trish Stratus!"

Liking what she was hearing Trish waited until Mickie had finished before she
delivered another series of hard strikes to her bitch's big butt and then
yelled, "I said to Melina, not to me!"

Blushing slightly at her mistake Mickie again looked at her girlfriend and
said, "I'm, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, I'm sorry Trish! Melina, I love Trish's strap on
dick more then yours! Her dick feel sooooooooooo much better in my big fat
ass! Mmmmmmmmmm, I love it when Trish ass fucks me! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh
yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, Trish Stratus is a world champion when it comes
to pounding ass, mmmmmmmmmm, which is something you're going to find out
very, very soon. Ooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, soon
you're going to find out that you don't even know how to use a strap on and
nobody is a better butt fucker then Trish Stratus! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhh
ahhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkk, soon you're going to be bending over
for the greatest women's champion of all time Trish Stratus! Mmmmmmmmmmm,
she's going to fuck your big fat ass just like she's always fucked mine! Make
your big fat ass hers! Soon Melina Perez's ass hole will be the property of
Trish Stratus, right after oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gaaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddddddd,
right after the greatest butt fucker of all time Trish Stratus is done
proving that Mickie James's ass hole is her property of Trish Stratus!"

"Say that last part again!" Trish ordered.

"Soon, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm, soon Melina Perez's ass hole will be
the property of Trish Stratus, right after the greatest butt fucker of all
time Trish Stratus is done proving that Mickie James's ass hole is the
property of Trish Stratus!" Mickie moaned.

"No, the very last part!" Trish pushed.

"Mickie James's ass hole is the property of Trish Stratus." Mickie whimpered.

"That's right Mickie! Your ass hole is my property! I own your ass hole, a
fact that I want you to keep reminding Melina of as I pound this big fat ass
of yours!" Trish ordered as she began butt fucking Mickie again.

Mickie did as she was told but also added how much she loved getting her ass
fucked. She focused on that, using the lewdest words possible to encourage
Trish to give her a nice rough ass fucking and to ensure she didn't annoy her
girlfriend too much in the process.

As always Mickie had loved every part of the sodomy so far. The slow butt
fucking had been heavenly but now her rectum was loose and ready to get
brutally pounded, Mickie craving the exquisite ecstasy she always received
when another woman used a strap on dildo to slam fuck her big bubble butt.
And luckily for her Trish seemed to be in the mood to give her big bubble
butt the type of rough slam fucking only a few women had ever been able to
give her.

Over the past few years Mickie had been ass fucked by every WWE diva. Even
the most submissive lesbian sluts like Kelly, Maria, Candice and Torrie had
each had a turn strapping on a dildo and shoving it up her big butt. Of
course those girls had asked Trish's, and then later Melina's, permission to
fuck Mickie's ass hole and made sure they asked permission in front of Mickie
so she was pretty sure that her girlfriends had arranged it as a way to make
sure Mickie knew she was the biggest submissive in the WWE. The bottom of the
barrel when it came to the power top filled world of the WWE divas. And
Mickie loved her current and former girlfriend for it as she had just loved
bending over and taking it up the ass for those submissive girls. However
none of those girls had been able to give Mickie a proper pooper pounding
like the one she was receiving now.

Seemingly every single word out of Mickie's mouth push Trish to increase the
pace of the ass fucking, which of course reminded the submissive brunette
exactly why earlier she had kept her words short and sweet. Dirty talk always
had this kind of effect on Trish, and Melina, and most of the other girls who
had fucked Mickie's bubble butt. However as the sound of Trish's hips
smacking off her big butt cheeks echoed throughout the room and that big fat
dildo brutally slammed its way in and out of her stretched wide butt hole
Mickie found herself wondering why she hadn't helped trigger this effect

Somewhere in the back of her mind Mickie knew the answer to that question was
that earlier she had thoroughly enjoyed getting slowly sodomised, and that
slow sodomy was the reason her back passage was now practically ablaze with
pure pleasure. But why she had waited, the dirty talk, the competition
between the other two women, and everything else in the world became
irrelevant to Mickie. All that mattered was the ecstasy she was feeling.

"WHO'S MY BITCH?" Trish suddenly screamed, smacking Mickie's already jiggling

"I AM TRISH!" Mickie joyfully squealed, "I'M YOUR BITCH! I'M TRISH STRATUS'S

Right after she finished those words Mickie came, her cum squirting down onto
the bed sheets below her as her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her
body shook. Unsurprisingly Trish didn't miss a beat, continuing to roughly
slam Mickie's big round ass to orgasm after orgasm, Mickie's mind melting
away until the ecstasy she was feeling wasn't just the only thing she wanted
to concentrate on, it was the only thing she could concentrate on.

This was the point Trish really used her wrestling training to her advantage.
All those hours in the gym, all the long jogs, all the sparring with her
friends, and all the other ways she had spent her time mentally and
physically preparing herself for her life in wrestling came into play. Why?
Because all of that had taught her stamina, endurance, the ability to push
herself beyond her limits so she could give whatever she was doing 110%. And
right now she was definitely giving Mickie's big bubble butt 110%, and not
just in terms of how brutally hard she slammed into those big round cheeks.

Throughout the pussy licking, both giving and receiving, and the butt fucking
so far Trish had held back, waiting for this moment. Because after all Trish
had been the one to break Mickie in and train her as a slut. Trish of all
people knew Mickie loved variety of different sexual acts in a variety of
different positions, but the curvy brunette's absolute favourite was getting
her big fat ass fucked brutally hard. Specifically, Mickie's favourite thing
in the world was to be on all fours like a little bitch in heat with a
powerful alpha female slamming a strap on dildo brutally hard into her big
fat ass. That was how Trish had trained Mickie to be, and previous experience
told her nothing made this beautiful submissive cum harder.

It seemed that hadn't changed, because Mickie had cum pretty hard before but
her screams were now just that little bit louder, her body shaking just that
bit more harder, and her cum was practically shooting out of her cunt like a

Trish knew if she could keep this up long enough, if she could slam Mickie's
shitter as hard as she could for as long as she could she would make Mickie
cum so hard and so often that her bitch would have no choice but to declare
her the winner. Of course Trish had no doubt that Melina had the same idea,
which was exactly why she used every single last bit of her strength and
stamina to pound Mickie's pooper, Trish slamming the dildo in and out of
Mickie's ass hole over, and over, and over again, both women cumming
countless times in the process.

Normally Trish welcomed her own climaxes but for once they were almost a
annoyance, each powerful sensation of pleasure draining the precious little
strength and stamina she had left. And unfortunately this wasn't just
Mickie's favourite act in her favourite position, it was Trish's too. There
was nothing Trish loved better than brutally fucking another women's wrestler
up the ass from behind, and feeling Mickie's big round ass cheeks jiggling
against her thighs while she was fucking that big bubble butt, it was also
wonderful and inevitably the ecstasy Trish was feeling caught up with her,
her orgasms leaving her completely drained to the point where she collapsed
almost unconscious onto Mickie's back.

The WWE divas collapsed down onto the bed together in an exhausted heap,
desperately gasping for breath for a few long seconds until they had Melina
calling out, "Ok, my turn now. That means move your fat ass Trish. I SAID

Trish glared angrily back at Melina after she felt the other diva slap her
behind. However that glare turned into an evil grin after Trish was able to
lift herself up and then off of Mickie's limp body, the blonde's eyes
immediately looking on to the brunette's widely gaping butt hole.

Back when Trish had been giving Mickie multiple butt fuckings a day the
multi-time women's champion had literally made a game out of stretching her
bitch's ass hole, constantly seeing just how wide and deep she could stretch
Mickie's shit hole. That poor poop hole looked more stretched out and well
used now then Trish could ever remember it, the sight of that gaping ass hole
confirming what Trish already knew. She had this in the bag.

"Just try and follow that." Trish said challengingly.

"Oh don't worry, I will. Then your fat ass will be mine." Melina promised as
she gave a brutal slap to her girlfriend's butt, making the big round cheeks
jiggle gelatinously, "Mickie, get up sweetie. I want you to slide that big
beautiful fat ass of yours down on my cock reverse cowgirl style."

Mickie groaned with an mixture of arousal and exhaustion when Melina slapped
her ass, then whimpered when she heard the command to ride her girlfriend's
strap on cock. The rough butt fucking she had just taken from Trish, and
everything else that had happened so far, had left Mickie feeling extremely
tired, and as much as she wanted to feel a nice hard dildo slamming her
slutty fat ass again the former women's champion wasn't sure she could give
Melina's strap on a proper riding. Mickie needed a break. Luckily she had a
good idea of just how to get it.

Slowly turning around to where Trish was now standing proudly at the end of
the bed Mickie crawled over so that her mouth was hovering about an inch away
from the dildo which had turned her ass hole into a gaping mess and moaned,
"Please Melina... Trish... can I please clean this cock? It just stretched my
ass soooooo good and it's covered in my yummy anal juices. And you both know
what a slut I am for tasting my own ass so..."

"Sure you can." Trish interrupted Mickie, shoving her strap on into the other
woman's open mouth, "Go ahead, clean that cock you nasty little ATM whore!
Clean that cock of your nasty little anal juices! Mmmmmmmmmm yeah, you love
the way your big fat ass tastes, don't you? Yeah, who's my little ass to
mouth whore? My fat assed butt tasting slut? My bitch? That's right, you
Mickie. And in a moment, it's going to be Melina."

"You wish bitch!" Melina spat in response.

Melina said other things and Trish responded, the two of them bickering back
and forth throughout the blow job Mickie gave the blonde's fake cock. That
was a shame as Mickie loved it when other girls talked dirty to her while she
was doing things like this as it enhanced her enjoyment. However the
advantage of being all but ignored was that Mickie got to savour every little
bit of her yummy butt juices, the ass to mouth loving submissive taking her
time, slowly cleaning that dildo inch by inch.

With every inch she took into her mouth Mickie moaned joyfully. That moan was
quickly followed by gentle sucking which continued until Mickie was
absolutely sure there was no more ass juice for her to suck. Then she lowered
her mouth and repeated the process. Over and over Mickie did this, barely any
hint of gag as the dildo began sliding down her throat. When she reached the
base Mickie began bobbing her head up and down on the entire length of the
shaft, partly to make sure she hadn't missed a drop, partly to give herself
just a little bit more time to recover.

Of course sucking the taste of her own ass off that fake dick made Mickie
feel incredibly horny again and ready for another butt fucking. That was why
when she felt a sharp slap to her big bubble butt Mickie removed her mouth
from Trish's dildo and began getting in the position her girlfriend had
earlier ordered her to get in before Melina even had the chance to finish
commanding her, "Stop sucking that bitch's cock and come ride mine already!"

Mickie grinned to herself as she lowered her gaping ass hole down on Melina's
cock, the submissive brunette connecting with her target on her first try.
Not that was surprising considering Mickie was a veteran of anal sex and had
taken it up her big butt in this position countless times. That was why she
wasn't just able to line up her gaping rear hole with Melina's big strap on
dick, but she was able to easily take the head of that dick inside her loose,
slutty butt hole, the little anal slut moaning in pleasure as she did so.

Mickie continue to moan as she slowly lowered her full round ass down on
Melina's dick, Mickie's greedy butt hole gobbling up inch after inch of dildo
until her meaty ass cheeks were pressed against her girlfriend's thighs,
announcing that the former WWE women's champ had taken every inch of that
strap on up her slutty ass.

"That's a good girl Mickie." Melina praised, slapping her girlfriend's thick
rump, "Now start riding it. Ride that big cock with your fat ass! Bounce
those big fat cheeks on my thighs! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh, ride that dick you
little anal slut! Fucking ride it!"

Only too happy to do as she was told Mickie began bouncing up and down the
dildo, the whole time moaning like the horny anal slut she was. The bouncing
was gentle at first, Mickie resting most of her weight on her knees and the
lower part of her legs which were resting either side of Melina's body.
Mickie knew she could throw more of her weight into it, making particularly
the down thrusts harder. However she wasn't quite ready for that. She needed
a little more building up before her back passage took anymore rough abuse.

Luckily Melina seemed only to happy to let her do that, the Latina smacking
Mickie's big booty as she encouraged her girlfriend on, "That's it Mickie,
ride my cock! Ride my cock with that big sexy fat ass of yours! Mmmmmmmm, you
know how much I love watching your big sexy bubble butt bouncing up and down
on my cock, your big fat juicy ass cheeks jiggling like that, mmmmmmmmmm,
fuck yeah! That's so hot! You're so hot. I love ass fucking you like this
Mickie. I love it when we butt fuck like this, your big sexy ass eagerly
bouncing on my big cock like the little anal slut you are! Ohhhhhhhh fuck
yeah, my girlfriend is such a little anal slut, and I fucking love it!"

Melina wasn't the only one enjoying the show, Mickie noticing Trish sitting
down on the nearby chair watching everything with delight. Unlike Melina
earlier Trish didn't seem to have a hint of jealousy on her pretty face,
Mickie only being able to conclude that the Canadian figured she had this in
the bag. Mickie wasn't so sure as both girls had fucked her incredibly well,
and even though Trish had given her an incredible ass fucking Melina was just
as capable of dishing out an equally powerful rectum wrecking, and Mickie had
no doubt that one way or another that was exactly what she was about to get.

Of course Mickie tried her best to not think about the little bet right now
and concentrate on putting on a show for the other two women. At first that
just consisted of Mickie continuing to anally ride that big dildo, the force
of the motion causing her big tits to bounce for Trish's enjoyment and her
fat ass to jiggle for Melina's enjoyment. Eventually though Mickie began
playing with her big boobs, massaging them sensuously while giving Trish
these burning looks, hoping to entice the blonde into giving her another
rough ass fucking at a later date. Maybe even later on tonight after Trish
and Melina had settled their business with each other.

Mickie's look somewhat backfired as Trish called out, "Mickie if you want me
to fuck you again all you have to do is declare me the winner right now and I
swear I'll give that big sexy fat ass of yours the kind of rough slam fucking
Melina is clearly incapable of giving you."

"Shut your mouth Trish!" Melina spat, "This isn't over until I'm done with
Mickie's butt. So I'll just have to wait till then for me to fuck your fat

"Oh Melina, sweetie, that's never going to happen. But since Mickie seems to
be as bored with this gentle butt fun as I am how about you let her pick up
the pace a little? Maybe try thrusting up into that big fat booty of hers, at
least try and match the fucking I gave that ass earlier. At least try and
warm it up for the next proper butt pounding I'll be giving Mickie in just a
moment." Trish taunted her rival.

"Ha, just you wait Trish. I've only just started with Mickie's booty." Melina
shot back before grinning, "But you know what? I am going to give her the
chance to make herself cum, if she begs me nicely for it."

Taking the hint Mickie began to beg, "Please Melina, oooooooooh mmmmmmmm
please, please let me cum. I want to cum sooooooooo bad. I ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh I
need it. I need to cum on your cock. Mmmmmmmmmm oooooohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss
mmmmmmmmm I need to cum from bouncing my big fat ass on your big hard cock!
Oh fuckkkkkkkkk ughhhhhh Gawwwwwwd let me cum Melina! Let me cum like the
anal slut I am! Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh let me cum from riding your cock! Your
big fat girl cock! Mmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh yes ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss,
I'm a little lesbian slut with a dyke ass hole! A lezzie whore who loves to
cum from getting her big fat lesbo ass fucked! Ohhhhhhhhh Melina, please let
me hammer my big lesbian butt on your hard girl cock until I cum like the
anal slut I am!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely... sure, make yourself cum." Melina said,
smacking Mickie's right butt cheek to emphasise her command, "Ram that big
sexy butt of yours on my big hard and make yourself cum as much as you can."

Quickly obeying Mickie lent back so her hands were resting on the bed. Then
while resting most of her weight on her hands she lifted her legs up and then
placed her feet down on the bed. Like this Mickie used her hands and feet to
support her weight as she lifted herself up until almost all of the strap on
dick was out of her ass hole. Then Mickie through all of her weight into the
downward thrust, impaling her own big butt on the large dildo.

Mickie repeated this over and over again, using all of her strength and
weight to make sure that her ass hole was bouncing up and down on the full
length of the strap on as hard and as fast as she could, Mickie moaning
joyfully as she happily abused her own big ass, "Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh
yessssssssss, oooooooooooh thank you Melina! Thank you for letting me slam my
big slutty ass on your beautiful girl cock! Mmmmmmmm, OH FUCK, IT FEELS SO
FUCKING GOOD! Mmmmmmmmmm oooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
fuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk, oh Melina, oh baby, oh fuck, mmmmmmmmm, it feels
so good... oh, I love it in my ass... I LOVE IT IN MY BIG FAT ASS! I LOVE

Mickie's words slowly dissolved into incoherent squeals of joy as she went
over the edge of yet another incredible climax, her cum once again squirting
out of her cunt like a geyser. And her cum just kept following, orgasm after
orgasm rocking Mickie's tiny yet curvaceous body as her mind once again
melted and she became completely lost in the perverted heaven that was anal

Melina grinned evilly as Mickie continued bouncing on that dildo as hard as
she could, making herself cum over and over again while Melina just laid back
and enjoy the show. Sure the constant bashing on her clit via the stimulator
inside the harness made Melina cum once or twice but the orgasms were nowhere
near as powerful as the ones Mickie was receiving. If anything the little
climaxes that rocked Melina's body only made the most dominant diva
desperately want to fuck Mickie's big fat booty all the more. However even if
she had to grit her teeth to it Melina remained patient, waiting until Mickie
had used every ounce of her strength before making her move.

It took much longer than Melina had anticipated, the whole kinky situation
seeming to push Mickie passed even her impressive limits to keep the violent
ass fucking going for what seemed like an eternity. However just when Melina
didn't think she could wait any longer Mickie collapsed on top of her,
panting desperately for breath and quaking from her latest climax.

That was when Melina made her move, quickly rolling her girlfriend over so
Mickie was draped over a couple of strategically placed pillows, her big
round butt stuck up vulnerably in the air and just waiting for Melina to

After taking a moment to grin at a now glaring Trish Melina took a firm hold
of Mickie's hips and began butt fucking her girlfriend. The thrusts were slow
and gentle at first, but that only lasted a couple of minutes, Melina quickly
picking up the pace until she was pounding Mickie's pooper with every ounce
of that strength that she had been saving up for this very moment.

"Cheater." Trish mumbled.

That just made Melina grin some more. Sure, it wasn't technically cheating as
they had never made any specific ground rules against anything like this.
However that's what made it so sweet, Melina honestly feeling like she had
not only got one up on Trish but had secured her victory in the process, and
secured that very soon Trish's big juicy bubble butt would belong to the
WWE's most dominant diva and true greatest women's champion of all time
Melina Perez. Of course if Melina really wanted Trish's big juicy bubble butt
to be hers she needs to remind Mickie that her big juicy bubble butt was the
property of Melina Perez and no one else, a fact Melina was now more
determined than ever to prove.

With that in mind Melina gritted her teeth and ignored the things she most
loved about fucking her girlfriend up that big sexy ass of hers. She ignored
the way Mickie's big meaty cheeks jiggled hypnotically against her thighs
with the force of each thrust. She ignored the beautifully loud smacking
sound of her firm thighs meeting the big fat juicy cheeks of Mickie's
curvaceous ass. She ignored the happy squeals of pleasure from her
girlfriend, the way the other girl's body trembled beneath her in climax, and
the juice squirting from her cunt. Most of all Melina ignored the bashing of
the stimulator against her clit, doing her best to hold back every orgasm
that inevitably rocketed through her as long as she could.

Melina did all this so she could concentrate on one thing, her girlfriend's
butt hole. The hole that was between those big fat meaty cheeks which could
bring Mickie pleasure like nothing else, Melina concentrating on savagely
fucking that forbidden hole with every ounce of strength she possessed and
nothing else, because in that moment nothing else mattered. Melina's whole
world was Mickie's butt hole, and the big strap on she was violently
thrusting in and out of it.

For as long as she could Melina kept this up but she began to feel tired long
before she would have liked. To try and counteract this Melina tried to make
the most of what strength she had left, reaching down to grab hold of
Mickie's hair before screaming in the other girl's ear, "WHO'S MY BITCH

Mickie quickly responded.

"TELL TRISH!" Melina barked, smacking Mickie's big round butt hard enough to

Understanding what was expected of her Mickie screamed, "YESSSSSSSSSS

All the dirty talk predictably sent Mickie over the edge of a few extra hard
orgasms before the pleasure and exhaustion rocketing through Melina's body
caught up with her and she collapsed down on top of her bitch.

The only reason Mickie didn't collapse down with her was because of the
pillows which had been keeping her ass up in the air this whole time. Her
upper half remain pressed down to the bed, Melina's upper half joining her as
the two girls rested together.

For a few moments Mickie thought she was about to lose consciousness. Then
she felt Melina nuzzling her neck, Mickie moaning joyfully as her girlfriend
woke her up with ease. She was still feeling a bit dazed of course, although
that ended when Melina suddenly lifted herself off of her and pulled her
strap on out of Mickie's back door, first the suddenness causing Mickie to
gasp, then the feeling of her ass hole gaping obscenely open causing her to

Mickie blushed even more when she heard Melina whistling, and then felt a
hard slap to her incredibly sore ass, "Spread those big cheeks for us Mickie.
Show Trish how well I gaped your fat ass!"

Again Mickie blushed but did as she was told, slowly reaching back so she
could pull her meaty butt cheeks apart so she could show off the damage
Melina had done to her butt hole.

"You see that Trish? Now that's one well fucked ass hole!" Melina bragged.

"If you say so." Trish said, rubbing some lube into her strap on, "Hey
Mickie, it's time for you to announce me as the winner so I can get to
fucking Melina's big fat ass!"

"You wish! And anyway, Mickie needs to clean my cock first. It's only fair."
Melina pointed out.

"Mm, I guess I can wait another minute to fuck your big fat ass." Trish
shrugged, "But after that no more stalling."

"Damn right, because then your big fat ass is mine!" Melina spat at Trish who
just grinned back at her, the two divas staring each other down until Mickie
finally regained enough strength to crawl over to where Melina was kneeling
on the bed.

Aware that she now had the other two womens' attention Mickie did her best to
put on a show. She started by pressing her tongue against the bottom of the
shaft and then sliding it all the way up to the tip. She then took the head
of the cock into her mouth, Mickie beginning to bob her head up and down
almost the second her lips touched the dildo.

Closing her eyes Mickie began to give the toy cock a long drawn out blow job.
It started with her giving the first few inches of strap on a gentle but firm
sucking with every bob of her head, then Mickie started lowering her lips
down on the shaft, easily taking inch after inch down her throat. Soon Mickie
was deep throating the entire length of the dildo, the force of her suction
quickly beginning to increase so she was loudly sucking the strap on as hard
as she could.

Mickie did this for a number of reasons. One was to make sure she got all of
her own ass juice off the toy because the other women were right, she was a
shameless ATM whore who loved the taste of her own ass. And of course she
wanted to please Melina and Trish, and make them horny to hopefully fuck her
again regardless of what happened next. But most of all it was to buy her
some time to try and decide who to award the little competition too.

For a few blissful moments Mickie was distracted about even thinking about
it, first when she was cleaning the taste of her ass from the fake dick, then
when she felt Melina gently grab a hold of her hair and moan, "Ohhhhhhhhh
yeah Mickie. Taste that ass! Taste that big slutty ass of yours my little
anal whore! Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhh yeahhhh, fuck, fucking suck it! Suck that ass
flavoured cock for me my little ATM slut! Suck my fucking cock and clean it
of all those nasty anal juices of yours! Mmmmmmm you like those fucking
juices don't you bitch? You love the taste of ass? Well if you're a good
little slut and clean every drop of your ass juice from my cock I'll let you
taste Trish's ass. Yeahhhhh, I'll let you suck the taste of Trish's ass off
my cock when I'm done fucking her fat ass! Better yet I'll have you spreading
those big fat ass cheeks of hers so I can switch back and forth between
fucking her big fat butt and your mouth, that way I can feed you Trish's
skanky ass directly from the source!"

"Actually Mickie it's going to be Melina's fat ass that you'll be tasting
directly from the source like that!" Trish interrupted, "But don't worry, I
know how much you love the taste of my big beautiful booty so in between long
hard butt fucking sessions I'm going to let you shove your tongue right up my
big ass! Have you buried that pretty face of yours directly between my big
round ass cheeks and give me a nice thorough rim job. You remember those
Mickie? When my big ass would be all sweaty from working out or wrestling or
whatever I'd have you lick it clean, you lovingly sliding your eager tongue
all over my big fat booty before you greedily buried your face in between
those big round ass cheeks of mine so you could eat my ass like the shameless
little ass slut you are!"

Seeing what Trish was doing Melina retaliated, "Oh please, why would Mickie
want to lick your skanky ass when she can lick mine? And you can Mickie. The
second I'm done giving you and Trish a nice hard butt pounding I'll happily
let you bury your face between my big beautiful butt cheeks. Mmmmmmmm, I get
all hot just thinking about that talented little tongue of yours rimming my
butt hole... giving that back door of mine a thorough cleaning... mmmmmmmmm
yeahhhhh, it's almost as good as when you lick my pussy. We both love that
don't we? Your eager little dyke tongue lapping away at my cunt until I cum
in that hot little lezzie mouth of yours! Mmmmmmmmmm, maybe if you're good
I'll let you lick me there too."

"Or you could always lick my pussy instead." Trish interrupted her rival,
"Tongue fuck me until I give you some girl cum to swallow down your greedy
dyke throat! I know how you used to love that. And hey, I've already reminded
you how I have the sweetest tasting pussy of any WWE diva, so I know you do
just about anything for another taste. Or another ass fucking, because you
know I'm the best ass fucker you've ever had. I just proved it, and I'm happy
to prove it to you again right after I've proved it to Melina by fucking her
fat skanky ass!"

Trish and Melina went back and forth, bickering with each other while not so
subtly promising Mickie all kinds of things in exchange for her giving them
the win. As it continued they almost seemed to become desperate, even Trish
had been so confident before now slightly doubting which way things were
going to go.

Meanwhile Mickie still had no idea who she was going to give the win too.
Honestly Trish and Melina had proven to be as good as each other in the girl
fucking department, but Mickie was pretty sure they wouldn't accept a draw.
They both wanted to dominate the other, and nothing Mickie could do or say
would stop that from happening.

So the real question was who would Mickie prefer to see top the other? And
what could Mickie get out of it?

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