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You Need To Read These Parts First:
Stephanie Insults The Wrong Fans
Vince And Linda Meets Stephanie's New Friends
Shane And Marissa Welcomes Mick And Taylor

Midnight Confessions
by Angela (, AIM IM: Storyweaver4life)

At the McMahon Mansion, Mick is in the living room, waiting for a call from
Taylor to pick her up from a dance club. He looks at the clock and sees that
it's close to midnight. He shakes his head and smiles a bit, "I guess she
and Shane are at a hotel..." He stands up from the couch and is about to
turn out the light when he hears a voice say.

"Who's at a hotel with Shane?" Mick turns and sees Stephanie standing at the
entrance to the living room, dressed in her robe.

"No one..." Mick lies with a bit of a smile on his face.

Stephanie moves up to him sliding her hands up his chest "Why don't I believe
you?" she asks kissing him softly. Mick leans down picking her up and carries
her up and into her room followed by laying her down on the bed.

"You really weren't planning on going to bed right?" he asks moving to kiss
her deeply.

"No... I was waiting for... our friend... Taylor..." Stephanie replies as
Mick undoes her robe to slip it off her body, revealing that she is naked
underneath. Mick cups her breasts and kisses them.

"I love your breasts Stephanie..."

"Awww Mick" she cries out arching her back as Mick moves to take her breast
in his mouth sucking hard on her nipple until he hears her moan and whimper.
Mick moves his other hand to her other breast and tugs on her nipple gently
as he lifts his head and circles his tongue around her nipple. "That feels
so good" she says softly moving her hands through his hair "Suck my nipple
Mick... make me feel so good baby just like you always do."

Mick moves his head to Stephanie other breast and takes it into his mouth.
This time he sucks on it gently as he moves his hand between her legs to rub
her pussy.

"Yes I'm gonna cum Mick oh yeah baby that's so nice ohh fuck my pussy baby."

"You're so easy to please Miss Stephanie..." Mick smirks a bit as he pushes
his fingers inside of her pussy and begins to move them in and out of her
slowly. He slides a hand through her blond hair as he kisses her lips.

"That's... oh... damn I'm cumming" Stephanie cries out and her body goes
rigid as her orgasm soars through her and she finally collapses on the bed.
"Wow" she says softly moving to stroke his chest. Mick smiles at Stephanie
as he stands up for a moment to remove his clothes. He lays back on the bed
and takes Stephanie's hand and has her take hold of his cock.

"Oh yeah a nice little treat for me" she replies moving to lightly take him
into her mouth sucking gently at first and then thrusting him in and out of
her mouth sucking hard.

"Mmmm yeah Stephanie... you give great head..." Mick moans as he puts his
hands behind his head to enjoy what she's doing. Stephanie suddenly deep
throats his cock, making him moan a bit louder.

Stephanie moves him and out rubbing his balls as she takes him back n her
mouth and in one quick movement she has him filling her mouth with his cum
and she drinks every single drop. "That was very good baby" she says moving
to lay in his arms "So tell me where is our friend Taylor tonight?"

"Oh... she's... discussing something with Shane..." Mick replies as he moves
on top of Stephanie and spreads her legs opens.

"What's she discussing with Shane till after midnight?" Stephanie asked
looking at him.

"Steph let's just concentrate on this right now okay?"

"Mick...something's going on?"

"If I tell you... you can't tell anyone... ok?" Mick says as he moves a hand
between her legs to tease her pussy as he keeps her pinned on the bed.

"Okay" she replies taking his hand from between her legs. "Not until you tell
me what's going on."

Mick sighs, "Fine... remember that night... where Taylor and I... abducted
you?" Stephanie nods her head. "Well... that night... she and I formed a
plan... to help fix the WWE... by... taking it away from your dad... she's...
telling Shane... because she loves him..."

Stephanie gets up from the bed reaching for her robe "You seduced my family
because you wanted the company?" she asked not being able to comprehend it
just yet "I...I think you should leave" she said softly.

At the home of Shane & Marissa, Shane has just come home from his meeting
with Taylor. Marissa is waiting for him, dressed in her nightwear. She walks
over to him and kisses his cheek, "Is everything ok Shane?"

Shane looks at Marissa, "Yes... everything is fine..."

Marissa looks into his eyes, "No... Something is wrong... Shane... tell

"I was just... talking with Taylor and Marissa... I think I'm in love with

Marissa stood there for one second before she began to get angry "That's not
love Shane you fucked her okay... that's sick lust not love what we have is

Shane looks down, "Maybe you're right... but I can't help but feel like I
love her... she made me feel... like something else..."

Marissa folds her arms, "Is that what you want Shane? A woman to dominate

"I..." he began she moved to push him against the wall kissing him roughly.

"I can dominate you Mr. McMahon ...get your shirt off" she said moving to
gently nibble on his ear while she pulls her night gown up and over her head.

"Ok..." Shane says with a bit of a smile as he unbuttons his shirt quickly to
take it off.

"And your pants..." Marissa orders. Shane kicks off his shoes, and undoes his
belt. Without unbutton his slacks, he pushes them down and steps out of them,
standing before his wife only in his boxers. Marissa moves a hand between his
legs and yanks his boxers down. "Stroke it for me Shane" she commands softly
moving to cup one of her own breasts rubbing her thumb over the nipple.

"Yes... mistress..." Shane smiles as he wraps a hand around his cock. He
slowly pumps his hand up and down his shaft, making it as hard as a rock
for his wife. Marissa licks her lips a bit as always when she sees Shane's
cock at its full length and girth. Slowly she eases him to her lips taking
his cock in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. "Ahhh Marissa" he
whispers thrusting his hand through her hair.

"So how does this feel Shane?"

"Ohhh Marissa... that... feels incredible... please... suck my dick..." Shane

Marissa licks along the shaft of his cock and asks, "Am I better than Taylor

"Something snaps in Shane's mind and he pushes her away reaching for his
clothes "Shane?" she asks softly.

"Leave Taylor out of this okay?"

"Why Shane...she's your new whore right? Well you know what if I'm such a
bad dick sucker take yourself over to your new little trick" Shane looks at
Marissa and throws his clothes down. He picks her up, pushes her against the
wall and kisses her roughly, Marissa is surprises by his response but kisses
him back as she runs her fingers through his hair. Shane moves his hands to
Marissa's breasts and squeezes them firmly. Shane kneels down and licks the
outside of her pussy circling around it before he slips his tongue deep
inside of her rubbing his tongue all around her pussy.

"Ohhh, ohhh Shane... eat me out... just like you would that bitch... tongue
fuck me..." Marissa holds his head at her pussy as she pushes it against
his handsome face. Shane finds her spot and continually presses his tongue
against it sending Marissa into an orgasm so hard she almost has to grab
onto the wall to keep herself standing up.

Shane stands up and picks her up. He carries her up to their bedroom and lays
her on the bed. Marissa sits up and grabs him, pulling him onto the bed with
her. Marissa smiles at Shane wickedly, "Fuck me like a whore Shane..." Shane
can tell his wife doesn't really mean it, but since she asked for it, he's
going to comply. He spreads her legs and shoves his cock deep into her pussy.
Shane starts to roughly fuck her cunt, slamming his dick in and out of her

"Shane stop it hurts..." she cries out grabbing at his shoulders and he
immediately pulls out lying down on the bed.

"Marissa if you didn't want me to do it why did you ask for it?"

"I wanted to try new things" she said and Shane smiled as he got up from the

"You mean you wanted to act like Taylor... I'll be downstairs on the couch

"Shane... wait... please..." Marissa whimpers as she sits up He stops and she
tries to quickly think of something to say that would keep her marriage in
tact. "I love you" she whispers softly.

Shane looks at Marissa, "I still love you... just not the same way I love

"You were with her one night Shane... how do you know it's not just sex?"

"She confessed to me that she loves me... and what she and Mick are up to..."

"Just because she says she loves you... Shane you're a McMahon... she will
say anything to stay hooked up with you."

Shane folds his arms, "So what do you suggest then... a test for her to prove
her love to me?"

"Hmmm that might be a plan" Marissa says smiling.

Shane sits back on the bed, "If you come up with something... we can test

"Are you stay with me tonight... and make love to me?"

Shane smiles, "Yes..." He leans over and kisses her.

Meanwhile, at the McMahon mansion, Stephanie and Vince are talking in the
study. She has just told him what Mick told her. Vince strokes his chin in
deep thought, "Hmmm... So those two want to screw me out of the WWE do

Taylor knocks softly on the door and Vince yells for her to come in. "Well
Taylor my dear we were just talking about you."

"I can bet you were... Vince listen I'm going to make this easy on you...
I'm going to pack my stuff and be out of your house tomorrow morning before

Stephanie raises an eyebrow, "You are?"

Taylor nods, "Yes... I... I can't go through with anything... I... I can't
have everything I want..."

Vince folds his arms, "And what is it that you want? You want to steal my
company? My children? My affections?"

"When Mick and I set out to do this plan i figured it would be so easy..."
She glances at Stephanie "I never counted on falling in love with him... I
promise you that Stephanie I am not going to hurt him and to continue with
this plan would hurt him so we have to stop."

Stephanie looks back at her, "Maybe we can work something out... but promise
me you won't leave until the end of the week..."

Vince looks at Stephanie, "What do you have in mind..."

Stephanie smiles, "I can't tell you yet... but first I need to go... speak
to Mick." Stephanie leaves the study and goes up to Mick's room. She enters
it with a depressed look on her face. "Mick... we need to talk..."

"What's wrong Steph?" he asks moving to pull her into his arms. "Come on baby
talk to me" he says stroking her hair and moving it behind her ear.

"Taylor... just... came and told me and daddy... that she's leaving..."
Stephanie puts her arms around him. "She... she knows that I and daddy know
about your plan..."

Mick rests his head on top of hers "You know she's been acting strange ever
since she earlier tonight when we left Shane's house... I bet if anybody can
get through to her he can." Mick reaches over for the phone and dials Shane's

At Shane and Marissa's house, Shane answers the phone as Marissa slowly rides
his cock. "Hello..." He speaks into the phone as Marissa leans forward and
kisses his neck.

"I want to know what you said to her before I come over and punch you out?"
Mick yells into the phone.

"What are you talking about?" Shane asks as Marissa quietly cums on his cock.

"Taylor... just told everyone she's leaving... what did you say to her!"

Shane sits up a bit, "She's... what? Stop her Mick... I'm on my way" Shane
replied jumping up and slamming the phone down.

Marissa sits up, "Shane what's wrong?" She gets up from the bed.

"Taylor's leaving..." He replies as he puts on his clothes.

"She is?" Marissa asks as she starts to get dressed as well.

* * *

Later at the McMahon Mansion, Taylor stands there staring at Vince. "You
can't keep me here you know that right Vince?"

"I know that... but you're going to have a talk with someone before you
go..." Vince folds his arms.

As Taylor sighs and starts to pace back and forth, Shane and Marissa comes
in. Shane looks at Taylor, "What's going on..."

"I... thought you didn't want to talk to me anymore?" she says walking from
the room.

Shane followed her grabbing her arm "Wait a minute I want to talk to you."

Taylor shrugs his arm off, "Shane I'm going to leave... I don't want to hurt

Shane puts his hands on her shoulders, "You're not going to hurt me..."

"I... love you I'm sorry about this plan... I'm not going to continue it...
I can't stand to be here and not be with you..."

"Taylor... I love you and I want you here... you make me feel different than
when I'm with Marissa..." Shane cups her face. Marissa soon comes out and
sees them. She sighs and walks over and puts a hand on Taylor's back.

"Taylor... come with me..." Marissa leads Taylor to a bathroom and locks the
door. Marissa folds her arms and looks at her, "Do you love my husband?"

"I love him so much... I ache when I'm not with him and he's all I think

"Then tell me... what's this plan I keep hearing about... I want to hear
it... if you love Shane, you'll tell me..." Marissa slides a hand against
Taylor's cheek.

Taylor turns away from he, "Please don't touch me... the plan was to seduce
the McMahons to get the WWE away from Vince so we could fix it."

Marissa has Taylor face her, "And then you fell in love with my husband and
had second thoughts..." Marissa smiles, "You know... I could just let you
leave... but you make Shane happy... and maybe... you can help me if I...
let you have Shane."

"What are you talking about Marissa Shane's not a puppet... he has a heart
and can make his own decisions on what he wants and you can't control him
like that."

"Oh I'm not going to divorce Shane for you... I love him just as much as you
do... but there is someone I want... have you met Stephanie's husband yet?"
Marissa licks her lips a bit.

"Hunter... no I haven't" she replies suddenly feeling very nervous the way
Marissa is looking at her.

Marissa moves a strand of hair behind Taylor's ear, "If you... help me seduce
Hunter... I'll talk to Shane into helping you and Mick with your plan... and
we all can be happy..." Marissa cups Taylor's breasts through her shirt, "Do
you want to be happy Taylor?"

Taylor jerks away "The only one I want to seduce is Shane so if you want to
get together with Hunter that's your issue." Taylor moves around Marissa,
unlocks the door and she walks out the bathroom walking up to Shane "Can we
go talk somewhere...please?"

"Of course..." Shane says and he leads Taylor up to his old bedroom. They
both sit on the bed, "What's up?"

"I don't want to go on with this stupid plan...I want to build a life with
the man I love... with Children and a home and being together forever... I
love you Shane McMahon" Taylor cups his face kissing him deeply.

Shane kisses her back and then slowly breaks the kiss, "Taylor... I've been
thinking about you... I love you very much... I want to be with you... and
I want you to be happy..."

"You make me happy... How could I ever have thought I was in love with your
dad... Shane you are my forever prince and I will spend the rest of my life
making sure you are happy."

Shane hugs Taylor tightly, "I will be happy... if all your dreams are
fulfilled... even though I don't totally like your plan I want you to go
through with it because that is what brought us together..." Shane breaks
the hug and looks into her eyes, "Promise me you'll go through with it..."

"Will you promise me you'll be by my side?" she asked and he smiles at her.

"Till the day I die" he replies softly placing a finger on her lips.

"Then look out Vince McMahon" she says, laughing.

* * *

Meanwhile... in another part of the McMahon Mansion, Mick and Stephanie are
talking about the plan he formed with Taylor. He finishes telling her all
the details and Stephanie smiles, "That's a wonderful plan Mick..."

Mick looks at her and smiles, "I know... Taylor thought of it..."

Stephanie slides a hand around his neck, "I could help you... if Taylor does

Mick looks at her with a curious look, "You... want to help me?"

"Yes I do" she says.

"You do realize we would be taking the company away from your own father?"
he asked and she smiles.

"I know exactly what we would be doing and honestly I want to stay with
you... so if that means taking the company from my father... hey my last
name is McMahon after all" she says laughing.

Mick smiles at Stephanie, "Then Vince better watch out... together you and
I will be unstoppable... but we'll need someone's help..."

"Who do you have in mind?"

"Your mother..." Mick says with a grin.

"I don't know" she said uncertainly and Mick smiled at Stephanie.

"Oh I have ways of convincing her."

"You know if some of these ways are what I think they are I could get very
jealous" she says smiling.

"They are... but there's more than enough of me to go around..." Mick says
as he kisses her deeply. "I love you Stephanie McMahon... and I lust for you
and Linda... and what better way is there to take the WWE than to have both
you and her in control?" Mick slides a hand over her arm.

Stephanie pretends to pout "Well as long as you spend more time with me then
her I guess it's okay" she says moving to kiss him deeply sliding her hands
down to press her hands against his chest.

Mick slides Stephanie's robe off her shoulders and kisses her neck, "You
know... you left me hard earlier tonight..."

"Well I guess I better take care of that?" she asks moving down between his

"Count on it" he replied softly.

To Be Continues in Marissa Convinces Hunter

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