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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Mighty Molly Saves The Day
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During a World Wrestling Federation Live Event in February 2002 taking place
at The Pit in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the new Hardcore Champion Maven is
being stalked by the Superstar he defeated on the February 5, 2002 edition of
RAW for the title, the vicious Undertaker. "Boy... ya'll better not run
anymore cause I'm already gonna bury your ass..." Undertaker yells as Maven,
wearing black wrestling trunks sprints down the hallway. The Undertaker spits
on the ground as he follows from a far distance and he kicks a rack of
folding chairs as he loses sight of Maven when Maven goes around a corner.
"Damn punk... your ass is mine sooner or later..." Undertaker says as he
stops following the winner of the first season of Tough Enough.

Meanwhile, Maven continues to run as fast as his legs can carry him and as he
goes around another corner, he bumps into the blond haired Mighty Molly.
"Whoa... sorry!" Maven says as he's about to run past Molly but the confident
sidekick of The Hurricane gently grabs Maven's right arm when she sees that
he's in a panic.

"Golly Citizen seem to be in trouble!" Mighty Molly says as she
places her hands onto her nicely curved and juicy hips, while dressed in a
pair of black tights, a black and pink top and a pink cape.

"Trouble? Oh man... The Undertaker wants to put me six feet under!" Maven
says as sweat drips down his face.

Mighty Molly shakes her head "That evil doer has reign long enough" Molly
says with a nod of her blond haired head. "Don't worry though, Citizen Maven,
I...Mighty Molly shall protect you!"

"You?" Maven looks at Molly with an unsure look on his face, "No offense
Molly but..." Maven starts to say before Molly cutely interrupts him.

"Citizen my duty to protect and serve those of the WWF and fight
off all evil doers!" Mighty Molly says before she cautiously looks around in
search of the Undertaker. "I shall take you to the'll be
safe there!"

Maven raises an eyebrow as Mighty Molly starts to guide him down the hallway,
"The Hurri-Cave?"

* * *

A short time later in one of the offices located in The Pit, Mighty Molly is
closing the door as Maven looks around at the office that is decorated with
posters of various Superheros, as well as a 'wanted pictures' of various
villains in the WWF. "This... is the Hurri-Cave?" Maven asks as he looks at

Mighty Molly nods her head "Yes Citizen Maven...however, this is the mobile
Hurri-Cave...the true Hurri-Cave is hidden at Titan Headquarters..."

"Ohhhh-kay..." Maven nods his head as he places the tattered Hardcore
Championship belt down on couch that is covered by a green beach towel that
has the Hurricane's logo on it.

"Now Citizen Maven...I know you've had a traumatic experience, but the best
thing to do is relax and calm down..."

Maven looks at Molly. "I'm trying... but the Undertaker is freakin'
terrifying..." Maven says.

Mighty Molly presses her pouty and sweet lips together as she looks at Maven.
"Gosh...I agree Citizen Maven and as your resident superhero...I will do
whatever is necessary.."

"And... what's that?" Maven asks as Molly statement has him confused.

Mighty Molly cutely shrugs her shoulders. "Well whatever helps you relax the
most Citizen Maven...I'm sure there must be something"

Maven pauses as he looks at Molly and then laughs a bit, "A lot of things can
relax me... but right now... I either want to go find a girl... or go sign up
with the witness protection program..." Maven says.

Mighty Molly raises an eyebrow and looks at Maven. "Golly Citizen Maven...I
happen to be not only a superhero, but a girl as well.."

"Hey what I meant was... ummm you know..." Maven trails off as he sees Mighty
Molly puts her hands on her hips

Molly scrunches her nose up cutely and suspiciously looks at Maven. "What do
you mean exactly?" Molly says as she takes a step closer to Maven.

"Ummmm well I meant... a girl... blow me..." Maven says as Molly is now toe-
to-toe with him.

Mighty Molly lightly licks her lips. "Well gosh, Citizen Maven, that is quite
bold...but I am definitely up for the challenge..."

"You are?" Maven asks as he's a bit surprised before Mighty Molly puts her
hands on his chest to push him back onto the couch.

Mighty Molly nods her head and smiles. "That's correct Citizen Maven...The
Hurricane has trained be in all the proper ways of being a superhero..."
Molly replies as she slides her hands gently against his toned chest, while
he sits back on the couch.

"Really?" Maven asks as Molly slides her hands from his chest down to his
well toned stomach and then to the waist line of his wrestling trunks.

Mighty Molly nods her head once again. "Golly! Of course!" Molly replies with
a laugh before kneeling down in front of Maven while she pulls at the
waistline of his trunks.

"Ok.... well... I'll be more than happy to see... how super you are..." Maven
says as Molly starts to tug on his trunks to pull them down from his waist,
freeing Maven's nicely thick cock that is starting to harden. Mighty Molly
rubs her soft lips together as she places her left hand around his hardening
shaft, while lowering his wrestling trunks down his legs and to his feet with
her right hand.

"Mmmm..." Maven moans as Molly begins to stroke his cock with her left hand
as he lifts his legs out of his wrestling trunks. Once he does that Mighty
Molly tosses his trunks behind her on the floor. Mighty Molly smoothly moves
her left hand up and down Maven's fully hard shaft as she scoots closer on
her knees and leans her blond haired head to kiss the tip of his cock.

"Mmmmm ohhh man..." Maven moans as Molly softly kisses the head of his cock
as she pumps her left hand on his dick. Molly closes her eyes as she moves
her soft lips gently against the swollen head of Maven's cock before she
parts her lips and opens her mouth as she takes his cock soothingly into her

"Ohhh..." Maven moans as she starts to bob her head at a nice easy pace on
his cock while she uses her left hand to stroke the lower half of his shaft.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Mighty Molly moans as she smoothly lifts and lowers her
blond haired head to gently suck on Maven's cock. Molly's wet saliva nicely
coats his shaft as she moves her head freely, while stroking his lower shaft.

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Maven moans as he leans back on the couch as Mighty Molly
smoothly sucks his dick as she lifts and lowers her head at a steady pace.
Molly places her right hand onto his toned stomach and lightly massage his
torso as she rocks her head steadily forward on his cock, lapping her wet
tongue around his shaft. Maven licks his lips as Molly slides her right hand
against his abs while she continues to suck and stroke his cock. Mighty Molly
lifts her sweet eyes and glances up at Maven as her pouty lips wrap tightly
around his shaft and she lowers her head further down, forcing another inch
into her wet mouth.

"Ohhhhh man.... mmmm..." Maven moans as he watches as Molly takes more of his
cock into her mouth while she is cutely looking up. Molly lightly turns her
blond haired head on Maven's cock, lightly grinding her soft lips, while she
starts to bob her head at smooth, quicker pace.

"Ahhhh mmmm... ohhh yeah..." Maven moans as Mighty Molly lifts and lowers her
head more briskly as she removes her left hand from the base of his cock to
place it on his left knee.

Mighty Molly starts to bob her head rapidly on Maven's cock without using her
hands to keep his shaft steady. "Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Molly happily moans as she
slurps his cock up with her mouth.

"Ohhhhh.... ahhhh... man you are super..." Maven moans as Molly bobs her
blond haired up and down on his rock hard and thick cock. Molly's soft and
wet tongue gently slides against his meaty shaft as she continues to lift and
lowers her head, smoothly sucking his shaft at a quick pace, her lips
grinding his shaft.

"Mmmmmm ahhh... ahhhh..." Maven moans as Molly's pouty lips press against his
cock when she turns her head from side to side as she sucks it. Maven tilts
his head back and licks his lips when he feels his dick starting to throb a
bit inside of Molly's warm wet and soothing mouth. Mighty Molly slowly lifts
her head and smiles up at Maven before she slides her tongue against the head
of his cock, working against his piss-slit before she trails her tongue down
his mildly throbbing shaft.

"Ohhhhh mmmm... ahhh..." Maven moans as Mighty Molly playfully slides her
tongue down to the base of his mildly pulsating cock. Maven cannot see
Molly's face but he soon feels Molly's soft wet tongue brushing against his
decently sized ballsack.

"Mmmmm..." Mighty Molly softly moans as she flicks her tongue against his
ballsack before guiding her wet tongue back up his shaft.

"Ahhhhh... ahhh..." Maven moans as his cock starts to throb a bit more
intensely and just as Mighty Molly's tongue reaches the head of his cock, the
blond haired Superhero wraps both of her hands around the base of Maven's
dick. Molly holds his shaft steady before she opens her mouth and playfully
wraps her pouty lips around the swollen head of Maven's cock.

"Ahhhhh.... mmmmm.... aww..." Maven moans as she gently sucks on the thick
head of his throbbing cock while she moves both her hands up and down his
cock. Maven grits his teeth as his pulsating cock begins to erupt with a nice
size shot of cum shooting inside of Molly's mouth.

"Mmmmmm...." Molly moans as she moves her head gently on Maven's cock as his
warm cum sprays into her playful mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmm... ahh..." Maven moans as his cock throbs with each spurt of
cum that erupts from his piss slit. Once he's done cumming Mighty Molly lifts
her head from his cock and cutely holds her mouth open, allowing Maven to see
his own cum.

Molly leans her head back slightly and swallows Maven's cum before licking
her lips. "Now Citizen Maven...I sure hope you're feeling relaxed..."

"Oh I am Molly..." Maven nods his head, "Ummm... if I need your help
again..." Maven starts to ask.

"Yes, Citizen Maven?"

"Can I call you?" Maven asks with a smile

"Well...golly! Of course!"


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