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Mile High Fucking
by Unknown

I had just been watching WWE in the UK. I had been there all weekend. I only
actually watch WWE for the hot women. As I was one of the first on the plane
I watched as everyone else got on as I saw a hot couple of women out of the
WWE getting on. They walked by me and I got a nice smell of one of their
perfume and it smelt good. We set off flying high in the sky, I kept looking
round for the hot couple and they motioned for me to go to them, so I did.

I sat in the spare seat next to one of the girls and we began talking, as it
got on I found out their names were Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon of
the WWE. I felt hot and flustered so I said, "The toilets are at the front."

They replied, "Good, you go first then we will knock on the door."

"Ok," I said as I rushed away.

As I stood there in the toilet I was thinking of what I was going to do to
them. As I stood there I felt my cock harden.

The knock came. As I opened the door, I saw Trish standing there. She quickly
jumped in seeing my hard on. Trish quickly stripped down to her underwear as
she got down on her knees and began to play with my cock through my bottoms.
As Trish Stratus was playing with my cock I felt like cumming already, but I

She pulled my bottoms down to flash my 7 inch hard cock. She started to
suck it gently as the next knock on the door came, so I opened it. It was
Stephanie. She got in and we began kissing as Trish still was sucking me

Stephanie and Trish both then said at the same time, "What do you want us to
do next master?"

I felt so high and mighty my cock kept on growing and it now stood at 9
inches. I told Trish to pull Stephanie's bottoms' off and eat her pussy
whilst I do her from behind. As it went on we got caught for loud noises.

Hey, ho, I fucked Stephanie and Trish at once on an aeroplane!

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