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Million Dollar Intergender Wrestling Challenge Episode 1: Tessa Blanchard
by Lar G. Rection (

I am in a Warehouse. In the Warehouse stands a wrestling ring in which one I am standing. There is no Crowd. You are wearing a Gold Speedo with Black Knee Pads and Black Boots. Then the Voice of an announcers starts talking.

Announcer: "Ladies and especially gentleman, welcome to the first event of the Million Dollar Intergender Wrestling Challenge! Every new Episode there is a contender for the Million Dollar who is fighting against the Presenter of this Series, "The Unbeaten" Lar G. Rection. But if she loses, she has agreed to be fucked by him, in every way Lar G. Rection wants, if she wants to or not."

I am pointing to the sky as the announcer says my name. I am full with body oil. I have short brown hair and green eyes.

Announcer: "And todays contender. She is a third-generation wrestler. She is 5 foot 5 and 123 pounds heavy. She is a wrestler for two years. From Charlotte, North Carolina, "The Queen of the Carolinas" ... Tessa Blanchard!"

She stands in the opposite corner of me. She wears a belly free tank top with no bra and short leather hot pants. On the tank top stands "today's bitch" on the front site and the back site has the font "Will be fucked".

Tessa: "Listen. I am a born in this business. I am a technician and your technique is way below mine. And after I beat you, I am one million dollars richer."

Me: "No you listen, I am unbeaten in a pro wrestling ring. I am superior to you. And today you give me the chance, to get your body in every way I want it."

After I talked to Tessa, the announcer started to talk again.

Announcer: "Like every match on the Million Dollar Intergender Wrestling Challenge, this match is an I quit match. If Tessa Blanchard wants to Submit she has to say the word: 'I was not worthy. My body is now yours!'. If Lar G. Rection wants to submit he needs to say the words 'You beat me, you are superior to me.'. The only way to win the match is by making the opponent say these words. There are no weapons allowed, except of the handcuffs that can be ordered by the referee, and no pulling of the hair. There are no rope breaks. Otherwise everything can be done with every part of the body. So, let the match begin!"

The announcer ends explaining the rules. Tessa and I walk in the middle of the ring. We go in a Lock Up. I go under her arms to her back and grab my arms around her waist. Then I start to hump her. She tries to get free but is not capable of that. After a couple of humps, I stop grabbing her and let her free. But the power of the last hump, she falls to her knees and she quickly turns around and looks at me with shock.

Tessa: "What the fuck was that? I thought we would wrestle you asshole!"

Me: "You heard the rules, that was legal. Anyway, that is what you will feel even more intense later."

After these words, she starts running at me, but I gave her a shoulder tackle so she would go down.

Me: "Did you try to overpower me?"

Now she looks angry at me. As soon as she is on her legs again I go on the attack. I take her in a Lock Up and Push her in the Corner. There I give her a knee strike in her stomach. I take a run-up and start running at her, but she got both her legs up and kicked me in the face. I stumbled a bit back while she jumped on the Top Rope. But I realized that and let myself fall into the ropes. That made her slip on the top rope and she fall on the top Turnbuckle. I approached the corner and took her in a Fireman's Carry. In this position, I walk in the middle of the ring and throw her over me, with her stomach on my knee. She was now laying on my stomach. Her butt was perfectly shown as I gave her a couple of spanks on it. Then I laid her on the floor and took her in a Camel Clutch. She was in the middle of the ring. She couldn't reach the ropes, because I was heavier that her and I had the move clutched tight. I ordered the ref to ask Tessa if she wants to quit.

Referee: "Tessa, do you want to quit?"

Tessa: "Aaaah, aaah, Nooo, aaaah!"

After these words, I gave up on the hold and stopped using it. I waited for her to sit up and run up the ropes and on the way back I would ram my package into her face. She holds her face and was disgusted. Now I grabbed her and helped her up and took her in an Abdominal Stretch. In that way, I was stretching her back. She was crying out in pain. And with that submission hold I also started to slap her butt again. Once again, I started to signalize the referee to ask Tessa.

Referee: "Tessa, do you want to quit?"

Tessa: "Aaah, my back, aaaah, NOOO, NEVER!"

Me: "Challenge accepted."

I let the off her and instead grabbed her waist and gave her a German Suplex. After she came back to her feet she had her back turning on me. That was perfect to put her in my most devastating Submission Move. The Kokina Clutch. I felt down to my back and put my legs around her body. Also, I started to hump her again, while she was in that move. I had the move perfectly locked in.


Ref: "Tessa, do you want to quit?"

Tessa: "YES! YES! YES!"

She was tapping furiously but she wasn't saying the words. I wouldn't let the hold let go until she would say the words.

Ref: "Tessa, I need you to say the words.!"


Immediately I let go the Hold and let go off her. After my Kokina Clutch I would let her regain breath. She was holding her neck and was watching at me angrily.

Tessa: "That was not fair! You used a choke hold!"

Me: "Didn't you hear the rules at the beginning? It was legal and it wasn't me who gave up. It was you. And now you will be fucked."

Tessa: "No... No come on. Do you really want that?"

Me: "Yes, otherwise I wouldn't want to do this show. And now, you will please me."

Tessa: "Fine? What do you want me to do first?"

Me: "I want you, now that you choked your chance at one million dollars, to choke on my cock."

I had a cocky smirk on my face. She looked at me angry. I pulled down my speedo and to her surprise my massive cock sprung out fully erected out. Her jaw dropped by the look of such a cock, because she never seen such a big one.

Me: "Come on, just start sucking, bitch!"

I put my hands on the back of her head and pulled her near my cock and pushed my cock in her mouth. I made her face bob up and down on my face. After some time, I don't even have to help her suck my cock, as she did it on her own.

Me: "I already got better head from girls..."

I said that with a cocky smirk. I saw a spark of challenge in her eyes. She begun to suck my cock harder and deeper. I heard her starting to gag a little bit and slurp on her own saliva, which started to cover my cock. Some of her Saliva started to run down her chin and drop on her shirt. I thought about how much I could manipulate her more to break her will even more.

Me: "So you won't get it deeper, right? I mean you don't need to shame about that, it's a big cock, but still it's one more defeat for you, right?"

Tessa put my cock out of her mouth.

Tessa: "Shut up! I won't get defeated one again and I will get this cock completely in my throat you asshole!"

I knew I had her. And she didn't knew I had her. She started fuck her on face on my cock. She gagged and more saliva run down her chin. I smirked sadistically. But she wasn't capable of getting my cock completely in her mouth and throat.

Me: "Like I said, you couldn't do it..."

She continued and looked at me. I saw how her eyes rolled in her back every time my cock hit the back of her throat. Her face started to get read. She started to fuck her own face more and more furiously, but she wasn't capable of getting it completely in her mouth. After some more tries to get my cock completely in her mouth she gave up and looked at me angry.

Tessa: "I nearly killed myself on your cock? Do you want that? And more important, how did you not come?"

Me: "You did that on yourself. And you couldn't do the job again. Maybe you are simply not as good as you think..."

I smirked arrogant.

Tessa: "Fuck you... what's up next?"

Me: "Well, I like to play and I make you an offer. You gonna fuck me. And if I cum before you, you get at least 5.000 $. If you cum first, you let me fuck your ass, cum in your ass and let you drink your own anal cream pie."

Tessa looked disgusted. She thought about my offer. She thought about the fact that I didn't come on her blowjob, but she could get finally a win and 5.000 $. The question is, how much her ass and her self-confidence would get damage from losing. She looked at me from her knees and finally answered my question.

Tessa: "Alright, I believe I can make you cum easily and now I have nothing to lose."

I laid down on the mat.

Me: "Well, then get on my cock, ride it and we see, if you do something after that."

She walked over me. She got on her knees and put my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was really tight and felt really good. I looked at her and as soon as my cock started to get in her pussy, I saw her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She probably didn't think that it would feel so good and so big.

Tessa: "Ho... Ho... Holy...."

I grabbed her ass and started letting her bounce on my cock. She only putted in halfway because of his massiveness. I tried pulling her further down and down. She sweated really hard now, her hair got in her face and stick there. I started groping her ass harder and made her go all the way up und just pulled her forcefully all the way down on my cock. Her eyes opened wide and she screamed, don't know if because of pain or pleasure. I grabbed her ass and made her ride my cock. I saw her hair in her face, which stuck there because of her sweat, which was running down her sexy body. I felt how she got numb and her pussy started to tighten up. Her eyes rolled in the bank of her head. Her screams silenced and I could only hear her breath. Then I felt how she came all over my cock. Her pussy juice run down my cock. She looked in shock into my eyes, will I grin evilly.

Me: "I won, you know that that means!"

Tessa: "No... come on we don't need to continue, I mean didn't you had enough fun?"

Me: "It's not about my fun, it's about your embarrassment. And now get off of me, your ass will now be my property."

She crawled down of me. After a fucking, she never had experienced she dropped directly to her knees of exhausting. I used this opportunity to go directly behind her and put my cock on her anal entry. I started to tease it, while Tessa's head dropped on the mat, so only her ass was in the air. Then I suddenly and abrupt I put my cock in her ass. I put it balls deep in her ass. I signalized the referee to get the glass. I started to fuck her ass smoothly because I don't want to rush to my orgasm. After some time, I started to pick up the pace. This caused that Tessa's weak body fell down completely onto the mat and I laid on top of her and thrusted into her ass. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back to make her look at my while I fucked her ass. I saw a tear run down her face. She was in pain. Then I want into full throttle mode and saw how she opened her mouth wide. My lower body slapped against her sweaty butt. After more and more thrust I felt my orgasm coming. I pulled her up on her knees and pulled my cock out of her ass except of the head. Then I started to jerk off my cock. After some seconds, I came in her ass. While I did that I took the glass that the referee brought. My load was so big, that some of my come already leaked out of her ass. I quickly hold the glass under my cock so the cum could drop into the glass. After I shot my load I pulled out.

Me: "Now, push!"

She did as I told her. I am not sure if she did I because I told her or because of a reflex. My cum run out of her ass and into the glass. After she filled the glass with around 20 milliliters of my cum I pulled her hair and made her go on her knees in front of me. I gave her the glass filled with my cum out of her ass.

Me: "You knew what you had to do to avoid this. I gave you multiple chances but you couldn't utilize them. Now drink!"

Tessa took the glass and looked disgusted. She grimaced. The she chugged down her anal cream pie while she grimaced. When the glass was empty, the camera of the show zoomed onto her sweaty face while she looked disgusted up to me. With that picture Episode 1 ended.

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