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Miracle At Widow's Peak
by Big Diva Pimpin'

It's 12:43 AM. I was snug in bed struggling to sleep. With the deadly
mixture of a lousy dead-in job, bills piling up, and low self-esteem, I
quickly became a homebody over the years with a head full of dreams but no
confidence. Due to these circumstances, my life had become one of literally
nothing. No friends, no life, and worse of all, no love. I yearned so badly
to be loved by someone. Anyone. The only thing I had was my dreams. They
were the only thing that gave me any kind of joy. The only thing that
relieved my neverending stress.

As I stared at the four walls of my room, a sea of pictures, centerfolds, and
posters flooded them always causing my imagination to run away with me. Since
I felt that I had nothing else in my life, this was a full-time hobby for me.
The vision of the moment was a small picture that came from the recent WWE
Divas Desert Heat Magazine. The woman I gazed at was a former fitness model
and WWE Women's champion. On camera, she had grown to be one of most hated
heels of all time in the women's division. But I never saw her in that way.
Although I’m an advocate fan of wrestling, I knew better than to get
caught up in the on screen characters. I only saw her as I saw all of the
other WWE Divas - a beautiful, sweet woman with real thoughts and real
feelings. The fatigue of the night finally crept up to me as I slowly drifted
off into a deep slumber...

Two AM was the turning point of the night when I suddenly woke up and turned
in the opposite direction only to be gazing deep in the eyes of the same
woman in the picture with her vivacious body wrapped in black satin bra and
panties. My lonliness soon turned to bliss as my hand made it's way to her
face feeling a spark kindling in my heavy heart...

"Hey, look so beautiful."

"Thanks. I knew you'd like it."

"Baby, I love it. Come here and give me a kiss..."

The raven-haired beauty slithered over to me wrapping her arms around me
letting me feel loved. My heart pitter-pattered as I felt her smooth as silk
skin on my flesh, and immediatly felt my spirit take flight as our lips
caressed each other and my night had truly began. As the night progressed,
we were shielded from the rest of the world in a sea of tenderness. Still
having a sweet kiss, she straddled herself on me while I wrapped my arms
around her delicate frame.

"I'm really glad I skipped Raw tonight. I haven't been this relaxed in a long

"Honestly, neither have I. I have to go to work tomorrow. God, I don't feel
like going in that hellhole."

"I know, baby...I know. But at least you're only there for 8 hours, and
you're off on weekends. I'm on the road for damn near the whole year, ya
know? Only getting three or four hours of sleep...if that. Not to mention
having to do apperances.

"Yeah, but you're doing something you love, plus you're rich! You never
gotta (sigh) worry about any bills...or worry about being lonely..."

"Babe, I know it might seem like I have a perfect does kinda
put a damper on your social life..."

"Guess you're right..."

"Well, at least I have you, babe."

The passion continued when I caressed her back, then unfastened her bra as
our lips pulled apart due to her soft giggles. She slowly broke loose from my
grasp and tossed the undergarment aside. My eyes lit up the room when I saw
her beautifully crafted breasts and sat myself up to begin my exploration of
her breathtaking anatomy. When my lips met hers once again, it was more
passionate and seductive as my hunger for her sweet smelling flesh quickly
escalated making both of us emotionally high. My mouth escaped hers as I got
myself ready for tasting her luscious body.

Beginning with her cheek, then her neck, then finally her succulent bosoms,
I went full speed ahead kissing and sucking her nips as she continued to let
out soft moans loving every minute of my stern, but loving touch. Her tits
were so good sucking on them slowly. I flickered my tongue on them hearing
her squeal much to my delight. I then brought my hands in the back of her
satin thong, and slid her g-string off. Her cheeks felt so good in my hands.
Her glutes were totally firm and round. I couldn't help but slap her
delicious ass. I was now ready to give the best of me as I slid my drawers
down and threw them next to the bed. A chill ran down her spine as she
realized what was now to come, and held me tighter, anticipating me. It made
me hornier than hell as she literally begged for me to go in her. She didn't
have to wait long however as my now throbbing member slowly made its way
inside her, letting a sexy groan escape her slender lips. As our sweaty
bodies were joined together as one, I panted heavily enjoying her extreme

Lisa's panting became heavier and deeper with every thrust I gave her. My
back hit the bed, when she immediately followed as we gave each other a
lustful french-kiss before I took control of the situation and rolled over
intertwining with the now damp sheets. The climax to this erotic episode
wasn't too far away. Her nails went deep in my skin almost drawing blood as
I clenched my eyes shut from the pleasure and pain. The sensation of her
sweet wetness was getting too much for me to handle with every second that
went by. I almost panicked as I wanted nothing more than to please her to
the fullest extent just as she had done me. So with all my might I struggled
to hold on, but to no avail.

Within seconds, a deep roar escaped my mouth like a wild animal unleashed as
the peak of my sexual high began with a vengence ripping me apart. My chaotic
rhythm soon became slow and steady as I made my final thrusts before totally
stopping to catch my breath. I lowered my lips colliding with hers once again
and softly caressed her body. My hands were still busy as I knew that her now
throbbing vaginal tunnel ached for any more pleasure I could give her. So
with that, two of my fingers made their way to her soaking vagina ready for
it's orgasm. As her screams of lust reached maximum heights, she gripped the
bedsheets as tight as she could, feeling her peak ready to come as my efforts
doubled. It didn't take long for her to show her appreciation to me as she
screamed in extasy and her legs quaked gushing out womanly juices of mammoth
proportions. After soaking the bed even further, she struggled to catch her
breath as I took her in his arms and held her tight reveling in the glow of
our passion. Our lips touch one more time before a loud buzzer startled me
out of my blissful fantasy world. FUCK!!!

I struggled to my feet only to find nothing but a wet hand, damp sheets,
and sheer loneliness. I reluctantely looked at the digital clock by the bed
reading 5:30 AM.'s back to the real world for me. Back to stress.
back to misery. Back to a loveless reality. I slowly made my way to the
bedroom door and gazed at the same picture on the wall that was the temporary
cure for my sadness as I shook my head angerly going to the bathroom for
another shitty day...

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