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Miss Ivory & Miss Jackie
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Lisa Moretti had always known deep down what she was but for some reason she
couldn't bring herself to accept it part of her wanted to accept it but
another part of her didn't she didn't know or understand why not after all
it was now 2003. Being a Lesbian wasn't that much of a big thing anymore it
just depended on who you told but then how could Lisa tell anybody when she
couldn't even convince herself. Since 97 Lisa had been apart of the WWE
formerly known as the WWF she had been woman's champion she had been an
activist for Censorship and she had been a girlfriend/manager and she had
also been the head female trainer of two seasons of Tough Enough, but now
Lisa was just a plain old average "small time" female WWE superstar. Well,
she felt "small time" because she was on Heat instead of being on Raw or SD.
The only comfort that Lisa got about being "small time" was that she was
about to work with somebody she trained on Tough Enough 2 and that was
Jackie Gayda, who plays Rico's manager Miss Jackie.

Jackie Gayda was a nobody until the WWE took her in. She didn't expect
anything major out of sending a little tape in, but somehow she got accepted
on to Tough Enough. After doing her best, she was sure one of the guys would
win after Linda Miles had been announced as a winner. She was in complete
shock when she was announced as the second winner of Tough Enough. It was a
chance to live her dream. Unfortunately for her, the WWE, looking to
capitalize on the popularity of the show, put them into matches right out of
the gate. It wasn't that she wasn't excited about this, it was just she
didn't feel she was ready. It showed, as in a fateful tag match with her and
Christopher Nowinski, a Tough Enough competitor himself, taking on Trish
Stratus and Bradshaw. She was nervous, and still just a rookie. She blew
nearly every spot she attempted in the match, and felt horrible about it.
After the match, she spent the night sobbing. It wasn't as if she was the
only one who realized she bombed. But she'd like to see anyone attempt to
put on a good match that quickly.

For months afterwards, she was regelated to Ohio Valley Wrestling. She worked
her ass of to become a competant worker, and managed to impress higher ups
once again. She was put back on Raw as the valet of a "new and improved"
Rico Constantino. A class act, Rico had the horrible gimmick of being
ridiculously gay without ever saying it, and she was to be his valet. The
ironic part of this was that she herself was a lesbian, and thus found her
role quite fitting, even if nobody but her knew about it.

It was Sunday night September 14th 2003 tonight was set to be the start of
the Ivory vs Miss Jackie feud Jackie and Ivory and Rico had been told what
was set to happen and they had all discussed it. Lisa and Jackie even in
Tough Enough 2 when they where Teacher and Student seemed to get on really
well. It was like Al Snow and Maven in Tough Enough one. Lisa and Jackie
seemed to have a understanding straight off and it worked for them Lisa
figured if they could work like that this should be no problem.

And so HEAT got underway and the Middle of the show's event was Rico vs
Ivory the match went off fine. Rico some would say showed how gays acted
excellently however as far as Lisa was concerned all Rico was doing was
degrading gays and making them out to be different when all they where
where normal men and women who just liked people of the same sex more than
they did people of the opersite sex. Then the refree whispered to them that
it was time to wrap it up while Rico had Ivory in a headlock. So Ivory sent
Rico into the ropes and Rico reversed Ivory into the ropes at the opersite
end he then stood ready to dop a move his legs wide enough apart and Ivory
side underneath and right on que Miss Jackie not looking in Ivory's
direction walked passed and got hit in the side of the face by Ivory's boots
which sent the blonde diva into the guard railing blocking the fans from
the ring Suprisingly, the fans eclicted a big "Ooooh!" from the spot, as not
a whole lot of people are into Heat. The ref rushed over to Jackie's side to
check on things, and even Ivory broke kayfabe, looking over the top rope to
see if Jackie was okay.

Rico, ever the professional, kept the match going. After gawking for a
moment, he rolled Ivory up for the schoolboy pin, pulling her tights, and
exposing her thong to the audience in order to get a cheap pop and the pin.
Rico quickly got out of the ring to check on Miss Jackie, as Ivory stood
shocked and angered in the ring. Rico hoisted Jackie up over his shoulder
after she whispered she was okay. He kept his hand, as scripted, clasped
tight on her butt, but he paid no mind to further his gimmick. He got a mic
and shouted, "You'll be sorry Ivory, you hurt Jackie! This isn't over by a
long shot!"

And then HEAT went to a commercial break and Ivory left to the ring with the
fans cheering for her saying "Job well done" Lisa got backstage and as she
was heading towards her locker room she couldn't stop seeing Jackie's head
hitting that padding that protected the wrestlers etc's heads from the metal
underneath but wasn't that good at it's job as she knew from personal
experience Lisa then made up her mind and then turned left instead of right
and found herself outside of Jackie's locker room she knocked on the door
and awaited a response hoping Jackie wasn't laying out cold in the EMT'S

"Come in" said a familiar voice, as Lisa breathed a sigh of relief,
recognizing Jackie's voice. She was being checked upon by an EMT, who was
busy flashing a light in each of her eyes. Apparently she had just finished
up, as the EMT reported.

"Well, you're lucky, you just got your bell rung. No concussion, nothing
really serious, just probably scared you more than anything."

Lisa jumped in, "Along with her co-workers."

Jackie smiled at her.

"I just came in to see how you were doing."

Jackie smiled sweetly, appreciative of the concern.

"Well you heard, just a close call, I'll be fine by tomorrow I bet. Thank
you, mam." With that the EMT left and Lisa sat down adjacent to Jackie.

"Are you sure your ok?" Lisa then asked.

"You heard the EMT didn't you?"

"EMT'S arn't doctors." Lisa said seriously meaning they're good at they're
job but a doctor's check would be better.

"Ok then Lisa trust me when I say I'm fine ok?" Jackie asked looking Lisa
dead in the eye.

"Well I'll say this for you girl your dam good at talking bumps you fooled
me and I've been in the WWE since 97 i've witnessed some of the best bumps
and some of the fakest bumps in the business and i have to say even though
it doesn't get onto the top 10 best bumps it certain's in the top 20-11
bumps." Lisa said with a smile.

Jackie frowned again. "Well at least I got one bump right, only 400 others
that I've messed up."

Lisa sighed. "Now don't start that again. You know as well as I do that Vince
was just eager to make money off of your popularity as quick as he could. A
few months of training is not going to get anyone in shape to put on a match,
let alone a girl who doesn't really have an atheletic background. It's not
your fault you weren't ready. You had to make the best of a bad situation.
You can't expect to go out there and outwrestle Victoria on your first

Jackie avoided Lisa's eyes. "I know, it's just, this is what I do for a
living, and if I'm not good at it, I don't honestly know if anyone else would
hire me if the WWE decided to let me go."

"If the WWE let you go then they would be losing a hell of a budding talent
all you need Jackie is give yourself time to learn I mean I have to admit
I'm not too pleased about being on a second rate show like Heat but one
thing that makes it bearable is to know that I'll be helping people like you
and talentless over actors like Rico learn and prepear for the day when Vince
comes up to you and says "Your going to Raw" or "Your going to be woman's
champion" because belive me Jackie you have the potential to rule RAW and be
woman's champion." Lisa said meaning everything she was saying to the young
beauty before her

Jackie's smile was warm and comforting. "That means alot to me, Lisa,

They embraced happily, as the two of them were the best of friends, and could
always rely on each other.

"But really, don't be so hard on Rico. It's not like it was his idea to act
the way he does. Do the higher-ups even recognized that he's one of the
better wrestlers on the roster? No, of course not, they stuck him with this
horrible gimmick. I mean, come on, how many gay people do you know that act
half as flamboyant as that? It's stuff like that that ends up turning fans
away, because it just insults their intelligence."

"I couldn't agree more and I sure as hell wouldn't argue with that I mean
there are some times when what Rico does makes me wonder if he really is gay
and other times he does things so over the top there is no way you can not
know that he's acting." Lisa said Jackie smirked.

"Ok then Lisa how would a gay person act?"

This caught Lisa off gaurd but she answered as honestly and as openly as
possible. "I guess if I was portraying a gay woman I would be a normal woman
who just prefer female company to men or act diffrently around certain women
I find attractive not over top just act diffrently towards certan woman I
find attractive to other female co-workers." Lisa said thinking that was a
pretty normal answer and it didn't hint anything.

"I know exactly what you mean," commented Jackie. "I have tons of gay
friends, it's not like they skip around and throw glitter. We're just normal
people who act like anybody else, it just so happens that we hit on different

Lisa was wide-eyed, confusing Jackie. After a couple moments of silence,
Jackie asked her what was wrong. Lisa choked on her words.

" said 'we'."

Jackie then attempted to cover up. "No, I never... I said 'they'."

"You said 'we'."

Lisa said seriously, "No I said 'they'."

"Jackie I was sitting right here in front of you. You said 'we'." Lisa said
in a none arguementative tone.

Jackie took a deep breath and exhaled it with a sigh.

"I'm busted arn't I."

Lisa looked at her. "You really did say 'we' didn't you."

Lisa said now absolutely sure she hadn't been before but she decided to stick
to what she figured Jackie had said until Jackie gave her some hard proof she
had said "they". "Yes. I said 'we'."

Lisa swallowed hard. "Jackie." She said stunned "Your gay?" She asked and
said in an even harder to believe type of voice Jackie just nodded Lisa then
looked down at the floor trying to make sure she wasn't having her on and
trying to figure out why she hadn't noticed sooner.

Jackie's first instinct was to make excuses, and plead with Lisa not to tell
anyone. "It started out as a dare in college and it all kinda got out of
hand. But if Vince finds out he's going to exploit it to no ends. I mean
Torrie Wilson admitted she was bi-curious, Vince caught wind and forced her
into lesbian angles with Dawn and Sable! I don't want my personal life coming
out on television like that! I..."

Lisa calmed her down, shushing her, as she was talking so fast. "It's okay,
Jackie, it's okay. You can't help who you are any better than the rest of the
people here on earth. I mean being gay is pretty much an accepted part of our
culture these days. It's just here in wrestling, it's still a bit of a taboo.
I mean wrestling has always been a bit of a neandrathal sport, and they tend
to cater to the lowest common denmoinator of men. I'm totally fine with this,
and I promise I won't tell."

Jackie noticed Lisa, calm as she was, was playing with her hands, a nervous
sign if she ever saw one. "Why are you nervous then?" Jackie asked.

"I just want you to still be able to trust me." Lisa lied convincingly Jackie
suspected there was another reasons but gave a short nodd kind of like saying
"Oh ok" Lisa then got a crazy idea into her head.

"Listen Jackie erm would you like to come back to my hotel room for a drink
and a chat I think we could both use one after this." Lisa said she didn't
feel she needed one for what had happened but figured if everything went well
in the hotel room then maybe after she confessed to both Jackie and herself
something she'd been dieing to confess more to herself than anybody then she
would definatly need a drink or two before and after she did it.

Jackie too was in need of a drink or two after a day as hectic as this. "I
could definitely use a tequila or two, I'll be over there after a shower and
something to eat."

Lisa nodded and left, skipping the hug, as it might be just a bit awkward at
this point. Tonight, Lisa knew she'd have to admit she was a lesbian to both
herself and her pupil. She wasted no time in rushing back over to her home,
and preparing early in order to think it all through. She honestly didn't
know how the night would turn out. Lord knows she didn't mind Jackie's
figure, but did Jackie find her at all attractive? If so...well, would she
go all the way? The thoughts overwhelmed her, and in what seemed like 5
minutes, her time to think was over, as a big knock came from her door.

Lisa had gotten the hotel room ready the bed ready just incase. She had
gotten two bottles of taquila one was already out open and two shot glasses
out and filled ready for consumsion and the other bottle was in the fridge.
Lisa was also dressed in her most attractive purple out fit she could find
both Ivory and Lisa loved the colour purple it was the most worn colour by
Lisa and Ivory once Lisa was sure everything was set she answered the door.

She opened it and her jaw nearly hit the floor. Jackie had obviously had the
same thing on her mind, as she had on a tight purple spaghetti strap top with
purple leather pants. Ivory wanted to jump her right then, but managed to
control herself. She invited her in and sat at the table.

"So, shall we?" she joked as the two sat at opposite ends of the table. They
each drank a shot straight up, and panted for air as they began to talk.

"Wow, I feel So Jackie, what exactly do you love so much about
women that made you a lesbian?"

"I don't really know." Jackie answered honestly.

"I was half drunk the first time that time in college so I didn't think
anything like that had happened until I turned over the next morning in my
bed to find my best mate asleep next to me she told me what had happened and
for the next two weeks I avoided her due to embaressment and due to the fact
I wanted to do it again only sober this time. We then did it again sober and
I instantly knew I was a lesbian and so I figured i'd learn as much about
myself as I could while keeping my sexual preference a secret."

"I can understand that. Personally, I guess I could see why. I mean, most
guys tend to be assholes anyway. I don't remember the last relationship I
had with a guy that just didn't totally piss me off."

Jackie nodded knowingly. "Exactly. It was actually the day that I broke up
with my last guy that I decided to drown my sorrows. I guess that it all
ended for the best. But oh well, it's my personal life, and it doesn't belong
in the workplace. But I'm a lesbian. I can't deny who I am, and I haven't
looked back since."

Lisa felt herself twisting up inside. Jackie was so brave about all this.
She knew she had to have the courage to admit that she was a lesbian. It
turned out well for Jackie, and Jackie made no apologies. Somehow, Lisa knew
she had to do the same to be truly happy.

"I wish I could say it was as easy for my mate."

Jackie what then said Lisa's attention was caught immediately "What do you

"Oh nothing it's just this mate of mine is having a few problems forget I
mentioned it." Jackie said.

"No tell me I'm a pretty good agony Aunt maybe i can help your friend and
you." Lisa said.

"Well this mate of mine they're female yeah."

Lisa nodded.

"An she's a hell of a looker she really is but for some reason she can't
seem to find a partner."

"Why not?" Lisa asked with a shrug.

"Well promise this stays between us?" Jackie asked.

"Divas Honour." Lisa said.

"Well she's afraid ya see."

Lisa said, "Of falling in love."

"No she's afraid of herself." Jackie said.

"Why would she be afraid of herself?"

"Well some people like me become or realise they're a certain type of person
and they accept it where as people like my mate become or realise they're a
certain type of person and it scares them it frightens them because they
can't or don't want too or are afraid to accept that fact of who they are or
what they are why this is I don't know but she is terrifed of herself from
what I can see." Jackie said.

Lisa was astonished. It was as if Jackie was reading her mind. All that she
just mentioned was exactly what she felt. "Well it's like you said," Lisa
said. "You haven't looked back since you became a lesbian. She can't look
back either. She has to accept who she is, and all the goods and bads that
come with it. She's never going to feel fufilled if she doesn't."

Jackie nodded as she had another shot. Lisa realized that she was essentially
giving herself advice. It was tearing her apart now, she desperately wanted
to come out. "That's really good of you to say Lisa. You could make a killing
as a therapist." Jackie laughed, and knocked back another tequila. There was
a silence over the room now. The wrestler known as Ivory felt in her stomach
that now was the time, she had to come clean.

"Well I think the reason I'm so good on this perticular subject is because
I'm much like your friend." Lisa said. Jackie looked at Lisa. "I've been
hiding and afraid and scared and terrifed of myself as well I don't know if
it's for the same reasons as your friend or not but I think it's time I
accpeted who and what I am." Lisa said nervous and confident at the same
time Jackie smiled at Lisa.

"I..." Lisa started "Lisa Morettie am... A Lesbian" she finished.

Jackie sat down her shot glass, in complete shock. "....Wow. I...I really
didn't expect that."

Lisa looked at the ground, nervous.

"But don't you dare be ashamed. You've admitted it to yourself," Jackie
reached over and tipped Ivory's chin up with her hand. "And you've told me.
You are who you are, be proud of that."

Lisa nodded. "I...I am. And I guess since we're on the subject of revealing,
I guess I should say what drove me to saying this. It wasn't just your
strength, and your passion. It''s that I've been attracted to you for
months. I'm desperately attracted to you, and you deserve to know."

Jackie again sat in silence, trying to take in everything. "Well since this
seems to be a night of confessions you know my friend I was telling you
about?" Jackie said finally.

"Yeah..." Lisa said.

"The person I was describing was you." Jackie said it was Lisa's turn to be

"You mean you knew?"

"No." Jackie said shaking her head. "But I suspected I only suspected from
the time you left to the time you answered the door the way everything looked
it just confirmed my suspision." Jackie explained.

"Well." Lisa said "Now that we know that we're both lesbians where do we go
from here?" Lisa asked Jackie smiled at her

"Well, normally lovers go to bed and show each other how much they love the
other I maybe wrong but I think that happens in both straight relationships
and gay ones." Jackie said.

Lisa breathed a sigh of relief. All her pent up fear and anxiety was finally
released in these last thirty seconds. It was time now to show just how much
she wanted Jackie. She stood up and grabbed her by the hand.

"Then follow me, my little pupil."

She led her by the hand into the bedroom and immediately pulled her into
her arms and kissed her full on the lips. Jackie returned the favor, going
toe-to-toe with the veteran diva. They both leaned over, crash landing on
the bed, yet neither willing to break their liplock.

Lisa finally broke the kiss and looked into her lovers eyes as she then
kissed her way from Jackie's lips down to her chin down her neck giving it
little licks here and there inbetween the kisses all the way down to her
chest where Lisa very gently took down the straps of the garment Jackie was
wearing she didn't touch either of the breasts she just procceded to kiss
her way down the center of Jackie's chest down to her belly button where she
gave Jackie's belly button a good licking before moving on down taking the
garment off with each level she got lower she skiped over the object of
Jackie's pleasure leaving her thong on but taking off the dress that was
covering it. She then moved down one leg kissing akll the way down to the
toes and then went back to the top of the other leg and kissed all the way
down untill the garment was all the way off of Jackie's body and the only
think Jackie was wearing was a thong.

Lisa then kissed back up between each of Jackie's legs, alternating kisses
as she worked higher and higher. Worshiping he calves, her lower and upper
thighs, before reaching the silver silk thong that protected Jackie's
womanhood. Lisa playfully liked the material, and each woman could feel
wetness; Lisa from Jackie's moistening pussy, and Jackie leaned her head
back and sighed heavily at the slight protrusion Lisa's tongue made. With
her thong still in place, Jackie couldn't feel full penetration, but was
driven wild by the sensation teasing her. Lisa continued for another minute
before going back up Jackie's body, this time kissing the sides of her body
rather than up the center. Jackie knew her breasts were next on Lisa's

Lisa then moved herself over from the right side of Jackie's body over to
the nearest breast and she didn't kiss or lick she imidiatly sucked the
nipple into her mouth and began giving the nipple her full attention sucking
biting and licking it but not letting it out of her mouth while her hands
pleasured the other breasts Lisa then took the nipple out of her mouth and
kissed her way down the otherside of that breast and up to the other nipple
and copied the stragtegy she used on the previous nipple.

At first, Jackie was happy to not only take in all the pleasure, but aid Lisa
in it by massaging her own breasts along with her lover. But it didn't take
long for complete erotic passion to overtake her body, and she couldn't do
much of anything but close her eyes and moan. She'd been with a women before,
but none were near as expereienced as Lisa seemed to be. It was a shock to
Jackie that this was Lisa's first lesbian encounter, as she was tonguing her
nipples like a pro.

"Mmm...ooooh!" Jackie cried as Lisa continued to quickly alternate back and
forth to each of Jackie's ample bosom.

Lisa then moved up and locked lips with Jackie again for a while while her
hands continued the breast pleasure and then Lisa stopped the pleasuring of
Jackie's breasts with her hands and began to undress herself not breaking the
kissing for a second untill it was absolutely necessary due to needing to
take the top half of the dress off over her head and then she took the bottom
off at the same time revealing just like Jackie she was only wearing a thong
that was soaking wet just like Jackie's it was then that Lisa continued the
kissing and slowly and sensually began to rub her thong against Jackie's in
an attempt to make them wetter and more ready for the pleasure Lisa would
soon unleash upon Jackie's pussy.

Jackie shut her eyes tight. This was a sensation all together new to her.
She'd never had another woman grind herself into her. If this was foreplay,
she didn't know it, because this felt as wonderful as any guy or girls she'd
met prior. Lisa was a very talented erotic dancer, and as such had a great
talent for grinding her hips. She did so and drove her pussy down full force
on to Jackie's, making both of them moan quite loudly. Jackie could also feel
pleasure in her chest, as she realized her nipples were practically duelling
with Lisa's stiff nipples. Her two biggest points of pleasure were being
stimulated simultaneously, and she honestly didn't know how much longer she
could hang on.

Lisa sensening Jackie's mounting orgasam decided enough with the foreplay
and then she stopped and moved down no messing she moved down and forced the
thong all the way down to Jackie's ankles once she was satisfied they where
well away from her target Lisa decided maybe just a little more teasing so
she licked and sucked on one of her fingers and inserted it quiet easily if
a little slippery into Jackie's wet pussy and began to explore the inside of
Jackie with the finger once she was satsifed she added another finger in and
then a third and then a fourth untill she had all four fingers in Jackie's
love box ecplodring and pleasuring Jackie as much as she could but not so
much she had her orgasam just enough to get her a little closer to having it.

Jackie aided by forcing her hips up and down, adding to the motion and
squeezing her own breasts with all her strength. Lisa realized it wouldn't
be but a few short seconds now and pulled her fingers back out. She lightly
blew air into Jackie's cunt, making her whole body shiver. She then stuck 2
fingers back in, but added her tongue this time. Her educated mouth
completely ravished Jackie's quivering body. Jackie jerked her head back and
forth, holding out for as long as she could, but her moans grew loud, her
breath short, and finally, in one giant scream, she released a mind-numbing
orgasm straight towards Lisa's waiting lips. She licked up every drop,
rubbing some onto the walls of Jackie's pussy playfully as she calmed. But
Lisa's playfulness did not calm her, as it felt so good that Jackie continued
thrashing and Lisa was caught off guard by an amazing second orgasm.

Lisa unable to swallow all of the second helping decided to get as much on
her face and then get Jackie to lick it off once the orgasam ended Lisa
crawled up and kissed Jakcie on the lips Jackie instantly recognized the
liquid all over Lisa's lips and began to clean Lisa's face with her tounge
Lisa smile as she enjoys the attention that Jackie gives not wanting tio let
a ounce of her pussy juice go.

"So...that was your first time?" Jackie asked. Lisa confirmed it by nodding
while she layed on her side, running her fingertips lightly over Jackie's
stomach, watch her breath fill it and then vacate it.

"That's pretty suprising, you feel incredible, you're definitely a pro at

Lisa smiled and blushed lightly at the compliment. "Well I'm a woman, so I
know what I like, so I figured other women probably like it too. Plus you
know I've been around a while, it's not like I haven't heard a thing or two
that I decided to remember in case a night like this ever came up."

Jackie smiled happily and cuddled with Lisa for the next 15 minutes. Lisa
hung over Jackie's body, lightly kissing her neck. Jackie then looked up to
accept a full on kiss on the lips, allowing her tongue to explore Lisa's and
vice verca. Lisa began to climb on top of her when Jackie pushed her off.

"Ah ah ah, you've had your fun, now I get to have my way with your body."

Lisa then took off her thong leaving her totally naked and then layed down
on the bed and said quite simply. "I'm all yours."

Jackie unlike Lisa was only experienced in one area so she moved down to that
area imidiatly and began working both tounge and fingers in and out of Lisa's
pussy which got wet again very quickly.

Lisa was completely unprepared for the sudden violation that a woman's touch
left her with. It was degrading, raw, and completely hot. She breathed in
both suprise and ecstacy at this new sensation, before letting it completely
overwhelm her. Jackie used her free hand to reach under herself and rub her
own pussy, masturbating and eating out her lover at the same time.

Jackie quickly got a good rhythem going between her eating and masturbating
so when Lisa came Jackie came Lisa was moaning in pleasure moaning "Ooohs and
aaahhhs" and "Jackie's" and begging for more and all sorts but Jackie ignored
her lover's plea intent on having Lisa come when she was ready for her too

"Jackie...pleeeeeeasee!" begged Lisa. As much as it pained her, Jackie didn't
want to push her over the edge just yet. She had to find her own clit before
she'd be ready. She intenseified her search and found it in the next few
seconds. She began stroking it and knew that her body was on the verge. She
refocused on Lisa and then found her clit as well. Taking into her lips, she
made the same circular motion over it with her tongue as her fingers made
over her own clit.

They both cried out each other's name as they both came however like before
Jackie came a second time onto her hand and figured "share and share alike"
and so she moved her self up and layed next to Lisa who was recovering from
her orgasam when she saw a sopping wet hand and Lisa took a finger into her
mouth and began to work on it then the next and then she worked on the hand
it's self untill not a trace of cum was left on it.

After each finger was slowly sucked in as seductive manner as possible, the
two collapsed physically and mentally, taking in everything.

"That was...holy shit that was amazing Jackie."

Jackie smiled. "I don't really like to brag, but I've had plenty of practice,
and not a single complaint."

Lisa just smiled and then snuggled up to Jackie and said, "Same time in the
morning?" meaning would they do what they just did in the morning.

"If you go to sleep right away." Jackie responded Lisa nodded and closed her
eyes in a blink and the two wrapped themselves into each other and then fell

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