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Miss Nitro 2000
By Wonder Mike (

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under
age or easily offended. Stop reading.

Kevin Sullivan knew he was in serious trouble, World Championship
Wrestling had sunk to an all time low, he had screwed over Vince Russo and
got himself and Terry Taylor put in charge, now Taylor had gone behind his
back and was ready to be named head honcho.

Sullivan knew there was one thing that good get the fans back, T and A,
he called Kimberly Page, Daffney, Spice, Medusa and Torrie Wilson into his

He told the girls he wanted to crown a Miss Nitro at Super Brawl, it
would be Pay per view so anything goes, it worked for the World Wrestling
Federation so it would work for them.

Sullivan told them there would be a $50,000 bonus to the winner, he told
them to do whatever it takes to get over. He told them the audience would
decide the winner.

Medusa screamed, "I am not eye candy and I refuse to take part in this. I
am a wrestler."

Daffney just smiled, she knew this was her chance to become a huge star,
Kimberly told Sullivan she would do whatever it takes, Torrie didn't think
she had any competition, Spice of course was also more than confident.

The night of Super Brawl, the girls met once again with Sullivan, they
wanted to be clear that anything goes. Sullivan assured them that it did
and the winner would become a huge star. They drew lots to see who would go

Torrie Wilson grabbed number one, she walked into the Cow Palace and saw
a crowd of about three thousand people, they were on there feet screaming
her name. She was wearing a thong bikini bottom with a white tee shirt that
was tied in a knot exposing her flat stomach.

Torrie began to parade around the stage, she then ran her hands under-
neath her shirt and began to massage her perfectly shaped pert breast, she
than grabbed a bottle of water and poured , it over her chest. She pinched
her nipples through her shirt until they became erect.

Torrie than lifted the shirt up over her breast and exposed them to the
delight of the crowd, she then leaned over and licked them.

Torrie dropped to all fours, pointing her ass at the audience, she began
to wiggle it back and forth, she then slid the thong bottom over to one side
exposing her ass hole to the fans, she then jumped up and ran off the stage
to a standing ovation.

Spice had drawn number two, she was scared since Torrie had gotten a
standing ovation, but she was determined to become the number one female in
the wrestling business.

Spice was wearing a green bikini thong with a matching top, she ran
bouncing and skipping across the stage to a rousing ovation.

She stopped directly in front of the first row and stood with her arms
out stretched, she slowly twirled around until her back was to the audience,
she then slowly began to bend over, She knew she has a top flight ass and
she would use it. She began to switch her ass cheeks back and forth, she
then stood up straight and twirled around until she was once again facing
the crowd.

Spice then slipped her hands inside her bikini top, she then ripped it
off using her hands to cover her tiny breast, she cupped her nipples until
they were poking out between her two fingers, she then spun around again.

She then called to her best friend and fellow Nitro girl, Chae Ann, Chae
had a water hose, with a spray attachment, she began to spray Spice's chest
until her top was soaked and the outline of her perfect nipples shown

Spice out stretched her hands again, then turned so she was once again
facing the audience, they gasped as they stared at her exposed breast, Spice
then began to slap her thumbs against her giant nipples.

Spice then spun around again so her back was to the crowd, she pulled
down her thong half way over her ass, she then bent over and pulled the
string of her thong all the way to one side, her pussy was exposed, she then
ripped off the bikini so she was completely naked.

Spice laid on the floor and spread her legs so the fans could look inside
of her, she grabbed the sides of her pussy with both hands and spread as wide
open as she could, Chae ran back onto the stage.

Chae kneeled in front of Spice with the water hose and turned it on full
blast, she placed the nozzle one foot from Spice's open pussy and sprayed it

Spice wiggle from side to side as the spray tickled her clit, a silence
fell over the crowd, they knew it was the best $50 they had ever spent.

Spice jammed two finger into her cunt as Chae sprayed her down, she worked
them in as hard and fast as she could, she then rammed in two more.

Chae leaned over and started to eat out her best friend, that was all
Spice could take, she began to scream at the top of her lungs then she fell
silent. Chae dragged her off the stage.

Kimberly was the third girl in the contest, she came out wearing a low
cut silk blouse and skin tight leather pants with a whip, she cracked the
whip as she paraded around the stage, she slowly bent over letting her breast
fall out of her top, she had the biggest breast of any body in the contest,
and maybe also the tightest body, she was very confident.

Kimberly cracked the whip at the wrestlers entrance and her husband
Diamond Dallas Page walked out. The audience didn't know what to make of

Kimberly pulled her shirt over her head as Dallas walked towards her,
when he reached her he began to suck on her huge breast, he then pulled down
her tight pants.

Kimberly doped to her knees and slid Dallas's pants down around his
ankles, she looked deeply into his eyes as she began to stroke his cock. It
didn't take long for it to reach it's full eight inches.

Kimberly wrapped her thick lips around his fully engorged cock and
swallowed it whole, Dallas grabbed her by her long hair and began to fuck
her face.

The harder he fucked her face the faster Kimberly bobbed her head up and
down on his cock, it was amazing to see, the audience began to clap their

Dallas reached down and spun Kimberly around he bent her all the way over
and slammed his cock into her asshole, Kimberly squealed with delight.

Dallas gave the symbol of the diamond cutter as he worked his cock in and
out of his wife's ass, Kimberly rocked back matching him stroke for stroke,
she was a true athlete.

Dallas grabbed her by the hair and yanked back and began to ram her even
harder, Kimberly began to scream "Harder!" Dallas obliged, Kimberly then
screamed "I'm cumming!" Dallas than spun her around and shoved his cock down
her throat.

Kimberly wrapped her lips around his cock as tight as she could as Dallas
began to pump his load down her throat, Kimberly didn't spill a drop, she
then held it in her mouth to show the crowd, she then swallowed it down to a
standing ovation, she and Dallas than took a bow and left.

Daffney was the last contestant, she was the newest member of the Nitro
team so she knew she had to work a little harder, she also knew this was a
chance to make some real money and become a major player in the wrestling
world, she thought if she won she could maybe even get out of WCW and go to
the WWF.

Daffney walked onto the stage screaming and laughing, she was wearing her
patented black stretch pants and black tee shirt, she stood giggling facing
the audience, then she reached up underneath her shirt and began to tweak
her nipples, she began to scream louder.

She lifted her shirt up so the bottom half of her breast were exposed,
she then pulled it back down and waved to the crowd, not yet, she then
pulled the top of her shirt down exposing the top half of her breast, this
time exposing a little nipple.

The crowd started chanting "Show your tits!" Daffney than grabbed her
shirt with both hands ripping it right down the middle, her chest was
completely exposed, she began to shake her tits at the audience.

Daffney bent over letting her tits hang low and sway from side to side,
that was the advantage of having large, real breasts, they actually moved.

Daffney than lifted her breast up by the nipples, this was driving the
crowd wild. Daffney became to scream and laugh hysterically again, she was
having the time of her life.

She then sat on the stage and pulled her pants off, they were so tight
it was a struggle, but there were plenty of volunteers in the front row
willing to help.

Daffney sat cross legged on the stage completely naked, still laughing
hysterically, she then reached down and put her hand between her legs, she
looked up and was silent.

She slipped her middle finger inside her cunt and started to coo, it
felt good, she began to slowly work it in and out, she then added a second

Daffney was pumping her two fingers in and out as fast as she could now,
she didn't care about being Miss Nitro anymore, she just wanted to get off.
She shoved two more fingers into her cunt.

She rolled over with her round ass facing the crowd, they started
chanting, "Use the thumb" in unison, Dafney rammed her entire hand into her

She started to laugh and scream hysterically again, she began to turn
her hand from side to side, she was working it the best she could, but it
wasn't enough for her, she looked up and saw the water bottle that Torrie
had used laying on the stage, she reached out with her free hand and grabbed

The crowd began to chant "Use the bottle! Use the bottle!" Daffney
wouldn't disappoint them, she pulled her hand out of her cunt and grabbed
the water bottle with both hands, she rammed it into her cunt with a squeal.

The entire bottle slid easily into her dripping wet cunt, she used both
hands to ram it in and out as hard as she could, she had once again stopped

She rocked back and sat the water bottle flat on the ground, she then
rose up and started bouncing up and down on it, she was giggling and
screaming again.

Daffney was slamming up and down on the bottle until she had lowered
herself all the way to the ground, the bottle disappeared all the way inside
of her, she began to cum and the bottle squirted out of her pussy and into
the second row. She took a bow and left to a standing ovation.

That was the end of the first annual Miss Nitro, all that was left was
for the fans to pick a winner.


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