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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Eve Torres (WWE).

Miss Torres Makes A Man
A WWE erotic story
By DaxG2001 (

In late Summer of 2012, following a live event by the world leader in sports entertainment the WWE, the current Assistant to the Smackdown General Manager as well as being a fully fledged WWE Diva herself, the beautiful but manipulative Eve Torres is stepping out of a limousine as she finishes checking her cell phone. She is clad in professional attire of a red shirt that hugs nicely to her thick ass, a black blouse with a black top underneath that nicely shows off her large, rounded chest, and topped off with high heels and stylish, black glasses.

As she approaches the hotel where she'll be staying the night, she's suddenly and rudely pushed aside by a blonde woman in a far less than classy dress. "Watch it! Bride to be coming through!" The blonde yells, dragging an attractive and handsome, but sheepish looking man with short hair who must be the soon-to-be husband of the blonde, who mouths "sorry!" to her as he's pulled into the hotel.

Narrowing her eyes, she glares at the couple and grits her teeth for a moment. "We'll see about that bitch..." The often vengeful Diva states as she looks to the hotel room staff who is unloading the limo. "Let me take that bag... I'll need to... Settle something that just came up... Have the rest taken up to my room in about an hour or so." Eve states, and the staff man nods and allows her to take the travel case that she pulls behind her entering the hotel.

Letting her calculating manner take over, she surveys her targets as she easily slips into the usual hotel hustle, checking in but eavesdropping on the same couple as they stand just next to her.

"No! You aren't going out with "the boys" on some dumb last night of freedom! You're gonna go and stay in your damn room while me and the girls hit the town in an hour or so!" The bitchy blonde rants to the man who is just standing with a look that shows he's heard this all before.

"Yes, yes darling..." The man weakly says, offering no resistance.

Smirking, Eve watches the blonde storm off towards a separate elevator while the fiance far more slowly heads towards the other one. By the time her check in has finished, the blonde has long gone, but the man has just pushed the button to call the elevator, giving the slyly smirking Torres all the time to come up behind unnoticed, already with a plan in mind of revenge and entering the same lift as he does. When the doors close, he reaches to press a floor button but instead she grabs his wrist, making him pull back as she presses a button for her floor.

"What a shame... What a shame indeed..." Eve says, staring at him through her glasses.

"Uh, I'm sorry?" The quite handsome and nicely toned looking man, wearing casual trousers and a shirt apologizes, even though he doesn't know what, if anything, he's done wrong.

"You should be! I mean, being with that... Thing? Your future wife? Some gutter dwelling trash? A mouthy little bitch of a girl?" She badmouths the blonde from before, making him squirm on the spot.

"Ummmm... Well, she... I mean, she's really..." He mumbles weakly, but is soon made to gasp when forcefully she reaches forward and grabs him by the balls through his trousers.

"She's a dumb fucking bitch! A little girl playing dress up in a real woman's world... My world..." Torres states in a commanding tone as she squeezes his package. "And you... You look like a weak little shit of a boy in a world supposed to be filled with men!"

"I... Oh fuck!! Please, I... Ahhhh!" He groans, forced up against the wall of the lift by her as she stares deep into his eyes.

"Please? Please what?? I eat pieces of trash like you for breakfast, and kick the trashy asses of whores like your future wife every damn night!" She states with narrowed eyes, still holding onto him by his nuts. "So listen up you fucking prick... I'm going to do you, and your skank wife-to-be a favour... I'm gonna make you into a fucking man for the first time in your shitty life. You understand me?" She states with a commanding voice.

"Ahhhhh! I... Ye... Yes! Yes Ma'am! I... I understand!" He quickly stutters out, feeling her gripping his balls more firmly to put the threat across.

"That's Miss Torres to you, you weak streak of piss!" She snaps, finally letting go of his package to step back, now pointing to her travel case. "Carry my bag for me, if you can even muster the power to do that!" She orders with another powerful glare.

"Yes Miss Torres!" The already being manipulated man says as he quickly moves to pick up the case. "By the way, my name is..."

"You'll fucking speak when spoken to!" The WWE Diva snaps, getting into his face and making him back away out of intimidation. At that moment, the doors open as the floor she's staying on has been reached. "Follow me little boy... Let's see if we can make a damn miracle happen..." She motions with a hand, stepping out of the elevator and indeed, he obediently follows her out.

Smirking out of his sight, Eve knows this is all too easy for her. She doesn't know who either him or that woman who dared to barge into her are or even what their names are, and nor does she care. She's Eve Torres, former WWE Divas Champion, the woman who was Executive Administrator for both Raw and Smackdown, and now wields power in the WWE again as the Assistant to the Smackdown General Manager. She's been making a career of manipulating and controlling men in sports entertainment for months now, so to make some random, stuck up bimbo pay for daring to disrespect her? This will be all too easy, especially from the way she's got this man wrapped around her finger already.

Reaching the door, Torres swipes herself in and enters with the still unknown to her man following in behind. As soon as the door is closed and lock, she turns and grabs him by the shirt, surprising him by tossing him down onto the bed with a forceful thud that makes him groan.

"Stay there! Don't fucking move!" Eve orders, watching as obeying the order he stays in place, making her smirk as she moves and opens up her travel case. Fishing out, she licks her lips sinisterly as she takes out a set of handcuffs with a key, setting it aside on a table before heading over, gripping one wrist and then the other as she restrains him with his arms now locked together behind his back.

The shock alone of this unexpected turn makes his eyes widen as he's then roughly hauled up by the pants, dropped down to his knees in front of the bed as she takes her time slipping onto it in front of him, smirking deviously as she pushes her glasses up onto her face and tosses her long, brunette hair back.

"Look at you... You worthless little man..." She taunts cruelly as she stares down at him. "No wonder you have to settle for some tacky bitch like your future wife... You're not even man enough to get a real woman... Someone smart, sexy, and powerful like me..." Reaching down, she casually takes off one high heel, and then the other shoe, shifting back just a little and making him watch as she raises up her gorgeous and smooth feet up towards his face as stays on his knees before him. "A pathetic worm like you doesn't even deserve to gaze at someone like me! But I'll let you have one night, one taste of the best this world has - being with a woman like me. All you have to do is obey every single fucking command I give you! Is that understood?" She snaps down at him with a glare that shows she isn't messing around.

"Yes! Yes Miss Torres! I'll do everything, anything you want me to!" He quickly responds, already showing how much of a weakling he is, perhaps even more than before than when he was with the woman he's going to marry.

"Well, you know your place... Shame that's not a compliment for a scumbag prick like you!" She mocks as she keeps her feet raised in front of him. "Now let me show you why a real woman like me will always be better than whatever bitch you've had to settle with... I'll grant you the honour of worshiping these feet that have kicked the asses of wannabe leading ladies for years..." She states, wiggling her toes a little as she carefully references her employment, having already figured out that this man has for whatever reason (no doubt being whipped by his future wife) never seen her before. "Don't just sit there! Get to work maggot!" Torres orders with a devilish glare, tapping her new slave's nose firmly with her big toe, and his flinching at the touch makes her smirk as she tauntingly wiggles her toes at him.

Nodding in obedience, the young man shuffles back towards the bed, raising his face up towards those pretty, tanned feet as he again draws in the scent of the WWE Diva. Moving in, her plants a kiss onto the big toe that had bumped his nose a moment ago, and then a second, before he moves down to kiss over all the toes of the right foot in a meticulous, controlled manner. Staying silent, he glanced up to see the still smirking beauty watching on, so continued on with the task as he moved back across, kissing the underside of the toes now as he reaches the big toe and then moves across to the other foot to deliver the same treatment.

"That's the best you can do? I ordered you to worship my feet you worthless prick!" Eve snaps with narrowed eyes behind her stylish glasses, making the point clear as she prods his cheek with the right foot as he's lightly kissing the toes of the left one. "Use your tongue... Clean my gorgeous feet and don't you dare miss a spot!" She warns with a snap of her fingers, making him look up in fear from the sudden sound, but once again he nods his head to show he understands, not daring to face her wrath by speaking even though he was spoken to.

Staying working on the left foot, he lowers his face down to the heel as he sticks out his tongue, running it over and around the ball of the foot in a steady, clockwise motion. Licking over the bottom part of that sexy foot, he twists his head so he can slide his tongue over the sides to work her over back and forth, and then dipping down further to worship the heel with a couple of flicks. Moving up higher, he finds himself groaning as he obeys the manipulative beauty by licking over the ankle, then delivering a lick up the side of her foot so he can move to the toes, but instead opting to work over the sole as he licks across the bottom of her foot.

"Now that's more like it! Get that worthless little tongue worshiping my feet!" Eve commands with a laugh, her toes wiggling out of instinct as he continues to do as she demands, licking away at her foot as he slides up and down the other side. Moving upward to run his tongue across those toes, the long brush that each toe receives making her let out a slight sigh of approval as she watches on with a controlling faze at the handcuffed man she's made into her foot fetish slave for the night.

Just as he's about to move up to try and further lick the tops of her toes, she brings that foot up and tilts it, resting the slightly wet with his spit foot onto the top of his head in a very humiliating fashion. He's got a job to focus on however as she now sticks her other foot right into his face, and he wisely doesn't hesitate to begin licking away at the right foot now as he runs that obedient tongue across and over the sole of the foot. He groans again, getting the strong smell of her feet right into his nose and the texture of her tanned skin as he drags his tongue up and down her foot, before moving to the heel as she licks around the sides and over the lower ball as well to be extra sure.

"Mmmmm... That's right... A little shit like you knows his fucking place... Good for licking my sexy feet..." The former Divas Champion smirks with a slight moan, not showing if she's getting off on just controlling this stranger she doesn't even know the name off, or from pleasure she might be getting from the way he's licking away at one of her feet while she rests the other on the top of his short haired head.

"You should be fucking honored, you know that? I'm allowing you to worship the same pair of feet I use to walk all over much stronger, tougher men than you will ever be..." She harshly taunts with another laugh, running her hands over her blouse-covered tits as she keeps her gaze down on the dominated husband-to-be that she's got pleasing her feet as he runs his tongue now over the toes of that foot.

He groans in response, still focusing on appeasing her with his tongue as he again leaves a light layer of saliva over her toes from the careful and focused licking motion, returning to lick the soles of that foot with a slow up and down motion to be extra sure he's doing a good enough job for her. He's been completely put into a salve role for the gorgeous sports entertainer, not daring to stop worshiping that foot as he flicks his tongue again at her foot just below the toes as he stays kneeling by the bed, handcuffed with his arms behind his back but with a noticeable tent being made in his pants.

"This is barely decent!" Eve snaps, suddenly shoving him backwards with a foot to the face, making him pathetically fall back onto his ass on the hotel room floor. "I've had local jobbers pleasure my perfect feet better than that useless attempt!" She further insults him as she swings her long legs over so she can stand up from the bed.

"I... I'm sorry Miss Torres!" The controlled husband-to-be pleads, voice trembling as he stays seated. "I'll... I'll try to be better, I promise!"

"Damn right you will you slimy piece of shit!" Torres states with a glare, grabbing him by the hair and making him yelp in pain as she hauls him up to his feet, tossing him over onto his back onto the bed. Strutting forward, she grabs his belt to undo it, roughly hauling his trousers and boxers down, revealing a decently sized cock of six or so inches and a little thick to match, which perhaps to another woman would be a nice treat to see.

"Figures... A man with no "balls", and barely a cock to go with it..." Eve claims with a roll of her eyes in disgust, letting his pants stay around his ankles as she moves around, hauling up her skirt to show off a pair of black, lacy panties covering her pussy as she moves up onto the bed. "Show your mistress how sorry you are, you dirty piece of trash! Make out with my asshole like your worthless little life depends on it!" She snaps the order, reaching down to pull her panties to the side so both her trimmed pussy and her tight looking asshole are shown off as she lowers her thick backside onto him.

With no place to go, handcuffed and now trapped under her and on the beg, the man who's going to be marrying another woman tomorrow can only groan as she smothers his facial features with her stunning ass, grinding her cheeks down and over his face which to many other women would certainly be considered cute or handsome. However to this controlling beauty she just sees a tongue that needs to be properly used, making sure to push her snug asshole over his mouth and lips, making herself moan just from the dominate feeling she's getting by all too easily bending him to do whatever she wants.

"Mmmm... Yes... You pathetic little fuck! Stick that tongue in... Lick my beautiful ass..." The former WWE Diva Search winner smirks proudly, letting out another laugh when she indeed feels the still unnamed to her, not that she clearly cares about who he is, man underneath her start to flick his tongue up against her anal entrance. She allows herself a moment to run her hands again over her large breasts, giving them a squeeze as she grinds her backside down firmly over his face to keep him pressed right up, making sure that tongue that had been worshiping her feet is now pressing against her asshole.

"Mmmmmpphh!! Mmmmm..." He groans up into that thick, tanned ass as he licks over and around her asshole, feeling how tight she is back there but knowing he'll have to do a lot more than just this to appease the controlling, busty brunette. Probing that tight entrance, he presses his tongue right against her, pushing in to meet resistance as she grinds her full ass cheeks over and down against his face, making him grunt as for a long and no doubt deliberate moment his oxygen supply is cut off by her dominate face sitting action.

"Little shit! Get to fucking work before I have you thrown out of this hotel!" Eve snaps, leaning forward and grabbing his dick by the base, giving a harsh squeeze than makes a cry of pain be heard even as muffled as he is by her incredible and sexy ass as she still is able to rub her booty all across his face.

"Mmmm... Yes you lowly piece of garbage... Eat that ass... You won't ever get close to a perfect ass like this again..." She groans with a smirk, feeling his tongue dart in and out of her butt as he attempts to push further into her already lightly damp from his saliva asshole. In the meantime, she raises a hand to spit into it, bringing it back down to start roughly stroke off his stiff length, licking her lips in quite a sinister fashion as she further owns the handcuffed male underneath her as she sits right on his face while now stroking off his dick in quite a cruel and teasing manner.

Letting out a pathetic whipper at the rough way, unlike anything he's ever felt before in his life, his dick is being stroked with hard squeezes and sudden pumps, he instinctive doubles his efforts into pleasuring her backside in the hopes to get some reprieve from this punishment. Forcing his tongue up into her ass, he starts to lick and probe around as deep as he can get into that tightness, working saliva into her back passage and managing to slightly twist his tongue around inside her. He deeply groans, feeling slightly light headed along with all the shame and humiliation he's experiencing from being so easily dominated by a woman he's never met before who is now roughly rubbing her ass over his face so much that it's getting harder and hard for him to breath as he eats out her booty from underneath.

"Oooooh... My little ass licker is actually decent enough at something... How unexpected..." The gorgeous WWE Diva mocks as she lets out a moan, squeezing her own boobs through her top as she raises her butt up to smack it down against his face, smirking as he quickly shoves his eager to please tongue back into her rump like a good little slave.

"Yes... Know your place little worm... My ass is far too good for the likes of you... Be grateful I'm letting some common trash like you... Mmmm... Get this duty of worshiping me..." She lets out another cackle of sinful delight as she rocks her hips back and forth, further grinding her stunning and thick rear all across the man she's on top off, delivering a different sort of teasing now to his cock as she drags her nails up and down the sides of his shaft, smirking as she hears him pathetically squeal under her ass from the discomfort of her cruel touch.

"Ahhhhhh! Mmmmmphhh!! Uhhhhhrrrrhhhh..." The decently hung and attractive enough man whines with his face covered up by her controlling face sitting position, his tongue stuffed right up into that tight butt as he probes and licks around as deep as he can get into her back passage. Beads of sweat are already forming over his forehead from the effort he's having to put into eating out her ass like this, along with the rough way she's punishing and jerking off his cock, not to mention all the shameful feelings he's having to deal with as she continues to dominate every moment of this sudden sexual encounter.

"Disgusting... Your mother never tell a son of a bitch like you to never talk with your mouth full?" Eve spits out with venom as she glances back with disgust, shaking her long haired head before she mercifully lifts herself up from him, allowing him to gasp deeply as he draws in much needed air. "That tiny dick somehow managed to stay hard... Perhaps you've gotten all your practice for lasting from jerking off to porn vids online, huh?" She further mocks as she stands up from the bed, taking her time to pull down the zip of her blouse and peel it off her curvy body.

"N... No Miss Torres! I've had sex a couple of times before with women!" The still unnamed and unknown to him man says to her as he stays laying down on the bed.

Narrowing her eyes at him, she reaches down and grabs him by the hair, forcing his upper body up so she can deliver a stinging slap right across the face that makes him weakly squeal in pain. "Don't you dare compare me to whatever little girl you've been with! A worthless, weak little boy like you probably paid some two-bit street walker for a five minute fuck!" Torres snaps as she lowers both her skirt and her panties down those lovely long legs of hers.

"I am a real woman... Strong, sexy, and powerful... Unlike whatever skank you're having to settle with for marriage..." Being in no rush with her slave still handcuffed on on his back on the bed, she pulls the black top up and over her head, and soon reaches back to unclasp and remove her bra, letting her large and perfectly rounded tits bounce free. With only her stylish black rimmed glasses remaining on her face, he smirks confidently as she gets up onto the bed and swings a leg over, mounting his lap. "Get ready you fucking disgusting waste of life! You get the honour of finally experiencing some real sex for the first and only time from a real woman..."

"MMMMM!! Ohhhhhh holy fuck!! Ahhhhhh..." The abused and used man moans, arching off the bed as she lowers her tight, wet pussy down all the way onto his cock, making it look all too easy as she takes him in to the hilt, allowing her to smirk and toss her long brunette hair back as she grinds her snatch down into her crotch. With slaps from both hands she sends him back down onto his back on the bed, still with his arms handcuffed behind his back, leaving him truly trapped underneath the devilishly grinning beauty as she further toys with her new plaything by rocking hips back and forth with his whole length still stuffed up into her pussy.

"Oh yes... Pathetic little boy... I'm too good for you... This hot fucking pussy is too much for someone like you to handle..." The former WWE Divas Champion lets out a cruel laugh as she begins to ride his dick with a commanding pace, steadily raising and lowering herself onto almost his whole length as she lifts up until the crown is kept inside before sharply dropping down to the base and them smoothly repeating the motion.

"Mmmmm! I can barely feel you inside me! I might as well... Mmmmm... Be bouncing on my own fingers right now... At least I'd get off on that..." She continues the trash talking with a sinister but sexy smile, glaring down at the groaning man below her, and in more ways than one as she effortlessly rides his decently sized member that would be more than just fine for a normal red blooded woman to feel pleasure from, but for her high, demanding standards his size is only good enough to toy around with for her own twisted enjoyment.

Closing his eyes, he can only moan and take this verbal abuse along with the dominating way she's owning his cock with bounce after balls deep bounce on his rock hard rod, her thick ass cheeks slapping down forcefully into his thighs each time she completes a motion and falls to take all his inches deep into her snug snatch that feels like it could handle a far longer and thicker dick than his. Groaning, sweat continues to appear over his nicely toned and still semi-clothed body as his pants and underwear are still hanging on his legs off the edge of the bed he's being fucked on as the stunning, curvacious sports entertainer controls the entire situation and keeps his shaft moving in and out of her pussy as she rides away on him.

"Mmmmm... Oh yes... This is how a real woman fucks... A real, beautiful, dominate female... Nothing like the cheap tramp I bet you're going to be marrying!" Torres lets out a his, her large tits bouncing in time with the motion of her tanned body as she raises and lowers herself smoothly but with speed to keep the smacking sound of skin meeting skin ringing out around the hotel room she's made into a fem-dom sex den at the expense of the groaning, dominated male she's on top off. Narrowing her eyes to glare through her stylish glasses, she reaches down to grab his handsome face, forcing him to look up at her.

"Say it you fucking little shit! Say I'm better than your trash fiancee! Mmmmm! Say that I'm more of a woman than she is!!" She demands with a yell, painfully gripping his face and still able to keep her tight and wet pussy moving up and down onto his dick at the same time, resulting in him groaning deeply from the mix of sinful pleasure and discomfort from her rough, controlling actions.

"AHHHHH!! You... You are better Miss Torres!! MMMMM... You're... OH GOD!! You're so much better than... MMMM... My wife will ever be!!" The controlled male pathetically responds as he moans, feeling his dick being gripped tightly by her inner walls as she keeps on riding away with an effortless pace all the way up and down on his pole that's now slick from her juices as despite her repeated insults, she's gotten off on his nasty encounter even if mostly on how much she's been bossing him about during it.

"MMMMM... OH FUCK!! You're... You're the greatest... AHHHHHH!! The hottest, most powerful woman around Miss... MMMMM!! Miss Torres!!" He manages to grunt out, gasping and groaning as he is truly powerless to stop her from having her wicked, forceful way with him and his average sized and thickness dick, making it ram in and out of her snug love tunnel with repeated sharp bounces on him with the kind of pace that long time porn stars would pay to know the secrets of.

"Mmmmm! Yes!! I am!! I'm the fucking best!!" Eve wickedly laughs, reveling in her manipulative ways that have turned this young man into a lowly, pussy-whipped slave as she swiftly and steadily bounces her perfectly curved body on his dick to take all of his inches up into her damp box every time she lowers herself down before quickly rising up to repeat the motion.

"Better than the rest of those Diva sluts... Better than your tramp wife... Better than... Ahhhhh! Mmmmm!! Any fucking whore on this damn planet!!" He moans her rant out with a seductive and confident grin, using her hands to squeeze and grope her big, rounded tits to further make herself groan, and the fact her pussy had left his cock coated with a clear layer of her juices shows how much she's been getting off on this dominating situation. Even with all the pleasure she's feeling as she takes his dick straight up into her snatch she never loses focus or control, keeping him pinned down onto his handcuffed arms with his back down on the hotel room bed, and even taking the time to push her sexy glasses back up her noise as she bounces swiftly on that cock.

"MMMMM!! Holy SHIT!! AHHHHHH... MMMMM..." The man who still hasn't even been allowed the dignity to let his name be known to the controlling and beautiful female wrestler lets out another deep groan, sweat covering his face and making the clothing he still has on his nicely toned body be ruined and sticking now to his frame, showing the effects her dominance has had over him. His cock twitches within that tight, wet pussy that glides back and forth over his length at a perfectly timed pace, lifting up just a few inches so she can soon drive back down and make her butt cheeks smack off his body when they connect to make him groan out loudly while her moan of dirty delight is of a far more controlled tone.

Feeling his member throbbing within her snatch, she smirks with a lick of her lips, raising a eyebrow as she brings her bouncing motion to a stop, once again grinding her pussy down against his crotch. "Awwww... My poor little boy can't handle a round with a real woman? Why am I not fucking surprised..." She taunts, lifting her body up and off of his pulsating tool as she slips off the bed to stand up, moving around towards his legs as she grabs a hold of his underwear, forcing them up all the way onto his package and pushing his dick under, making him hiss as his hard-on is now made to strain his boxers.

"You didn't think I'd let some scumbag trash like you blow inside of a beautiful, powerful woman like me, did you?" Eve continues to mock her fuck toy, using one hand to squeeze his dick through his underwear, while her other hand pushes a couple of fingers into her own damp hole, already thrusting those digits in and out while she gropes the man she's been sexually dominating all the way through this sexual encounter.

"Mmmm... You're fucking lucky I'm not kicking you out of here with blue balls to go with that yellow streak down your back..." She lets out another sinister laugh as she roughly strokes his cock through his underwear, able to feel that member throbbing through the material of his underwear. At the same time, she making herself moan out as she finger fucks her pussy with rapid back and forth pumps of her digits in and out of her wet hole, as despite how much she's been bad mouthing him over the course of this unforgettable for reasons good and bad night, he's play a part in turning her on.

"AHHHHH... Awwwwww FUCK!! Oh Miss Torres!! MISS TORRES!! MMMM!!" He groans and gasps, arching his back off the bed again in lust with his hands still cuffed behind his back, as even with the rough way she's groping and toying with his dick through his boxers it's still an incredible, pleasurable sensation.

"MMMMM!! FUCK!! MISS TORRES!! MISS TORRESSSSSSSSSS!!" He moans out loudly her name as he starts to blow his load as Eve Torres jerks off his cock through his underwear, his dick pulsing and clear wetness appearing in his underwear as his load fires out but with nowhere to go, staining his boxers and no doubt making his dick sticky with his own spunk as she doesn't stop her cruel motion to force him to full unload onto himself.

"Mmmmm yes!! Scream my fucking name! Cream yourself you little shit!!" Torres actually seems to encourage him with another controlling smile, moaning herself as this sight and sound of him being forced to cum in his own boxers is more than enough to set her off, but she skillfully controls her moans so it doesn't appear like she's having an orgasm of her own.

"Mmmmm... So pathetic... Look at you... Sweaty, disgusting, and now you've jizzed your fucking pants..." She mocks with a lick of her lips, pumping her fingers back and forth into her own pussy a couple more times until she's satisfied she's gotten pleasure enough out of this, pulling her juices covered fingers out of her snatch so she can stand up away from the bed.

Flipping her hair back and composing herself, she pushes her glasses back onto her nose. "Are you done? You'd better be, because I am with you." Eve states, grabbing his legs by the ankles so he can flip him over onto his front, making him groan as he is still in a clear daze from an orgasm he won't ever forget. Moving across, she grabs the keys for the handcuffs and moves back to the bed, unlocking the restraints from both wrists and she smirks when obediently he doesn't move his arms away from the position they'd been in even though he's got free movement.

"What the Hell are you waiting for? Get the fuck up!" Torres snaps as she hauls him up by the boxers to his feet, reaching down and forcefully pulling up his pants to even buckle them up from behind, making him still be in cum-stained and filled boxers underneath his trousers. Turning him around, she smirks confidently as she twirls around the handcuffs with a finger, taking his hand by the wrist before forcefully placing the cuffs into them along with the key.

"That my weak little man, is how a real woman does things... Now take my advice you fucking shit... If you want to make a damn impact? You control, you manipulate, and you do whatever it takes to get to the top." She directs his gaze down to handcuffs then back to her pretty, smirking face. "My suggestion? You go to your wife-to-be's room, put these cuffs to good use, and give her a night to never forget... And the first night of her never giving you another fucking order again!"

"...Never... Never again..." The man, who he still doesn't know the name of even after fucking him and making him cum, repeats to himself. "Never again... Never again!" He repeats, his voice changing like he's becoming a different person as clear confidence is appearing now.

With a smirk, she takes him by the arm, marching him to the door which she opens, and giving him a last nod and a sly smirk, she forcefully pushes him out the doorway, closing it and locking it and getting a last glimpse of what appears to be a determined look in the previously pussy-whipped man's eyes.

Letting out another laugh, Eve leans against the hotel room door for a moment as she shakes her head with a big smile. "Another simple man used and abused... And one less bitch that I have to step on to become the most powerful woman in the world..."

* * *

The next morning, the gorgeous Eve Torres is stepping out of the hotel elevator, dressed in another professional and sexy business suit attire, checking her phone as pulls her travel case behind her as she approaches the check in and out desk. Casually placing her room keycard on the desk as the receptionist takes it to check the system, she's still looking at her social media account when she glances up, catching the tail end of a conversation of two staff members on the desk.

"Yeah, Michelle from the morning cleaning team walked in to the room to find like a wedding dress ripped up all over the floor!" One of the two women says to the other "When she went into the bathroom, that blonde bitch from yesterday who was having the massive attitude about everything? She was fucking handcuffed to the shower railing, getting nailed up the ass! She swears, up the butt like it was a porno!"

"No way! Then what happened?" The other staff asks.

"Well she goes off, calls security and all that, but by the time they went up to the room both of them and their stuff was gone! I heard they were going to get married today but they can't be found... It's like something happened and they switched roles from her wearing the pants to him being in charge!"

"Damn... Must have been one Hell of a final night of freedom for him then!"

With a sly smile on her face, Torres licks her lips in a very satisfied manner. The only thing better than taking care of some bitch? Manipulating someone else to take care of it for her... Which reminded her, she has to set up a meeting with a certain Lithuanian Diva about dealing with a problematic two-tone haired Diva...

* * *

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