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Mission WWE Part 7: The Photoshoot
by Revolution

The clock was running out on making my big decision - do I stay with WWE or
do I get my reward from the scrumptious Sable? I was so stressed out trying
to make a decision that even a handjob from Frank didn't calm me down. As I
was packing my things to head to the arena, my cell phone rang. I picked it
up and looked at the caller ID and sure enough it was Sable.

"Hello Sable," I answered.

"Erik I have some good news and some bad news for you," she said.

"Ok, what is it?" I asked.

"The good news for you is that you're going to be staying in WWE for the
time being but the bad news is we've hit a snag in our investigation," Sable

"So what's the plan?"

"You stay there and do what Stephanie wants for the time being but this is
only temporary. You will have to make your decision sooner or later!"

"I understand."

"I will contact you when I have new information that you need to know."

I was relieved that I had more time to come to my final decision about my
future. Frank and I headed to the arena for the night's show and the first
person we ran into was Stephanie McMahon.

"I was looking for you guys," she said.

"What do you need?" Frank asked.

"You guys really need to pick it up in the ring. If you weren't so big and
muscular and my 'guys', you probably wouldn't be here," she said.

"We're trying as hard as we can," I said.

"Whatever you do, don't lose those physiques," she said.

"Anything to please you, Steph," I said as she smiled and walked away. Frank
turned to me and said, "And I thought we were doing pretty good."

"No kidding," I shook my head and we continued on into the dressing room.

* * *

A few weeks later Stephanie pulled me aside after a match to talk.

"It really looks like you've been doing what I wanted," she said, looking me

"Thanks, I've packed on some more muscle and I think we're doing a bit better
in the ring," I said.

"I have some cool news for you. You're going to be shooting for the cover of
a bodybuilding magazine with Torrie Wilson this weekend," she said.

"Wow! That's great news," I said.

"Also there's been a little bit of a buzz going around among the other
wrestlers about you and Frank not picking up any groupie girls on the road.
You better do something about that before those rumors start getting worse,"
Stephanie said softly to me.

"What should I do?" I asked.

"Well, Torrie Wilson is recently single," Steph winked at me and left. I
started to think about what she said and I realized that most of the time,
Frank and I were getting it on with each other instead of bringing a groupie
chick in. And the times we had double teamed some of the divas, none of the
other boys knew about it. I really needed to do something to change these

* * *

The magazine cover shoot was taking place on a beach just outside of Los
Angeles and the magazine company was putting both of us up at the resort just
off the beach for the night. I took my bags up to my room and changed into
what they wanted me to wear for the shoot. They wanted me in a black speedo,
which was fine because it was only a little smaller then the trunks I wore in
the ring. I put some shorts on over top of it and headed down to the beach to
meet the photographer. When I got down to the beach, Torrie was already there
in a tiny red thong bikini with her body looking so tanned and so toned. She
had one lady working on her hair and another rubbing lotion onto her body. I
got handed a bottle of oil and was told to get down to my speedo and oil up
my body because it would look better in the pictures. I made some small talk
with Torrie but she seemed more concerned with looking her absolute best for
the shoot. For the photoshoot, we did a bunch of different poses together
mainly with me standing behind Torrie and flexing. Quite a few times her ass
rubbed against my junk and it felt as firm as it looked. It happened a number
of times that it made me think that she was doing it on purpose. The shoot
lasted over an hour just to try and take one cover shot. Finally when it was
over, they wanted to take some solo shots with Torrie on the beach so I
grabbed my stuff and headed back up to my room to clean off and change. I
took a long hot shower to get all of the oil off my body and I started to
think more about how Torrie kept rubbing up against my unit while we were
shooting. She didn't say much to me at all but that had to have been a sign.
I thought about what Stephanie had said about the rumors so I had to go after

Later that night, I went down to the hotel bar and saw Torrie sitting there
having a drink so I sat down next to her and ordered one myself.

"So I think the cover will turn out well," I said, trying to spark up a

"I hope so," she said. I tried to continue on the conversation but Torrie
really wasn't that talkative. I had a few more drinks while she sipped on
hers so I decided to make my move. I leaned into her and said, "I noticed
you rubbing up against me when we were shooting."

"Yeah I guess I did," she smiled.

"So I hear you're single," I said.

"Yes I am."

"Are you seeing anyone?"

"No, I'm really not ready for another relationship."

"Neither am I."

"Good for you."

"It should be good for both of us."

"If you're going with I think you're going, I'm not interested."

"Come on, two people good enough to be on the cover of a magazine. We should
celebrate and enjoy it."

"I said I'm not interested."

"Why not?"

"Look you're just not my type."

"Not your type? I felt you rubbing against me, I know you want it."

"It's just not the right time," Torrie said as she got up and left. I sat
there and all I could hear was Steph's voice in my head telling me about the
rumors. I couldn't get that out of my head and I knew that Torrie wanted it
and she must just be playing hard to get. I went after Torrie but I saw the
elevator close before I could get there. I grabbed the next one and went up
to her floor. As Torrie put in the key to open her hotel room door, I grabbed
her by the arm and pushed her into the room. I slammed the door shut and
Torrie spun her head around to see that it was me. She reached back to slap
me in the face but i caught her wrist and overpowered her.

"You can go ahead and scream all you want," I said, "but no one will hear

"Let go of me!" Torrie shouted. I let go of Torrie's arms and she stepped
back, rubbing them.

"Isn't staying in these expensive hotels great? They make sure to put in
great sound proof walls," I explained.

"What do you want from me?" Torrie asked.

"What I want from you Torrie, is to admit that you want me," I said. Torrie
just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"I know that you want me. I know you want all of this 6 foot 3, 265 pound
chiseled flawless physique," I insisted.

"Size isn't everything, get over it," Torrie said. I grabbed her by the wrist
and yanked her in close.

"You remember that you're not going anywhere," I warned her. I peeled off
his t-shirt and flexed my pecs, showing off my huge muscular upper body.

"This is such a great body ... isn't it?"

"You're in great shape, you're very muscular," Torrie said.

"Do you have any baby oil in that bag?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Get it and oil me up, I know it must make you horny when you see me all
oiled up." Torrie sighed and went into her bag, finding the bottle of baby
oil. I stood in front of the mirror and told Torrie to oil my back. Torrie
squirted some oil on my large back and started rubbing it all over.

"How does it feel Torrie? How does it look?"

"It feels very strong and your back is very well built."

"Now reach around me and oil up my front, I don't want you blocking my view
of the mirror," I said. Torrie started oiling up my abs by reaching around
me. I squeezed my abs and looked at myself in the mirror, looking at my cover
worthy physique. Torrie was wearing a little green sun dress as she oiled me
up. Torrie moved up to my large pecs, spreading the oil over them. I started
bouncing his pecs, showing off in the mirror.

"You like that, don't you Torrie?"

"That's very impressive."

"Now you get to oil up my biceps," I said, flexing my massive guns.

"They're huge," Torrie said as she oiled them up. With my upper body covered
in oil, I flexed in the mirror, then turned around and flexed some more for

"Size doesn't matter? Look at me Torrie," I said.

"You're a very large muscular man," she said.

"I'm a work of art, aren't I?"

"Yeah, you're a piece of ork all right," Torrie said in a sarcastic tone. I
flinched towards her in an intimidating manner.

"You better fucking watch yourself," I snapped.

"I'm sorry," she wimpered.

"I know what will bring out just how much you really want me." I undid my
belt buckle and started taking off my tight blue jeans and Torrie snickered.

"What the fuck is so funny?" I demanded to know.

"A pink thong? That's not very manly," she laughed. My eyes opened wide and
I grabbed Torrie by both arms.

"I swear I will put you in a hold if you think about saying shit like that
again. Stop lying to me," I threatened.

"Ok ok I was wrong, it looks HOT, I'm sorry," Torrie said.

"You're damn right it looks hot, now get on your knees." I shoved Torrie down
onto her knees in front of me.

"Yeah that's right Torrie ... oil up my big muscular legs," I demanded.
Torrie breathed a sigh of relief as she grabbed the bottle of baby oil and
started to oil up my tree trunk like legs.

"Oh yeah Torrie, feel those quads, those hams, those calves, make my legs
look even better with that oil," I said as I flexed my legs in front of

"The oil does bring out the definition in your legs," Torrie said as she
finished up. I looked myself over in the mirror from head to toe, tanned and
covered in oil.

"Put some more oil on my glutes," I said. Torrie squirted some on my ass and
covered it some more.

"Yeah massage it in there real good, yeah Torrie, tell me how it looks."

"It looks good ... big and muscular." I made her put even more oil on my
backside, making sure it was slick.

"What's this?" Torrie asked, pointing to my hip.

"What?" I asked.

"A tan line? You tan with your ..."

"With my what?" I shot her a glance.

"With your HOT pink thong on?"

"Of course, I have to protect my huge cock!"


"You know Torrie, I think I wanna see what kind of tan lines you have
underneath that dress," I said.

"I don't think so."

"I'm not asking you ... I'm telling you to strip for me, take that dress
off!" With no other options, Torrie started to take her dress off one strap
at a time. She pulled it down past her tits, revealing a skimpy white satin
bra that was pushing up her large breasts.

"Keep going Torrie, take it all off." Torrie shimmyed out of the dress until
it fell on the floor and she was left standing in her white bra and g-string
in front of me.

"Turn around for me, let me see all of you." Torrie was now the one doing the
posing and giving me a good long look at her magnificant body.

"I'm looking at your fit hard body Torrie and I know how much training you
must do to get. That's why I'm so sure that you want me. You want me and my
perfect physique. So big, tanned, and chiseled. You want it Torrie!"

"Look Erik, I admit that you have an incredible physique but you've taken
this far enough already. You had your fun, now just let me leave. I promise
to keep this to myself and lets just move on," Torrie tried to reason with

"You just don't get it, Torrie. You're not leaving until I give you what you
want. I haven't even shown you my biggest muscle yet. I know you want me and
I know you want my huge cock!"

"No no no! I'M LEAVING!" Torrie turned to run to the door but I grabbed her
from behind in a full nelson!


"Admit that you want me!"

"Ok ok I want you! I WANT YOU!" I dropped Torrie on the bed as she rubbed her

"Get over here and rub oil on the spots that got wiped off because you have
to be so difficult!" Torrie rolled her neck as she re-applied oil to several
parts of my body.

"Perfection!" I exclaimed.

"Now you want to see my huge cock, don't you?"

"Ummm yes I do." I reached down into my pink thong and pulled out my cock
that was around five and a half inches and it wasn't even hard at all!

"Oh my..." Torrie gasped.

"I bet you've never seen anything like this before," I said, swinging my cock

"Does it get bigger?" Torrie asked.

"This is as small as it gets."

"What? How much bigger could it get?"

"Ten fucking inches!"

"Holy shit!"

"I told you that you belong with me. Now get over and suck my cock!"

"Oh no, I'm not doing that! You've already taken this far enough," Torrie

"Do you think we're fucking playing around here?" I asked, grabbing Torrie by
the hair.

"We both know that you want me and we both know you want to suck my cock.
Isn't that right?" I pulled her blond hair harder. "Ok ok," Torrie conceded.

"Say it to me!"

"I ... I want to suck your cock!" Torrie got down on her knees in front of me
and felt my huge cock. It was five and a half inches but when she rubbed it,
it was soft. She started to lick the head while she jerked the shaft of my
enormous cock.

"Go on Torrie, suck it like you want to." Torrie wrapped her lips around my
cock and sucked. When she sucked and pulled on my cock with her mouth, she
stretched it out. Torrie kept on tugging and sucking on my big flaccid cock
for a few minutes. It was getting bigger and harder and it felt so good
having Torrie work on my big cock.

"I thought you said it gets to be ten inches?" Torrie asked.

"It does, just keep sucking my fucking horse sized cock!" I demanded as I
sat down on the edge of a chair with my big cock hanging down. I grabbed it
at the base and slapped it around. This big hard dick of mine swung around,
smacking against my muscular thighs while Torrie crawled over to me.

"Wrap those lips around my huge cock," I said. Torrie took my heavy cock in
her hand and kept on sucking it, filling up her sexy mouth.

"Mmmmm come on Torrie, I know you're holding back on me. Get my fucking
monster cock going!" Torrie took more of my cock in her mouth and started
flicking it with her tongue, up and down the shaft. She rubbed my inner
thighs, adding to the sensation. Torrie flicked her tongue along the shaft
then swirled it around the head.

"Rub my fucking muscles, Torrie," I instructed. Torrie moved her hands up
onto my rippling abs and massive pecs while sucking on my still big member.
I pinched my cock at the base, feeding it to Torrie.

"Come on Torrie, suck my monster cock! This is what you want! You can't deny
it, you want me!" I proclaimed and Torrie started to giggle.

"What the fuck are you laughing about?" I shouted as my cock flopped out of
her mouth.

"I know why you're so angry. You're a big roid monkey with a huge cock that
you can't even get sucked!" Torrie said. I forcefully grabbed Torrie by the
hair and shoved my cock down her throat and pinched her nose so she couldn't

"That's right bitch! You fucking love it! You love everything about me
Torrie, I know you do!" I shouted at her as I choked her. I let go of
Torrie's nose and she pulled away, gasping for air.

"Ok, ok, ok, you're right, I do," Torrie said, still gasping for air. I
grabbed her again and shoved my cock down her throat and closed her nose.

"Drop the fucking attitude, Torrie, this is your last warning," I said and
let her go.

"Now what do you have to say?" I asked.

"I'm so sorry, Erik, I've just been playing hard to get because I didn't want
to admit how turned on I am by you," Torrie said.

"I knew it!" I said.

"Look at you ... you're like a greek god. I love your big jacked up tanned
body, I fantasize about it all the time," Torrie said.

"And what about my cock?"

"It's so big baby, you're such a stud." I grabbed Torrie by the hair and
jammed my tongue down her throat. While I was tonguing her deeply, I reached
down and ripped off her bra. I moved my mouth down onto those huge titties
and sucked on her nipples. I rubbed Torrie's big fake tits against my face
and tasted her golden tanned skin.

"Mmmm those big full lips of yours should be back on my cock," I said as I
hopped onto the bed. I sat up against the head board with my legs spread and
swung my cock around. Torrie sucked on her own tits as she crawled between my
legs then lied down with her mouth around my cock.

"Work on it, Torrie, work on my big dick," I told her. Torrie wrapped her
lips around my cock and sucked away, pulling at it and sucking hard. She
rubbed my balls with one hand while most of my cock was in her mouth. Her
mouth left my cock dripping wet and feeling so good making my big thing

"I bet that tastes good," I said.

"Mmmmmm I love your big cock in my mouth," Torrie moaned.

"Yeah? You fucking love it!"

"Mmmm I love it when a man gets hard for me!"

"Why don't you give that jaw a rest and put on a little show for me?"

"What kind of show?"

"Let me see you lotion up those strong muscular legs."

Torrie went into her bag and took out a bottle of skin lotion. She went to
the foot of the bed and put one leg up on the bed for me to see. She squirted
some lotion down her leg and slowly rubbed it in, showing off her long, lean,
tanned and toned leg while I jerked away at my dick. Torrie switched to the
other leg and did the same thing, teasing me with her perfectly sculpted leg.

"Do you have any toys?" I asked her.

"Of course I do! What girl doesn't travel without at least one toy?" Torrie
laughed. She went into her bag and pulled out a big clear dildo that looked
to be about 8 inches long. She sat down on the bed facing me and spread her

"No, no, Torrie, I want you to use it on me," I said.

"On you?"


"You can take this?"

"You have to work up to it first." I spread my legs open wider for her and
she crawled in.

"Come on Torrie, stick that tongue in my ass," I said. I felt Torrie's tongue
move softly into my ass. She seemed hesitant at first but then she worked an
index finger inside.

"There you go, Torrie," I told her. She started sucking on my big big dick
while she fingered my ass. Soon she slipped in a second finger.

"More, Torrie, more," I groaned. Torrie went in with three fingers and really
banged my asshole with them.

"Fuck it, Torrie. Just stick it in now! Stick that dildo in my ass!" I

"I'll get some lube," she said.

"Fuck lube, I don't need it lube, I need that dildo in my ass!" I said,
almost begging her for it. Torrie grabbed the eight inch dildo and started
pushing it into my ass. I was used to taking Frank's real twelve inches so
this was nothing. It slid right inside my ass with ease.

"Oh my god," Torrie said with surprise as it slid in so easily.

"You're a fucking fag, aren't you?" She said as she started fucking my ass
with that big dildo.

"OHHH YESS TORRIE! OHHHHH YESSS!" I moaned out. Torrie started jamming that
huge dildo in REALLY hard in and out of my ass.

"You fucking big jacked up FAGGOT! You fucking big dicked homo," she screamed
at me.


"You need a fucking dildo in your ass when you're with a fucking Playboy
covergirl? You dirty fag!"

"You fucking love it, Torrie!"

"Oh ya! I love how gay you are you juiced up, big cock having fag!"

A few more thrusts of that eight inch dildo into my ass and my ten inch cock
was throbbing hard. I grabbed Torrie and flipped her over onto her knees.

"What are you doing?" She said.

"I'm giving you what you want!" I told her. I rammed my cock deep into her
TIGHT firm ass. I pushed my cock a few inches deep inside Torrie's ass and
pulled out.

"Tell me how much you want this huge cock in your ass?" I asked.

"You huge cocked motherfucker, I want it bad! I've been waiting! Give it to
me now! Fuck my ass with your giant cock!" Torrie insisted. I worked my cock
deeper and deeper inside of Torrie's asshole, giving her more cock than she's
ever dreamed of. I squeezed her tight hard ass and went Torrie.

"Fuck!! It's hurting my ass! That giant cock!" She said. I stared down at
that toned and tanned butt of Torrie's and just fucked it hard with my
enormous cock. It was so tight around my cock especially when she clenched
it together as I went all the way in.

"Mmmm fuck I love fucking ass ... your ass," I moaned.

"Ohhh I can barely speak, feels ... so ... huge ... yesss!" Torrie managed to
get out.

"Tell me I'm a faggot now, Torrie!" I yelled.

"Noo owww you're fucking my ass so hard, ohhhh my god!" Torrie groaned.

"This big gay dick is tearing your fucking hot tight ass up and I know you
fucking like it!"

"...yes..." Torrie whimpered. One of the only good things about it taking so
long to fuck Torrie was that I had built up a massive load and I could feel
it coming on I thought about blasting it on her face but her ass felt so
tight on my huge cock that I didn't want to pull out. I didn't give Torrie
any warning and I just held onto her hips and blasted my load deep inside
her ass.

cum inside her ass.

"Oh my god, fuck!" Torrie said as she felt the cum blasted inside her. I used
her tight ass to squeeze out all of the cum from my cock before I pulled it
out. The cum dripped from Torrie's asshole and looked so hot that I had to
dive in face first and tongue her asshole.

"Mmmm mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm that tastes good," I moaned as I ate all my cum from
her hot ass.

"You did it Torrie, you got me off good," I said.

"It wasn't so hard after I found out what you like," she smiled.

"If you only knew what I liked," I winked at her.

"Oh I think I have an idea."

"Well I'm gonna get out of here and let you get some sleep," I said.

"I'll never forget this, that's for sure," she said.

"I told you," I said as I finished getting changed and left Torrie's room. I
couldn't wait to spread some rumors of fucking Torrie to the rest of the

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