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Mission WWE Part 9: Switching Roles
by Revolution

At the next show after my 'mission' with Victoria, I was called into
Stephanie McMahon's office.

"Whatever you did worked because I've never seen Victoria this confident and
strong. I didn't think you could get her turned around so quickly," Stephanie
said with an approving smile.

"I wanted to make things right with you after that Torrie situation," I said.

"You sure did. In fact, you did such a good job that I've decided against
putting you and Victoria together. She's fine on her own now," Steph

"I'm happy that I could help. So are you putting me back together with
Frank?" I asked.

"Not so fast, Erik. I'm still trying to smooth things over for you. It's best
if you two stay apart and you stay out of trouble for awhile. Also, there's
still those rumors going around about you," Steph said.

"Really? That fucking sucks!"

"Go out to the bar tonight, pick up some drunk slut and take her back to your
room. Ok?"

"Whatever you want."

"You're damn right, whatever I want!" Stephanie said, slamming her hand down
on her desk. I left the room feeling a little better about my situation but I
still had to squash these rumors. It sucked not being put back together with
Frank but I was confident that if I followed Steph's orders, that she would
put us back together soon. I had also not heard from Sable in many days now
but I wasn't about to try and contact her. Maybe she had decided to leave me
alone and not force me to make that tough decision?

* * *

Late that night I went out to a club with a bunch of the other wrestlers and
partied with them. It wasn't long before this young drunk blonde named Jenny
was climbing all over me. We danced and drank and danced and drank some more.
I made sure that all the other wrestlers got a good view of this young blonde
all over me. It didn't take much for me to convince her to come back to my
hotel and I got the thumbs up from some of the other guys when they saw us
leaving the club together. It was a short ride back to the hotel and honestly
this young blonde wasn't doing much for me. She was drunk and annoying but it
wasn't like I was ever going to have to see her again. At the hotel, she held
onto my arm for support so she wouldn't fall down as we walked over to the
elevator. It was late and the lobby was empty but standing there waiting for
the elevator was Victoria.

"Erik, what are you doing?" Victoria asked, looking over Jenny.

"HE'S GOING TO FUCK ME!" Jenny yelled out and I told her to quiet down.

"Oh really? I don't think so. Erik, I think you're coming up to my room with
me," Victoria said.

"WHAT?! Why the fuck would he go with you instead of me? You're crazy,
bitch!" Jenny screamed back. The elevator opened up and Victoria stepped

"Erik, come with me and I've got a BIG COCK for you!" Victoria said. I let go
of Jenny's arm and jumped into the elevator with Victoria.

elevator door shut on her.

"Victoria, are you serious?" I turned and asked her.

"After the way you treated me, you earned it. You deserve to have my big
cock," Victoria said.

"Ohhh Victoria, first you save me from that chick and now you're going to
give me your cock!" I said, stunned. The elevator door opened and Victoria
took me into her hotel room. She backed me up against the wall and I put my
hands around her, squeezing her ass.

"How bad do you want it?" She asked.

"I want it real bad," I said.

"Its been a long time since I found a man who wanted my cock," Victoria said.

"Give it to me, Victoria, give me your big cock!" I demanded. Victoria
grabbed my face and gave me a long wet kiss with her big full lips.

"Mmm yeah here you go you nasty boy," she said as she unzipped her jeans and
out sprung a big ten-inch strap-on dildo. I moved in close and grabbed her by
the hair and kissed her some more while feeling that big dick poke into me.
Victoria raised her arms, taking off her shirt. I moved my hands down her
broad muscular shoulders and sucked on her big fake tits.

"Mmmmm yeah ... lower," she moaned. I kissed down her tight abs while rubbing
my hands on her tree trunk like thighs.

"Mmmmm yeah ... lower," she moaned again. I brought my hands up onto
Victoria's thick strong ass and wrapped my lips around that big hard cock.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh yeah! There you go! That's it! That's what you want!" Victoria

"Mmmmhmmmm," I nodded with my mouth full of dick.

"Yeah suck on it! Suck my big cock!" Victoria encouraged, pushing it further
into my mouth.

"Mmmmm your cock is so big, Victoria," I groaned.

"How's my dick taste?" She asked.

"Victoria, your cock tastes so good," I answered. Victoria pulled it out of
my mouth and slapped my face with it a few times. I grabbed her fat ass and
pulled her back in, taking that big cock deep down my throat.

"Goddamn you love sucking cock!" Victoria commented.

"I love YOUR COCK!" I shot back. Victoria pulled me up to my feet and kissed
me deeply again. I broke away from her to take off my shirt then lunged back
in, tasting her full lips.

"You're so big, strong, and manly, Erik. Now get back down there and suck my
dick like a faggot," Victoria said, poking me with her dick.

"You love having that big cock, don't you? You love being the man," I said,
dropping back down to my knees in front of her.

"Every time they say I'm too muscular, that I have a man face, and call me a
tranny, it kinda turns me on," she said.

"Mmmm yeah Victoria, you be that nasty man faced muscular slut with me and
shove your big dick down my throat," I told her. She grabbed the back of my
head and plunged her ten inch cock down my throat. I tried not to gag as
Victoria aggressively fucked my throat. I dug my fingers into her ass and
felt that extra large muscular butt flex with each thrust into my throat.

"That's the way you fucking like it fag boy," Victoria said. I came closer to
gagging with each pump and my eyes started to water. I finally had to give up
and make her stop throat fucking me. I felt light headed and woozy as I tried
desperately to catch my breath.

"Holy shit! You sure know how to use that big thing," I said.

"You're loving this, aren't you? You love the way I use my big cock," she

"Mmmmm fuck yes, you nasty bitch!"

"Yeah, I am nasty! Take your pants off for me," she said. I quickly dropped
my pants and my limp cock flopped out. Victoria pushed me onto the bed and
crawled between my legs. She wasn't interested in my flaccid cock, instead I
felt her tongue rim around my asshole.

"Now this is the face that should be eating man ass," Victoria said, looking
up at me.

"Ohhh yeah get that nasty man face down there and shove your tongue up my
ass," I instructed. She lifted my legs up and got better access to my ass.
Victoria didn't do what most girls do and lick around the rim. She planted
her face in my ass and tongue fucked my asshole as deep as she could go.
Victoria worked her tongue in so deep and so long that my ass was dripping
wet when she was done with it.

"I think you're ready," she said.

"Ooohhh yeah I'm ready for it," I said.

"Get on your knees and spread that ass open for me," she said. I got on all
fours and reached back, spreading my butt cheeks apart.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"I want your big cock in my ass!"

"Yeah? You want it so bad, don't you?"

"Ohh please Victoria, fuck me with your ten inch cock!"

"Look at you ... you're a massive muscular man. You could even overpower me
and look at you begging like a little gay bitch. You must really want my cock
bad," Victoria said.

"Do it, Victoria! Be the man and make me your gay bitch!"

"Mmmm you're right, this just feels right," Victoria said as she started
pushing her big thick cock in my ass.

"Ahhhh ahhhh yeah deeper Victoria, stick it all in," I moaned and she went
deeper inside my ass. Victoria slowly started fucking my ass at a nice steady

"Mmmmm how's it feel, Victoria?" I asked.

"Fuuuck it feels so good to fuck a man in the ass!" She moaned and kept
pumping my ass at a slow pace. I looked back at her and saw her really
enjoying each thrust of her big dick into my tight ass.

"I bet your asshole is nice and warmed up now," she said.

"Ohhh yeah, you're doing good," I said. Victoria pulled out of my ass and
stood up off the bed. She made me stand up and come over to her. I went in
for a kiss but she spun me around and pushed me over the side of the bed.

"Now that you're nice and warmed up," she said as she jammed it deep into my
ass, "I can REALLY fuck you!" Victoria grabbed onto my hips and started
slamming her cock fast and hard into me.

"Ahhh ohh fuck! Goddamn Victoria, you fuck HARD!" I groaned, feeling her
ravage my ass.

"I know that's how you want it up your faggot ass!" Victoria shouted. She
pounded and pounded my ass with her thick ten inches for several minutes.

"Ahhh ohhh god yes! Fuck me as hard as you can, you fucking man whore! Uhhhh
fuckk!" I moaned. She wasn't slowing down at all either. Victoria kept up an
incredibly fast pace as she fucked my ass damn hard.

"Ohhh fuck Victoria, how the fuck can you keep going so hard? Ohh goddamn my
fucking ass!" I asked in the middle of sharp feelings of pain and pleasure.

"Your faggot ass can thank my big ass and legs for that! I can keep going and
going!" Victoria said.

"Ohhh fuck I knew I loved that big ass and those big strong legs!"

"Yeah, I love your ass too, ohhh fuck do I love fucking your ass," Victoria

"Mmmmm yeah fucking pound my ass, Victoria!" I moaned, looking over my
shoulder at Victoria. Her eyes were fluttering and she was moaning more and
more as she fucked my ass.

"Ooohhh god yes, it feels so good, ohhhh yeah!" She moaned, like she was
getting off.

"Unhhh yeah harder Victoria! Fuck my ass with your big dick harder! Fucking
nasty man faced skank! Ohhh yesssss!"

"Ohhh god! Ohhh yess! Ohhhhh fuck I'm fucking cumming!" Victoria exclaimed as
she drove her big cock deep inside my ass then pulled out and collapsed down
onto the bed next to me.

"You came?" I asked. She grabbed my hand and rubbed it against her pussy and
it was soaking wet.

"That's the first time that's ever happened to me without rubbing myself or
getting fucked," she admitted.

"That is sooo fucking hot and soooo fucking nasty," I said.

"Mmmmm it is. I don't think I've ever had a better orgasm," she said, giving
me a kiss.

"God we're good together," I said.

"Mmmmhmmm it'll be our little secret," Victoria said. "Of course! Nobody can
know what we do," I agreed.

"You better get going back to your room. It wouldn't look good if you're
caught coming out of my room in the morning," Victoria suggested.

"You're right but even if one day, someone finds out that we're fucking,
they'll have no idea how nasty we get," I smiled.

"Mmmmm have a good night," she said, kissing me with her big full lips. I
finished getting dressed and peeked out the door. Nobody was around so I
quickly left her room.

* * *

My heart was still racing as I lay in bed, thinking about my night with
Victoria. I reached down and started fondling my cock and balls when it
occurred to me that I didn't even cum with Victoria. In fact, I couldn't even
remember if I had gotten an erection at all during the whole experience. I
decided to masturbate quickly and hopefully that would help me relax and fall
asleep. I began stroking my cock and thinking about the way Victoria gave it
to me and how great she was at fucking. I kept jerking but my big thick cock
wasn't getting hard at all. I thought about Victoria's big muscular body and
her dirty face as I jerked harder but I was still getting nothing going. I
must have just been worn out from the night so I gave up trying and went to
sleep. This horrible problem persisted for the next few days as every time I
felt like masturbating, I couldn't get my cock hard. It became extremely
frustrating with each failed attempt. I tried thinking about everything that
I could but nothing stiffened my dick.

At the next show, I wrestled in the first match and it was absolutely
horrible. I couldn't concentrate because my mind was pre-occupied with my
problem that was now becoming a major problem. I got yelled at by several
people and I blamed my poor performance on being sick. They told me to get
out of the building so I wouldn't spread any of my germs. I collected all my
things and went to call a taxi when Victoria walked through the curtain after
her match. She was all sweaty and wearing red spandex tights and a matching
bra top. I walked over to her and whispered, "I have to have you."

"I'll get changed and meet you at the hotel later," she said.

"No, I need you now! Just come with me right now," I said.

"It's too obvious, we'll get caught," she said.

"Watch this. HEY! Is it alright if Victoria gives me a ride back to the
hotel? She's got her own rental car," I shouted to one of the management

"Yeah yeah just get him out of here," the guy said.

"Why do they want you gone?" Victoria asked.

"They think I'm sick," I answered.

"Are you?"

"No, not really. Let's get going," I said. Victoria didn't change; she just
put on a coat and grabbed her bag.

Once we were in the car and safely out of sight, I reached over and rubbed
Victoria's leg.

"I haven't stopped thinking about you all week," I said.

"I was hoping you'd feel that way," Victoria said.

"When I saw you a few minutes ago, I just had to have you," I said.

"I've never had a man react that way to me before. I must have really done a
number on you!" Victoria chuckled. Thankfully it didn't take long until we
were at the hotel and in my room. I started to undress and Victoria went to
take her bra top off but I stopped her.

"Leave that on for now, I like it. You look so good in that tight spandex," I
told her as I got naked and began jerking my cock, hoping Victoria would
solve my problems.

"You're right, I look damn good in this," Victoria said, rubbing her hands
all over her spandex outfit. I moved closer and started rubbing her thighs
and ass while we kissed.

"I love wearing these tights instead of those skimpy outfits most divas
wear," Victoria said.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"I love feeling how my big legs fill them out," she said and I felt how her
big muscular thighs and ass were stretching out those tights.

"Mmmm they do, you and your big muscular mannish body," I said. Victoria
kissed me with those full sexy lips and kneeled down in front of me. She
grabbed my limp cock in her hand and started jerking away. She kept tugging
on it but it stayed soft in her hand so she looked up at me with her nasty
mannish face, pulled her long black hair back, lowered her head and wrapped
her mouth around my cock.

"Mmmmm mmmm ohhh that feels good," I moaned. Victora ran her tongue all over
my cock and kept it in her mouth trying to get it hard. When she opened her
mouth, my cock just flopped out against her bottom lip, wet with saliva but
still limp. I couldn't believe that I was still having trouble getting it up.
Victoria jerked away at my cock and moved her mouth down onto my balls. I saw
her glance up at me as she tongued my balls and jerked my cock. She took my
limp cock and stuck it back in her mouth, sucking hard on it, trying to get
me erect but it just wasn't happening. She sucked and sucked but when she
opened her mouth my cock flopped out again.

"Damn, I thought you'd be hard by now," Victoria said, sounding slightly

"This is so embarrassing," I said.

"It's ok," she said in a disappointed tone.

"No, it's not! My cock is still limp for you," I said.

"It's ok, I know you're not like all the other guys that have gone limp on
me," she said.

"I'm so into you, Victoria, but I haven't been able to get hard at all since
our last encounter!"

"Mmmm I love being my nasty self with you!"

"Me too! You can be as nasty as you look with me."

"You wanna know a little secret? I actually get turned on when I make men go
limp. Deep down inside it fucking turns me on that I'm so fucking nasty that
guys can't get it up for me!" Victoria admitted.

"Makes you feel like the big nasty manly muscle skank that you are," I told

"Oohhh yes! And you showed me that you're just as fucking nasty by getting
fucked in the ass like a big bodybuilding faggot!" Victoria responded.

"You fucked me so good that you left me with a pathetic limp faggot dick," I

"Mmmmhmmmm we're fucking hot," Victoria said as she went back down between my
legs and sucked on my cock some more.


"Mmmmm mmmmmm limp gay cock tastes so good," Victoria moaned.

"Mmmmmm fuck that sounds even nastier!" I moaned. Victoria's left hand moved
down my balls to my ass and she worked a few fingers inside my sensitive

"Ohhh that's an asshole that's been fucked," Victoria said, fingering my ass.

"Oh ya, who fucked that ass?"

"I did!"

"Ahhh yeah you fucked my ass so good, Victoria," I moaned.

"That's right! I took my big cock and fucked you so hard that you can't even
get your dick hard!" Victoria said.

"Ohhh yeah, you did that, Victoria, you nasty bitch," I said.

"Goddamn is your cock still so fucking limp!"

"What have you done to me, Victoria?" I asked.

"Mmmmm I guess you're all mine now! What other woman is going to put up with
you being limp?" She asked.

"Nobody but you," I said.

"Don't worry, I'm not giving up on your dick," Victoria said, getting up out
of bed. She went into her bag for a minute while I jerked away at my dick,
trying to get it hard.

"Put this on," Victoria said and she tossed me a cock ring.

"Why do you have a cock ring?" I asked.

"You're not the first guy I've had that couldn't get it up for me," she said.

"So fuckin' nasty, I love it," I said as I put the tight cock ring around my
limp cock and balls. Victoria jumped on top of me and straddled my chest.
Victoria moved forward then in one quick move, scissors her legs around my
head, squeezing it between her thighs.

"Feel how powerful my legs are," she said.

"Ohhh fuck they're so strong, ohhh fuck ya," I grunted as she squeezed my

"Who's my limp bodybuilder bitch?" She asked, reaching over and slapping my
cock around hard.

"Ahhh fuck! I am!" I said.

"You like my thick muscular manly legs wrapped around your face?"

"Ohhh fuck yes, Victoria! Your legs feel so strong in these tights!"

"Fucking jacked up fag boy, how's that cock ring feel?" Victoria asked,
smacking my cock.

"Ohhh it's so tight around my cock! Just like your big muscular legs around
my head!" I groaned. Victoria put on more pressure, squeezing her legs really
hard around my head. She stopped slapping my cock around so she could take my
hands and put them on her ass.

"Grab my ass," she said so I squeezed with both my hands.

"How does that ass feel in these tights?" She asked.

"Ohhh it feels good, feels big and muscular," I said, groping her ass.

"Mmmm I have a big, muscular ass, don't I?"

"Ohhhhh yeah it's so big, muscular, and mannish, just like the rest of you!"

"I bet you'd love to pull down my tights and fuck my big muscular manly ass,"
Victoria said softly.

"Ohhhhh I want that so bad," I answered.

"I want it too but no! We can't do that because you can't get it up! Fucking
jacked up bitch!" Victoria yelled, smacking my cock. "You're right, I am a
bitch," I sighed.

"Normal couples can have nice hot sex but not us! Oh no, I've got to go get
my big cock out and fuck my man until I cum because he's too much of a bitch
to fuck me!" Victoria ranted.

"That's the way it is," I said.

"Mmmmm and I wouldn't have it any other way," Victoria said, giving my cock
one more slap and standing up. She went back into her bag and pulled out her
big ten-inch strap-on dildo. She put it on over her red tights and came back
to the bed.

"Bend over, stick that ass out for me," Victoria demanded so I got on all
fours for her. She smacked my ass a few times and finger fucked it.

"This is what faggy bodybuilders get when they can't get their dick hard,"
Victoria said.

"Ooohhhh ohhhh god," I moaned.

"Look at that tight little asshole, it's not going to be tight for long if
the only way we can fuck is with my big cock in your ass," she said,
fingering and spreading my ass.

"You deserve a hard cock," I said. Victoria came around in front of me and
shoved her cock in my mouth.

"Yeah open up, take it all in your mouth, get it nice and wet like bitches
do," she said, forcing it deep down my throat. I gagged on it and spat all
over it when she pulled it out of my mouth.

"Fucking suck it. Get it all wet and messy for me," she said. Victoria shoved
that cock in my mouth again and fucked my throat until it was dripping wet.

"Hard yet? Nope. Sit on this fucking cock. I wanna see it deep in your tight
ass," Victoria said, laying down on the bed and holding her cock up. I sat my
ass on it and slowly worked my way down until it was all the way in my

"Ughhhhhh ohhhhhhh fuuuck that's so big," I groaned.

"You fucking love it, don't you? You love that big cock in your ass,"
Victoria said.

"Oohhhhhh yeeahhh Victoria, I love it when your big cock is in my ass," I

"Bounce on that cock! Show me what a fag you are! Bounce on my fucking cock!"

"You fucking love this, don't you? You love fucking me with a big dick, you
nasty freak!"

"Ahhhhh yesss that sweet man ass riding my big dick! Ohhh I love fucking your
gay ass!" Victoria exclaimed. She made me get off of her dick and bend over
for her so she could fuck it with four fingers.

"Look at me!" She demanded and I looked back at her, all sweaty in her tight
red spandex ring gear.

"Who else would do this for you? Huh?" She asked.

"Nobody! Who else would let you be your manly self and do this to them?" I

"Ohhh yeahhh we're so nasty! We're so hot! I'm gonna fuck you so good," she
said. Victoria spat on her big cock and worked it inside my asshole. She used
her powerful hips and legs to fuck my ass like nobody else.

"Ohh my big cock is going in so easily. You like how that feels?" She asked.

"Unhhhhh yeeah Victoria, it's even better than last time!" I yelled.

"Yeeah my big bitch bodybuilder! Jerk that fucking cock while I fuck you!
Take it deep you limp fuck!" She shouted me as she smacked my ass and fucked
me hard.

back at her.


"You fucking did it! My cock is hard!" I exclaimed.

"Hurry up and get it in me," Victoria said as she got up, ripped off the
strap-on and bent over the side of the bed. I got behind her and pulled down
her red tights just below her ass.

"Get that hard dick in there!" She demanded. I held onto her hips and pushed
my big cock deep into her asshole. It went in with ease so I wasted no time
in pounding Victoria's ass.

"OHHH FUCK! OHHH MY ASS! Ohhh fuck that's worth the wait! OHHHHHHH FUCK YES!"
Victoria screamed.

"Fuck yeah your ass is worth the wait! You take it so fucking good and easy,
Victoria! I can fuck your ass so hard!" I moaned, just slamming my cock deep
into her ass with more force than I've ever fucked an ass with before.

"Ohhh yeah you can fuck me like a man! That's how I like it! I like it this
hard and only a big jacked up fag like you can give it to me!" Victoria

"That's right! You'll wait all night for my limp dick to get hard if that's
what it takes! Who else is going to fuck your big muscle bound ass like

"Nobody's fucked my ass like this before! Who else is going to put up with
your cock being limp?"

"Nobody! I fucking love your ass, ohhhh god!"

"I love the way you fuck it!"

"Ohhh yeah I love you, you nasty fucking mannish skank!"

"Mmmmmm I love you too!"



"Unhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck here it comes! Your ass is mine, Victoria!" I
shouted as I pulled out splattered her ass with my thick hot load.

"Mmmmmmmm I wanna taste it!" She said. I bent down and licked up a mouthful
of cum off her big ass and kissed her.

"Mmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmm," Victoria moaned as she took all of the cum out of my
mouth and swallowed it.

"Mmmmmmm I love you, Victoria," I said.

"Mmmmmm that was great, I love fucking you too," she said, licking her lips.
I picked her up and sat down on the edge of the bed with her big ass on my

"I mean it, I love you. There's no other woman for me except you," I said,
looking her directly in the eyes.

"Are you serious?" She asked.

"More serious than I've been about anything in my life. I love you,
Victoria," I said and I meant it. Victoria paused for a moment then wrapped
her arms around me and kissed me deeply. I fell back on the bed with her on
top of me, passionately kissing me. I grabbed onto her large muscular butt
and held on.

"I love you too," Victoria said, lifting her head up, "I've never been able
to be so free with a man before."

"We can be totally free, open and honest with each other about everything," I

"That's the way it has to be," she said.

"Then there's some things I need to tell you," I said.

"You can trust me with anything," Victoria said.

I began to explain to her my entire situation from the beginning and every
detail of my "Mission."


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