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Mission WWE Part 1: The Saga Begins
by Revolution

*BUZZ* *BUZZ* I heard as I was jolted awake by the sound of my alarm clock.
It was flashing 6:00AM in my face. I stretched out my neck and climbed out of
bed. I looked out the window to the cold and crisp Toronto weather that was
no help to waking me up. I got cleaned up a little bit, threw on some sweats
and headed off to the gym. It was like any other Wednesday morning in
November. Inside the gym, I noticed a familiar face. The popular WWE Diva -
Trish Stratus. I just smiled and waved as she was already in the middle of
her workout. I had seen her there quite often and even chatted with her a few
times. We both preferred hitting the gym early in the morning because it was
nice and empty. After I finished my regular workout, I looked around for her
but she was already gone. I checked my watch and it was 7:10AM. I had enough
time to go back to my apartment and get changed for work. The usual mundane
routine. I headed out to the parking lot and unlocked the doors of my 2002
Ford Explorer. That's when I felt a sharp pain in the back of my neck and
everything went black...

Slowly I began to awake, my vision blurred at first. I blinked a few times
until I could see around me. I looked down and I was buck naked. I went to
reach down but my hands were restrained over my head and connected to the
ceiling. I looked all around but the room was dark, except for a spotlight
on me. "Hello?! Where am I?" I yelled out in confusion. I heard a door open
and the sound of footsteps. Into the light came a man who looked about 35
years old, his hair was showing signs of greying. He was wearing a full suit
and looked like a serious customer.

"Erik Saunders?" He asked.

"Yes, that's me, what's going on?" I asked nervously.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Commander Stone. And this is Special
Agent Sable," he stated. Into the light came the former WWE Diva, Sable. She
was dressed in black lace bra and panties with a black garter and thigh high
stockings. Her black stiletto heels tapped on the floor as she walked closer.
"We work for a top secret international agency and we have brought you here
to help us, Erik," Stone said.

"Help you? With what?" I asked.

"We're investigating the WWE for several things and we want you to be a
Secret Agent. Yes, Erik, we want you to infiltrate the WWE and extract the
information that we need," Sable explained.

"Why me? Why should I help you?" I asked defiantly.

"First, we know how you got all those muscles. Second, you have a large cock.
And third, you'll be able to get out of that shithole you call an apartment,"
Sable said.

"Ok, ok, I'll help you but why did you pick me?" I asked again.

"Because you know Trish Stratus and we have received information that she may
be able to lead us to what we're looking for. If our information is correct,
she'll be asking you for a favor tommorow at the gym and all you need to do
is whatever she wants you to do. And you will report any and all suspicious
behavior back to us," Commander Stone explained.

"How do you know all of this and why are you investigating WWE?" I wanted to

"For your own safety and your cover, the less you know the better," Stone

"Ok ok, I'll do it, I'll do whatever you want," I agreed. Why not? They had
some incriminating information about me and this was a welcome distraction
from my routine life.

"We know that you will not let us down, Secret Agent Saunders," Commander
Stone assured me as he exited the room. Sable didn't exit, in fact she walked
closer to me. "Just relax, Erik, breathe in and out," Sable said in a calming
voice as she started to rub my arms.

Her hands moved up and down my arms then onto my chest. She rubbed her soft
hands all over my pecs and down to my abs. She traced my six-pack abs with
her fingers, while staring at me with her heart stopping eyes. "Commander
Stone had his doubts about you but I know you'll be the right man for the
job," Sable said.

As I nodded my head, I felt her right hand rubbing against my cock. It
started to stiffen up as her fingers wrapped around its head. "Oh my," I
whimpered as she started to stroke it.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" she asked.

"Incredibly," I answered. She stepped back and started doing a hypnotic
dance. She grinded her hips around then turned her back to me, showing off
her perfectly toned ass. Sable kept on dancing as my hard cock twitched. She
walked back towards me and resumed jerking my cock. "If you do a good job,
I'll be using a lot more than my hand on you," Sable said.

"I promise that I ahhhh I ahhhh I'll do a great job, ohhh yeah," I struggled
to say as I started to feel my balls tighten.

Sable twisted her hand on my cock, and tickled the underside with one finger.
I lost control as cum shot out of my dick and landed on one of her long toned
legs. The cum dripped down her upper thigh onto her black stockings. Sable
smiled and kissed me on the cheek. She walked away, flaunting her tight ass,
knowing that there was no way in hell that I was going to let her down...

* * *

The next morning I went to the gym as usual and sure enough, while doing
some curls, Trish walked over and asked me to wait outside for her after I
finished because she had something to tell me. I wondered to myself how my
new bosses could have known that Trish was going to approach me like this?
They must have someone pretty inside that's feeding them their information.
I finished my workout, got changed and headed outside. Sure enough, there
was Trish, waiting for me like she had said. Trish was still wearing her
tight black stretch pants, that clung to every curve of her lower body. Her
upper body was covered with a sweat shirt. Trish looked around so that no
one was in earshot of our conversation.

"I need your help," she started.

"What do you need?" I asked.

"Lita just beat me for the Women's Title and I want payback. I want my
revenge. I want to humiliate her like she humiliated me. No, check that, I
want to humiliate her even worse," Trish said with a fire in her eye.

"What're you talking about? How does this involve me?" I asked.

"Not here, let's talk in your car," Trish said. We walked over to my Explorer
and got in. "Drive," Trish said, as she looked around nervously.

I started driving in no particular direction, just staying straight so Trish
could talk.

"I need you to come down to our next event and grab Lita. You see, she's been
travelling alone lately and all you have to do is wait for her to come to her
car and grab her," Trish stated.

"You want me to kidnap her?" I asked for clarification.

"Yes if you need to use that word. Then I want you take her to a cheap motel
and I want you to humiliate her and degrade her until she is so ashamed that
she never shows her face in public again," Trish demanded.

"Whoa whoa whoa, you want me to...?" I started.

"Have your way with her," Trish finished my sentence.

"What if I get caught? I'll go to jail," I said.

"You won't get caught, I'm sending someone to guard the door," Trish said.

"Why do you want me to do this?" I asked the same question I seem to be
asking a lot.

"Because you're from Canada and you just drive your butt back up here and go
about your life. Do you think Lita is going to admit being degraded by some
guy who just vanished? Of course she won't," Trish insisted.

"I don't know if I can do this, Trish. What's in it for me?" I asked.

"Well first you get to do whatever you want to that bitch Lita. And second
... keep your eyes on the road," Trish insisted.

I kept on driving as I felt her hand on my crotch. She unzipped my pants and
pulled my dick out. "Wow," Trish marvelled at my girth.

She stroked my cock until it was hard then her head disappeared under the
dash as she started sucking me off. "Oooh my god, ohhh Trish," I shivered. I
had to try hard to focus on the road as Trish sucked my cock like a nobody's

After about two minutes of cock sucking, Trish sat back up in her seat. "If
you want more of that and whole lot more, then you'll do what I want and
receive a reward the likes of which you'll never experience again," Trish

"Ok ok I'll do it, Trish, I'll do it," I agreed.

Trish went over some more of the details as I drove back to the gym. We
exchanged cell phone numbers and then Trish hopped out and walked to her own

I waited for her to pull out of the parking lot and the I got the phone to
Commander Stone. I informed him of all the details and he told me to go
through with what Trish wanted but under no circumstances, penetrate Lita.
The agency will send in a crew to get rid of all the other evidence but if
I fuck her, I risk leaving evidence that cannot be cleaned up. Commander
Stone told me that I should then go to Trish's hotel room to receive my
reward and try to find anything suspicious like text messages on her cell
phone or documents. Pretty much anything that looks fishy. I still wasn't
clear on what they were looking for but I now knew that there was more going
on in WWE than what I had seen on camera.

* * *

I lurked in the shadows of the parking lot, waiting for my opportunity to
strike. And then it happened, just like Trish had said, Lita came walking out
to her car by herself, with no one to protect her. As she put her hand on her
rental car door, I placed my hand over her mouth. But it wasn't just my hand,
it was a cloth covered in alcohol. Lita struggled but she drifted out of
consciousness. I placed her in the back seat and drove off. I drove for about
30 minutes and pulled into a cheap motel where I had rented a room that had
no one in the rooms surrounding it. I took Lita inside and put her on the
bed. I put a ball-gag in her mouth and then tied her hands together and then
tied them to a ceiling fixture. Slowly, Lita began to come to. She looked
around the cheap motel to see a bed and one small window, covered by blinds
and curtains. She then looked over to the small bathroom where I stood,
waiting for her to come to. I could see the fear in her eyes and I felt a
uncomfortable. I swigged back a few shots of Jack Daniels to try and drink
away my conscience. I walked out past the bed where her suitcase and Women's
Championship sat. I stood in front of her, intimidating her with my 6'3" 250
pound muscular figure.

"It's about time, Lita. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is ... well to
you, my name is Erik. You look like you're having trouble breathing," I said
as he approached her and took out the gag from her mouth. Lita immediately
began screaming for help.

"You can scream all you want, Lita, nobody will hear you," I laughed.

"Why are you doing this? What do you want from me? Do you want money? I'll
give you money," Lita franticly offered.

"This isn't about money, Lita. Did you really think you could win that
Women's Championship and everything would just be OK?" I asked.

"What are you talking about?" Lita wanted to know.

"You see Lita, Trish Stratus found me and persuaded me to do this. She wants
you to suffer the humiliation that she went through when you took her Women's
Title," I explained.

"That bitch! You'll never get away with this, you know that?" Lita shouted.

"Nobody saw me take you. You don't know where you are. You don't know where I
came from. And there's no way to trace Trish to me. So on Trish's orders - I
have you to do whatever I want with," I grinned.

"You fucking pervert!" Lita screamed.

"She only had a couple conditions that I degrade and humiliate you until
you've learned your lesson," I said. I walked close to Lita and put my hand
on her stomach.

"So tight," I commented. My hands moved up to Lita's face, feeling her cheeks
and rubbing my fingertips against her lips.

"Do you try to look like such a dirty slut, or is it just natural?" I
smirked. Lita rolled her eyes at me. "You can't hide the truth. Admit that
you're a dirty slut!" I shouted at her.

"I'm a dirty slut," Lita mumbled.

"LOUDER!" I demanded.

"I'm a dirty slut!" Lita said.

"I SAID LOUDER!" I demanded.

"I'M A DIRTY FUCKING SLUT! You happy now? Is that what you want to hear? That
I look like a filthy fucking slut?" Lita got angry and I laughed, nodding my
head. I looked over Lita's body, she was wearing cargo pants and a black
"punk" belly shirt.

"What are you hiding under those pants, dirty?" I asked as I undid her belt
and let Lita's cargo pants fall to the floor. Lita was wearing a small black
thong underneath.

"Mmmm those are some fine looking legs," I commented.

"That means so much coming from you," Lita sarcastically replied. I walked
around behind Lita checking out her backside.

"Whoa! What's going on back here?" I said.

"What?" Lita asked.

"Why have you been hiding all this ass in those pants, dirty? Damn Lita, you
got some ass back here," I said as I grabbed at Lita's firm round ass. Lita
didn't know what to say as she felt my fingers playing with her shapely ass.

"Mmm that is one nice sized ass," I said as I gave it a hard spank and moved
back around front.

"Now here we go, here's what makes you so dirty," I said. I grabbed Lita's
shirt and ripped it right off. Her tits flopped out, she wasn't even wearing
a bra.

"Yeeeah that's what I'm talking about. Look at those big fake tits. Fucking
christ, tell me again what you are," I demanded.

"I'M A DIRTY SLUT!" Lita shouted back.

"Say it all, everything I told you that you are, NOW!" I demanded.

TIGHT ASS, AND BIG FAKE TITS!" Lita shouted back at me.

"Ahhh yeah, I just wanna look at that perfect body, dirty," I moaned as I
unzipped my pants and let my semi-hard dick hang out. It looked to be at
least seven inches and it wasn't even fully hard yet! I moved over to the
bed and grabbed Lita's suitcase.

"Let's see what you got in here," I said.

"Nothing," Lita said. I opened it up and pulled out a handful of Lita's
underwear. Panties, thongs, and g-strings.

"Yeah what a whore wears," I said, "And you've been away for a few days, so
you haven't had a chance to wash these." I put the pile up to my nose and
sniffed Lita's scent. I held onto a red lace thong and tossed the rest back
in the bag.

"These smell the freshest," I laughed. I took off my shirt, exposing my
muscular upper body. I then laid back on the bed with Lita's used thong. I
sniffed it a few more times then used it to stroke my cock.

"I just wanna look at you a bit, you dirty whore, fuck look at your body," I
admired as I jerked myself off with Lita's red thong. Once my cock was fully
erect, I tossed the panties away.

"What'd you think of my cock, Lita?" I asked.

"It's ... very big," Lita said.

"10 inches but I bet you've seen a lot of big cocks, since you're such a
slut," I said.

"Never seen one that big," Lita replied.

"I just can't get over how big and slutty those tits are," I commented as I
got up and walked back over to Lita. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them
together. "You're such a whore!" I untied Lita from the ceiling but her hands
were still cuffed. I picked up her near naked body and put her on the bed. I
then tied her cuffed hands to the headboard so Lita was lying on her back on
the bed with her hands above her head.

"Now I'm gonna have some fun with you, slut," I said as he took off all my
clothes. I got on the bed and straddled Lita's stomach, my balls rubbing
against her tight abs. I leaned forward and sucked on Lita's nipples, getting
them nice and hard. I moved up her body until I straddled her chest. I rubbed
my cock against Lita's tits until it was at its full ten inches again. I slid
it between Lita's breasts and pushed them together, engulfing my monstrous

"Ahh fuck yeah! Look at that, you whore, you're taking my whole fucking dick
between your tits!" I proclaimed. Lita just scowled at me.

"Yeah make that face, bitch, you look even sluttier like that!" I barked. I
held Lita's big tits together and moved my hips, fucking her big tits. "Yeah
fucking take my huge cock you big titted whore!" I groaned. Lita just kept
that scowl on her face as I had my way with her big breasts.

"OH! OH! Lita your big fucking tits feel so good on my cock! OH FUCK! YOU
FUCK! FUCK! FUCK YOU SLUT!" I screamed in her face as he fucked Lita's boobs
real hard and fast.

"TELL ME YOU FUCKING LIKE IT! TELL ME!" I demanded but Lita just stared
back at me. I grabbed her around the throat. "I'm not asking you again," I
sneered. I went back fucking Lita's big round tits.

"I like you fucking my tits!" Lita said.

"MORE! BETTER!" I demanded.

"FUCK MY BIG TITS LIKE THE DIRTY SLUT THAT I AM!" Lita screamed back at me.

"OHHH GOD YEAH! YOU DIRTY BITCH!" I groaned. I held her big tits tighter on
my ten inch cock as cum shot out onto Lita's face!

used Lita's tits to jerk myself off. Cum ran down part of Lita's face. I used
my cock to rub it all over her face. I was leary about sticking my dick in
her mouth, incase she might bite.

"Ah ya Lita, you like having some cum on your slutty face, it looks like it
belongs there," I moaned as I sat on the bed next to Lita.

"Are you done now?" Lita sneered.

"Done? Haha you crack me up," I laughed. I leaned over and looked at her cum
glazed face.

"Now you're gonna lick my ass," I said. I leaned Lita up against the
headboard and then backed my ass into her face, lining my anus up with her
mouth. I pushed it in her face, demanding that she lick it. Lita closed her
eyes and started licking my asshole.

"Oh my god, you're so dirty, lick my fucking ass, mmmm!" I moaned. I pushed
my ass back into her mouth more, making her really tongue my asshole. After
about a minute of this, I turned around and looked at Lita. "You like that,
don't you? You like licking my ass you dirty slut!" he smiled.

Lita paused then said, "Yes ... I love eating ass. I could do even better if
you let my hands free, you big stud, I could really show you how much of a
dirty slut I am," Lita said.

In a moment of weakness, I grabbed the key and let Lita's hands free. Lita
told me to lean against the wall, and I did, exposing my muscular ass for
her. Lita tongued my ass deep, rubbing her tongue ring against my anus,
making me shiver.

"You like that, huh?" She asked.

"Ahhh yeah whore, eat my fuckin ass," I groaned.

Lita used one hand to stroke down on my donkey sized cock while she got her
tongue deep in my ass. "Ahhhahhhhahhhhmmmmm," was the sound Lita made with
her face buried in my ass.

"FUCK YEAH! Eat it slut! Eat my ass! Ah fuck Lita, that's so good, yeah you
love eating ass you dirty whore," I groaned. I let Lita eat my ass a little
more then turned around and grabbed her by the throat.

"You're fucking proving what a slut you are," I shouted at her. My eyes then
saw something in her bag. I went over and pulled out some of Lita's toys. A
little clit vibrator. a big strap-on dildo and a bottle of lube.

"What's this for?" I said as I held the strap-on.

"You never know what you might need on the road," Lita smirked.

I tossed it to her and told her to put it on. Lita obliged still very much
intimdated by my presence.

"Lube up my ass and fuck me, you slut," I demanded.

"What?" Lita questioned.

"You heard me, you stupid whore, fuck me," I said. I got down on all fours on
the bed for Lita and handed her the bottle of lube. Lita had fucked chicks
before with this strap-on but never a dude. She looked down at my large,
sweaty, muscular frame and started lubing up my asshole. She used one finger,
then two, and then three to work the lube inside of me. Lita then squirted a
generous amount on the strap-on and started working it inside of my ass.

"Ahhh yeeah deeper ... deeper Lita, more, yeah, ohhhh fuck bitch there it
goes!" I groaned as Lita got it all inside of me. She held onto me as she
started fucking my ass with that strap-on.

"YEAH! FUCK YEAH! Do me like I'm you - like I'm the slut now," I demanded.

"Oh yeah? You like being fucked in the ass, don't you? You're my big bitch
now! Yeah! Take this big dildo in your ass, bitch!" Lita yelled at me. She
rammed my ass hard with that strap-on, making the bed rock.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUCK!" I screamed as Lita rammed that big strap-on hard
and fast in my ass.

"What's the matter, bitch? You can't take it? Huh? Are you too much of a
pussy?" Lita degraded me.

"That's fucking good you cunt! Hit my ass hard! YEAH! FUCK ME LITA! FUCK ME
SLUT!" I moaned. Lita kept it up, taking out her anger on me, fucking my ass
real hard with that strap-on. I loved getting fucked in the ass by Lita, I
was moaning loud and kept demanding that Lita keep up the hard pace. I took
it for another minute or so until I stopped Lita from fucking my ass. I
flipped over and laid down on my back.

"I wanna watch you fuck me," I said, spreading my legs. Lita looked down at
me and inched forward towards my ass. She plunged the big strap-on deep
inside of me as I rubbed my sweaty balls.

"Yeah slut, now fuck me some more," I insisted. Lita rested her hands on my
muscular legs as she penetrated my ass at a steady pace. The motion and the
bouncing of the mattress made Lita's big tits jiggle.

"Uhhh yeah look at those big fucking jugs! Fuck you're a dirty slut! Look at
those great fucking tits," I moaned.

"You've got me held here, you've got my slutty body all to yourself and I'M
FUCKING YOUR ASS! You're the dirty slut," Lita snapped back.

"Yeah that's right! Keep fucking my ass!" I groaned. I started stroking my
cock, getting it hard so I could cum soon.

"I see you lookin at my ten inches. Take it, stroke it, make me cum again!"
I demanded. Lita grabbed my massive rod with one hand and started stroking

"Ahhh yes whore! Ahh damnit bitch this is good, keep fucking my ass and
stroking my cock while I watch your big fuckin titties jiggle all over the
place!" I moaned. Lita tried fucking me harder while jerking my big horse
sized cock. I just gazed up at her, slowly reaching climax. The feeling of
the strap-on penetrating my ass and Lita jerking me off combined with the
sight of Lita's dirty face and slutty tits was overwhelming.

"I can feel it! You're gonna cum you jacked up big dick bitch!" Lita shouted
at me.

"Uhh uhh ohh god slut! FUCK LITA! YOU'RE SUCH A WHORE! A GOOD SLUT!
out of my dick and onto my pelvis. Lita kept jerking and fucking me until I
stopped screaming. She eased the strap-on out of my ass and let go of my
softening cock.

"Good slut," I sighed as my eyes started to close. I kept repeating that
until I nodded off. In a daze, I saw Lita quickly and quietly got dressed,
trying not to disturb me. She grabbed her stuff and slowly opened the door.
I tried to get up to go after her but my body was numb. Lita slipped out
the door and ran off. I turned my head and nodded off. That was until I
was awoken by a 6'4 270 pound man.

"What the fuck happened? Where's Lita?" He shouted at me as I started to
come to.

"What? Who are you?" I asked.

"Frank, Trish hired me. It's Lita, she's fucking gone, and you're here
sleeping naked, what the fuck?" He yelled.

"Ohh shit! She escaped, we were fucking, well she was fucking me, and I fell
asleep, and she ran off," I tried to explain.

"She was ... nevermind ... do you know what this means? We were supposed to
degrade Lita and then Trish was going to spread her hot fucking cunt for us!
Now you fucked up!" Frank shouted.

"You were supposed to be watching the door!" I snapped back.

"I had to go take a leak," he explained.

Then a lightbulb went off in my head. "I got an idea. Trish doesn't know that
Lita escaped. How's she going to find out tonight? Let's go get our reward
and split," I said.

"That's a good fucking idea, get dressed and I'll call Trish," Frank said.
Frank got on his cellphone while I got my clothes on. I looked down at the
strap-on and smiled to myself. Lita sure fucked me good. I was also smiling
because I didn't penetrate Lita and my mission was still going well. Frank
and I headed off to go collect our reward with Trish...

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