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Mission WWE Part 2: The Reward
by Revolution

Frank and I arrived at Trish's hotel suite and composed ourselves. All we had
to do was convince her that we had done what she asked with Lita and we'd get
our reward. It was as simple as that. I opened the door and there was Trish
wearing a robe, her hair was done in two ponytails. "Its about time. So did
she put up much of a fight?" Trish smiled.

"She tried but it was all taken care of," I said.

"Yeah, Lita more then got the message," Frank added.

"That's good, now I think it's time for you two boys to get what's coming to
you," Trish said as she dropped her robe. Trish was dressed as a school girl,
wearing a tiny little white and red plaid mini-dress that came halfway down
her ass, showing her little white panties. She wore a pushup bra, showing off
her massive breasts, a white sleeved shirt, open and tied together, pushing
those tits up even more. She wore white stockings that came up to the middle
of her thighs.

"Holy fuck," Frank exclaimed. I was speechless. Trish looked too damn hot.

"Wipe that drool off your chins and take off your clothes," she told us. We
quickly disrobed in front of this blond goddess. "This - This is what you
could have gotten if you weren't two incompetent asses!" Trish yelled. We
played dumb. "I know that Lita escaped ... I know everything," she yelled.

"Fuck I knew this wouldn't work," Frank sighed.

"I'm sorry Trish, we messed up, we didn't finish the job. I'll do anything to
make it up to you," I pleaded.

"Here's what's going to happen. Lita's going to go to the police, they're
going to come to me and I'm either going to say nothing or I'm going to tell
them who you are," Trish said.

"Whatever you want, Trish, I'll do anything, I'll make it right," I pleaded.

Trish paced around the room, mad but looking so fucking hot in her little
stacked schoolgirl outfit. She walked back towards us with a smile on her
face. "You know what Erik? I was actually looking forward to sucking Frank's
big twelve inch cock but that's not going to happen. Oh no, but Frank will
get his cock sucked - by you!" Trish said.

I shook my head at Trish telling her that I wouldn't do it. Trish walked over
and picked up the phone. "I'll call you in right now," she said.

"Ok ok fine," I gave in.

That made Trish smile as she commanded me to begin. I got down on my knees in
front of Frank. He's a 6'4" 270 pound bodybuilder. "Let me see you suck his
cock," Trish said, looking down at me. She took a seat on the edge of the
bed. I grabbed Frank's cock in my hand and started stroking it. "Yeah stroke
it Erik, get him nice and hard," Trish said. I jerked him hard and fast,
feeling his massive cock in my hand. "How's that feel, Frank?" Trish asked.

"It feels good," he answered softly.

"Good now that its hard, get to sucking that fat cock, Erik," Trish demanded.

I looked over at her and then back at the massive twelve inch cock in front
of my face. It was even bigger then mine. I wrapped my mouth around it and
started sucking. It was so big, I couldn't take that much in my mouth. I
wasn't looking up at Frank and he wasn't looking down at me.

"Come on, you can do better than that, use your tongue, really suck that big
cock or I'll turn you in," Trish warned.

I started to go at Frank's schlong a little more, using my tongue to lick and
suck it. Trish approved of my cock sucking now and her next direction was to
have me rub Frank's butt with my free hand. I did exactly what she said,
rubbing Frank's ass while I sucked his enormous cock. Frank's butt actually
felt fairly good in my hand, I gave it a little squeeze as I sucked him off.
His cock was starting to taste good in my mouth and I was getting into it,
rubbing his muscular ass and sucking on that giant cock.

"Ok ok that's enough," Trish stepped in, stopping me just when I was starting
to get into it. Trish told me to go sit down in the corner and should told
Frank to get on the bed. Trish went into a dresser drawer and pulled out a
big blue strap-on dildo. "Erik, you've had your punishment. Now Frank, I was
looking forward to getting fucked tonight but you guys messed up so now for
being so careless, I'm going to fuck you," Trish said as she put on the
strap-on over her schoolgirl outfit. She ordered Frank to get on his knees
for her and he did. "Just relax and take your fucking," Trish said. She
rubbed some lube on his asshole and onto her strap-on. "You do have a nice
ass, big and firm, too bad it's gonna get fucked," Trish laughed.

She rubs the head of the dildo against Frank's waiting asshole. She slowlys
starts to push it in, it pops out but Trish pushes it in deeper. Frank grabs
at the bed sheets, accepting all of this large dildo in his muscular ass. "Oh
yeah take it in your ass, big boy," Trish said as she pulled back then rammed
all of the dildo in Frank's ass.

"Ahhhhhh! YEAH!" He screamed.

Trish quickened the pace, in and out, fucking Frank's ass with that big
strap-on. I couldn't help but get turned on at this stacked blond babe
fucking this massive hulking bodybuilder's ass with a big strap-on. Frank's
huge cock slapped between his thighs as Trish fucked his ass. It was still
semi-hard and very big.

"You like this don't you? I bet I could make you cum like this," Trish told

"Fuck Trish! Fuck my ass till I cum!" Frank groaned.

Trish smiled and kept pumping that big strap-on in and out of Frank's
muscular ass. She kept it up for another minute or so and then her cell
phone started to ring. Trish stopped, pulling the dildo out of his ass.
She answered her cell phone and said "Yes" twice and hung up. "That's
enough for you, you're liking it too much! Now both of you go shower,
get dressed, and wait for me to come back," Trish said.

"Where are you going?" Frank asked.

"Its none of your damn business. I won't be long so hurry up," Trish
demanded. "And I'll tell you if I'm going to rat you out or not when I get
backbefore you leave," Trish huffed.

I followed Frank into the bathroom and shut the door. Trish had sprung for
an expensive suite that had a nice big shower in it. Frank turned on the
water and went in. I went in after him and closed the shower door behind us.

"Fuck dude, that was rough," Frank said as he started to soap his body.

I reached around and rubbed his ass, "Feels good to me!" I said.

"That feels good. What was rough was Trish not letting me cum. My balls
fucking hurt," Frank said, rubbing his balls. I glanced down at his limp
cock. "Mmm I could tell you liked sucking my cock, go ahead gimme some
more," Frank insisted.

I got down on my knees and grabbed his semi-hard cock. I gave it a few tugs,
getting it hard and then took it back in my mouth. "Ah yeah that's it, suck
my big cock," Frank groaned.

I held his massive cock at the base and worked it over, licking and sucking
all those inches of thick meat. My hands moved around back to his butt. I
grabbed at it and rubbed my fingers against his asshole. "You like that ass,
big guy?" he asked. I nodded my head, my mouth full of his dick. "Fuck Trish
and her teasing ways, why don't you stick that fucking cock in my ass and
fuck me?" Frank asked.

I stood up and turned him around. "You want me to fuck your ass?" I asked.

"Yeah bro, fuck it, I want you to fuck me," Frank insisted. He leaned
forward, resting his hands against the shower wall. I rubbed his asshole,
still slick with lube. I gently worked my cock inside.

"Aww fuck that's tight," I grunted as I pushed my cock inside of Frank's ass.

"Damn man that feels pretty fucking good," he moaned.

I held onto his waist and fucked his ass. As our big sweaty muscular bodies
fucked, I reached between Frank's legs and tugged on his cock. It couldn't
have been more then a minute or so before he was grunting and I felt cum
blast out of his cock and onto the shower floor. I whipped my cock out and
left my cum dripping down Frank's muscular ass cheeks.

"Ahhh that was a fucking relief, man," Frank said.

"Yeah, man, I feel good now, but we better get going," I said, noticing that
Trish might start wondering what was taking so long. I rinsed the cum off
Frank's ass and then we got out of the shower. We toweled off and changed
into our clothes.

"Well its time to see what that bitch decided," Frank said.

We walked out of the bathroom and Trish was waiting. She had taken off her
school girl outfit and was now sitting there in the tightest white lace
panties and bra. "What the hell took you so long in there? Anyways, I've
come to my decision," Trish said.

"What is it?" Frank asked.

"My decision is ... you two studs have some huge fucking cocks that I just
can't pass up!" She pronounced.

"I can live with that decision," I smiled.

"Let me start with your big dick," Trish said as she walked towards me. I
quickly undressed for her as she got down on her knees in front of me. "You
don't even deserve me," Trish said as she starting stroking my limp cock.

Trish looked up at me with a weird look as my cock wasn't hardening in
her hand. She put in her mouth, licking and sucking on my dick. I was
concentrating and trying so hard but I just couldn't get hard. I had
already came big time twice for Lita and then just minutes ago, busted
a nut after fucking Frank's ass. I just couldn't get going. Trish jerked
hard and sucked for another minute or so and then she gave up.

"Why the fuck can't you get hard?" She asked me.

"I don't know what's going on," I lied.

"I think I know. Let's see, couldn't get the job done with Lita, sucked a big
fat cock, took an extra long time in the shower, and can't get his cock hard
when Trish Stratus is sucking it ... I know, you're fucking fag! That's it!
You're a big homo!" Trish mocked.

"I love women," I shot back.

"Ok limp dick, sure you do. What about you Frank? Can you get that big dick
hard for me?" Trish asked as she started stroking Frank's dick. Sure enough,
he started to grow in her hand. "That's it, Frank, that's what I like to
see," Trish commented on Frank's hard-on.

"Yeah Trish, you need my twelve inch dick, don't you?" Frank said.

Trish looked up at him and smiled as Frank was rock hard in her little hand.
She spat on his cock and started sucking on it, taking a couple inches in
her mouth. She twisted the base with her hand as she bobbed her mouth on the
head. "Mmm so much cock," Trish commented as she came up for air. She lifted
Frank's cock up and licked up and down the shaft, tasting all twelve inches
of his meat. Trish brushed her blond hair out of her face and opened her
mouth wide. She wrapped it around Frank's cock and took it deep into the back
of her throat. Trish did this several times, taking more and more of Frank's
donkey sized dick into her mouth. Finally she gagged and pulled away, leaving
Frank's cock dripping with saliva and pre-cum.

"Damn! Mmmmmmm mmmmmm what a big and tasty cock! You know what it tastes
like don't ya Erik? Ya big queer! Haha! Don't just stand there, make yourself
useful. Look at that gorgeous ass of Frank's, get back there and eat it while
I get back to sucking his fat cock," Trish demanded. She had a wicked smile
on her face as I got down on my knees and started rimming Frank's ass. Maybe
I shouldn't have been so quick but what did I care now? His ass looked good,
felt good, and now I got to taste it. Trish went back to deeply sucking on
Frank's twelve inches while my tongue worked over his asshole.

"Oh christ! Fuuuck that all feels so good! Fucking suck my cock Trish, yeeah
baby," Frank groaned.

In tandem, Trish and I worked him over. Trish sucked his fat cock like a pro
while I tickled his ass with my tongue. This continued for a little while
until Trish had satisfied her craving for cock.

"Mmmm mmmm mmmm I liked that dick! But now I have a different idea. Frank, I
want you to take that big dick and I want you to give Erik what he really
wants. He wants that big dick of yours in his gay ass, don't you?" Trish

"What? No," I said.

"Come on, do it for me, get fucked in the ass for me! That's the least you
can do! Frank, if you fuck him in the ass, you can fuck ME in the ass! Let me
see it happen!" Trish demanded. She got on the bed and sat up against the
headboard. She pulled off her panties showing her shaved pussy. "I'll even
let you suck on my pussy, Erik," she added.

"Alright, let's do this," I said. I got down on all fours on the bed and put
my face between Trish's thighs. She wrapped them around my face, holding it
near her sweet smelling pussy. I started licking her clit, making her breathe

"Be gentle, Frank, make him like it," Trish said as she watched Frank get
ready to plunge into me.

I felt Frank's hand on my ass and then I slowly felt him ease his cock inside
of me. "Ahhh man, ahhh man that's big," I grunted.

Trish pushed my head closer to her pussy. I sucked and licked her as Frank
worked about half of his cock inside of me. "Come on Frank, fuck him! Fuck
the big faggot!" Trish urged.

I could take it, I had taken a strap-on from Lita earlier. Frank started
pumping me with his thick cock. It felt so warm inside of me. Even better
then getting Lita to use that strap-on. Add that to my face being squeezed
by Trish's warm and juicy thighs, and I was feeling damn good.

"Ohh god yeah! Fuck him Frank! That's the way to take it Erik! My big jacked
up fag! Take that fucking cock in your ass for me! Take it all!" Trish

I could tell I was making her orgasm with my tongue. Her thighs loosened
their grip on my face and Trish sighed. She moved down the bed and rubbed
Frank's chest and abs then told him to stop fucking me. Trish went underneath
me and started sucking on my cock. Enough time had passed and I sprung to
attention in her mouth.

"There you go ya big faggot, I knew you could do it," Trish smiled, holding
my hard-on.

I stood up and walked around a bit, rubbing my ass. "Back to normal," I said
as I kept my dick hard.

"Now Frank, I don't lie so now for that - you get some real ass - you get the
best ass you'll ever have - you get my ass," Trish said as she turned around,
displaying her fine booty. She peeled off her white panties, giving us a full
on view of her plump and toned butt. Trish got down on all fours and spread
her ass cheeks open. "Frank, get down here and stick your cock in my ass,"
she demanded. Frank did what she said and got down, working his large cock
in her little asshole. "Now don't move baby, let my ass do the work," Trish
said. She backed up, taking almost all of Frank's twelve inch cock in her
ass. Trish then wiggled her butt, making her cheeks shake.

"Ahhh god that is such a fucking hot ass, ohhh Trish, ohhh fuuck baby, ohhh
damnit!" Frank groaned.

"Ooooh oooooh oooh my ass loves your big cock! Just look at my sexy buns
work, oooh fuck you lucky bastard," Trish moaned. She had total control over
her ass, using it to fuck Frank's cock. She was so impressed with herself
and how good her ass looked. It was so tanned and perfectly ample. "Are you
keeping hard over there faggot? Huh? Can you keep it up now gay boy?" Trish

I grabbed her by her blond hair and forced my cock down her throat, fucking
her face. "Does this feel hard? It's hard for your hot fucking body and Frank
fucking your hot ass!" I yelled at her. I yanked my cock out of her throat to
let her respond.

"Go have a taste of my hot ass!" Trish said.

I moved around back as Frank pulled back, removing his cock from the clenches
of Trish's butt. I grabbed his hog and shoved it in my mouth, sucking it

"OH SUCK THAT FUCKING DICK YOU BIG FAG! Yeeah Erik, lick the taste of my ass
of that big cock! That's the way to do it you fucking queer!" Trish boasted.

I kept slurping Frank's giant cock, tasting all of Trish's hot ass. "Mmmm
tastes like candy!" I proclaimed as I finished licking that cock. I shifted
over to Trish's face and licked her soft pouty lips, leaving the taste of
ass and dick on her lips. Trish licked it off her lips and smiled.

"Let me grind my ass on your cock, get back there stud," Trish insisted.

I assumed the position behind Trish's firm butt. I worked my cock in her
loosened up asshole. It was still damn tight even after being fucked by a
big cock. Trish started backing her ass up on my ten inches. Back and forth
she went, grinding her round ass on my pole. "Ahhh fuck! Work my cock Trish,
ohh god your ass is incredible!" I moaned.

"Unhhhh that feels good for me too! I was wrong you're not a big fag, you
like it all don't you? You're just big horny motherfucker aren't you?" She

"Mmm yeeah Trish! I like it all but this is the best!" I groaned. I wasn't
lieing, I like it all but there was nothing better than the feeling and the
sight of Trish using her finely toned ass to work my ten inch cock.

"Ohh shiit! That looks too good! Oh fuck!" Frank started grunting.

All of a sudden cum came spraying from his cock, all over Trish's butt and
my cock! Trish kept on backing her ass up as Frank's cum rained down on it
and onto my dick. That warm cum felt good coating my cock. I rubbed my cock
around Trish's butt, getting as much of Frank's hot cum on it as I could
than I pushed it back into Trish's asshole.

"Ohhh that feels so good! Ohhh yeah!" Trish moaned. She worked her ass extra
hard, fucking my cum covered cock.

"Oh damn Trish! Oh you fucking hot ass babe! Oh god! Pucker up Trish!" I
warned as I whipped my cock out of her ass and rushed up to her face. She
puckered those big full lips as I unloaded on her sexy face! The cum dripped
down her cheeks and lips. She licked it off and swallowed it down her throat.

"Mmm now that's a money shot!" Trish said as she got up and walked to the

"What a fucking night," I commented.

"Yeah, dude, what a night!" Frank replied.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. The knock kept on going
until Trish came out in a bath robe and answered the door. It was hard to
hear what was going on but Trish was trying to keep the door closed. The
door flung open and Stephanie McMahon barged in. Stephanie was in a business
suit and looked none too happy.

"I knew it! I knew you were lieing," Stephanie said.

"You two idiots! Get her!" Trish commanded.

"Don't even think about it," Stephanie said.

Frank and I looked at each other, we weren't about to side with Trish after
all her threats and abuse. Stephanie McMahon explained to us that Lita had
come to her instead of the police and that she didn't want this whole ordeal
getting out in the public.

"Trish, I can deal with you pretty easily. I'll be docking your pay in half
and you'll be wrestling only the toughest competition every night until I'm
satisfied. Now as far as you two big jocks go, I'm going to make you work off
your punishment until I'm satisfied and Lita is satisfied. I've got plenty of
weeds that need to be pulled at my mansion," Stephanie smirked. She wanted us
to work for her, for free, until she and Lita were satisfied. Considering the
whole night and what could have happened, this wasn't the worst punishment.

"Whatever you want Mrs. McMahon, we realize we should never have listened to
this selfish bitch in the first place and we'll do whatever it takes to make
this right," I said. Frank agreed and we acted extra nice and aplogetic to
Stephanie because we really had no other choice.

"You'll be hearing from me soon," Stephanie said as she stormed out.

"We got off pretty light," Frank joked.

"You two have no idea what Stephanie McMahon is capable of. You may end up
wishing you had gone to jail," Trish warned.

Was she right? Just what could Stephanie do to us? All I knew was that I
needed to report back to Stone and Sable ASAP.

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