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Mission WWE Part 3: The Big Boss
by Revolution

After I left Trish's hotel room, I got the first flight back home to Toronto.
I slept most of the way there and just tried to clear my head. The sleep was
good because my dreams felt more normal than my life had been the past few
days. When I got home, I called into the agency headquarters to report on my
findings. I told them everything, well, almost everything. You could imagine
there were certain activities that I didn't want to mention. Special Agent
Sable was most interested in who Frank was. I assured her that he would be no
trouble and he had no idea about my undercover work for the agency. The next
detail they wanted to go over was the phone call that Trish got. I told them
how her demeanor changed and how it appeared she had to pick something up or
drop something off. It was strange because of how little she said on the
phone and the fact that it was the middle of the night. My mind was racing
with the possibilities of what was really going on. I then got to the part of
the evening where Stephanie McMahon showed up. Commander Stone was very
excited about this.

"This is better news than I was expecting," he stated. I now had an "in" with
one of the head figures in WWE, Stephanie McMahon.

"You have to do whatever she says, Erik, and you have to do something a
little more risky. Stephanie always carries a laptop with her. I need you
to take a memory stick and copy all her files. It won't take you long but
somehow, you'll need to find a few minutes alone with her laptop. You need
to do this Erik because what's on that laptop may be what we're looking
for," Sable insisted. She could hardly mask her excitement. All I could
think of was her long toned legs and her promise to me. I told them
confidently that I would get to Stephanie's laptop and get the files.

* * *

The next weekend, I got a call telling me that Stephanie McMahon wanted me in
Connecticut on a Saturday night. I arrived at her mansion at about 8:00PM and
met Frank outside.

"This is some spread," I said.

"Damn right, man, this is massive. I hope this goes well," he said. I buzzed
on the intercom and heard Stephanie's voice telling us to come on in. The
gate opened and we walked up a fairly long driveway to her front door. The
door was open so we just walked inside.

"I'm in here," Stephanie called out. We followed the voice into her living
room area where she was seated on a big black leather couch. The house was
very posh and you could tell that everything was very expensive. Stephanie
told us to take a seat. She stood up, a glass of wine in hand, and paced a
little, collecting her thoughts. Stephanie was wearing a low-cut black
dress that came up above the knee with some black knee-high boots. She was
definitely a large and voluptuous woman.

"I've been trying to think of how I can possibly deal with you two. I've put
a lot of thought into this and I'm going to put you two to work. You're tall
and you're very muscular, so what I want to do is make you two a tag team.
You're going to work off your debt and get beat up night after night until
I'm satisfied," Stephanie stated.

"I guess that's fair," Frank said.

"Yeah, we'll do whatever you want, Stephanie," I told her.

"Good now go into the bathroom over there and in the blue bag, there's a pair
of matching tights. I need to get a better idea of what my new tag team is
going to look like," she said. We walked into the bathroom and there was a
blue bag sitting on the counter. I reached into the bag and pulled out a pair
of blue wrestling trunks. We stripped down, put on our trunks, and walked
back out of the bathroom. Stephanie was sitting there with her legs crossed.
I noticed her rubbing her leg as she looked us over.

"I like that; you two look pretty good in your trunks. I like what I'm seeing
but I'm still not 100% convinced that you have what I'm looking for in a tag
team. There was another bag in the bathroom, why don't you go change for me?"
Stephanie asked. We walked back into the bathroom and sure enough there was
another bag on the counter. I looked inside and pulled out two of the tiniest
black thongs you could imagine.

"She wants us to wear these?" I asked.

"I guess so, just do whatever the fat bitch wants," Frank responded. I pulled
off my trunks and put on this little thong. I had trouble fitting all of my
cock and balls in it. Frank was struggling even more then me to fit his hog
in it. If anyone could pull off the male thong look it was him, from the
front and the back, as we walked back out for Steph.

"Oh yeah! Now I can see what I need to see," Stephanie said as we stood there
95% naked.

"We couldn't possibly wear these in the ring, could we?" Frank asked.

"Oh no, this is just for me," Stephanie said. I saw her hand moving up her
legs and she was now rubbing the insides of her thighs. She asked us to start
posing for her and flexing our muscles. We obliged, striking a few different

"Erik, look at those abs, those are perfect. Frank, feel those abs for me,
make sure they feel as tight as they look," Steph instructed. Frank rubbed my
washboard abs and confirmed to Steph that they were as tight as they looked.
Stephanie wanted us to turn around next so she could see our big strong

"Good lord Frank, what an ass. Erik, get down there and squeeze that ass for
me," she instructed. I got down on my knees and started squeezing Frank's
muscular ass.

"Oh yeah that looks good ... squeeze it! Mmm nice ... spread it and squeeze
it some more, yeeah, look at that, I really like that, yeeah that's good,"
Stephanie commented. I turned my head and saw that she now had her hands up
her dress and was rubbing herself as I was playing with Frank's butt.

"Something else is missing ... oil," Stephanie said as she grabbed a bottle
of baby oil and tossed it to me. She instructed us to oil each other up. We
got our hands covered with oil and started rubbing it all over each other.
Stephanie instructed us to slow down as we covered our sculpted bodies with
baby oil. Frank did my back, rubbing oil all the way from my neck down to my
feet. Steph was really going at herself now underneath her dress. Now it was
my turn to do Frank's back. I could hear Steph moaning softly until I got
down to his ass.

"That's it! Oil his ass Erik! Rub it all over!" She blurted out. My hands
covered every inch of Frank's muscular ass with oil. Stephanie made me go
over it again and again until it was done to her satisfaction.

"Frank, tell me, what do you find most attractive about me?" Stephanie asked.

"Without a doubt, those big huge titties. Goddamn those are the sweetest set
of tits I've ever seen," Frank remarked.

"They are, aren't they? I see that Erik was starting to get hard while
rubbing your butt. If you wanna see my big fat tits then grab his dick and
get him fully hard!" Steph demanded. Without hesitation, Frank pulled my
cock out and started jerking it.

"Ohh yeah jerk his fucking cock for my big breasts!" Steph encouraged. She
slowly pulled down her dress, letting her huge tits flop out. I felt Frank's
grip tighten on my cock as he laid eyes on Stephanie's enormous rack.

"Damn Steph, those are some fat titties!" Frank groaned.

"Stroke that dick for my tits! Yeah ... you love my big fat titties so much,
I can see it by the way you're handling his cock," Stephanie said. She moved
around a little, crossing and uncrossing her arms, pushing those tits
together and making them bounce.

"Now what about you Erik? What else is sexy about me?" Stephanie asked.

"It'd have to be those thick juicy thighs leading up to that ass. It all just
keeps on giving," I answered.

"Well you know what you need to do if you wanna see my big butt," she stated.
I pulled down the front of Frank's thong bottoms and held his warm dick in my
hand. I started stroking that big monster while Stephanie turned around. She
started lifting up her skirt, showing off those thunderous thighs and then
giving me a flash of that big ass.

"Are you ready? Are you ready for my big fat ass?" Stephanie asked.

"Oh god yes," I muttered, clutching hard onto Frank's pole. Stephanie dropped
her dress, and there it was, a big round tanned ass. Now Stephanie stood
there in black heels, a black thong, diamond earrings and nothing else.

"Take a good long look at me ... I'm a big, fat, bitch with huge titties,
nice wide hips, a fat fucking ass, long toned legs ... and I am your boss,"
Stephanie commanded.

"You are all that and more," Frank said.

"This big fat bitch is needs to be fed so bring those huge cocks over to me,"
she demanded. Stephanie got down on her knees as Frank and I stood in front
of her with her raging hard-ons.

"Mmm look at all this cock for me," Steph said as she grabbed a hold of our
meat. She attacked my cock first, taking at least eight of ten inches into
her mouth no problem. There was no warm up for Steph, she just took it all
deep in her sexy mouth and sucked. Stephanie had no problem holding all that
cock in her mouth for a minute at a time, just working over my dick with her
tongue. She had a sly grin on her face when she finally pulled my cock from
between her lips.

"I told you I was hungry," she said. Steph moved over to Frank's twelve
incher and started going to town on it. She took that big cock so deep in
her mouth with ease. She certainly had no gag reflex. Stephanie went back
and forth on our cocks, deep throating them. There was no gentle licking or
caressing, she just wanted to suck these monsters down her throat.

"Come closer," Stephanie said as we moved in close to her face. She took our
cocks in her hands and pushed the heads together in her mouth, trying to suck
both of them at the same time.

"Ohh you fat bitch, ohhh damnit that's good," I groaned, feeling my cock head
rubbing against Frank's in her mouth. She double pumped our cocks and looked
up at us with that sexy smirk then she tried to fit more of us into her

"Fuck that feels good," Frank looked at me and groaned. Each time, Stephanie
managed to fit more and more of our cocks inside her mouth, meaning they were
pressed together even tighter. Stephanie's wet tongue tickled the underside
of my cock, her soft lips pressed against the shaft and my cock head rubbing
up and down Frank's monster.

"Mmm hmmm just like I thought, you two love having your big fat cocks rubbing
together in my mouth, don't you?" Stephanie asked.

"Fuck yeah bitch, that cock feels good," Frank moaned. Stephanie stood up and
got close to him.

"But you really want that cock in your ass, don't you? I can tell that you
like taking it up the ass," Steph told him.

"You're the boss," Frank responded. Stephanie instructed me to sit down on
the edge of the couch.

"Now Frank, I wanna see you spread those nice hard glutes and sit right down
on Erik's cock," she demanded. I held my hard ten inch rod steady as Frank
slowly lowered his ass down onto it.

"Nice and slow, take it in you," Steph said softly as Frank sat on my dick.
Frank eased his way all the way down, taking all my cock deep inside of him.
Stephanie came over beside me and leaned in close to my face.

"I bet that's nice and tight," she said.

"Aww fuck Steph, its a real tight butt," I groaned. Frank started moving up
and down, getting fucked in the ass with my ten inch cock. Stephanie moved
around front of Frank and jerked his twelve incher back to full attention.

"Ohhh shit! Ohh fuck Steph, that feels nice," he grunted.

"You're enjoying that dick in your ass, aren't you? Well I'm about to make
you feel even better, big boy," Steph said. Frank held steady on my cock as
Stephanie got down to her knees. She sandwiched Frank's massive cock between
her even more massive tits.

"Not even your big cock is too much for my fat titties," Steph said as she
tit fucked Frank's dick.

"Oh my fucking god! This is too much! Ohh fuuuck!" Frank shouted as he rode
my cock and had his tit fucked by Stephanie.

"Don't hold back, I want you to cum on my double D's with Erik's cock stuck
up your ass!" Steph insisted.

"Aghhhhhhh you fat bitch! FUCK I'M CUMMING! OH GOD!" Frank screamed. I held
his wrists as Stephanie's jerked the cum out of his monsterous cock with her
fat titties. His ass tightened even more on my dick as he cum squirted out of
his cock, all over Stephanie's breasts. Stephanie stood up, her big floppy
funbags shining with Frank's cum. Frank got off my dick and sat down on the
couch. I needed to cum too and all I could see where Stephanie's melons,
dripping with Frank's cum. I grabbed Stephanie and threw her down on her
back. I mounted her chest and placed my cock between those big fake titties.
Stephanie squeezed them together and I started pumping.

"Oh Erik, you like those big titties, all covered with another man's cum?"
Steph asked.

"Fuck yeah! Feels so warm on my cock! Fucking hell these are big tits!" I
moaned as I pumped my cock between Stephanie's tits. They were so slick with
cum that my cock slid in and out of those jugs no problem.

"Yeah Erik! Fuck my big fat titties! Yeah!" Stephanie encouraged. My pace
started to slow as I felt the cum building. I slowly pumped my cock between
those massive breasts for as long as I could.

"Ahhhh you fat bitch I'm gonna blow!" I exclaimed as I whipped my cock from
between her titties and added my big sticky load to them! Her massive jugs
were just covered with two loads of hot cum and they looked so good.
Stephanie held them together, admiring her cum covered breasts.

"Doesn't that look right?" she asked.

"Fuck that looks so right, Steph," I moaned.

"Why don't you both come here and clean them for me?" Stephanie requested.
Frank came over and started licking the cum off her right tit. I followed his
lead and lapped up the salty cum off her left tit.

"Ooohh wow that feels good, that really is a two man job," she said. I ran
my tongue across every inch of that tit, twice over, licking up all the cum.
When we were finished, her big tits were squeaky clean.

"Mmm my tag team, you sure are good at working together," Stephanie

"You know Frank, we have something in common," she said.

"What's that?" Frank asked.

"Just like you, when I get fucked, I like getting fucked in my ass,"
Stephanie proclaimed.

"Are you serious?" Frank asked.

"Dead serious. I've been building up this big booty for a nice big cock like
yours, now sit down and get hard," she demanded. Frank sat down on the couch
as Stephanie turned her ass to him. She slowly bent forward, taking off her
thong. Frank jerked away at his cock, bringing it back to full attention.
Stephanie paused halfway up, and looked over her shoulder. She wiggled that
big butt in Frank's face, just to make sure his cock was hard as a rock.
Steph turned around and straddled Frank on the couch. I watched as she
lowered that big butt down onto Frank's twelve inches. She had a little
trouble taking it all at first.

"Come help, Erik, help me get my fat ass down on his cock," she said. I held
Stephanie's hips and pushed her all the way down so Frank's twelve inch cock
was planted up her ass. Stephanie wiggled her fat butt around a little and
then started to move up and down.

"Ooooh my god ... ohhh Frank that is so big! Ohhh fuck!" Stephanie quivered.

"Jesus Christ Stephanie I've never felt an ass like this," Frank groaned.
This was the greatest thing I had ever seen. Stephanie's big wide ass riding
Frank's big thick cock. I was in overload, it was so fucking hot.

"How's it look back there, Erik?" Frank asked.

"Yeah, do you like my big fat ass? I know you do," Steph added.

"Oh yeah bitch this is one huge fucking ass," I said. I rubbed my hands all
over that big juicy butt, grabbing it, slapping it and just feeling all of
it. Frank grabbed Stephanie's wide hips and started pumping his cock up her
ass. Steph bounced a little on top, making her jello filled ass jiggle
uncontrollably. SPANK! I hit Stephanie's ass hard with an open handed smack.

"Come on Frank, fuck that fat ass!" I yelled at him. He held Stephanie
tightly and started bucking his hips super fast. He jackhammered into
Stephanie's ass, making those big cheeks vibrate. He was fucking her so
hard that his cock slipped out of her ass. I grabbed it and wrapped my
mouth around his big warm dick. I deeply sucked the taste of Stephanie's
ass off his cock.

"YEAH! YEAH SUCK THAT COCK! SUCK IT!" Steph screamed. I slurped it all up
then shoved it back up her fat ass.

"Mmmmm fuck that tasted good!" I exclaimed. Frank kept pumping that wide load
while I licked my lips, savouring the taste of his cock and Steph's butt. I
then looked over at the table and saw the bottle of baby oil. I grabbed it
but it was empty.

"There's more in my upstairs bathroom," Steph told me. The light bulb went
off in my head. This was my chance to copy the files. I grabbed the memory
stick from my pants and headed upstairs. Stephanie was so busy with Frank
that she didn't even suspect a thing. I went upstairs and right there in her
room was her laptop. I plugged in the memory stick and started the copying
process. Meanwhile, I went in her bathroom and found a full bottle of baby
oil. Stephanie's screams of having Frank's big cock in her ass echooed
through the house. The copying process was completed and I headed back

"Found it!" I said. I kept my back to them as I slipped the memory stick back
into my pants then walked over with the baby oil. My mission was complete but
I was far from done with Stephanie.

"Let me grease you up like the pig that you are!" I said as I spread oil all
over her ass.

"Yeah grease up this fat pig's ass!" Frank encouraged.

"Yeah I'm a fat fucking pig! Get my fat ass all oiled up you cocksucker!"
Stephanie yelled back. Her big ass was dripping with baby oil and looked even
better. The oil dripped down onto Frank's cock, making it look tastier too. I
started licking Stephanie's fat ass cheeks then moved towards her ass crack.
I held her fat ass still on Frank's fat cock and started licking up the shaft
of Frank's dick up to Stephanie's butt.

"Oooh god man I need a break," Frank quivered.

"Come on Erik, why don't you fuck me doggystyle?" Steph asked. She got down
on all fours, pushing that big butt in the air.

"Doggystyle? No way, this is COW STYLE!" I exclaimed. I got down behind her
and shoved my cock deep in her gaping asshole.

"Unhhh yeah I'm such a fucking fat cow! I need that dick!" Steph moaned. I
grabbed at her brunette locks, making her turn around and look at me.

"Look at your fat sweaty ass jiggle! Yeah look at that you fat cow," I told
her. Stephanie just smiled and admired how her big booty shook every time I
pumped into her.

"Moo for me you fat cow! Moo while I fuck your huge ass!" I demanded.

"MOOOOOOOOO! MOOOOOOOOO! MOOOOOOOOO!" Stephanie made cow noises as I slammed
into her rear.

"Oh fuck you bitch, you fucking fat ass fucking rich bitch," I said in

"If you think this is good, wait until Frank sticks his dick in my ass too!
There's plenty of room!" Stephanie said. I quickly moved onto my back and
Stephanie sat on top of me. I pushed my cock up into her gaping asshole and
spread her thick legs. Frank stuck a couple fingers inside Stephanie's ass
and rubbed my balls with with his thumb.

"Come on big guy, stick it in my ass," Stephanie encouraged. Frank pushed his
twelve inches inside of Stephanie's asshole. He had no trouble joining my ten
inside. Stephanie had obviously been using some big toys or even bigger men
to break in her asshole. Stephanie stopped moaning loudly and just relaxed
her entire body as Frank and I double fucked her asshole. Frank held her legs
in the air while I was rubbing her fat titties. The feeling of his hard cock
rubbing against mine made me lose it.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh aaaaahhhh ahhhhhhh," I exclaimed as I felt the cum leaving my
cock. Frank's grip on Stephanie's calves tightened as he started ejaculating
inside of her too. He was quiet too, his body shaking from the overwhelming
orgasm. When he pulled out, my cock slipped out and the cum dribbled out of
Stephanie's asshole.

"What a team you too make," Stephanie said as she opened her eyes. She
literally looked like she was about to fall asleep after having two big dicks
explode in her asshole. This was what relaxed the so-called "Billion Dollar

"You two start next Monday, you'll get your itinerary soon. Take this
chemistry to the ring and you'll be superstars," Stephanie smiled.

"You're the boss!" Frank asserted.

"You're right, I am the boss and you'll do whatever I want for as long as I
want or else your new co-workers will find out what you two like to do to
each other," she laughed.

"You won't have any problems from us, we promise," I said. "Yeah, we'll be
the best employees that you've ever had," Frank added.

"You will because now the McMahon's own you," Stephanie kept laughing. After
we left, Frank turned to me and said, "I think that went well."

"Oh you could say that," I replied as I felt the memory stick in my pocket.

* * *

I checked back in with Commander Stone, who was extremely pleased that I had
completed another mission. I promptly returned home and dropped off the
memory stick.

"Now what?" I asked Sable.

"You're going to go and work for WWE. You're going to be the perfect employee
and when we need you, we'll call," she said.

"Fair enough. But can't you tell me what you're looking for now? You can
trust me," I said.

"I will not tell you again that you're on a need to know basis and that is
something you don't need to know. If you ask me again, you will not like the
consequences," Sable scolded me.

"I'm sorry, Sable," I apologized. Sable leaned in and kissed my bottom lip.

"Just keep up the good work," she whispered in my ear, "and remember that I
never break my promises."

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