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Mission WWE Part 4: The Biggest Boss
by Revolution

The Tuesday morning after I was back from the big "meeting" with Stephanie,
I got a phone call from the WWE offices. The call came from Mr. McMahon's
secretary. They wanted to fly me to Stamford so I could meet with Mr. McMahon
and officially sign my WWE contract. My meeting was scheduled for Thursday
morning and my tickets would be waiting for me at my airport. I immediately
called into the agency headquarters with the latest developments. "Come in
right away," Special Agent Sable told me. I went right into the headquarters
to talk about my impending meeting with Vince McMahon.

"Do you see this?" Commander Stone asked me as he held up an action figure.

"Uh yeah, that's a Triple H action figure, so what?" I responded.

"It's not just any action figure, this is a hidden camera. When you go into
your meeting with Mr. McMahon, you're going to place this somewhere before
you leave so we can conduct surveillance on his offices from a nearby truck,
which will be able to pick up the camera's signal," he explained.

"What if he catches me?" I asked.

"He won't catch you," Sable insisted.

"Can I watch the video feed?" I asked.

"I can't risk being so close to the WWE offices so yes, you can monitor the
feed until you have to catch your plane back home," Sable said. I took the
action figure/hidden camera with me and went home to pack up for my trip back
to Connecticut.

* * *

Thursday morning, I left the hotel and took a cab to the WWE offices in
Stamford. I saw the repair van sitting across the street. My mission was to
place the hidden camera in Vince's office sometime during my meeting and
then make my way over to the repair van and join Stone in monitoring the
video feed. This certainly seemed like it was going to be one of my easier
missions. I checked in at the front desk and they sent me right upstairs.

"Mr. McMahon is on a tight schedule," she said. I took the elevator up to the
top floor where it was just Mr. McMahon's office. The door was open and I saw
him sitting behind his desk, watching a tape of RAW on a big flat screen TV.
He motioned me and told me to close the door.

"Erik Saunders, sir, nice to meet you," I said, extending my hand.

"Call me Vince," he said and gave me a firm handshake. I sat down while he
looked down at some notes on his desk. He was very intimidating in person. I
looked around his office and saw that it was filled with WWE products and
merchandise. There were plenty of places to hide the hidden camera action
figure but I needed an opportunity.

"So my daughter Stephanie says that you and Frank would make a good tag
team for the company. She wants you to start this coming Monday. I trust my
daughter's judgement but that doesn't mean I won't hesitate to fire you if
you don't live up to my expectations," Vince explained.

"I understand. I will work my hardest to be a great addition to your
company," I said. Mr. McMahon went over some details with me about my
character, my background, and how I would fit into the company. He spoke
a lot about being part of the WWE team and how I had to be loyal to him.

"Now before you go, I need to know how far you're willing to go for me," he

"I'll do anything for you, Mr. McMahon, you're my boss," I stated.

"You look like you get plenty of women, is that right? Get a lot of action?"
He asked.

"I can't complain," I smiled, thinking of his daughter.

"Being on TV for WWE means that you're going to get even more women. You're
going to get anyone you want. But before I let you become a star, I need to
see your level of commitment. I need to see you get on your knees for Mr.
McMahon," he said firmly. I didn't have time to think this through so I did
what he said and got down on my knees. He stood up and walked over to me,
unzipping his fly.

"I need to see you suck Mr. McMahon's dick," he said.

"I said I would do anything for this company and if that's what you want,
that's what I'll do," I complied. He reached into his pants but then paused
and zipped back up.

"I uhh I just needed to see how committed you were and you showed me that you
are," he said.

"Now I'm going to give you a few minutes alone to think about this contract
and when I come back, either you'll be part of WWE or you won't," he stated
as he walked out the door. I took the contract in one hand and waited for a
minute to see if he was coming back. When he didn't, I took out the hidden
camera action figure and set it down in a good spot where it would capture
the whole room on camera. I flipped it on and heard the door open. I quickly
moved back to the desk and signed my name on the dotted line.

"Welcome aboard," Mr. McMahon said. I shook his hand and told him that I was
glad to be a part of his company. He said that he would see me Monday for RAW
and that was that. I left the office and headed down the elevator. My heart
was racing from the excitement of almost having to do who knows what on Mr.
McMahon and also putting the hidden camera in. Mr. McMahon's secretary gave
me my schedule and sent me on my way. I headed out of the WWE offices and
walked down the street until I was out of sight. I crossed the street and
headed back to the "repair van". The back door opened up and I got in without
being seen. There was a nice sized monitor setup with a pretty damn good
quality feed of Mr. McMahon's office.

"Good work," Commander Stone told me.

"Yeah it was no problem at all," I told him. We sat back and watched the feed
for about an hour with nothing of note really happening. That's when Stone's
cell phone rang. He said a few words into the phone and slammed it shut.

"Something came up with my ..." he paused, "Look I have to leave for a few
hours. The feed is taping, you stay here and make sure nobody messes with the
van, ok?" He asked.

"Yeah no problem, you go take care of whatever it is you have to take care
of," I insisted.

"Don't tell Sable about this, ok?" He asked.

"My lips are sealed," I said. Commander Stone made sure no one was looking
and then exited the van. This was working out perfectly. Not only did I get
to keep watching the hidden feed but I also had a little bit of leverage over
the Commander which I could possibly use to find out more about what exactly
was going on. For the next hour, I watched Vince eat lunch and talk on the
phone to the creative staff. Nothing interesting at all. That was until
Stephanie came into the office and closed the door.

"What's the matter, daddy? You look upset," she said.

"It's personal," he said. Stephanie got back up and locked the office door.

"Get it off your chest, dad," she said.

"I haven't been having a lot of urges sexually lately and it's been awhile
since I've had sex. Yesterday I brought in one of those new diva search girls
to fuck but I didn't aroused so I sent her packing," Vince explained.

"And then earlier today I brought in that new guy you recommended, Erik, and
I was going to make him blow me to get his job and get power over him but
again, I couldn't get hard," he said in a frustrated tone.

"The pills that I got you don't work?" Stephanie asked.

"I'm Vince McMahon damnit, I don't need any pills," he growled at her.

"Oh daddy, nobody will even know if you use them. Would you please just
take one for me and try it? Just take one now and get off, you'll feel much
better, please," she pleaded with her father. Vince reached into his drawer
and pulled out a pill bottle.

"I hate this," he said.

"Please," Stephanie begged. Vince reached into the bottle and took out a
pill. He tossed it in his mouth and washed it down with some bottled water.

"You won't regret this," Stephanie said.

"Yeah but I already sent that muscle head away," Vince said.

"You know what, daddy? Torrie is here doing a photo shoot!" Stephanie

"Bring that little trick in here," Vince demanded.

"I'll go get her," Steph agreed.

"wait, I need to know if the pill works first," Vince said. Stephanie stopped
and start unbuttoning her blouse. She grabbed an ice cube out of Vince's
water and put it between her big fake breasts.

"Ok it's working," Vince smiled. Stephanie wiped off her tits, buttoned up
her blouse and left the office. Mr. McMahon called down to his secretary and
told her to redirect all his calls to Stephanie's office. Meanwhile, I
couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. The almighty Vince McMahon is
taking boner pills that he gets from his daughter?! What a freak!

A few minutes passed until the door opened up and in came Torrie Wilson.
Torrie was wearing tight pink booty shorts and a pink bra top with white

"What is it, Mr. McMahon? I'm doing a photo shoot in the gym," Torrie asked.

"I've got something you need to take care of," he said in his booming voice.
Vince stood up and slammed his freakishly big dick on his desk. The thing
looked long with massive girth.

"Oh no Vince, I'm not prepared for that. I know its been a couple years
since we've done it but remember you have to give me some warning," Torrie

"Get over here now and suck your big Mac Daddy!" he demanded.

"I can't do it, I'm sorry, it's too big," Torrie complained.

"Nobody says no to me!" Vince yelled as he moved across the room. Torrie
backed away from the imposing figure moving towards her. Vince reached behind
her and locked his office door.

"Get down on your knees!" He demanded. Torrie hesitated and Vince grabbed her
by the hair and forced her down to her knees. He kept a hold of her blond
hair until she started sucking on his big throbbing cock. Torrie took a few
inches in her mouth and started blowing the boss.

"YEAH! Do what you do best!" Vince growled. He dragged Torrie back behind his
desk so he could sit down while she worked him over.

"Thank you for letting me suck your big cock, Mr. McMahon, it's the best,"
Torrie said between licks of his shaft.

"That's better Torrie," Vince chuckled.

"None of the other cock I've sucked compares to yours, you handsome stud,"
Torrie continued. She kept laying on the praise and telling the old man what
he wanted to hear. Torrie slowly and steadily worked over Vince's freakish
cock for a good ten or fifteen minutes. He stood up and grabbed the back of
Torrie's head and started forcing his cock deep down her throat. The tears
started rolling down her cheeks as she struggled to breathe.

"More! Choke me with your cock!" She pleaded.

"Yeah that's what I want to hear," he said. The deep throating lasted a
couple minutes until Vince wanted to fuck Torrie.

"I was serious about not being able to just take all of you, please be
gentle," she pleaded with him. He lifted up Torrie and laid her on his desk.
He spread those long tanned legs of hers and started entering her snug pussy.

"Ooohh you're so big, Mr. McMahon," she said in a struggled tone.

"Yeah the big mac daddy is giving you what you need," he boasted as he
started pumping into her. Torrie pulled off her top, letting the old man see
her big round tits. He rested her legs on his shoulders and started fondling
Torrie's jugs while he pumped in and out of her sweet pussy.

"Uhhhh fuck me Vince! Yeah you've still got the right moves!" She continued
to compliment him. I couldn't help but wonder if it was sincere or not. He
fucked her and fucked her and fucked her some more as sweat poured off of
him. He just kept on going and going with his pill-induced erection.
Meanwhile, I had my cock out and was stroking it something fierce. Mr.
McMahon finally stood back but didn't cum. Instead, he took a few swigs of
his water.

"Bend over, Torrie," he demanded. Torrie got off the desk, came back around
to Vince's side and bent over it.

"Ah yeah you keep your ass so nice and tight, just how I like it," he
complimented as he felt up Torrie's backside.

"Thank you," Torrie grinned, looking back at her fine work.

"Are you ready to take the Mac Daddy's cock in your ass?" He asked.

"Umm no. I'm serious now. I can't do that today," Torrie confessed.

"Oh come on," Vince tried again.

"NO VINCE! Just fuck my pussy," Torrie said firmly.

"Oh alright," Vince huffed as he rubbed her pussy with his cock head. Torrie
turned her head back around and laid it on the desk. Vince's right hand went
on the back of Torrie's head and then Torrie screamed loudly as Vince stuck
his big dick right in her ass.

screamed. Vince held Torrie down as he force fucked her tight little ass.

"You don't say no to me! I'm Vince McMahon!" He growled.

"You're hurting me!" Torrie pleaded as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"You're hurting my cock with your tight ass! I LOVE IT!" He shot back at her.

"Owww unhhh owww oooohhh ohhh no owwww fuuuck," Torrie moaned in pain but
also a little bit of pleasure as her asshole started to accept the big dick.

"Yeah you fucking wanted this, didn't you Torrie?" Vince asked.

"No! It hurts so much!" Torrie cried.

"You're wrong!" He shouted as he pulled back on Torrie's blond hair.

"Ohh you're right Vince! I wanted this! I wanted your studly cock in my ass!
I'm so lucky!" Torrie said in between short breaths. I now knew for sure she
was just saying and doing what was necessary to keep her boss happy.

"Cum for me Mac Daddy!" Torrie demanded. She was trying to end this unwanted
ass fucking.

"I'll cum when I'm ready damnit!" He snapped back at her. The old man still
couldn't cum and I started thinking that these pills had left him with a
super long lasting erection. He was huffing and puffing and all tired out but
these pills wouldn't let him finish when he wanted to.

After about an hour and half or more in total of all of this since Torrie
arrived, I could hear the deadbolt on the door open and then saw Stephanie
McMahon walk back in.

"Oh my god!" Torrie yelped as she saw Stephanie. She grabbed her clothes and
bolted out the door, obviously not knowing that Stephanie knew all about it.
"Close the door," Vince demanded of his daughter.

"I thought you'd be done long before now," Steph said.

"These fucking pills, I can't cum!" He confessed.

"Well I've got some free time, daddy," Steph said. Vince smiled as Stephanie
moved a chair out of her way. That chair knocked down the action figure and
the feed cut out! NO! I looked around and grabbed some tissues and busted my
load into them. Right when I pulled my pants up, the van door opened and it
was Stone.

"Where's the fucking feed?" He asked.

"They knocked over the action figure," I explained.

"They?" He inquired.

"Stephanie did right before she was going to fuck Vince," I elaborated.

"WHAT?!" He was confused.

"You watch the tape, I gotta go catch my flight," I said as I exited the van.
They sure got something on that tape but would it but enough? That wasn't my
concern. I had to get going so I could get ready for my debut match on

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