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Mission WWE Part 5: The First (And Final?) Match
by Revolution

Once I returned home from my latest mission to Stamford to meet and spy on
Vince McMahon, I had to get ready for my tag team debut Monday at RAW. I went
tanning a couple times and got my trunks and boots together. I packed up my
stuff on Sunday and was scheduled to fly out Sunday night to Orlando for RAW.
Before I went to the airport, I stopped in at the Agency Headquarters for a
meeting with Commander Stone and Special Agent Sable.

"We don't have anything new for you right now, we just need you to go and do
what's asked of you. Just keep your eyes open for anything suspicious but
other than that, your mission is to fit in," Stone explained.

"So did you get anywhere with the surveillance footage?" I asked.

"We didn't get as much footage as we wanted but we got enough. We're very
close to concluding our investigation. Well ... we think we're close but
we've been close before and things didn't work out," Sable said, trying to
be as vague as possible.

"That's good news, I think. As long as I collect on my reward, I'm a happy
camper," I said.

"Judging on how I looked in the mirror this morning, you'll be the happiest
one to see this investigation closed," Sable told me in her arrogant yet so
seductive way.

I headed out of the agency headquarters to make my flight to Orlando. The
plan was to stay overnight at the airport hotel and then drive to the arena
in the afternoon and meet up with Frank.

* * *

I arrived to the arena on time on Monday afternoon and met up with Frank. The
agents told us that we wouldn't be on TV but would be wrestling a tag team
match before RAW started to see how we did. We were fine with that. We didn't
see Vince or Stephanie the whole day and pretty much just tried to be
friendly with all the wrestlers. We went out there and lost the match like we
were supposed to but we really made our opponents look good. When we came
back through the curtain, Stephanie was waiting. She walked with us and told
us that we had done a really good job.

"Here, why don't you two use one of the private dressing rooms to unwind,
shower, and change?" She offered as she held out a key.

"Wow, that'd be great, boss," I said, accepting the key. I slapped hands with
Frank and headed off to grab our stuff and take it to the private dressing
room. The dressing room wasn't all that special, it had some benches, a
shower and a sink but it was private. I tried to stretch out some of the sore
spots in my neck while Frank sat down and took off his boots. I took a seat
next to him and started taking off my boots as well. Frank stood up and
peeled off his wrestling trunks so he was naked. I reached forward and gave
him a good smack on the ass.

"I've been missing that," I told him.

"You know who I saw backstage earlier ... Lita," Frank said.

"Really? I didn't even see her," I said.

"You know, you never told me what happened that night," Frank said.

"Well, I fucking tied her up and played with her big tits," I started. I was
rubbing my cock when Frank grabbed at it.

"Let me fuckin help you out, go on with the story," he said. Frank went down
to his knees and pulled off my trunks. He started to suck my cock.

"Ahh that feels good, man, suck my fucking dick. So I take Lita and I make
her lick my ass. I jerked off with her thong. I fucked her big tits. And the
whole time I made her tell me what a dirty whore she is," I said. Frank was
doing a good job on my cock while I told him about my night with Lita.

"Mmm tell me more," he said, taking a short breather.

"I wouldn't let her suck my dick because she might bite it. Not like you, big
man, you're sucking my cock real nice. I was gonna fuck that pussy until I
saw that she had a strap-on in her bag. Oh man, she fucked me good, real
good," I said. I held the back of Frank's head as he slurped on my cock.

"Ohhh Lita, so fucking hot, oh god ... LITA!" I shouted but that's because
Lita was standing right there in the door way.

"This is so fucking great," Lita laughed as I stopped Frank from sucking my

"How long have you been there?" I asked.

"Long enough, this is supposed to be my private dressing room," she said.

"So you really thought I might bite that big cock of yours? I was waiting for
you to stick it down my throat," Lita said.

"You were?" I was shocked.

"Yeah, I love to suck a big dick! And now I see that you're even kinkier then
I imagined. You loved taking it up your ass and now this big hunk is sucking
you off? Over me?" Lita said as she got down on her knees in front of me,
joining Frank.

"Let me help you with this," Lita said to him as she grabbed my cock and got
me back to full attention. Lita was such a good cocksucker, the way she used
her tongue ring, just enough saliva, a little bit of teeth, her lips,
everything to work on my cock.

"Mmm mmmm that tastes good, doesn't that taste good?" Lita asked Frank.

"Yeah he has a tasty cock. I love watching you suck it," Frank answered. Lita
then spat on my cock.

"Let me see you suck it, real deep and real wet," Lita instructed him. Frank
took my cock all in his mouth, built up a lot of his own saliva mixed with
Lita's and sucked me off. Lita was smiling as she watched Frank slurp on my
cock. After a little bit she stopped him and told him to spit in her mouth.
Frank spat a mixture of saliva and my pre-cum into Lita's mouth! Lita stood
up, with a mouth full and spat it right in my mouth.

"Taste yourself, taste your big fucking cock," she said as I swallowed.

"Mmm that tastes good, almost as good as Frank's cock. Frank, show Lita your
cock," I told him. Frank stood up, displaying his massive cock, even bigger
then mine.

"Goddamnit, that's even bigger then yours. Oh my god, I'm glad I'm such a
dirty whore," Lita said as she dropped back down to her knees and started
sucking Frank's cock.

"She's fucking good, isn't she?" I asked Frank.

"Ohh man ... this is the best fucking blowjob I've ever had. Aww yeah Lita,
you suck that big cock, yeeah baby," he moaned. I watched on, stroking myself
with one hand and rubbing Frank's butt with the other, as Lita handled his
freakishly huge cock with ease. What a slut!

"Mmm that one tastes good too. I wanna taste them both!" Lita demanded. She
grabbed both our cocks and held them in front of her face. She took about
three or four inches of our cocks in her mouth, making them rub against each
other. She tried to take a little more in but gagged. Lita let go of our
cocks for a minute so she could take off her shirt, showing us those big
round titties.

"Now where was I? Oh yeah, rubbing your big fucking dicks together in my
slutty mouth," she grinned. Lita grabbed our cocks and worked them both back
into her mouth.

"Ahh yeah slut, rub our hard cocks together in your mouth, ahhh fuuck!" I

"Look at that sexy dirty face, yeeah that feels so good Lita, squish our
cocks in your filthy mouth," Frank moaned. Lita kept rubbing our cock heads
together in her warm mouth while looking up at us with those deadly eyes.
Finally she came up for air, licking the saliva from her chin and brushing
her fiery red hair from her face. Lita held our cocks in front of her face
and just played with them, rubbing our cock heads all up and down the other's

"You love that dick on dick action, don't you two?" Lita asked and Frank
nodded his head.

"I know what I like," I said as I shoved Lita down onto her back. I sat on
her chest and pushed her big tits together around my hard cock. I groaned
loudly as I started fucking Lita's tits.

"Frank, bring that dick over here," I told him. He stood in front of me so I
could suck on his huge dick while I fucked Lita's tits.

"Who's the fucking slut now?" Lita asked with a grin.

"YOU ARE!" I shouted back but it was muffled because my mouth was full of
cock. I could feel the cum building up inside of me, ready to explode. At the
last possible second, I pulled my cock out of the grip of those big tits and
shoved it down Lita's throat. She squirmed to get away as I came DEEP down
her skank ass throat! When I pulled my dick out of her throat, she started
coughing up cum and holding her throat. I wiped the cum off her face with my
cock head and shoved it back in her mouth, making her suck it all down her

"That's the way you treat a dirty slut like Lita," I smiled. Lita was smiling
too while trying to catch her breath again. I looked over at Frank and his
hard-on was gone.

"I gotta piss," he said. We both then looked down at Lita and had the same
thought. Frank grabbed Lita by her red hair and pulled her into the shower.

"Close your eyes, whore," Frank warned as he started to piss all over Lita's
face and tits. In a matter of seconds Lita was drenched with urine.

"Look at our dirty little piss covered slut!" I said.

"That's me!" Lita smiled. "Now get me hard again so I can cum," Frank
demanded. Lita grabbed his cock and started sucking it. Frank stopped her
and turned around.

"Eat it, slut," he commanded. Lita dove right into that man ass, rimming
Frank's anus. She started working a few fingers in while Frank's cock grew
bigger and bigger. Once he had his twelve inch monster fully erect, her
grabbed Lita by her hair and dragged her out of the shower and into the

"You stink of my piss, bitch," he told Lita as he shoved her head into the
toilet. With Lita's face underwater, he worked his big dick into her pussy.
Frank pulled Lita's head out of the toilet bowl and started fucking her.

"Unhhh yeah fuck me! Fuck me like a dirty slut!" Lita encouraged. Frank
shoved her head back in the water and pulled his dick from Lita's sloppy
pussy and rammed it right up her ass. He pulled Lita's head out from the
water again and she had no objections.

"Yeah give it to me! Unhh fuck you fuck me good!" Lita moaned. Frank kept
switching between Lita's ass and pussy while dunking her head in the toilet.
Lita was proving to be the dirtiest of all the sluts in WWE.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna blow!" Frank exclaimed as he whipped his hog out of
Lita's butt and came all in her red hair!

"Ahh yeah look at you! Have fun cleaning up you fucking dirty whore!" Frank
smirked. Lita sat there next to the toilet, covered in urine, toilet water,
and cum and she was smiling!

"I hope you boys are sticking around cause this is the most fun I've had in
awhile," Lita said.

"Oh we'll be seeing more of you," I told her.

We went to get changed and I saw my cell phone blinking. "One new message" it
read. I made sure Frank wasn't paying attention as I checked my message. It
was Special Agent Sable saying that the investigation was over and I was to
report back to the headquarters tomorrow...

* * *

I returned home from a successful WWE debut and headed right into the Agency
Headquarters. Commander Stone sat me down at one end of a big board room
table. I drank some coffee for about 15 minutes until Special Agent Sable
entered and sat way at the other end of the table.

"It's time you found out what we've been investigating WWE for," she started.

"As you may or may not know, Vince McMahon has been standing in the way of my
man Brock Lesnar returning to WWE. He won't let him back in. He's content to
drag this thing out in the courts for years. So using Brock's money, I setup
this investigation to gain information to use as leverage on Vince McMahon to
make him take Brock back! Now that I have all the leverage I need, the
investigation is complete, this operation is being shut down and you're free
to go about your life," Sable explained. I took a moment to process this
information and then looked at her luscious lips.

"I'm enjoying my job as a wrestler and I'd like to continue," I told her,
"After I get my reward."

"You can't continue on as a wrestler, there's no way you'd make it if they
found out you were my informant," Sable said as she got up and paced around.

"Why do they have to know? Can't you keep my name out of it?" I asked.

"That hurts our leverage Erik," Sable snapped.

"Sable, can we talk outside?" Stone asked her. The two left the room while I
continued to try and process the situation. I was having too much fun in WWE.
On my first night in, I was getting blown by Lita and watching her get pissed
on. I couldn't give up this job! After a few minutes, Sable returned to the
room and was calm again.

"I'll make you a deal. If you want to me to go to the trouble of keeping your
role in this investigation secret then you don't get your reward! But if you
still want to collect on your reward then you collect on it and go about your
life," Sable offered.

"I .. I ... I need some time to think about it," I said.

"You have one week, it's either me or WWE," Sable stated as she left the
room, lifting up her skirt and flashing me her tight ass on the way out.

To be continued...

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