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MISSION WWE Part 6: The Gift
by Revolution

It had been a less then a week since Sable had given me an ultimatum about
staying with WWE or cashing in on my reward with her. I still had some time
to make my decision and I had a few shows to work before the week was up.
Frank and I were enjoying success as a tag team and really improving in the
ring. The fans were really reacting to us and our matches were getting a lot
better. On the Monday night after a match on RAW, Stephanie McMahon pulled
us aside backstage for a talk.

"Dad has really been impressed with you two and since I'm the one that found
you, that means that he's even more impressed with me. He's a tough man to
please so what I'm trying to say is thank you. You two still have a long way
to go to the top of this company and I don't want you getting complacent. So
I'm sending over a gift to your hotel room later tonight and hopefully it
will keep you motivated to keep making more money for my family," Stephanie
explained and walked away.

"A gift? Do you think everyone gets a gift?" Frank asked.

"No, she's just making sure we keep quiet about how she found us and what
happened that night. She's trying to keep us happy," I explained. "I hope its
something expensive," Frank smiled.

"You saw her place, the cheapest thing in it was probably worth more than we
earn," I laughed. We went and got changed then headed back to the hotel room
to wait for our gift. It was already midnight when we got back to the hotel
room. Instead of hitting the night life, we sat around and waited ... and

"Maybe it's not coming until the morning? Who delivers at this time of night
anyways?" Frank asked.

"Yeah you're probably right. I'm gonna hit the sack in a few minutes. It'll
probably come in the morning," I said. I took off my shirt and tossed it over
near my suitcase then walked into the bathroom. I turned on the water and
started washing my face when I felt two hands rubbing my shoulders. I looked
up and saw Frank rubbing my broad muscular shoulders. I grabbed a towel and
dried off my face.

"You've really been hitting the gym hard. You're looking bigger and more
ripped then ever, man," Frank complimented.

"Thanks bro, I feel jacked," I said. Frank leaned forward and kissed me.
I kissed him back as our big muscular bodies rubbed together. My hands
gravitated to his round butt, grabbing it through his sweat pants. Frank's
hand moved down my pants and he started rubbing my cock. We moved back into
the hotel room and fell onto the bed. I pulled down my pants and started
grinding it against Frank's crotch as we made out.

"Check this out," Frank said as he rolled me over and stood up on the bed.
He took off his sweat pants and had on white g-string style briefs.

"Bring that great ass over here," I told him. He knelt down in front of my
face so I could start rimming his round muscular butt. Frank was stroking my
hard cock while I had a face full of his ass. Once I had him worked up, I
needed to get my cock inside of him.

"Let me fuck your sweet ass Frank," I said.

"Ohh that's what I need Erik, I need your hard cock in my butt," he said,
getting onto all fours. I readied myself to butt fuck my muscle-bound stud
when there was a knock on the door.

"Oh shit!" We both said in unison. We rushed to get dressed and I stood next
to the door, waiting for my hard-on to subside. Finally after about 4 or 5
minutes, I opened the door and standing behind the door was Stacy Keibler in
a white fluffy robe.

"Stacy?" I was puzzled.

"I have your gift, can I come in?" She asked.

"Of course," I said as I let her in. I shut the door and sat down on the edge
of the bed next to Frank while Stacy stood in front of us.

"Your gift is ... me," Stacy said as she dropped her robe revealing a black
lace bra and red satin panties that clung to her tight ass.

"What do you mean ... you?" I asked.

"Stephanie told me to come here and let you two fuck me so here I am! You
don't question what the boss says, you just do it," she explained. Frank
grabbed Stacy by her long blond hair and started kissing her. I walked
behind Stacy and checked out her perfect little ass. I stripped off my
clothes and dropped to my knees. I started to rub Stacy's long lean legs
and press my lips against her tight ass. In the midst of kissing her,
Frank also managed to drop his pants and get naked. I stood up and pulled
Stacy's hair to the side, kissing the back of her neck. I started grinding
my cock against her ass, bringing my ten inches to full attention. Feeling
it poking into her tight buns, Stacy reached down and wrapped her fingers
around my shaft. She felt from the base to the tip, getting an idea of just
how big it was. Frank and I shifted positions. I moved around front and
started to kiss her gorgeous lips. I reached around her back and undid her
black lace bra so I could suck on her perky nipples.
Frank pulled off Stacy's red satin panties so he could start using his tongue
on her pussy and ass. Soon Frank would tell me to sit down on the edge of the
bed. He stood up behind Stacy Keibler and pushed her head down in my crotch,
bending her over. I held Stacy's pretty face in my hands as Frank worked his
twelve inch monster inside her tight young pussy.

"Ohhh my god that's so big," Stacy moaned.

"Yeah he is big. Now suck my cock, Stacy!" I demanded. Stacy did what she was
told and started to lick and suck my cock the best she could as Frank pounded
her pussy with his big dick.

"How's that feel, big man?" I asked.

"Oh fuck bro this is so good on my cock," Frank groaned. I lifted Stacy's
chin up so I could look her in her beautiful eyes.

"Do you like these big cocks?" I asked.

"Yes but they're very big!" she exclaimed. Frank widened his stance and
leaned forward, over top of Stacy's back and pushed her head all the way down
on my cock, making her deep throat it. He let her up and had his chin resting
over her left shoulder.

"Tastes good, doesn't it?" he asked.

"How would you kn.." Stacy started to ask but Frank cut her off by slamming
her mouth back down on my dick. Stacy came up gagging and coughing and
leaving my cock dripping with spit.

"Tag me in Frank, I wanna feel that tight pussy," I said. Frank slapped my
hand and pulled his twelve inches out of Stacy. I picked Stacy's light body
up and laid her down on the bed. I got in the missionary position and rested
her long legs on my shoulders as I worked my dick inside of her.

"Damn Stacy, your pussy is nice and wet! Its so tight even after having
Frank's huge cock inside of it," I moaned.

"Oohh ahhh I like it ahhh you're so hot ohhh yeah both of you ahhh I like
being fucked," Stacy cooed. I started sucking on Stacy's toes and licking her
beautiful feet while I fucked her.

"Come on bro fuck her hard, tear that pussy up!" Frank insisted as he slapped
my ass. He got on the bed and fed his cock to Stacy. I stopped sucking on
Stacy's toes and picked up the tempo, fucking her tight twat hard.

"FUCK STACY! Your pussy is soooooooo tight!" I shouted.

"Oh man, we gotta do it," Frank said and I knew exactly what he meant. I laid
down on my back and got Stacy on top of my cock. I pushed it up inside her
tight pussy and held her around the waist.

"Relax Stacy, you're about to make your boss a very happy woman by giving us
this present," Frank said. He moved in and pushed his cock in her pussy at
the same time.

"Ohh my god! Ohh wow! Ohhh that ... that feels so big in my pussy. Wow."
Stacy moaned. Frank started thrusting deep inside of Stacy's young wet pussy
and rubbing his twelve inch cock against mine over and over again. We both
had our hands rubbing all over Stacy's long lean legs while our cocks made
love to each other inside her tight pussy.

"Ohh fuck that's good, ohh fuck yeah," I sighed. Stacy had her eyes closed
and was breathing deeply, accepting two big cocks inside her tight pussy at
once. I took my left hand off her thigh and shifted it onto Frank's muscular
buttocks, giving it a squeeze. I looked up and winked at him, showing my
approval of our hard cocks rubbing together. Frank leaned forward and gave
Stacy a kiss. He moved his head beside hers and out of her line of vision,
whispered in my ear.

"I'm about to make us cum all over each other." I wrapped my hands around
his strong back and held the three of us tightly together. Frank started
moving his hips and fucking Stacy as hard as he could, making our dicks rub
feverishly together.

Stacy screamed.

"Holy shit your pussy is sooo fucking tight on our cocks! Ohhh fuck I can't
hold it much longer!" I moaned. With Stacy's view now blocked, I stuck the
tip of my middle finger inside of Frank's sweaty asshole.

"Ahhh damn! Ohhh fuck I'm cumming! I'M FUCKING CUMMING!" He shouted.

"OH MY GOD!" I groaned as I felt his hot cum squirting inside of Stacy's
tight pussy and all over my cock. I started cumming too, my cock twitched
uncontrollably and shooting cum inside of Stacy's cunt. When we both
finished, we pulled out and Stacy's pussy was dripping with cream.

"Come suck on our cocks," Frank demanded. Stacy crawled over and started
sucking his cock and tasting both of our loads on it. She switched over to
me and made sure I was nice and clean.

"Just to be fair," I said as I laid Stacy back down and started licking her

"Haha yeah lick her pussy clean," Frank laughed.

"Oohh you guys are crazy! Stop, that's enough, I'm too sensitive right now!
Ohhh thank you for that but ohh my pussy needs a break," Stacy laughed. I
lifted my head from between her dazzling legs and gave her a kiss, making
her taste the mixture of her sweet juices and our salty cum. Stacy caught
her breath and then started putting her panties and bra back on.

"Damn you're gorgeous," I said.

"You ain't kidding, look at those legs, wow," Frank added.

"Thanks boys. Oh and I don't know what you guys did for Stephanie to deserve
this but I can only imagine," she said with a look like she knew something
out of the ordinary had happened.

"We'll be sure to show Stephanie the proper gratitude for such a great
present," I chuckled as Stacy left our room. Once she was gone, Frank slapped
me on the back and said, "Imagine if Stephanie had been that tight?"

"Fuck man, Stacy's pussy was tighter then Stephanie's fat ass!"

"So what was better? Fat ass Stephanie or tight ass Stacy?"

"I don't know, man, but I can't believe we've had both!"

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