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Missy's Beach Blast
by 1GB

Missy Hyatt was prepped up for her Bikini Competition at Beach Blast against Madusa. Both women had plenty of time to come up with their own strategy to show the fans who's the First Lady of WCW. And of course what wouldn't be a bikini competition without the hottest swimwear?

Missy decided to travel to a town called Neptune Beach (Florida) and spend a few days there. She did her shopping there, looking at some attractions, and went out dining instead of ordering room service at the local hotel.

It's day three if her mini vacation, and the valet had at least two last tasks to finish before heading back home. She's in her hotel room checking out a blue two-piece that hugs her curvaceous body rather nicely.

"Looks like you will be coming with me." She turned around,looking at her backside in the mirror. Adding a floral dress with sandals,sunglasses and sunscreen and she was out the door.

She looked around the area for the perfect spot to soak up the sun. Away from bratty children. And from creepy old men. Once that was covered, off the dress and sandals went, and laid on a towel to prevent back burns.

"If only some good men were here," Missy sighed. "There's nothing but families and skinny out-of-shape guys here. And hoping to get a lay here just dropped. There's gotta be someone out there."

For a ten long minutes, she sported a healthy summer glow frontwards. The sight and sound of the ocean waves left her feeling blissful, so she laid forward, facing the water. As she worked her back and legs, the sea waves increased greatly. A single surfer was capable to ride on it smoothly on his own board...

...With little effort. The man failed instantly, crashing head first. Missy looked on with tears crying out in laughter. A loud whistle blew throughout the beach.

"Hey miss, that's no way to behave to a sunken surfer!" The lifeguard yelled furiously, running to the victim.

"Sorry sir. Got a little carried away."

The lifeguard managed to get the athlete away from the ocean and onto his feet. In Missy's eyes, she was the least surprised who it was. With his decent muscular, tanned body, dark brown curls and neon pink swim shorts...

"Hey lifeguard!" Hyatt quickly got up and ran to him. "I can take it from here!"

"Um, sure?" the red and white rescue guy said laying the latter on the sand. "By the way, do you know-"

"Of course I do! You can go now."

Missy waved and focused on the man's still conscious body, coughing little water out.

"Whew, at least he's still alive."

The blue bikini-clad babe tossed her long blonde hair back and took a deep breath, leaned down and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. After that, the man suddenly began to come to his senses, but was surprised to see the woman who brought him back to life.

"What the?! Missy?!"

"Scotty! You're alive and well!"

WCW's resident surf dude, Scotty Flamingo, took her words (and "kiss of life") as he was hugged tightly. He then gently moved her slender arms aside.

"Well, yeah...and better than ever, thanks to you."

The day for our heroine hasn't passed just yet. We see the soon-to-be First Lady of WCW sitting on the soft sand with the soon-to-be Light Heavyweight Champion. They talked for quite a long time and watched the sunset while drinking Coca-Cola.

"Sure we haven't seen each other elsewhere?" Missy was curious about Scotty's appearance, mostly his facial features. "You remind me of this fellow, pretty cute, looks a lot like you."

"Like Me?" Scotty said with a laugh. "You must be thinking of some other guy."

"You're right, compared to him, I say you're much,much hotter." Missy leaned in closer. "And I seem to good you are in bed."

"Are you for real?"

"Yep. Care to find out in my hotel room?"

"Yeah. Care to do this in my beach house?"

"Yea-wait." Missy said soon to burst out, grabbing his hand. "Did you say, BEACH HOUSE?! Well what are you sitting there for? Let's do this!"

They got up their belongings and left the beach, as the sun bid farewell for the day.

* * *

'Well she sure is chirpy,' thought Scotty.

The pair arrived at a luxurious beach house. But to Missy, what mattered the most to her was the inside.

"Ooh! This is so lovely! The main room and mini kitchen is small, but convinient! Ugh! What set's it apart is their spacious bedroom!"

'Man, she sure is chirpy, but hot.' The surfer dude thought as he looks at the beautiful announcer jump back first on the white sheet covered bed. The best part was she remained in her stunning blue two-piece while doing it.

"So will I find out if you can meet my bedroom standards?" Missy asked already on her knees on the bed.

Scotty looked hesitant, to walk to her, but turned the opposite direction. "Let's head tot he showers, I need a good clean."

Missy nodded and was guided to another attraction to the beach house, a white tiled shower room fitted for a couple. Her blue eyes beamed with excitement as another one of her plans for her short break, have a man over and have a good time all night long. As the shower started, she kneeled to her knees, pulled those pink shorts and find out if this surfer is good enough for her. While this happened, she was delighted to put her head under the showerhead wetting her frizzy blonde hair.

"I knew you couldn't hide your feelings any longer!" Missy grabbed his semi harden cock.

"So what if I told you I pick you over Madusa in that competition?" Scotty confessed looking down at the valet.

"I would be a happy lady," She stroked his thick meat all while licking around the tip. Her soft, full lips spelt pleasue for Scotty as she took a third of his length in her mouth. Her head bobbed slowly, teasing the man on purpose to test that he won't dare blow his load at an instant. She looked at an aroused Flamingo with her round doe eyes.

"Don't look at me like..." He was cut off by her seductive moans as she slurped his well hung cock. "Ahh damn..."

Missy grabbed a hold of his tanned waist taking it all without a single gag coming from her mouth. Like the pro that she is, she teased Scotty once more adding a finger into his unprepared ass.

"Ahh, holy fff..." He gasped beind dp'd with Missy's mouth and finger invading his backside. This lead him crying out her name and she would have to take his dick out, cum spraying in her face and licking what's left around her lips. They remained im the shower until they were sqeaky clean, but their sexy time was far from over and continued in the bedroom.

With a nude Scotty laying on the bed,towel dried and all, an also nude Hyatt continued to dominate the young star using her voluptuous breasts to harden his dick back.

"I bet you like me doing this, huh?" The buxom blonde asked.

"Ohh yeah..." moaned the Palm Beach native.

"This would feel much better inside me..."

She removed her tits and hopped on top of Scotty, who guided his erect cock into the hot, wet dephs of her pussy.

"Ooooh...that feels good!" Missy squealed cutely licking her teeth, placing her hands onto his muscular chest. She bounced up and down without any support as Scotty looked on locking his eyes on her sexy tits. She took the hint and gave him a closer look, sucking her nips like a baby.

"Mmm yeah...tastes good?"


Missy bounced for several moments before giving the Florida a chance to give her the ultimate penetration. She bent over before him wiggling her booty. The former 'Scotty the Body' grabbed her waist from behind, and deeply thrusted his big dick into her wet pussy. The bed shook wildly as Missy grinded ass back to the flamboyant wrestler's crotch, soaked with her juices.

"Oh yess!" The beautiful interviewer weeps with pleasure, coming close to cumming. "You fucking sexy stud!"

Scotty groaned taking his cock as deep as possible to achieve the beautiful blonde's orgasm. Thrust after thrust, Missy screamed against the sheets feeling a sudden burst between her legs, covering his cock with her cum.

"Ahh fuck! I'm-!" Scotty's dick throbbed furiously aching to cum again. He took it out of Missy's wet hole, and aimed at her lower back.

"Ohh!" She giggled feeling the warm salty liquid drench down to her ass. "You're definitely going to shine in WCW, perhaps anywhere if you keep this up!"

"What can I say, I deserve that Championship spot. You'll see next Saturday."

"And I, will conquer the bikini competition and show that bitch Madusa who's on top!"

After the sex that took place at a beach house, Scotty took her back to her hotel room the next day, ending her little vacation. Summer was looking bright and so was Missy's future in the WCW's best woman in history!


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