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Mohini's Olympic Diary: "Wrestling For Rest" with Mohini Bhardwaj, Carly
Patterson, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus.

Background: Mohini Bhardwaj is a 25-year-old American of Indian/Russian
ancestry and was the captain of the USA women's gymnastics in the 2004
Athens Olympics. She got a lot of publicity as she had tried to make
the team in 1996 but missed out and then decided to make an incredible
comeback eight years later. Her main financial backer was actress Pamela
Anderson. She is 4-foot-10; 95-pounds with lustrous brown hair and big
brown eyes and an obviously super-fit body. As far as this writer knows,
Mohini is a very nice person and positive role model for young women.
For the purposes of this story, she has been given an incredibly high
sex drive. This is her (completely fictional) story. Enjoy!

Mohini's Olympic Diary: Wrestling For Rest (ff,cons)
by Rinky Dink (

Although sports were her life, Mohini Bhardwaj did not really follow other
sports outside of gymnastics except for her hometown Cincinnati Reds baseball

She usually tried to go to the UCLA-USC football game, mostly to check out
the cheerleaders, but with the long hours she put in training to make the
Olympic team plus her extremely active social (sex) life she didn't really
didn't have time to follow other sports.

Mohini wasn't concerned about her lack of sports knowledge at the moment
as she lay on a beach chair near the pool of her building in the Olympic

With her perfectly toned olive skin, Mohini didn't need much of a tan. It
was more of a place to relax and not be around anyone. With the Olympics now
in full swing most athletes were in action and the pool area was abandoned.

Carly Patterson had woken her up that morning by shoving a dildo into her
pussy while she slept. Since Mohini had begun using dildos in their sexual
escapades, Carly now loved drilling any woman's hole she could find with
the strap-on.

Mohini loved sex but now wanted some quiet time and this was her only chance.

Near the end of the sex session with Carly, Courtney Kupets, a tiny cute
blonde who was Carly's roommate, had joined in for a threesome.

The three lithe bodies writhed on the bed as they orgasmed, Carly having even
more fun when Mohini let her use her double-edged dildo.

After they all had stopped their panting and come down from their orgasms,
Courtney asked Mohini if the girls on the team could all come to her room
that night to watch 'the big match' since Mohini, as captain, was the only
one with a TV.

"What big match are you talking about? At least tell me the sport," said
Mohini as she changed her sheets for the fifth time in two days.

Carly and Courtney looked at her in wonder as they toweled off their
respective nude bodies.

"Are you serious Mohini," said Courtney. "Outside of Michael Phelps this is
the most anticipated thing in the Olympics.

"It's the ultimate showdown, with the Olympic gold medal in women's wrestling
on the line. The pride of Toronto, Canada, Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler of
the United States.

"You guys all have athlete's passes, if it's so big why don't you all just
go to the stadium and see it in person," said Mohini. "How popular is
women's wrestling after all. It's the first time its even in the Olympics.
Our women's gymnastics I was told was the only event sold out."

"Are you kidding! For the whole competition yeah, we're No. 1 but this is
special," said Carly. "Trish Stratus wrestling against Stacy Keibler for the
gold medal. Don't you get it. They are two of the most famous sportswomen in
the world. No passes honored for this one. They probably could have sold
50,000 tickets for this.

"I can't believe you don't know about it. You got to get out more Mohini. Sex
and gymnastics can't be everything."

Mohini arched her eyebrow at Carly last statement.

"OK, sex and gymnastics can be everything," said Carly sheepishly. "But, man,
Trish Stratus against Stacy Keibler for the gold. It doesn't get bigger than
that. This is like the Super Bowl."

Since she hoped the party would eventually degenerate into a girl-sex orgy,
Mohini told the girls they could have the party in her room, although she
still had no clue who they heck these two women were, and frankly didn't
care. How hot looking could wrestlers be?

* * *

Mohini wore dark sunglasses and a string bikini as she soaked up the rays.

She was by herself until a young woman with dirty, blonde hair walked into
the pool area and laid down in a chair next to Mohini.

All Mohini saw of the woman was mostly legs. They were incredibly long and
sexy. She had never seen a woman with legs so long and in her bikini they
were totally on display.

Mohini stared at the legs but tried not to be obvious.

After a few minutes, the long-legged woman turned to her.

"Thanks for respecting my privacy and not bugging me for an autograph or
tickets," she said.

Mohini was privately furious. Who did this woman think she was! Mohini was
one of the best-known people at the Olympics and she always made sure to be
humble and never assumed people knew her or acted better than anyone else.

"No problem, really," said Mohini, through clenched teeth.

"Thanks, it is tough when you're a famous celebrity like me, you know, with
tens of thousands of nobody athletes doing stuff here no one will remember in
two weeks and everyone wanting a piece of you," said the woman with a sigh.

Mohini wanted to get up off her chair and smack her, she was so put off by
her attitude. But she decided to take the high road - and anyhow one of her
legs was about the same height as Mohini's whole body, so this was not a
person for the pixyish Mohini to mess with.

"A bit of a diva aren't we," said Mohini.

"Of course," said the woman who then flipped on her back. "Would you mind
putting some sun tan lotion on my back now hun. Us divas have to be nice and
tan all over."

Mohini was fuming but she decided to be nice and sat up and grabbed the
lotion and began rubbing it into the woman's back.

As she kneaded the liquid into her soft skin, Mohini noted this woman did
not have the taut, muscular tone in her body that most athletes. Her body
was curvier, with creamier skin and she could tell her chest was much
larger than most competitors in Athens.

Her physique was more like a model and Mohini had plenty of experience with
knowing what a model's body looked, and felt, like. Despite her disposition,
Mohini was getting turned by this woman.

"Thanks for being a good little slave," said the woman after Mohini finished.

"Uh, no problem," said Mohini who very slowly went back to her chair.

The woman turned over to look at Mohini, getting her full attention for the
first time, and the woman licked her lips before speaking.

"I might not have the six-pack abs and the cut body like you but I'm sure it
was agreeable to your touch," she said. "Luckily, Scott Steiner taught me a
lot of techniques so I've been winning with my knowledge. That's how I beat
Torrie in the semifinals.

"Not that I have anything against a tight, little body like yours."

Mohini had no idea what she was talking about but she had twin emotions
firing her up. She couldn't stand this obnoxious woman but she was also
totally aroused by her. She wanted to slap her and eat her out at the
same time.

"Thanks I guess," said Mohini who couldn't take her eyes off of her, she was
fascinated and repelled at the same time by this woman whose name she didn't
even know. "Uh miss...miss?"

"That's Ms...Ms. Hancock to you if you like," said the woman. The name meant
nothing to Mohini.

Ms. Hancock after a while got up and laid her beach towel on the deck. She
then stood straight up and lifted off her bikini top. Mohini's eyes widened
as she stared at the large, soft globes.

"You like? My little Indian girl," said Ms. Hancock as she playfully bounced
her boobs up and down, further torturing Mohini.

She hated this women so much - and she wanted to have sex with this hot piece
of ass so badly. Mohini was always pleasant to people and they were usually
the same to her. Being treated in such a rude manner she found to her chagrin
was actually turning her on!

"I am of Indian descent but I am an American, and proud of it too," said
Mohini as she got up and walked over to her.

"I'm like 10 inches taller so I assume you came over here to fuck and not
fight," said Ms. Hancock.

Mohini could feel her clit was on fire and her pussy was juicing up a storm.
The more this woman insulted her, the more turned on she became.

"Fuck," said Mohini who reached up to Ms. Hancock's shoulders and pushed her
down to the towel.

Mohini looked around quickly to see if anyone was around and whipped off her

"O-o-o-o, my shy little Indian girl," squealed Ms. Hancock and she attached
her mouth to one of Mohini's rock-hard brown nipples and began sucking away.

Mohini grabbed both of Ms. Hancock's breasts and began kneading the soft
mounds she had so desperately desired to hold.

Both women began moaning their approval of the others sexual ministrations on
their breasts.

With her hands Ms. Hancock pulled down Mohini's bikini bottom and her hands
began working Mohini's honey pot. One hand was rubbing Mohini's clit while
the other hand had two fingers pumping away at Mohini's wide-open slit.

Mohini's mind was being overwhelmed with lust, although she did wonder who
the heck this sexy bitch was, but did not care that much as her hands and
tongue work were masterful. Mohini's back arched slightly and her hips
bucked as an orgasm ripped through her body.

Ms. Hancock quickly began lapping at Mohini's cum around her pussy and Mohini
quickly got turned on again. A few minutes later, Mohini screamed her lustful
approval as another orgasm went through.

Mohini knew is was time to return the favor of the expert screwing she had
been getting and flipped herself over so that her and Ms. Hancock were in the
"69" position. Both lapped at each other's box with glee and soon Ms. Hancock
shouted as she orgasmed.

Mohini's tongue did not let up for a second, her tongue alternating between
Ms. Hancock's clit and slit, as her hands worked whatever sex part the tongue
was not at as she kept a hand clawing at Ms. Hancock's breasts.

Ms. Hancock's hips suddenly bucked violently and Mohini pulled away and got
so turned on she orgasmed as well, the blanket was soon twisted between them
as the two women flopped around in glee.

They were both now covered in sweat and cum. Ms. Hancock got an evil grin and
rolled the panting Mohini into the pool and then quickly plopped in herself.

Ms. Hancock grabbed Mohini and began French kissing her as she pinned her
against the side of the pool.

Mohini was now able to mash her pussy against Ms. Hancock's and began
grinding away.

"Oh, yeah baby, keep it up slave girl," moaned Ms. Hancock who began lapping
at Mohini's neck and ears.

The friction between the pussies quickly reignited each other's lust and Ms.
Hancock gave a shudder and released Mohini as she fell backward into the

Mohini grabbed the edge of the pool as a major orgasm crashed down on her.
She began undulating like a dolphin as wave upon wave of pleasure coursed
through her body.

The scene of the backpedaling Ms. Hancock and the weaving Mohini was
unknownst to them being observed from afar - as Mohini would soon find out.

Mohini's eyes were glassy and unfocused as she crawled out of the pool. This
nasty girl was great at giving her the nasty.

She gathered the tiny shards of her bikini and began putting them back on.
She wobbled a bit as she made her way back to her chair after the incredible
sex she had just had.

Ms. Hancock came up to her and threw four tickets on the table next to her.

"Here's something for your trouble, my hot little Indian slave girl," she
said with a wink. "Sorry love but got to go, busy night you know coming up.
But thanks for the sex."

As Ms. Hancock's long legs took her away from the pool area, Mohini's eyes
followed her out the gate.

She then decided to actually get some rest, her original intent, and closed
her eyes and lay back in the beach chair.

But her time to relax was quickly cut short as a short, busty, athletic
blonde soon hovered over her and was glaring at her.

"Who do you think you are?" she said sharply.

Mohini was getting a bit tired of people being mean to her.

"I'm Mohini Bhardwaj, captain of the U.S. gymnastics team," she said tartly.
"And you're just another diva I've met today."

"Damn straight, and I expect to be treated just like the last diva you
munched on," said the blonde. "I was coming here to take a quick dip and I
see you and her, really cumming.

"If you think for one second you can have white-hot girl sex with her and not
with me, you are sadly mistaken."

Mohini knew something was up between these two really hot but unmannered
women, which she got the feeling she should know about but didn't.

The blonde woman then reached back and undid her bikini top. Two large,
perfectly round globes were freed and bounced seductively on her chest.

Mohini's eyes widened. The breasts were so succulent, so perfect, so tasty

She already was sexed-up from her romp with Ms. Hancock so it did not take
much to get her pussy fired up again and it was juicing up plenty at the
sight of these incredible pair of breasts.

"Well, I am a fair person," said Mohini as she licked her lips. "I wouldn't
want you to think I was playing favorites or anything so, in the interest of
sportsmanship, I will have sex with you too."

The blonde woman leaned down and playfully slapped Mohini's face with her
hanging breasts. Mohini almost came right there but managed to struggle up
and grabbed her large towel and spread it out on the grass.

The blonde had quickly shed her bikini bottom and Mohini by now was well
practiced at whipping off her bikini.

The two began quickly kissing each other and rolling around the grass but
soon Mohini had her lips around one of the blonde's breasts and began licking
and sucking in pure bliss. This hot girl's breasts tasted as good as they had
looked, thought Mohini.

The blonde moaned as Mohini began with her hands to reach down to the
blonde's honeypot.

Mohini moved from breast to breast, licking the pink areolas and giving
playful nips to the torpedo-like nipples. Mohini's mind was lost in these
breasts; she could stay here nestled in these breasts forever, she felt

Mohini finally put a couple fingers in the blonde's slit while her other
hand continue to rub her clit and it was not too long before the blonde gave
a yelp and her body started shaking.

Mohini felt the blonde's girl cream flowing onto her hand and that set her
off as well.

She began panting and moaning, with her slim hips bucking, as she felt
pleasure shoot through her body in yet another orgasm.

As she came down, Mohini thought, "Thank goodness I am in such incredible
shape or I couldn't have all this great sex."

The pair began French kissing each other and Mohini gripped the woman's
breasts and made sure to pinch the nipples.

The blonde woman soon had another orgasm, Mohini would have come too for yet
another orgasm except her pussy was all out of girl juice by this time.

"You are a good sport Mohini, you sexed me up as much as you did Stacy," said
the blonde as she got up and began wiping all the cum and sweat off her tan,
athletic body.

"Stacy was her first name, I didn't even know that, she just called herself
Ms. Hancock, so she's Stacy Hancock then, never heard of her I have to say,"
said Mohini as she once again pieced together her bikini.

The blonde woman laughed.

"You must live in a bubble, her stage name used to be Ms. Hancock but now she
goes by her real name, Stacy Keibler," giggled the blonde. "You have no idea
who I am either, do you?"

Mohini nodded no. Although what Courtney Kupets and Carly had told her was
starting to seep back into her memory.

"Trish Stratus, damn glad to meet you," she said as she went up to Mohini and
gave her a kiss on the lips. "Got the big match tonight, here's some tickets,
so I better go back to my room and actually rest up like I had planned to
here, before I saw you and Stacy eating each other out."

Trish slung four tickets onto the table and made her way out of the pool

"I better get to my room too and rest, I relax anymore at this pool my pussy
will wear out," Mohini thought.

* * *

Mohini related her tale of what occurred at the pool in Courtney Kupets and
Carly Patterson's room to most of the other members of the gymnastics team,
who had wandered in when words like 'wrestlers' and '69' had floated out
into the hallway.

There was not a sound made among the listeners as Mohini gave the recap.
Mohini was impressed at the popularity of the women wrestlers, as she had
never had such rapt attention to one of her sexual conquest stories.

When she was done, there was stone cold silence for a few moments.

"Wow, you had sex with Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus, in a row," said
Courtney McCool, one of the younger and friskier gymnasts. "That's like
winning the gold medal of girl-on-girl sex. And you didn't even have to
seduce them, they cane up to you and asked for sex."

"Well, I want my teammates to feel the benefits of my, uh, feeling them up,"
said Mohini as she dipped into her bikini bottom and produced eight tickets.
"You all get to go the wrestling match, in person now."

Squeals of delight emanated from the room and the grateful girls rushed over
and hugged, some for a long time, their captain Mohini.

"Hey, what do you mean 'you all' can go, aren't you coming too," said Carly
when the hugs were done.

"Nah, you know I don't really care about that stuff," said Mohini. "And Annia
can use my ticket and give it to her husband, they haven't seen too much of
each other lately.

"Remember, I want to rest and I certainly didn't get any this morning."

Annia Hatch ran over and gave Mohini a big kiss.

"Hey, no fun stuff now ladies, I do need to rest sometime," said Mohini. "I
need a nap."

* * *

Mohini woke up from her nap and when she padded out of her room saw that the
rest of the team had already gone off to the big wrestling match.

The floor had a communal bath so Mohini figured she could have a nice,
relaxing bath and then go back to her room and watch the match involving the
two women she just had sex with and see what all the fuss was about.

Mohini was just in a sports bra and Spandex shorts as she turned to go back
to her room for a towel - but when she turned around she was stunned to see
a tall, young woman standing in front of the elevator.

She was a knockout blonde with a rail-thin figure topped off by large
breasts, which Mohini assumed were fake but still very attractive.

And this hottie seemed to have some kind of erotic aura around her. She
almost glowed pure sex and Mohini's dormant pussy woke up quickly and began
juicing just looking at her.

This time, Mohini knew exactly who this blonde bombshell was. She was a
long-time subscriber to Maxim magazine and Mohini had spent many nights
frigging herself to the thought of the pictures of her hot body in it.

"Torrie Wilson?" asked Mohini in wonder. "What...what are you doing here?
You're a model. I mean, there is no fashion show here or anything."

Torrie smiled and came up to Mohini and gave her soft kiss. Mohini almost
crumbled. Being kissed by Torrie Wilson was a dream of her's. That's it! This
must be a dream.

"This is a wonderful dream," said Mohini under her breath.

"Dream eh, can a dream do this," said Torrie who dipped inside Mohini's
sports bra and gave her nipple a twist.

Mohini's legs almost buckled again. Her eyes showed pure need. Being so near
Torrie Wilson and being sexually toyed with by her was driving her crazy.

"To answer your question you hot brown piece of ass," said Torrie with a
smile. "Yes, I know this is the Summer Olympics. I'm not that big a ditz.
Besides modeling I wrestle, although obviously not that well because I am
here and not in the stadium like Stacy and Trish competing in front of the

"I was pretty bummed about not making the final and just sitting around the
lounge of where we're staying and Stacy Keibler came in this morning and
started telling me about this American gymnast who was like a lesbian sex
machine named Mohini Bhardwaj. And then 30 minutes later Trish Stratus comes
in and says the exact same thing.

"I figured you might help, uh, console me."

Torrie then gave Mohini and a slow wink.

Mohini was speechless. A quiet evening was now going to turn into a fantasy
date with the sexiest girl she could imagine.

"Uh, you want to come in my room," Mohini said dryly.

Torrie smiled a wicked smile and came up to her again. This time, she plunged
her hand into Mohini's shorts and began rubbing her clit.

All Mohini could manage was a gurgle. She was in complete arousal now, too
sexed up by her dream girl to manage speech.

"No Mohini, you will come to MY room," said Torrie as she continued to
work Mohini's bud even more, seeing the devastating effect it was having to
Mohini's ability to do anything but be a quivering sexual plaything, which is
what Torrie want.

"Vince has been very generous with supporting his divas Olympic dream. I have
caviar, champagne and a very large waterbed. Which I intend to put to great
use tonight.

"Now, look at you; shorts and a bra, you are far too overdressed as it is.
Let's go and when we get to my room that will quickly be taken care of."

Torrie took her hand off of Mohini's clit and began licking the wet fingers,
soaked with Mohini's juices, in a seductive manner.

She then grabbed Mohini's hand and was about to lead the dazed woman to the
elevator when Mohini's body suddenly snapped upright and her eyes cleared up.

She whispered into Torrie's ear her ultimate fantasy. The thing that had made
her come, hard, every time she had laid in bed and imagined it while staring
at Torrie's picture.

Torrie spun Mohini around and looked at her harshly.

"Your Master commands you Slave Mohini to come to my bed and service your
Master as the lowly sex-slut that you are," said Torrie, who then almost
laughed. "You have no will of your own. You cannot resist. You are nothing
but a lowly pleasure slave put on this Earth to service your Master's

Mohini gave a small gasp. She clenched her thighs and sank to the ground as
her fantasy came true.

She knew it might end up being the best, but far from the last, orgasm she
would have this night.

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