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Molly & Gail Recruit Victoria
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Molly was livid. It was all going to be so perfect. Gail and Molly came
out once again to destroy Trish Stratus. But this time was different. Lita
was fresh from injury, and she came out and destroyed the both of them.
Suddenly Molly and her protege' Gail Kim had to deal with an even playing
field, the one thing they both hated. Molly was a veteran with a rookie;
she knew they were easily outclassed. After a verbal bashing of Gail to
vent her frustrations and talked rationally.

"Look Gail, you're new, and I can't carry this team with my experience alone
against those two. I hate to say it, but we need help."

Gail nodded sadly. "Yeah, but who's going to help us."

Molly knew what she had to say, and Gail could see it in her eyes.

"No! no way, you've got to be joking. We can't have Victoria on our side!
You know how crazy she is!"

Molly cut her off. "Yes, I know, we all know, but she's one of the best
wrestlers here, and she's dangerous, she's the perfect weapon. All we have
to do is convince her it's a good thing to join us."

"She isn't gonna be easily swayed." Gail said "I mean yeah she's crazy but
she isn't stupid she's methodical in her madness she doesn't do something
unless it's beneficial to her."

"Exacterly." Molly said with an evil smirk "We just have to offer her
something she wants so bad she'll do anything for." Molly said tapping the
woman's title that was wrapped around her waist Gail smiled back evily as
the two girls looked eyes on one and other and then said at the same time
"And then not give it too her"

"Come on." Molly said "Let's go and find the sychotic one."

Molly said leading the way out of they're locker room and heading down the
corridoor in search of Victoria

They found her in the girl's locker room, starring into a mirror for no
apparent reason. Molly didn't seem to care, she'd long ago given up on
figuring out Victoria.

"Hey there, Victoria."

Victoria jumped up and grabbed her hair, obviously startled.

"What do you want?!" she barked at the two intruders.

"Look look, we're not here to start a fight. I've got a proposition for you."
Victoria was silent, thus Molly continued. "Now, you and I both know you
hate Trish, but Trish got a new friend, Lita. I don't think she's ever done
anything to you, but we need your help putting both of them out of action."

Victoria shook her head. "But why would I want to do that?"

"Allow me Moll." Gail said stepping bravely forward "Because Vickie so long
as Trish and Lita are active on RAW that means your chances of a woman's
title match are very slim. Where as if Trish and Lita where inactive you'd
have a great chance of being inline for the woman's championship."

"Infact." Molly jumped in "If you help us i can personally garantee you the
next shot at the woman's title."

Victoria stared at Molly's waist, longingly coveting that women's title.
Suddenly a smile came across her face. A wicked, wry grin. "That title is
nice, I'll admit. But...if I do help you. I don't want your championship.
I can get that whenever I want. No, if I help you, you've got to help me."

Molly and Gail were both confused.

"I want you two, tonight. We'll have ourselves a little contest. I want to
know that I'll be teaming with real women, so tonight, you meet me at my
hotel room, and our little challenge will be underway. I'll take each of
you on, one-on-one. If either of you can make me orgasm before I make you,
I'll help. If not, well, I just can't team with weak women."

"Jesus christ you really are fucking sycho arn't you Victoria well if you
think for one second we need you so badly that we'd give you our bodies-"
Gail Kim said before Molly interupted with

"We'll do it!" Gail looked at Molly in shock "Both of us." Molly said giving
Gail an evil look "What time do you want us to meet you at your hotel room?"

Victoria gripped her hair tightly smiling a wide ear to ear smile "Let's say

Molly nodded Victoria then sprinted out of the ring for no reason and then
Gail looked at Molly.

"What the hell Molly?! You want us to have sex with that woman!"

Molly calmed her "Listen, I know what I'm doing. She's crazy, but she's also
human. She's got needs, and that's all she's thinking about. Now, think about
it logically; if she takes on one of us, we're going to get her really
excited by the time we lose, if we even lose the first round. Then the other,
who's fresh, hasn't had any physical action at all, gets her. We'll be in
total control! Trust me, it's foolproof!"

So Molly and Gail went to they're hotel room and picked out some very sexy
and very turn-on like clothes it was soon 7:30pm when they both arrived
outside of Victoria's hotel room.

"You ready?" Molly asked Gail.

"Yeah." Gail said with a deep sigh "You ready?" she asked back.

"Yeah." Nora said and with that she reached up and knocked on the door and
the door opened and there stood a total nude Victoria.

"Welcome my lovers," whispered a sensual Victoria. She happily lead them in.
She sat on her bed while they sat nervously at her barstools. "You're both
looking very hot tonight. It's going to be tough for me to figure out which
one of you I want."

Molly interrupted her "Well, we all ready thought of that. You'll be playing
with Gail first. If you can top her, you'll get me."

Victoria's eyebrow arched. "Well, you certainly do come prepared. Very well,
it makes no difference to me." Victoria stretched her body before whispering
"Ready when you are babies."

Gail Kim looked at Molly who tried to give her a comforting smile but
couldn't. Gail took a deep breath and then stood up and walked over to
Victoria Victoria reached out and Gail shrugged away quickly.

"It's alright my dear don't be afraid i won't hurt you.....Unless you want me
too." Victoria said with a smile. An with that Victoria tried again to touch
her and this time Gail didn't move as Victoria rested her hands on both of
Gail's shoulders and then began to kiss her french with alot of lust and alot
of passion in her kiss

Gail couldn't believe she was actually starting to enjoy the softness of
another woman's touch. She loved being in the firm hands of Victoria, more so
than she'd admit to her or even herself. Then without a moment's notice, she
felt a sharp jerk. Victoria flung her on to the bed and straddled her at the
waist, pinning her arms down. With a quick jerk, she ripped open the Asian's
blouse, exposing her ample breasts covered in a small crimson bra.

Victoria then took the bra down with her bare teeth which turned Gail on even
more. Victoria then took a nipple of Gail's into her mouth and began to suck
lick kiss and caress it in her mouth and using her tounge to stimulate it as
much as possible while using her hands to stimulate the other breast and

Gail began to try and shift her weight. Victoria, being the clever diva
she is, just fell went along with her, giving her no chance of leverage.
Gail then tried the opposite way with the same result. The third time, she
tricked Victoria by going the same direction twice in a row, throwing her
off balance. It was room enough for Gail to pounce on Victoria and pin her
arms to the bed.

One thing Gail hadn't realised was that with them being symmetrical it ment
everything was inline with one and other Victoria and Gail where face to
face which ment they where breast to breast as well as crotch to crotch and
Victoria although Gail still had her skirt on began to rub herself against
Gail causing they're breasts to squash together and they're nipples to go up
and down against one and other and causing Victoria's nude pussy to go hard
against the skirt which unfortunatlly wasn't very thick and gail could feel
Victoria's moving ments and how hard she was against Gail';s skirt causing
the skirt to touch her panties which in turn touched her pussy.

The friction was intoxicating to Gail, but she knew it had to feel even
better to the completely undefended Victoria. It wasn't until Gail looked
at her lover that she realized Victoria had a wide smile on her face and was
happily bucking her hips right back at Gail. Both women were breathing
heavily, but it was Gail who first moaned. At the first moan, Victoria
quickly threw the smaller woman right off her body and assumed control.

Victoria then slithered herself own Gail Kim's body and tore off Gail's skirt
and panties and then dove right in licking Gail's pussy and fingering her as
fast as deep and as hard as she could without being violent.

Gail sat right up, trying as hard as she could to push Victoria off, but to
no avail; Victoria's muscular arms held her body down in place. Her only
chance now was to outdo Victoria, feeble as her attempt may be. She lowered
her hands down to Victoria's large breasts, and massaged the sides, all the
while moaning in complete pleasure.

Victoria just smiled she didn't moan it was obvious Gail wasn't just an
ameture as far as wrestling went not only did she not moan she also didn't
stop her mercyless attack on Gail's love box adding a third finger to the
two she already had and licking deeper as her tounge would go

Victoria and Gail sensed the same thing: Gail's grip on Victoria's breasts
was weakening, and she was quickly being overcome by pleasure.

"Oh God, no, pllleeeasee!!"

She couldn't help herself. A wave of warmth and fluids penetrated Victoria's
mouth, as the lithe Asian's body slithered and jerked in pure ecstacy. It was
over, Victoria had won. She sat up, satisfied, but had no time to rest, as
right behind her, two much stronger hands wrapped around her body and played
with her all ready stiff nipples.

"Oh finally a professional" Victoria said looking at Gail Kim who rolled out
of the way and gave Victoria an evil look for rubbing her victory in. Once
the space was clear Victoria flipped Molly over and then layed herself down
this time her knee's where pinning down Molly's arms and then Victoria
pulled down Molly's long jet black bottoms to find she was wearing nothing

"Naught girl if i wasn't so busy making you cum i'd spank you."

Victoria said and then she done the same thing she had done to gail only
this time much much more intense due to her sensing that if she didn't
finish Molly off quickly and Molly got the uperhand she may loose to the
woman's champion.

Victoria was definitely suprised by Molly's aggression, who spent no time
moving her body down to where she could equally get a chance to please
Victoria. The two hungrily feasted on each other's nectar while Victoria
additionally had a finger placed inside Molly. But Victoria knew she'd have
to get an even better position, as she was all ready tired and yearning for
an orgasm. Each girl began to breathe heavily, but it was Victoria who
moaned first, Molly shortly after.

Victoria decided it was time for some arobic-tactics and she then done a
handstand and in mid air flipped herself around so she was facing Molly and
then landed on her knees and went back to work this time she had all four
fingers in Molly and was really pushing her tounge as far as it could go.

Molly's back arched and she cried out, knowing she couldn't last much
longer. With one last effort, she arched her back high, then kicked her
feet up, performing a backwards roll. Both women were on their knees
facing one another. Panting heavily and occasionally moaning.

"C'mon bitch, let's finish this!"

The two walked closer together, knowing what was coming.


they counted simultaneously and stuck two fingers inside of each other. It
was now down to a fingerfuck.

Victoria decided a little pain never hurt anybody and so she fucked Molly
with a little visiousness and forcing them deeper and deeper with each thrust
not willing to loose to the woman's champion if she hadn't lost to Gail she
wasn't gonna loose to Molly and so she added the other three fingers and
pushed them as far as they would go showing no mercy.

Her driving fingers were shaking Molly at her very foundation. She titled
her head back but still continued to finger her adversary.

"Oh..oh..God no...AWWWWWWWW!!"

shouted Molly as she could contain herself no longer and emptied herself all
over Victoria's hand, all the while still sitting upright. It wasn't until
she had finished and collapsed on the bed that she finally removed her
fingers from Victoria, still determined to win, hopeless as it may be. Gail
came up to cuddle her mentor, slowly willing her back to consciousness. Molly
looked up, defeated, at Victoria.

"I guess you won."

Victoria nodded.

"I guess you don't deserve my help...or do you?"

Molly laid down silent as Victoria continued.

"If both of you can get the job done on me in the next 10 minutes, I'll help
you out."

After an awkward silence, Victoria barked "What are you two waiting for?!
Fuck me!"

Molly and Gail didn't need to be told twice they dove for Victoria pinning
pinning they then while still holding Victoria down attacked her pussy with
they're tounges while playing with her breast with they're hands and both of
them laying either side of Vinctoria so they could attack both pussy and
breasts at the same time.

Victoria attempted to enjoy it, but something was bothering her.

"Okay Gail, you suck at fondling a woman. You've got a lot to learn. Molly
get up here!"

Molly did as she was told and slid behind Victoria and played with her
breasts herself. Sucking and pinching the nipples best she could as Gail
used her tongue to bathe Victoria's body.

"AHHHHHHH NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL FUCKING!" Victoria cried in pleasure as
both women where in the right place doing the right thing and with that she
really got into it moaning and groaning in pleasure having a gut feeling
that she may loose but at least if she was gonna loose she was gonna enjoy
doing it.

Victoria's body was completely engulfed in pleasure, as the two women seemed
to be enjoying what they were doing more as each second passed.

"Here I come Gail, HERE I COMMMMEE!!"

Victoria's body lifted itself up off the bed before Molly's strong hands
pushed her back down and continued to rub her massive breasts in a circular
motion all the way through her orgasm. Gail licked up all the juices as
Victoria sat in Molly's grip. But she noticed they didn't stop. In fact
Gail had just found her clit and began to nibble on it lightly. They were
going to force her to a second orgasm. This one even more powerful than the

After she'd gotten her breath back Victoria looked up at Molly and then down
at Gail who both waited to see what Victoria would say Victoria then spoke.
"So what's your plan?" she asked.

Which brought a smile to both Molly and Gail's faces mission acomplished good
news for them bad news for Lita and Trish as Molly began to tell Victoria her
plan for the next week on Raw.

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