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Molly & Lita & Molly & Trish
by Peacealien

After her match with Terri, Trish entered the locker and saw Molly and
Lita feeling each other. Lita was wearing her red bra and a thong. Molly
was wearing a white bra with white panties. Lita snapped Molly's bra. Lita
dropped Molly's bra to the floor. After that Molly went ot take off Lita's
thong with her teeth.

As Lita was feeling Molly's huge tits Molly stopped what she was doing for
a second to get something out of her bag. She brought out a red dildo she
went over to Lita and kissed her as she was kissing Lita she stuck the dildo
into lita's pussy as it entered her vagina Lita gave a soft moan.

Lita: Holy shit fuck me harder!

As Molly was giving it to Lita, Trish was in the back where they could
not see her. Molly shoved Lita to the hard floor and started to shove the
dildo further into Lita's pussy. As she was doing that she also went to Lita
and started kissing then after a while of kissing they got into a 69 position
after a little bit of doing a 69er Lita came.

After Molly was done with Lita Molly took her panties off and sat down on
the cold hard floor she handed Lita the dildo but Lita put the dildo down and
starting eating Molly out after a little bit of eating Molly out she came as
Lita tryed the best she can to get all the juices. After she was done Molly
and her started kissing agian then they put on their clothes and Molly put
the dildo in her bag and as Lita was walking out the door she flunged. When
Molly said.

Molly: We should do that again sometime soon.

Lita: Yeah that would be cool how bout next monday night.

Molly: Ok cya then.

Lita: Cya.

After lita left molly took the dildo out of her bag and headed towards the
shower. Trish could her molly moaning from where she was hiding then she came
out of her hiding spot and headed towards the shower when she entered the
shower she seen Molly in the corner shoving the dildo deep into her pussy.
Watching molly do this made Trish wet so she decided to finger herself after
a while she was moaning then Molly stopped what she was doing.

Molly: Hello, is anybody in here?

Trish: It's just me, Molly. I just wanted to say I spyed on you and Lita and
it kinda got me a little horny.

Molly: Oh, you did. Well, I'm not mad I'm actually happy cause I'm already
horny agian. You mind if I suck on ur big beautiful tits?

Trish: Suck my tits, baby.

Molly got up and pushed Trish agianst the wall and started sucking on
Trish's tits. Trish started moaning and after Molly stopped and started to
lick trish's shaved pussy. After a while trish came on Molly's face Molly
tried the best she could to get all the pussy juice into her mouth.

Molly got up and kissed trish then molly broke the kiss and said "Fuck me
now Trish."

Trish: What do you want?

Molly: I want you to eat me.

Trish pushed molly down to the ground and spread her legs apart then the
stuck her face between Molly's thighs and started to eat Molly out after
about 2 minutes of eating Molly out molly came on her face as she came Trish
sucked all the pussy juice into her mouth.

After that Trish ate Molly out again. Molly started moning real loud Trish
did cartwheels on Molly's pussy after a minute of this Molly came again this
she came on Trish's tits and legs after that they headed out of the shower
and got dressed.

After they got dressed they started a little bit then Trish and Molly had
one more passionate kiss then both Trish and Molly went the door grabbing
each others ass.

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