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Molly & Torrie In The Locker Room
by Peacealien

Torrie arrives in her locker after a long fought match with Trish Stratus,
who defeated her. She decided to relax and go to bed for awhile. She takes
off her clothes and starts to get changed when molly holly knocks on the
door and walks in as Torrie is half-naked.

Molly: Oh hey Torrie, I didn't know you were getting changed. Do you want me
to come back.

Torrie: No it's ok, just give me a second to get changed then we can talk
about whatever it is you wanted to.

Molly: Well, Torrie it's not actually talking I had in mind.

Molly slowly began to walk over to Torrie and slowly started to feel her
pussy,causing torrie to moan while looking at molly with widened eyes. She
started to smile and the 2 lucious divas shared a long wet kiss while feeling
each other large soft brests. They rolled around on the floor for a while
before stripping each other down to nothing. Torrie smiled and began to go
down on molly and made her moan and shout "OH TORRIE MORE MORE!"

Torrie reached into her drawer and pulled out a large blue dildo. She
smiled as she turned Molly around and her hands and knees she then started
to shove the dildo into Molly doggy style, as she screamed with pleasure.
After bout 10 minutes of using the dildo Torrie sat up and sat infront of
mollys face and she promptly began to eat Torrie out.

After finishing Torrie pulled out a pair of handcuffs from her drawer,
smiling seductively. She handcuffed molly to the bed and began fingering
herself then she went to a freezer and pulled out a ice cube. She slowing
started running it all over's Molly neck eventually making little circles
around her nipples. She went further down until she reached mollys pussy
and began slowly sliding the ice cude into Molly's pussy causing Molly to
let out a moan of pleasure. Torrie then took out the ice cube and held in
front of Molly then she slowing started to lick it Right after that Torrie
started to slowly lick it she tightened the handcuffs so molly couldn't
get loose she then started to rub her clit all over mollys face.

After about an hour of playing games with Molly, Torrie took off the
handcuffs but told Molly it's her turn. Molly smiled and handcuffed Torrie
to the bed. She put one of her legs on each side of torries and begans to
finger herself right infront of Torrie going faster and faster with each
thrust inside her. She then took 3 fingers out and stuck them in Torrie's
lucious pussy. She wen t on for about an half an hour then she uncuffed
Torrie and the 2 shared a long wet kiss and got dressed.

Molly smiled and told her to come over to her locker room tomorrow cause
she has a lot more toys. Torrie smiles and shakes her head as molly leaves
the locker room.


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