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Molly And Trish Have Some "Fun" At A Party!!
by Hellyeah4wood (

The Kat was throwing a WWF get-together party the Saturday before No Way
Out. Molly Holly was there, but was not enjoying herself. Molly escaped into
the kitchen, desperate to get away from the hubbub of small talk.

"Couldn't take it either?" asked the blonde woman leaning up against the
stove, smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of white wine. It was the
blonde goddess, Trish Stratus "I thought I was going to go nuts."

"You're not kidding. Can I have a drag?" Molly asked. Trish nodded and
passed over the cigarette.

Molly kicked off her shoes and adjusted her thigh-high stockings.
"There's not even anyone good out there to fuck," she complained.

The blonde woman laughed as she took the cigarette back and stubbed it
out. She stepped forward and ran her hand over the shoulder of Molly's
velvet dress. "Not even me?" she asked. She licked her lips invitingly as her
hand skimmed lower, the back brushing over Molly's incredibly huge and sexy
breasts, her nipples hardening under Trish's touch.

Trish put down her wineglass and pressed her body against Molly's, their
breasts brushing through the luxurious fabric of their dresses, her hands
sliding to Molly's waist. Molly leaned forward and kissed the blonde woman,
their tongues dancing together as Molly grew bolder and cupped the other
woman's great, big, soft ass with her hands, squeezing gently.

"Ever eaten any pussy?" Trish asked, kissing Molly's neck and then darting
her tongue into her cleavage. Her hand slid up the inside of Molly 's thigh.

"No," Molly whispered, as Trish's fingers slipped under the elastic of her
panties and found the heat of her cunt. She flicked her fingertips lightly
over Molly's stiff clit, making tremors of pleasure run through her whole

"Well then I'll have to teach you," Trish said, nibbling Molly's ear
softly as she thrust her fingers inside Molly 's cunt, making her come so
hard that she nearly lost her balance. Molly cried out, her cunt squeezing
the other woman's fingers rapidly as she fucked her with them, her nails
dragging along the ridges on the inside of her cunt. Molly held Trish's
shoulders as she shuddered in her climax. When she was done, the woman
withdrew her fingers and licked them clean.

Trish hopped up on the counter, pulling the short skirt of her black silk
dress up to reveal a clean-shaven, bare pussy. "You really shouldn't wear
panties," she said, fingering her pussy idly. "They just get in the way. Now
bend over and let's see how you lick."

Molly, still a little dizzy from her orgasm, leaned forward and licked
tentatively along the blonde woman's pussy. "Harder," Trish whispered,
pushing her hips forward and placing her hand against the back of Molly's
neck, holding her there as she began to run her tongue over the woman's clit.
Her heels were resting on Molly's shoulders, digging in lightly as Molly
lapped at her pussy. The air smelled of their wetness, and Molly could hear
the sloshing sounds as her tongue worked over the other woman's pussy.

"I'm gonna come," Trish groaned, her voice mingling with the sounds of
the party from the other room. Molly, reminded of how easily they could be
caught, sucked frantically at the other woman's clit, rewarded by Trish's
thighs tightening against her ears as she threw her head back and cried out
in delight, her clit throbbing against Molly's tongue.

She bucked and moaned for a few minutes and then pushed Molly's head away.
Molly was panting, and she had to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand,
since it was covered with the other woman's juices.

"Much better," Trish said, hopping off the counter and reclaiming her
wineglass. "Ready to go face the party?"

Molly laughed and nodded, and the headed out into the living room
just as the waiters came into the kitchen to fill their trays again.


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