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Molly Finds The Truth About Raven
by The Game Is On

"Don't you know who I am? I'm a Holly. I'm 275 lbs. and all muscle. I'll
wait all night if I have to for Raven's driver," Molly proclaims to the

A few minutes later a black car pulls up. Molly tries to fight off Raven
and the mysterious woman, but to no avail. She is overpowered (odd for a
Holly), blindfolded, hands tied behind her back and put in the back of the
car. Raven decides to drive as the mystery woman has business in the back
with Molly.

"Now Molly, you've been meddling. You've been a very bad girl and bad
girls. Well, I like them." says the woman in black.

Molly feels a hand begin to massage her breasts through her top. Molly's
fear now becomes excitement as her nipples begin to harden and the wetness
drips in her panties.

The mystery woman lifts Molly's shirt over her breasts, with her arms
still ties behind her back. Molly is helpless, but likes it.

Molly feels the woman begin to suck her nipples, biting them, pinching
them, making them erect as erasers. "Ooh, please don't stop. I'll be bad, I
promise," says Molly.

Raven has pulled the car over and watches the action in the back seat. He
takes out his cock and begins stroking it, watching his woman have her way
with Molly.

The woman rubs Molly's pussy through her pants, feeling the heat and
moisture. She takes off her pants, leaving Molly totally exposed.

"Spread your legs Molly... do as you're told."

Molly opens her legs and feels fingers entering her pussy, "Oh god, finger
fuck me-harder!" The woman rolls Molly's clit in her fingers, making Molly
shudder. She licks her way down Molly's stomach, until her face settles
between Molly's legs. She blows on Molly's almost shaven pussy, again making
Molly's legs shake. The woman thrusts her tongue into Molly's box, fucking
her with her mouth.

"Please don't stop, lick my clit! Make me cum!" Molly begs

The woman licks up Molly's engorged pussy lips and rests her tongue on
Molly's clit. She takes it between her lips and begins to suck on it.

"Oh yeah, more, please!"

The woman stops.

"Please don't stop! Fuck me harder!" pleads Molly.

"Sweetie, I'm just getting comfortable. One of us was already naked.
You can't very well eat my pussy with all these clothes on." The woman
guides Molly's head to her shaven pussy, already so wet that Molly laps up
thejuices. Molly is on her knees in the back of the car as the woman sits
spread eagle on the seat, enjoying Molly's tongue, while she rubs her tits,
sucking on her own nipples.

All of a sudden, Molly is taken by surprise as Raven enters her pussy
from behind. "Come on ladies, you can't forget about me. What about Raven?"
Raven bangs Molly's hot pussy while she sucks the mystery woman off.

"Oh god, Raven, fuck my ass... please!"

Raven takes out his cock, already well lubricated and sticks it up Molly's
tight asshole.

"Yeah baby... that's it, pound my hole!"

The mystery woman, having cum from Molly's expert tongue, settles next to
Raven as he pounds Molly's ass. "Molly dear, be a good girl and suck Raven
off. I'll even help you."

Molly turns around and takes Raven's cock in her mouth, swallowing it
whole. The mystery woman grabs the base of Raven's dick and begins to fuck
Molly's face with his cock.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum' screams Raven.

The mystery woman takes Raven's cock and jerks him off all over Molly's
face and tits, as Molly tries to get as much in her mouth as she can.

"Now, aren't you a good girl. I think we can take the blindfold off now."
The woman removes the blindfold so Molly can see. Of course, Molly has known
since the woman first opened her mouth who it was.

"Good to meet you, Francine, I've heard a lot about you. Can I learn some
more please?"

"Of course dear, you're one of us now." Francine replies.

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