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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Molly Goes Hardcore
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area during a broadcast of Monday Night RAW in early March
of 2001, the reigning Hardcore Champion Raven, wearing tattered jean shorts,
a black Doctor Strange t-shirt and leather jacket, has just been caught from
behind by Crash Holly with a surprise roll up pin. A WWF Referee counts to
three, and raises Crash's right hand as Crash grabs the Hardcore Championship
belt from the ground, "YEAH! It's mine again!" Crash says as Raven gets up to
his feet. Raven spins Crash around so that he can kick him in the stomach,
doubling him over and causing Crash to drop the Hardcore Championship belt.
Raven then grabs Crash's head and drops him to the ground with a vicious DDT,
which effectively knocks out Crash Holly. Raven then quickly pushes Crash
onto his back and covers him.

"COUNT!" Raven snaps at the referee who then quickly gets down to count to
three, which awards the Hardcore Championship back to Raven. Raven grabs the
Hardcore Championship belt and runs off. As he quickly moves down the
hallway, Raven passes by Crash's sweet, innocent blond haired cousin Molly
and doesn't notice as she starts to follow him down the hallway.

* * *

A short time later in the arena's loading dock, Raven is leaning against a
few crates as he keeps an eye out for any one that may try to take his
Hardcore Championship. Raven's long unkempt hair hangs over his face as he
keeps a look out for any surprises.

"Hey!" The adorable and perky blond haired, styled in pigtails, cousin of
Crash, Molly Holly says as she jumps up behind Raven. Molly presses her soft
lips together as she places her hands onto her rounded, perfectly shaped
hips. "Gosh oh sure must be hard having that belt with the 24/7
rule! I know I'd just go bonkers!" Molly says with a laugh as she is dressed
in a pair of tight fitting black pants and an extremely tight blue top.

Raven steps away from the crate as he clutches the Hardcore Championship with
his right hand, "What do you want?" The somewhat brooding Superstar says in a
low voice as he keeps his eyes locked on Molly Holly.

"Oh....gee I feel embarrassed..." Molly says with a cute giggle as she lowers
her head and blushes a bit, while cutely bobbing her pigtail haired head from
side to side.

Raven's eyes shift wildly as he looks at Molly while his hair hangs over his
face, "This is trap..." Raven says as he starts to glance out of he corner of
his eyes to see if any one is going to ambush him. "Why are you here?" Raven
says as he takes a half step back from Molly so that he can see his
surroundings better.

Molly innocently looks up "Oh...don't worry! I'm not here to trick you or
anything! Nope!" Molly cutely shakes her head "Absolutely Nope!" Molly Holly
laughs as she shyly pushes her shoulders up "You see my cousins Crash and
Bob...they don't like it when I try to hang out with some of the
Superstars...especially someone like you! In fact they would hate it!"

Raven narrows his eyes as he once again locks his eyes on Molly, "They would,
wouldn't they..." Raven says with a slight smirk and a tone of voice
indicating he's thinking of something.

Molly cutely laughs and nods her head "Yep! You absolutely bet so!" Molly
says as she leans forward and whispers " know what? I don't care,
cause...well..." Molly blushes "Oh gee...I kinda have a crush on you...and
I'm sick of Crash and Hardcore bossing me around!"

"Is that a fact..." Raven says as locks his eyes with Molly, "Being bossed
around isn't much fun... why don't you do what you want..." Raven says with a
sly tone of voice.

Molly bites down on her bottom lip and innocently looks away "Oh gee...I
don't know...they might get mad if they found out."

Raven tosses his Hardcore Championship belt onto a crate before he brings his
left hand up to Molly's face to have her look at him, "That's why you're
here.... to do something behind their backs..." Raven says before he leans
forward to whisper into her left ear, "You act cute and innocent, but deep
down... you're hardcore aren't you?" Raven says with a scheming tone.

"Gee...I don't know, maybe..." Molly says with a soft laugh as her adorable
eyes lock with Raven's intense and scheming eyes.

Raven grins slightly, "I think you meant, positively.... because no one is
innocent when they have desires... and your desires as a plain as the nose on
your face..." Raven says in a low tone of voice as he suddenly grabs Molly's
right wrist in order to bring her right hand to his noticeably large crotch.
Molly sweetly smiles and blushes as she relaxes her right hand against
Raven's bulging crotch of his tattered jean shorts before she starts to
lightly rub her hand against his cock, feeling him harden underneath.

"How about you become hardcore and do it behind your cousins' backs..." Raven
says as he locks his eyes with Molly's as he guides her hand towards the
button of his tattered jean shorts.

"Well...if you promise not to tell..." Molly Holly begins to says as she
unconsciously starts to unbutton Raven's tattered jean shorts and places her
left hand to his waist to smoothly push them down.

"I never fuck and tell..." Raven slyly says as his thick eleven inch cock
springs free from his tattered jean shorts as Molly lowers them from his
waist and down his legs. The reigning Hardcore Champion lets go of Molly's
right wrist so that he can slide off his leather jacket, revealing his t-
shirt is actually sleeveless, which gives Molly an excellent look of his
tattooed covered arms.

Molly smiles and then glances down at Raven's cock as her eyes immediately
widen "Oh geeze! That's huge!" Molly says with a laugh as she eagerly and
adorably drops down onto her knees. Molly wraps her right hand around Raven's
cock and starts to gently stroke her hand against his shaft. "Good golly!
Crash and Hardcore would be so mad right now!"

"Of course they would...." Raven smirks as Molly brings her left hand to his
cock so that she can use both hands to stroke his meaty hardening cock.

"Gee this is really big, Raven!" Molly Holly says as she eagerly and smoothly
pumps both of her soft hands against Raven's rock hard cock before she lowers
her head and cutely flicks her wet tongue against the head of his cock. Raven
looks down at Molly and grins as his long hair keeps his face slightly
covered, but Molly can see that he's intently watching everything she does as
she flicks her tongue around the head of his cock while she pumps her hands
along his shaft's length.

"Mmmmm...." Molly lightly moans as she laps her tongue back and forth against
the head of his cock before she opens her sweet and innocent mouth to lower
her head. Molly wraps her soft lips around Raven's thick cock and starts to
bob her head to smoothly and intently suck his shaft.

Raven chuckles, "Mmmmm your cousins would be pissed to know that you're a
hardcore girl who loves to suck cock..." Raven says slyly as he runs the
fingers of his left hand through Molly's blond hair.

"Mmmmm...hmmmm..." Molly sweetly groans as her wet, soft lips brush back and
forth on Raven's shaft as her adorable pigtailed blond haired head smoothly
lifts and lowers on his shaft, while she smoothly and steadily sucks.

Raven grabs hold of Molly's pigtails as she bobs her head at a smooth pace on
his thick hard cock, "Mmm,,," Raven moans lightly as Molly turns her head
from side to side as she blows him.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Molly moans as she presses her lips tighter around his shaft
as she feels Raven starting to pump his hips forward to thrust his cock into
her wet, warm mouth.

"Ahhh you're a hardcore cock sucker... who just loves to do things behind
people's backs... aren't you?" Raven asks and taunts as he keeps looking down
at Molly as he holds onto Molly's pigtails as if they were handle bars as he
thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Mmmmm! Hmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Molly Holly moans as Raven's rock hard eleven
inch cock deeply smacks into her adorably wet mouth. Molly's cute tongue
smacks back and forth on his shaft.

Raven lets go of Molly's pigtails and pulls his cock out of her warm wet and
innocent mouth, "Get undressed you innocent hardcore little girl...' Raven
says with a sly taunting tone of voice.

Molly Holly laughs and scouts back on her knees "Ok!" Molly says with
excitement as she lifts her tight fitting blue top to expose her nicely
rounded, adorably tanned tits. Raven smirks slightly as he watches Molly
neatly place her tight fitting blue top on the ground. Raven steps out of his
tattered jean shorts and he takes off his shirt, revealing his upper body
that is covered with tattoos and the scars of years of hardcore battles.

Molly cutely licks her lips and blushes as she stands up from the cold floor
of the loading dock, proceeding to push her tight fitting pants down from her
nicely rounded and juicy hips, dropping her pants down her tanned and smooth
legs to revealing her smoothly shaved pussy.

"Very good little girl..." Raven smirks as he lifts Molly up and sits her on
a crate. He then spreads her smooth tanned legs and steps between them so
that he can deeply impale her pussy with his thick hard cock.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhh gee! Wow!" Molly moans as she feels Raven's cock stretching
her tight pussy as he starts to thrust his cock deeply into her wet pussy.
Molly bites down on her bottom lip as she presses her smooth legs around his
toned waist.

"Mmmm.... you like that little girl?" Raven asks as he firmly grips Molly
Holly's shapely hips with both hands as he slowly and deeply pumps his cock
in and out of Molly's pussy. With each thrust, Raven feels Molly's pussy
loosening as he fucks her.

"Ohhhh yeah! Mmmm yeah!" Molly moans as she places her hands behind her on
the crate as she rocks back and forth on the surface while Raven deeply and
slowly pounds his cock into her tight and wet pussy.

"You're really hardcore aren't you... little girl?" Raven grunts slightly as
he taunts Molly Holly. The Hardcore Champion keeps his pace slow and steady,
which makes Molly thrust herself forward towards him.

"Mmmm! Ohhhh yeah! Mmmmm I like being hardcore!" Molly cutely moans as she
starts to lightly grind her pussy against Raven's cock.

Raven leans his head forward as he increases the pace of his thrust as he
pumps his cock in and out of her pussy, "You're a hardcore slut... aren't
you... " Raven whispers into Molly's left ear. Raven then pulls his head back
to see that Molly is blushing after hearing his question.

Molly laughs and nods her head "Mmm ohhh yes I am..." Molly moans as she
starts to push herself harder against Raven's cock as he starts to thrust his
cock deeper into her cunt.

"Mmmm.... I knew it... no one is innocent... you're a hardcore slut...."
Raven grins as he sharply fucks Molly's pussy as he again makes her blush
with his comments.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh shit! Ohhhh gee!" Molly moans as her tanned, juicy curved body
is perfectly jerked against Raven as he pulls her against his deeply
penetrating and drilling cock.

Raven tosses his long unkempt hair back uncovering his handsome, unshaven
face before he pulls his fat hard cock out of her pussy, "Turn around little
girl.... so I can see how much of a hardcore slut you are..." Raven says with
a slightly sinister chuckle.

Molly innocently lowers her head and smiles "Ok..." Molly says as she eagerly
drops down from the crate and turns around with her juicy ass facing Raven,
in order to bend over as she eagerly awaits the Hardcore Champion. Raven
places his hands on Molly's juicy ass cheeks and spreads them apart. He then
presses the head of his thick cock against the entrance of Molly's asshole.
Raven then smirks as he watches Molly squirm with anticipation as he teases
her ass with his cock.

"Mmmm...ohhhh....mmmm please! Please do it!" Molly moans as she eagerly
starts to push back against the head of Raven's cock. Raven takes his hands
away from Molly's ass cheeks so that they press against the sides of his
thick cock. Raven then grabs Molly's cute blond pigtails and pulls her head
back before he roughly rams his cock deeply into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhh! Gosh!" Molly moans as her adorable body is jerked back against
Raven's cock while her juicy body is rammed back against him.

"Mmmmm.... why am I not surprised.... that you love it in the ass..." Raven
grunts as he thrusts his cock deeply in and out of Molly's asshole while he
holds both of her pigtails with his hands.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Molly moans and closes her eyes as she rocks
back and forth against the crate, while bent over it. Molly grits her teeth
as she feels Raven's cock deeply ramming into her tight asshole.

"Ahhh... mmmm...." Raven moans and grits his teeth as he lets go of Molly's
pigtails while he drives his cock repeatedly into her ass. Raven then slides
his hands underneath her upper body as she's bent over the crate and grabs
her large tanned and juicy tits.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh mmmm...gee this is so bad of me!" Molly Holly moans as her
ass roughly smacks against Raven's toned waist, grinding as his cock deeply
slams into her ass.

"You love it you little hardcore slut..." Raven grunts and laughs as he
firmly pounds her ass with his fat cock. The Hardcore Champion squeezes
Molly's tits with his hands as sweat drips off of his tattooed and scarred

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah! I feels so good!" Molly moans as she feels Raven's cock
deeply fucking her tight ass. Raven smirks as he manhandles Molly's juicy
tits as he slows down his thrusts. Raven keeps fucking her ass with firm
thrusts, but he makes sure Molly feels his entire cock going in and out of
her asshole. "Ohhhhh! Mmmmm gee're really hardcore!" Molly moans
with a laugh as her blond pigtails wildly bounce as Raven deeply pounds her

"Ahhh... mmmm of course I am..." Raven grunts as he drills her juicy ass with
his throbbing cock. Raven pulls his cock out of Molly's ass, "Turn around
little girl..." Raven grins.

Molly bites down on her bottom lip and laughs as she turns around to face
Raven "Yeah?"

Without saying a word, Raven puts his hands on Molly's shoulders and pushes
her down to her knees. Raven then pulls her up so that she's sitting high on
her knees, which brings her juicy tits to an equal level with his cock. After
smirking down at Molly, Raven grabs her arms to make her raise her hands so
that she presses her large tits against his cock. "So me how much of a
hardcore slut you are..."

Molly cutely blushes as she presses her juicy, tanned tits around Raven's
cock and starts to gently jerk his cock between her tits before she flicks
her tongue against the head of his cock.

Raven grins as Molly moves her tits up and down against his cock while she
taps her tongue against throbbing cock, "Mmmm.... yeah..." Raven moans as he
moves his hips in order to thrust his cock between Molly's tits.

"You like that?" Molly asks, glancing up with a cute smile, before she
returns to flicking her tongue against the head of his cock while her tits
slide against his cock.

"What... do you think?" Raven grunts as his cock begins to erupt with thick
bursts of cum shooting from the piss slit of his cock.

Molly cutely laughs "Oh golly!" Molly says as his cum shoots out of his cock
and lands on her perky, juicy tanned tits.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm.... if only your cousins knew that you were hardcore..."
Raven laughs as Molly moves her tits up and down on his cock to milk it until
he's done cumming.

Molly smiles up at Raven "Well...maybe you can let me be hardcore again some

Raven smirks, "Any time.... any place..."


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