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This Story is a complete fantasy. Nora Greenword aka Molly Holly never has
or had a dick. I say again this is only fantasy enjoy.

Molly Has A Secret For Stephanie
by Shemale Fan

After Molly Holly gets done with her match against Torrie Wilson she was
stopped by the Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon told her she wanted to see her
in her office after the show was over. After Stephanie told her that Molly
went to her dressing room to cool off. Molly went to her couch and laid
down on it and started to play with herself by rubbing her tits and then she
started thinking of Stephanie naked and what it would be like to have sex
with her then Molly fell asleep.

Then when was over Molly woke up and went to Steph's office when she got in
there she got the surprise of her life she found Stephanie naked on the her
desk and rubbing her pussy Molly. then asked what this was about then
Stephanie began to speak.

Stephanie: You see Nora the reason I asked for you is because I wanna have
sex with you and I hope you do to cause I love you Nora.

Molly: Well I love you too but you won't want to sex with me cause I have
something you don't have.

Stephanie: What the hell would that be a cock?

Molly: Actually yes.

After saying that Molly pulls down her spandex pants and panties and reveals
to Steph her huge 9 inch She-Cock.

Stephanie: Damn it oh well I can adjust do you like it in the ass?

Molly: Hell Yea but why do you ask?

Stephanie: Cause I have this Strap-On in my desk and I could fuck you in your
ass if you want?

Molly: Ok let's begin.

And with that Stephanie tells Molly to get on all fours. Molly listens as
Stephanie gets the strap-on ready. Stephanie finally gets the strap-on on
then she grabs a hold of Molly's hips and gently puts the tip of the
strap-on into Molly's big ass. Molly moans as it goes deeper and deeper
into Molly's ass. Then she starts a motion against with Molly's ass then
begins to grab Molly's cock and starts to jerk it as she is pounding
Molly's ass.

As Steph continues to fuck Molly in the ass, Molly rubs her tits for a few
minutes then tells Stephanie to stop cause she wants her to suck her cock.
Stephanie does as she is told she takes off the strap-on and gets down on
her knees and begins to suck Molly's cock. As she is sucking Molly's
she-cock she reaches behind Molly's fat ass and starts to rub it and she
bobs her head up and down on Molly's man meat. Then she works a finger in
Molly's puckered rosebud. Molly moans as this happens then Stephanie begins
to work a other finger in Molly's ass then she stops and gets on her back
and asks Molly to eat her out. Molly agrees and works her face into Steph's
juicy pussy.

Then she begins to eat Steph out. As she eats Steph out, Steph grabs a hold
of Molly's head with both hands to make it so Molly's head can't go anywhere.
Molly then starts to finger Steph's pussy as she is eating her out. Stephanie
moans as she takes to pleasurable pleasure. Then Molly stops and begins to
stick her she-cock into Steph's pussy. Then with a final thrust she sticks
her she-cock in Stephanie's juicy pussy and begins to thrust back and fourth
into Steph's pussy.

As she is doing this, she grabs a hold of Steph's tits and begins to lick her
nipples. As Molly continue's to fuck Steph's pussy, Steph french's Molly then
Molly stops and tells Stephanie to turn around if she wants it in her ass.
Stephnaie does as she is told and gets on her hands and knees and begs Molly
to fuck her ass. Molly takes the initiative and sticks the tip of her
she-cock in Steph's ass. Then she pushes the rest in one final thrust. Then
she starts to hump her back and forth grabbing Steph's tits.

As she does so, Molly says she's gonna cum. Stephanie tells her to cum in
her face, so Molly pulls out of Stephanie's ass and jerks her cock a few more
times then blasts her man jizz all over steph's face and tits. Stephanie rubs
the cum on her tits and keeps some in her mouth. Then she french's Molly and
spits Molly's fluids in her mouth. Molly swallows as she enjoys her own

Then Molly gets dressed to get ready to go, but before she does so Stephanie
tells she wants to see her in her office next week after the show. Molly
amiles as she heads out the office.

The End

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