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Molly Holly Gets Rowdy
by Dr. Blasphemy (

Molly eyes were transfixed on the match currently taking place on the
small monitor in the Holly cousins' dressing room. On the screen was K-Kwik
vs Jeff Hardy in singles competition and they were pretty much evenly matched
when it came to skill and risk taking manuvers making it a great fight, but
that wasn't what caught her attention. It was the very muscular black adonus
in the ring.

The more she saw him in action the more enamored she became, which was
strange for her since she grew up having a very racist upbringing. The Holly
cousins didn't display this behavior outside of their own circle since they
knew the second anyone in the WWF found out they'd be all fired. They would
be crazy to want to leave a job where they'd get paid for beating the shit
out of minorities whenever they got the chance.

Molly continued to watch the action as her hand instinctively crept
inbetween her legs. As her fingers touched her pussy through her damp black
pants, she let out a soft whimper. She would have liked to voice it louder,
but Crash and Hardcore were getting ready for the next match in the adjoining
room. Her digits stroked across her sex as she fantasized how K-Kwik's big
black cock would pound in and out of it.

"Come on, Molly! We're ready to roll." Bob commanded scaring her back to

Molly quickly moved her hand away from her snatch hoping her cousins
didn't see what she was doing. The last thing she'd needed was to give that
little jokester Crash any ammunition to poke fun of her. She quickly glanced
back at the small monitor, which she completely forgot about, to see what
happened in the match. From the replay she saw how K-Kwik was about to set up
Jeff for his finisher when that bimbo Lita snuck up and did her hurricanrana
off the rope behind the ref's back for to give his opponent a cheap win.

-Damn! Is that all that redheaded bitch has got?- Molly thought to
herself, -Every match she does the same ass shit. I can't wait to get my
hands on her to show her how a 245 pound super heavyweight gets the job

"Molly, move your fat ass!" Hardcore called out again, "We're up!"

"Yeah, fat ass!" Crash snickered. He didn't get away with the remark
though as Bob quickly whapped him hard in the back of the head.

"Uhh... I suddenly have to go... pee." Molly lied, "I'll catch up with
you guys at the enterance ramp."

"Jeezus, you hold less than a thimble! Forget her. It's time for us to go
kick some ass."

"Later, fat as -- OWW, that actually hurt!" Crash complained.


With that said both cousins left for the ring leaving Molly alone. She
waited a few seconds to make sure they were long gone before she too went on
her way to making her dream become a reality. She made a bee-line straight
to K-Kwik's locker room and leaned against the cinder block wall of the
arena waiting for him to arrive.

After about a minute or so, K-Kwik came walking down the corridor
rubbing his neck. Molly spotted him immediately and presumed it was from
Lita's canrana catching him off guard.

"Tough break with the match," Molly remorsely stated, "It was 100% yours
all the way."

"Thanks," was all the K-Kwik could say as he openned the door to his
locker room.

"If I was out there, I would have knocked Lita flat on her ass. I'm a
super heavy weight, you know," Molly quickly interjected.

All K-Kwik could do was smile at the thought as he looked over the small
cute woman in front of him flashing a large grin, but the one thing that
really caught his attention about her was she sure had a big fine ass for a
white girl.

"You know, K-Kwik, I could help you with that neck problem of yours. I've
got quite a reputation for releasing tention from certain muscle groups."

"Sure. It couldn't hurt" he replied holding the door open for her to

Molly made he way into the room and directed K-Kwik to sit in a steel
folding chair. As he sat down, she began to kneed his dark flesh with her
petite but strong pale hands. Almost instantly the pain in K-Kwik's neck
began to diminish from her touch. To him her hands were like magic, which
made him close his eyes to completely fall under her spell.

As she worked her power over K-Kwik's body, Molly slowly began to extend
the perimeter of her hands' movement beyond his neck going to his shoulders
and then arcoss his muscular chest. Molly grined in satisfaction that K-Kwik
didn't start to protest from her advancement making the Holly cousin become
bolder with her actions. Slowly she glided to ebony wrestler's front all the
time keeping her fingers busy on his hot skin.

Now that they were face to face, Molly began to take the biggest and
final step by placing her finger tips on K-Kwik's chest and proceeded to move
them down feeling the hard rippled contours of his rib cage to his rock hard
abs. Only inches away from her prize, Molly quivered in excitement with what
she might find there. She began to unwrap K-Kwik's package by getting down on
her knees inbetween his legs, unsnapping the button and unzipping his fly.
Molly continued by inserting a hand inside to search for what was hidden
inside, which took no time at all.

A huge smile grew across her face from what she felt and pulled it out.
What she saw was beyond her wildess dreams. K-Kwik's semi-erect cock was as
big as a hog's leg. His black beauty at the moment must have at least been
in the double digits and definately thicker than her wrist.

K-Kwik stood up letting his pants drop to the floor. Molly immediately
heaved his monster up with both hands and went on a mission to bring it to
full attention by licking up and down it's shaft coating it with her spit.
She just had to know just how big it could get.

Within moments K-Kwik's dick became an unbending bar of hot flesh with
the bulbous knob pointing obscenely in front of Molly's cute face with a
dollip of pre-cum oozing from the tip. Molly lapped the watery liquid with a
quick flick of her tongue savouring the taste of what was yet to come.

Grabbing the base of his cock with one hand the Holly cousin openned her
large mouth as wide as possible and inhaled the meat-sicle sliding it to
the back of her throat. Her lips moved up and down it's lenght in a slow
sensuous pace like she was trying to suck the meat from the bone while her
hand busily stroked the what Molly's mouth couldn't handle while the other
one went up under her top to play with her tits.

"Damn, baby, you sure can suck a mean dick! Your gonna make my bust my
nut," K-Kwik stated.

Molly smiled from the nasty compliment as she moved her attention down
to his balls licking the plum-sized orbs giving K-Kwik a chance to cool down
for a while before returning to the thing she does best. The last thing she
wanted was for this escapade to end too quickly as her tongue wagged to and
fro juggling his jewels and then up the underside of his prick back to the

K-Kwik then guided Molly onto her back down onto the floor while getting
down to his knees. As she removed her top revealing her full pert breasts, he
peeled away her black form-fitting pants. Now only Molly soaking wet panties
stood in the way, but the white fabric was so saturated with her juices that
they looked transparent giving an unobstucted view of her pink engorged hole.

K-Kwik then placed his head inbetween Molly's milky white legs and blew a
concentrated gust of air causing a tickling sinsation to course through her
spine making Molly giggle. He continued by licking her marinated undies
using one long, slow lap pressing his tongue into her pussy, finishing the
manuver by sucking the material and large erect nubbin into his mouth tasting
her sweet nectar and gulping it down. Having a vacuumous lock on her clit, he
then bit down capturing the ripe protrusion and began rolling it back and
forth inbetween his teeth while his roaming tongue pressed into the tip.
Molly never felt anything like it, totally blowing her mind.

"I can't take it any more. Fuck me with that big cock of yours," Molly

"Do you love big, black cocks?" K-Kwik teased.

"Yes," she gushed.

"Then say it."

"I love big, black cocks." she softly stated.

"I didn't hear you!"

"I LOVE BIG, BLACK COCKS!!!" Molly confessed out loud.

Satisfied with her response, K-Kwik pulled off the last remaining garment
from Molly's lusicous body truely exposing her salivating box. He then
grabbed is monsterous prick, aimed the tip at her slot, rubbing it a few
times arcoss the groove of her love canel and pushed. It was like trying to
put a square peg into a round hole. The openning to Molly's cunt was so tight
it caused his cock to begin to fold back on itself, but K-Kwik persisted and
the head slowly penetrated her.

Molly grit her teeth at the feeling of her pussy being stretched beyond
what it had ever been before. The pleasure easily out weighed the pain, but
with only just the first inch or two inside her she thought anymore would
split her in half. For just a second she wished didn't let her libido control
her actions as much as it did to get her into situations like this, that is
until she felt the enjoyible motion of K-Kwik's baby thrusts.

K-Kwik started to gain ground with each stroke as Molly's vagina got use
to the pounding. Inch by inch more of his tool disappeared into the petite
wrestler. She glaced down through teary eyes to watch the action and was
amazed to see the progress he'd made. Molly couldn't believe he was almost
balls deep.

-Oh, my God! I feel like I'm being fucked by a baseball bat,- Molly
thought in shock, -My pussy truely can't be able to take that much cock!-

Then just like that K-Kwik was buried to the hilt immediately causing
Molly's body to contort uncontrollible in orgasm. Waves of pleasure shot
through her and she could feel the an explosion of her juices being release
from her body, but to her surprise nothing appeared to be coming out.
K-Kwik's girth created a perfect seal like a plug in a dyke forcing the
liquid to collect in her belly.

Still fully inside her, K-Kwik placed Molly's legs up into her chest,
pivoting her ass up into the air, pinning her with his weight and started
to brutally ram his cock into her like there was no tomorrow. With each
in stroke the Holly cousin's girl-goo spurted from her cunt landing on her
chest, but she didn't care. All she wanted was the taste of pure bliss one
more time.

"That's it, K-Kwik! Tear my pussy up! Hurt meeeEEE!" Molly squealed in

But instead he did the exact opposite and began to tease her again by
completely pulling out of her leaving a mawing abyss of her nookie. As the
hole slowly irised shut he'd ram it all the way in just before it completely
closed making a loud squishy sounds. He repeated the process over and over
driving Molly crazy from the difference of having her pussy being full to
empty to full again.

"Oh, God! Please don't do this to me!" Molly pleaded as her fingers
vigorously rubbed against her clit in hopes to getting off again.

In response K-Kwik repositioned Molly, so that she rested on all fours
and returned to pounding her pussy as his hands squeezed her buttock.
Spreading her ass cheeks apart, he then inserted each thumb into her anus.
Her asshole was so tight he was only able to get them in up to the first
knuckle and began to massage her rectal ring. Molly moaned as she let her
muscles relax letting the two digits penetrate even deeper.

Now with his thumbs buried in at deep as they could go, he started to
pull it open stretching her backdoor wide giving him a great view of her
insides. Then in one swift motion K-Kwik pulled out of her pussy and rammed
his cock deep into her pucker. Molly screamed as she felt her anal passage
getting violated.

For five minutes straight he slammed her ass like an animal, pounding
her body with all her being able to do was squeal like a pig from the
friction. Even though her butthole seemed like it was on fire, Molly began
to feel a strange tingling growing from her belly. It wasn't the quite the
same as the orgasm she had before, but just as pleasurible. With each one
of K-Kwik's thrusts caused it to double until finally she couldn't take it
anymore releasing what she felt inside with a powerful, long, deep groan,
which seemed to originate from deep recesses of her soul.

While Molly bellowed from her first anal orgasm, her spincter spasmed
down on K-Kwik's prick like a vise, which was too much even for him. He
thought about pulling out, but his dick had other plans. Spurt after spurt
of his white, hot baby batter shot into Molly's keister draining him of all
his strenght causing K-Kwik to collapse in exastion beside her.

As their bodies lay prone from utter bliss, Molly immediately sat up at
full attention. "Oh, shit!" Molly voiced in realization, "Bob and Crash's
match must surely be over by now. I gotta go."

Molly got to her feet grabbing all of her clothes and dressed as quickly
as possible. Just as she hit the door, she blew a kiss with a wink and a
smile and left rubbing her raw backside all the way back to the Holly locker

To be continued?

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