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Molly Holly's Trouble In The WWF
by The Whole F'N Show (

(At a RAW Taping their is a match between Too Cool and T&A and Trish pulls
the leg of Scotty "Too Hotty" and he falls and Albert picks him up and gives
him the Albert Bomb and pins him 1...2...3! As the match ends T&A begins to
beat on both Grand Master and Scotty when all of a sudden Crash Holly's music
hits and out comes Crash and Molly Holly. They head to the ring and Crash
goes under the ring and begins to grab weapons. He climbs into the ring and
attack T&A as Molly throws Trish into the ring and climbs into the ring and
begins to beat her up. Too Cool then get up and help get rid of T&A and then
as T&A leave the camera fades to a commercial)

(RAW returns and Crash Holly and Molly Holly are walking backstage)

Crash: GEE! Molly that was GGGGRRRRREAAAATTTT!!!

Molly: Yeah it was!! Well I am going to go down here and get me something to
drink ya wanna come Cousin?

Crash: Na! I gotta go make a phone call!!!

Molly: Ok see ya in a few!

(Crash walks into his locker room and Molly continues down the hall she walks
until she reaches a corner and then she runs into Trish Stratus)

Trish: Ya know BITCH!! You came from that Old Man's Fed WCW and you come here
to attack me?? Well bitch you have made your mistake!!

Molly: Well Gee I...

(Molly begins to back up until she runs into something and when she turns
around T&A are behind her)

Trish: You can't run!! You wanna come into the WWF?? Well now your gonna find
out just how hard the WWF is!!! I am going to make you go through a night you
will never forget!!

(Just then Test hits Molly over the back of the hed with something and Molly
goes out)

Trish: Grab her boys!!

(Molly is then seen in a room and Trish Stratus is sitting in a chair across
the room and Molly begins to slowly awaken)

Molly: Ugh! Where am I?

Trish: Well your about to find out!!

(Suddenly the door opens and Taka and Funaki walk in)

Trish: Hello boys! I brought you an Welcome to America Present!! She is
called a SLUT!! Go ahead and do what you want to her!

(Taka and Funaki then begin to feel around on Molly Holly's body)

Molly: Hey...S...Hey Qu.......

(Molly tries to talk but the shot to her head earlier still has her stunned)

(Taka begins to rub her head as Funaki begins to rub her pussie through her
pants and then they start stripping her)

Trish: Go ahead boys! Fuck her!!!

(Taka and Funaki then finish stripping her and Taka begins to rub her breast
and pinch then and Molly's breast begin to get hard as Funaki gets on his
knees and begins to rub and lick on the lips of Molly Holly)

Molly: Q...AAAHH!

(Taka then stands up and picks Molly Holly up and Funaki lays on the ground
and Taka picks up Molly and sets her pussy on the face of Funaki and then
Taka pulls down his pants and releases his 11 inch dick)

Taka:......Sucky Sucky PEE PEE!!

(With that Taka grabs the hair of Molly Holly and forces his dick in her
mouth and then Taka begins pulling Molly Holly's head back and forth on his
dick as Funaki begins to eat out her pussy)

Trish: MMMMM!!! Looks like fun!

(Funaki uses his fingers to spread the lips of Molly and then he pushes his
tounge into her lips and begins playin with the Clit of Molly as Molly begins
to get some sense into her, Molly pulls her hand up and she places it on
Taka's dick to keep it still and then Molly begins to suck Taka's dick


(Molly then began to suck Taka's dick faster as she reached down with her
other hand to rub her pussy)

Molly: MMMMMMM!! Uh Uh!

(Funaki began to suck at Molly's clit vigorusly and she began to grind
against his face as she was sucking on the dick of Taka and rubbing his balls
she then pulled off his dick and grabbed the head of Funaki with both hands
and pushed him into her cunt)


(With that Molly cummed all over the face and in the mouth of Funaki and she
began sucking on the dick of Taka again as Funaki climbed out from underneath
her and then Taka layed slowly layed down as Molly still sucking his dick got
on all fours and Funaki took off his clothes and positioned his dick at the
entrance of Molly's pussy and slammed it in)


Trish: Scream Bitch Scream!!!

(Molly then clutch the cock of Taka and began to deepthoart his cock as
Funaki began to ram Molly's pussy)

Taka: AHHH Sucky Sucky!! AHHH


(Molly began to alternatevily Suck and Stroke on Taka's cock as she pounded
her ass back to match the thrust of Funaki)


(Taka then began to thrust his dick into Molly's mouth as Funaki's thrust
began to get faster and Molly began screaming around Taka's dick)


(Taka then pulls his dick out and cums all over Molly's face and into her
mouth and then he falls onto the ground)

Trish: That proves it! Foreign guys can't handle American Pussy!

(Funaki pulls his dick out of Molly and he lays on the ground and Molly then
gets up and positions Funaki's dick to her pussy and then she drops down on
it and begins to ride his dick)

Molly: OH God!!! Fuck ME!!! HARDER!! GEE FUCK ME!!! I am a DAMN SLUT!! I am
your SLUT!! FUCK ME!!!

(Funaki then begins to Fuck Molly faster and she grabs his chest and begins
to slam down to meet his thrust)

Molly: Oh GOD!! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!!! I am gonna cum AGAIN!!! AHHHHHHHHHH

Funaki: Cum....Me CUM!!!

(Funaki begins to fuck Molly even harder and then they both cum at the same
time and then Molly stands up and Funaki just passes out)

Trish: Looks like you took these boys out!!

(Trish then hits Molly in the head with something)

Trish: Stupid BITCH!!!

(Trish then bends down and licks both Taka and Funaki's dick clean and then
she licks the clit of Molly clean and then Trish picks up Molly and throws a
towel around her and takes her out of the room)

Trish: Come with me you stupid SLUT!!!

(Moments Later Molly is in another dark room when she slowly picks herself
off of the ground she on her knees and is greeted by the dicks of Test and
Albert at her face and they throw off the towel)

Albert: Bitch do what your good for and SUCK MY DICK!!

Test: Yeah and MINE!!

(Molly began to alternatievly suck both Test and Alberts dicks)

Test: That's a good little Bitch!!!

Trish: Yeah show what your made of Molly!

(Test then grabbed Molly's head and began making her deepthoart his cock)

Albert: Any more room?

Test: PLENTY!!

(Test then grabbed the mouth of Molly with his other hand and forced it open
and Albert jammed his dick as Molly got out a scream only to be shut up and
then Test made Molly deepthroat both of T & A)

Trish: DAMN!!

(Suddenly the door flew open and Crash Holly ran in and went to give Test a
clothesline but Test ducked and Trish came over and dropped to her knees and
pulled down Crash's tights and began to suck on his foot long dick)


(Crash grabbed the head of Trish Stratus and began to rub her head as she
furiously began to suck on his dick, Test and Albert were both moaning as
Molly was deepthroating both of them and then Albert pulled out and went
around and positioned at Molly's untouched ass and he rammed it in and began
Fucking her ass hard)


(Trish her the screams of Molly and began to suck on Crash harder and Molly
grabbed the dick of Test and began sucking on him faster as Albert rode her


Crash: Gee Miss!! That ahhh feels Swell!!

(Trish began playing with Crash's balls as she sucked his dick and she could
see that he wouldn't last much longer, Albert was laying down now and Molly
was riding his dick as she was still deepthroating the cock of Test and she
saw Trish playin with Crash's balls so she started to play with Test's balls
and she realized they were hard)

Test: I....I....I am about to CUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!!

Crash: I...I am goonnnaaa CUUMMMMMMM!!!

(At the same time Test cummed in the mouth of Molly and she swallowed it all
and Crash pulled his dick out and cummed all over the face of Trish and Trish
licked his dick cleaned and then used her finger to get as much cum as she
could into his mouth while Crash layed on the ground and Test layed on the

Albert: Ride me Bitch!! Ride me!!

(Trish then came over as Molly was riding Albert and Trish slipped off her
panties and lifted up her skirt and sat on Alberts face)

Trish: Eat me out Albert!!

(Albert began licking and then used his fingers to spread the lips of Trish's
pussy and he began to suck on the clit of Trish making her moan as Molly rode
on Albert and Trish leaned over and began kissing Molly)

(Trish broke the kiss and began to rub her pussy on Alberts face)



(Albert began to Fuck Molly faster as his tounge got Faster and both women
were screaming)


Molly: Oh I am gonna CUMMMMM...CUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

(Molly started to feel Alberts balls and they were hard)

Molly: Albert you are going to cum as well!!!



(Albert started to scream as he licked up the juices that Trish was pouring
out and then she fell back and passed out on top of Crash and Albert finshed
cumming inside of Molly and he let her fall back and Albert passed out as

Trish: Molly that's life in the WWF!!!
_ _ _

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