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Molly Holly's Welcome To The WWF
by Wonder Mike (

As she sat in Vince MaMahon's office, Nora Greenwald told him of her
resume. I have been Starla Sexton, then Miss Madness, Mona, I have also been
a world class weight lifter.

Vince scratched his head, he told her "I have an idea for you, forget
Carla, forget Mona. You are now a cousin of the Holly's. You are now Molly."

She didn't know what to think, a Holly? Crash and Bob had spent the last
year in the WWF dog house, she told Vince she didn't like that idea.

McMahon told her to get out of his office, he didn't need any trouble
makers in his organization, he was doing her a favor by interviewing her.

She pleaded with him, "I am so sorry Mr. McMahon, I am Molly, I was just
scared because Bob got B B fired, and Crash is still in trouble for getting
drunk and throwing up on the fans, I don't want to get blamed for those

Vince told her you just don't get it, in this organization, you do what
I say, when I say it.

Molly just said "Yes sir." I will do whatever you say. Vince said he was
going to but that to the test. He picked up the phone and said "I've got
another one."

Stephanie McMahon and Marissa Mazolla-McMahon came into the office, Vince
told them he was auditioning this young blonde for the company, Stephanie
licked her lips.

Molly was wearing her long evening gown, Stephanie, a leather skirt with
a matching top, Marissa was in jeans and a T shirt, Stephanie ordered Molly
to take off that ridiculous gown.

Molly didn't understand, Marissa yelled "Strip bitch." Molly pulled the
gown off over her head. Stephanie pulled her skirt up, she wasn't wearing
any panties.

Stephanie ran her hands through Molly's blonde hair, she then yanked her
head down and put it between her legs, Steph closed her legs and ordered
Molly to eat her.

Stephanie squeezed with her legs, Molly began to moan, Steph yanked her
hair and ordered her to eat her again, Molly stuck out her tongue and began
to lap at her cunt.

Stephanie began to moan as Molly used her skilled tongue to go in and out
of her cunt, Marissa was behind Molly now, she was running her hands over
Molly's ass.

Molly has a perfectly round ass, Marissa cupped a cheek in both hands,
she then kissed her on each cheek, Molly began to giggle, Marissa then shoved
two fingers into her hot box.

Molly stopped giggling then, Steph yanked her hair harder, Molly stuffed
her tongue all the way inside of her Stephanie spread her long longs as wide
apart as they would go.

Molly reached up and slowly worked two fingers into Stephanie's pussy,
Vince leaned over for a closer look, Stephanie laid flat on her back, Vince
picked his daughter's head up, he wanted to look into her eyes as she came,
Molly began to work her fingers in and out.

Marissa shoved four fingers into Molly's pussy, Molly was having a hard
time breathing now, Marissa began to twist and turn her fingers inside of
her pussy.

Molly began to rock back and forth on Marissa's fingers, Molly jammed a
third finger into Stephanie's cunt, Stephanie reached down and grabbed Molly
by the wrist, she began fucking herself with Molly's fingers.

Vince stood over his daughter, he lifted her head up with one hand, he
unzipped his pants with the other, he began to slap her across the face with
his rock hard eight inch cock.

Vince lifted Stephanie's head up higher, he placed his cock between her
lips and shoved, her lips parted, she then wrapped them around her fathers
cock and began to suck.

Molly shoved four fingers into Stephanie's cunt at the same time as Vince
jammed his entire cock down her throat, Molly thought it was weird, but they
where the number one family business in the world, she began to twist and
turn her fingers inside of Stephanie's cunt.

Marissa shoved her entire hand inside of Molly, Molly let out a scream,
she began to rock back and forth harder, Marissa wrapped her hand through
Molly's hair and yanked back. Molly slammed back against her.

Marissa worked the hand in deeper and deeper with each thrust, Molly was
ready to cum already, Marissa began to twist and turn her hand inside of her,
Molly slammed back as hard as she could.

Marissa's arm was buried half way into Molly, she began to twist and turn
her arm, Vince had two handfuls of Stephanie's hair, he was fucking her face
furiously, the droll was running down Steph's chin.

Vince yanked his cock out of his daughters mouth, he leaned over and
grabbed Molly by the hair, he lifted her head up, he shoved his cock all the
way down her throat.

Vince began to slam Molly's head up and down on his cock, he then stuffed
the entire eight inches all the way down her throat and shot his load, Molly
had no choice but to swallow it all.

Vince lifted Molly's head up to make sure it was all gone, Molly's throat
was clean, Marissa slowly began to pull her arm out of Molly's cunt.

Molly reached back between her legs and tried to keep Marissa's arm inside
of her, she was too late, Marissa had already scooted back, she then began to
run her big toe over Molly's cunt.

Marissa than began to work her big toe into Molly's cunt, Molly began to
moan, she began to stroke Marissa's ankle, Marissa jammed three toes into
her pussy.

Molly grabbed Marissa's ankle with both hands, she jammed her entire foot
inside of her, she screamed as Marissa began fucking her with her entire

The genetic jack hammer Vince McMahon stood over Molly, his cock was
growing again, he stuffed it into Molly's mouth, it was time for her to
prove she belonged in the WWF.

Vince grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her face, Molly sucked
on his cock like it was a pacifier, Vince shoved it all the way down her

Marissa sat straight, her foot was pointing straight up, Molly began to
ride it, she wanted to scream as she took it deep, Vince's cock was so far
down her throat, she couldn't.

Molly slammed all the way down on Marissa's foot, Marissa now had a
handful of her hair, she was pulling her up and down, Stephanie soon joined
them. She wrapped her arms around Molly's waist and help lift her up and

Vince was ready to shot another huge load, he grabbed Stephanie by the
hair and pulled her head back, he unloaded down her throat, he wrapped his
hands around her throat so she couldn't swallow, he then guided her over to
Molly, Stephanie spat her fathers load into Molly's mouth, Molly gulped it
all down.

Vince smiled at the girls, he was so proud of his daughter, she was still
the best fuck in the WWF, he told Marissa she wasn't bad, he left the office,
he had something else to take care of. Molly was slamming up and down on
Marissa even harder.

The juices where squirting out of Molly's cunt, she was cumming all over
Marissa's foot. Molly leaned over and wrapped he arms around her, she then
finally fell over.

Molly looked up at Stephanie and asked if she had been accepted into the
company, Stephanie told her she had on more task to perform, they had to wait
for Vince to get back.

They only had a twenty minute wait, Vince came back to the office, there
was a leash trailing him, there was a huge black mastiff following him.

It was one of the biggest dogs Molly had ever seen, she didn't know what
they had planned, she hoped this dog wouldn't have to be her manager, if it
was, at least it would be better then Rocko, maybe.

The dog began to sniff at Molly's leg, she pushed him away, Vince told
her if Sonny liked her, she could have the contract, if not, she could leave
now. Sonny began sniffing at her legs again.

Stephanie ordered Molly to lay down and spread her legs, Molly just
looked at her, she then quickly did as she was told, Sonny began to sniff up
her legs further.

It only took the dog a couple of seconds before he found Molly's blonde
bush, he stuck out his long tongue and took a lick of the dampness, Molly

Sonny buried his tongue deep into her cunt, she couldn't help but to grab
him by the head, she had never felt anything so good, she was cumming again
already, Sonny began to lap at her cunt like he was starving.

She began to roll from side to side, she was cumming with every slurp,
she grabbed the huge dog by the ears and forced his tongue deeper.

Molly didn't think she take much more, she began to shake and whimper,
Sonny had his nose stuffed into her cunt, Molly was on the verge of passing
out, Vince snapped his fingers and Sonny stopped.

Molly looked up with tears in her, it felt so good, and she was so
embarrassed, Vince looked at her and smiled, he knew the effect that Sonny
had on his girls, he told Molly that he hoped she wouldn't be selfish, she
had a favor to return to sonny.

The dog was poking at her with his cock, Molly couldn't believe the size
of it, at least nine inches with a softball size knot, Vince ordered her to
suck it.

Molly grabbed the doggy dick, she began to lick up and down the shaft,
she was afraid to put it in her mouth, Marissa grabbed her by the head and
shoved it all the way down.

The cock was going down her throat, Molly began to gag, Marissa slammed
her head up and down, Molly slowly managed to wrap her lips around the cock.

She couldn't believe she was sucking of a dog, she also couldn't believe
she was cumming from it, she shoved the entire cock down her throat and held

Sonny began to thrust his cock in and out, he then began to shoot his
load down her throat.

Molly tried to pull away, Marissa held her head still while Sonny fucked
her face, his cum started to drip out of her mouth, Vince ordered her to
swallow, Molly slurped it all back up.

Sonny was just getting started, he ran around behind Molly, Vince ordered
her to bend over, Molly laid her head on the floor, Sonny mounted her from
behind, Stephanie grabbed her dog by the cock and guided it into Molly's

Molly squealed as the large cock entered her, Sonny immediately began to
thrust into her dripping pussy, Molly began to rock back onto the beast.

Sonny climbed all the way on top of Molly, his feet where off the ground,
all four of his paws where wrapped around her, he rammed his cock all the
way into her.

Sonny was slapping his knot against her cunt, he rammed his cock harder
and deeper, Stephanie reached between his legs and grabbed him by the cock,
she shoved it until the knot disappeared inside of Molly.

Molly screamed as the knot entered her, it was bigger than Marissa's
foot, the huge dog began to take the short fast strokes into her, Molly was
screaming at each stroke.

Vince called his dog over to him, he tried to back away from Molly but
they where locked he was pulling Molly by the cunt, she started to crawl
backwards, Vince ordered Sonny to fuck her some more.

Sonny began to pump his cock into her again, Molly was still screaming,
she felt the wetness as Sonny shot his load into her pussy, Vince hoped she
wouldn't get pregnant, like she heard Muffy did.

The knot subsided, Sonny was able to pull out, Molly fell face first to
the floor, Stephanie leaned over and began to suck Sonny's cock, she stuffed
it all the way down her throat until it was rock hard again, she guided him
back over to Molly.

Molly held Sonny by the cock as he mounted Molly again, she guided his
cock into her ass hole this time, Molly was too worn out to scream this time.

Sonny began to ram his cock into Molly's round ass, it slid in easily
since that was everybody's favorite place to fuck Molly, She managed to raise
her ass off the ground so Sonny could get his entire cock into her ass.

Sonny began to ream her ass out, Vince made a phone call, it only took
seconds for Bob and Crash Holly to reach his office, he pointed to Molly and
asked if they would accepted her as a Holly?

Molly slammed her ass back as hard as she could, the knot vanished into
her ass, she screamed again, it was too tight for either of them to move now.

Sonny laid on to of Molly until he shot his load into her ass, Molly
rolled over and looked as the cum slowly dripped out of her ass hole, she was
too weak to stand.

Vince then lifted her too her feet and welcomed her to the WWF, he told
her it was either this, or do the whole roster, Molly thanked him.


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