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Molly Stratusfied
by Grahf

Trish is backstage talking to Molly Holly before their match. "Well, Trish
you got a nice break. It's not easy trying to be the main face diva around
here you know."

"I'm sorry Molly, I know after what we went through, the crowds wouldn't
really cheer for you. Even if you are facing Jazz or Victoria."

"But don't worry, in the tag match you can float off my pops."

"Ha, Ha, Very funny."

"By the way, I like your new look, it's tasteful, but sexy."

"Thanks, I needed a change, but I still worry about my.... my.... b-butt."

"Oh come on Molly, you still remember that, I'm sorry I started that.
Honestly, I like your ass, its round but firm."

Molly's face goes red, "T-Trish, I-I...." "Hey Trish, Molly your up."

Molly breathes a sigh of relief and heads towards the curtains.

"All right Mol, lets do it!" As Molly's music starts, Trish gives her ass a
spank and giggles as she walks out."

Molly has trouble concentrating on her walk to the ring. As she looks at Jazz
and Victoria in the ring, all she can think about is Trish's spank.

During the match Trish was getting beat for the majority of it. When she
finally tagged in Molly, to Molly's surprise the crowd actually cheered.
Molly slapped around Jazz and Victoria for a while but Steven Richards

Trish took care of him leaving Molly to pin Victoria with a Molly go round.

Trish then ran in and hugged Molly squishing their breasts together. Molly
felt a little funny, but actually enjoyed the hug. They raised their hands
in Victory and went back to the locker room.

Inside the Locker Room:

"See Molly that wasn't so bad, your ass saved the day."

"Shut up!" Molly said jokingly.

"Come on, you enjoyed that, and don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you
don't actually wear granny panties."


"I saw during the match, nice thong."

Molly starts to blush. "Let me see it" Trish says softly.

"I-I can't."

"Come on Molly, me, Lita, Stacy, Torrie, we all wear them, and millions of
people get to see our asses. But no one gets to see how great an ass you
really have. Pretty please for me?"

Molly is still hesitant, but her eyes lock with Trish's who softly says,
"It's just the two of us, it's ok."

She relaxes, "Ok Trish."

As soon as Molly gets her pants off, she feels Trish's warm hands on her ass.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to do this."

Molly is frozen as Trish continues to lightly squeeze and caress her ass.
Molly puts her hands on the wall in front of her and tries to breath

Trish then starts to plant soft little kisses over each cheek. As she hears
Molly sigh, a sly grin crosses her face.

"You know Mol, It's not just your butt I like." Before Molly realizes what
is happening, Trish grabs both of her breasts from behind and squeezes them.

Molly is now lost in the moment as Trish moves her hands under both her shirt
and Bra. She gently tweaks Molly's nipples making them harden.

Molly can't take it anymore and breaks away from Trish.

"Molly, I'm sorry I...." Trish is speechless as she watches Molly take off
her shirt and bra, and walk towards her smiling.

They begin to kiss. Trish takes things slow allowing Molly to get used to the
feeling. But before she knows it, Molly's tongue is in her mouth. The two
women are now locked in a vigorous French kiss.

They finally stop to get some air. Molly leans forward and whispers to Trish,
"Eat Me."

Trish slowly goes to her knees never taking her eyes off of Molly. Despite
making the request, Molly has never felt this nervous or excited in her life.

Trish slowly pulls the soaked thong down Molly's legs. After Molly steps out
of them, Trish studies Molly's shaven pussy.

The anticipation is Killing her, Molly puts her hand on top of Trish's head
and pulls her toward her pussy. Trish doesn't resist and instantly sticks her
tongue into Molly.

Molly throws her head back in passion, completely lost in the moment.

Trish continues to stick her tongue in and out of Molly. She then uses her
fingers and starts to rub Molly's clit. Once the little bud comes out from
under its hood, Trish starts to suck on it.

Molly has her teeth clenched, trying to hold back her screams. She can feel
herself coming closer and closer to the best orgasm of her life.

Trish knows Molly is ready, and gives her clit one final powerful suck.

Molly can't hold back anymore, "AHHHHHH, AHHH, AHH" Her moans fill the room.

Trish swallows every drop Molly has to offer.

Molly sits down on a bench breathing heavily trying to recover.

"So Molly, how do you feel?"

"Pant, Pant, Stratusfied!"

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