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Molly's First Time
by The Elevator Killer (

Molly sank into the hard steel chair in her locker room, exhausted from
the two matches she had competed in that night. She had, of course, won both
matches, as the Women's Title was not quite ready to leave her somewhat
ample waist just yet. Both Trish and the new girl, Victoria, has fallen to
her Molly Go Round, and her ass was sore as Hell after crashing off the top
rope twice in one evening. And now all of her fellow divas had hit the town
in search of some cock, leaving her - the virgin, as they so loved to mock -
sitting at the arena, waiting to head back to the hotel with the road crew
for a good night's sleep.

Truth be told, the whole virgin situation was now really starting to get
to her, especially seeing as it was one of the most-used topics of
conversation amongst the locker room. The fear of fucking had never left her
though, and despite her massive tits, cute face and ample butt she had yet
to find a guy to screw. She masturbated frequently, dreaming up
ever-more-bizarre scenarios of dozens of men fucking her at once, or being
brutally banged by various farm animals. In her mind she was the dirtiest
little slut she knew; but she had never been able to let herself translate
those wild fantasies into reality. Of course, as long as she had her

She sighed a little and leaned back, closing her eyes and letting her
mind wander. Those horny images soon began drifting through her head....
her ass being stretched beyond belief by ten-inch cocks....a microphone
protruding from her swollen cunt....a huge prick sliding down her throat,
shooting spunk into her belly.... She absent-mindedly let her hand wander
down to her waistline, and slid her stubby fingers into her tights. Her
cunny was moist and slick with her juices, matting her pussy hair and
allowing her trembling fingers easier access to her split-open lips. She
plucked at her hair, feeling short, sharp pain and causing her to gasp in
pleasure, then she slowly slid three fingers into her gaping cunt,
performing little circlets inside of her and stretching her lips outward.

Her other hand had worked it's way into her bra and found her large pink
nipples, and was flitting between the two, tweaking and rubbing them. A look
of pained ecstasy crossed her face as the fantasies became more vivid...She
envisioned herself being slam-fucked by a twenty-inch cock, screaming with
pain and pleasure as she was split in two... Her hands moved ever faster,
one roughly pawing her pussy, the other entertaining her tits. She popped
one breasts out of her tight white top and pulled the nipple to her mouth,
sucking on it feverishly, as she worked her remaining finger and thumb into
her twat, fisting herself. She began to mumble, almost talking dirty to

"Oh, you're such a fucking little slut, yes, yes, fuck your hand, c'mon,
fucking your fist, stretch that unused cunt...oh, your titties taste so good
you little ho, I bet you fuck anything that moves-"

"Need a hand?"

The sudden, loud voice sent shockwaves rippling through Molly's mind, and
she felt her pussy tighten around her hand in fear. For a second her eyes
remained closed, as her mind switched from filthy images to worried
possibilities. Who had found her? God, could this cost her her job? She
opened her eyes slowly to see who the intruder was, and her pulse slowed
down slightly.

Her on-and-off tag team partner Chris Nowinski stood in the doorway of her
locker room, still in his tight "Harvard" trunks, his swollen bulge evident.
A sly smile was on his face; Chris had been angling to break Molly in since
his arrival in the company. Molly simple sat, frozen, one hand stuffed inside
herself, the other cupping her tit to her mouth. All her pleasure had
momentarily vanished, instead she was almost fearful.

"What...what did you say?"

"I you need a hand? I heard you, you know. I knew you just
weren't as wholesome as you let on, look at you, you dirty little bitch. You
wanna be fucked. And I wanna fuck you, I wanna feel that tight pussy."

Molly's breathing had quickened dramatically, but she said nothing;
instead she watched as Chris peeled off his trunks. She gasped with repressed
desire as his cock fell free. She withdrew her hand from her cunt, her mouth
hanging open, staring at this massive slab of man-meat before her. It was at
least twelve inches in length and two inches in diameter, and rose
majestically from a base of thick brown pubic hair. Two plump large balls
swung beneath his cock, looking ready for action. In that instant Molly saw
all her fantasies coming true, and knew this was it.

She slid her black tights down over her big thighs and kicked them off,
rubbing her nipples with her free hand as Chris began caressing his cock.
Sliding down in her chair she spread her legs, and her labia split to reveal
the soft pink flesh inside her. Juices were practically drooling down her
thighs as she began sucking her soft pink nipples once again. Chris crossed
over the room, holding his cock, guiding towards Molly. He halted in front
of her, teasingly, a nasty grin on his face.

"Beg me for it."

Molly didn't need prompting.

"Fuck me hard, please, please fuck me, break me in, sir, I'll do whatever
you desire but I'm begging you to screw my cunt!"

Chris smiled and surged forward, his swollen purple head pushing into
Molly's tight little twat. Molly squealed with ecstasy and bit down on her
nip, causing her groin to spasm around Chris' dick. He smiled dreamily and
drove in harder as Molly gasped, her legs growing wider apart with each

"That's it baby, fuck me like the slut I am, you do my cunny, I'll do my
titties, oh I love your big fucking cockAUUUHHH-"

Chris' twelve-inch monster was now buried into Molly, his balls slapping
against her ass as he pounded her cunt. She began panting quickly, thrusting
herself forward onto his massive manhood as she pushed her bountiful titties

"Fuck, you're a tight little bitch honey," Chris moaned, now pulling his
cock out fully and slamming back into her. She screamed with orgasmic
pleasure, thrashing about on her chair, twisting her nipples so hard they
went white.

"YES-YES-OHHH FUCK YES YOU FUCKING STUD-" A violent orgasm ripped through
he body and she sprang out of the chair into Chris' arms, impaled on his
prick as she flipped forwards and backwards,, girl-goo flowing out of her
pussy and slickening the floor. She slumped back into the chair as Chris shot
his load into her, and she screeched, feeling her innards fill with cum.

"Pull out baby I want it on my titties, c'mon-"

Chris withdrew and leaned forward, shooting ropes of man-milk over the
slut's cheat and face, soaking her from head to toe. She lapped it up,
sucking her boobs clean and rubbing it in her face and hair, still orgasming
from the brutal ramming she had received. Finally Chris was empty, and he
fell backward, leaning against the wall as Molly convulsed in a puddle of
cum. There was an extremely satisfied silence, then Molly spoke.

"Ohhhh, I love you, you fucking stud... We gotta do this again..."

Chris grinned once more, and again there was no humour in his face.

"I'm not done yet." Indeed he wasn't; his snake was already hardening once
more. Molly smiled darkly.

"Come here, stud..." She leant back again and spread her legs, her swollen
soaking wet cunt stretched much wider than before. Chris walked towards her,
then, as before, stopped.

"Ohhh no...I want it tight..."

He grabbed her roughly and flipped her onto her belly, her tits squashed
against the seat of her chair. She knew what was coming-but even so, nothing
could prepare her.

Chris' mushroom-like helmet slammed into her butthole, sticking into her
anus and tearing muscles as it went. Molly's eyes bulged with immense pain
and she yelped like a dog; Chris' previous spunk had lubricated her
shit-shoot somewhat, but her ass felt like it was on fire. And yet she came
once again instantly, her cunt running like a tap and she broadly
finger-fucked it.

"Oh God, you good little girly, saving this hot ass for me!" Chris yelled
joyously as Molly's big buttcheeks wobbled wildly around his knob. He grasped
the flabby cheeks with both hands, squeezing them roughly, pushing them in
around his dick. He piledrove his manhood into her inch by inch as her
ecstatically pained wails escalated. She once again had slipped her whole
fist into her sluthole, and her breasts were slamming up into her face with
each of Chris' thrusts. She pushed herself onto him, feeling her anus twist
and stretch, feeling her bowels loosen as Chris' cock burrowed into her.
Twelve inches were now dug into Molly's innards as she screamed obscenities.


Chris had withdrawn and slammed his cock once again fully into her ass.
Molly was now buried up to her own forearm in her pussy, and she felt her
insides heave at the massive yet desired intruders. She spasmed around
herself repeatedly-and Chris pulled out. She fell forward and whirled round
to face her fuck-buddy, a look of surprise and anger on her face.

"Why did you stop? Fuck me `til I'm raw!"

Chris didn't answer; he just grabbed Molly by the back of her head, and
suddenly she understood; she opened her mouth wide and took in Chris' pecker,
tasting the dual delights of her ass and her pussy. Manoeuvring her body and
neck she slid the full twelve inches into her throat, feeling it touch the
sides as it filled her windpipe. She was dangerously short on breath, but
that just added to the dangerous level of bone-shaking pleasure she was
feeling. Chris had he by the ears and was pulling her face onto his dick,
face-fucking her for all it was worth. She, for her part, rolled her tongue
around the thick chunk of cock, sucking off her pussy juices and her own
shit. She was a filthy little dirty slut-and she LOVED it. From now on she
wouldn't go a day without subjecting her body to such brutal shagging; from
virgin to fuck-slut in less than an hour.

"Ohhhh shit, here it comes honey!" Chris' voice quavered as he warned her,
she looked up at him and simply smiled around his prick, then it happened;
the thick viscous spurts of cum shot down her throat, filling her up, choking
her, causing her to orgasm once more. She took as much of Chris' seed as she
could, but soon she was full. Reluctantly she slid the dick out of her,
instead sandwiching it between her mammoth mammaries. She squeezed them
together, pumping every last droplet of spunk from Nowinski, shooting it into
her face and hair. Gasping for breath, she sank backwards as the last ebbs of
Chris' lovepiss sprayed onto her. She was covered from head to toe in cum;
her first full sexual experience had left her sore, hurting, exhausted, and
thoroughly satisfied. Her purpose now was clear; every cock she could get,
man, animal, plastic, she was going to fuck it `til she screamed. Chris was
slumped against the wall, smiling at her.

"Now you see what you've been missing."

"Oh, yes.....But can I ask you something for next time?"

Chris looked confused, but nodded.

"Bring a couple more men." she smiled. "One cock just isn't enough."
_ _ _

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