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Momma's Motivation
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Shortly after the January 16, 2006 edition of Monday Night Raw, the very
night that Shelton Benjamin shockingly defeated the Big Show, although it was
due to a Count Out with the interference of Triple H, it still counted as a
win for Shelton. Shelton is inside his locker room removing his wrestling
boots with a sigh. He then removes his knees pads with a confident smile; now
knowing he might be back on his winning streak once again.

Shelton tosses his pads over by his travel bag, "Man, that was tough... but I
knew I could do it.." Shelton says to himself as takes a towel off the back
of one of the metal chairs and uses it to wipe his forehead. He drapes the
towel over his shoulder and bends down to unzip his travel bag to get his
street clothes out of it.

There's a knock on the locker room door, before Shelton has a chance to
respond to the knock, the door opens. In walks the heavy-set mother of
Shelton Benjamin, known simply as 'Momma Benjamin'. Momma Benjamin holds
her large white purse in her right hand as she walks over to Shelton
dressed in her flowered dress and her white slippers on her feet. She
sets her purse down on the bench in the locker room "Mmmm....Lordy, now
that's what I'm talkin' baby, Shelton Benjamin..." Momma
Benjamin places her hands on her hips.

Shelton smiles, "Hi momma, I was about to get a shower before we head on back
to Orangeburg." Shelton says as he looks up at her while standing up. "I was
a little worried about facing the Big Show out there tonight."

"Oh now Shelton...if there's one thing...about us's we ain't
afraid of nobody, you got that Shelton!?"

Shelton nods his head, "Yes momma, I meant I was just worried of how I was
going to beat him. I didn't know if I was going to pin him or make him tap

Momma Benjamin raises her eyebrow "Now Shelton...there's other things up need
to be worried bout then pickin' up another win..." Momma Benjamin glances
down near her son's crotch "Tell me Shelton...with all these nice young
ladies around...are you feedin' that South Carolina black trouser snake?"
Momma Benjamin asks removing one hand from her hip.

"Momma!" Shelton's eyes almost pop out of his head and he quickly uses the
towel that was on his shoulder to cover up his crotch as his mouth hangs
open, not at all believing what she just asked him. "Momma you know I just
focus on my matches..." He manages to say after several moments pass.

"Now listen Shelton! There's two things us Benjamins are good at...fightin'
and.... fuckin'!"

"Momma... I... I..." Shelton tries to reply but he's just shaking his head.
"I... I'm just shy momma..." Shelton knows Momma Benjamin is not going to buy
that line as an excuse.

Momma Benjamin places both hands back onto her wide hips "I figured that you
haven't been feedin' your trouser snake. So...listen up for what Momma has
done...I bumped into a cute white girl...she's one of them interviewers..."

Shelton swallows hard, knowing there are not many in the WWE that that
description and his mind start to race with thoughts of what his Momma has
done now. "What... did you do Momma..." Shelton hesitantly asks with a
worried look on his face.

"It's Momma's motivation baby..." Momma Benjamin replies "Now go wash up..."

"O-okay momma..." Shelton says. He gives his mother a hug and a kiss on the
cheek before he walks to the shower area.

Momma Benjamin places a left hand on her chest "Now Momma's gonna get
goin'...I'm gonna go find me some that big, strong Mr. McMahon...Mmmmm
Lordy...I'm gonna give him some of this brown sugar, baby!" Momma Benjamin
says before she exits the locker room and shakes her backside slightly.

An hour later at the hotel where the majority of the Raw Roster is staying,
Shelton is preparing to go to bed but at the same time is wondering where
his mother is. He goes over to the door and opens it, and looks out into
the hall to see if she’s coming.. "I hope Momma isn't getting me into my
trouble..." Shelton says to himself as he steps back into the hotel room
and closes the door. He walks over to his bed where his travel bag is laying
and starts going through it to pull out his pajamas. As Shelton pulls his
pajamas, there's a knock on the door.

Shelton sighs, "Just a moment," Shelton folds his pajamas and lays them back
inside the bag. He hurries over to the door and opens it, "Yes?" he says as
he looks out into the hall to see who knocked on the door.

Standing on the other side of the door is Raw Interviewer, Maria, she smiles
widely "Hey Shelton!"

"Hi Maria," Shelton smiles as he looks down the hall in both directions to
see if his Momma is coming before he looks at her again. "What can I do for

"Well...your Mommy...told me come see your trouser snake..." Maria makes a
face and then shakes her head "But I'm afraid of snakes..."

Shelton does a double take, "Wait, my momma told you to see my.... trouser
snake?" The thought of his mother actually telling Maria that sends chills
up Shelton's spine.

Maria nods with a smile and then frowns "But I don't like snakes, Shelton...
she told me it would be worth it though."

Shelton thinks for a long moment, "Well... umm... do you really want to see
it?" Shelton asks he leans against the doorframe.

Maria bites on her bottom lip cutely "I...don't know..."

"Well you know... my snake doesn't bite... and it would love to meet you"
Shelton smiles as he tries to sweet talk her, but he knows what he just said
was extremely cheesy.

Maria scrunches her nose cutely "Are you sure?"

Shelton swallows a bit and smiles, "Yeah... I'm sure... come on in..."
Shelton steps back to let Maria into his hotel room. Maria smiles as she
walks into Shelton's hotel room.

Shelton closes the door and they walk to the main portion of the room.
Shelton smiles at Maria, as he slowly starts to undo his belt, "Are you
ready to see it..." Shelton says as he starts to feel a little guilty
since Maria is very gullible.

Maria looks a bit confused as Shelton unbuckles his belt "What are you

"I'm... getting ready to show you my trouser snake..." Shelton replies as he
finishes unbuckling his belt.

"But...that's not a snake..." Maria shakes her head and laughs "What do you
think...I'm stupid?"

"No you're not stupid..." Shelton replies as he can't help but laugh as well,
"Snake is like a nickname for it..."

"So...I'm see...your dick?" Maria asks raising her eyebrow as she's
a bit confused.

Shelton shrugs and nods his head, "Yeah... pretty much..." Shelton looks
down, "I'm really sorry Maria..."

Maria makes a face "Why didn't you just say so..."

Shelton looks up at her with a surprised look, "What do you mean?"

"Why didn't you just wanted me to see your dick..." Maria laughs.

Shelton's jaw drops, "Ummm okay..." Shelton says as he tries to compose
himself after what Maria just said, "Can I... show you my dick?"

Maria shrugs "Sure..." She then smiles cutely.

"O-okay..." Shelton smiles as he lowers his pants a bit to show off his cock,
but then he stops before he does, "Are you sure Maria?"

Maria nods "Yeah..." She then smiles "Maybe I could suck it too..."

"Ok..." Shelton replies as he takes a step back to lower his pants down,
followed by his boxer-briefs. His cock hangs between his legs and Shelton
gets a bashful look on his handsome face. "What do you think..."

Maria smiles "It's nice...but it needs to be bigger.." Maria laughs cutely
"I think I can help that though..." Maria says as she gets down on her knees
in front of Shelton. She smiles up at him as she takes a hold on his cock and
moves her tongue slowly against the underside of his cock.

"Ohhh geeze...." Shelton moans as Maria starts to get his cock to rise. "Damn
Maria... that'll... make it bigger... in a heart bit..." Shelton adds as he
places one of his hands on her head to help him keep his balance when he
almost instantly starts to feel weak in the knees. Maria smiles as she licks
up Shelton's cock, she flicks her tongue gently against the head of his cock
before she pulls her head away. Maria lifts her short light blue dress over
her head and sets it on the floors as she reveals her now completely naked
body to Shelton. Maria flips her hair back as she takes his cock back into
her left hand and begins to circle her tongue around the head of his cock.

Shelton moans loudly, "Ohhhh fuck.... work it Maria..." Shelton closes his
eyes as he staggers back a bit, but with Maria holding his now stiff dick he
doesn't fall backward. Maria opens her mouth and takes Shelton's cock into
her warm mouth. She wraps her lips tightly around his cock. Maria then begins
to bob her head slowly and sensually as she sucks on his big, hard black

"Damn girl... you really know how to suck a cock..." Shelton mumbles as he
threads his fingers thorough her hair as he picks out the hairpins holding
her hair in place. Shelton smiles down at her as she looks up at him. Maria
parts her lips slightly as she slowly goes down on Shelton's cock, taking
his cock deep into her warm mouth. Maria begins to quickly bob her head on
his cock as she deep throats him.

"Shit Maria..." Shelton says in a shocked tone, "Damn... my momma really...
came through..." Shelton moans, talking to himself. Maria tightens her grip
as she takes Shelton's entire cock into her mouth, up to his ballsack. Maria
gags slightly and lifts her head up quickly, pulling her mouth away from his
cock. Maria smiles up at Shelton and licks her lips.

"Whew damn..." Shelton smiles as he kneels moves a hand through her hair
again, "I feel really motivated right now..." He says as he helps Maria stand
up in order to guide her over to the bed to lay her down on it.

Maria smiles at Shelton "How do you want me?"

"I want you on your back..." Shelton spreads her legs once she scoots to the
middle of the bed. Shelton grips his shaft and then eases his cock into her
pussy so Maria can enjoy his dick entering her pussy. Once it's inside her,
Shelton starts thrusting his shaft in and out of her slowly.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as Shelton pulls his cock out of her pussy
and then pushes his cock slowly back into her wet cunt "Ohhhh...Shelton...."
Maria moans as she gently wraps her legs around Shelton's waist. Shelton
bites his lower lip as he steadily thrusts his shaft in and out of her pussy.
He lowers his head and kisses her deeply, pushing his tongue into her mouth
to slide it against her own. Shelton moves a hand through her hair and gives
her a few sharp thrusts that make her arch her hips in response.

Maria pushes back against Shelton's cock as she presses her tongue against
his tongue. Maria moves slightly and is able to rolls herself on top of
Shelton. She breaks the kiss as she sits up on his cock. Maria places her
hands on Shelton's chest as she begins to rock her hips back and forth on
his cock, she bounces at steady, consistent pace.

"Mmmmm damn Maria..." Shelton closes his eyes as he places his hands on
her waist. As Maria's pace increases Shelton reaches up and cups one of her
breasts to massage it.

Maria grits her teeth as she slams down hard onto Shelton's black cock "Ohhhh
geeze!" Maria moans as she leans back, making Shelton thrust into her more.

"You got... such a hot pussy Maria..." Shelton grunts as he sits up. He wraps
his arms around her body to lift and drop her on his cock even harder and to
slip his tongue back into her mouth. After some minutes pass, Shelton lifts
Maria off his cock and sets her on all fours. He gets behind her and slips
his long black cock into her pussy again.

Maria looks back at Shelton over her shoulder "Oh boy Shelton! How'd you
know I love doggy style?" Maria asks cutely as Shelton thrusts his cock into
Maria's pussy from behind, he smacks his hand down against Maria's right ass
cheek as she begins to push back against Shelton's cock.

"I... just guessed..." Shelton replies as he pumps her pussy with his cock as
quick as he can. He gets a firm hold on her hips to pull her back harder.

Maria grits her teeth as she rotates her hips, grinding against his cock
"Ohhhh boy Shelton! You're.....awesome..." Maria says becoming short of

"You... you think so?" Shelton asks as he gets a confident smile on his face.
Shelton pulls out of her almost completely and rams himself forward, making
Maria jolt forward as an after effect. He repeats that same thrust over and
over again, causing sweat to fly off of his own and Maria's hot bodies. Maria
hangs her head down as she lets Shelton ravage her warm pussy.

Shelton pulls out of Maria's pussy and transfers his cock into her asshole.
Because his shaft is so lubricated with the juices of the Maria's pussy,
Shelton is able to push it in quickly with almost no friction at all. "Ohhhh
fuck your ass is so damn tight...." Shelton grunts as he fucks her ass.

Maria reaches under and places her hand on top of her pussy and begins to
massage her own pussy as Shelton rams his cock in and out of her tight
asshole "Mmmmm...Ohhhh Shelton."

"Yeah... you fucking like that..." Shelton says confidently as he thrusts
his cock in and out of her asshole with every bit of strength he's got. Sweat
drips down his face as he grits his teeth while trying to send Maria over the
orgasmic edge.

"Ahhhh ahhh shit Maria..." Shelton moans as he gives her one more sharp
thrust just as he cums inside of her asshole. Shelton collapses on top
of her and rests there for a moment. "Oh shit Maria, you're... fucking

Maria smiles cutely "Oh...I know Shelton.." She nods her head as she sits up
on the end and then stands up. She walks over at bends over picking up her
dress "You were right're snake doesn't
just spits..."

"I know..." Shelton smiles, and then frowns, "Are you going?"

Maria looks back at Shelton with a confused face "Aren't I suppose to?"

"If you want to... but... I... would kinda like it if you stayed..." Shelton

Maria smiles a bit "Really?"

Shelton nods, "Yeah... I kinda want to play a few games... and I would like
to play them with you."

Maria smiles widely "Really!? I love games! My favorite is Twister...are we
gonna play!?" Maria asks excitedly.

Shelton smiles, "Twister is one of my favorites too... do you... want to stay
and play?"

Maria nods and smiles "Oh do you have Candy Land...oh boy I'm so good at
that" Maria says still not getting Shelton's hint.

"Oh I love Candy Land..." Shelton replies as he licks his lips, "I don't have
it... but I know another way we can play it..."

Maria raises her eyebrow "You do?"

"Yup..." Shelton smiles, "Do you want to learn how?" Maria smiles and nods
her head quickly. "Okay..." Shelton scoots to the end of the bed and takes
her hand, "Now just lie down on the bed..." Shelton says softly.

"Ok.." Maria replies quietly as she lays down on the bed.

"Now spread your legs..." Shelton smiles as he moves to gently move her legs
apart, "And relax..." Shelton says just before he lowers his head to start
licking her pussy slowly.

Suddenly Shelton's hotel room door opens and in walks the large frame of
Momma Benjamin. Momma Benjamin has a satisfied smile on her face "Now...
that's my baby...Shelton Benjamin..." Momma Benjamin claps her hands
together "That's Shelton! You lick up that white cunt and you lick up
good, Shelton! You're Benjamin, Shelton! Please her good!" Momma Benjamin
begins to cheer on her son.

Shelton's head shoots up from between Maria's legs, "Momma! What are you
doing!" Maria, who was getting into.

Shelton's tongue action, sits up and smiles cutely, "Hi Momma Benjamin!
Shelton showed me his snake."

Momma Benjamin nods her head with a smile "Now that's baby..." Momma Benjamin
says before she turns to leave. Momma Benjamin shakes her backside a bit as
she dances "Mmm...Lordy...I'm gonna find me some more hot man to give my
brown sugar...honey...Mmmm maybe that commentator...Jerry Lawler...mmmm...

Shelton just looks at the door once his mother is gone in shock and
amazement. Maria frowns and says, "Are we going to continue to play?"
Shelton looks back at her dumbfounded and just nods.

"Yeah... yeah..."


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