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Momma's Stratusfying Motivation
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the broadcast of Monday Night Raw starts, in the locker room
belonging to Shelton Benjamin, the former Intercontinental Champion is
nervously watching a videotape of some of Ric Flair's matches, trying to
put together a game plan. He looks away from the screen and at his momma
who his ironing his wrestling trunks. "I don't know Momma... this is going
to be tough tonight..."

Momma Benjamin lifts the iron up onto its side and picks up Shelton's blue
wrestling trunks. Momma steps away from the ironing board with her son's
wrestling trunks in her right hand. The large-framed Mother Benjamin
approaches her son as she dressed in her light blue flower-patterned
nightgown. Momma Benjamin places a hand on her hips as she cocks her head
at Shelton "Shelton! What are you talkin''re a Benjamin, Shelton!
And don't forget it..." Momma nods her head as she looks at Shelton "You
remember Shelton, what us Benjamin's are all about!"

"I know... we're all about fighting and winning... but Momma... Flair has
been on a roll..." Shelton sighs, and he’s dressed in gray sweatpants and
a hooded sweatshirt. "And he does whatever it takes to win... he cheats
Momma... he'll get disqualified so he can keep the belt."

Momma Benjamin shakes her head "That Ric just a dirty old man,
Shelton!" Momma then pats Shelton's chest "But don't you worry baby. Momma's
got your back Benjamin's always got each other's backs!"

Shelton smiles as he looks up at Momma, "I know Momma... I just don't think
I can prepare for everything he'll do..." Shelton shakes his head as he looks
back at the Television to see how Flair defeated Carlito at a recent live

Momma Benjamin reaches over and turns off the television set "Shelton, need be focused and you need to make Momma proud, Shelton!" Momma
Benjamin points at Shelton as she raises her voice "Shelton Benjamin! I came
all the way here from Orangeburg, South Carolina! I don't wanna go home
disappointed, you hear me, Shelton?"

Shelton cringes a bit and looks down slightly, "I won't disappoint you
Momma... I'll... I'll do my best out there... and try to win the
Intercontinental title." Shelton makes a face, knowing what he said is
not what his mother wanted to hear.

Momma Benjamin turns completely to Shelton "Excuse me, Shelton Benjamin!? Try
to win?" Momma shakes her head as she grabs Shelton's left ear "You listen
here, Shelton you're gonna win tonight, and Momma's gonna be out there to
watch you Shelton!" Momma yells to her son. Momma pauses and places her hand
over her chest as she starts to breath heavily "Now.. Shelton, you just need
to proper motivation..."

Shelton holds his left ear after Momma lets go of it, "Momma I am
motivated..." He says as looks up at her.

Momma Benjamin shakes her head as she continues to hold her chest "No you're
not Shelton!" Momma glances down at her son's crotch "Shelton...when was the
last time you feed you South Carolina black snake?" Momma looks away "I bet
it was when I arrange you with that little white interviewing girl..."

Shelton looks down, feeling both ashamed and embarrassed, "That's... right
momma... I've... been busy training to stay in top shape for the ring."

Momma Benjamin shakes her head in disappointment "I thought so Shelton...
there's two things us Benjamins are good at...fighting...and..."

"And fucking... I know Momma..." Shelton continues to look down at the floor,
"I just don't know how to approach the divas..."

Momma grabs Shelton's ear "Shelton Benjamin.. you watch your mouth young man!
Don't make me get the bar of soap!" Momma lets go of Shelton's ear and her
breathing becomes heavy once again "Now Shelton...I have another one of them
white girls...comin' here in a little bit Shelton.." Momma Benjamin says as
she starts to head towards the door "Momma...needs her oxygen now Shelton...
you please that white girl good, Shelton!"

Shelton nods his head, "I will momma... I'll make sure she gets the very
best of what I can do..." Shelton stands up from the chair to turn off the
television as Momma opens the locker room door.

Momma looks back at Shelton and nods her head "That's my baby boy. Shelton
Benjamin...Mmmm Lordy Shelton, Momma needs to go get her oxygen now..." Momma
says as she starts to fan herself with her right hand as she exits the locker
room of Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton smiles a bit as Momma closes the locker room door when she leaves.
He then gets a nervous look on his face, "Oh man... I hope I can do this..."
He says to himself as he takes off his hooded sweatshirt, which has a white
t-shirt underneath it. Shelton rubs the back of his neck nervously as he
paces a bit and talks to himself, "I wonder whom Momma got this time... I
know I'd like to do it with Maria again..." Shortly after the comment,
there's a soft knock on the locker room door.

Shelton jumps a bit, but quickly composes himself before he hurries to the
door and opens it, "Yes?" He says before he sees who's in the hallway.

Standing on the other side of the door is the current reigning WWE Women's
Champion, Trish Stratus. Trish smiles politely as she dressed in a pair of
tight jeans, that hug her hips perfectly and a black t-shirt "Hey Shelton..."

Shelton gets a bit of a smile on his face, "Uh hey Trish... you need me for
something?" He asks, while thinking there's no way that Trish is the girl his
Momma arranged to pay him a visit.

Trish smiles again and nods her head as she points somewhat to herself
"Yeah...umm actually your Mom said you needed to see me about something"

"Oh right... come in, come in..." Shelton takes a step back and holds the
locker room door open for her. "I... kinda got a little problem..."

Trish smiles as she walks in the locker room. Trish nods her head slightly as
she places her hands on her slender hips "Ok...umm...what is it?" Trish says
as she raises her eyebrow a bit, turning around to face Shelton as he closes
the door to his locker room.

Shelton looks down slightly, as he rubs the back of his neck, "Well... you
see... I have a big match tonight... with Ric Flair for the Intercontinental
title..." Shelton looks up at her slightly, "And... I'm really nervous about

Trish laughs a little as she shakes her right hand slightly "Oh...Shelton...
you have nothing to worry about. I mean come on you're an amazing athlete"
Trish then folds her arms with a disapproved look on her face "
got your Momma out there too..."

Shelton frowns, "Well... that's the problem... normally I'm really motivated
to do well because my momma is out there... but this is a really big

Trish nods her head a bit "Well.. I'm sure you'll do fine.." Trish licks her
lips slightly "But I have to go prepare for my match tonight against the
Skank-a-teers. You know I gotta go take care of business.." Trish says with
a laugh as she takes a step towards the door.

Shelton bites his lip, "Well ummm... maybe you can prepare here... you
know... since your match is pretty important, and, I can get you warmed
up..." Shelton cringes a bit as he mentally kicks himself for what he just

Trish raises eyes as she pauses and looks directly at Shelton "Excuse me?"

"Umm... I was saying, we could get prepared for our matches together... that
way, we're both properly warmed up and... motivated," Shelton replies.

Trish laughs a little as she nods her head once again "Shelton...I'm not
stupid, you know. I know what you're getting at..."

Shelton raises an eyebrow, "You do?" Shelton's face goes a bit red and he
looks down, feeling totally embarrassed.

Trish presses her soft lips together as she looks at Shelton " tell
you the truth...I'd be happy to help you out"

Shelton looks up at Trish and his jaw drops open. He coughs a bit as he tries
to compose himself, "You... you are?" Shelton is now completely off guard not
knowing Trish can see a bit of a bulge forming in his sweatpants.

Trish nods her head as she glances down at the bulge forming in his
sweatpants. Trish licks her lips "You heard correct Shelton...I just hope you
can handle the Stratusfaction I offer..."

Shelton's demeanor changes slightly after he hears Trish's response. He
smiles at her and slightly licks his teeth, "If that's a challenge... then
you're going to be in for a surprise..."

Trish smirks and quickly lifts her black t-shirt off of her tan skinned body,
revealing her black-laced bra. Trish flips her golden blonde hair back and
over her shoulder as she tosses her t-shirt to the floor. Trish nods her head
in the direction of Shelton's crotch "Why don't you lose the sweatpants,
Shelton" Trish says with a sultry smirk.

"All right..." Shelton replies as his eyes become glued to Trish's bra
covered breasts. He lifts his t-shirt up and takes it off to show off his
excellently built upper body. After he drops his t-shirt on the floor, he
kicks off his sneakers and starts to lower his sweat pants, followed by a
pair of white cotton boxer briefs. As soon as his clothes are removed he
stands naked in front of Trish, with a long thick cock hanging between his
legs. Shelton then smirks at Trish, "What do you think? Is this too much
of Black Snake for you to handle?"

Trish smirks as she takes a step towards Shelton, she laughs "Shelton...
you're too naive..." Trish shakes her head as she slowly gets down onto her
knees in front of Shelton. Trish reaches forward and takes Shelton's large
black cock into her smooth hands. Trish begins to slowly move her hands up
and down against his long shaft as she lowers her head down and presses her
warm tongue against the head of Shelton's cock.

Shelton moans a bit as he feels Trish's tongue press against the sensitive
tip of his thick dick, "I'm... not naive..." Shelton replies as bends down
slightly to release the clasps on Trish's black lacy bra so that it now
hangs loosely from her arms while it still covers Trish's chest. Trish
smiles slightly as she tightly grips Shelton's shaft with both of her hands
as she begins to circle her tongue around the head of Shelton's black cock.
Trish gently taps her wet tongue against the Shelton's piss-slit before she
begins to circle her tongue around the tip of his cock once again. "Ohhh
shit..." Shelton moans again as his cock starts to throb within Trish's
hands. He pushes Trish's hair to the side when some of it falls forward and
covers part of Trish's lovely face. Shelton closes his eyes for a moment to
savor the feeling of Trish's tongue going around his cock.

Trish slowly pulls her head away from Shelton's cock and smiles up at him
"Are you be blown into the...Stratusphere?" Trish asks with a

Shelton licks his lips as he nods his head eagerly, "Oh I'm ready Trish...
blow me away..." Trish smirks before she flips her golden blonde hair back
and lowers her head down on Shelton's cock taking it into her warm, wet
mouth. Trish wraps her soft lips tightly around Shelton's long and thick
black cock and begins to slowly bob her head on his cock as she begins to

"Ahhhh yea.... send me to Stratusphere..." Shelton moans as he pushes his
hips forward slightly. He successfully matches the pace Trish is using to
bob her head on his unbending beefy cock as he rakes his fingers through
Trish's delicate hair. Trish opens her mouth wider as she takes more of
Shelton's cock into her warm mouth. Trish starts to bob her head quicker
on Shelton's cock as she begins to lap and work her tongue around on his
shaft, gently lashes her tongue against his shaft as she steadily sucks on
his cock.

"Ohhh Christ Trish... you're incredible... mmmm I bet you love sucking on
that big South Carolina black snake..." Shelton groans in pleasures as he
feels his cock hit the back of Trish's mouth. Trish softly moans against
Shelton's cock as she takes his cock deeper into her warm, saliva-coated
mouth while she perfectly bobs her head on his large, black throbbing cock.
Shelton licks his lips, "Mmmmm god yeah... I love getting Stratusfaction..."
Shelton continues to thrust his cock against Trish's mouth, "You got... a
hot mouth Trish... it's so fucking warm..."

Trish drags her tongue up against the underside of Shelton's black shaft as
she slowly lifts her head up from his cock. Trish licks her lips as she looks
up at Shelton, locking eyes with him. Shelton swallows a bit as he looks down
into Trish's beautiful eyes. He takes Trish's arms and lifts them up so he
can slide her bra off her body. "Mmmm I really want some Stratusfaction..."
Shelton says as he then helps Trish up to her feet. He steps behind her and
prepares to remove Trish’s jeans. He reaches around her waist to find the
buttons of her jeans. Trish smirks as she looks over her shoulder at Shelton.
Trish licks her lips as Shelton unbuttons her tight navy blue jeans and then
feels Shelton tug them off of her slender hips. Shelton pulls Trish back
against him so she can feel his cock pressing against her ass as he gets her
jeans. "No panties Trish?" Shelton asks as he lowers he tugs down her jeans
all the way to ankles.

Trish laughs and shakes her head "A girl has be comfortable..."

Shelton laughs, "Nothing wrong with that..." He places his hands back on
Trish's slender hips and makes Trish walk over to the couch. He lifts her up
and knee's her on the couch so that she's leaning forward against the back
part of it. Shelton then smacks her ass once and smirks, "Mmmm you got such
a hot looking ass... it's so round... and firm."

Trish smirks and looks over her shoulder "What are you waiting for
Shelton..." Trish asks with a pouty, cute look on her face "Why don't you
just...tap...that ass..."

"Oh I will.... but not yet... I want your pussy first..." Shelton replies as
he slaps his cock against both of Trish's lovely ass cheeks. Shelton then
presses his cock and slides the tip against the slit of Trish's cleanly
shaved pussy.

Trish continues to look back at Shelton and she bites down on her bottom lip
as Shelton eases his black cock into her tight cunt "Mmmmm...Shelton..."
Trish moans as she slowly eases herself back against Shelton's cock as her
pussy clamps around his cock like a vice.

Shelton places his hands back on Trish's slender hips as he gets use to the
tightness of Trish's pussy. "Oh fuck Trish... you got such a tight cunt..."
Shelton starts to slowly thrust his cock in and out of her pussy while gently
pulling Trish back towards him. Trish looks down forward as she hangs her
head down as she allows Shelton to do what he wants with her tight cunt.
Shelton licks his lips as he starts to pump his shaft harder and faster into
her pussy. He continues to pull Trish back against him so his cock goes into
her more sharply, "Ahhh damn... Trish... you're pussy is so... fucking
tight... and wet... I love it..."

"Ohhhh Shelton..." Trish moans as she starts to push herself back against
Shelton's waist, forcing Shelton's black cock deeper into her warm pussy
"Awww...Shelton...I love...your"

"Ohhh I bet... you do...." Shelton wraps his arms around Trish's waist and
moves to sit on the couch, with Trish now on top of him but facing away.
Placing his hands back on her hips, Shelton starts lifting the reigning
Women's Champion up and down on his big black cock. Trish grits her teeth
as she reaches behind and places her hands on Shelton's muscular chest, as
she begins to bounce on her own momentum on Shelton's cock, grinding her
pussy while she slams down on his cock.

"Ahhhh yeah Trish... ride that big... black... cock..." Shelton grunts as he
starts to sweat. He moves one hand between Trish's legs and starts to rub the
edges of Trish's pussy every time she moves up on his throbbing cock.

"Mmmm...Shelton" Trish moans as she slams down on Shelton's cock. Trish turns
her head back and kisses his lips as she rocks back and forth on his black

Shelton slides his tongue against Trish's lips before pushing it into her
mouth to slide it against Trish's soft tongue. Shelton moans into Trish's
mouth when she comes down very sharply onto his dick. Shelton breaks the
kiss with Trish and smirks, "I wanna tap... that big... perfect round...
ass of yours..." Trish smiles and gradually slows down on Shelton's cock
before she removes herself from on top of his cock and moves down onto the
floor, getting onto her hands and knees.

Shelton slides off the couch down to the floor and kneels behind Trish.
Gripping his cock with one hand, he slides it over both of Trish's ass
cheeks. "This is going to be great..." Shelton licks his lips as he
presses his cock against her asshole and gently pushes it inside.

Trish grits her teeth as Shelton thrusts his large cock into her tight
asshole "Ohhh...yeah..."

Shelton places his hand back on Trish's hips and pulls her back against him
as he drills her asshole with quick short thrusts. "Ahhh shit... Trish...
your ass... is Stratustastic..." Shelton laughs a bit as he makes up a word
to perfectly describe his opinion of Trish's lovely ass.

Trish grits her teeth as she reaches her hand between her own legs and
begins to gently rub the outer area of her already wet pussy as she pushes
her backside against Shelton's stiffened black cock "Ohhhh...awwww...Shelton"
Trish moans.

Shelton grits his teeth and thrusts his cock in and out of her asshole as
fast as he can, "Ahhhh...ughhhhh fuck.... I love you ass Trish... it's... so
perfect..." Shelton licks his lip and gives Trish the hardest thrust he can
several times in row.

Trish tilts her head back as she begins to cum on her own fingers "Ohhhhh...

Shelton pumps Trish's ass with his black cock for a few more moment before he
clenches his eyes shut as he begins to cum inside of Trish's tight asshole,
filling it with his hot sticky cum, "Ahhhh shit..."

Trish closes her eyes and licks her lips as she feels Shelton's warm cum rush
inside of her asshole "Mmmm...Shelton..."

Shelton leans forward slightly, resulting in his sweaty upper body to press
down a bit onto Trish's back, "Ohhhh damn... that... was Stratusfying..."

Trish looks over her shoulder with a smirk as she licks her soft lips
"Shelton..." Trish says taking a breath "I hope your Momma's motivation pays
off...cause you'll need it tonight."


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